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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 16, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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be aware of the fact there have been some thunderstorms off the coast and they are still in the forecast as a possibility. as we take you into parts of south san francisco, we are also seeing some rain around brisbane, south airport boulevard, out towards the east bay. oakland, san ramon, hayward getting pounded. down towards the south bay, not as bad. we have live to moderate rain around san jose, willow glen area. as we look to the north, we definitely have light rain falling right now. some concerns going along with it. you can see the thunderstorms just off the coastline. there is a special marine warning until 5:15 for some areas and 5:30 for others, potential for the high wind, waves and lightning strikes around the waters there. flood advisory as an urban and small stream flood advisory until 8:30 p.m. for the north bay and the monterey bay until 9:15 p.m. this storm brings with it risks and the biggest risk with it will be the potential for some more urban flooding, mud and
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rock slides and moderate possibility of downed trees. i will be back with a time line of your morning commute. ama? >> thank you, sandhya. look at this. snow was falling for hours in the sierra. it began early this morning. >> rain just drenching the area. many people said it woke them up in the middle of the night, it was coming down that hard. >> all this rain is creating problems in tiburon. wayne freedman is there live to explain tonight. wayne? >> reporter: i'm doing my imitation of a human rain gauge. you don't want to be out here. tiburon has had enough rain. let me show you an example. let's look at video from this morning. this was downtown, the result of almost two inches of rain that fell yesterday. the area around town hall flooded due to a clogged creek and drain. it meant bad news inside a local nail salon. what a mess. the good news is they did have some help cleaning up and a lot to clean up as well. here's a volunteer.
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>> about six inches in the nail salon. >> reporter: what was your reaction? >> oh, it's sad. it's really sad for the owners. any time this happens. but you can fix it. you can get past it. you know, it just takes time. dry out a little bit. >> reporter: there may have been other problems that will be chronic and take a bit longer, however. this is sky 7. tiburon public works tells us this was a small slide but still it washed down into a pool and appears to remain unstable tonight. hence all the tarp and everything else you see in the background there. we did talk to the owner of that home today. he really wasn't in a mood to talk. he was muddy. the look on his face said it all. he's got a problem, as does everybody in tiburon because the ground is saturated. an hour ago we showed it to you coming off the hill, off the mud. here it is going into a storm drain. here's what's significant, okay? take a look at this. this is not the bottom of
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tiburon. this is the top of the hill in tiburon. what you see here is only going to be added to as it goes down a couple hundred feet into the city below, the town below. lots of rain, lots of saturated soil. i can't even see you through my glasses. that's how wet it is outside. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> pretty messy. thanks very much. the recent rains have made this the wettest december in san jose in nearly 60 years. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is there live. vic? >> reporter: the downpour started about half an hour to 45 minutes ago. let me tell you where i am and why we picked this location for the live shot. right here, this is santa clara street, founded by stockton. santa clara is the main thoroughfare that cuts through san jose. you can see why this place floods all the time. because santa clara takes a huge dip right underneath the cal train tracks and this is where
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cars got stuck during thursday's storm. this is the place, of course, where all drivers during this commute which is just starting now, to avoid tonight. now, you said that this was the rainiest december in san jose. we are told 6.62 inches of rain this month so far. the other place that we are looking at tonight that drivers should also avoid because of significant flooding where there's rainfall is the onramp, the ramp from highway 87 northbound to 280 northbound. that area was closed, that particular area was closed on thursday when we had that initial storm, because of the significant flooding. again, motorists, that's another place to avoid. the other area of course to watch out for, good old santa cruz which always bears the brunt of all of these storms. i'm not going to say avoid santa cruz because there are people who live there. but certainly if you're driving to santa cruz, be prepared.
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i don't know if this is going to be a cure for the drought but i got to believe this series of storms has got to help. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> we do have more on the drought. the national weather service says it will actually be years before we return to average water levels, especially below ground. this video from the united states drought monitor shows how conditions have worsened over the past three years. also today, nasa says 11 trillion gallons is needed to replenish critical river basins and reservoirs. >> long way to go. moving on to other news of the day, the berkeley police department has a warning for people in south berkeley, prepare for protests. that's because the city council meeting will be held tonight at longfellow middle school. it was canceled last week over concern about demonstrations over police killings of unarmed black men. a rally is just about to get under way ahead of that meeting. meantime, those police killings and the one san francisco supervisor's response to them is angering police in the city.
