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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 14, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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finding strength in faith. different congregations come together to make a statement for social justice. hello. this sunday faith based groups are showing support in a nationwide movement against social injustice, and happening now, michael brown's father is speaking at church in san francisco during the national black solidarity sunday. cornell bernard is live at third baptist church in western edition. cornell. >> the program just getting underway at the third baptist church. it's party of "black lives
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matter sunday" majors day of healing and a call for justice. the speaker is michael down, sr., whose son was killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. brown arrived a short time ago, and will be speaking about his personal experience tonight. earlier today churches around the bay area gathered to pray and heal. ♪ ♪ >> san francisco naacp president amos brown told the congregation to be strong. in the wake of protests from ferguson to the bay area, over the police killings of unarmed black men, brown is calling for the san francisco police department for sensitivity training for its officers, and more diversity on the force. >> i hope that we will be humble enough this time to admit we have a problem of racism being at the core of our values in this country.
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>> we as a community are also bold in our declaration that black lives matter. [applause] >> at glide memorial church, members wore black in a show of unity for justice. reverend cecil williams believes change can happen without violence. >> make it count by being nonviolent. that's all you can make good of "black lives matter." >> people united will never be divided. >> the churches join the nation in "black lives matter sunday." congregationed marched through the city and participated in a staged die-in. >> back live across from the third baptist church where michael brown, sr. will be speaking. police officers here outside the church providing security.
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we counted a half dozen officers tonight. we hope to bring you michael brown, sr.'s comments coming up tonight at 6:00 on abc7 news. for now, live in san francisco; a group of peace and justice advocates walked across the golden gate bridge this afternoon with their hands up, crying out for what they call justice for black lives lost at the honda police officers. the grassroots organization participates in demonstrations the second sunday of every month to support human rights initiatives. leaders say today's event was for all the young black men who have been killed by police. >> hope to get national support for an investigation into all of these. and happens al over. it's not like it stopped, either. it doesn't look like any of those police people look at them and say, well, we don't want ours to do that, because it's happening all over. >> the they ended with a rally.
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>> new details on the millions march that took place yesterday. you're looking at the aftermath in downtown oakland where nearly 3,000 people gathered. officers issued a dispersal order at 6:30 in the evening after things got violent. protesters busted windows at several stores, including whole fooleds market. they also lit several fires in the streets. police arrested 45 people for crimes like vandalism, failure to disperse and resisting arrest. the chancellor of uc berkeleys asking whenever is responsible for hanging three effigies on campus to come forward. the images were found yesterday morning. they sparked debate over whether the images or a powerful protest art or just tasteless and racist. the school's chancellor and vice chance already released a statement that reads in part, quote: we must all be vigilant to ensure we're creating a campus environment that allows for the free exchange of ideas
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and doesn't frighten or intimidate people. now to the weather. another wet system is heading our way right now, taking a quick live look outside, the view from the sutro tower camera. let's get latest from abc7 meteorologist frances dinglasan. >> good evening. the rain moving in right now in fact santa rosa go rainfall the past hour. live doppler 7hd showing you the areas of lying green. so light rain right now along 101, down santa rosa, through petaluma, towards lowe novato, and light rain headings towards the coast, and possibly sprinkles moving towards the san mateo bridge. the rain is coming in in the next few hours, mainly hitting the north bay coast first. tomorrow morning we'll wake up to a fairly messy monday morning commute with mod ran rain. areas of darker green.
