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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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is telling the worried neighbors. >> new details on the sony hacking scandal, george clooney is now at the center of a major development. what he asks the hollywood friends to do. it is friday december 19 at 6:00. i am kristen sze. i am eric tom. >> sue is here with the remark and meteorologist mike nicco is with the weather. we will have rain most of the day for some areas and the rest of us we can tell from the radar the next 12 hours showing live doppler hd with the cold front moving in, and steady and light to moderate rain developing and the rest of us have drizzle to light rain and it and sporadic but capitalling everything wet. here is a look at emeryville with the camera bouncing at 15 miles per hour from north to south across the bridge the rain through 7:00 and low-to-mid 50's
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milder than this morning. we will see the heaviest rain at noon rolling through and 58 to 60 and rain will taper to scattered showers by 4:00 and at 7:00 post the showers are across the south bay as the robert stalls down there. that gives you a timetable of who, what, where, when and how. >> that sounds good. >> thanks, mike. things are looking better at 101 with an early rush this morning with a sig-alert in south san francisco all cleared. traffic is now moving nicely through south city. this is in san jose 101 at 880 you can see traffic is moving nicely and the hold lights are headed in the northbound direction. we have the golden gate bridge still slick chance of wet roads and standing water in the north bay and extra caution is needed this morning. we hope for friday lite. we will see. >> fingers crossed. with another storm arriving this morning bay area residents are making representations to keep themselves and their rot
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safe. our reporter is in the north bay. what did you have up there in the north bay? we finale have a few drops coming down and they have been coming down off-and-on this morning and you know we are expected the heavy stuff to come down later today. look at this view, video we shot on tuesday the rain that hit tiburon on tuesday hit pretty hard forcing the home owners to mop up water damage and a mudslide. this is showing the showers off-and-on today with the heavy stuff expected a few hours from now and predicted to be a weaker system than what rolled in open tuesday. tiburon public works described this slide as a small slide but, still, it washed down into a poll and it afires to have remained unstable so they have covered it with the tarp. downtown tiburon, they have their issues, too. the area around townhall flooded due to a clogged creek and a drain. that was bad thursday for that
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nail salon and it left them with a lot of clean up. there are reports of stand water in some of the low-lying areas but there is nothing serious happening here. i can tell you that the drives are using their wipers and exercising the cause on the wet roads. you can track the rain with live doppler hd any time with the weather app free on apple app and google play with more information at chevron is down playing flareups atry -- at the richmond refinery last night. people say they are worried about possible chemicals in the air. amy is in richmond. no flaring this morning. there were concerns raised last night. here is what it looked like, a
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big ball of flame and you could see it from as far away as san francisco and chef reason said it was manage to worry about but some question and wonder if it is dangerous including the director of the global community monitor say he is worried about particulate matter and some of our viewers would live if richmond could smell it and the air smelled funny. chevron had to burn off extra full to depressurize and shut down the refinery units. haz-mats with on the scene monitoring the air quality. >> majority of the wind direction is blowing over the peso it is not impacting the community of north richmond. >> chef republican released a statement saying there has been no impact to the community and the refinery monitors are show the air quality is well in quality standards. the community refused to say why the unit needed to be detreasurized. a couple of elected officials say it did fought look normal to them and with the largest
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flaring they had seen in years. it is 6:05. san jose police chief is promising an open investigation interest controversial tweets sent by a veteran officer. dozens of people matched to san jose police headquarters demanding the idea faring of officer phil white. tweets appeared to threat enact visits involved in protests against police brutality. one read "threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law-appointed right and doubt to kill you." the chief says the department does not con den the type of action white seems to be advocates. he is currently on leave. president obama is holding the end the year press conference this morning and will most likely be asked of the sony scandal among other things. the president made public what everyone has been told forth korea is behind the hacking at
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sony and is pressured to cut access to hard currency and to declare it again as a state sponsor of trim. after talking with the media, the president and first lady will head for hawaii and a 17-day vacation. we will air the press conference live at approximatelily 10:30 this morning. >> more on the sony hack attack. a-list star george clooney tried to stop sony from canceling the release of "the interview." he circulated a petition around major hollywood players asking them to stand with sony in some daughter but not a single person signed the letter. he speculates too many people in hollywood are afraid with studios and businesses could be the next target of hackers. >> topic a in hollywood is the hack and the impact on sony. >> companies around the globe are on high alert to avoid being the next giant brought to its
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knees by hackers like those that executed the cyber attack against sony. >> you work at any studio you are asking, could there have been me? >> the white house says evidence shows the hack was carried owe by a sophisticated actor with malicious intent designed to mask origin but firm investigators say the hackers are working if north korea. it was routed through a number of infected computers in locations overseas, singapore, thailand, italy, believe why, poland and cypress. this is because the north koreans are angry of a movie depicting assassination of their leader. on wednesday, sony canceled the release after there was a threat of violence against american moviegoers i would not have gone to the movie. >> the backlash from hollywood to washington, dc, many wonder if the real victim is free speech. problem lowe "everyone caved.