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abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is live from san francisco city hall with that story. >> reporter: well, supervisor john avalos has introduced a resolution. he says america has a broken and racially biased police and criminal justice system. he had both praise and criticism for san francisco police but they say they don't want him to mention them at all. san francisco supervisors often weigh in on national and international events. in a resolution, supervisor john avalos calls for reforms in the wake of deadly officer-involved cases in ferguson and new york. he criticizes heavy-handed tactics for protesters in some cities but says san francisco is not exhibiting the use of overwhelming force despite some officers being attacked and injured. >> sfpd has been really great at protecting people's first amendment rights. >> reporter: the head of the police officers' association is
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outraged the resolution even mentions san francisco. >> it appears to me he is simply fanning the flames and jumping on the bandwagon of what may have occurred and decisions that were made on the other side of this country. >> reporter: while the resolution praises recent police response, it also states that san francisco is not immune to tensions between communities and police. after incidents like the fatal officer-involved shooting in march, of alex nieto. >> i think that often the people get pretty upset about being criticized but i do believe that what we are calling for is a stronger relationship between us. >> reporter: avalos wants the justice department to review all local policing practices and have uniform standards for community involvement. >> this department and this association has done more outreach to all communities in san francisco, including
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african-american communities, including the latin communities. >> reporter: he would like the avalos measure to delete any mention of the sfpd. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. amid calls nationwide for more police accountability following the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police, south bay supervisor introduced a measure today to outfit santa clara county sheriff's deputies with body cameras. the sheriff lori smith has reportedly expressed interest in those cameras. san jose city council spent much of today, sources say, talking about the future of the city manager. today's meeting took place behind closed doors. it followed last week's demotion of the deputy city manager, who made more than $200,000 a year overseeing labor relations. he now makes $64,000 in an entry level parks department job. >> obviously it's the city manager's decision under our form of government. the city manager makes the
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decision. that's his decision. woi have liked to have gotten a heads up about it. >> the fate of his boss, the city manager, could be in jeopardy. his contract expires in july. san jose's council will have five new members next year and today happens to be the last minute for termed-out mayor sam reed. a police chase in oakland today ended with four people in custody. they were handcuffed just after noon. oakland police and chp went through the car. they believe it was stolen. a san jose bar notorious for violence has been shut down for good. agents from the department of alcohol and beverage control posted a notice of suspension sign on the front door today. the bar is located at north 13th and east mission. neighbors have fought for its closure for years because of shootings, fights and prostitution arrests. last week, san jose city leaders threatened to fine the owner $25,000 if they didn't close
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friday. still ahead, san francisco makes a bid to host the 2024 summer olympics. why the city may have a pretty good shot. we love this community. we will see where it goes. trapped in the water. the rescue of a deer caught in the canal. also tonight, google looks into the rear view mirror of 2014. there are a few surprises. and -- >> do you have a gaming device on your holiday gift list? the one question you need to be asking. 7 on your side's michael finney is up next.
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a jury sided with apple today in a trial that included videotaped testimony from the tech giant's late ceo, steve
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jobs. the lawsuit dates back to apple's introduction of the ipod a decade ago. apple faced accusations of trying to squeeze out competitors, installing software that prevented ipods from playing music that wasn't purchased from the itunes store. competitors and some consumers sued. >> we are happy to get to a jury and have them consider the issue. but of course, we wish for a different result because we had a lot of people that were depending on us. >> jurors watched steve jobs being questioned about the early ipods in a deposition recorded about six months before he died in 2011. apple's opponents plan on appealing today's verdict. uc berkeley says its servers were hacked. 1600 people are being notified that their social security numbers and credit card numbers may have been compromised. the data breach apparently happened when an employee used his work computer while on vacation. in redwood city, an official pitch today for the 2024 summer
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olympic games. members of the u.s. olympic committee heard from three other cities, boston, los angeles and washington. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is in redwood city live, where the u.s. olympic committee just held a briefing on what's going on there. >> reporter: well, you know the u.s. olympic committee could have said you know, we don't like any of the four cities so we are just going to pass, we're not going to bid, but that wasn't the case. they have done it before, though. they liked all four cities so they are going to decide some in january which city will represent the united states. also, the international olympic committee is well aware that the u.s. has not hosted since 1996. the mayors of all four competing cities were here to make their pitch to the u.s. olympic committee. san francisco's mayor ed lee, who never shies away from the media, was instructed to stay on the sideline.
