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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. >> it's saturday, december 20th. thanks form joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let look at the weather.
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meteorologist lisa argen has been tracking live doppler 7hd for us. she has been busy all morning long but finally a break in some parts of the bay? >> certainly. mist and drizzle left over from a front that's pushed through. a lot of the activity along the coast. to the north of us. and through marin county. just a little bit of mist. not a lot going on. a few light showers around point reyes. the fog is certainly a concern. it's been raining by livermore, san jose and further south around hollister, gilroy, back westward toward castroville and monterey. and up in the sierra nevada we've had a rain-snow mix a winter weather advisory lingers through the 10:00 hour. we are looking at temperatures in the mid-30s here with fog. an additional inch of snow. take a look at this. poor visibility all throughout the north bay, the delta. be very careful out there. we will talk about the drying trend and how we are going to warm up vitaly in the days ahead. chris. >> thank you. the christmas travel season is officially underway at sfo.
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but between cancellations and delays, things were off to a rough start at the bay area's busiest airport, thanks to the weather. katie marzullo has the story. >> waiting in line for over four hours, that's kind of ridiculous. >> he's trying to get to nashville to see his family for christmas. first his southwest flight was delayed for three hours and then he missed it because of that long line at the ticket counter. >> everybody was rebooking and having to reschedule and people were missing. i was standing in line with somebody and he missed his flight like hours previous. >> he is booked on a flight sunday out of oakland. >> i'm frustrated. wished it could have been on time and wish i could have gotten home to my family. >> for this family their delayed flight was a wish come true. they were running late, partly because of the wet ride coming in. >> it took about an hour and 15 minutes to get up here from menlo park. >> but because their flight was delayed 90 minutes.
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>> we can actually eat dinner and relax and sort of regroup and then hop on a flight. couldn't be happier. >>sfo expects about 71,000 passengers on the third busiest travel holiday. kim arrived about an hour and a half late from vermont. >> it's not as bad as what other people are going through with cancelled flight. >> tuesday is the busiest travel day with 115,000 passengers coming and going. at sfo, abc7 news. >> the rain caused flooding that forced the closer of a park expressway yesterday. officials with the city were worried that drivers who ignored the barricade would get stuck in high water. >> a state of emergency is in effect in san mateo county. county officials can now apply for state and federal aid to cover storm damage, including the mobile home park that
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blooded last week. you can track the weather anytime on our live app. we have more information online at >> a local sheriffs deputy is accused of beating a man inside a hospital waiting room and trying to cover it. now there's crucial evidence to prove the deputy did it. san francisco sheriffs deputy mike lewelling has been charged with four felonies and a misdemeanor. alan wang has more from the hall of justice. >> 33-year-old san francisco sheriffs deputy michael lewelling arrested a man at san francisco general hospital on november 3 for allegedly attacking him with a cane. but the district attorney says surveillance video proves that didn't happen. instead, it shows lewelling approached the man in the emergency room waiting area. after a conversation the man uses a cane to stand up. deputy lewelling grabs him by the back of the collar, knocks away his cane and pushes him
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back in the seat. he then chokes the man, beats him, and places him under arrest. district attorney george gascon said what is worse is lewelling is also alleged to have perjured himself on a police report. unforgivable conduct that led to the arrest of the innocent victim. apparently something wasn't added up and that's why investigators requested the video, which proves he assaulted the man and filed a false police report. in san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. >> chevron said the flaring at its richmond refinery thursday night wasn't anything to worry about. the oil company said the flareup was part of a normal safety process after a piece of equipment malfunctioned and lost its ability to cool itself. air monitoring system didn't record any violations. but richmond residents said the company took too long to notify the public. in a statement released last night, chevron said the safety
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devices worked as intended to preserve the mechanical integrity of the equipment, resulting in flaring. back in 2012 a large fire at the refinery sent thousands of people to local hospitals complaining of breathing problems and chevron was fined more than $2 million. oakland police are looking for a person who tried to set her mother on fire. it happened around 8:45 last night on majestic avenue. police are investigating the incident as an arson. a family member tells us the daughter doused her mother with lighter fluid and the mom suffered burns to one of her hands. police at uc santa cruz are look for a man who tried to abduct a woman at knifepoint. this is a sketch of the suspect released by police. the incident happened thursday night on campus. the victim said she got into her car when this person suddenly popped up from the back seat. the victim said the man held a knife to her and demanded she start the engine. she managed to jump out of the car and run away. the suspect has not been caught.
