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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 11, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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so we enjoy and are excited about carrying those products in the store. ♪ share your ideas, tell us on facebook. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, at 5:00 a.m. on this stormy thursday morning. this is a live picture of the richmond-san rafael toll plaza. the remark is light. but the roads are slippery. more is coming our way. we have meteorologist mike nicco and leyla gulen. we were awakened by the sound of the wind. >> you could hear it whistling with the leaves and the branches making a lot of noise. that is what most people are dealing with right now. in the north bay you can see right around muir beach headed to mill valley and fairfax and
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point san pedro road, they are seeing heavy rain and ponding on the roads will be likely. petaluma and rohnert park and santa rosa have the heaviest of the wet weather down to moderate but don't let your guard down. there is more heavy weather on the way. we will see an increase in the intensity of the rain happening right new or it is about to happen. now, the scout showers are lining up along the coast from ocean beach all the way down to pest -- the dumbarton bridge and sunnyvale, mountain view, cupertino, los gatos, light showers and that filled into 17 and los gatos if you are headed through higher elevations of santa cruz mountains you are getting light-to-moderate rain.
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we have another hour of moderate-to-heavy rain in the north bay and that will shift interest san francisco and zone in about 7:00 to 8:00 and in san rafael, you can see the moderate rain falling and our heaviest rain on the widespread scale through noon and we will have showers and storms from 4:00 to 7:00 and the temperatures will drop 10 degrees by the afternoon hour. we will find out how the commute is. >> traffic is running smoothly and the golden gate bridge shows we had construction crews headed in the northbound direction. they were alternating where the cones are being placed on the bridge and we have three lanes traveling in the southbound direction. only one lane northbound. if you are leashing san francisco headed to marin, give yourself extra time. you will be squeezing by to head into the north bay. only one lane gets you be. a center lane is a buffer.
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we have gusty lanes across the bridges. you want to keep things safe if the high profile vehicles swerve or get blown over. as we look over the altamont pass, we have not touched on this because it is looking clear and you are at top sped as you push to livermore and toward the dublin interchange, as we traffic the weather and traffic the areas shaded in green are areas that could soon be affecting the commute. i will let you know when that happens. >> the coast guard is advising people to stay out of the water because of dangerous waves and gusty wind associated with this storm system. nick is briefing the storm in pacifica. nick? we have wind coming in on the side and you literally can see how all you have to do is lean and you are pushed back by
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the wind. it is causing angry waves. look at this. we have seen the spray go over the pier and the waves are hitting the pilings and at some point we have seen the waves crash on the walkway. we have seen gusts up for 45 miles per hour. you can see how strong the wins are rising and this is only the beginning. we know it is going to get stronger. we have not seen that many people in the last 35 minutes. there it goes again, it is strong enough for a the winds are pow, pow, i am wearing safety goggles
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because there is a lot of debris. police are making sure no one goes beyond this point because it is unsafe to do anything more than look. we are at the pier and will talk to people as they come by and check things out. [ inaudible ] remember, i am 240 pounds but the wind is doing this the back to the studio. >> nick, you are >> the heart of the storm is hitting pacifica and the north bay where businesses and drivers doing their best to prepare. the meant of truth is not enough. amy hollyfield is in santa rosa. amy? >> kristen, i feel like nick is getting with we had an hour ago. we were getting very heavy rain in santa rosa and it has tapered. it is still coming down. it has been coming down steady
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since 3:00. the rain a getting blown around and you can see not coming straight down but getting knocked around. not sheets of it and not so heavy as we have seen earlier this morning. it is a good soaking and the plants are surely loving this. you need to bundle up and cover up head to tow if you are coming out. we getting a go amount of wind up here, as well, which is rattling things away. in santa rosa, in major problems reported at this time in the county of sonoma but they are ready just in case. we want to show you where you can go if you are impacted by the storm. the red cross is prepared, is aware the storm will hit hard in the north bay and they have health up a shell -- shelter on maple avenue. they are not accepting donations but open for people with need help. if you have any problems, any
