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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 11, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PST

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damaging winds and pounding rain as the strongest storm in years slams into the bay area. shear a look at live doppler 7hd and you can see how big this storm system is. >> and here is a live look from our exploratorium camera. by this time tomorrow, we could see nearly a foot of rain in the north bay. >> and that has officials all over the bay area taking unprecedented steps tonight. they are can selling school for dozens of district. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm amadaetz. >> let's start with sandhya patel who is tracking this storl on radar on live doppler 7hd. >> let's look at live doppler 7hd. it has been lit up in the north bay the last couple hours. and right now i will take you to the north bay. i will go in a little closer here and, whoops i will go in closer here and you will notice around clear lake and cloverdale , we are seeing rain falling right now. lightening up around windsor and santa rosa. that's a lull in the activity.
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close to an inch has fallen. over an inch and a half in the far end of sonoma county. napa .15 and sfo a trace of an inch. looking at the wind gusts, thisy are just starting to pick up gusting to 38 miles an hour in half moon bay. and i do want to show you this live picture from our sutro tower camera. gusts in the hills are 45 miles an hour. this storm is going to be the strongest in over six years so far. that's the way it is looking with the high risk of urban flooding and mud rockslides and power outages. there is a slight to moderate risk of river flooding. they are coming up to 10 inches of rain. you can see it is right over the north bay. 4:00 a.m. and the north bay is getting pounded by heavy rains, g's a winds and 5:00 a.m. the shift begins during the heart of the morning rush hour. 6:00 a.m. heavy rain and potentially stronger and
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strong, gusty winds and as you notice there are the reds indicating very intense storm econ decisions. 9:00 a.m. starting to move toward the south bay and to the 11:00 a.m. hour. your evening rush tomorrow is still looking like moderate rain and it continues. i will be back with all of the watches and warnings and let you know how much your area is going to receive in terms of the rainfall. dan? >> sandhya, thanks. tonight we are getting ready for the strongest storm we have seen in a half dozen years. staying safe is the number one priority. schools are taking unprecedented steps to protect students and staff by cancelling classes tomorrow. an enormous number are canceled. cornell bernard is in san francisco. >> i told the principal, you know, i don't think i will feel comfortable bringing my kids to school. >> athena lewis has been stressed out by the approaching storm. she has five kids in public schools and it is a relief to hear the classes will be canceled when the storm hits. >> we have to protect our
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children. we never know what can happen. >> athena's daughter is a freshman at galileo high. >> you heard no school tomorrow? >> yeah. everyone was screaming. >> what do you think about that? >> i am sad because i have a test to do tomorrow. >> we are going with the side of caution. we want our students and employees to be safe jie. they made the call to can sell classes at 131 school campuses after learning the storm had not weakened in strength. all classes at san francisco state are also canceled thursday. some students are surprised. >> either san francisco state is possibly overreacting or maybe they just really, really want to play it safe. >> this notice is greeting students and staff at san francisco city college where school is called off due to the weather. >> i think if classes were not canceled i would have found a way to get here and get to class. it is raining. i brought my umbrella. >> athena is just glad to know
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her kids will be safe and dry. he can't believe he gets to stay home. >> no school tomorrow. we can slack off. >> well, it is not just students in san francisco who will be staying home. thousands of students in marin county, oakland, west contra costa county and south san francisco are also among those whose schools are closed. we have put together this map highlighting counties where at least some of the schools are shutdown as a precaution. we have a detailed list at please check that out when you have a moment. the san francisco chronicle is reporting golden gate bridge officials are keeping an eye on the high winds tonight to determine whether they need to shutdown that span. the last time the bridge was closed due to wind was back in 1983. only the third time in the history of that iconic landmark. people trying to prepare their homes for the rain in the north bay have hit a stumbling block. marin county is almost entirely out of sand for sandbags.
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katie is live with the situation. >> i am standing in one of the last free sand piles in marin county. people have made quick work of this one in the last few hours. you can see where i am standing it is all the way down to the sawment and someone else just pulled up waiting to fill bags himself. but san rafael is complete looy out and marin county is completely out and sand is not the only storm supply that is dwindling homeowners are doing heavy lifting with the storm. it can't be a one-person job thanks to this nifty set up using an inverted traffic cone. >> we are lucky to have it here. they are out of batteries and out of generators and sand. jay. >> we saw customers leaving empty handed.
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garcia will be home with his 8-year-old on thursday. >> they say the school will be closed and we have to prepare for this storm so we come to the store to get a flashlight. >> most of marin county is ut on of sand. >> on my way home they stopped here and have bags, but no sand. >> the other fire departments say there is sand here, but i need it for my door. >> the marin county office of emergency services says they went through 100 tons of sand in 48 hours and they hope to have a new delivery on thursday, month. >> we are in the process of ordering an emergency order of sand. at least another hundred tons that we can bring over here to marin county. >> the order is supposed to show up at 6:00. they are looking at putting it at the civic center. abc7 news.