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a soggy night in oakland didn't deter a small dedicated group of protesters. about 30 people turned out for a planned rally and march last night. it was a continuation of ongoing protests against police violence. past events have attracted thousands of people. small groups have been violent and caused property damage in recent marches, but last night's protest was mostly peaceful. oakland police need your help finding a theft suspect. police say they smashed windows and looted a metro pcs store on broadway during the protests on november 24th. bart passengers in oakland had an extra layer of safety when they got off the trains last night. volunteers with oakland police were there to escort anyone out to the parking lot. it's just before christmas and with so many people coming home with packages, along with the rain and recent protests, police wanted to give riders some help. volunteers also had reminders about basic safety when getting off the train. >> keep your eyes open, keep your ears open and be aware as you are walking. >> another good tip, don't walk and talk on your phone at the
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same time. it makes you a target for thieves. even though this service was only for last night, if you ever feel you need an escort to your a bart station agent or call bart police. all that fresh snow in the sierra yesterday have tahoe ski resorts practically doing back flips. the two biggest holiday weeks are beginning and they can all use wet snow. despite the snow, the snow levels in the sierra are still below average. >> but the last days have done great things for our sister resorts and the tahoe basin in general. it delivered over three feet so they have been able to open up. open up additional terrain. >> heavenly said they were open to open up two more lifts because of snow making and natural snow. all the rain may be good for the drought, but not for toy donations. "toys for tots" said they received fewer toys this year
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mostly because shoppers are rush to stay out of the rain. the marines, which runs the holiday program, said it has 10,000 orders to fill this year. many kids will only get one toy because of the shortage. you can still help, though. the marines will be collecting toys until monday. abc7's parent company, disney, is a partner with toys for tots. a south bay charity is desperate for toy donations. sacred heart said it's still short by more than 5,000 toys. volunteers spent yesterday boxing and distributing donated food for the holidays. more than 3300 families have already received them, but the need is great this year in silicon valley. sacred heart said the high cost of living means some families can't afford a holiday meal. later today they will be sorting the toys that will be given to children on monday a. time is 5:09 on your saturday morning. 6:09. getting a check of the forecast. some rain still hitting the bay area. >> it's really the fog now impacting most of the behave.
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the golden gate bridge, 5 a degrees. you can barely see the span there. not only on the bridge but really all throughout 101, marin, novato and the east bay. be very careful. we will talk about how much more rain is in your christmas forecast and a look beyond christmas when we come back. >> thanks. turns out there's more surveillance video with embattled nfl player ray rice than is shown. what happened after the punch that got him suspended from the league. >> the after-christmas sales worth waiting for? i'm michael finney.
