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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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we have of whether or not i would readings and visibility that the be impacting sfo and perhaps oakland this morning. this will stay with us throughout the next several hours. even the 10:00 hour, 11:00 we will begin to see the crease lift a little bit. they aren't going to go away totally. we will have holes in the overcast. see partly cloudy skies today, very mild afternoon readings in the 60s, and this does begin a pattern change. i'll explain coming up. >> lisa, thank you. we have developing news of the shocking murders of two new york police officers." two new york police officers. the officers were ambushed and murdered and never had an opportunity to draw their weapons. they were wenjin liu and rafael ramos. >> a brazen and deadly attack in
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new york city. leaving the police commissioner and mayor shaken. >> we tried to bring some sense to the madness that occurred this afternoon in the streets of brooklyn. >> our city is in mourning. our hearts are heavy. >> sinking in. two police officers shot to death on the streets of brooklyn in broad day light. >> they were quite simply assassinated. >> police say the shooter, 28-year-old man, walked up to the parked police car and fired his weapon several times through the front passenger window. striking the officers in the head several times. police say he then ran into a nearby subway station where he shot himself in the head. earlier on saturday in baltimore -- >> a female, believed to be his former girlfriend, was shot and seriously wounded at her residence. >> he posted on social media.
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>> which were very anti-police. >> those postings alerted baltimore police. but their warnings about the officers arrived in new york city at the same time the two officers were gunned down. their killing incited outrage. >> it be turned around and executed in our streets, what better we living where? >> two families are missing somebody for the holidays, and it's wrong. >> abc news, new york. >> several law enforcement agencies around the country, including the san francisco police department, are wearing black bands on their badges to mourn those two officers >> developing news out of concord. man is recovering after being shot out. >> side a bart station. it happened on grant street in the area with cabs pick up bart passengers. police say a man and his friends were waiting for a taxi when a car pulled up alongside them. someone inside that car shot the man in the leg after they
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exchanged words. the vehicle is described as a black or dark colored four-door sedan. new details this morning. police in martinez are looking for a gunman that killed a young woman friday night. 18-year-old judith bean was shot to death. a second victim, a 25-year-old sherman parker, was wounded. he is expected to recover. according to our media partner, "the mercury news" his fatal shooting happened on the fifth anniversary of his older brother's murder. he was tortured and killed by a group and the body dumped on the rural road. bean's father said he does not believe his daughter's murder is connected. berkeley police are investigating the suspicious death of a 20-year-old man found outside his home near the cal campus early yesterday morning. officers were called to piedmont avenue.
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and dwight way. he's been identified as apoorve agarwal. he's believed to be a student at u.s. berkeley. police say he may have been drinking. an autopsy is scheduled. this is the second death near campus in a month. another 20-year-old man was found dead after a large body at -- a large party at the fraternity in november. the man was an aerospace engineering student at u.c. davis. the man was from antioch and he was celebrating his birthday and visiting friends in berkeley. in oakland firefighters are investigating a house fire. it began just before 8:00 last night at a home on 89th avenue. quite massive flames there. fortunately no one was inside at the time. there are no injuries. >> outrage in napa this morning after a letter, a questionnaire, sent to tenants at a self-storage facility. as we first reported last month, the tenants have not been
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allowed to into those units because of earthquake damage. now what many are calling a slap in the face. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the details. >> i consider this to be extortion. you know, it's like ransom for our stuff. >> tempers flared at this impromptu meeting in napa last night as they sounded off about the letter from management. they were told, that means that to get stored property out of the building or tenants will have to help foot the bill. >> pretty shocked they are going to try to make us pay for this. >> what they suggested isn't cheap. it amounts to twelve times a person's monthly rent. >> does anyone agree that our main goal is to try to get our stuff out? >> building 900 was red tagged after the earthquake this august. tenants have no idea what condition their possessions are in since they haven't had access. storage owners insist the
