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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we will show you what we are dealing with, the steady rain from overnight in the central veal headed into the high country and we have more scattered showers and thunderstorms possible but why see any thunderstorms. you can see the wall of water coming at us and the morning commute will be more challenging from now through 9:00. we will zoom down to the eastern side of the dumbarton and san mateo bridge and you can see some of the heavier rain is falling between hayward and young city and you can see right here on the eastern side of the san mateo bridge where it and wet. right now. we will talk about showers this morning, up to 20 degrees cooler at 47 to 51 and mid-to-upper 50's with scattered showers and thunderstorms through the 7:00 hour, and the later you are out this morning the pore likely -- more likely you will be dry. >> chilly when i went to the car this morning. you can feel it. we have wet roads, flooded
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roads, we are in the aftermath of all of the rain so that means we still have construction being,ed would on and you may have to use alternate routes. that is san rafael 101 the golden gate bridge 101 coming in and out of san francisco but it is further to the south we will have a map and we have good news in point low park northbound and southbound highway 101 all lanes have re-opened because of the major overnight construction that shut everything down but traffic is bunching things up. >> crewing have been working to re-open 101 at menlo park and they have succeeded. good morning, lanes are finally back open and traffic is moving after lanes were closed for eight hours. this started last night in the menlo park area because of understanding. at one point, three feet of sand standing water was reported at the 506 ramp and that is highway
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bad it wasp the foreign hane re-opened 15 minutes ago. he is video of the first cars driving through, southbound lanes are opened just after 5:00. the c.h.p. was forced to close the lanes when water starting pooling on the freeway and southbound drivers were diverted northbound at willow road. this is one of the troubled spots on bay area freeways during yesterday's storm and caltran crews were busy and pumping water out of the lanes do clear them out and make sure it was safe before the drivers could get become out here. again, barriers are down, c.h.p. has spent time removing the cones and driving up and down the lanes and making sure there was still no standing water and they have re-opened both lanes or both directions of traffic so all lanes are back open. good news for commuters this morning. authorities are recommending that hundred of people along the
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russian river evacuate before the flood wars reach their home after hitting flood stage in guerneville a few hours ago. nick is there, live, with latest i want to let you know we are in a remote area and it can be tricky with the transmission issue. we are here because we are keeping an eye on the russian river, rain has been following five or 15 minutes ago. it has stopped. that is why people are keeping an eye on what you see behind me. the merchandise stage will be met which is 32'. at this point flooding great the main area of the russian river is only forecast for guerneville in sonoma county. officials say the areas they are most conditioned about, low-lying areas in guerneville. right now there is a voluntary evacuation order in place because they feel as far as flooding goes in june bill, that -- in guerneville that is minor.
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when all the water goes away, those who will experience flooding will have an opportunity to assess the damage. i want you to see one of the things we are keep an eye on which is the marker you can see there, 3' marker letting us know about run off and how high the run offed is in the area off of the river. we are keeping an eye on that to see how high that is. we are also watching something else, when we did this segment i told you we were watching the parking lot, and we have watched the water creep up past the parking space and watching it slowly rise up so to give you an idea of what we are keep an eye on the same thing that those would live here are also watching, to see how far the water goes, and what one resident is concerned about is storms that happen too close together. this will peak and then it will recede. but if we had another storm come too close together, that is when we have the spillover causing a
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huge issue so everyone is watching the ground and they are watching the sky. a large river is not the only thing people are watching this morning. sycamore creek in mill valley reached police department stage yesterday afternoon. people would live along the creek got a continue call from marin county emergency services describing what was going on. last night, waters receipted but we -- waters receded. >> in east palo alto so far so good for the creek that is known for flooding. crews from the california conservation core placed sandbags along the bank early this week just in case. the creek is up the jurisdictions of east palo alto, menlo park and palo alto and they are trying to develop a protect to control the flooding but it is in regulatory limbo. petaluma firefighters used boats and two city dump trucks to rescue 10 people trapped by riding flood waters.