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>> welcome back. you are looking at exclusive video obtained by abc news showing the moments after former nfl star ray rice assaulted his then fee yawn say in a casino elevator. this video shows rice and her handcuffed on the floor and being escorted by police. palmer is captured on video sobbing when officers questioned her bat incident. it then shows palmer appearing to kiss and show affection toward rice. rice's attorneys tried to prescreen the video from being released because rice doesn't want any more negative publicity some kids who go to school in the heart of san francisco's tenderloin district got an early christmas present yesterday. it was all because of a local restaurant owner with a very big heart. abc7 news reporter vic lee has this christmas story. [screaming and cheering]
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>> reporter: it was a big surprise. santa coming early to city academy. >> good morning! how are you all doing? >> these are the children of the tenderloin. for many, the school is a refuge from the struggles of outside life. >> have you ever seen santa before? >> no. >> first time you have seen santa? >> yeah. >> what do you think about santa claus coming? >> he's cool. >> the gifts donate bid this man, nick, owner of lefty oh duals restaurant. he was deeply touched by a story before christmas. we told a story about the challenges students lived in their lives. one said living without my dad is like living without a heart. no emotions come through with me without him. at christmas last year he brought santa and gifts to everyone, just like he did today. bovis also gave the families
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turkeys during this thanksgiving and took the kids to a ball game. but christmas is special. >> they touched your heart and you feel like you have to do something. you don't want any kid to wake up without a toy. >> this year trader joe's also gave toys, in addition to the hot lunches they donate to the school every day to the school. >> to join the kids and associate and have such a good relationship with them goes a long way. >> what did santa give you? >> a transformer. >> a puppy. >> a puppy? >> yeah. a stuffed animal that's a pig. >> is that what you wanted for christmas? >> yeah. for many of the children here, their toy will be run of the few they will receive for christmas. >> so that's one reason it makes it even more just special, that they are choosing things for brothers and sisters rather than themselves pause they won't get that much. >> merry christmas! >> and merry christmas to you. vic lee, abc7 news. >> keep your money in your pocket. >> why?
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>> because of secret santa. [laughter] >> actually it wasn't secret santa but the layaway angels. a team of volunteers from the group "pay away the layaway," helped out lucky customers at the k-mart in hayward. the group paid a total of $7,000 at this store alone. >> my angels! thank you, thank you, thank you. i always see it but didn't believe that it would ever happen to me. >> i'm a single mom. it means so much that the kids get taken care of for christmas and it's a huge relief. >> "pay away the layaway" depends on donations. to donate go to our website for a link to our website. you may be spending a lot of time in the malls these days. most of us go there to buy gifts
6:17 am
for others, but you may be tempted to buy something for yourself. michael finney explain why you might want to resist the temptation. >> this is a familiar sight in the days leading up to christmas. stores packed with shoppers combing the ails looking for the best deals. potential impulse buys surround you. >> too hard to resist. i do try to wait, if i can. but if i want something or it would be nice to have then and there, it's just hard to resist temptation. >> but the experts say resist if you can. the shopping sight "deal news" identified several categories where savings or significantly greater after christmas. >> the number one thing you should avoid buying before christmas is clothing. 45% of all the deals that we saw after christmas sales were for clothing. >> last year after christmas the best deals included 50% off already marked-down prices. that is expected to happen again this year. another category where you might want to wait before you buy, fitness gear and equipment. >> there's a big surge in deals
6:18 am
for fitness gear and equipment in the beginning of january. but they really start ramping up in mid-january. >> mr. black friday sales are consumer electronics. the second best time to buy is after christmas. that's when the new models are introduced at the consumer electronics show held each year in las vegas. if you are happy with last year's models, january and february are good times to get great deals. the same goes for home furnishings. >> that's when the older home furniture goes on clearance. you can expect sales from major retailers. >> those who wait until after christmas to buy for themselves in any of these categories typically reap savings of 50% and more. >> i don't do black friday. i definitely always go after christmas, though. that's me. >> the last category is a popular one. one many are already taking advantage of. christmas decorations and wrappings are slashed dramatically the day after christmas so stock up. i'm michael finney. "7 on your side."
