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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a much needed break not rain later today could give resident as chance to loop -- clean up. big news for commuters worried about the safety of a new bay bridge the result of a new safety report. >> the united states enters the first days of regular relations with cuba in half a century. not everyone is happy. what critics have to say next. good morning at 6:00 on december 18. thursday. thanks for joining us. this is just a week until christmas and we will see what kind of friends we will get from sue and mike. what do you have? >> we have been good. >> good morning, everyone, we are looking at light showers right now and you can see they are moving to the east with some
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around san rafael. also, we have been watching these as they slide down the peninsula the same pattern as yesterday, very light compared to what we dealt with yesterday with no arrival delays into for although we could see a wet tarmac. the next 12 hours upper 40's to low 50's and scattered light rain until noon and then sunshine this afternoon and we may crack 60 and check out your drive home: mild and mid-50's with no storm coming through this afternoon and evening but it will get here tonight with more on that will set coming up. the roads? a little wet the we have had a couple of reports of solo spinouts. we have one at maze, with 580 making its way eastbound 80, h.o.v. lane blocked with an accident a solo spinout. at the bay bridge we have the
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heaterring lights on after >> bay bridge has major news concerning about safety on the eastern span. a study suggests hundreds of rods do not need to be replaced. amy hollyfield is on treasure island with that story. this could save us a lot of money. according to the "san francisco chronicle" a bridge committee does not think we need to replace all the bolts and rods on the new bay bridge. the bolts and rods came into question when 32 of them cracked last year. there are more than 2,000 of them and this committee thinks they do need extra protection measures and frequent inspections but they should stay in place. the committee considered replacing them and decided it was too expensive, too time consume asking not safe for
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workers and these will be fine with continued maintenance and inspection. these are just almost dangerouses, a full bridge panel will consider the recommendations tomorrow. compared to last weak's big storm the rain does not seem that impressive but those that received too much too quickly are dealing with flooding and they are understandably worried about each drop. a beauty salon in san mateo a surrounded by sandbags but they only help so much dug the tuesday downpour. water flooded the outside and some got inside the salon. >> the rain is helping replenish the reservoirs in northern california and more water is needed. here is a look, the party reservoir, the main water supply is now at 88 percent capacity and the east bay relies on the comanche reservoir at 30 percent capacity. lexington reservoir is now at 30
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percent. can you track rain with live doppler hd with the weather app which is tree on the apple store or google lay with more information at >> use of force insurance dens are significantly down after officers began using cameras using force in only 572 incident down from 836 last year and 2,000 in 2009. the mayor says better training is another reason the violent incidents have decreased. >> former president carter is parages the new approach to cuba calling the move to normalize relations "courageous," but the policy shift is being frowned on in some circles. good morning, for decades american policy has been too isolate cuba and not suddenly a new approach.
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>> this morning, shockwaves after a deal reached in secret changes the course of history. president obama restoring full diplomatic relations with cuba for the first time since the height of the cold war. >> we want to see great freedom and prosperity. >> the united states will open an embassy in havana and restored relations could revitalize the flow of money and people between the two nation. the status as a state sponsor of terrorism will be reviewed and inside the island nation the united states intends to improve its advocacy for d reform and human rights. >> it is about type. >> getting back a lot of our cuban heritage and seeing our families. >> an obstacle has been the five year imprisonment of allen gross a u.s. government contractor seen here in video provided exclusively to abc by
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flake. with the new break through he and an unnamed american spy everyone freed. >> i am incredibly blessed. finally i have the freedom to resume a positive and constructive life. >> in cake, the united states released three imprisoned cuban spies. some descendents like the florida juan your senator disapprove. >> this leads to great wealth and new for this oppressive regime especially the military. >> the first thing to happen is easing of travel bans for education and government business. thank you. if and when 49er head harbaugh leaves the team he has no shortage of souters, with wolverines offering a $48
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million six year contract but he is seeking another nfl job with the raiders and jets interested in skim -- jim >> the mayor talked about san francisco's bid to host the olympics in 2024 releasing very little of the hour long presentation on tuesday to the olympic committee with the 8:00s -- delegations doctor -- dal -- delegations from boston and washington, dc, with the fin am decision not made until john. >> now the weeks ago forecast. slightly more dry day. mike? in the afternoon. we are still tracking height rain moving through dublin. near 680 and 580 moving across dublin boulevard. watch out for that.