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storm-related problems they are there to help you. we are in santa rosa to monitor this all morning. so far, a good healthy socking and what we have had in santa rosa. p.s., this just came in from the pacifica area, i am not sure. we just found it. you may want to notify nick, he could be looking for this. it is very windy. could this be his? could you check? we just found this. >> amazing how it could blow in from pacific could and stay completely dry. thank you, amy hollyfield. the storm will put an improved flood control system on the napa river, in napa, to the test. the area could get 1" of rain an hour. the city spent $15 million to make the water s way less friend to overflowing as it did in 2005 and as of right now, parts of the napa river could approach
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flood level, 25' by tomorrow afternoon. >> we are watching creeks in the south bay and peninsula. crews have been placing sandbags along the flood- flyers being alerted to be respected for possible plaiding. >> golden gate bridge officials are watching the high wins to determine if they need to shut down the span. the bridge shows traffic picking up. it was slow earlier this morning. the bridge is taking a bit of a pounding from the winds. trivia: the bridge has only been closed because of wind three times before, the last time was in 1983. >> the storm will keep thousands of bay area students home. students in san francisco, marin, oakland, south san francisco all are among those kept at home as a precaution. many other school districts are
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affected in the south bay and the peninsula. we have a detail list at north bay residents have been diligent to a fault trying to protect their homes from potential flooding. marin county is out of san for sandbags. we found one of the last free piles of sand that was going fast. the marin county office of emergency services says that san rafael went through 100 tons of sand in the past 48 hours. officials hope to have a new delivery ready for distribution at 6:00 this morning at marin sick center. you can track the storm without live by downloading the weather app on apple's app store or google play. we have more information at my favorite feature is alerts do not be surprised if you hard my voice if you have the weather in the north bay with a flood advisory issued at 3:30.
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this is a small stream flood advisory so small streams, creeks, urban areas, low-lying areas have poor drainage are susceptible to flooding now through 11:30 from 2-4" from the high side and our lower elevations. now, all of us are still under thed there watch until 4:00 tomorrow morning and as we can see same thing play out here laying out in the north bay weapon the heavy rain is in our neighbor. the winds will gust from 60 to 70 miles per hour and the waves are 13-20' and some could get up to 25'. stay away from it. stay away from it. if you can sit on the we will have 70 for 80 miles per hour along the coast and higher
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elevations and we will see the downed trees and possible downed power lines. 40 at half moon bay. the rest of us are running around 17 in mountain view for 33 in oakland. if you are driving through the east bay hills it is 35 to 40 on highway 24. heaviest rain is in the north bay and it will stay there the next hour or two. we continue to pump more up that way and the rest of us are going to have scattered light to mad rat showers from san francisco and vallejo southeast. this will come our way at 8:00. leyla gulen? >> we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is quite light and you are making it fine from the east bay where we have light rain and wind blow through oakland and the drive into san francisco will be gusty on the other side of treasure island. the san mateo bridge across the watershedded away from hayward to foster city, the drive is loading up and considerably more dry here as you make it across
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to the peninsula. headed to the east bay we have a full closing eastbound 80, that is where it is indicated in purple. the closer you are to by -- to pinole valley we had three lanes shut down and they are trying to clean it up. it is creating the detour around the area. they say it will be wrapped up shortly and i will let you know when. until then it is a sig-alert the avoid the area. westbound travel is light headed into el sobrante and northbound 280 we have a crash not an overturned vehicle but it went to the bushes and we have one lane blocked headed into wood side headed along in the southbound direction and you could have spotty wetness cross the freeway and 101, though, and managing to remain accident-free. that is our top story, our storm watch coverage continues on the other side of the break and live doppler hd tracking the
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covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, at 5:15.
