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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, wet wednesday. meteorologist mike nicco says more showers are on the way. they are here now. he is tracking the rain with live doppler hd. >> do not drink the water. that is the warning on the peninsula right now. we have the work underway right now to get the water flowing again. a computer hack takes a dangerous push and sonny will sony will lose mills after a terrorist threat. and meteorologist mike nicco is here for mike this morning with a look at the forecast. we will look at live doppler hd and show you the showers come down the peninsula. it is now into the south bay and the best rain is around mountain view to sunnyvale as we look at some of the areas, 82, 85, 237, all getting wet. 101, down to 880.
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this stretches back to the dumbarton brick to fremont headed to milpitas and the heart of san jose and alum rock. 101 and 880 you can see light rain showers developing. it will be cool. through the morning. 44 to 51. mid-to-upper 50's at 4:00 and scattered showers in the evening and overnight but not a repeat last night. >> always be the evening commute have been tough. >> now, sue? >> we have a big grind over the sunol grade with a jackknifed big rig and here is a look at the san mateo bridge getting more crowded as you go from the hayward side of things to foster city at 15 minute drive. we will look at the commute from pleasanton beyond vargas into fremont a 40-minute drive due to the jackknifed big rig blocking the two left lanes. that is usually 15 minutes.
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you can see the difference. we are getting reports of a second accident southbound 680 so that is a grind. it is 6:02. the wet weather in the bay area the past week now is blamed for creating a water main break on the peninsula. that is where we fine our reporter with the work underway. there is a warning going out to neighbors. >> absolutely. they have the pipes fixed. the crews would being trying to repair the hole. i am in the university heights neighbor at highway 280. people are asked to check for said i before drinking the water. this is how it looked when we arrived. crews have been here since last night working to repair a water pain break. california water service companies with able to isolate the source of leak and fix it.
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because of the busted water main, 15 homes are without water right now. the land is to have it pack on in the hour. they are asking those in the neighborhood, do not drink the water. >> the water is shut down. when the sediment iser whiched, it will be good. we chlorinated the pipe. but do not use the water for right now. not for two or three hours. we will flush some more water. >> this is how it looked last night. home owners had to clean up the water in their houses. it is believed heavy rain was too much. the ground became saturated and weight of the soil put pressure on the pipe. they are flushing the water and air through the system and taking water samples. they need the water samples to make sure the water is okay.
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right now, again, they are asking me to remind viewers to not drink the water. they want them to check the sediment but the water will come from the pipe soon. if you see anything in the water, boil it but do not drink it right away let them water and inform the community. in the north bay marin county officials have declared a state of emergency with debris from a mudslide washed into a pool behind a home. hopefully the tarps will keep anymore erosion from occurring. and storm drones were overwhelmed by rain water and hit city hall. >> some people came in morning but the rain comes in the expect no one is eating in the restaurants so it is a shame. it has backed
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>> there is a state of emergency but that will allow the state to apply for aid. >> people are staying at a red cross shelter after flooding in hems. the shelter opened at the college of san mateo jim. -- gym. >> several agencies are at the shelter to help get on their feet. >> we have a service center. we work closely with partners and the county to make necessary arrangements to go back. thed cross is providing flood victims with special kits and sponges and gloves to clear out the dirty flood water. >> you can see behalf is showing you on live doppler hd with the weather app which is free an the cap store or google play and we
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have more information at the theater threat. international hackers are promising to carry out acts of terror against any theater this shows "the interview." the new film centers around assassination plot involving north korean leader kim jong-un. here is that report. >> amid escalating threat is a new emergency on hollywood aiming moviegoers with violence reminiscent of 9/11 attacks, the first part of a crimps gyms christmas gift from "guardians of peace." they say we recommend you keep distant if your house is near, you better leave. >> we take the threats seriously. >> f.b.i. is investigating and
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so is department of homeland security saying there is no credible intelligence to indicate an active lot against movie theaters in the united states. precautions are taken. sony told theaters they don't have to show the interview this is at the heart of controversy and the stars of the movie abruptly shut down a resolution tour in the wake of the warning. >> this attack is massive. it is significant. >> they have released thousands of private documents and daily embarrassments for sony and the biggest stars. now the first lawsuit. former employees say sony failed to protect confidential information. >> moviegoers should expect increased theaters even if the threat of violence is low during the holiday season. new this morning the international olympic committee