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the hackers won." and "sad day for creative expression." senator jam -- john mccain said this sets a precedent that will empower bad actors. >> rebound is weighing the response to the national security threat. now a check on the weather and traffic. >> >> the windshield winds are getting a work out drizzle to light rain and although you are not seeing green, it is wet all areas. in the north bay we have the better radar runs. to mendocino and lake county we are seeing moderate rain develop along the cold front. the rain on oh we if san francisco and reducedded visibility with temperatures in the low 50's and scattered showers in the afternoon and
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evening down in the south bay. last week, 55 percent, what of the state in the highest drought category exceptional and that down to a third of state but 98 percent of our beautiful state is still in some type of drought. 2015 for the first time in five areas, long-range forecasters say it will be wet at 75 percent probability of average to above average in the drought will improve but not eliminated. >> the bay bridge is fought friday lite and metering lights turn on at 5:46 backing to the macarthur maze. the upper deck is fuzzy and the tail lights are going on there at the turn toward the treasure island tunnel and it picks up into san francisco the expect minor delays, typical if this time of morning. we have overturned accident eastbound ramp 80 to eastbound highway 4 and tow truck on the
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scene but i do not see any delays beyond the scene. new this morning, the instagram rapture, many users of the app are upset and how they could lose money. >> imagine not being able to touch your baby. the rare disorder that has two california parents turning to bay area doctors. more weather and traffic all morning at abc7 news now with weather and traffic through the commercial break. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 6:13 on friday morning. this is traffic in san rafael and the tail lights headed southbound to the golden gate bridge and traffic is heavy. we will find out from sue hall why it is heavy and moving so slowly. >> san francisco police release new pictures of a bad santa accused of roning -- robbing a bank. a man dressed at st. nick walked into a bank during santa
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festival with hundreds dressed up as santa. the man handed the teller a demand note and claimed to have a gun but no gun was seen. the teller complied and handed the cash. if you recognize this man san francisco police would like to hear from you. a couple will meet with doctors at stanford university today about their baby's rare skin condition that makes her untouchable. >> we she is almost two months old and has never known her per emphasis touch born with a rare condition that causes skin to tear and blister at the slightest rubbing or friction. the mother can only hold her with a soft blanket wrapped around her with no skin to skin contact. >> i never would wish this upon anyone knowing she will live a life pain. athey say it is the worst disease you have never heard of. >> each day, her fingers and toes are rapid individually and her 50s and feet are bandaged to
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protect her skin from herself. the medical inthey have does not cover the estimated $20,000 yearly cost of inhome treatments. >> facebook instagram is causing controversy, calling it the instagram rapture, "new york times" reports they are deleting millions of fake accounts which now is upsetting high are fill users would had high follower accounts. the primary account has lost 18 million followers and justin bieber lost three million which is a problem because social media users with big fan base can snag deals from companies eager to send out endorsements to the fans. and now social mia has the weeks ago. now, a look at what is going on by opening the weather window
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looking back to the west across the eastern span of the bay bridge and it is fuzzy because of the rain shower now pouring down on that part. we can go further in looking at live doppler hd you can see how it is sneaking on for the radar with low rain showers that are getting heavier and thicker across the north bay. this is what will happen, the increase we are talking about through the morning into the noon hour. the winds are still gusting and up to 16 miles per hour across oakland so it is slick on the east to west bridges but we have a cross wind so watch out for that. the lights show the rain blowing through the light as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the traffic sue has been talking about with steady rain to afternoon showers. tomorrow, we will be wet but mostly in the north bay late afternoon into the early evening and when that passes we finale