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>> they would like me to focus. >> reporter: the group representing san francisco was taken in a shuttle bus to nearby electronic arts, where the chairman of the u.s. olympic committee also acts as the company's executive chairman. each city had one hour to present and answer questions. >> we talked about the athletes, the appeal of the area to the athletes. at the end of the day there's a lot of economics that can get thrown out there which is important, but in the end, it's an athletic competition. >> reporter: that said, san francisco thinks it has an advantage over the other cities because of its newer venues. the new levi's stadium, at & t park and a plan to build a $350 million temporary stadium near candlestick park for the opening and closing ceremonies. as well as track and field events. san francisco has unsuccessfully made a bid for the summer olympics in three previous occasions. olympic swimmer ann crist is the most experienced member of the
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san francisco contingency. >> when i think that today, it was very clear the usoc is looking for a partner that will work together with the local bid committee to bring the olympic games home to the united states. we think we would be a great choice. >> reporter: they know to win the region must improve transportation, like getting b.a.r.t. to san jose. speeding up projects loik the trans-bay terminal and the central subway. the international olympic committee will vote in 2017 to select the host city. in redwood city, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. there's a new bid to overturn the decision to expand oakland zoo. the friends of nolan park are campaigning for a referendum to let the people of oakland decide how the parkland is used. a recent council decision set aside 53 acres of parkland for an easement that paves the way for the zoo expansion. home prices in the bay area are slowing but the san francisco housing market is still red-hot.
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figures released today show a median home price of just over $600,000 across the nine bay area counties. prices grew at their slowest pace for two and a half years. home sales dipped almost 10%. san francisco county remains immune to the down turn. prices shot up just over 27% to a median home price of more than $1 million. >> wow. video game devices are always popular around this time of year but which is right for your home? >> consumer reports is partnering exclusively with 7 on your side's michael finney to find out. >> this is the question. a lot of people are going to answer yes to this. do you have a gaming device on your holiday gift list? just in time, consumer reports has checked out the top options to help you make the very best choice. in this consumer reports lab, gaming expert matt peretti and others check out the xbox 1, nintendo, playstation and
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leapfrog, which comes with educational games and a controller that's just right for little hands. leap tv is aimed at children 3 to 8 years of age and costs $150. if you're choosing a console for older kids, expect to pay a lot more. >> the question you should ask when picking a console is do you want it just for gaming or you want all your entertainment through the console? >> reporter: while many of the higher end consoles will stream video from services like netflix and hulu plus, when connected to a motion sensing camera, you can use voice commands and switch easily between games and watching tv without having to pick up a separate remote. >> the xbox is a good choice if you like to split focus between gaming and watching tv. >> reporter: like the xbox 1 t play station 4 has built-in blu-ray. it shines for gamers who like graphics-intensive games and want to share video clips or live streams or sample a
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friend's game over the internet. >> you press the share button. after you hit that, you have access to all the play station sharing features. >> reporter: if you don't want your kids to view shared content, it can be tricky to restrict. finally, if having the greatest selection of family-friendly games is your priority, the wii-u is the console that delivers. consumer reports says around the holidays you can often find a gaming console bundled with different games and accessories at different stores. they are always discounted so it pays to shop around. target will have one thing, best buy, something slightly different. let's turn our attention to this rain. we are getting hammered once again. >> meteorologist sandhya patel joins us now with the accuweather forecast. >> sfo has just issued or the weather service has just issued a weather warning for sfo. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. that warning is going until 8:00
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p.m. for thunderstorms. scattered thunderstorms expected to pass near or right over sfo. i'm tracking that for you and i want to show you where they are heading. traveling in this direction so in 11 minutes, san mateo. 15 minutes, foster city area. sfo reporting arrival delays of 163 minutes. keep that in mind. in the east bay as you will notice here, we are seeing some pockets of moderate rain falling right now. as i take you into street level radar, walnut creek, you can see pretty good returns here. also around the oakland area, foothill boulevard. as we pan to the other parts of the east bay, castro valley, watch out. the roadways are going to be very wet, obviously. in the north bay, the rain is starting to ease up but we have had flooding problems there. chp reported flooding on pleasant hill road. down towards the south bay and monterey bay we are watching
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moderate to heavy rain down around that area as well. as i close in a little bit more here, around san jose towards the morgan hill/gilroy area, 101 getting pretty good rain. the sierra nevada starting to see a little snow. carry your chains, low snow levels with this storm system. right now the winds are on the gusty side. half moon bay gusting to 33 miles an hour. you have to hang on to your steering wheels. temperatures right now pretty narrow range, in the 50s across the entire region. this is what it looks like outside. golden gate bridge camera showing the wet roadways. stormy conditions will ease overnight tonight. scattered showers for your wednesday and a weaker storm arrives on friday. as we take a look at the timeline here, 6:00 p.m. tonight, still looking at pockets of moderate to heavy rain. 11:00 p.m., becoming more showery in nature. still concentrated around the east bay, the south bay, then we will see some scattered showers for your morning commute along with the fog. some reports of fog already coming in. 8:00 a.m. when you take the kids
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to school, pockets of showers so make sure you have the umbrella and the kids have the rain boots. it winds down tomorrow evening and rainfall totals by tomorrow evening up to two inches. most lower elevations, half an inch to an inch of rain. in the sierra, winter weather advisory from 8:00 p.m. tonight until noon tomorrow. six to ten inches of snow expected above 4,000 feet with gusts to 30 miles an hour out of the south. expect delays and chain requirements if you are going to travel up there. this is the storm, number two for this week. there is not quite a storm coming through on thursday then we have storm number three which is due in here on friday. when you take a look at friday's storm, 5:00 a.m., start of the commute, it's just cloud cover. as we head towards around the 9:00, 10:00 time period it arrives but it is weaker for your friday. still going to be wet, though. temperatures first thing in the morning mid 40s the low 50s. a jacket or sweater with scattered showers. allow that extra time for the commute.