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building needs to be demolished but a specialized crew can help tenants go in and recover what they can safely. >> the fact their building did not stand up is their problem. we need to have access to our belongings. >> bad planning on their part shouldn't constitute an emergency on ours. >> most can't afford to pay anywhere from $700 to $2,000 for access, which is outlined in this questionnaire. the mayor has agreed to check if the city's earthquake relief fund can help pay for this. >> we can spend a lot of time arguing over who should pay for this. i would rather have our focus being on how are we going to get the stuff out of there. >> in napa. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> at a mobile home park in redwood city. flooded evacuees are back home but reminders of the damage are still all around them. sandbags and water pumps line the roads on east bay shore
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road. this is the result of all the recent storms. there is still lots of sandy water that needs to be pumped out. sandbags are there to prevent flooding in the next storms. many of the people who live there are wearing new clothing today. volunteers with a foundation stopped by yesterday to drop off clothing foundation. they saw the news reports at all the flooding at the mobile home park and wanted to help replace some of the items people lost. a large tree fell on a lexus in san francisco's golden gate park yesterday afternoon. it happened on crossover drive near 25th avenue. police say the driver swerved when he saw the tree come down right in front of him. the branches hit the car, smashed the windshield and the sunroof. the driver and his passenger were not hurt. crossover drive was shut down while emergency crews cleared the road. the bay area is breaking for -- bracing for some of the highest tides this week. s high water is already causing flooding in mill valley. the high tides, also known as
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king tides are expected through dose 23rd. experts say it's a preview of what the bay area can expect as global warming causes sea levels to rise. they expected also in mid-january and mid-february. lisa, you have been talking about the king tides. >> though those are pretty big. we have fog from santa fe and oakland and delays at sfo. here's a look. can you see it? it's the golden gate bridge. it's 60 degrees and foggy. if you are not dealing with the fog you maybe have some mist and drizzle." we will talk about that and how it shuts off later on today as winter arrives. i'll explain coming up. >> also coming up, the last minute shopping frenzy and the stores staying open 24 hours this weekend to help you finish up before christmas. and a family still in need this holiday season. how you can help a child.
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on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. >> welcome," everyone. eats 6:is it 11 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up very early to join us for the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from our san jose camera showing you a bit of highway 101. not many people out yet.
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but more than usual. perhaps they are trying to finish up that holiday shopping. 47 degrees right now. cloudy in san jose. what will it be later today? lisa argen along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. >> a san rafael man who treated ebola patients in liberia is back in the bay area under quarantine. according to "the independent journal" david perkins was placed on a 21 day quarantine by main health officials. they say it's just precautionary. they have no reason to believe he has ebola. he left on november 4th to treat ebola patients with the humanitarian medical aid organization "heart-to-heart." >> lava flowing in a rural hawaii town is slowing down.
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lava in hawaii continues to flow down and it is expected to reach a shopping center in about 8 days. it's advanced about 180 yards since yesterday as it makes its way to marketplace. most merchants have closed or are preparing to close. the marketplace is a major retail hub for the area. the the five mile lava flow from the kilauea volcano began june 27th. we are now just four days from christmas, and the holiday shopping season is in full swing. analysts say yesterday was one of the biggest shopping days of the year with around $10 billion in sales expected. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the details. >> at shopping centers throughout the bay area, the rush is on. >> bizarre. i got off work and it's crazy in here. for some people at the valley mall, this is their first day of holiday shopping. >> i'm last-minute shopping because i've been very busy with my personal life and work life and just now having a chance to
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switch over into the christmas mode. >> in daly city we talked to people who already got most of their shopping done online but had to come here for the must-have items. >> how long did you wait in line? >> waited about an hour. >> the shoes she bought are the latest model of aire jordans. this is the line she and her sister waited in. they are each holding a ticket they got earlier this week that would give them a chance to fork down more than $200 for the sneakers. the shoppers are likely here for holiday deals. >> i think people are looking for outerwear just because it's more pricey and there are good deals. >> wherever you look merchandise is on display. most of the store managers we talked to said the sale will likely last right up until the last minute, christmas day. abc7 news. >> in san francisco the holiday was made a little happier for children who's parents are in jail.