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as we head to the wood we have some there and around pleasanton pulling away from the fairgrounds crossing stanley boulevard and heading over to livermore. we will talk about what is going on temperature-wise in the upper 40's to low 50's in east bay valley and that is everywhere with only low-to-mid 50's around the bay shore. sfo has no flight arrival delays which is good news although a show passed through the last 45 michigan -- >> we thought we were in the clear on the bay bridge we have another accident reported. you can see the lights approach the tunnel westbound, three cars involved lane two we have of the tunnel. expect slower conditions on way
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into san francisco. the toll plaza is backed to the macarthur maze. >> 580 into the dublin/pleasanton area is 36 minutes. 25 minutes antioch to concord and san rafael into san francisco has a drive of 20 minutes. with the accident just now cleared on the shoulder at dumbarton toll plaza westbound in lane six now is on right shoulder. it is 6:309 the conditions agree of the spread of the flu open west coast ahead of the holiday season. >> hundreds of students are starting the winter break earlier than expected. >> photos loaded to facebook could look sharper and a brand new feature affects you. we have more weather and more traffic all morning. we will have weather and traffic through the entire commercial through the entire commercial break and you will not miss a
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:12. on thursday. this is san francisco international airport. there are no delays reported at the airport this morning. just a few scattered showers
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remaining. more rain tone. we will talk more in a moment. mike? doctors prediction that the flu outbreak in the midwest and southeast would spread are coming true. a west coast school is shut down after dozens calls in sick. a prep school near seattle is closed for the year. officials say one in five students are home sick with flu. >> there are 30 kids this middle school were sick. i got one of my friends. my hold hurt. i had a fever. my chest hurt. my stomach hurt. >> the doctor diagnosed that young man with and could be magnified because the vaccine may not be so effective. >> in all parts of the world people are living longer. since 1990, life expectancy across the world increased more
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than six years to an average of 71.5 years. the study found that a reason was the major decrease in cancer and heart disease if high income countries. subsharon africa was the only region where average life expectancy decreased. if you posted a foe oh to facebook you may have noticed it looks sharper. facebook is now enhancing photos posted from mobile devices, a feature launched for apple this week will soon launch for droid. they want to make it easy to edit photos in as few taps as possible. >> taylor swift is talking about how people are talking about dropping from spot file and said all are approving. she never expected to many calls from artists and writers and
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producers. spotify and other services are making a dent in the sales. >> we know developing is the stuff coming out of the sky on to our head. >> a constant stream. we are getting a break. it is still out there in the form of light scattered showers and you can see them on live doppler hd with drizzle. we have low clouds hanging around. the best radar is around dumbarton bridge. those are drying. a little. in walnut creek in the east bay, we are looking at 680. it is moist. not so wet. there is no rain falling lately. the eat everyone side of san mateo bridge, a little wet. all the rain is moving away. hopefully that will help the commute. mostly in the morning we have scattered light rain.
