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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 20, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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kept trying to call my husband at home to tell him, we have a problem. >> our storms have passed but the problems are mounting. days of rain battered the bay area. taking a look from our emiryville camera, partly cloudy, light, spotty showers. most areas about a break from the rains but the stormy we can problems persist. reporter: just started drizzling here but we're getting a break from the weather but people are not getting a break from storm
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charge, line the owner of this corvette, broken glass and tree branches, crushed when a massive tree toppled over in the middle of the night. >> that's my baby. >> linda becker's comerrished white corvette which he oohs had for 12 years, is manage eled under branches of a giant oak tree. it fell around 2:00 a.m. she was at her store working late. >> i heard this loud -- the building just shook, and i thought it was an earthquake. >> but she came outside to find this, and took a few pictures. the tree totaled her corvette and damaged two other vehicles. it broke windows, knocked merchandize off the walls and punched holes in the roof. more rain is on the way and becker is in a hurry to make repairs. >> it's important we get the whole and everything patched up, so i doesn't get rained on. otherwise we will have a lot of
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damage. >> but recent string of storms continues to impact people across the bay area. in albany, restoration crews pump water out of a basement. it flooded two and a half inches. >> getting a lot of phone calls. >> the owner says they're busier than ever, working ten jobs a day. he is mostly seeing flooded homes. >> the ground is just so saturated, it's been raining so much, and the ground can't hold the water anymore so water fills up and seeps into houses. >> his crews vac call out the water, set up dryers and dehumidifiers. he said the best thing to do is clean out gutters and have sandbags. >> the new threat of flooding today but not due to rain. drew tuma has details of the storm watch. >> we're entering the time of the year where the earth is close s-o-s the sun, and the
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combination of the position of the moon creates our highest tide we'll see all year long. for that we have a coatessal flood advisory going into effect tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. for the coastline and areas around the bay, where we could see some localized flooding, that means sea water on roadways, sidewalks, and trails. if you normally flood during times of high tide, it will likely be exacerbated over the next couple of days thanks to what is known as the king tide. we are tracking light but scattered showers and that the i'm tracking a much drier pattern as winter officially gips tomorrow. we'll have the forecast in just a few minutes. >> residents of a mobile home park in redwood city are taking every precaution to avoid more flooding. they've stacked up new sandbags at the mobile home park. last thursday, flooding forced about 40 people from their homes and they weren't allowed to return until the next day. the water in the park was four
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feet deep at one point. because of the weather, angel island is closed this weekend. state parks officials say the island's wastewater system is overflowing due to rain. the water has been treated but they're still rerouting it so it doesn't spill into the bay. park official says the system just needs a couple of days to recover. the christmas travel season is officially underway ask thing at sfo are slow going to going e to the foggy weather. a spokesperson at san francisco international says there's a 30-minute ground delay in effect all day today, and ten flights have been cancelled. down from yesterday. the airport reports the usual holiday rush of passengers. tuesday is actually sfo's busiest christmas travel day with 115,000 passengers coming and going. >> you can she what is showing up on live doppler hl anytime with the abc7 news weather app.
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we have more information at >> to developing news out of new york, where a gunman ambushed and killed two police officers, then shot and killed himself. just minutes ago the former commissioner or the new york city police department made statement about the killing. >> today two of new york's finest were shot and killed with no warning, no provocation. they were quite simply assassinated. targeted for their uniform, and for the responsibility they embraced to keep the people of this city safe. >> police also say they gunmen shot his ex-girlfriend earlier in the day in baltimore and that he had made instagram posts that were, quote, very antipolice. we have the latest from new york. reporter: police helicopters in the air, on the ground an army of new york police officers
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swarming a brooklyn neighborhood. cordoning off streets, minutes after an armed man walked up twin two patrolmen sitting in a squad car, opening fire. >> unacceptable behavior to go and shoot innocent police officers who are on meal in their vehicles, and ache busch them. >> they got shot in the car, they were sitting here. >> both officers were killed. >> at the end of the day two families are missing somebody for the ohio and it's wrong. >> what are we living in -- it doesn't happen his this. who does this? >> the suspect fled to a subway station and shot himself in the chest. police put surrounding buildings on lockdown. >> a lot of confusion. a lot of chaos. >> they won't let them out the building or in the building. cops are going crazy. they upset. >> the tragedy unfolding as some police officers have been assaulted by protesters during largely peaceful demonstrations over the chokehold death of eric garner in the new york city