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a lot of happy children are playing with new toys this morning thanks to some generous bay area donors. for the 30th year, glide family services of san francisco gave away donated toys. these gifts are the only ones some of these children will receive for the holidays. 10,000 toys were given out yesterday morning. and glide is still accepting and is still needing donations. they must be new up and wrapped. a south bay holiday donation program is short of toys for teenagers. hundreds of volunteers were hard at work in san jose yesterday getting toys ready for kids. sacred heart community service has already distributed ingredients for holiday meals to 3200 families. but the toy program is short by more than 4,000 needed to get the families when they return for the gifts this week. >> the hardest category for us to fill is for teen children, 13 to 17. that's really where we need the most help from the community, bringing items in that would be appropriate for a teenage kid. >> sacred heart will give away almost 17,000 toys tomorrow and again on tuesday. if you would like to help, you can drop off a toy at sacred
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heart on south first street in san jose. christmas is almost here. if you are still searching for the perfect gift you might consider wireless speakers. they let you take your music anywhere. which ones are the best? consumer reports has partnered exclusively with "7 on your side" to find out. here's michael finney. good morning. with more of us keeping our music on phones and tablets, one of the easiest ways to listen is with a wireless speaker. there is a whole new crop and several would make a great gift. >> portable we're less speakers let you bring the music just about anywhere. if you are looking for good sound quality on the go, experts of consumer reports say you are in luck. >> we are seeing a lot more choices. a lot more different colors, different styles of speakers. although none are exactly cheap,
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they have definitely come down in price. >> consumer reports tested 31 portable wireless speakers for sound quality using a series of frequency measurements. but a trained ear can also tell a lot just by listening to, say, harry connick, jr. ♪ >> we are listening for the instrument, the strings of the instrument, how it's being plucked and played and bowed. we listen for how deep it sounds and that is sounds like a real base or cello or violin or horns. ♪ >> among the better sounding portable wireless speakers tested is this jobra soulmate max. it's easy to set up, and the rugged exterior promise to be water-resistant. it cost $300. this sony srx-x7 is another consumer reports pick that sounds good. the look is sleek, and it connects easily for $250.
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for about half that, $130, the new goes sound link color is a consumer reports best buy. it is small and light weight and it has good sound quality. it will even talk you through the setup. it makes a perfect gift. now if only it could rap itself. ♪ >> another less-expensive option, the teeny k life-on record for $140 t has a usb port that lets you recharge a smartphone while you are playing music. i'm michael finney. "7 on your side." >> skiers and snowboarders in tahoe must feel like kids on christmas morning right now. they have had a ton of snow in the last few days. nearly all major ski resorts are expected to open by the end of today. boreal has seen as least a foot of fresh snow over the last five days. squaw, alpine and kirkwood have seen at least two feet.
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wow. and we are beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> so appropriate, yes. winter arrives later on today. it will feel mild, in the 60s. that makes a lot of sense. we are starting out with the fog and mist. even light showers around the bay. this is all what we call low-level moisture falling well below the radar beam. we aren't picking it up here but it is possibly in your neighborhood. if you are in hayward and oakland and also some very dense fog in spots up in the north bay. it will last throughout the morning hours. and then things change as high pressure nudges in to the bay area. so live doppler 7hd is quiet, but as we look at our visibility in miles, take a look at oakland. you have been just showered, under a half-mile visibility. a mile and three quarters with nearly 60 degrees at half moon bay and sfo where delays are about 45 minutes right now. the private jet over in hayward, 10-mile visibility. better in the north bay and over
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in the east bay. so it was a lot worse yesterday and this morning looking out the window here from our roof camera, you see it isn't too bad. we have better visibility, further distance you can see and we are looking at the temperatures. wow, much, much milder than we should be. we should be in the 40s and we are at 47. oakland and 59 half moon bay. another panel shows the mild temperatures and the foggy golden gate bridge with some wet pavement. 55 in santa rosa, 57 novato and 58 for you in concord and livermore. the final vantage point from our exploratorium camera. with mist and drizzle, light showers and the fog this morning, it will take us through the late morning hours, right to around noontime. then we will begin to see skies part and we will see partly cloudy conditions, winner arrives at 3:03 and we will look for a dry and quietest start to the season. looking at some pretty nice weather. we haven't seen sunshine and temperatures above average. so we've got that on tap.