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is reacting to the united states decision to bid if the 2024 summer games. the decision has been welcomed in switzerland saying whatever city is chosen will be a "strong contender." delegations from san francisco, boston los angeles, and withed with, made the pitch to the united states olympic committee. san francisco things they have an advantage over the other united states cities because of the newer areas like at&t park and we levi stadium. the decision to represent the bid is nut -- not made until january. >> i said "we are never going to lose again." >> i tried to block it out because i figured it was like the "sports illustrated" jinx. >> the warriors 16-game winning streak helped after being overpowered by the warrior
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grizzlies. grizzlies. the fine final tomorrow night so it is not getting easier. >> 6:09. we are thinking wet and rain. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. the forecast. >> we have a heavier shower and around daly city at 87 and washington street and sullivan avenue to the west of 280 and
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south of john daly boulevard taking in the area to south san francisco and bayview to the bay bridge and toward 580 around emeryville to richmond and san pablo avenue. we have light rain around petaluma. this is the golden gate bridge raining on the bay bridge. we have scattered light showers and heavier this evening through the overnight hours and headed through tomorrow, dry and sunshine and last push of rain is friday and saturday through next week it will be dry. back to the golden gate bridge because it is a good story: it is wet. you can see traffic is flowing nicely. the roads are slick. give yourself plenty of extra time. we have pooling water in marin because of the rain coming down
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and extra caution as you make your way to san francisco and otherwise we look at the real grind from pleasanton to fremont southbound 680 it is a grind because of a jackknifeed big rig with a second accident in the backup is cleared but you have 40 minute drive from dublin to san jose and presently in fremont. >> steven collins made a con pegs and what he is telling "people" magazine after molestation accusations. >> students exposed to the flu and emergency action being by one school district. >> this is the embarcardero in san francisco and still wet. we will keep weather and traffic through the entire commercial
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through the entire commercial break
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we have breaking news.
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>> an american held prisoner from cuba for five years has been released. he was jailed in cuba after he traveled to havana to help the jewish population connect to the internet. cuba accused him of trying to destroy the government and now he is set free. the united states has been in difficult conversations to try to get him free. the health was deteriorating and now the release is part of a larger deal paving the way for an overhaul of united states obligations toward >> steven collins admit he had an inappropriate sexual contact with three female minors and the 667-year-old said the incidents occur over 20 years and the last happening in the new abc7 news now. a recent recording was released of him confessing to child molestation. the actor said he has apologizedded to a victim and an interview will air friday on
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abc7 on 20/20. >> a school district in ohio has closed a school as a result of the flu. >> the centers for disease control says there are sense states that are already being impacted by the flu mostly in the southeast and the midwest. when it comes early it is a problem because holidays are here and people bring the flu with them. there are growing concerns of how effective the vaccine is. >> they have to pick what is in the vaccine in february and we talked about that, only half of the strain that is out there is causing the disease covered bit vaccine and the latest data says it is closer to only a third of the strains that are covered. some recollection is better thanking in but do not country on the vaccine giving full protection. >> the response of staying homen with you are sick and washing your hands and bumping elbows rather than shaking hands to
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rather than shaking hands to limit spread of the flu. >> bumping will shaking. >> i don't think i am contagious. but come closer... >> all is hard with the rain and stay indoors and passing the germs around. matt is out sick. it is my fault. too much rain. it continues to cause other side effects. people are being kept in close quarters. be careful. live doppler hd shows from fremont down 880 and 680 across warm springs road and gateway
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boulevard getting light-to-moderate rain and some moving through south san francisco and sfo. no delays yet. the showers in the north by are tapering. winds are light. less than ten miles per hour. not spending any damage or ponding. we have rain showing up on radar over 101 and 880 and it is light. most of the inland east east is dry. random morning showers and more showers this afternoon in the evening. and another storm on friday and dry and prettier and warmer the weekend. the low pressure developed on the cold front that brought us the exceptional rain in the evening with the gusts. we have a warm front that will