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bureau of staten island, and a grand jury refusing to indict the police officer. >> this kind of action doesn't help at all. it's sad. >> that means it's no respect. no respect. everybody is just haywire and just get to get on their knees and pray. >> new york police are still trying to find a motive for the deadly ambush. abc news, new york. >> vallejo police are investigating a shooting death in a park. there were reports of multiple gunshots at the park this morning. vallejo police found the body man in his 20s on a trail 200-yard from the parking lot. no suspects were seen leaving the area. police closed down the park so k-9 units could search for evidence. if you have information, call the vallejo police. a shooting claimed the life of a young woman in martinez and injured a man. it happened around 9:30 last night. police say 18-year-old judith
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bean was killed. a second victim, 25-year-old sherman parker, was wounded but is expected to recover. no arrests so far in the case. new details tonight as surprising offer from north korea in the soapy -- sony imagine attack. north korea wants to hundred the united states find out who is behind the attack. the government says it knows how to prove it's not responsible for hacking and has proposed conducting a joint investigation with the u.s. sony says it's had to cancel distribution of the movie "their interview" because theaters are refusing to show it. >> the liability for sony and the theater owner would have been enormous. >> the interview was supposed to open on christmas day. it's a comedy about the plot to assassinate north korean leader kim jong-un. sony is now saying it will release the movie, just not in theaters. u.s. officials blame north korea for the hacking based on the tools used in the sony attack. demonstrators gathered at uc
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berkeley's graduation ceremony to protest the commencement speaker. comp median and political commentator bill maher spoke at the ceremony. the drew fire earlier this year for making statements licking islam to violence -- linking islam to violence and intolerance. nearly 6,000 people signed a petition to cancel his appearance. critics object to what they call mahers racist, antimuslim statements. >> a plea from a local holiday toy drive. they're coming up short. the particular items they need. it's super saturday with last-minute holiday shoppers flocking to stores and malls. why so many people w
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a south bay holiday donation program is short of toys for teens this year. hundreds of volunteers were hard at work in san jose today getting toys ready for kid. they've already distributed holy meal ingreetents to families but the toy program is short. more than 4,000 toys and that's for when the families return for the gifts next week. >> the hardest category to fill is for teen children. so 13 to 17. so that's really where we need the most help from the community, bringing items in that are appropriate for teenaged kids. >> sacred heart will give away almost 17,000 toys on monday and tuesday. if you want to help, you can drop off a toy at sacred heart at 1381 south first street in san jose. shoppers packed bay area malls on what is expected to be the busiest shopping day of the year, dubbed super saturday.
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experts anticipate americans will shell out 10 bill for last, minute holiday deals. the national retail federation says 15% of shoppers buy their last gift today. another 9% wait until christmas eve. only landfill of the shoppers waited because they couldn't decide what to get. more men than women procrastinate to that extent. >> we'd love to see how you're celebrating the holiday. share you photos of holiday lighted and event with us on twitter. use the hash tag, where you leave, and e-mail photo order video at >> a close encounter involving a police officer and a big rig, captured in some dramatic video. we show you what happened coming up. >> and heading live outside, a look at the last full day of fall. find out if we'll see a return of the rain during the first week of winter.
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a scary scene on other georgia freeway captured on video. a fedex truck slams into a police car. you can see an officer getting out of his car to make a traffic stop, and then that. when he returns to his car a fedex trailer barrels into it. rescue teams had to cut the driver out of the truck after it overturned. he was airlifted to a hospital. the police officer was not seriously injured. >> the golden gate bridge is a step closer to getting a suicide barrier. our media partner the marin independent journal reports the district board of directors approved the final design for the barrier yesterday. the $76 million suicide barrier plan calls for a net that extended 20 feet below and
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20 feet from the side of the span. it is expected to take three years to build. we have seen plenty of wet and willed weather lately. let's check in with drew. >> when you see the christmas forecast, going to be great. drier conditions as winter season gets underway tomorrow afternoon. live doppler 7hd, the last full day of fall, dealing we scattered showers off the coast of the north bay. only location reporting ran is in santa rosa. we'll take you live outside with emeryville camera. it is quite cloudy. the sun was trying to peek out at types through the afternoon but the clouds will hang with us overnight. scattered showers tonight and isolated pockets of fog developing. tomorrow winter beginnings at 3:03 in the afternoon. a dry and rather quiet start to the season but december, it's been a soaker. 15 of the past 20 days we have seen rain in downtown san
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francisco, and as you head into the next week, we're going to see more drier days than wet on the seven-day forecast. so temperature-wise outside, 60 in san francisco. 58, oakland. 59, mountain view. 61, san jose. santa rosa, lightry raining, 55. satellite and radar, an area of low pressure and cold front is pushing rain into the pacific northwest. we're on the tail end of the moisture. the high pressure off the coast keeping the rain to the north. the high pressure will bring us the drier weather but the proximity between these two opposing forces are causing a high surf. see have high surf advisory with occasional breakers over 25 feet, creating hazardous conditions along the beached and dangerous rip currents in the next couple of hours. here's the scattered showers around by 7:00. have to keep light rain in the forecast tonight. by 11:00 p.m., light showers out