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you can tell why. out in the pacific there's a big dome of high pressure. it will be pushing the storm track well to the north, building into the eastern pacific for the latter part of today, tomorrow and tuesday. but it also is going to cap the atmosphere, giving us a stable play layer at the surface. with light wind and little mixes, we will wake up to the fog around monday and tuesday morning. so here's a look at the next several hours. 9:00 we are beginning to see some breaks up in the north bay, the east bay. still maybe some showers. the atmosphere is pretty saturated at the lower levels with a lot of moisture. that why we have the mild temperatures." maybe a pop-up shower at the coast but by the afternoon hours getting more breaks. and we will look for partly sunny conditions. so temperatures will easily climb into the mid-60s in some parts of the bay. low 60s should do it in the south bay. 63 milpitas and santa cruz. on the peninsula look for 62 redwood city. half moon bay it should be pretty mild. near 60 degrees.
6:23 am
63 in san francisco. heading up to the north bay it's been pretty wet. but you will dry out throughout the afternoon. 64 petaluma, sonoma and vallejo. on the east bay it will take a couple hours but the ceilings will lift and we will look for partly sunny conditions with castro valley in the low 60s. you head over the hills, another mild afternoon for antioch. it isn't terribly foggy this morning by the delta. mid-60s today. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. maybe a light shower and fog early. then other mild afternoon. fog returns tomorrow and tuesday. but the madest day should be tuesday in the upper 61s, maybe a 71-degree reading and at weak system brushes the north bay. christmas eve maybe a few showers. it cools everyone off for christmas day. a mix of clouds and sun. near 60. then we look for seasonal weather friday and saturday. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd at anytime with abc7's mobile weather app.
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we have more information at abc7 we are here finally. [laughter] >> finally to christmas or finally toward winter or finally -- just finally? >> yeah, one of those finallies. take it any way you want. >> up next, an annual holiday concert raises money to support young musicians in the bay area. finally, the familiar face, besides santa, that brought t
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music and charity are two big parts of the holiday season and last night a familiar face got in on the acts. ♪ let it snow, let it snow, let it ♪ >> yep, our own dan ashley took the stage at the holiday jam in mill valley. each year the concert raises money to support young musicians in the bay area. walden goes all out, turning into santa for the entire concert. >> it's so important because at christmastime we open our heart and we become still with a spirit of love. and the spirit of love is music. and music inspires our children! we want our children to have confidence and grow to be big and strong.
6:28 am
>> the concert also honored the legendary dion warwick. her granddaughter performed. cheyenne elliot. former san francisco mayor, willie brown's daughter sidney was also singing backup. >> much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. north korea responds to accusations the country was behind the sony pictures hack. and the new watchdog group set up to keep an eye on gas prices. why they are concerned about what might happen after the 1st of the year.
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>> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> carolyn, it is foggy and damp outside. we are looking at the exploratorium camera where the buildings are lit up nice and pretty, but you can see the clouds and mild temperatures. it's 59 in fairfield, 58 concord. santa rosa, good morning, light showers at 55. most of the fog has been situated in oakland but we have delays of 46 minutes at sfo. and the coast is very, very foggy. santa rosa six-mile visibility
6:32 am
and hayward just two miles. so here's the plan. we will hold on to all the low-level moisture, isolated showers, mist, fog throughout the morning hours. then by noontime breaks in the overcast. we will get into some sunshine. this is a look at emeryville. with the mild temperatures right now and a little afternoon sun, we will be into the low to mid-60s today. partly cloudy skies. it difference begins a pattern change. i'll explain in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you. >> this morning former heavy weigh champ mohamed ali remains in the hospital. authorities say the 72-year-old boxing great has a mild case of pneumonia. ali, who has parkinson's disease, was admitted to a hospital at an undisclosed yesterday. doctors say his prognosis is good because the pneumonia was caught early. this morning president obama said the united states is reviewing whether to put north korea back on to its list of
6:33 am