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the big storm is here. if santa rosa they have been getting the rain for a few hours and this is a live picture of how wet the parking lot is. that is not the big story. it is. but only part of it. there are strong winds hitting them, as well, so we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and see how it will affect your neighborhood in a moment. if you are not getting it in the east bay or south bay the just wait it will catch up with you. at? for travelers face delays and cancellations because of the winds. airlines canceled 135 arrivals and departures yesterday at sfo mostly short-haul runs. there are no major delays at oakland international or san jose international airport at the moment. if you travel tomorrow, airlines urge you to call ahead. we want to see the weather where you live so send us the weather photos and video at you can post them on our facebook page or share them with
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us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. in the sierra, up to 8" of rain are forecast and at the higher elevation that will turn into snow. between 2-3' of snow can be expected. that is trick news if the difficult resorts. many were not open this time last year. good news, too, for the reservoirs. many are at record low levels because of drought. getting to the slopes could be treacherous. check with c.h.p. to make sure the route is open and safe. the skiers and the resorts like this, getting the snow thursday or friday so people can come up saturday the. >> saturday is the best day. it is too late by now. the snow levels are dropping. the passes could be closed later today or tonight. we have flood add risery in the north bay, with creeks now overflowing the banks with more
5:18 am
bonding on the roads and in the pore drainage or low-lying areas filling up with water. that is all the counties in the north by, marin, sonoma, and napa. we have flood watch until 4:00 for the rest of the us. that is going to continue because of the heavy of the rain this morning but we will get more rain as we head into tonight and tomorrow with the winds out there. we have been tweeting the power outages to you and you can check it out. we are in the thousands in some areas. winds arrest 17 miles per hour at mountain view, and nearly 40 miles per hour at half moon bay. the heaviest rain is starting to dip to ocean beach and san francisco. the heaviest rain is still in the north bay the next couple of hours. we are going to keep an eye on this hour for the flooding to continue until at least
5:19 am
we will jump outside and on the weather weapon with the breeze blowing across san francisco and the shower activity, as far as what will happen, we are going to have the heaviest rain lynn up along the cold front or the strongest storms, right there, over the ocean earlier and now moving into the north bay from 6:00 to 7:00 and to san francisco and oakland at 8:00. the heart of bay will be about 10:00 from the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge to dublin/pleasanton and toward, say, brentwood. by noon it is pushed through the south bay. we still have moderate-to-heavy rain. in the evening and overnight, it will be more round or cell already as i call it. that is a chance of heavier localized showers. they will move through overnight and into tomorrow morning. we could get a break.
5:20 am
then we will get the sunshine and a last bit of energy coming in tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours with scattered showers there and by saturday it is gone. we will look at the seven-day forecast: today is the heaviest and widespread damage from the rain and the wind. tomorrow, it will be scattered in nature and localized. the weekend is partly to mostly cloudy and dry and more wet weather is possible monday, tuesday, and wednesday. the mass transit if you are not wanting to drive if this we have 40 bart trains on time, and ace train one and three on san rafael drive headed northbound the tail lights are headed northbound, with headlights headed southbound and as they move through the wet condition, you can see the spray coming from the car and that is dangerous so be careful. trying to slow slow down the speed and do not get too close to the other vehicles and keep a good distance between you and
5:21 am
the other cars because you do not know if there are big puddles you cannot see when it is so dark. folks are slamming on the brakes and skidding. do not do that. the golden gate bridge has a new configuration so keep this in mine, especially for folks leaving san francisco to head into the north bay, one lane gets you in the northbound direction and three will get you southbound and there will be one lane down the center that will act as a buffer. we have gusty conditions across all the bay bridges and c.h.p. has issued high wind advi to the north you have a downed tree that took power lines down at green hill road with all the friend tracking weather and traffic it and raining. for sure. to the south we haved thering in the road, rohnert park express way shows flooding. especially through santa rosa
5:22 am
also further to the north. >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> a look at live doppler hd showing here a picture, first, though, from amy. there is the bay bridge toll plaza. we can see the traffic moving up we can see the traffic moving up on the bay bridge toll plaza