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hanukkah, the jewish festival of lights, continues tonight with the lighting of the fifth candle in union square. a tradition in the city since 1975, the the menorah lighting will include a procession of vehicles with menorahs on them that will circle the square and travel along the streets of the city. the procession will include the jewish heritage cable car. today's menorah's lighting take place at 7:00 p.m. we would love to see how you are celebrating. you can share your photos of holiday lights and events with us on twitter. just use the hashtag "where you live" so we can find your pictures. you can also e-mail photos or video to us at ureport kgo tv. time now is 6:19. weather-wise, lisa, visibility out there is a little rough right now in some parts of i the bay area. >> you are exactly right. most of the rain has end and the fog is creating the problems. the live doppler hd shows some
6:20 am
of the green around the bay. most of this is very light. around marin county up to the north. north of sea ranch, mendocino county. showers in the east bay and the south bay. but this batch. moisture will continue to potentially get much of marin county wet. and as the rain continues to fadeaway, we have fog. still a few light showers toward hollister, monterey, san jose, livermore the showers are ending, and a rain-snow mix. the tahoe valley airport with temperatures in the mid-30s and the winter weather advisory extended through 10:00. here's a look at two row right now. snow, it's at about 50% of average. so all the rain we've seen in december has been very much coastal and just a couple of inches here and there. definitely adds to the snowpack in the mountains, but they are lagging behind whereas much of the bay area, upwards of 170 to 200% of normal for the season so far. 55 in redwood city. 54 in morgan hill. san francisco is at 55.
6:21 am
you can count on some delays again. golden gate bridge, look how foggy it is. you really have to slow down. can't see much in front of you. and much of the fog in the north bay, the delta and even concord at 53 degrees. pretty foggy. here's a look at the fog in miles, the visibility three quarters in napa. half-mile up in novato, and concord just a mile visibility. so oakland doing a little bit better, but this will probably get worse before it gets better. we are look at a stable atmosphere. really no wind to speak of. if we had a cold front offshore, that would perhaps mix things out and increase our visibility. it will try to do that by midmorning. there's the system often shore. it will miss us. but in the meantime we do have very foggy start. embarcadero with a few showers today. showers linger into tomorrow morning. and then we will look for the beginning of winter. even though it felt like winter all month long, it arrives tomorrow at 3:03. we have the mist and drizzle. the front has passed through. plenty of moisture in the
6:22 am
atmosphere. another front and a very active jet stream to the north and west of us. a weak ridge of high pressure is trying to build. and it will. it will allow for partly cloudy skies through sunday. today we are going to look for a lot of cloud cover. and we can't rule out a spotty shower. so throughout the 11:00 hour notice the most activity in the north bay. but we could see a light shower pop up anywhere from the peninsula to berkeley to san mateo. and then through the evening hours still maybe a light shower, mist and drizzle. the fog reforms again, and we will look for not only a partly cloudy afternoon on sunday, but still the high surf, the coastal flood advisory, and the king tides get into the act tomorrow. in the sierra nevada, still some snow. maybe south of 80. and another inch expected through 10:00. the temperatures today from the upper 50s to near 70 down in los angeles. they are just looking at dry conditions. back home 59 fairfield, 61 palo alto, and if you are headed to the game tonight, it will be
6:23 am
dry. temperatures from the upper 50s to the mid-50s. other slight chance of a shower there. and the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at maybe a lingering shower into sunday. monday and tuesday look to be the driest. and mildest days. christmas eve maybe a slight shower in the north bay. partly cloudy christmas day and the day after. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the new abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app to store or google play and we have more information at i'm going take the shower icon out of the forecast tonight for san francisco. i think you will be okay. >> awesome. lisa, thank you. >> okay. >> coming up next, it's about the music and much more. how oakland's own tone tone tone is making the holidays t
6:24 am
6:25 am
6:26 am
>> back for the holidays and in the giving spirit. oakland's own tony tony tony opened a four-night set at yoshi's in oakland last night. >> tony, tony, tony! >> the group's first album went gold in 1988. they reunited back in 2006 and they have been touring the u.s. ever since. now the band is back in the bay area. but it's not all about the music for these local musicians. they are also hosting a toy drive at each show. and for band members it's all about coming together as a community. >> it's tony tony tony live tonight and we are doing a toy drive, bringing the spirit of
