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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 16, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. too much water, not enough a look from the sutro camera high atop san francisco you can see the blue skies dotted with clouds in the south bay, traffic is cruising along, 280 and 17 and you can see the clouds there. just waiting. heading east in the sierra a look from heavenly mountain resort where this is fresh powder and more on the way.
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it is a happy time up there. at home, we are in for more rain today. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking it all with live doppler 7 hd. mike? >> good morning, from the top of the news broadcast center where you can see it is right behind me and a little breezy. the presses are going to stay, the operateness will not. here is what to expect, scattered showers becoming afternoon widespread rain showers, possible thunder tonight and breezy at times and urban flooding and wind damage and mud and rock slides are likely. you can see the showers working across the coast from around santa cruz all the way up to sea ranch to the west of santa rosa and headed up to the russian river, but river flooding is a small concern out of this next systqa and you can see a few showers headed to marin where we have our first flooding.
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8:15. the ground is no more saturated than in marin county where we will see this as the first place to flood with tree and power outages. >> the saturated soil is getting a chan to drain with the lull before the storms but it will not last long. that is the target area in marin county. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is in tiburon. yes, it and ironic we have been begging for the rain, but last night, 3" was too much, too quickly. more rain than tiburon could handle overnight with residents now trying to divert unwanted water away from a nail salon, a townhall and an intersection. >> those guys got hit the harvest. opposed to us. we skirted everything.
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we did not get too much damage. at all. you just kind of lend a hand. >> neighborhoods rushed over when they saw 6" of water invading the business. the landlord says the business owner just remodels. >> new floors. everything. >> neighbor create a pump to clear the water out of here before the business center's manager showed up to seat damage. >> at townhall the parking lot flooded and water seeped into the basement. >> we got a lot of rain last night. though called us in early to come down here to save townhall. >> the marsh overflowed. crews speculate a drain somewhere is clogged. this spot is now known for flooding but, in general, it is not a big surprise when they see standing water after a rainstorm. >> that is what happened when the town is below sea level. it floods.
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like mill valley. nothing you can do but pump it out and get guys out there and work hard. >> the hard work paid off. look at the intersection, it is now clear and water is again and just in time for this afternoon's storm. reporting live in tiburon for abc7. >> if you have rain in your neighborhood we want did see it, e-mail your pictures or video at you can post them on twitter with # whereyoulive. we could share them. and the weather app is free on the apple app store or google play and we have more information at our website. >> remark is moving again along highway 17 after a downed tree crippled the commute this morning. c.h.p. says the tree went down around 4:30 this morning and took power lines with it. they were laying across the road
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open highway 17 near glenwood drive. c.h.p. issued a sig-alert closing both lanes if two hours for clean up. they cleared the road again around 7:00 and it has been running smoothly since. >> happening now in redwood city, san francisco is making the pitch if hosting the 2024 summer games to representatives of the united states olympic committee. we are compete with self other american cities for the honor. matt? yes, the pitch for the bay area started at 10:30 and is expected to take an hour. they hope to bring home the gold for the bay area. >> it is an important day if people dreaming of a bay area olympics. the group includes san francisco mayor and giants' president was focused sporting the shuttle from the hotel on the way to make the pitch to the united states olympic committee. >> they would like me to focus. >> the bay area, los angeles, washington, dc, and boston are making presentations in an
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effort to be host of the to 24 summer olympics. san francisco has been unsuccessful three time before with the last attempt for 2016. this time it is a regional pitch. this area off 101 could become the site of a pop-up olympic stadium that lefts the open asking closing ceremonies. an existing facility would be used such as the bears and stanford stadium and levi stadium and at&t park in san francisco. before heading to make the pitch, i asked if had was a strong case to bring the olympics to the bay area in 2024? >> i think so. it is up to them to decide. eight olympic committee isn't expected to milk a decision today but it could move along in the process. if a united states bid is chosen to move forward worst have to compete against international cities for the right to host the 2024 summer olympics. thank you, matt.