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[ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® here are seven things to know today: the storm is here. it is raining heavy on the north bay 4.5" in cloverdale already. we have flooding on 101 in marin and flooding around sonoma and rohnert park and even a highway closed near dillon beach because of a downed tree. the wind and rain are causing
5:25 am
issues in the north bay. >> two, the rain, the wind all causing havoc across the roads. the richmond-san rafael toll plaza shows it is coming down and traffic is light. it is just to the east and the north where we have a full freeway closure eastbound 80 all because of the gusty winds that blew down a tree, knocked down on to a big rig and new we have detours. three, wind and rain have caused problems in north bay, and in petaluma, a pair of electrical wires were arcing near homes on 7th and a street fell open bodega avenue this morning. our reporter will have a report from santa rosa in a few minutes. >> marin county ran out of free sand for residents and the office of emergency services said san rafael went through 100 tons of sand in 48 hours. officials hope to have a new delivery ready for distribution
5:26 am
at the top of the hour at marin sick center. school districts across the bay area have canceled classes today because of the storm. schools in san francisco, oakland, and all of marin county are closed because of weather of the city college of san francisco and san francisco state canceled. >> looking live at the golden gate bridge are officials this morning have changed the lane configuration because of high winds. there will be three lanes south and two north with a middle single lane as a safety buffer. if the winds increase they could consider closing the bridge. >> the storm is affecting coastal areas. high surf advisory is in affect until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow with some breakers getting as high as 20' and dangerous rip currents are likely. surfers are warned to just look, not ride the waves. >> another full 90 minutes of news including breaking news. >> the strong winds from storm hitting the bay area not helping
5:27 am
firefighters in the east bay. we will have details ahead. you can see the embarcardero with the palm trees swaying in the wind. this is our way to keep updated this is our way to keep updated on traffic and weather through did you get chips for the party? nope. (ding) cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. he loves me, he loves me not he loves me, he loves me not he loves me! warm and flaky in fifteen... everyone loves pillsbury grands.
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make dinner pop.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. tracking the biggest storm to hit the bay area if half a dozen areas. we have heavy rain and wind across the bay area. >> you can see how powerful the wind is right now. look at the bouncing of the camera on the tower is taking a lickin', or a that is an action-packed storm.
5:30 am
>> it take as lickin' and keeps on kicking. it is 5:30 on thursday morning, december 11. good morning, i am eric thomas. >> storm just pounding us overnight as we try to sleep. >> noisy with the wind blowing, absolutely and the anticipation, and here is a look at what is going on at 5:30, in san francisco from the sunset rich month, presidio, to fisherman's wharf and north beach and into downtown in the financial district we are having moderate rain, moderate to half rain across the golden gate bridge to places like mill valley and sausalito and headed all the way up to san quentin and larks spur you can see a lot of rain on sir francis drake boulevard and francis drake boulevard and toward novato you can see
5:31 am
and rohnert park. i will show you elsewhere, the ever rain will last for hours overthat area. right new we have light rain for most of us south of the bay bridge to the east bay with sprinkles. i will show you which way it is going, the line is slowing marching to the east and the individual showers are racing from southwest to northeast and that is why we still have a couple more hours of heavy rain in the north bay which is moving into san francisco and will be moving into oakland next half hour. right up 80 to vallejo and dickinson. speaking of heading anywhere, how is it going? you started in san francisco and that and where i am going to start. the great highway is shut down because of the win. all the sand is blowing on the roadways and you cannot use it. stay away from the great
5:32 am
highway. it will take time to clear all the sand off. from the macarthur maze it look like travels are looking light headed up to the bay bridge toll plaza although it will be wet. mass transit, bart, ace train, all running on time. the for way to go to avoid getting in the car the cable cars are fought running, they do future run cable cars during extreme heat, wet, cold. buses and rail, all are fine, however. we will check with amy hollyfield. in the north bay. amy? yes. i am in santa rosa. we are getting drenched. the rain has been coming down steady since 3:00 this morning without a break. it is heavier at times but it never stops. look at it now, an impressive soaking, coupled with wind.