6:27 am
joy this season. out of all the craziness that's happened, we want to give back. contribute to the toy drive in oakland. >> the band said people can drop toys off at yoshi's at each of their remaining shows between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. parts of prose will go to the nurse's children's association in oakland. much more ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. the first family begins their annual vacation in hawaii. why president obama said the nation can enter the new year with confidence. plus, america's new friendship with
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nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. >> 6:30 is our time. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. fog is the weather story of the morning. lisa argen is tracking 7hd for us. hi, lisa. >> certainly visibility is reduced with all the cloud cover and a few batches of light rain around the bay. it has ended in san jose but we have more around santa cruz and gilroy and a little batch of
6:31 am
shower activity just south of sea ranch and here. you see some rain well up to the north. but as we slide further south, a little clottered into marin and san francisco, some light mist and drizzle should be moving on shore. elsewhere a little more organized area of moderate rain around carmel and also salinas. but it is the fog. from concord a mile visibility. half-mile around novato and napa that are keeping things a little bit problematic here. so take your time. we are including showers in your weekend forecast. i'll time it out for you coming up. chris. >> lisa, thank you. time is 6:31. new this morning, president obama is taking off on his annual winter vacation in his birthplace of hawaii. air force one touched down early this morning at bell harbor base with the president, first lady michelle obama, and their two daughters on board. the obamas plan to spend about two weeks in hawaii. typically the president spends a
6:32 am
vacation playing golf, dining out and hanging out and hiking with his daughters. he has no public events planned during his stay. the president said at 2014 comes to an end, americans can enter the new year with confidence that america is making significant strides where it counts. in his weekly address that was taped before he left for vacation, he reflected on the significant progress made by the country in 2014 and in the nearly six years since he took office. in his address he cites the improvement to the economy, as well as the country's response to a number of recent challenges. >> around the world america is leading. we are leading the coalition to degrade and ultimately destroy isil. w. leading the global fight to combat the ebola outbreak in west africa. we are leading global efforts to address climate change, including last's months joint announcement with china. we are turning a new page in our relationship with the cuban people. >> he also said in the new year he looks forward to working with congress to reverse the decades-long erosion of middle class jobs and incomes.
6:33 am
>> happening today, demonstrators will gather at u.c. berkeley to protest the address by comedian and talk show star bill mauer. he drew fire this year, making statements linking islam to violence and intolerance. a petition on to take back his invitation to make the keynote address has gathered nearly 6,000 signatures. critics object to what they call his bigoted and anti-muslim statements. today's protests get underway at 2:00. a bay area filmmaker has returned to berkely after getting the rare chance to screen his film at a festival in cuba. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains, his timing was more fortunate than he could have ever imagined. >> our son at age 13 decided to repay a debt of gratitude to the country that saved his grandfather's life, cuba. >> for young mica, it began as a
6:34 am
community service project that was part of his bar mitzvah studies. his grandfather escaped the holocaust by going to cuba. >> did you have to wear the yellow star of? >> yes. yes. >> my grandpa told me when he was in cuba, he would see kids playing baseball everywhere with mitts made of cardboard and balls made of rocks wrapped in tape. >> so mica vowed to donate baseball equipment to the kids and realized it was easier done. a country under sanctions with the united states, we don't have open trade with them. >> if you want to take a risk and do something that's outside as that activity, as a lawyer i can't advise you. >> the story of his journey could be his ultimate honor. >> we were invited to attend the havana international film festival. it is one were the two biggest festivals in latin america. it's a big honor. very few americans screen there. >> he got permission to travel there for the screening and what timing he had. >> i was having lunch at my
6:35 am
