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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 15, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> live doppler hd working overtime to track the rain in the bay area. two questions: when will it stop? is there more open way? >> good morning, i am matt keller. >> i am eric thomas. it still ominous looking. that is the storm doing? where is it going, mike? >> good morning, everyone, still on snowstorm watch. we still have light-to-moderate showers. the leading edge is over san pablo bay and headed to vallejo
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and across 37 so the next 20 minutes sonoma and napa and as we look to the southwest moving through mill valley right now, headed to san quentin and fairfax, another batch and southwest which happens to be upstream you can see the heavy rain right off the peninsula coast that will head through the peninsula and into the north bay. here is what i expect, waves of light-to-moderate showers through the evening and steady and moderate heavy rain tomorrow afternoon from another storm and a few left overshoulders and extended dry days until next week. that is in the seven-day forecast. the wet weather makes for a tough day on roads. look out here at the: san rafael and 101 with a lot of traffic coming with the headlights on. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is hard to say through the rain. cars are slowly creeping through to get on the bridge.
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a different scene in san jose where traffic is moving nicely on 101 and 880. you can seat roads are more dry here. our traffic reporter is tracking it all for us now. >> yes, we have reports of flooding in certain parts of the bay area. first, it is flooding that is blocking two lanes as you make your entrance into hayward eastbound 92, to lynns are going to be taken away and that is going do cause severe slowing as you start heading off of the bridge to get to 880. to the north, the nimitz, here, a new accident with debris cross all lanes and solo spinout at 980 and slow-and-go traffic to the maze. it was busy at the bay bridge toll plaza and packed conditions with the rain falling we are seeing solo spinouts and slippery conditions persist. the c.h.p. believes the rain may is played a role in an early morning accident if fremont. two big rigs jackknifed and
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investigators say the first big rig spun out, hit tree branches and was stuck, with the second sliding off the road. take it slow. >> people are stillwater logged from last week's storm. amy hollyfield has how people are coping with the rain. amy? yes, matt. it is raining up here and it is soggy. people are on high alert after what happened last week. there are a few surprises. >> want as the drivers are caught by surprise this morning. their cars hit the standing water without even slowing down. rain overnight created the trouble spot on highway 101 at lucky drive. in marin county is where that was but after last week long-time residents take knit stride. >> not so bad as it used to be. used to be worse. i had a little bit of a problem
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but it has improved, heavy they have done, they have improve. >> it is fin. get rid of the drought. bring on the rain. >> residents in novato are watching the new round of rain carefully this is what the street looks like last week during the huge rain-term. >> i don't think it will be so bad of the it is the water we needed. you have to live with it. it is something you have to put up with. >> this gentleman took lessons learned from last week and applying them to this storm. he taped up the vents do keep water out of the house. >> at hardware store crews are buying storm-related supplies including fixing problems at the schools including leaks and gutters. >> dave loves the rain and likes to run in it. no complaints here, either. >> love it. love it. stray home, put the fire on. >> sounds wonderful.
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here is what highway 101 loss like. the headlights are northbound. we do not see standing water right now. it looks if it is receding. i checked with the c.h.p. and so for in marin county drivers get an a husband. -- a+. there are no major problems. >> can track the weather with live doppler hd in the news app that is free on apple app and google play and we have more information for you at >> oakland police are trying to keep protesters from blocking their doors and a busy intersection outside of headquarters. the protesters are demonstrating against police aggression against blacks. nick joins us from oakland. nick? >> i will jump right into this because this is happening as we speak. i want you to see what it is we are seeing. i have new information there have been 13 arrests and i spoke
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with oakland police and they say they are taking steps to move the group that has been blocking this section of broadway back further and all of it is interrupts since demonstrators took over the intersection without warning. police say there were no permits issued for the action and it came as a rise to city planners and oakland law enforcement of the look at this video from sky 7, we were over the scene almost immediately after the group started to form and demonstrators surrounded oakland police headquarters. they say they are here to protest recent grand jury decision not to indict white officers who kill unarmed blackmen in ferguson, missouri, and new york. at least seven protesters have been arrested. now we know the number has climbed to 13. as we go live we know that there are preparing to cut the chains of those who have chained themselves together. the glass door to one entrance was busted and tools used by police to cut one of the protesters tree was the tool