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from pakistan, at least 141 people, most of them students, have been killed in a taliban attack on a school in the northwest area pakistan. nick is following this story from the newsroom. >> the attack came without warning, most of the victims were children at a military-run school serving pakistani soldiers. the most recent information has at least 132 students and nine staff members confirmed dead. it was aggressive and fast moving attack on the pakistani army run school with a thousand students. most of sons and daughters of socials. the taliban were skiesed as security uniform stormed the compound the gunfire and explosions could be heard as they killed. most of the victims were children. eyewitnesses describe it as a master saying they entered the choose rooms and shot students one by one. it wasn't long before the taliban claimed responsibility in a statement saying it was an act of revenge for the pakistani
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military operation against islamic militants. secretary of state john kerry weighing in calling the images from the school "gut wrenching." young children carried away in ambulances, a teacher burned alive in front of the students and a house of learning town into a house of unspeakable horror. >> the program has cull the attack "a national tragedy unleashed by savages," and called if three days of mourn mourning. this tragedy is sparking sorrow and reaction on social media, people around the world are tweeting out images like these, devastating images, showing injured and dead people, including children. in child was a victim. two more victims killed in the attack. however, there are messages of hope and images of solidarity for the surviveers and the
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nation devastated by the attack some of the army units were sent in to try to save people. now the nation of pakistan is trying to pull together following this. the most common hashtag is "peace." apple is on top after a decade-old lolled of blocking third party companies from sinking with ipad, with a not guilty verdict in favor of the giant. competitors say this violated antitrust laws and apple faced $1 billion in damages. they have abandoned the restriction on music downloads for ipods. >> sony employees filed a lawsuit over a hack that has embarrassed everyone from top executives to a-list stars. the lawsuit filed today in california district court is led by a former employee with worked
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for sony between 2004 and 2007. the complaint says they failed to secure the systems despite areas of washing signs. cracks got a hold of this and leaked 47,000 social security numbers from former and current employees and many of the employees have been left to fend for themselves to get identity theft protection. another bush is considering making a run for the white house. jeb bush is forming an exploratory committee for a possible presidential campaign in 2016 following in the footsteps of both his dad and big brother, former florida governor made the announcement this morning on twitter and facebook and made the decision after meeting with his family over thanksgiving and recently spoke about the need for transparency. >> as i go through the process i. release all of my e-mails and write an e-book which has been kind of fun to go back and think about this.
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>> he is the first republican candidate to make such an announcement. >> coming up, space agency spending called interest question and why nasa spent hundreds of millions to build a tower it knew would never be used. >> plus, maybe the best technology doesn't have to be the most expensive. the new top of the line tv that you might actually be able to afford ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
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and a new kind of tv that the electronics maker says will provide the best picture possible for less money with l.g. showing off the new tv at consumer electronics show in las vegas next month using microscopic crystals to create more accurate colors with a 4k resolution the highest definition visible. no word on sizes or rising but lg says the tvs will go on sale next year and they are expected to cost a third of the price of most advanced tvs currently on the market. >> nasa is going hundreds of millions into the red on a test tower that will never be used after wrapping up construction in mississippi over the summer. despite knowing the rocket program it was designed for got 51ed in 2010, when the work was done nasa struck down the congress. the logic came from congress which ordered nasa to finish the
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tower. the structure costs $349 million to build and will cost an additional $700,000 a year to maintain. meteorologist mike nicco is straight ahead with the forecast and a holiday favorite dances its way into oakland. we will look at what it takes to bring the nutcracker to life on stage and why to year emphasis show has to be extra special.
