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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 13, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a show of unity against what protesters say is police injustice. protesters are marching on both sides of the bay, a pair of protests one in san francisco the other in oakland as thousands join to send a sign of unity. we are live on the phone in san francisco. lisa, it's been peaceful? >> it has been peaceful. we just moved from civic center
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plaza to union square. we're heading towards the mall and stopped because police have actually blocked mason street.a! a large group of people left the peaceful protest in civic center plaza and headed to westville we heard things were getting aggressive at ellis and mason and now the crowd is move towards westville and store owners are asked to close up shop. meantime a crowd headed down market street at 2:00, thousands were chanting and calling for justice and an end to police brutality. they started laying in the street, representing what is going on in different parts of the country of course, from there they continued down market street, right on jones and
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eventually stopped in front of city hall. there they were met by a lot of police officers and sheriff's deputy who's stood guard in front of city hall. they were ready for any kind of problems but fortunately were no issues. there were a lot of speakers and people giving their own personal experiences with police here in san francisco and other parts of the u.s. there were people calling for an end to violence and justice for minorities and so forth. there are still people there at civic center plaza. some decided to leave and come here to westville. we are here keeping a very close eye on things and will continue to give you updates of anything develops. >> thank you. live in san francisco.
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now to sky 7 hd live over the protest in oakland. we've been following the protest live there and we have a live update. >> i'm right now standing at franko plaza, you can see a few people are still here, but for the last few minutes or so they were at broadway and 14th street, a rather large crowd was here, probably about 400 people at this particular spot. in the last ten minutes or so they have started marching down 14th street heading back, going east on 14th street. let's go ahead and show you some video from ski sky 7 hd, this was a large demonstration that started afternoon around 2:00. i was told by some of the participants that it was
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interesting to see so many people at that particular demonstration. a lot of people have peeled off from that demonstration and have decided to start going home. right nuraround now when it get dark is when we usually see some of these situations get a little dicey but so far things have been pretty calm. have been relatively loud, of course usually are, but no destruction of property. now coming back live to me, i want to show you usually at this corner businesses are prepared for these kind of demonstrations. but i want to show you the chase on the corner. you can see how it is boarded up in part there has been some damage, the door has a broken window. right now police are trying to keep an eye on what is going on but they're falling back and we're seeing that pretty consistently through the evening.
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live in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you. protests also today in washington, d.c. [ chanting ]. >> civil rights groups staged a demonstration, calling for change of the legal system that they call broken. at least 10,000 people showed up for today's peaceful demonstration at the nation's capitol. we want to warn the image we're about to show. one of three, students taking part in a black lives matter demonstration were certainly rattled when they came opinion it.
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>> it has since been taken down but two of the three were hanging from here just a short distance from where students were gathering for their demonstration. this is one of three that were found here at uc berkeley cardboard cut out of a black woman with the words "i can't breathe." >> it is disturbing to see that. >> while it is unclear the motive whether to support or an tag niez, it is offensive nonetheless. >> the fact no one will attribute them selves to these images continues the idea that black people in this country are forced to live under the conditions of racial terror. >> uc berkeley state police have
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no suspects and there's not even surveillance video. a spokesperson said it is not clear the intention certainly it is not reflective of our values at uc berkeley and we will fully prosecute. >> this woman saw the images online and came to campus in case someone needed comfort. >> someone wants to instill fear or discouragement. >> but if anything has emboldened this group who says it is more important than ever to bring attention to their cause. people are returning home after two days after flood water flooded their neighborhood on bay shore road.
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mandatory evacuation order was issued last night. with more rain in the forecast, the rv park manager does expect more flooding. >> there's rain, there's flooding. always flooding to about my knee high of floogd, every time it rains it floods, it has been going on for 20 years nobody ever has done anything. >> residents say they will be ready with sand bags and manager said city crews come out to help drain if it floods. crews have removed a tree that came crashing down yesterday morning around ten. the rain soaked soil caused the 75-year-old roots to buckle. the home owners had not yet moved in. they hope to cover the gaping
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hole before the next storm arrives. more wet earning wweather i. we have the timing and how much you can expect coming up. and california feeling the after effects of the last severe storm. firefighters keeping a close eye on trouble spots and they found one. and then santa's back.
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections.
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that's bank of america.
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>> there it goes. >> wow. that powerful storm that blew through the bay area continues to cause problems in southern california. a tree came crashing down into a house north west of los angeles and a firefighters captured it on video. it was a 40-foot tree. no reports of injuries. the tree was dead for a while and the storm gave it that final push. the senate approved a short-term spending bill that will keep the federal government operating through wednesday averting a government shutdown. lawmakers approved it hours to spare. they will continue to wrangle over a $1.1 trillion package starting monday. workers at sfo are back on the job today after a two-day
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strike. the walk out caused widespread disruption to food services with nearly 90% of employees off the job. contract talks are set to resume monday. sticking point is health care coverage board of supervisors are planning a hearing on tuesday to hear public dispute. ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00 how you can get a free ride on ac transit. and taking you a ride
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>> covering all the bay area this is abc 7 news.