5:33 am
it is creating problems. the fire department reports they are dealing with downed trees. right new we have eight downed trees around the county they are actively dealing with. they have cleared some. they are very busy. they could barely talk to me because the calls are coming in so quickly. very busy fire department in sonoma. also, some low-lying water puddling in the streets. that can be deceiving and can throw you off when you are driving. stay in is the best advise if you can. be ready if you are coming out in this. it has been coming down for a while. there will be standing water if the road. trees are coming down. the wind is here. it is future consistent. the storm is here. it is staying put. it hack coming down like this
5:34 am
for a couple of hours. the winds alone are expected to keep driving conditions dangerous on all east-west bridges in the bay area. and we are at vista point near the golden gate bridge which is not an east-west bridge but it is still getting pounded? >> it is windy, kristen and eric. bridge officials decided to close thest lane of the bridge. cries were there and that lane, now, is a safety buffer lane. there are three lanes headed southbound, two northbound. again, a center lane is closed to traffic. that is for safety reasons because of high wins. you can see traffic is light but that could change. higher winds be expected to pickup throughout the morning. the golden gate bridge authority says the worst thing is they would have to close the bridge
5:35 am
if the winds are too dangerous and hazardous. that is unlikely but they have done a handful of times before. ferry service is continuing but we will keep an eye on the swells. and now, the bridge is open but the center lane is closed down? that is correct. the bridge is open but they closed one of the lanes for sift reasons. >> a buffer between morning and southbound traffic. thank you. we will stay on top of the bridges by looking at the cameras. the we toll plaza has been light at richmond-san rafael but the lane is coming down. you can seat puddles, it is. coming down pretty good. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the rain has eased up. there is a lull before more but
5:36 am
it and windy on this bridge, as well, but traffic is light the maybe folks are deciding to telecommute today. >> good idea. if you can. san mateo bridge, we see it is a remain no am heavy day but it and windy. as we mentioned, all the east-west bridge, have advisories and that is a sign showing high wind on bridge. the golden gate bridge show the cars getting off the bridge headed into san francisco and the deck is very wet and as you heard, the officials are monitoring the wind situation to see if and wren they would need to close it. but the bridge is open and one lane is taken away from traffic to be used as a buff per zone if the two directions. we will continue our storm watch coverage with abc7 news reporter nick smith.
5:37 am
>> nick, you did not get your hat back? amy found it. >> amy hollyfield said she has had consistent rain but i have had consistent wind. it has claused closure on the center lane of traffic on the bridge. we have in damage yet because i spoke with the police. they are monitoring the area to see if there are trees or downed power lines and they say not yet . [ inaudible ] >> look at the angry waves that have been caused by the half wind. we have watched the wind push the waves to the pilings, whoa ...those waves are saying, nick, get back. the angry waves are piling again the rocks all morning. and to the walkway. if you look into the distance, it is hard to see but the spray is coming up over the pier.
5:38 am
i have kept an eye --. [ inaudible ] >> we apologize for the technology difficulty. you can see the winds are affecting things and it looked like there are fountains coming over the walkway because the winds were pushing the spray so harassment >> nick is fine. the winds were channeling his mother telling him to stay back. good advise. >> indeed. we have more information at >> we have break news in oakland where firefighters are battling a huge two-alarm fire and a large commercial building on international boulevard and fruit vale avenue. you can see the flames jumping out through the we doors and witnesses and the money mart is listed as a business, officials say they are not sure if anyone was living inside but seven fire
5:39 am
engines have been deployed to battle the planes -- flames and the rain is keeping the fire from spreading. the wind so far is not causing any problems. >> that is good news because with wind conditions they could have. now, a check with meteorologist mike nicco to see what is shaping up to be like your neighborhood? >> we are seeing fast wind gusts from mount diabolo at feet. 62 miles per hour wind so it is still a high risk storm, with urban flooding, mud and rock slides and dangerous surf with wind damage through the day. flash flood watch for all of us until 4:00 tomorrow morning with a rapid rise of creeks and streams the north bay right now is under small stream flood
5:40 am