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heaviest rain, which is orange and yellow, falls during lunchtime, and then for the evening commute it starts to taper off into isolated showers with just a few lingering sprinkles tuesday morning. we have some have are rainfall totals, maybe two or four inches, and this is one of three storms heading our way this week. i'll have the timing coming up. >> an ambulance with a patient inside got into a traffic accident earlier today. it happened at the intersection of 30th street and san jose avenue in san francisco, around 11:00 this afternoon. both the ambulance and a red car suffered front-end damage and end up resting in the middle of the intersection. it's not clear if the car field to yield to the ambulance. a second ambulance picked up the patient and there were no injuries reported in the crash. >> a family in oakland has been forced from their home because of a water-main break. firefighters were called to macarthur boulevard and montana street after 9:00 this morning. east bay mud confirms it was a
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16-inch water main that busted, sending thousands of gallons of water gushing into the street. at some point the water was three or four feet fight and a singhole formed. >> we had the street blocked off and the entrance to the freeway blocked off and we have one house that is uninhabitable due to water getting into the house, and then three houses with water in the basement. >> the line was finally shut out arrived 12:30. about 20 thank you. ers are without water service as repairs continue into the evening. the american red cross is helping the displaced families. president obama's health insurance program faces another test. tomorrow is the dadeline for new customers to pick a held plan that takes effect january 1st. for current customers it's the deadline to make changes that could reduce expected premium increases ahead of the new year. california run its own healthcare market place in accordance with federal requirements and we have link to that site at
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he'll get an update on the status of san francisco city college. the school's fate rests in the hands of a judge after the college fought a decision to revoke its accreditation. the accrediting commission for community colleges voted in favor of the move last year, citing administrative deficiencies. congresswoman jackie spear is set to hold a public forum to give an update on the, quote, significant steps the school has taken to correct its i issues. the forum will be held at the city college diego rivera theater, beginning tomorrow morning at 9:30. a bay area connection to the massive hack attack at sony. still to come, how the silicon valley is involved and the latest celebrates bad-mouthed in e-mails from sony executives. then... a celebration of part culture in san francisco. see how the mission district
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new details in the the cyberattack against sony pictures. a milpitas based it security company is now investigating and that attack could get worse with another threat released today. abc's partner, fusion, obtain an e-mail sent by the hackers that promises new, more massive leaks of stolen files. the breach includes the new script from the james bond film. a security consultant for fire eye says there may be no end in sight. >> also the stakes become higher, rather than having ten guys capable of carrying out the attacks you have hundreds. >> the new report says stolen
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e-mails show sony executives slamming leonardo dicaprioow for pulling out of a film and making fun of will smith's children. sewnis not commenting. >> a carnival in the mission district this afternoon. [drumming] >> dozens of people gathered for the completion of the iconic carnival mural restoration project. residents consider the 30-year-old painting to be the joy of life coming to the streets. >> in a way it's a symbol of the fact that the culture of the mission is alive, coming together, different people, and recognition of the vibe bran si of the nature. >> a city community challenge grant brought the artists together to restore the piece of mission history. an outpouring of support for the salvation army after someone
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stole donated toys in the east bay. it's story we told you but on friday. thieves broke into a temporary storage box in concord thursday night. the items inside were to be donated to 48 families. the salvation army today says that donors have stepped up and all bundle of the families have been adopted and all the items for them will be rye placed. in addition, the president of the concord police officers association has donated $1,000, and is challenging the community to match his donation. some people are enjoying our post storm conditions by hitting the slopes. >> ahead,heading up the storm's impact and how it means more options for skiers. tahoe could get more snow, and we're in for more rain. the
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new details on a small and rare tornado that blew across part of los angeles county on friday. the national weather service says an apartment complex and two homes sustained roof damage. no injuries, though, reported. the tornado was an estimated ef0 on the scale with an estimated -- with estimated winds of 65 to 85-miles-an-hour in contrast, an ef5 tornado has winds topping 200-miles-an-hour. that same storm system brought loots of snow to the sierra and tahoe reports are celebratings. this is a look at conditions this weekend at north star, california, the resort provided this video. the storm closed ski resorts on thursday but they re-opened friday, and north star reports nine inches inches of new snow, allowing it to expand the number of open trails and opened two additional lifts.
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kirkwood says it will have 1200 acres of terrain accessible. right now there are no chain restrictions on the drive to tahoe. so you can get up there easily and will fine more snow when you do. let's head back over to frances dinglasan for a check of the forecast. snow doesn't come without the rain first here. >> exactly. rain here, snow in sierras. so we'll be getting a lot of rain this week and that means a lot of snow in the sierra. the live doppler 7hd showing light rainfall right now in the north bay, santa rosa, already got some light rain, and we're seeing low clouds as well out towards san francisco, sprinkles moving into the bay, temperatures dropping into the mid-50s. san francisco, 55. oakland. redwood city, 60. it's going be a lot cooler as well the next few days with the cold systems coming in. another beautiful view looking out west towards those clouds that are going to start in the north bay. so the rain moving in right now.
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it's going to be heaviest around noon tomorrow and then more rain tuesday, wednesday, and friday. but i'll tell you the timing of that so you know when we'll get breaks. radar shows this cold front approaching. this is storm number one this week. that's going hit us throughout the day monday. then we have another system, storm number two, this is slated to move in tuesday night, into wednesday. then we gate bit of a break as well. i'll show you the timing. rainfall totals anywhere from half an inch to two inches by the end of the day monday. but we could get possibly more in some isolated locations. so keep that in mind. all of the it's not as strong as last week, grounds are saturated so we could still easily see mudslides and rockslides and downed trees, especially when we get another two inches. overnight lows milder because of the cloud cover so wet, temperatures mainly in the upper 40s to near 50. in san francisco, 51.