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push the storm track to the north and bring high pressure in and that will dry us out and open up the clouds and bring us warmer weather. we will have fog each morning but the clouds or fog will break up with the sunshine. >> our cold front as we talked about the let to the north and because of that the robert is slowing down most of the winds that are run be perpendicular to the front are to the north you can see it budging through washington and oregon why they will have heavy rains and we have light to moderate rain through the commute and lunch and reesey conditions. urban flooding is moderate, downed trees moderate, mud and rock slides are slight the weakest of all of the storms because we are on thed of this with in wage that will develop crass it, no enhancement of the energy. at 7:00, through noon, you can see scattered showers ahead of the cold front light-to-moderate and along the appropriate is where we will find the steady
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rain and it is slowing down and by 5:00 it is around livermore through the sunol grade and across the san mateo bridge and south and during the evening hours it is from livermore through the sunol grade. at 237 to pescadero and south but the coverage and intensity decreases during the evening. the rest of us are quiet. wake up tomorrow morning with no rain. by 5:00, in the afternoon, through midnight, a slight chance of rain as the system patches to the north. as we head to sunday morning clouds will open up, fog, and partly sunny conditions in the afternoon and the clouds are going to decrease sunday night and monday morning is a doggy commute. the rainfall totals will be .5" in the lower elevation to .25" in the santa clara valley and an" in the north bay and santa cruz mountains. we have a game tomorrow at 5:25 upper 50's to low 50's with
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charger taking on the 49ers and the coffee, dress for temperatures in the low 60's with mostly cloudy conditions. the seven-day forecast shows winter at 3:303 our first dry day and one of many to come next weekend with let 60's if highs. good morning, everyone, friday light so far with a couple of exceptions and this is the the san mateo bridge with slow on the highway rise and a forts of a stalled box truck but other than that it is looking good over to foster city and richmond and san rafael in are a few drops and light conditions to marin. we have an overturn on ranch eastbound 80 the rank to eastbound 4 is waiting a tow truck and i do not see too much slowing. there are two lanes there to get to that transition. we friday lite so far so good, obviously we have the bay bridge
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metering lights on where you will expect delays but other than that, it is good. >> a couple seconds away from 620. what do big bird and cookie monster and henry kissinger and george lucas and other big name cars have in common? >> that is quite a collection of people. they all said good by to stephen colbert last night in the who's who list of stars. weather and traffic during the commercial break. this is the golden gate bridge which has slim payment. which has slim payment. be careful.
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>> let's check with "good morning america" and what is coming up an 7:00. >> next, through details on the sony hack scandal and what we are learning of the evidence tying the attack to north korea and george clooney blaming hole booed for backing down against terrorism, on "good morning america" next. the 49ers have two gamessest but all anyone wants it talk about is what happens to head coach harbaugh reportedly offered a six-year $48 million deal by his university, the university of michigan and still has another season left on the five year contract and says it is his expense to finish out the
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deal. >> i said i would finish to the end and...focused. my focus, the same as the players' focus and the same as the coaches' focus, on the practice field, the focus on meetings by players, coaches and by me. >> the 49 efforts heavy the chargers tomorrow with kickoff at 5:25 b.p. >> would wouldn't want to spend hours in a room with brad pitt not members of the los angeles criminal court system. they said no and rejected hip. he get a pass on jury duty. cureing -- he showed up for civic duty but he was sent home saying he would be a distraction to serve on a jury. pitt was called if jury duty back in 2003 and he wore a jury
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badge with a subway sandwich for lurching proving he has a thing or two in common with the rest of us. >> i not he was just like you and me. >> when it comes to jury badges and subway sandwiches. >> nine years of satire is over. stephen colbert said good by. ♪ we'll meet again ♪ don't know where ♪ don't know when >> counsel the celebrities. he was joined by jon stewarts randy new man, bob costas, henry kissinger, stone philip winning two awards during run. and is that cookie monster toby keith, bill clinton, you
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name it. he will move into the late night talk show may. >> we do know when and where we will meet again despite what three is saying. >> someone from "the cars," was there. everyone is there. >> uber makes an unpress -- unprecedented move in a city filing its service. >> this float at biggest parades in the country is pay tribute to a fallen bay area law enforcement officer. rain is coming down if marin county but nothing like early this week, with the community on alert. a report after the break. a look at live doppler hd tracking our net storm with the heaviest rain to the north and wet weather across the bay area. we will show you that and when it will be dry and warmer in the seven-day forecast.