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all of the people rescues were working inside businesses near the auto mall. now the east bay where you can barely tell the car under the water, in fact, two cars were submerged off of i-80 in berkeley. flooding force order from a moment home park in redwood city and firefighters got residents to the community center for shell december with the water level up to 4'. downtown san francisco per chaps hope the holiday prospects brighten after a storm-related fair dimmed their fortunes for several areas gazing at signs like these when many retailers lost power in young square yesterday. outages hit small, including percent. as like macy's and tiffanys. traffic lights were dark as was the christmas tree in union square. many businesses were forced to
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close at fisherman's wharf and pier 39 lost power. you can traffic the storm without live by downloading the weather app on appleup store or google play. we have more information open our website at now, we will check with mike. live doppler 7 hd shows the south bay where we had a light shower cross santa clara and san jose and headed right to 888, 237, and milpitas and going right up through milpitas to fremont and possibly to is fowl grade with the shower we have been watching across the san mateo bridge interest hayward. we have rain coming ashore on the marin county coast and light rain already falling long 101 from novato up to cloverdale. this is a we will watch coming at us the next half hour to 45
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minutes along the coast and peninsula is we are not out of the woods as far as wet weather. temperatures, though, headed out with the umbrella if happened, upper 40's to low 50's and look how much cooler those are than yesterday: ten to 17 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. walnut creek is quiet. 680, whether you are southbound with the tail lights or northbound with the headlights is still wet. mid-to-upper 50's with scattered showers and thunderstorms all the way through the afternoon and here is wet 101 at 880 where the wet weather just came through. dry saturdays sunday during the day, sunday night, monday, day, sunday night, monday, possibly tuesday, steady rain. toll plaza traffic is fine, and then the metering lights were turned on and back to normal from the east bay to san francisco. we do have the sig-alert and an updates one lane has re-opened and now we have one lane shut down southbound approaching
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grant avenue because of a car that flipped in some standing water and we have flooding still there. flooding here, but the good news is, northbound and southbound lanes have re-opened and fur are heading in and out of east palo alto we had major overnight construction and we have the details. everything is now re-opened. not going to see any problems and we will have another update in a few minutes. next, recent storms are causing problems up and down the west coast. >> vacation home slides into the pacific ocean and why the owner will likely take a total loss. >> an avalanche of measured smothers a southern california neighborhood and residents were neighborhood and residents were evacuated ahead of time.
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pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. covering benicia, san ramon, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. these are live birds of the richmond-san rafael toll plaza and we have height rain. there will be scattered rain showers on-and-off throughout here but the big storm moved law yesterday and you saw what it did. it caused problems all along the
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west coast be not just here in the bay area, and in washington state a cliffside vacation home fell into to ocean verdict. it is the third home to alcohol lap in the community wash away beach if a week. this is showing a home tipping into the water. the homes carry no insurance. cliffside has been eroding 100' a year for several years. the contra costa water district is crackdown on teens for stealing water with stiffer penalties. the oakland tribune board has voted to increase the fine from $25 to $250 for the first offense and a second offense is $500 fine. officials say the drought has some people so desperate they stealing water from hydrants and residential wells are drying up. with all our rain and flooding, water agencies emphasize california is in the midst of a three year drought. as the "san jose mercury news" reports, water managers say our last few storms have started to
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the fill the reservoirs with more rain arriving next week after a dry day or two. water scientists call this a "perfect storm because that reduces the risks of flooding while keeping water flowing into the parched reservoir. >> son california is hit with the same storm that pounded the bay area yesterday. this morning, work crews are cleaning up mud, rocks and debris if ventura county. right now the area is under mandatory evacuation order because of a mudslide. officials say at least 100 homes and a senior live community have been damage and more than 20 have been red tagged. you may remember that the hills around this area were weakened in the fire last january. officials say the hillside could break loose with a heavy amount of rain. the storm mean as lot of snow lovers make up with smiles on their face this morning. the problem could be getting to
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the snow. this is video from a few minutes ago at donner summit, with the roads open. you will need changes. between 5-9" of snow are expected to fall. ski resorts will try to open after being closed yesterday because of the dangerous conditions. >> we we have received great pictures from viewers of the storm. this is in berkeley with the cars in the water. and look at this cat, curious but not so curious as to want to get into the understood waters. >> you can see 3-4' this was the same over and over across the bay area. from a deck you can see the creek rushing by. share your pictures with us, and you can e-mail video pictures to