favorite eateries with a cuban friend and we saw the announcement by raul castro and president obama. >> snyder screened his film just a few hours later. >> and my opening marks were, everything has changed, right? they erupted this applause. when the credits rolled in the end there were tears. and the first question actually after our screening was how did you possibly average it? -- arrange it? of course, it was sheer luck. >> he said hope was in the air, and he's hopeful that with trade barriers falling he can make his next film together with cuban producers. as for mica, who is 15, his hope is to spread the love of the game. >> maybe we will help somebody get into the big leagues. you never know. >> "havana curveball" will screen in san francisco and oakland in february. jonathan bloom, abc7 news >> 6:35 is our time. >> a suicide barrier for the golden gate bridge has moved another step forward. according to our media partner, the marin independent journal,
6:36 am
the final designed was approved yesterday. the $76 million suicide barrier plan calls for a net that extends 20 feet below and 20 feet from the side of the span. it is expected to take three years to build. >> this morning saint anthony's kicks off their curbside collection on golden gate avenue in san francisco at 9:00 a.m. this year their goal is to collect 500 hams by christmas eve. the foundation is also in need of canned goods, new scarves, as well as sox and hygiene items. they will make gift bags that would be distributed on christmas day. volunteers in san mateo will mobilize, all in an effort to bring holiday cheer to children and families in need. that is happening today. the samaritan house will distribute the toys to families during the event. today's distribution runs from nine to two at the san mateo
6:37 am
event center. distribution gets underway at 9:00 at college park elementary school. last year the samaritan house provided meals to more than 1,000 families and gave away over 3,000 toys in children in need. >> santa will betraying in his red and white suit and wearing a blue uniform in a badge today in san leandro. police officers will give out more than 400 bikes to underprivileged youth. the bikes for tykes program raised over $20,000 this year to purchase the bikes. the kids that receive them were selected from random drawing. today's bike giveaway gets underway at 9:00 at the davis street family resource center. time is 6:37. much more ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. you will hear from a bay area war veteran who a preparing to go skydiving today for his 89th birthday. but first a live look this morning from san jose. the south bay. good morning to you. clear conditions as you make your way along highway 87. lisa argen returns in a little bit with your accuweather forecast.
6:38 am
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need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. a quick look outside at heavenly mountain resort. showing up to the minute conditions. lisa will return in a few minutes and she will tell us what we can expect for the commute up to tahoe this weekend
6:41 am
. >> because of the weather, angel island will be closed this weekend. state park officials say the island's wastewater system is overflowing thanks to all the rain we've had. the water has been treated, but they are still rerouting it so it doesn't spill into the bay. park officials say the system needs just a cup he more days to recover. the bay area should brace for potential flooding as high sea levels are just around the corner. some of the year's highest tides will occur next week. the high tides, also known as king tides, are expected tomorrow and going through december 23rd. experts say the tides give a preview of the type of flooding the bay area can expect as global climate change causes sea levels to rise. king tides are expected in mid-january and february of 2015. weather-wise, time now it's 6:41. driving up here it was pretty wet outside but the roads are starting to be a little -- starting to dry up in the south bay. >> in the south bay, certainly some parts. but we have 44 minute delays at
6:42 am
sfo. lots of fog in the north bay and the city. take a look at the bridge from the south beach camera. you will notice how foggy it is. temperatures in the mid-50s. we still have a winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada. we will talk about a bit of a drying trend when we return. >> lisa has been very busy. also ahead, the giants finally get involved in the hot stove. make abc news trade to replace pablo sandoval at third base. rick quan has the details coming
6:43 am
right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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for around $329 a month. >> a world war ii veteran in the south bay is putting a daring exclamation point on a 70-year-old experience. he's going to skydive today on his birthday to commemorate the day he was shot down over europe back when he was just 19. >> inside the sunnyvale home, his wall offers up glimpse of a different time. a world war ii veteran and a purple heart recipient. this retired master sergeant joined the air force when he was just 19. >> i knew i was going to stay. i made up my mind i was going to stay in the military because i liked it. >> on his 89th birthday, he plans to parachute over a field in byron. but the day itself has more meaning than meets the eye. flashback to december 20, 1944, 70 years ago. the last time birdie jumped out of a plane. birdie was inside a b-22, shot down by the germans.
