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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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accused of beating a man in a hospital waiting room and then trying to cover it up. tonight the crucial evidence the d.a. says proves the deputy did it. good evening, everybody. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama-daetz. he was charged with four felonies and a misdemeanor. alan wang is live at the halve jaws ties. hall of justice. >> he turned himself in and then posted bail about two hours later. we know he has been on the force for 5 years and assigned to san francisco general two years ago and now facing assault, perjury and filing a false police report.
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>> 33-year-old san francisco sheriff deputy arrested the man at san francisco general hospital on november 3rd for allegedly attacking him with a cane. but the district attorney says surveillance video proves that didn't happen. instead it shows he approached the man in the emergency room waiting area after the conversation the manuses a cane to stand up. he grabs him by the back of the collar and knocks him back foot seat. he chokes hem and beats him and places hem under arrest. district attorney george goscone is said to have purge erred himself on a police report. conduct that lead to the arrest of the innocent victim. something wasn't adding up and that's why they requested the surveillance video that proved he unwillingly assaulted the man and filed a false police
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report. abc7 news. >> and now to the weather and weather that we will dry up this weekend. you can see the fog hanging over the buildings in san francisco. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here now with a look at eleven doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> yes, larry. while most of the activity is coming down, we still have concern for flooding. live doppler 7hd is tracking light showers. basically they are around the east bay and the south bay and monterey bay. let me take you in closer here. very light returns. fremont area is seeing light showers and this will continue into the morning hours. the other thing we showed you, fog, it is going to be a problem. if you are flying out of sfo, keep that in mind. two and a half miles visibility. concord, three miles, fairfield, half moon bay. here is why there is a coastal flood advisory that starts tomorrow morning and runs until monday evening.
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the unusually high tides for winter time is coming up sunday to tuesday. flooding possible in low-lying areas. if you hike, bike and you are out and about along the coast checking out the waves, here are the upcoming tides you need to watch out for. they are all over six feet and they are all coming in sunday through tuesday in the morning. keep that in mind. i will be back with a not so completely dry forecast. >> all right, thank you, sandhya. the rain caused flooding that forced the closing of row knock park expressway. they were worried those who ignored the barricade would get stuck in the high water. downed trees were a big problem at highlands park in concord. work crews cut them up and used a wood chipper to clear the debris. >> this double trunked pine tree came crashing down on a house. the branches blew out the home's back windows. as it fell it took down four
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smaller trees in the process. a state of emergency is in affect in san mateo county. the county officials can apply for state and federal aid to cover storm damage including the mobile home park that flooded in belmont. weather is causing problems at sfo. tonight marks the start of the christmas travel season and things are off to a rough start at the bay area's busiest airport. katie is there live. katie? >> i just talked with airport officials and they tell me about 90 flights are canceled here. that's about half arrivals and half departures and for people lucky enough to have a flight the delays are averaging one to two hours. the problem is the weather just started sprinkling. as sandhya mentioned, it is the clouds and low advise -- visibility. >> waiting in line for four hours is ridiculous. >> hey is trying -- trying to
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see his family more christmas. his flight was delayed and he also missed it because of the long line. >> people were having to rebook. i was in line with somebody who missed his flight like hours preve yous. >> he is now booked on a flight out of oakland. >> i am frustrated. i wish it could be on time and i can get home to my family. >> their delayed flight was a wish come true. they were running late because of the wet ride in. >> p hoed in the car and turned shed around and came to the airport. it took us an hour and a half to get here from menlo park. >> but because their flight was delayed. >> we will get to eat dinner and relax and we group and then hop on a flight. couldn't be happier. >> sfo expects about 71,000 passengers on this 30 busiest travel day of the christmas holiday. gray skies are a real grinch delaying and can selling de -- canceling delays and
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departures. she was an hour and a half late from vermont. >> it is not as bad as other people are going through with canceled flight. >> tuesday is actually sfo's busiest travel day with 115,000 passengers coming and going. at sfo, abc7 news. >> and a reminder that you can track the rain with live doppler 7hd anytime with the weather app. it is free on apple's app store or on goggle play. we have more info at >> chevron says the flaring at a refinery wasn't anything to worry about. the oil company says the flair up was part of a normal safety process after a piece of equipment mall fungsed and lost its ability to cool itself. air monitoring systems didn't record any violations, but residents say the company took too long to notify the public. in a statement released chevron says the safety devices worked as intended to preserve the mechanical integrity resulting in flaring. in 2012 a large fire at the