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we will look where it is raining at the bay bridge toll plaza with a big backup for friday and that is it. we don't have a lot of traffic other than this backup. we will leave you now with weather and traffic and news for the entire break so you will not miss a thing.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 6:30 on friday. how many more shopping days until christmas? >> we have six. >> there we go. that is my girl. >> this is golden gate bridge. you can see the wet pavement. be careful. >> you prefer the word "woman," and then you start liking the word "girl," again. you know what i am talking about. >> you say when you are digging the hole, it gets bigger and bigger. >> like the president
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potholes. >> we have another chance as you can see across live doppler hd across mendocino and lake county and into the north bay where the steady rain and the light-to-moderate rain is with drizzle the better part of the morning making the commute wet. the next 12 hours, we are going do have rain and temperatures mild this afternoon low-to-mid 50's and rain will increase to moderate by the time we get to noon and upper 50's to increasely sick and it will pull back to showers by 4:00 and met back to showers by 4:00 and met of the you will be dry this evening. the roads, sue? >> it is, hadding -- looking good. the motoring lights are on. it is wet. if you want did avoid the rain take mass transit. everyone is on time. for delays. whatever. san rafael is raining.
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san rafael is raining. tail lights take extra caution. the roads are wet. drive from the central valley, looking pretty good. i imagine this afternoon will be different. we will continue our storm watch coverage with the bay area set to get soaked today as the third storm in a week moves in. our reporter is at tiburon. is it getting wetter? i. tell you off and on the minute they know you are coming, the rain steps. it steps. it stops. this is where tiburon get hit hard this week with the heavy rain calling a mudslide. we were on the scene and you can
6:33 am
see the debris washing down the hill to a pool of a him owner. the storm blasted into marin making the commute a mess. it was soggy. it was trippous. a lost standing water. it forced officials to declare an emergency because it caused more than $1 million in damage to county roads and the shower, expected off-and-on but it will be weaker than what rolled in on tuesday. right enjoy, we have seen it start off-and-on, off-and-on, and we know the people are watching the rain and the amount falling, as well. 6:33. this morning, more than 100 belmont residents are at home after the powerful storm displaced them from a moment home park. 11 fells with kids in belmont
6:34 am
school district will receive visa and target and safe way cars today to use for food and clothing or christmas gifts. a donation page and other efforts raised $31,000. organizers say the first $25,000 will be given to the displaced families and the remainder are shared with other mobile park residents. >> you can track the rain with live doppler 7 hd with the weather app. it is free on apple app store or google play with more information at south bay paw rowee is -- parolee is in jail for savagely attacking two women apartment and decemberized them. a neighbor says the weapon are in their 50's and mentally
6:35 am
challenged. a woman called 9-1-1 while bridges was in the home. police arrested bridges on-the-spot. they do not think the women knew bridges. >> it makes he want to lack -- look over my shoulder at all times. >> police think there could be other victims. bridges is held on 16 felony counts from rape to false imprisonment. >> the buy of a fallen c.h.p. officer and their four children will complete a floral portrait part of a rose parade threat on new year. the officer was killed in line of duty two years ago on 680. because he was a registered organ donor he save the lives of sill others and the portrait is one of 72 on the california trance plant donor network donate life float in the rose parades. it features 60 butterflies one for each life transformed by a
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system deceased donor and it will emerge from an open book. >> a bay area structure golden gate bridge will close in three weeks for the longest time since the 1937 day because from saturday january 10 to monday january 12, 52 hours in total. that gives crews time to install a movable barrier tory vent head-on collisions. the buses will still be able to cross along with the bicyclists and pedestrians. chevron's richmond refinery is the cause of concern among neighbors after the huge flareup and why the company says there is nothing to worry about this morning. tim cook on the record and the apple c.e.o. says he is deeply offended. check this out, the bay bridge toll plaza packed up.