6:46 am
they bailed out and then made a walk to safety. >> we got to an english mission. we stayed at the mission. they contacted italy, and italy sent an airplane over to pick us up. >> he went on to fly a total of 26 missions, serving 22 years in the air force before retiring in 1966. he wants today's youth to understand that freedom isn't free. >> you may have to do things that you don't -- wouldn't ordinarily do. we are doing that to protect our shores and our way of life. >> his daughter, cindy, serves as lieutenant colonel. she, too, will be joining her dad. >> dad's has always taken care of me. i'm kind of scared about this even though i have done it one time before. i am scared about it, even though he's not. >> an adventurous spirit and undeniable legacy. >> i'm excited for it because she's going to be with me. >> birdie and his daughter,
6:47 am
cindy, plan to head out to byron around noon today. if all goes as planned, he will be making his jump around 1:00, as long as the weather holds out. and speaking of which we bring in meteorologist lisa argen. lisa, i think you will have a forecast that will make him very happy today? >> i hope so. hopefully the fog will lift. it should by 1:00. we will have mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 50s. we had a few showers in livermore earlier. another batch of very, very light rain is offshore, making its way into parts. marin and san francisco. it's going to be kind of one of those days where we are dry, you might see some mist and drizzle. 4:54 the sunrise sets. tomorrow we will,er in the winter season at 3:03. this has been the wettest december for a lot of locks around the bay. over 9 inches in san jose. you picked up over a quarter of an inch in the last 24 hours. here is a look at the sunset, the richmond where you could be getting a little bit of light mist and drizzle. further north toward mill valley and the coast highway 1, better
6:48 am
rain here from salinas. it has pushed on out of hollister. but just south of monterey. and the higher elevations of the east bay hills still kind of seizure of guns any. in the sierra nevada it's a rain-snow mix. temperatures in the mid-30s to the upper 30s. a wintry mixer weather advisory through 10:00 on the west slope of the sierra on your way up to the mountains. and fog, wow, it has just been horrible from the north bay through the delta. now we are down to a quarter mile in novato with a mile in concord. so very, very poor visibility from oakland, the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge, the richmond-san rafael bridge, the all of them experiencing wet roadways and the fog. lake tahoe about 50% of normal, the snowpack. we maybe get another additional in and then mother nature going to take a break for the next few days. 59 in san jose. 54 morgan hill. 44 minute delays at sfo. 55 degrees. this is what i mean.
6:49 am
the golden gate bridge, you can barely see anything here. low 50s from santa rosa. it's 54 in fairfield and one. our readings in san jose was 62 degrees. so pretty mild out there. the embarcadero. you can see how gray it is. typical winter scene with fog and a few showers throughout the day today. and we will continue that theme into tonight. just a slight chance. and as we get through the rest of the weekend, high pressure begins to build and that should dry us out right on through the early part of the week. with winter beginning tomorrow right after 3:00 in the afternoon. so the front has moved through, but still lingering showers. lots of low level moisture. and the jet stream to the north of us still very active. so we could definitely see a peace piece of energy break off from the north and allow for a few light showers throughout the day today. as we go through the next couple of hours, by 11:00, the main activity is up north. but notice a couple pop-up showers. yeah, certainly throughout the day today. high surf.
6:50 am
coastal flood advisory. waves could be over 25 feet. and high tide is at 8:30 this morning. so there's the snow. another couple hours of that above 6,000 feet with temperatures in the 30s and we will look for upper others to low 60s here. a chance of a light shower. if you are headed out tonight, it looks dry for the most part. just a very slight chance of showers at levi stadium. upper 50s to the mid-60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. christmas looks dry but before christmas, christmas eve there could be a slight chance of a shower and warmer temperatures. the warmest days is monday and tuesday. with high pressure and lingering showers for the weekend. it doesn't look too bad. i know we need more rain and snow, but a semi break. >> it will be nice. we'll take it. lisa, thank you. turning to sports now. 49ers will be without running back carlos hyde and chris borlin against the niners. they are playing a rear saturday -- a wear saturday game.
6:51 am
kick off at 5:25:00 p.m.. the giants have been active. first they resigned sergio romo and yesterday they addressed the hole at third base in the starting rotation. here's rick quan with the details in this morning's sports report. >> good morning. it's not yet official but it appears the giants will try to replace pablo sandovaldy trading for marlins third baseman, casey mcgehee. a native of santa cruz. after playing with 1/2 he signed and played with bats coming in. on the downside, he is 32 years old, and lax power, managing just four home runs last season. in return the giants are giving up minor league pitchers. two minor league pitchers. san francisco has also decided to bring back veteran jake peavy, signing him to a two-year, $24 million contract. after coming over from boston in july, the three-time all-star had a 6-4 record with 2.71 earned run average.