6:16 am now the weather forecast, find out where the rain is and how heavy it is. coming down. that is a good question. first i want to show you where our flooding is happening on the russian river. it has jumped before police department stage at 3:30 this morning and it will stay there through 12:30 tomorrow. it will crest at noon or 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. putting this in motion you can see the waves of light rain rolling law2v and on the left e of the screen another wave of light-to-moderate rain but that is not the kind of rain that willing a extra separate the flooding. the flooding is coming from the residual rain that fell yesterday that finally is making its way into the river and causing it to rise. you can see along east of 101 moderate rain and as we head to petaluma, you can see washington
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street headed out to adobe road, that area has light-to-moderate rain and right here, we are still looking at yawn -- union city right down 880 headed to the dumb dull bridge, the east side, could you have a slight shower and that is extended through pill pete and -- milpitas and headed to alum rock. the wet weather on the marin county chest, get ready, novato, san rafael, larks spur, mill valley, about to get light to moderate rain with yellows if here and the scattered heavy showers headed to the coast they should be here in half an hour, at least 15 minutes around pacifica to ocean beach and half an hour into san francisco down to san bruno and double that time for half moon bay and parts of the peninsula. on the golden gate bridge, it is quiet and it will be wet the next, say, 15 to 20 minutes and the east bay hills showing how much darker it is looking to san
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francisco with the thicker clouds with the scattered showers and possible thunderstorms throughout the day. dry and seasonal during the day to weekend and on sunday night, monday and tuesday, gradual rain will soak in or run off at a pace that will not cause flooding the you can see yellow and oranges and reds and we could get brief bursts of heavy rain and winds so localized flooding is possible now through noon and we will have a less are chance as we head through the afternoon and look during the evening, one or two showers in the higher elevation and overnight we clear out and we will wake up to patchy fog tomorrow and cloudy in the afternoon and high temperatures like today, mid-50's to 60 and mostly cloudy on sunday with low 60's and 5:00 on sunday night a light gradual rain and wednesday and thursday it will be completely dry. leyla gulen?
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>> we have big delays for ace train if you are headed through the altamont pass, we had ace train one being held become because of track inspection and high win. they were 50 minutes delayed and now we do not see ace train one we only see ace train three and five. ace train three is 10 minutes late possible they have taken passengers off of one and now they will board them on three. we havedly over the -- we have delay over the altamont pass. no delays across the peninsula and to the south with a full closure of 101 at willow coming off the dumbarton. but everything now is re-opened. you can see in livermore, in the eastbound direction, we have a lane blocked because of the crash but in the westbound direction, look at the green, it is nice and clear and it is 25 minutes to get from tracy to dublin. unfortunately a sig-alert is here in south san francisco
6:20 am
because of water that collected on the road and someone did not see it, ran interest it, and flipped the car. sig-alert until further notice with lanes shut down because of flooding westbound highway 37 at atherton avenue we have delays there and we have a cell of green tracking weather and traffic an indication of where the rain is coming down at 37 and 121. drive safe. and slowly. it is 6:20 a big weekend to make the streets safer. >> the gun buyback event is held >> the gun buyback event is held in three bay area
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good morning on friday the day after the big storm. snow is still coming down if lake tahoe. this is donner lake, they still have snow and mike said we will have rain showers in the mountains, bring your chains if you are going to enjoy the snow. chain requirements on 50, 80 and 88. >> now "good morning america" at 7:00. we will have the latest on the fierce pineapple express storm slamming the west coast causing extreme flooding and leaving thousands without power. our extreme weather team is on the ground tracking it all.
6:24 am
that is on "good morning america" next. if you have an old gun you want to get rid of you can get rid it and score some money. three agencies are holding gun buyback programs tomorrow. you get $100 for each hand gun rifle or shot gun and $200 for assault weapons. they start tomorrow morning at 9:00 if san jose at the stadium on 34th street, in oakland at the immediate upridessing -- youth uprising center on mcarthur boulevard. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories. >> police officers captured on camera and what c.h.p. has to say about a controversial operation. a flooded freeway shuts down for several hours and how it will affect the morning commute. live doppler hd shows year's
6:25 am
moderate to half rain is moving into the high country with scattered showers lining up to our west and marching our way. i will tell you when they will get here and what they will do while they are here. in the traffic center, a look at crack correct 680 track is trickling in to highway 24 with problems with close were because of flooding and mudslides.