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stay to the north. when the cold front moves in, in the evening and overnight, we will see uptick of issue batch -- >> scattered showers through the lunch and at 5:00, especially 7:00 through 2:00 in the morning we will have our widespread rain. tomorrow, scattered shower and fog and we will have a tease before midnight with more showers in the north by through the morning rush hour into the lunch hour and by 5:00 through evening festivities on friday, it will her out and get cooler so you will trade the umbrella for a heavier coat on friday evening. our lower elevations 1-2". the spend seven -- the seven-day
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forecast is low-to-mid 60's and sunshine next week. >> good morning, everyone. we have traffic backing up in san rafael. you can see the tail lights beyond the civic center north gate mall to the right and is with raining at the golden gate bridge and give yourself extra time. bay bridge lights are on since 5:41 with an early stall. solid backup and beyond the macarthur maze and, again, delays coming into san francisco. big delays across the sunol grade and a jackknifed big rig with two history lanes since early this morning and trafficking backing to the pleasanton town area with 40-minute drive from dublin/pleasanton to fremont and san jose. the become of -- back of it had an early accident. better news in concord eastbound
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four is clear with green meaning it is raining and will affect the drive through concord and walnut creek area. it is 6:20. time for the perfect holiday gift for the music lover you know. we look at the best wireless speakers ahead. weather and traffic during commercial break and a look from the camera to san francisco and a hint of fog. ♪because i love you ♪[music continues] ♪
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if luck. >> we see a lot more choices, a lot more different colors and styles. nothing is cheap but they have come down in price. "consumer reports" tested 31 portable speakers using a series of frequency measurements but a train ear can tell a lot by train ear can tell a lot by listening to, hey it sounds, if it soundses like a bass or violin or horn. ♪ you know i love you >> among the better sounding speakers is job soul mate with a rugged exterior promises to be water resistants costing $300. this sony is another "consumer reports" pick that sounds
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and is easy to connect for $250. half that, at $130 a bose is "consumer reports" best buy small and light with good sound quality. it will talk you through the set up. it make a perfect different. now, if only it could wrap itself. ♪ i know you see me. ♪ >> and another is life on record >> and another is life on record for $145 by tdk that has a >> you can never get away from the smartphone even when you listen to music. morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> we will continue storm watch coverage with a tree toppling on
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to a family home. >> nine hours after a main break shuts off water foe dozens they have a message for you's you drink the water. >> a look at live doppler hd the last hour we have been trafficking scattered height showers across the bay and we will have heavier and more widespread rain this evening and tonight before a warmer a look at the bay bridge traffic is back to 80 and 8iath and 580 a grind getting into san francisco with traffic and weather throughout the and weather throughout the entire break so you don't miss
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(vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. a look at the embarcadero in san francisco. looking wet still. but very little traffic to speak of. it is moving along great.
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thanks for joining us. don't get used to the fact it is not raining. it will later on. it will later on. sue is following traffic. live doppler 7 hd is showing milpitas and santa clara and campbell where 280 and 17 come together you can see good and light-to-moderate shower and 80 from vallejo and crockett and martinez and hercules and richmond, wet weather at tiburon and sausalito and oakland and alameda across the bay bridge to san francisco and to the airport with more ashore at pacifica headed to the east. looking at the roof camera with light rain falling, just enough for pooling in the embarcadero ruts. that shows how quickly it can change when the rain starts. we will have random light showers through the 12 sure
6:32 am
forecast but heavy rain coming in this evening and overnight. >> the roads? >> they are affected. if you commute the bay bridge give yourself a lost time, 80 in emeryville is the backup to the tom toll plaza extending on 580 and 880 ask we had an early stall at the center which could be the reason traffic is so slow. if you can, perhaps bart is the great alternative to get to san francisco. another rough commute for the sunol grade a jackknifed big rig since early this morning blocking the left lane at vargas and they are trying to get that out and traffic is backed up to dublin/pleasanton at 40 minutes to make director way to fremont andation train could be the only good at understand. a storm watch coverage continues on the peninsula where all the wet weather is blamed
6:33 am
for the water main break. the crews have been working to repair the main and nick is on the scene. >> imagine having that in your driveway clearing out the mud and debris that was washed in because of a water main break that happened after 9:00 people crews have repaired the water main break and now the service is back online and they are running tests. a few seconds ago i spoke with the home owners on say it is a nightmare but it is necessary. they found out at 9:00 last night a water main break was forcing water into their home and 1' of water. we spoke a few minutes ago. we all needed the rain. it has been great that way. but it is too bad this happened to us. we needed the rain.