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refinery sent thousands of people to local hospitals. shouldchevron was fined $2 million. police in oakland are looking for a woman who trade to set her mother on fire. this happened around 8:45 tonight on magestic avenue. police are investigating the incident at an a -- as an arson case. she doused her mother with lighter fluid and the mother suffered burns to one of her hands. police at uc santa cruz are looking for a man who tried abducting a woman at knife . knife point. the incident happened on campus. the victim said shea got into her car when the person popped up from the backseat. the man held a knife and demanded she start the engine. she managed to jump out of the car and run away. the kidnapping suspect was not caught. police has removed a person that was walking on the tracks. it happened at 10:00 at mcarthur bart station. there were 15-minute delays
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after the person interred the tracks. the delays grew worse after pepper spray was discharged. the service is now back to normal. >> a soggy night did not deter a group of protesters. it was a continuation of on going protests about police violence. they have attracted thousands of people and small groups have been violent and caused property damage in recent marches, but it was mostly peaceful. oakland police need your help finding these suspects. police say they smashed windows and looted a metro store during the protest on november 2 forth. it turns out there is more surveillance video that embattled player ray rice did not want shown. up next, what happened after the infamous elevator punch that got him suspended from the league. >> and forget science fiction. this is science fact. the e-mail attachment sent to astronauts that they could
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actually use. >> the christmas magic delivered today to kids living in one of the bay area's toughest neighborhoods. abc7 news at 11:00 will be
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exclusive video obtained by abc news showing the moments right after former nfl star ray rice assaulted his then fiancee in a casino elevator. it shows rice and janae palmer being escorted by police. palmer is captured sobbing when officers questioned her about the incident.
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and then it shows palmer kissing and showing affection toward rice. rice's attorney tried to prevent this from being released because rice does not want anymore negative publicity. we are getting our first look at how thee-d printing will impact space travel. nasa scientists e-mailed a wrench to the international spacestation. yes, a wrench. here is a photo of sphrawt barry wi -- of astronaut barry willmore with the socket wrench. nasa engineers whipped up a model using design software. they e-mailed it. he printed out 20 separate parts that were easily put together in a working wrench. amazing. some kids who go to school in the heart of san francisco's tough tenderloin district had a tough christmas. it was because of a restaurant owner with a big heart. vic lee has this christmas story . >> it was a big surprise.
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santa was coming early to see-@ the academy. these are the children of the tenderloin. for many it was the refuge of outside life. >> have you ever seen santa before? >> what did you think about santa claus coming? >> cool. >> the difts were donated -- the gifts gifts were donated by this man. he was deeply touched by a story they aired just before christmas. we told the story of the heartbreaking journals students wrote about the challenges and their young lives. one excerpt, living without my dad is like living without a heart. no emotions come through without him. at christmas last year bovis brought gifts for everyone like he did today. bovis gave their families turkeys during this thanksgiving. he took the kids to a ballgame. with christmas, it is special. >> it touches your heart and
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you feel you have to do something. we don't want any kid to wake up without a toy. >> trader joe's also gave a toy. this is in addition to the hot lunches they donate to the school. >> being able to see the joy with the kids and having such an impact goes a long way. >> what did santa give you? >> a transformer. >> a puppy. >> a puppy? >> yeah. >> a stuffed animal that is a pig. >> is that what you wanted for christmas? >> yeah. >> for many of the children here their toy will be one of the few they will receive for christmas. >> that's one reason it makes it even more special that they are choosing things for brothers and sisters rather than themselves. they won't dpet -- they won't get that much. gee merry -- >> merry christmas! >> vic lee, abc7 news. >> keep your money in your pocket. >> why? >> secret santa.
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>> actually, it wasn't secret santa, but the lay away angels, a team of volunteers helped out some low-incomey customers at the k-mart in hayward. the group paid a total of $7,000 at this store alone. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> i didn't believe it would ever happen. >> i am a single mom. it means so much that the kids get taken care of for christmas. it is a huge relief. >> how sweet is that? >> they depend on do i nations. for donations. i know there are a lot of shoppers shoppers who want to pay away the rain. >> you still have some opportunities to shop, ama and larry as we get into the weekend and next week where there will be dry periods. not a complete washout. here is live doppler 7hd. even though we need the rain, there are still a few showers
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right now from san mateo out toward mill pea disand fremont and san jose. very light returns. chain controls currently on 50, 88 and 4 and the winter weather advisory has been extended. it is beautiful to see this. seven inches of new snow and 10 inches at the top of the mountain. and they will bea seeing a few more inches before all is said and done. here is a look at the rainfall in the last 24 hours. we are talking about more than two inches, almost three inches in the kentfield area. san francisco is just over an inch. oakland, you picked up .63. .18 san jose. and even san francisco is pretty good, over an inch of rain. as you take a look at the december rainy days, well, we have had quite a few. 14 of the past 19 have seen rain which is great. if we keep on this track, obviously we could be doing well in terms of getting rid of some of our deficit here.