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weather and traffic throughout weather and traffic throughout the commercial break.
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and now at 3:00 this afternoon and 3:00 tomorrow, 24
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hours of pummeling by breakers and dangerous rip currents. rain turning to snow at lake tahoe to yosemite and clouds in southern california mid-to-upper sib. the snow is on western sleep of the sierra and winter weather advisory income 10:00 this evening at 2-5" above 6,000' and we could have delays if you try to get 31 and when the sunsetting the snow will stick better and changes could be required. grab them now. sue has the traffic. closer to hop at walnut creek southbound 680 moving nicely to highway 24, and 24 in the when direction is bunched up through lafayette as you move to the caldecott tunnel but in major delays. san jose has headlights snaking their way north on 280 to cupertino and getting busy but we are not finding major delays.
6:41 am
this is westbound highway 4 at grand line causing a few flat tires but all green which is good and traffic is moving at the limit. take care. >> we have had black friday. cyber monday. now get ready if have saturday. the big deal you can expect tomorrow. >> a rare move by san francisco uber and what the on-demand ride service is telling the city that doesn't want it to britton -- operate on its roads. but, first, the san mateo bridge with traffic getting heavier and it looks dry right new. you can stay in the snow with remark and weather dug the entire commercial break. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
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♪ >> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. it is 6:44. chef republican says people in richmond have nothing to worry about after a series of flareups at refinery in richmond. >> people would live near the plants are very concerned about chemicals. amy hollyfield is if richmond with more. amy hollyfield? >> kristen, it is clear this morning there is nothing to see at the chevron refinery.
6:45 am
last night, the flaring scared people. it caused concern. it was a big ball. it was a big red ball. you could see the flames from across the bay. it scared people. we were told by chevron it was nothing to worry about, it was nine and in cause for concern. the air was fine. chevron says the public was not at risk. the air monitoring showed the air was fine. haz-mat explained what was happening. >> they take the excess fuel and send it to a smokestack where there is a fire on the top that burns off the extra chemical. a statement from chevron "there has been in impact to the community and the refinery monitors are showing the air quality is well in quality standards." there is no flaring this morning. all is convey -- quiet.
6:46 am
there were no injuries reported. thank you, amy. outside for at look at the ferry building and other buildings along the embarcadero it looks dark. there is a power outage affecting buildings along the embarcardero. this is located close to us and you can see in this shot we with see lights coming from there but right new it is dark. we do not have additional information on the causes but if we did get additional information we will bring the, to you. apple c.e.o. says he is --ly -- he is deeply offended by allegations the company mistreats workers. an investigation has found poor treatment by undercover reporters with a breach of hours in the chide facility tries where the iphones and ipads
6:47 am
are put together. it is reported that he signed off on an e-mail to apple staff saying he is offended bit accusations and nothing could be further from the trying. trading is underway on wall street and the dow has been rallying big type the last couple of days. well look at the early numbers and it appears flats. vestors are taking it slow and heavy. >> after a 700-point game in two days. >> uber transportation network is stopping praise reagans in several cities including portland to allow the again time to pet and come ployance with the safety health and consumer protection rules. uber has run into problems because the drivers do not meet regulations for taxi and car services. >> after black friday and cyber monday comes super saturday. christmas follows in the middle of the week this year super start is expected to boat black
6:48 am
-- beat black friday sales for the first time if a decade. where can you fine the best deals? stay away from tvs which will have fewer options and head for winter apparel that retailers want to clear before the new spring lanes come in. target has by one get one half off and most toys and that matter where you shop in stores or online remember the money saving apps. seven-day forecast has the best apps to use on our website at >> if you are out there at the brick and mortar stores, do you need the umbrella? >> maybe in the north bay. not the evening. shows two hours and 29 minutes delay for arrival flights at sfo. >> now, 55 percent of state, in the worst academy and now only a
6:49 am
third of state with 9886 of the state under some type of drought condition for the first time the long range forecasters say 2015 has 7 1% probability of being agency to above average as far as precipitation so we will improve the drought but we will not eliminate it the drought. that is good news. >> can see the wet weather over san francisco right now headed over to alameda and piedmont and oakland. here is the cold front with moderate rain embedded in the height rain starting to move into the northwest corner getting buffetted by southern wins at 15 miles per hour. look what it is doing to the south bay keeping you dry on 101 and 880 and the steady rain changes to afternoon showers as the don't moves from north to south and rain in the north bay tomorrow night a quick chance and dry and warmer on sunday through next week.