6:52 am
he went is 11-2 in the postseason as the giants win their third world title in five years. according to espn, if jim harbaugh does not return to the 49ers, his family and friends want him to take the head coaching job at his alma mater, michigan. harbaugh, however, reportedly wants to stay in the nfl. chris borlen has done a good job filling in, but the rookie linebacker about miss tonight's game because of a bad ankle. despite being out of the playoff rags, the 49ers say there is still a lot to play for. >> you play more than just to win. obviously you play for your teammates, you play for yourself and your family and the name on front. your jersey as well as the game on the back of your jersey. you never want to go out there unprepared, you don't feel comfortable or you are able to play. i think we all feel that way, especially after this week. >> for the second straight game, the spurs went to triple overtime. this time against portland. we pick it up late in regulation.
6:53 am
danny green nails the three from the corner to put san antonio up by two. but oakland native, damian miller, gets around the defense to tie it up. in the third overtime miller could not be stopped. continued with a career high 43 as the blazers win 129-119. it's at first time the team played consecutive triple overtime games in 63 years. cal head coach conzo martin has his team off to a fast start. eastern washington hung around for a while. harvey knocks down this for a team high 31. the bears would take control. christian berens with the career follow-up slam. meanwhile sam singer set a career high with 15 points. he makes the steal and will not be denied. the golden bears improve to 10-1. the 78-61 victory, and they host fifth ranked wisconsin on monday. st. mary's was at number 20 st. john's. the gales were led for 26 points. they blew the halftime lead. 15 point halftime lead.
6:54 am
check out this basket. and jordan from behind the backboard. he gets it to fall . that had to be the shot of the day. st. john's comes back to win 53-47 and they drop to 6-3. that is sports for a saturday morning, i'm rick quan. go out and have a great day. >> today on abc7 you can watch colorado state and 22nd ranked utah on the royal purple las vegas bowl. it's live from the stadium at 12:30 right here an abc7. next, the spirit of giving. glide memorial's annual toy give away for kids in need is just hours away. coming up, how you can still donate.
6:55 am
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happening happening today, the glide memorial church will continue their spirit of giving with the toy give away. the church will hand out nearly 10,000 new toys to kids in need. thousands of toys have already been collect bud the public is still encouraged to drop off new, unwrapped toys. today's give away gets underway at 9:00 at glide memorial on ella street. final weather check, lisa. >> mist and drizzle out there with fog. creating problems around san francisco and southern marin right now. around the sunset, richmond and headed down to half moon bay. watch out for damp pavement. look at the visibility. less than two miles from novato to santa rosa and even around concord a half-mile.
6:58 am
accuweather seven-day forecast. slight chance of showers today and tomorrow. then we will be more into the way of partly cloudy skies with milder conditions monday and tuesday. christmas eve maybe a slight shower in the north bay. dry for christmas day and the day after. >> this morning take it easy on the road. >> exactly. >> thanks for joining us on the saturday morning news. news continues online on facebook, twitter and all your mobile devices and. good morning america is mechanics and we will
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning, america. right now -- firing back, sony's ceo defending his decision to cancel the release of "the interview." >> we have not caved. we have not given in. >> we take you inside the hack. and the breaking headline this morning -- >> hello, north korea. >> the studio may release that movie after all. an abc news exclusive. the video ray rice did not want the public to see. what happened after the nfl star hit his then wife to be in the casino elevator? the handcuffs, the tears, and this shocking image. why was the couple kissing after the knockout punch? >> breaking his silence, the prosecutor in the michael brown case admitting that he put witnesses before the grand jury he knew were lying. >> yes. clearly were not telling the truth.


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