advisory because we are seeing just that develop nearly 2-4" of rain over this area and heavy rains falling for the last couple of hours and will continue for the next couple of hours. winds are gusting around 33 miles per hour in oakland and 36 at half moon bay and 26 at san jose to 30 at concord, to around 16 in novato and the winds will ramp up in speed and could hit 50 miles per hour in our neighbors, 70 to 80 where nick is along the coast and our higher elevations like the 70 miles per hour on mt. diablo. the high surf, nick, it is on the biand away from it so he is not in the dangerous 20-25' waves. the rain is coming down if san francisco from the exploritorium and we have widespread and most steady showers and thunderstorms and half rain now through noon and it will be less steady with waves of showers and thunderstorms but not so men as
5:41 am
this morning. >> it is the wind that is causing the problems on our morning commute. as we look right new we have good news and this is in pinole eastbound side at 80 where a tree is in the lanes. it is now cleared to the shoulder. the sig-alert is in effect and they have one lane opened and all should be open soon. in the westbound direction, we are starting to see traffic loading up especially as the heavy rain starts to push over i-80 so you can see where the green is darker and the yellow over the richmond-san rafael bridge so we are looking at wetter conditions in the nbc few minutes. in the north by, a tree came down and is blocking the entire roadway and this is where we are seeing plenty of flooding along many of the surface streets. be careful because of the pooling you cannot tell when it is dark how dope it is. over the altamont pass, it is quiet, and folks are
5:42 am
telecommuting. great idea. tracy to dublin is 26 minutes and highway 4 westbound antioch and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 17 minutes 5:42. our storm watch coverage continues after the break. we will take you live outside to see how the roads are as the rain moves in. >> first, live doppler hd is tracking the storm for you and we will check with meteorologist mike nicco after break. we are keeping weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break with with pictures of sfo if addition to the rain, you will have gusty winds so delays and chance vacations and if you do get your plane in the air, it will be bouncy. will be bouncy. keep that in mind.
5:43 am
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sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ covering cupertino, could be -- con covering cupertino, could be this is the camera class is being bounced around by the strong wind. that is what we have as you wake up the heart of the storm is cover the bay area.
5:46 am
>> the storm is creating a storm on social media. twitter from [ -- from brook, away at 5:00 because of the storm. >> what is interesting there is a debate about what the hashtag should be between hella storm leading, and many are saying, look at this picture. obviously, this is not from the storm but people are taking other random pictures and putting in with a hashtag hella storm. >> we have been without a good soaker for so long, people are getting into the spirit. i have another tweet up here from chris saying, wow, getting very strong gusts and a lot of them.
5:47 am
estimated nearly 50 miles per hour in san bruno near the airport and you can imagine what kind of interesting ride it will be if the folks can get the planes off the ground. >> this is important from bicycling monterey, check on the elders, thedly we are pots are off the learns and cars are off the learns and cars are filled with gas. >> now a look at the weather forecast, we are not looking at fog that is not why i have the visibility. that is where the heaviest of the rain is, to half moon bay, right now, and i will look into san rafael. you can see toward greenfield avenue, moderate-to-heavy rain,
5:48 am
sir francis drake boulevard, all way out to san quentin is where we have the heaviest rain moving through. you could have localized ponding on the road from mill valley to san rafael over the next 15 or on minutes. in the north, hercules is coming from a good cell moving along tennessee street to american canyon and napa to sonoma across napa road and highway 12 down to highway 121 with a big picture showing the waves of moderate-to-heavy rain moving through the north bay. now i show you what is line up to the west of that. here is the cold front. here are the stronger with possibility of thunderstorms developing. we have not seen lightning from the storms but this is different right here. it is developing. you can tell it is not so widespread as the shield and
5:49 am
this is all marching toward san francisco, pacifica, down to half moon bay in the next 20 to 30 minutes you will see waves of moderate to half rain. we had one moved through most of san francisco headed to emeryville to richmond. at the golden gate bridge winds are gusting from the southwest at 40 miles per hour and this is probably the safe of the bridge because you are running parallel to the wind and the other wind is perpendicular and you will be caught with the car jerking to one side or the other because of the gusts. you can see the moderate rain falling on 101 and everyone is obviously driving slower. moderate to heavy rain, showers and storms today and localized heavy rain and winds and brighter and dryer and cooler this week. the thunderstorm is develop loan the front and you can see it moving into the heart of the bay, san francisco, right up to vallejo at 8:00. that is going to keep going all the way down into the south bay