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for the afternoon it's on the cool side. low 50s to low 60s. accuweather seven day forecast thursday morning, early, we could see a few more showers. it's a rainy day for friday. dry this weekend. winter officially starts on sunday at 3:03 p.m. if you are doing some early traveling for the holidays, monday and tuesday next week, fog could be a problem. you know this is the time of year when we have the valley fog, too. watch out. >> thank you, sandhya. coming up, mcdonald's has to ration its french fries. why some are blaming california. new at 6:00, why nasa scientists are taking interest in your holiday light display even if it is not quite as elaborate as this.
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an emergency crew had to rescue two deer from the frigid american river today. firefighters loaded up a raft early this afternoon near folsom. they had to scoop up the deer using ropes and straps, kind of tricky. the deer did not go willingly.
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they were scared, obviously. but they eventually got the animals back to dry land. in japan, fans of french fries are hoping for a quick resolution to a labor dispute at west coast ports. that's because its affecting shipments of potatoes and mcdonald's is rationing french fries. the fast food restaurants in japan are only offering the small size of fries. 29 container ports along the west coast have been experiencing severe delays since october in part because of lengthy labor talks. port workers have been without a contract since july. so is there life on mars? today, scientists say they are close to being able to say yes. nasa's curiosity rover has detected methane on mars and it could be a sign of present past life on the planet. the curiosity team cannot identify the source of the methane but the leading candidate is underground stores that are occasionally disturbed. google came out with its list of top searches for 2014
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and it tells a lot of what was going on in the world. actor robin williams was tops in searches worldwide. news of his death in august beat out searches for the world cup and ebola. in ukraine, the most googled recipe was not even for food. it was for a molotov cocktail. a year of unrest has had protesters constantly looking for ways to make the fire bomb. the most googled celebrity was the star of the hunger games, jennifer lawrence. she beat out kim kardashian who threatened to break the internet with nude photos. this may be the best day to be a police officer. >> i was having a good time. >> coming up, how local officers are making the holidays a little
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hey mom, can i have a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! coming up new at 6:00, we are looking out for problems spots as another storm pushes through the bay area. plus spencer returns with the updated accuweather forecast. also -- >> half of what we see down there is unknown to science.
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>> local scientists exploring the underseas twilight zone and the extraordinary steps they take to bring rare fish back to the surface. attention, last minute shoppers. 7 on your side's michael finney explains why you might want to resist to buy something for yourself right now. all coming up in half an hour. for the moment, east bay police officers got to play santa today. >> check out these deputies from the contra costa county sheriff's department walking the aisles of the richmond walmart. >> they were helping kids from low income families buy gifts for their families. 18 kids picked from an after school program took part in this shopping spree. >> even though they weren't buying gifts for themselves, they weren't being left off of santa's list. >> we got a bunch of kids together and take them out and let them shop for their family, whathave you, and we have already done our shoppi for them. gifts are wrapped and they don't know if they are, though. >> most of the money comes from donations but officers also chipped in out of their own pocket to buy these gifts. "world news tonight with david muir" is next. i'm ama daetz.
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>> i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate your time. welcome to "world news tonight." and inside the horrific school massacre. more than 140 killed, most of them children. and tonight, the youngest of survivors now describing what they saw as the taliban stormed in. the breaking news tonight. the ominous new threat aimed at movie theaters across america. just before the holidays. late word, what the fbi here in washington is now saying as this hacking scandal widens. the mid-air scare. passengers describing the panic, the prayers. the flight to dallas hitting severe turbulence. many injured. and bill cosby's daughter, breaking her silence. what she's now saying about her father.


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