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that actually busted the door. demonstrators say they are in this for the long haul. police, for now, are waiting them out. >> each day every 28 hours, a police officer, vigilant or security officer murders a black person in this country, blackmen, women, children, elders and i will a tired of it. that is why i am here. >> time is on our side. no reason to rush. we going to use this opportunity to continue to commune indication so everyone is safe. >> one demonstrator scaled the flagpole in front of police headquarters and raised a flag with the face of those they say were killed by police violence. back here live you can see that demonstrators is still at the tonight pole and if we come down, you can see that there are demonstrator whose have surrounded the people and chained themselves together to stop police from getting to the demonstrator at the top of the
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pole. they have chained themselves and they have broadway blocked. the police are about to performance answer and to remove them they asked us to manufacture back and you can see they have moved. >> they have asked to us get out of the way so they can do what they want did do. they said, we do not want did leave until we are arrested and the oakland police say we have no problem facilitating that. >> father of michael brown shot and killed by police in ferguson, is scheduled to speak this afternoon at a san francisco high school. michael brown sr. will specific to students at mission hall took part of in a rally yesterday thanking attendees for their support. [ inaudible ] >> enough is enough. we have to stand strong. >> michael brown sr.'s presence helped in the heal
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process? >> definitely. it was great energy in there tonight. ♪ we will overcome >> he came to san francisco because he was so impressed by the intensity of demonstrations in the bay area. >> a petition is launched to remove a san jose police officer who posted threatening tweets connected to recent protests. officer philip white's tweets were aimed at those protester deadly business brutality saying if anyone fears they cannot breathes, i will at the movie carries my gun and he tweeted "threaten me or ploy family and i will use my right and duty do kill you." black leaders want white fired. the police department said they are aware of the issue and forwarded the indicate for review. a petition has 1,900 signatures. >> developing news from australia where a tense 16-hour hostage stand off has ended violently. four hours ago police stormed into the chocolate cafe in the
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heart of the business district in sydney. several hostages were seen running from the building. others were wheeled out on stretchers. 15 were believed to have been inside when the gunman took over the cafe. in the past 30 minutes the gunman and two other people were killed and four others were injured including a police officer. the gunman is identified as iranian refugee man haron monis, a cleric, on charge for sexually assaulted a woman in 2002 and accessory to murder his ex-wife. last year he was sentenced to community service force writing offensive members of families of australian soldiers killed in afghanistan. >> veto appreciate even in our society there are people who would wish to do us harm. >> the prime minister said that
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after the situation. several people could be seen with their arms in the air including holding a flag with the shammic declaration of faith written on it. the authorities have not confirmed the nationalities of the consulate but they are not aware of united states citizens being involved according to the united states consulate this is a help having story. can you follow us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea eastbound eastbound where you will find updates throughout the day. >> a group claiming responsibility for staging a disturbing seen of effigies throughout the bay area. >> a dangerous situation in the south bay where wires came crashing down on several homes this morning. >> looking right now at live doppler hd where we can see the green and the yellow of where the rain is located right new. meteorologist mike nicco will be back to tell us what is hitting the ground when we continue. stay
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>> new details of about the effigies found on uc berkeley campus on saturday. artists collective claim responsibility. they say they are not being racists over effigies of those being linkedin the 20 the send oar and apologized to those who felt attacked. the chancellor released a statement saying the campus must
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allow if the free exchange of ideas and not frighten or intimidate people. happening now the san jose fire department is working to clear live wires that fell on a mobile home park this morning. a car crashed into two poles at the mobile home community near liberty high school. can you see the crash dropped live electrical ires on to the roof of one home and stretched crass two other hems. 1,200 people were left without power. right new the area is closed off while crews address the issue. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. mike? >> filling up with classes that you will not believe in some places and the impact on prices in the bay area. a light display like no other and why this takes you to another world you have never seen from the corner of our
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>> you may want to take off the post office to the "to do," list because it is expected to be the busiest day of the year inside the post office and online processing more than 640 million cards, letters and packages. fedex is hoping to move a record 22.6 million packages and u.p.s. expected the busiest day a week from today. >> if you filled up the car lately you have noticed the gas prices are dropping below $2 a gallon in some places. but not here. you know that unfortunately, according to price tracking website, stations in 13 states are selling under $20 a gallon