5:50 am
and here you go, you are scattered and moderate and light showers from time to time and a few authorities developing during the afternoon and evening hours through 3:00 and tapering for the commute tomorrow and more scattered showers will develop tomorrow. our fastest winds are now through 1:00 o'clock and they will taper this afternoon also so scattered showers friday, saturday and sunday and dry monday and tuesday and more wet weather. get rid the nbc five or six hours are the worst of the storm. >> we will start off with mass transit and the san francisco bay ferry canceled some trips including to oyster point canceled and the alameda to san francisco san francisco bay. the alameda to san francisco ferry the 8:10 trip has been canceled. other trips are running. golden gate bridge transit has canceled different routes this
5:51 am
morning. check with your local representative to see if they are operating. no cable cars today for muni. if you are visiting us in san francisco, welcome. if you wanted to take the cable cars we cannot accommodate you today. shuttles are put in place, instead. >> now, in the east bay we have downed trees and the wind is causing havoc on the bay area freeways with downed trees and prime ministers and debris. it is wet. it is gusty. westbound 580, the off-ramp is shut down until further notice until they clean the debris off. along northbound highway 13 the off-ramp shut down because of a downed tree. i-80 in the eastbound direction completely re-opened after a big tree toppled down and blocked all lanes and new they have re-opened. the bay area is waking up to the biggest storm in years.
5:52 am
>> we will check back with meteorologist mike nicco to internet live doppler hd. >> you can keep fab on weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break and looking live at pictures of the traffic on the embarcardero where it is wet and rainy. we have other spots with the rain coming down well and we will take you there in a couple of minutes ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! the storm is here and pummeling bay area. some ferry runs are being canceled today because of the rough weather.
5:55 am
>> we are joined by erna. can you tell us about the cancellations. >> on the harbor bay service from the city of san francisco we have canceled that and we will have an update at 2:00 for the hard before bay to san francisco route. for the south san francisco oyster point to alameda and oakland service, that service, as well, is canceled. again, san francisco bay ferry will issue an update at 2:00 this afternoon for the afternoon service. for the alameda-oakland-san francisco service, that is canceled, as well. the morning departures are cancel through 8:10. at 7:30 we will issue an update on that service. the slay let san francisco service is operating until further notice and we are monitoring that on a
5:56 am
minute-by-minute basis. >> given the nature of the we have action in the bay, are you having to substitute any bets for others because staffibility issues? >> not really. we have tested, we accept out a captain to try the various routes and we are not going from boat to boat but looking at it from a safety point of view. that is our decision. >> how many people will be affected by the cancellations? how many are you running? >> the only service we are running right now is the vallejo-san francisco service, so of four totes three are canceled. as far as the numbers of people i would say 2,000 commuters are affected. >> thank you from san francisco bay ferry, with they of four runs being condition said because of the bad weather. they have one running from vallejo to san francisco. 2,000 people are affected.
5:57 am
better safe than sorry. >> our coverage of the major winter storm continues next at 6:00, with coverage from the use reporters across the bay area and meteorologist mike nicco and drew will tell us what to expect for the day ahead. >> the richmond-san rafael toll plaza shows it is rainy and traffic is getting through okay. you can keep tab on weather and traffic with abc7 news now. stay tuned.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
outside and you can see all over the bay area it is stormy with conditions ranging from strong wind to a lost challenging difficult rain. thanks for joining us. it is thursday, december 11 alongside leyla gulen we are watching the roads and mike is keeping us informed with minute to minute updates on the weather. >> other than the stormening an sure ahead of schedule everything else is playing true to form. that is good news. hopefully you are ready for it. we have been giving you a type table for the last 24 hours, and it looks like mother nature is sticking to that but it is coming further south an hour earlier than we thought yesterday. treasure island right there you can see and the bay bridge to berkeley and university avenue, moderate rain. the richmond-san rafael bridge, moderate to moderate-to-heavy rain from richmond to san rafael. from mill valley you can see north through san rafael and


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