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>> you can track the storm where you live by downloading the abc7 news weather app. find it on apple's app store or google play. we have more information at parts of napa could get one inch of rain per hour during the peak of the storm putting the improved flood combine troll system to a real test. as of now parts of the napa river could approach flood level, 25 feet by friday afternoon. they are under a flash flood watch right now. >> we are also watching creeks in the south bay and along the peninsula. crews have been placing sand bags along the creek in east palo alto. santa clara city officials passed out fliers to make sure businesses and residents are prepared for possible flooding. pg&e says they are ready for whatever this storm brings. the strong winds could trash power lines and knockout power for many bay area customers. pg&e is trying to get ahead of the storm by getting back up equipment ready and putting extra crews on call. >> here is a live look at
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sfo. that's where travelers will face more delays and cancellations tomorrow. airlines have grounded 140 flights for tomorrow african selling that many today. most of the canceled flights are short haul runs. there were no major delays or cancellations at oakland international or san jose international. they urge you to call or go on-line to check your plane's status. residents in the sierra are bracing for possible mudslides near the king fire burn area. this is the first major storm since thousands of acres of land burned near yosemite national park. crews say there will be fallen trees and rock slides in the area. >> we will bring you updates on this storm and its affects throughout the fuse cast and we have information on the school closures and the sandbag locations on the ticker at the bottom of your screen. >> and we have more information on our website. and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> and you will also finds helpful hipts under prepare
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norcal. there is a safety checklist in the event of a disaster and a list of supplies you need if there are blankets and batteries. don't forget to keep your cell phone charged. >> and join us a half hour early tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. to get full coverage of the storm. get up to the minute weather and traffic conditions where you live with the abc7 morning news team. they will be on stand by and ready to go at 4:00 a.m. happening now, protests in oakland and berkeley. hundreds are take together streets tonight. the heated exchange on the cal campus and more looting. >> and we are tracking the storm. here is a look at live doppler 7hd. the tech company that is telling its employees, hey, stay hom
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powerful storm moving in. here is a look at live doppler hd. a high wind warning has been issued as the heavy rain begins to drench the north bay. >> sandhya patel will be along in a moment with your full forecast including just how much rain will fall where you live. >> it is going to be a mess. the chp is encouraging people to stay off the roads and to tele commute if your job allows it. one major bay area company is telling employees to stay home. sales force ceo tweeted this message tonight. it reads all sales force sf bay employees will work at home tomorrow. run your business from your phone. keep your families safe. >> and a reminder, school districts across the bay area have canceled classes tomorrow. for a complete list of closures go to our website, moving on now, protesters
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are marching again on the streets of berkeley and oakland for the first night in a row despite this advancing storm. here is a live look from sky 7hd showing marching moving forward lake merritt. bart station is closed. a group got into a heated exchange on the uc berkeley campus. alan wang has been following the protest and he joins you live by telephone. alan sph. it has been a small march from berkeley to oakland. it has gone past oakland city hall and the police department. they will head to the i-980 threaten to block traffic. just a few minutes ago we saw several protesters smashing a window and looting a t-mobile store in oakland's chinatown. they have since tried to block traffic earlier, and a lot of
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drivers were not tolerating them. we have seen several close calls with cars weaving through the demonstration. it is taking on a parade-like atmosphere with people riding in cars down telegraph canyon road. the first encounter took place at 7:30 at uc berkeley. they marched to wheeler hall where students were listening to a venture capitalist talk about start up. they went through th entrance and forced their way into the auditorium before taking over the stage. a co-founder of paypal worth $2.2 billion was rushed off the stage. instead of cheers, the protestor were met with a cold reception. >> we are listening to a good discussion over here, and then these protesters come in and
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saying black lives matter. they have the right to voice their opinion, i mean there is free speech. but why interrupt an event that has nothing to do with what we are talking about? >> one protestor was arrested on the steeps of wheeler hall. berkeley police aided by the chp and other law enforcement are guarding the highways. they used rubber bullets on the protesters who threw objects at them and got on the highway 24 in oakland. that has not happened yet tonight. that's the latest from the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you, alan. berk looy police just re-- berkeley police just released numbers from the last few nights of protests. they arrested 27 people. 27 men and four women and two juveniles. 19 were not residents of berkeley. the reasons for arrest range from assault with a deadly weapon and battery against a police officer. and more than 13 berkeley police officers have been