6:34 am
i am not blaming. >> she is not blaming and she is not complaining. she showed us how high the water game into the garage and now they have to goal with the clean up. craws are helping them with it right now and though believe the half rain was too much and the grounds with saturated and the weight of soil put pressure on the pipes. they land to use the front loader and dump the debris from the garage and clear it owe. >> they are flushing water and air through the system and taking water samples and asking those who are usi check for sediment. do not drink it yet were they still taking samples and testing
6:35 am
south bay residents are on clean up duty after the heavy rain. in santa clara the first order of business is to cut up a huge pine tree that fell on a three-unit complex. a man slooping in one apartment barely escaped injury and a family was evacuated and the red cross pound them a place to stay and the rain caused major problems on the freeways. problems on the freeways. all lanes of 2ity abc7 news weather app is free at apple app and google play to find out what is happening with more information at >> oakland police are out and about. amy hollyfield is here with more on spell holiday
6:36 am
assignment. yes, eric. there is a toy drive about to be underway part of the traffic division. the officers are at work here last year. santa claus requireds on a motorcycle and hands out toys to children as he cops in -- comes in contact with them. this is the eighth career they have done this handing out 175 toys last year and this is community policing at its best and never ready to do it again this year and will start this morning and receive and handing out toys. we will follow santa along to see what he has to deliver. breaking overnight in the east bay a wreck closes a road for several hours and what we are lending about the driver and the investigation underway.
6:37 am
>> unlimited movies. the movie theater chain will let customers watch all the films they want. bay bridge toll plaza is getting packed and we will show you what is going on with you what is going on with weather and traffic through the
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♪ ♪
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we are back and still on storm watch. we are from 171 percent of average to 270 percent of average from santa rosa to moffett field. that is how much rain we had since july 1. the snow pack is getting better at 48 percent. we are still 52 p where we should be. rain showers through the central valley at low-to-mid 50's. through noon we have a winter weather advise at 6-10" of new snow above 4,000'. sunny in lake tahoe and more snow showers friday and saturday. now, you need changes through the sierra. the backup on the bay bridge from 80 headed westbound and 580 is jammed and 880 an
6:41 am
stall. give yourself a lost time and perhaps take bart. this accident just happened in san lenadro, a multi-car accident and possible overturn with c.h.p. doing a traffic break so westbound 580 at san leandro a grind over the sunol grade with a massive backup blocking the west lane. >> thank you. say it airport -- it airport so, a grandchildren fry shortage at mcdonald's. stay in know with abc 7 now with traffic on the san mateo bridge, slowing and we will find out why it is slowing with traffic and weather together during the entire commercial break. break. stay
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. covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. breaking overnight police are investigating a fatal crash in fremont with the street just re-opening. a man driving a company van hit a tree before 11 o'clock last
6:45 am
night much the driver, 45 years old from fremont died at the scene. he was the only one in the vehicle. the berkeley city council got an earful last night from protesters who say police used excessive force during a demonstration a week and a half ago. they said rubber bullets and tear gas were used on peaceful demonstrators december 6 and others witnessed excessive first. the demonstration led to widespread vandalism and hundreds of protesters squared off against police at telegraph avenue. >> the berkeley police push an old man to the ground. he could have been killed. he could have smashed his head on the cement. >> if someone stepped over the line and did something bad we will look into that. mayor announced a spend meeting january 17 to explore better policing arctics and -- policing arctics.
6:46 am
>> police are looking if burglaries would broke into a computer store and made off with thousands in merchandise. surveillance video released happened at the computer store on friday. two men used a big rock to break a window on front door and went through the shop merchandise and stole laptops. >> in australia a memorial service was held for a victim of the deadly hostage ordeal. family and friends hugged outside the memorial of johnson, the manager of the cafe, where 17 were take were hostage, died trying to disarm the gunman. his father and a family friend said it was powerful to see the memorial and they thanked everyone. a flower memorial in front of the cafe continues to grow. several lawyers filed pass the memorial in respect for an attorney killed in the siege. trading is underway on wall street and we will look at the
6:47 am
early numbers, the dow having an update after being beat were up a few days up 100 points at 17165. investors will watch the solano ruble. >> amc theaters is try out a movie pass where you can watch a movie a day for a month $35 for regular movies and $45 for imax and is testing the idea in denver and boston but they could, span it to other cities. this is hard to believe mcdonald's is running out of french fries in japan. so much they are rationed can only buy small size because of a labor dispute including at san francisco holding the delivery of the potatoes so they need to be airlifted to japan.
6:48 am
>> some customers are sizzling mad. >> sizzling. >> kaepernick is on the cover of "sports illustrated" but not for the reason 49er fans would want. >> what happened to the 49ers? they are 7-7 and were eliminated from the post sochi after dropping the sunday game to the seahawks, the first time they have famed to make the playoffs under the harbaugh era. the 49ers will try to end the throw game losing streak on saturday night at levi stadium against the chargers. they still have pride to for. >> we need the umbrella? >> yes. you will still need it through friday and then you can put it away for a while.