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46 in palo alto. and tomorrow's highs cooler as well. mainly in the low fifth unless through parts of the inland area. 51 in fairfield. i want to show you the long-term rain modal. well throughout the day. messy morning commute into noon, and then by the evening rush hour, starts to taper off, maybe a leftover sprinkle on tuesday. tuesday, throughout the day, looks mainly dry, until tuesday evening. that's when the next system moves in, and continues into wednesday morning. but check out wednesday. 7:00. all the way through thursday, mainly dry. friday is when the next system moves in. 7:00, still looking pretty good, and then evening, friday, home, could be a little tough. saturday and sunday, looking dry. so, that's nice for next weekend.
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keep that in mind. here's accuweather sevenday forecast. more rain likely tuesday into wednesday, thursday, partly cloudy. more rain friday. but at least next weekend looks like we get another break. so just in time for us to do outdoor stuff. >> sounds good thank you. shu in now with sports. the niners were looking for a christmas miraclement. >> oh, man, the 49ers in a must-win in seattle if they want to fourth straight playoff appearance but not to be. the chicago own -- seahawks own them in
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a must-win for the 49ers in seattle, and looked good early, only to fade in the northwest sunset as the 49ers have been officially eliminated from the playoffs. the niners came if n with a good game plan, give it to gore. but he leaves the game in the second with a concussion due to this block. carlos hyde left due to an ankle injury. seahawks take the lead in the third. marshawn lynch scores standing up. had 91-yard rushing. then russell wilson trying for the end zone. incomplete. however the niners are called for roughing the passer. fresh set of downs, jim harbaugh can't believe it. the seahawks make them pay two plays later, wilson, only td pass of the game, to paul richardson, niners lieu three straight for the first time
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under jim harbaugh. niners now 7-7 and out of the playoff. >> it is difficult. that's our expectation, that we're going to get to the playoffs and make a run, regardless of the situation, the team is going to go out and fight and try to win games the best we can. i don't think there's anybody on this team that is ready to lay down. >> packers had their five-game win streak snapped in buffalo. aaron rodgers did not throw a td pass, had two picks and stripped here. safety on the play. bills win 21-13 and face the raiders next week. >> last time the raiders won back-to-back games was in october 2012. chance to make 2010 in a row in kansas city but you can't win when you punt 11 times. 477-yards of punting. this is the only one taken back in the first corner. thomas, former oregon duck. 7 or chiefs. later, 10-6 in the third. the wheels come off. davis for the score.
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17-6kc. then the snap is fumbled. chiefs recover. alec smith has good tight ends 42 seconds. alec, 18-32, two tds. raiders 0-7 on the road, fall 31-13. >> broncos and chargers, peyton manning gets hurt on this play. would come back and throw for 233 yards and a touchdown. broncos win on the road, 22-10. the best team in the nba, your golden state warriors in new orleans after a big win in dallas. back-to-back road games. family rivalry. brothers justin and drew holliday squaring off, bragging lights on the line. then steph curry, nothing but
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net. green to iguodala. can we play quarterback? second quarter, holliday to livingston, back to holliday. brother drew keeping his team in it. right now, late fourth quarter, ply -- pelicans up. and more around the nfl at 6:00 right here on abc7. see you then. tough way to ended for the 49ers. a lot of questions in the offseason. >> we can enjoy the warriors' nail byter,. up next, the pet paradise helping people get over
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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coming up at 6:00, crews are hurrying to clean up storm damage from last week as another round of rain approaches. we'll have a live report. the new state senate leader eliminates an oversightsight group that finds critical problems in state government. the first on-airport boarding facility for pets is now open at denver international airport. take a look. we're talking luxury boarding. paradise for paws includes suites with flat screen tvs, a borne shaped swimming pool for dog and adventure jungle for cats cats and pet massages. really sounds like much better accommodations than my first several apartments. no? just me? >> me, too. >> wouldn't take
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. a hostage situation at this hour in a city center. nearby buildings evacuated. hundreds of police on the scene. near miss. a russian spy plane flying dangerously close to a passenger jet. the radio signal off. the hollywood hacking growing. stolen e-mails of george clooney and kanye west and the hackers' new christmas threat. and fighting back. the neighbors going for the porch pirate. the decoy box and the moment the alleged thief was caught red handed. and g


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