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there. and sunday morning, but watch what happens sunday afternoon as high pressure builds in. clouds start to breck apart, especially inland around the bay. a good deal of sunshine by sunday afternoon. overnight lows will stay in the 50s with the cloud cover overhead. isolated shower and patchy fog developing and then tomorrow, an early morning sprinkle giving way to afternoon sunshine. 63 in san francisco, 61, richmond. 63, fremont. 63, san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast calls for the rain tomorrow, afternoon sunshine. on monday, morning patchy fog but a nice mild day. temperatures upper 60s. tuesday, mainly sunny skies. christmas eve, start to see clouds increase and our next cold front will stay north of the bay area but close enough that the north bay may see an isolated shower. nothing widespread or heavy. it's out of here by christmas on thursday. we're dry, mainly cloud, and
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we'll keep theñç dry pattern through next week winds. >> a lot of people will be happy to hear that. he wave collin rush in this evening. we go way back. our first tv jobs together. but we're not here to talk about that. talking about football. >> a lot of football. the universal flag for football. i'm learning so much today. the niners and raiders string this year. next year the niners hope to be playing at home for the super bowl elm the raiders know where they won't be playing
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nfl commissioner roger goodell ended the speculation today. the raiders nor any other franchise will be playing football in los angeles next year. upon hearing the news san diego announced their intention to stay put. the raiders and rams could have filed an application for relocation to l.a. for the season starting january 1st. no reason to do that now. what about san antonio? hmm. the silver and black home tomorrow to host buffalo. >> niners home tonight, moments away from kidoff against the chargers. san diego clinging to playoff hopes and the 49ers offense struggling to score anything. this will be a tall task for the defense. they have to keep rivers and antonio gates and a potent san diego offense in check. >> they've got weapons, and phillip putts the ball on the money everytime. we have to play our game. we are prepared to do that and
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understand that and we're going to do our best. >> philadelphia and washington, the early game. eagles fighting for a playoff spot. alfred morris, 28 of 83 on theground. mark sanchez, had a great 58 minutes and 24 seconds. 374 yards passing, two tds, both to riley hooper. 1:36 left in the game. eagles on the move. sanchez, no. come on. the pick. the kicker would miss two field goals for the eagles. the game winner, 27-24. >> the bowl season began today, five games on tap. utah starts the pac-12 on a winning note. the utes and colorado state in the las vegas bowl. three of utah's losses came -- they beat stanford in november. booker, 60 yards, finished with 162 in the game.
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21-7 utah. travis wilson threw for one, ran for three more. 31-10 lead. utah rock this rams 45-15. good day for the beehive state, utah, for those who don't know. utah state and utah at albuquerque, the new mexico bowl. look at the sidestep. 48 yards, 7-3 utah state in front. they haven't won a bowl game since 1967, utah. the drought will continue. that joe hill scoring. utah state, a 21-6 victory. >> stanford beat uconn early in the season but since then four wins and four losses. tennessee the latest opponent to take it to the cardinal. the lady vols undefeated at home. winners of four straight coming in. they were in common from the opening -- in command from the opening tip. erica left on aeland. no-help defense coming.
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stanford shoots 25%, lose in knoxville, 59-40. maybe they can beat the 76ers. or the knicks. i'm talking about kentucky and johnson, they made ucla look like a 40 and over men's league today. wildcats scored the game's first 24 points. led 41-7 at the half. man, that's willy stein, bruins crushed, 83-42. that was an ugly one for ucla. >> that's mean. >> i know, i'm sorry. at 6:00, more bowl
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coming up at 6:00, what we know bat body found near berkeley's campus blocks from where a student died outside a party last month. we'll break down the impressive jobs report that has california leaders optimistic about the state's economic future. join us at 6:00. a pair or baby pandas are stealing hearts in japan. people in western japan are flocking to the zoo to get a glimpse of these cubs, just 18 days old and weighing just more than one pound each. oh. among the visitors, a married couple who say the panda cubs give them courage to take on parenthood. well, go figure. might take more than that. not sure. that's going to do it for us here on abc7 news at 5:00. thank you for joining us.
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see you back here at 6:00. >>. >> alabama alabama has punched the ticket to the new playoffs. >> this is one of the best teams in the country. >> oregon earns the pac-12 championship and a spot in the college football playoffs. >> crimson. big throw. wide open for a touchdown is green. >> we are excited to get back out to the rose bowl. it's a great venue. >> the first time in college football history, you have to win two. if you are going to claim the ultimate prize. >> it's been enough arguing who should be in the college football playoffs. we are here to talk about the playoffs itself. welcome in.


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