6:50 am
notice where the storm track is mainly in the north so after rainy commute the front is going to stall but it will lose the moisture and, still, a chance, medium risk, of urban flooding and risk of mud and rock slides. watch the front, slowly moving into the heart the bay by noon and slowly singing to the south bay by 5:00 and notice by 11 o'clock we are still looking at a chance of showers from the san mateo bridge south and tomorrow it is over and you can see tomorrow night at 5:00, the quick push of light-to-moderate rain and by sunday morning, gone again, and sunday afternoon we see sunshine and rainfall amounts less than half an inch in the lower elevation and 1" in the mountains. in santa clara dress for temperatures in the low 50's. 5:25 is kickoff. 62 on sunday. 1:25 kickoff at the cove.
6:51 am
our seven-day forecast shows morning fog, afternoon sunshine and mid-60's next week. sue? we will look outside at the san mateo bridge with brake lights happening at mid-span on the flat section and slow traffic toward foster city but a 16-point drive toward the westbound direction. elsewhere, we have flat tire alert from the central valley with debris in the lanes and several lanes are scattered west 580 with cars pulling over and flat tire and a travel advisory if you are headed out on the road to i-45, northbound i-5, fatal big rig accident some shut down so divert off of 16 that is at 152 the travel advisory.
6:52 am
>> college football, bowl games, kickoff tomorrow and you can watch colorado state and utah in the bowl at 12:30 right here. there are four other bowl games airing on our sister network espn and you can find out more information on our ticker at the information on our ticker at the bottom of the screen. entire commercial break so you can see the backedup traffic and live doppler hd to fine out where the rain is. where the rain is. back in 90 se
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>> here are seven things it know before you go. >> we will start with live doppler hd with light-to-moderate steady rain in the north bay the you can see the last 30 minutes it is slowly singing so expect an increase in the overall coverage and intense difficult of our wet weather through the lunch hour. it will become scattered showers headed into the afternoon and evening. mid-50's to low 60. two, we have a bay bridge backup. slick roads. a travel advisory westbound 580 with debris if the roads causing flat tires and if you are trying to get an early jump on the holiday drive, north i-5 at 152
6:55 am
is closed because of a fatal big rig citizen and traffic is diverted. chevron says additional flares could occur at the riff pond refinery, a lax flare from the republican finery could be seen at 7:00 last night and chevron said they had to burn off excess fuel to depressurized and shut down one of the refinery units and air quality levels were safe. >> tragedy strikes australia for the second time in a evening woo of eight children were found stabbed to death with victims ranging in age from 15 months to 15 years. a 34-year-old woman believed the mother of seven of children was found stabbed but she survived. a panel will hear a report that fined 2,000 rods and bolts on the bay bridge may not need to be replaced. safety concerns were raised when crews found 32 cracked rods in the new spans. george clooney tried to stop sony from canceling release of
6:56 am
"the interview," circulating a petition around major hollywood players asking them to stand with sony in solidarity and not a single person signed the letter. the fault that caused the earthquake in napa this summer will move several more inches in three years. the fault shifted 10" during the earthquake. it is still moving. it is called "after slip," posing a big problem for home owners trying to repair earthquake damage. you are now up to date and we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> remember, president obama is holding the end the year press conference this morning before he heads off on vacation. we air the press conference at approximately 10:30 this morning and the darkened embarcardero there appears to be embarcardero there appears to be a power outage.
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good morning, america. holiday havoc. new concerns about a christmas storm. snow, rain and high winds that could make roads dangerous, disrupt flights. our team has what you need to know as millions prepare to travel for the holidays. new details about the massive hack attack by north korea. and the elite team behind the assault. cyberwarriors recruited as children. and the president is set to respond today as george clooney unleashes a verbal assault on how hollywood insiders gave in to a dictator. hazards on the highway. take a look at this collision. unsecured cargo flies off cars and trucks creating chaos on the roads. objects become obstacles, even weapons. what you neeto


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