6:49 am
>> south of milpitas in the eastern side of the santa clara valley you can see we are looking at heavier showers falling east of 680 and sierra creek way and yosemite drive and as we zoom on down headed through the heart of san jose south of airport toward willow glen an uptick in the increased intensity of that shower and pulling off of san francisco and become to half moon bay that is going to head down cross the san mateo bridge and we have a few light showers in the eastern direction across the north bay so this only you could run into 134 light rain and you could see sunshine breaking through the clouds as we see right here at 101 and 8 walnut creek. this is a dry area. random showers through the
6:50 am
morning with more rain in t evening tapering to showers over night. dry and bright and warm this weekend when winter starts sunday afternoon. the cold prompt brought us the upstick in the intensity and damage with that storm we have warm air ininvestigation right here staying to the north and we will have republican dome -- random showers and chance of urban flooding and mud and rock slights and slight risk of downed trees. this storm is not so full of energy as the storm last night. at 5:00 in morning through noon, here comes the wall of watershedded into the evening showers through the rush turning to showers and clear of rain tomorrow morning but clouds will turn into a few bits of
6:51 am
sunshine in the afternoon and warmer. midnight on friday through the morning rush into the evening rush it clears out as we head to friday evening. at least the rain does and quarter to three-quarters inch in lower elevations and 1-2" by friday evening in the mountains. look at the low-to-mid 60 developing this weekend and into next week weapon the rain is over. thanks, mike, rain and wet roads affecting the commute and the bay bridge backup is bumper-to-bumper to the toll plaza and 580 and 880 with an early stall on the span cleared early stall on the span cleared rapidly but a big c.h.p. will do a traffic break because of a multi-vehicle smashup. this is a re-do of monday on the
6:52 am
sunol grade with big rig and now an early jackknifed big big still blocking two left lanes and slow from dublin/pleasanton into the fremont area and in san francisco southbound 280 at monterey an accident is clearing there, as well. thanks. we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> we keep weather and traffic you during the commercial protect so you don't miss a thing. thing. back in 90
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6:54 am
breaking news, you can see this tweet? it says "united states officials say the united states is to start talks with cuba to normalize full diplomatic relations and open embassy," coinciding with the release of alan gross from a cuban prison where he has been held if five years. the president will speak at 9:01 this morning and we will bring that to you in a special report. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. >> we are extraing light are showers this morning. so far, no storm reports from national weather service like we had yesterday. the winds are calm.
6:55 am
however, as we head through the evening and overnight we will have a batch of heavy rain and it will be half as strong as last night with half as much rain. temperatures today in the mid-to-upper 50's with a mix of sunshine and scattered showers. two, traffic continues to be a headache an the bay area all around, in fact, this is the bay bridge backup to emeryville westbound 80 and 580 and 880 all slow. in san leandro an overturn accident with c.h.p. ready for a traffic break and another grind out of the dublin/pleasanton into fremont because of a jackknifed big rig. you can still cash the ace train. >> water main break in menlo park is blamed on storms with service now restored to 15 homes without water overnight and officials are asking the unable not to drink the water until the pipes have been flushed. >> the south bay is getting a
6:56 am
small break from the rain to clean up this morning a good place to start is in santa clara where a pipe tree fell open apartments. it was old and too big to hold up. >> steven collins is admitted he me lived three young girls and says he did something terribly wrong and says the sexual abuse started in 1973 spanning 20 years. he was heard recently released recording confessing to the abuse. >> sony will let theater operators if they want to show "the interview," with those claiming to be behind a hack threatening theaters that show the comedy. the f.b.i. says there is no proof the lot is credible. >> warriors best 16 game winning street is over with grizzlies overpowering them in memphis 105-989. we continue on-line and twitter and face book and all mobile
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking right now, theater threat. the new warning of a major attack at the movies invoking 9/11 from the hackers behind that sony security breach. theater chains pulling the film at the center of the scandal as the fbi says they are closing in on the culprit. flu warning, major outbreaks hitting a number of big cities right before millions of americans travel before the holidays. now a new concern about the vaccine so many are counting on to keep them safe. breaking news for our viewers in the west. set free. alan gross, aid worker, accused of spying, he's now on his way home.


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