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-- under $2 a gallon the san francisco has the highest average in the state at $3.302 a gallon. what else is new? >> if you have to stand in the rain to get cheap gas, that is all right. >> absolutely. the win-win. rain. cheap gas. everyone is happy. you can spend more for the holidays. i paid $45 rather than $80! >> your wife is getting a bigger diamond. >> a baseball diamond? >> all seriousness, we turn back to storm watch. mudslide partly blocking the 280 north off-ramp at san bruno avenue half an sure ago with moderate rain rolling over the area right now and you can see the yellows and oranging on live doppler hd. you can get that is aggravated the situation. you can see from about san mateo north all the way to san francisco, 101 and 280 is getting moderate rain and an uptick to heavy rain headed if
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this area and half moon bay to 92 at san mateo is where the yellow starts. below that we have light rain in the south bay. the leading edge of the rain will hit richmond district in less than seven minutes, and sausalito and then larkspurs in 24 minutes and san rafael in 28 minutes although you just had heavy rain and another batch is coming in. the heaviest rain is south of pescadero moving at 40 and will hit pescadero in eight minutes and if it holds together it has eyes for belmont and san mateo and that area. watch out as we head we to lunch you will get a soaker. the south bay has nice rain but you will get rain a little bit, light-to-moderate heading into the east bay where it is quiet and you can see the light-to-moderate rain through the north bay and the back edge which will public through in the nbc couple of hours. gusty wind up to 25 miles per hour so, maybe, a few more power
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outages like we had to deal with in vallejo and pack a you can see the rain rolling through san rafael and everyone is driving slower and that is good to see but notice in san jose, 101 and 880, it is dry. you do have the rain coming your way next half hour to 45 minutes. the winds are coming from the south and with the temperatures today, still stuck in the 50's. steady rain today, to scattered showers is what we will see this afternoon. scattered showers to steady rain tomorrow and we will do the opposite. we have a few days of dry weather, mostly thursday, and, then, sunday and possible all of next week. until then, our active pattern continues with the cold front. that will bring us fewer and loiter showers tone. the next cold front if tuesday and another for wednesday, which is weaker. here we, by the evening hours, you can see how quickly everything diminishes. overnight, scattered showers and a little bit of fog in the morning and it will still be damp and you can see tuesday at noon, it is lining up off the
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coast and it will come in for the afternoon and evening commute. when all is said and done, by the time we get to wednesday, we are going to deal with another half an inch to 1.5" in lower elevations and 1-3" in the upper elevation. thursday is dry and friday is light. saturday afternoon, possibly all the way through next week, it will be dry. >> we will take the wet weather now and have a dry christmas to ride our new bicycles. >> traveling will be fine, too. >> space is putting a new spin on holiday lits. nasa captured this image of two galaxies colliding. the images made up of a series of x-rays showing shockwaves and scientists say each arm is where a high number of stars are forming. two gal leaves are 130 million light years from earth. another space image proves to be phenomenon to the human eye, a foe of the 67 comet could
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look black and white but it is in color. what you are seeing are ill imagines superimposed through red, green and blue filtered according to the european space agency. the comet is found where the rosetta spacecraft landed marking the first time ever scientists landed something on a comet. a new study is exposing what women have long suspected. the men have short attention spans. >> what? >> research conducted by a gaming site found men only listen to their partner for about six minutes. when it comes to chatting with their buddies, it is double. at left continue -- 15 minutes and half of men describe themselves as bad listeners. >> always checking the scores. that is the problem. >> sorry. sorry. i didn't know. >> her walk down the aisle made history and now landed her on barbara walters' most fascinating people list but some are finding fault with amal cloo
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special, barbara walters is name ed the most fascinating people of the year, and she picked amal clooney because she did the undoable, logging down a man not to be the most determined bachelors but critics slam the decision saying amal is chosen on who she was married to and not on her own accomplishments which are substantial. we would like to necessity necessity -- foe what you think? does she deserve the honor? >> george clooney has bragging rights. you marry me and you are the most ifnating woman in the world. that is cache right there. >> for all of us thanks for joining
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> yo! yo! yo, yo, yo! yo! [cheers and applause] thank you. welcome to the show, everybody. i'm terry crews. you may know me from brooklyn nine-nine, and now i'm doing double duty as your host on millionaire! [cheers and applause] our first contestant is not your typical lawyer. when she's not making pleas in the courtroom, she's doing plies on the ballet bar. from elgin, illinois, please welcome angela siener-williams. [cheers and applause] angela, how are you? >> hi. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you too. >> oh, come on over here. now, i hear your plies were inspired by your gran


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