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san francisco is headed in our direction. you went from being in 11th place to seventh place for the wettest decembers on record. 15 inches and just over that in 1866 was the wettest. we currently have close to 12 inches of rain for this december so far. flooding is a concern. high surf advisory until 3:00 p.m. and this obviously is due to the big waves and the high surf. the occasional breaker offers 25 feet. dangerous rip currents. the surf could lead to coastal flooding tomorrow which is why a coastal flood advisory starts tomorrow morning. the bay shoreline is included in there on sunday and monday. sunday through tuesday flooding is likely. especially if you go hiking or running along the beaches, king tides are coming up and this is worth mentioning one more final if you have outdoor weekend plans. the temperatures right now in the 50s, as you notice.
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a pretty their rerange and it is a foggy view from our exploratorium camera. if you have early plans keep that in mind. a chance of light rain tomorrow and winter begins at 3:03pm. it brought us rain and it continues tonight. areas of rain will continue and a powerful jet stream will bring the system through. most of the energy is headed into the pacific northwest. we get the tail end and that's why we are keeping the the showers in the forecast for part of the weekend. tomorrow morning, watch out for the fog and drizzle. chance of light rain and particularly in the north bay and in the evening hours. by 10:00, 11:00 tomorrow night , we start to see light rain along the coast. wenter weather advisory until 4:00 a.m. in the see yir raw. a couple more inches spec -- expected. and then we will see the fog so watch out for it.
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upper 40s to the low 50s. a few mid40s and then carry the umbrella if you are in the north bay. 50s, 60s and the accu-weather seven-day forecast, it is not a complete washout for the weekend. do not can sell your plans. we have dry periods. early next week fog will be a problem for travelers. it will be dry on monday and tuesday. christmas eve, chance of showers. that chance is becoming schlepper and slimmer. the best news i can give you, my present to you guys, christmas will be sunny right now. >> thank you, sandhya. >> i was hoping for a wrapped gift. i understand. i'm in for dan and rick quan is in for me. the giants do shopping. >> who will fill in for pablo sandoval? who is on third for the giants? it looks like san francisco will t
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giants have traded for tracy mcgee. he is the reining national come back player of the year after playing in japan in 2013 he signed with florida and hit 287 with 76 runs batted in. on the downside he is 32 years old and managed just four home runs last season. in return the giants have given up florence and castillo. san francisco has decided to bring back veteran jake pave vee and signing him to a two-year, $24 million contract after coming over from boston in july. the three-time allstar the a 6-4 record and 2.17 earned run average. the jaints captured their third world title in five years.
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according to espn, if jim harbaugh does not return to the 49ers, his family and friends want him to take the head coaching job at mech mitch. harbaugh, however, reportedly wants to stay in the nfl. chris borlin has done a great job filling in for patrick willis, but he will miss tomorrow's game against san diego because of a bad ankle. despite being out of the playoff race, the 49ers say there is still a lot to play for. >> you play for more than just to win. obviously you play for your teammates and you play for yourself and for your family and the name on the front of your jersey as much as the name of the on back of the jersey. you never want to go out there unprepared. i think we all feel that way especially after this week. >> a basketball shot you will not want to miss. and the spurs are the first team to play back to back triple over team games
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game they went into triple over time. they pick it up late in regulation. danny green from the corner and nails the three to put san antonio up by two. damion lillard ties it up. in the third over time lillard could not be stopped. he finished with a career high 43 as the blazers win it. it is the first time the team has played con -- con seek tip triple over time games in years. eastern washington hung around for awhile. tyler harvey knocks down three of his game high 31. the bears would take control expo -- and baron wtz follow-up slam. singer set a career high with 15 points. he makes the steel here and
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will not be denied. the golden bears improve to 10-1. they host fifth ranked wisconsin on monday. saint mary's was at twenty and saint job's -- st. john's. check out this hoop from behind the back. he gets it to go. he looks like michael jordan. the red storm stormed back to win 53-47. the gails fall to 6-3. this abc7 news sports report has been brought to you by
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kimmle, chris pine. >> have a great night and a wonderful weekend. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- chris pine. evangeline lilly. and music from pitbull and ne-yo. with cleto and the cletones. and now, one last thing. here's j.k. -- jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you. thank you, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. appreciate you coming. thank you for watching at home.


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