state sponsors of terrorism. north korea has respond today accusations by president obama that the communist regime is responsible for the attack tack on sony pictures. they are denying guilt, but u.s. intelligence says the north is behind the massive dump of private documents and videos that has turned life upside down for the company. abc news reporter has the details. >> they claim they didn't do it. but north korea said it wants to help the united states find out who is behind the massive hack attack on sony. on state controlled television the north's government proposed a joint investigation with serious consequences if washington refuses. >> the interview was supposed to open christmas day, but this was the film's surprise ending as sony pulled the plug in the face of cyber threats vowing violence. >> that brought some criticism
6:34 am
from the leader in chief. >> i think they made a mistake. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea? what? >> sony said it had to can sells -- cancels distribution "the interview" because theater were refuse to go show it. >> there was violence threat. and it could have been enormous for the theater owner. >> now they say they will release "the interview" just not to theaters. >> we have not given in. we have persevered and we have not backed down. >> the fbi said north korea intended to inflict personal harm on a u.s. business and render thousands of sony computers inoperable. so what's next? >> we will respond in a place and time and manner that we choose. >> friday the hackers sent a new message threatening more mayhem if the film is ever released, distributed or leaked in any form. one thing is for sure "the interview" won't be coming soon to a theater near you. abc news, washington. cuba's leader, raul castro,
6:35 am
said a renewed relationship with washington will not change their communist system. he told a national assembly in havana that cuba will not abandon their ideals. three alleged spice recently freed by the u.s. got a stand ovation at the meeting. in miami flag-waving protesters took to the street yesterday protesting president obama's plan to normalize relations with the castro government. about 200 people showed up, mostly older cuban americans. coming up on "this week" the latest on president obama's plans to move toward normalized relations with cuba. abc's george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with senator marco rubio of florida, who has criticized the president's decision to open an embassy in havana and ease economic and travel restrictions on cuba. you can catch "this week" right here on abc7 at 8:00 this morning. happening today demonstrators will gather in the east bay to protest violence by terrorist organizations.
6:36 am
demonstrators from the afghan and muslim communities plan to hold a rally condemning the suicide bombings and killings of innocent civilians under the banner of islam by groups like isis. demonstration is planned in fremont at 1:00. >> we know gas prices has dropped. consumer unions say there's a hidden gas tax that will take in effect in the new year. there's no such tax. what is taking effect is california's clean energy plan, which gives refineries incentives to lower the emissions of the fuels they sell. but if they exceed the limit >> they could face a fine. they want to make sure the oil
6:37 am
companies don't raise gas price toss cover the fines. >> if there is a gas spike after january 1st, we want someone in government to find out why it's going to happen. if it does happen, we think it will be price manipulation. >> the new petroleum advisory committee plans to meet in february after california's clean energy plan takes effect to see how or if it does affect gas prices >> still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, why n.a.s.a. scientists are taking interest in your holiday light display, even if it's not as elaborate as that one. and here's a live look from our exploratorium cam going back toward the pyramid there. you seal little bit of fog in the sky. that will definitely lift on this first day of winter. lisa argen will be along shortly with a full accuweather forecast.
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>> new details on a spectacular christmas lights display in our area. ♪ [star wars music] >> do you believe that? since video of this home went viral, more than 3 million people have watched it on youtube. cars are lining up around the block the lafayette avenue and
6:41 am
ruskin drive. the brett george family put up more than 100,000 lights. in case you are wondering, they have to start setting all this up in june. we would love to see how you are celebrating where you live. you can share your photos of holiday lights and events with us on twitter. just use the #whereyoulive so we can find your pictures. you can also e-mail your photos or video to us. that's got to be one heckuva pg&e bill, lisa. >> right. we didn't plan this, but it looks like we are ready, right? >> yes, we are ready. >> a step outside and a look out your window. mist and drizzle. temperatures very mild. this will be a thing of the past by this afternoon as we begin a pattern change and winter arrives. we will have your forecast coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, another disappointing home loss for the niners. blowing a 21-point lead to the
6:42 am
chargers. collin resch has the highlights and the locker room reaction coming up in sports.