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in the afternoon, put the umbrella away. you could see the sunglasses. your eyes may not be used to it. another storm tonight. here is the new wrinkle in the forecast. a slight chance of rain is possible across the north bay saturday night into sunday. it is moving to the north. it could sideswipe us barely. speaking of north, santa rosa at 58, a cooler spool with cooler spot. you can see where it will rain overmit and how mild it will be tomorrow morning with low-to-mid 50's. last my the storm pretty much are like each other with dry today and the bulk of the energy, the wind and the heavy rain is going to be in oregon and washington so like last night we will have moderate amounts of urban and flooding
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and mud and rock slide and slight chance of downed trees. we did not have much damage last might and hopefully not tomorrow. at 7:00 this morning, through noon, you can see a tapering in the showers headed through the afternoon. by midnight, the steady light-to-moderate rain in the north bay and during the commute it will turn to scattered showers from lunch through 5:00 and then it is gone. friday evening festivities are dry. with the clouds opening, some fog could warm and temperatures could drop into the 40's cooler than the last couple of days. rainfall up to half an inch in the lower will vacation and 1" in the mountains. the seven-day forecast shows the small wrinkle in the north bay, saturday and sunday and otherwise it is more dry. winter at 3:00 on sunday and mid-60's next week. sue? >> good morning, back to the bay bridge with the second accident
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west of treasure island on the upper deck. things are slowing beyond the meter lights that are on and traffic is become up into the macarthur maze. you may want to consider bart if you come into san francisco. normally you would take the bay bridge. 880, overcrossing shows both directions looking into. we have a probe westbound 580 we have a probe westbound 580 off the not a bad drive in the central valley with slow and go into livermore and speeds pick up and slow down in pockets moving to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. it is now 6:18. is your car saving you money or throwing it away? "7 on your side" partners with "consumer reports" to reveal the best and worst values when it comes to cars.
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it is moving along. in fact, it looks like there is a little bit of moisture on the bridge degree but not a lot. it does not seem to be raining there now. >> fedex says some christmas stockings could go empty. labor strikes at container ports including san francisco are the cause. the fedex found are said the company cannot get all the pack ans to retailers on time. 20,000 west coast dock workers are negotiating contracts and have slowed the pace of unloading and loading ships. 29 ports are affected. fedex expects to deliver 2930 million packages during the height of the holiday season. >> a lot more than meets the eye when youshipfor a good deal on the car. "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your side" for a report on the best and worst car values. here is michael finney. good morning, everyone. car sales are up. way up. getting a low rice zone mean you
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are getting a bargain. "consumer reports" crunched the numbers on hundreds of cars to come up with the best and worst value. >> "consumer reports" puts vehicles through 50 different tests to come up with a road test score. it collects data on a people vehicles to determine reliability. all major spends are factored in to calculate the five year ownership cost. >> we put those facts together for best value. the cars at the top give you the greatest bang for the buck. cam ray is the best value at 38 miles per gallon is reliable and performs well. the honda accord is next and rounding out the top five is the subaru legacy and forrester.
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what makes the subarus a good value is the combination of reliability and high performance. among the worst? mercedes benz and it is not just because of the $114,000 price. it performed well but it is expensive to minute table and reliability is well below average. ty idea 500 is worse value but at $24,000 it is a fraction of the cost. it is reliable and has a stiff front, uncomfortable seats. a jerky transmission. >> worst value? the jeep wrangler. "consumer reports" says it does not perform well in tests, is very uncomfortable and handling is clumsy and reliability is well below average. >> outside of that, it is great. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories.
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>> a holiday crisis at a retail giant and some customers may not receive orders in time for christmas. >> sony has canceled the release >> sony has canceled the release of a controversial new movie. >> a community comes together to help families in need all where you live. that story is ahead after the break. >> it may not be raining why you live but scattered light showers are showing up. i have one, possibly two more storms in the seven-day forecast i am showing you the upper deck of the bay bridge a second accident westbound just beyond treasure island has things very sluggish on the upper deck and we will tell uh-huh to get around this and what else is going around.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7
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news. good morning, everyone, a look from the east bay to the bay bridge and the glass smooth bay. rain is light everyoning up but we are not out of the woods yet. >> i am kristen sze. >> we start with meteorologist mike nicco. the ground is bloated. bloated. turn off the tap. we have another chance of light showers this morning. this is how it looks. scattered and light. a fraction of a rain so for damage other than it will keep it moist for the morning commute. i drove in this morning at san jose 101 and 880 and fund dry -- found dry spots. you will need the sunglasses this afternoon. mild this morning.