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at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 6:24. a look at embarcadero in san francisco, much more dry than yesterday, for rain coming down here right now but meteorologist mike nicco is tracking showers that will soon hit the area. keep your umbrella handy. on this december 12, we have dodged the friday 13 the thing. we did not need that. leyla gulen is following traffic. mike, how is the weather? we will open up the weather window and show you what is in the north bay where we have the light-to-moderate rain from the muir beach to cloverdale and
6:29 am
through petaluma with pending rain to ocean beach and the sunset district and 15 minutes or so it will hit half moon bay and still tracking a little patch of light-to-moderate rain slowing moving through young city and fremont. you can see some of the spray being kicked up on the eastern side of the san mateo bridge where it is showers to light showers through 7:00 and we are in the upper 40's to low 50's and 20 degree cooler than this time yesterday and mid-to-upper 50's with scattered showers and isolate the thunderstorms that will taper in the evening the take an umbrella. just in case. we are hearing about solo spinouts because of rain as we look at san jose, the drive could be moist but travels are smooth and as we take you to the golden gate bridge, the drive coming in from marin to san francisco is not going to be a problem. we have a major delay on ace train because of rain inspections with mudslides and
6:30 am
if you are on ace train one running at 45 minutes late they are holding ace train three back by continue minutes and ace train five is on time. in the news, in the north bay this morning all eyes or on the russian river that hid police department stage in guerneville this morning and hundreds have been told to evacuate at the water rises. our reporter is along the russian river. yes, the of evacuation order is volunteer right now because they have seen this before and they don't believe it will be that serious because the rain is kind of tapering off. a local just told me that this is the first storm of the season and when it is really bad you can see propane thanks and all of the stuff that has been sitting around all year move down the street. here is the video we shotlier, to give you an idea of the water levels we are looking at. the flooding behind me is
6:31 am
showing how we are keeping an eye on water levels here. flooding from the main stem of the russian river is only forecast if guerneville if sonoma county. a couple of hours ago the same was 32', forecast to arrive above 35' by noon. the areas of concerned or low lying areas of guerneville. there is mandatory evacuation order if place because as far as flooding in june -- guerneville this is minor then they will assess. to my right we are getting alerts as we speak, and new they have called off the flash flooding alert and we are monitoring developments as they happen. to the right you can see an idea of the overflow and it reads at 3' and lets you kow when it hit
6:32 am
that high. as we have watched in the parking lot we have seen the water cent up beyond the first line of parking lot and yes up to the second one so we do know there is a little bit of rising happening and it looks like it will receipt some time later today. as long as there is not another storm, residents are okay with what is happening. water came from a car after a tow truck pulled it from a flooded road, the driver said he did fought realize how deep the water was when he drove through the interchange. the area often floods during the big storms and the driver escaped well but otherwise unharmed. >> part of san ramon creek has collapsed taking secret street scenes.
6:33 am
the pg&e were curing a pole that was in danger of falling. a massive oak street fell open a car. it is so heavy the tree the front end of the tree into the asphalt. the driver was not hurt. >> bigger tree fell on a house in fairfax. the 90' oak tree poked holes in the roof but the family got out were the house has been red tagged. the tree will be cut up this morning. the owner said he had kassig cars in in -- had classic cars n the garage. alert safe way would beers in san jose heard ominous sounds coming from the roof and got out of the store in town. of the store in town. the cool
6:34 am
for word if the store is open today. >> residents are recovering from a full day of rain, damage, and anxiety. in milpitas firefighters slog through 2' of water to warn residents at a mobile home park to evacuate. and residents here are trying to protect their homes and are cleaning drains while keeping a close eye on the river which is rising fast. >> some residents are still in the dark this o because of power outages. the biggest outage is the forth by affecting 1,400 customers. pg&e said a thousand homes are without power in the east bay. 500 customers are in the dark on the peninsula and 500 more without power in the south by. ten customers are without power if san francisco. >> most schools are re-opened. only a few decided to cancel classes. the closings include all schools in novato unified school district and self in santa rosa,
6:35 am