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hurt. here are pictures of some of the injuries. most were injured throwing rocks, bottles and a crowbar. three officers had to be taken to the hospital. again let's talk about the storm we have heard a lot about. it will get more intense as the hours progress. >> folks in the north are already starting to feel the affects. sandhya patel is here with the late ease. >> this is a serious storm. as we take a look at live doppler hd we will show you what is coming up. this are a number of watches and warnings and with good reason. live doppler heavy -- 7hd is watching some of the returns. it hasn't arrived yet even though we have picked up more than an inch of rain. way go down to street -- we go down to street level and we are seeing light rain which shifts around to other parts. row -- reoanoke park is pretty
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light. there are very light rains. it is heading across the bay bridge and wet roadways into oakland and piedmont and as we pull out here i want to show you that the moisture trail is coming in off the ocean. it is going to add up. check out the wind gusts in the hills right now. atlas peak gusts of 40 miles an hour, 43 at los gatos and 30 mile an hour wind gusts. here is a live pike -- picture from the east bay hills camera. this is where you will have some of the strongest winds. let's pull you out to the computer animation. winds gusting close to 40. as we head toward your morning commute, the rush where it could be very dicey, 59 mile an hour winds and over 40 at sfo. 51 at 7:00 a.m. at oakland. you will likely encounter delays or cancellations at the
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airports because it is not just the wind that is still going at 8:00 a.m. at oakland. 43 piles an hour and we are -- miles an hour and we are dealing with the heavy rain in the commute. the winds will relax by the early afternoon, but the high wind warning remains up until tomorrow night. gusts are 50 to 80 miles an hour. the highest elevations are seeing the strongest winds with potential for downed trees and power lines. there are storm warnings north of the bay bridge and so very strong southerly winds. high surf advisory until 10:00 a.m. on friday. here are your current wave heights. breakers over 20 feet and that means dangerous rip currents and possible beach erosion. north bay mountains looking at close to a foot of rain. 6 to 10 inches. 4 to 6 for the santa cruz mountains. this is by 7:00 a.m. on friday. it is one storm which is why a flash flood watch is up through tomorrow night. we are looking at the potential for dangerous flooding. rapid rises of creeks, streams, ponding on the
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roadways allows plenty of time for the morning commute and maybe even into the afternoon. just plan on the extra time or if you can stay home, i would stay home in the morning hours. napa river at saint helena. the latest forecast puts it just above the flood stage of 16 feet of the 16.3 feet. napa river we will actually be looking at napa, flood stage twos 5 feet. the latest forecast puts it a little below flood stage by midnight on friday. you will have to monitor that still because it is fluctuating. the russian river expected to rapidly rise. forecast by 1:00 p.m. on friday and well over the flood stage of 32 feet and coming in close to 35 feet. keep that in mind. in the sierra nevada, blizzard warning 7:00 a.m. to friday 4:00 a.m. i would not head up there during this time period. extremely dangerous conditions with the strong winds and heavy snow. passes will likely get shutdown for several hours. it is better to hold off until
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saturday to head up to the high country to enjoy the powder. could see a couple feet at the crest. stormy tomorrow afternoon even though the worst hest us in the early -- hits us in the early morning to late morning. mid50s to mid60s. a look at the accu-weather forecast. the stormy weather will shift to rain giving way to showers with the same system. dry on saturday and we will need that. and then late sunday night and going into monday we will see another weaker storm coming into the bay area with some lingering showers and into tuesday. a slight risk on wednesday. the biggest thing right now is to watch out for the downed trees and the power lines. ama and dan and of course the flooding issues. thunderstorm possibility during the commute. >> let's talk some basketball. >> larry beil is here with the latest. >> no rack key coach -- no rookie coach in nba history has started with 19 games in 21. he said he was the
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the warriors p ut their 13-game winning streak on the line against the rockets. golden state without their big man, so important. houston, minus their big guy in dwight howard. he was the first rookie coach in nba history to start out at 19-2. steph curry with a late three and tied at the break. back and forth and harrison barnes faking the shot and feeding livingston diving to the cup. fear the beard and james harden unstoppable at 34.
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tied it at 89 and then the warriors erupt down the stretch. green with authority. the dish from curry and plus the foul. it is a five-poift lead and then klay thompson who lead the way with golden state. they win their 14th straight. 105-93. they are 19 and 2, best record in the league. cal hosting wyoming. sparky is on a sugar rush there. this game is brought to you. six points at the half to lead the way. he can jam like his daddy. wake me when it is over, please. he had 17 and cal wins ugly, but it is a win. what is this?
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kaepernick we have not seen if awhile. the quarterback was smiling and engaging, not snippy with the dreaded ogres of the media. that's us. things hit rock bottom last week. that's more me, you are right. and the prince media especially, dan. kap gave a series of one-word answers to all of the questions. i can tell you 9er management, not happy. he spoke about his struggles and the 9er whoas and his new
1:37 am
approach. >> i think there is a different way to go about things. obviously it is something that i can take my job seriously. i am very hard on myself. something bad has to be able to approach others differently when i am in those situations. >> he is a bright guy and he can do this if he cans to. abc7 sports brought to you by ebay and also beat seattle. >> even if he is not playing well, if hay is more chipper with the media we can bond more. >> you are talking to the fans. >> costs nothing to do. >> abc news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next newscast is 4:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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