6:30 am
rain will pay derby noon and upper 50's and crack 60's at 4:00. after two difficulties of disastrous evening commute it will be dry. >> the umbrellas, we know what they are but not sure about the sunglasses. >> sue? the bay bridge has been a trouble spot. we have a second accident now cleared and the tow truck has that out of the lanes and you can see the brake lights. it is sluggish cross the upper deck and behind the bay bridge toll plaza. walnut creek is sluggish. we have break lights moving to highway 24. no stalls or accidents just a last folks taking it easy. the roads are slick. people across the bay area have a chance to clean up from the storms and get ready for the next one which is right around
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the corner. nick is in belmont with the latest. we have had rain off and on and people are nervous. if you look behind me you can see the entrance is blocked because they are pumping water out of this mobile home park and families here hit hard by the glads between the two storms are finally making it back home to assess the damage and some of them will finally get a little bit of help. this is what we have been able to see since we have been here, the flood waters took a big hit on everything at the belmont mobile home park especially the family with childrens. property was damaged and clean up efforts have been extensive. the community saw a need and started raising money to help their neighbors. >> we want them to have money to have a cushion to get themselves food they need and perhaps buy toys for children for christmas and anything else.
6:32 am
everything is asking "what can we do," and that makes you feel so good. >> it is more than just words. a started on monday is now a go fund me page buying visa different cars and food cars and help 11 families with children in belmont and school district. so far more than $14,000 has been raised. the page is still set up with a link of course to it on our website. they are asking anyone can donate or give what they can to help the families as we aprevious the holidays. >> in southern california, authorities now say three people have died after a woman drove into a crowd of concertgoers. it happened outside a church last night as the christmas concert was getting out. continue people on the street were also injured.
6:33 am
the driver ran a red light, hit the crowd and hit another car head on. the woman is facing felony d.u.i. and vehicular manslaughter charges. >> sony is coming under fire this morning for canceling the release of the comedy "the interview," a week before it was to open based on a fake plot to assassinate kim jong-un. it is forth korea that is behind the throats of violence at theaters that she the movie prompting the canceling of the shings. this is mine blowing some say. >> thing of this: state sponsored terrorism. on a comedy. about a world leader. it appears that nation is hype it. we talk about the precedent, this is completely unprecedented. >> sony said they will never release the movie in theaters
6:34 am
on-line or on dvd but many doubt it can be debt under wraps. >> san jose police investigate a rape allegation against ray mcdonald would was released yesterday an hour after learning of the investigation. police served a search warrant at his home on tuesday and he has not been arrested. on tuesday, a local hospital called police to report a only may have been sexually assaulted. she told miss she was at his house on monday. official say they talked to mcdonald about his behavior and put him on notice. the g.m. said it is not a meat of guilt or innocence. >> ray has demonstrated a pattern of poor decision making that led to multiple distracts for the organization. and the football team. it can if longer be tolerated. >> i were a not angry. i understand the situation and why the team did what they did.
6:35 am
outside of that, it is not my business. >> two week ago, the owner addressed players about their behavior off the field. last month, a domestic violence investigation involving his pregnant fiance was dropped. elected officials are trying to improve the tense relationship between the community and law enforcement afterrics protests in oakland against alleged police brutality across the nation a townhall meeting was held in oakland. officials say the goals with to gather information and create solutions to improve police tactics. many people including the mother of oscar grant killed by a bart police officer want police to get more training in the social aspects of policing. >> by the police coming out and get to know the people in the community. >> personally experience conducive to the community. >> i have heard you that we have to organize. this is about organizing. >> everyone was unusualed to
6:36 am
lobby their local elected officials to pressure the government into making changes to police arctics. >> we are seven days away from christmas and today a charity will hand out food for the holidays. volunteers in san jose have 3,200 food boxes ready to go and each is filled with dry pasta, and fresh produce and canned food. everyone getting a food box signed up and some slept in the cold and waited line for others to reserve a box. distribution starts at 9:00 this morning and families in need get toys for the little ones next week. >> update this morning on the safety of rods and bolts on the bay bridge and amy hollyfield has the results of a report. uber has a new resolution and how they will make your ride safer in 2015. look at the bay bridge toll plaza as we go to commercial
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break. the metering lights are on and sue will tell us more. get weather and traffic during get weather and traffic during the commercial break.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! we have lie surf tomorrow at 3:00 in the afternoon through saturday at 3:00 in the afternoon. 24 hours of breakers that could hit 20' with dangerous rip
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currents. wettest december, 9.26" in 1955 and we are at 7.5", so we are the second wettest. will we make it? we have two more chances. san francisco is at the 11th wettest december ever. when it does not know? the sierra for only a day it drops down to 47 percent. we are 53 percent below average. no snow today. there will be some headed through tomorrow. we will have mid-to-upper 50's through the central valley. scattered showers around los angeles and san diego. metering lights are on and traffic is backed into the macarthur maze and sluggish on the upper deck with an early accident cleared beyond treasure island. this is the richmond-san rafael bridge with slick roads and traffic is slow across the span with folks taking extra time.