petaluma, and throughout sonoma county. the districts are taking road and flooding concerns into account. for a list all school closings go to and sfo the airport expected travel problems to ease up after airlines canceled 240 flights because of the storm. that last passengers looking to other ways to get to their destinations of the stranded passengers faced limited dining options because nearly a thousand food service borkers went on strike and the young is involved in a dispute over health care payments and job security. >> you can track the storm by downloading the weather app on apple app and google play with more information at >> a lane closed officer pulled a gun on protesters in order to
6:36 am
protect the life of his partner who was attacked. a freelance photographer snapped this picture of the gun being pointed at protester. someone determined the officers were police and the officer said his partner was kicked in the head. he first pulled out a baton before pulling the gun. >> we are extensive to the display of a gun. in this situation, the officer escalated to that level to protect himself, his partner, with was just assaulted and the or insuperintendent bystanders trying to peacefully protest. a man was arrested suspected of attacking the c.h.p. officer. coming up, a facebook app in the works to try and help people keep from posting photos on their timeline they may later
6:37 am
regret. a look at the oakland maze where you can see there is very slow traffic as folks head become do work with unsettled become do work with unsettled regulate and more showers on the
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13 to 14'. the storm is touching the entire state even if los angeles and san diego because of wind and flooding. we will have low-to-mid 60's there. and low-to-mid 50's with thunderstorms through the central valley to upon tray at 61. we have a winter storm warning until 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. leyla gulen says we you will need highways on the highways up there and the interstate. lake tahoe shows snow today. snow monday. snow tuesday. wait, in is more. snow on wednesday. only the weekend is dry. if you can get up there have a great time. >> sounds like fun. perfect timing. now, ace train one is still following the track inspection at 45 minutes late and it will last to fremont so just capital your patience if reach. ace train three is held back at livermore for 15 minutes so
6:41 am
expects delays. ace rain is on time. the drive at berkeley was nasty and there was not a lot of traffic. we did have highway 13 shut done because of all of the understanding and cars were submerged and it is now back to normal. we have flooding here as you make the drive to when highway 17 shut down because of flood flooding. there are put slides be as well. this is closed until further notice southbound 101. we have an accident as well, with heavy backups away from 280 the be prepared if you have a flight to catch. 6:41. still ahead, unusual site and how the storm disrupted the how the storm disrupted the lives of wildlife
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cover, santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> driver on the peninsula have an easier time this morning relatively speaking, because of the fast work of crews on highway 101 after it was closed for flooding.
6:45 am
our reporter has more. good morning. highway 101 is finally moving again and drivers are back after lanes in both directions everyone closed for eight hours. this is between the marsh and willow road exit taking drivers through people low park and closed because of flooding. foreign lanes just re-opened an sure ago. here is video of the first cars, southbound lanes re-opened after action. the storm made a mess of the freeway. lanes were underwater near the willow road off-ramp. water was 3' deep. c.h.p. did some close evening but vehicles had a hard time get through so they did a hard closure involving both directions of traffic. crews had to pump the water out of the lanes and they are clear now and we are moving again so if this is your normal commute
6:46 am
on highway 101, the lanes are back only and it should not be a problem. it is 6:46. trading is underway on walnut creek so we will take an early look at the number on the board, right now the dow is points down to 17533. >> other business news facebook is trying to save us from ourselves. they are working on software though distinguish between drunk and sober pictures that asks, are you sure you want your boss and mother to see this before you post an unflattering picture? the artificial intelligence research laboratory is spearheading this. >> a menlo park home of sunset magazine has been purchased that occupied the complex since 1951. they will continue to use the seven acre site until this time
6:47 am
next year. the property includes the famous test kitchens. it is owned by "time" magazine and they look if a a -- for a new home next month. >> check out these pictured of the coyote spotted if daly city in front of a garage. and the picture on right, coyote was seen at crissy field. it is not unusual during extreme weather to see coyotes out and about in populated areas. it is possible that coyotes and other critters could expand outside their normal territory in sent of food. >> we will check the weather forecast at 6:47 and see what the coyotes were out in. a lot of rain. i will show you the camera and open up the weather window and see how calm it. it is moist from the rain.