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>> we have the lull between the storms. meteorologist mike nicco, when is the next rain? >> there are scattered hours mostly along the north bay coast trying to push over to 101 but for now, everything is kind of quiet. we are wait until the 2:00 hour and then the wide-video rain storm is going to develop. enjoy the sunshine while you have it. we will look at what happened earlier this morning. you can see some of the heavy rain that fell in marin county down through san rafael and this is near 101 and 580. it was coming down and that is why it is the area that is most saturated and the most susceptible to flooding through 8:15 but i imagine as we look at our rainfall surplus we are going to see more flooding in other areas during the afternoon and evening hours. we are anywhere from 4up -- 4" in livermore to 6.5" in
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livermore and 6.75" in santa rosa and it dropped 7-9" of rain in kirkwood so there is nice sledding and skiing. they are happy but only 11 percent of ahead of where they were this time last year and only 41 percent of where we should be up to year. we need to get more snow up there and right now it is quiet. more snow is on way with the next system that will bring us a lot of rain. you can see the scatter the darker clouds as we look to the northeast. there you go, some of the radar returns are coming over the passes and headed to lake tahoe. you can see a few light showers off the marin county coast, and just to the north of santa rosa headed up to cloverdale and the left side of the screen is the next cold prompt and you can see a wall of water marching our way with yellow starting to develop in that which poops the moderate rain. as far as our winds, we are fast than this morning but 16 is as
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fast as we get in the oakland. over the water we are up to 20-25 miles per hour so we will see breezes ahead of the cold prompt and behind italitily. walnut creek is looking quiet as we look to the south into the city and same thing for san jose looking at 280 and 17. we will see what is moving our way, the darker and deeper clouds are over the marin headlands headed to sonoma and those the scatter showers best afternoon and evening heavy rain. rain and showers tomorrow and friday and winter begins on sunday and so does the extended period of dry weather and that should last through the holiday next week. those two systems moving away look at the cold front barreling down on us and we know it also has at the of wind. urban flooding, mud and rock slides and downed trees all are moderate risk through the afternoon and evening. that next system right there on the right said of the screen is going to stay over the ocean on thursday and it is the one on the left that will come in on
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friday and bring us another chance of rain. we will look at what is going to happen through the afternoon hours you can see the wide-video nature of wet weather and we are seeing it turn over to scattered showers as we head to tuesday or tonight at 11 o'clock and then it continues through action tomorrow morning and through most of the morning commute it will be fairly dry and you can see scattered light showers and the next wall of water stays over the ocean wednesday knit into thursday of the looking at half an inch to 1.25" and 1.5" to 2.5" in high elevateses. the seven-day forecast is a lot of rain today. a little bit of rain tomorrow into thursday morning. rain again on friday, but not so heavy and saturday afternoon, sunday and monday, the sun is going to come out and the temperatures are warming back in the low-to-mid 60's and that is warmer-than-average. be ready this afternoon and this evening and sandy and spencer will get you through it.
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>> oakland ball hey is launching the 50th anniversary with the annual holiday production of "the nutcracker," by the artistic director. a couple of young dancers came by to show us what it takes to put on the spectacular production. the ballet dancers rehearse for five weeks, nine hour as day to prepare for the holiday special that takes place in one weekend. it can be stressful during the show but it is a labor love for the danceers. >> i had many changes in the show and the hardest change is the second act from spanish to flowers and back to spanish for any -- finale. >> how much training does it take? >> lots. lots. we started, most of us, when we were measure or five. >> performances are held at the theater in oakland featuring the
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oakland east bay symphony and 40 ballet constitutes will perform with the professional dancers. they all strike for perfection but sometimes things happen. >> it was actually a hair containing -- change situation. my hair fell out. during waltz of the flower, it happened and you just keep gassing. if you don't let it be known you made a mistake no one else would know. >> they worked up an after type after dancing but do not starve themselves to stay thin. >> they love the family environment with the oakland ballet. >> it is very nurturing, very inspiring environment to work in. >> i am honored and thankful to be part of it. the oakland ballet performance of the nutcracker is the weekend of december 20 and december 21 with more information at
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stay tuned.
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coming up, a pass certificate releases the plane's emergency slide but it wasn't an emergency. we will let you know his excuse. >> the kids may want a video
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game console but what fits the budget and needs? we look at the top options at 5:00. shelter doc get as new lease on life because of a 3-d printer. derby was born with deformities in the front legs and a shelter outfitted him with wheels to get around but it limited his movement. the woman fostering him worked for a 3-d printing company and they worked with the veterinarians to create custom prosthetics and he was running and playing in no time and was quickly adopted. look at that! from all of us at abc, thanks for joining us.
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>> yeah! yeah! [cheers and applause] ha ha ha! i'm terry crews, and i'm ready to give somebody that million dollars today here on millionaire. [cheers and applause] today's first contestant made over 500 index cards, a trivia spreadsheet, and has been studying around the clock. all he needs is 14 of those index cards to be questions today, and he is walking with $1 million. from san francisco, california, please welcome ed chang! [cheers and applause] >> how's it going? >> yeah!


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