6:41 am
here are the drive times, not too terrible but reduce the speeds because the roads are wet. a couple of accidents are out there and this is west 24 with cars facing the wrong way in the center divide. a brand new accident just reported southbound 880 with slow traffic approaching 92. it is 6:41. what the new breakthrough between the united states and cuba mean for those hoping to get their hands on the coveted cuban cigars. >> and some sears and k-mart customers do not have their christmas gifts because of a snafu. the retailers are responding. >> this is heavenly resort with no snow right now but there will be more with a lot of great snow be more with a lot of great snow for skiers and snow boarders.
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covering petaluma and antioch and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. we have huge news of this bridge, the bay bridge. a big concern for commuters may in longer be a problem. maybe. a study suggests hundreds of rods and bolts do not need to be
6:45 am
replaced. it was an expensive enterprise. amy hollyfield? >> sounds like an inspection and maintenance is all we could need to keep the bridge safe. according to a story in the "san francisco chronicle" a committee decided the bolts should stay in place. there are more than 2,000 posts. last year, 32 bolts cracked raising questions of the safety of the new $6.4 billion extra steps need to be taken to secure the bolts but they do not need to be replaced but the recommendation is to add protective measures and keep inspecting them saying that would be more cost effective and safer for workers than replacing them. this is a draft report considered by the full panel tomorrow.
6:46 am
thank you. this morning it is not just k-mart but, now, toys 'r us shoppers are also facing a layaway let down. they are dealing with the reality their kids may not be getting the toys they wanted for christmas. k-mart sent out an e-mail saying some item they order asked paid for are not available and toys 'r us is deal with the same problem. >> i checked my status and everything was canceled. line by line. >> toys 'r us says there could be cancellations or hot items on back order but they are taking the problem very seriously. k minority said this only affects online layaways and those who put items on layaway in stores are not affected. trading is underway on wall street and we will look at the dow, it is surging, up 219 points and the new york stock exchange is at 17576 continuing the huge rally of yesterday
6:47 am
weapon investors are celebrating a rally in the energy sector and the federal reserve to be patient raising interest rates and that got them going and it is continuing today with the dow soaring. >> 300-point game yesterday and 200 today. >> ford is expanding a recall for faulty airbag innatureers to the entire nation adding 450,000 cars to the vehicles being recalled. they spread with too much force throwing shrapnel into the drivers and passengers. honda and mazda have expanded their recall. >> uber is making a promise to customers: they will focus on ride are safety in 2015. this is over concerns drivers are not facing tough criminal back ground checks. they will have a creation of a team to respond to passenger cop minutes of safety. normalizing relations with
6:48 am
cuba means the country's renownedcy fares are easier to find considered far superior to american tobacco properties but illegal to possess in america. americans who qualify to travel to cue ball be allowed to buy $100 worth ofcy fors for personal use only. you cannot re-sell them. >> how many will that by of the high end cuban cigar? i wonder. >> three. >> three. >> our director who smokes say >> now, how about the commute? >> the last nights i have been watching from home and everyone struggle and feeling bad for you, good news this afternoon. it will not be a
6:49 am
can i say that? scattered light showers diminishing through the warn and barely see them showing up. direction el is -- drizzle is what we are dealing with, san jose and 101 and 880 have breaks in the lud cover and dry pavement. if you are on the ferry this morning, the bay is choppy but not too bad winds are around ten miles per hour. oakland lights are on the left side, changing the color of the clouds. light rain through the morning and sunshine this afternoon. good morning storm tonight for all of us and a written el in i- and a wren el in -- a wrinkle in the forecast. >> today, dress if temperatures in the up upper
6:50 am