6:48 am
no rain falling here, not on bay side of san francisco. i want to throw up the gusts why fred, at 26 hours ago, mount hamilton and 83, and los gatos at 64 and 58 is the lowest threshold for severe thunderstorm winds and the 74 is the lowest for a hurricane. that shows how you fast the winds were so half moon bay 56 was close to severe thunderstorm and sfo was at 48 but it is calm now as the next chance of showers roll in. we have rain around the russian river but it is not going to enhance the flooding that began at 3:30 this morning. it will last through 12:30 tomorrow morning. it should crest at noon or 1:00 o'clock. you can see the waves of light-to-moderate showers right now rolling across there and you can see around santa rosa and todd rose and 101, we have possibly a little uptick in intensity and moderate rain and
6:49 am
petaluma is light rain and novato and marin and san rafael and larkspur and mill valley down to sausalito we are ping to get height rain in the next five minutes. leyla gulen and i looked at san rafael camera that looks dry. san francisco and daly city and colma, pack, all the way do half moon bay you can see the light rain moving in and though headed through the sunol grade you are about to get wet to fremont and head to milpitas it dries out. some early showers mean it will be wet there. you can see inside there is scattered moderate rain and we could have brief burst of moderate-to-heavy rain and brief burst of wind and localized. right now, walnut creek and 680 is looking good and still damp from year's rain and scattered showers possible dry and seasonal and healthy rain monday, tuesday, and maybe a few
6:50 am
sprinkles on wednesday. you can see the scattered showers and thunderstorm developing moving through by noon and we could get a break during the lunch and in the evening. the evening commute will be easier. during the evening if you are headed out doing shopping county love going out friday night and were watching the other people panic, you can see it is going panic, you can see it is going to be scattered showers we will have fog. we will have a lot of sunshine saturday and clouds on sunday and 5:00 on sunday evening through tuesday evening, light gradual rain for 48 hours on wednesday and thursday looking dry right now. have a good welcome. >> you need to park yourself on a bench in the ma'am -- in the mall and watch everyone running around. like a kitten with their head
6:51 am
cut off. >> the benches come at a premium so you have to grab them when you see them. now a look at the san mateo bridge traffic is decent and loading up as we make the drive from hayward to foster city. as we take you up to the golden gate bridge the drive from marin is quite smooth. we will look at our waze this accident is an accident but there is flooding because of a sig-alert southbound 101 close to 380, it is an overturned vehicle. so major collision there. possible injuries involved and we still have this around for a couple of hours, at least, be careful. it is easy to track your own traffic with the exclusive waze app at apple app and google play now in san jose we have an accident southbound 101 up to the nimitz we have a new accident solo spinout.
6:52 am
as we track the river to the east bay and still select on surface streets and freeways throughout san jose, be careful, still dangerous conditions. we are back with seven things it know before you go. >> in 90 seconds. >> in 90 seconds. stay with the best meat and the bests produce.ving it's my job to start a new legacy, the best wine beer and spirits. we travel all over california and the world
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6:54 am
checking on delays, an hour and 11 minutes for arrivals. better than year at 3 1/2-hour delays with hundreds of cancellations. hopefully, getting better traveling at the airport. indeed. we will get you caught up on the high surf advisory until 4:00 this afternoon. breakers are 20' and languaging around 13-15 right now. we are above flood stage on the russian river and peak at 1:00 o'clock and stay there until 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. you can see the light showers moving across there with light-to-moderate showers lining up from the marin head lands down the coast. we have scattered showers and storms and you can see the darker clouds at san francisco and temperatures in the midtown -- mid-to-upper 50's. >> the drive approaching san pedro southbound commute
6:55 am
headlights, a river yesterday, and this morning, it is more of a stream of headlights so everyone is accident free and run fine. we had an early report southbound 880 of a solo spinout and traffic is running smooth to the san jose airports not too bad but we are looking at delays as you pull away from the 280 and 680 split and southbound 101 at grand avenue one lane is blocked. the russian river is expected to crest at lunch time and it hit the flood stage of 32' this morning and is flowing strong after the storm yesterday with 100 owners evacuatedded. >> a 90 foot oak that toppled on an house will be moved using a crane to lift it off the house. family get out safely last night but the home is red tagged. downtown merchants hope to
6:56 am
back to business as usual after a power failure force many stores to chose shutting businesses. the >> same storm that slammed into the bay area yesterday is making its way across southern california and residents in ventura county are dealing with a mudslide and now the area is under a mandatory evacuation order and western los angeles is also under a flash flood warnings. the senate is taking up the $1.1 trillion spending bill passed by the house of representatives keeping most government agencies open until next summer. it chops away at the national school lunch standards and makes major changes to campaign finance laws. we continue online and on twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> we will see you in 25 members with more news and weather and traffic. stay dry.
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good morning, america. breaking right now. that massive storm pounding the west coast, dumping nearly a foot of rain. homes washed away. roads turn into the rivers. families rescued from the rising water. wind gusts reaching nearly 150 miles per hour, toppling trees, crushing cars. hundreds of thousands without power right now. our extreme team, tracking it all. hollywood hack. top movie executives who attacked some of the biggest stars under fire for making racist jokes about president obama in the leaked e-mails. the scramble that stopped the leaks. as the movie that may have provoked the attack premieres under lockdown. >> from the first sip, then the second sip, i knew i had been drugged. >> breaking her silence, beverly johnson claiming bill cosby drugged her and tried to take


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