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6:45 am
abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has the story. >> at this hardware store the christmas lights are flying off the shelf. >> we sell out of a lot of the basic lights almost on a daily basis. the rest are the super deluxe ones. >> would it be surprise to go know n.a.s.a. can see these from space? >> they can? no way. >> way. >> what you are seeing here is christmas lights from space. it was up the street at the mass coney center n.a.s.a. presented these findings. images taken from a satellite that orbits the earth from north pole to south. this is a big, honking satellite. we are talking a minivan size. on this is a camera that can see through clouds. every night at the same time it circles the globe and takes pictures. >> this is a huge effort. took three years of data. >> all boiled down to this. while in the middle east you can see which cities observe ramadan by who keeps the lights on late, the united states glows brighter at christmastime no matter where you are. >> what we are seeing is christmas really is -- it's not
6:46 am
just a religious holiday, it's also a civil holiday. s >> n.a.s.a. looked at cities all over the u.s. but they found something different in the bay area. while you typically see big lighting lights in big suburban homes, here you see them right here in the city. >> i think we will put them in the window. in the window? >> yeah. we have a big bay window. >> the city's unique architecture lends itself to christmas lights. all the green were spots brighter in december than the rest of the year. in l.a. the green is thickest in the suburbs. >> the led lights are more energy officials. >> they could tell the difference between the l.e.d. lights and traditional lights. the whole at some point to see how events like christmas show how we use energy or conserve it. >> so we can also detect greening of our nation. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. being. >> wow they are looking down from above.
6:47 am
pretty neat. >> today it's damp and foggy if you head out but if you wait a little bit, things will dry out and we will see the ceilings lift somewhat for a partly cloudy sky. it's 7:21 the official sunrise, rise:54, giving us 9 hours 32 minutes of day light. live doppler 7hd is situated at a couple thousand feet. it is all before the low level moisture that's been falling throughout the morning hours w that we are looking at some fog. oakland has been situated and emeryville under about a half-mile visibility. 2.5sfo, 60 degrees and delays. mild visibility at half moon bay. better in the north bay. not as bad as yesterday but in the great. hayward 2-mile visibility. certainly the clouds and the fog. this is a hook from mt. tam where we are beginning to see some of the sunlight arrive and we will see more of that this afternoon. 53 in morgan hill. we will look for temperatures
6:48 am
quickly to be in the 60s today once things dry out and we get a little bit of sun. even with the low sun angle, it should be pretty mild this afternoon. exploratorium camera with the clouds. 57 novato, 58 concord and livermore and your visibility much better as well too. you notice the moisture out there. it's kind of a wet snowpack in the sierra nevada. and mother nature just kind of hanging out and not adding to the snowpack for the next several days. in fact, we have a pattern change beginning today. so with the mist and drizzle and fog this morning, it will be ending. as winter arrives, really going dry out with temperatures this afternoon very mild and a dry and quiet start to the season. you may have heard about the king tides beginning today and through tuesday. could see some localized flooding. so coastal flood advisory along the shoreline and around the bay here. certainly a possibility with high tide. at about 9:30 today, and about 10:10 tomorrow. so a little later into tuesday,
6:49 am
as well, and low tides throughout the late afternoon. high pressure is situated offshore. you can see this dome of high pressure right here. it's going to nudge closer to the eastern pacific. and that will push the moisture, the jet stream, the storm track well to the north. that will allow for dry witness conditions throughout the afternoon. but with that high pressure this time of year, we will see the fog form in the overnight hours. waking up to the gray sky. look at 9:00. beginning to see some pockets of clearing here around the bay. noontime more of that into the east bay, and by about 3:00 we are looking partly cloudy with some high clouds around and temperatures in the mid-60s. so throughout the next couple of days, as high pressure builds, we will get even milder. look for temperatures today around 70 in southern california. some light showers across the north coast. cloudy. it was raining at blue canyon. 48 today. some of that snowpack taking a hit with the mild temperatures.
6:50 am
highs around the bay then, 65 in napa with 62 palo alto. 63 santa cruz. so very mild. in fact, you might even have the window open this morning. kind of muggy out there. over in oakland, the buffalo bills are in town. low 60s with partly cloudy skies. the 50s by about 4:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast, light rain, mist, drizzle fog this morning and 60s and partly cloudy. milder monday and tuesday. a chance of showers late in the day that will cool us off but it will remain dry for most of you and then christmas day look for partly cloudy skies and nice for the day after, as well. so really it looks dry the next seven days after this morning. >> all right. and you mentioned the raiders playing the buffalo bills. let's check out sports. they will try to end the playof% hopes of the bills, who need to win their last two games to make the postseason. the silver and black host the bills at the coliseum.