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>> in the spirit of sharing, ac transit will celebrate this holiday season with free rides. every year the agency transforms one of its busses into a special holiday coach with brightly decorated holiday seasons and each day the bus will offer free rides. holiday bus will start running tomorrow until january 3rd. a real life grinch apparently had a sudden change of heart. >> a person who stole our christmas declarations please return them because the kids are very sad. >> who would do something like this? >> i do not know. >> after the colorado family left the note in their front yard the thief did return them. the grinch left the family a note apologying for being a bad person.
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the family put the sign santa is back, thank you. that's good someone wants to get off that naughty list. now a look at the forecast. >> i hope you enjoy the break it will be short lived. we have clouds all around the bay area. we've had a good start to the rain fall season, well above normal in many locations so above 200% normal sfo and san jose. but the drought is not over because our snow pack is still below normal. state wide at 40% better than last year a year ago 31%, we still need more rain fall so it is headed our way. since wednesday look at the rain fall totals we've had since the middle of the week, over six inches in some of the north bay areas and well over four inches in oakland. more is to come. keep these numbers in mind when i let you know how much rain
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fall we can expect monday. a live few out west what is left of the sunset. gray skies temperatures in 50s. also another shot downtown. some clearing there but mainly cloudy skies all arnound the ba area. we have more rain on the way, starts tomorrow night, monday could be a messy commute and then more rain tuesday and wednesday we're going to be using those umbrellas quite a bit. sot radar satellite shows high pressure and this has helped keep us dry through tomorrow afternoon and then this system slides south and we're going to start to see that late tomorrow night into monday. let me show you the forecast animation through 7:00 tomorrow. increasing clouds in the afternoon and about 10:00 tomorrow we could see rain in
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parts of the north bay coast and peninsula coast. look for spotty and heavy rains in parts of the morning commute. heavy rain fall in the north bay, cloudy in some spots could lead to accidents monday morning but the heaviest rain is right around lunch time. you see the areas of yellow and darker orange around noon, then the system leaves monday night. rain totals will range from quarter inch to two inch along the coast and higher elevation. this could cause rock slides because the soil is already saturated. cool conditions in the valleys. temperatures cooler than tomorrow. right near normal in upper 50s to near 60s. here's the seven day forecast. rain at night tomorrow, monday
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and tuesday few showers wednesday another break thursday and more rain friday and saturday. if you need to get the drains cleared do it tomorrow because more wet weather is on the way. >> we sure need it. >> exactly. >> thank you. now with sports. we're all football, eh? >> it's a great sign for the warriors they have won 15 straight with their win over dallas today. are they for real? believe it.
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the warriors band wagon is hitting the road. now 15 straight. the warriors rocking the jerseys at the metro plex. jump out to a lead in the first quarter. lo doves up 26 in the second. johnson two of his 25 just before the half. then rush is schooled. another former warrior led the mavs with 24. ellis shows off something we rarely saw, he passes 20 chandler, warriors up 13 in the third. looses his shoe. it's swatted into the first row.
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one handed swpinning lay up. warriors win 105-98. twelfth team to start the season 20-2. denver coming in 4-2 record jump out to the lead. pioneers took 25-17 lead in the half. back in the second. mathis big in the paint, he had ten. coast to coast. off the steel. and hang on to win 49-43. st. mary's tough nonconference against creightone forced into ot. in the paint, gails outlast creighton many 71-67 that final. when you think of the world
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rivalry in college football, army navy automatically comes to mind. navy winning the past twelve in a series that dates back to 1890. a lot of energy in the stands. army scores first. hoping to end the twelve gave losing streak with 7-0 lead. just before the half, scrambles and the tieing touchdown. navy went 17-10 to make it 13 straight over the cadets. to the ice, predators have a new head coach and have rebuilt a roster and it is paying off. 19-7-2. they are the reason the west is so tough. sharks have their hands full tonight hope tlgz here's no pla like home. >> we can't take anything for
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granted and as we keep climbing we have to realize there's a lot of hard work put into it we just have to push. >> hoping the guy from oregon
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coming up on abc 7 news at
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6:00 an update on the rushing river that flood much of wine country this week. and a major research on bird genes, one biologist calls it mind blowing, join us at 6:00. 14 lottery players have taken notice so have people who want to get married, one las vegas chapel has 120 ceremonies on this day. won't happen again until january 2, 2034. we saw a tweet out of cleveland that baby was born at 10:11 so that baby is 12/13
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welcome to "world news tonight." monster storm. the record rain out west, mudslides swallowing homes. even a tornado. tonight, the race to clean up before the next drenching begins. breaking now. tens of thousands of protesters from coast to coast. >> i can't breathe! >> taking to the streets, some clashing with police and the moms right there leading the charge. emergency landing. flames bursting out of an engine. a hole in the wing. what caused the terrifying moments in the sky? and, drive through teller. a whole new kind of smash and grab. crooks looking for quick cash hauling off the entire atm. the new robbery on the rise this holiday season.


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