tonight a final system will roll in with steady and light-to-moderate rain changing to showers through tomorrow afternoon into the afternoon. here is a break today before the next system comes in and the low center of the strongest part most of the rain, all are going to fall on oregon and washington. tomorrow's storm has moderate amount of urban flooding and medium chance of that orup risk downed trees. we did not have much damage last night. >> until noon a few light showers and this afternoon into the evening, nothing. midnight, here it comes, light-to-moderate rain and the rest of us in the morning commute and then showers through 3:00 and by 5:00, it is carbon and by 11 o'clock we are seeing breaks in the cloud cover. less than half an inch in the lower elevation and the seven-day forecast shows warm sunshine. winter on sunday afternoon is
6:51 am
when it by begins but the warmest temperatures are next week. >> the drive from marin county at golden gate bridge is smooth sailing with four lanes in the southbound direction and two headed northbound and slick road conditions and it was raining earlier and the traffic is slowing noisily through the waldo to san francisco. sluggish conditions across the san mateo bridge and the eastern side of span toward the high-rise it is 20 minutes from hayward to foster city and notice all the accidents with folks taking it easy which is a if thing and in richmond area westbound 80 we have an accident with slow traffic from hercules all the way to the scene of this accident a couple of cars mixing it up and an accident at west 24 car facing the wrong way in the center divide they are waiting for a tow truck. and hayward area southbound 880 an accident is blocking the
6:52 am
h.o.v. lane. elephants are supposed to bork for peanuts but one works to make his home a better place. >> a wild elephant in south africa was captured on video and he is eco friendly. he picks up liter and puts it in a trash can. when three was finished he waked away. the video has got viral on youtube with more than 1.6 million views. how do you train an elephant to do that? you don't. it looks fishy to me. seven things to know before you go. >> looking at the bay bridge toll plaza with backed up traffic and weather and traffic through the entire commercial break so you do not miss a thing.
6:53 am
6:54 am
here are seven things to know before you go. >> looking at live doppler hd, because we have a few light showers and drizzle this morning, good news it is mostly dry if the commute and very limited fog showing up. we will talk about what will happen today, showers taper by noon and we will see a little bit of sunshine this afternoon and mid-50's to low 60's. we have sfo arrival delays, an hour and six minutes. two, we have a look at san rafael 101 southbound a lost
6:55 am
brake lights and it is a slow compute, roads are wet from overnight rain and please take extra care we have multiple citizens, mostly in the clearing stages. it will be a long one. water is being pumped from a mobile home park in belmont flooded by recent storms. some families are still at a red cross shelter in san mateo and a campaign is started to help the families buy food, clothing and christmas gifts. a new report says 2,200 rods and bolts on the new parch the bay bridge are not in danger of failing. 32 cracked last year, you may remember. they are said to be safe and do not need to be replaced at taxpayer expense. >> the pope is one of the main reasons the united states and cuba are again normalizing relations. he wrote letters to president obama and castro over the summer inviting them to fine humanitarian solutions to their problems. sony pictures is down
6:56 am
playing the chance "the interview," will be seen anywhere canceling a christmas day release of the comedy based on the fiction am assassination of kim jong-un after hackers threatened violence. state report showing an improving economy and lower gas prices are creating an unfortunate side effect: more cars on the freeways. three-quarters of workers commute alone and average drive 28 minutes to work each day. >> you have been seeing that. >> job security. we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile did >> i do not expect much out of next storm. see you tomorrow.
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good morning, america. and new this morning -- act of war? the u.s. set to accuse north korea of being behind one of the most destructive cyber attacks in history. as well as those threats to american moviegoers. and outrage builds in hollywood as the studio pulls the plug on the movie at the center of it all. free at last. the american held prisoner in havana whose release helped you that a cold war. the surprising announcement about relations with cuba, and the pope behind the scenes to end a half century standoff. i knew that something


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