6:51 am
kickoff 1:25:00 p.m. last night the 49ers had a chance to spoil the chargers playoff aspirations at levi's stadium but what started out as a great night for niner fans ended in disappointment. here's collin resch. he has this morning's sports. >> good morning. at the point of attack it was complete domination last night. frank and collin kaepernick turning back the clock. the niners racking up 355 yards rushing against san diego. but their achilles heel all year has been the inability to score in the fourth quarter. for the second time in 49 years they failed to protect the 21-point lead after halftime. the play from scrimmage. mike pulling him off the tackle. runs over a pair of chargers defenders. the stiff arm for eric wettle. the burst of speed. 52 yards. he would go for a buck-58 for the game. the chargers needed this game to stay in the playoff hunt. and the 49 yards for six. 21-0 niners.
6:52 am
rivers three picks in the game. third quarter. 28-14. kaep to vernon davis. vintage vernon here will not be denied. 63 yards for the score. but hold everything. chop block called on him with a little help from alex boone up top. instead of 35-14. this happens on the next day. -- play. kaep under siege. stripped. recovered in the end zone by corey leejet. it's now 28-21. rather than feel sorry for themselves, the quick reply. evading pressure on second and seven. and the long strides, he's gone. 90 to yards for the touchdown. second longest td run by a quarterback in nfl history. dorell pry or had the longest last year. 5:21 to play. one-score game at 35-28. another fourth quarter goose egg for the niners. next san diego possession. rivers converts two
6:53 am
fourth-and-long plays. sets up this. rivers to malcolm floyd with 29 ticks left. third td pass for rivers. tied at 35. goes to overtime. niners get it first. run the reverse to quinton patton. a gain of 20, but he fumbles going down. the knee was not down before it popped loose, and the chargers recover. work themselves into field goal range. nick novak from 40 yards, down by 21 at one point, the chargers rally to win it 38-35. their playoff hopes still alive at 9-6. the niners lose their fourth straight and fall to 7-8. you know what they are going say in the locker room after a loss like that. >> like i say, san diego was still fighting and it didn't go our way. they made plays when they had to make plays. >> right now there's not much to say other than to keep fighting. get our last regular season win. that's going to be the goal. that's a tough one. >> we've seen it all year, we just can't finish in the second half.
6:54 am
we come out, but then a different half. we just have to finish. >> moving on. the surging sharks have won 8 of their last 9, including 7 straight at home you but they start a difficult stretch with the next seven games against playoff teams starting last night with the st. louis blues. second period. tied at 1. laperriere finds him on the breakaway. feeds antti niemi through the five-hole. 2-1 blues. that score would stick until late into the third. he finds marc-edouard vlasic off the bench. we go to overtime. sharks get a power play overtime. brent burns one times the game winner. his tenth of the year. sharks have won five straight. 3-2, the final. later today the raiders host the bills. i will be back in at five, six, nine and eleven with reaction from the coliseum. with a look at morning sports, i'm collin resch. >> and we will be right
6:55 am
6:56 am
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>> this is the first day of winter and we are getting a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> right. officially by 3:03. we will be partly cloudy. plenty economist drizzle fog right now. half moon bay 3 miles. and hayward with a half-mile. in oakland. delays at sfo. high pressure sitting off the coast. it's going to drive things out and allow temperatures to warm into the low 60s today under partly cloudy skies. the accuweather seven-day
6:58 am
forecast looks dry, including christmas. we have a slight chance of showers on christmas eve in the north bay. otherwise temperatures will be mainly above average before christmas eve, and then slightly cooler, but it looks like a pattern change beginning later on today. >> i like your spinning christmas tree there. >> of course. >> that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abr7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. the news continues online, on twitter, facebook and all your twitter, facebook and all your mobile hey guys...guys! pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistable sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. week night dinner in a flash. and my family devours them.
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good morning, america. breaking news, deadly ambush. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> two new york city police officers shot and killed at point-blank range, executed in cold blood as they sat in their patrol car. >> they were quite simply assassinated. >> the gunman posting ominous messages on social media before the attacks. then rushing into a crowded subway. >> get on the floor! >> was it all a sick attempt to avenge the deaths of eric garner and michael brown? team coverage of the shootings that have a city in mourning, a nation outraged. down for the count. boxing great muhammad ali rushed to the hospital this morning. what doctors are saying about his condition. the legend's fight for his health.


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