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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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you will have to be careful along 101 through the north bay because it is wet. the west of the bay area, the west of the bay area, though, is running smooth. the joyful day before christmas happy for thousands of young people. matt? welcome to the toy store where parents can pick out the toys and books for their kids at the community service. they can pick out two toys and one book a child. there are 17,400 books and toys given away during the appointments but though need more help. the executive director at sake -- sacred heart community service. >> why the big need? >> people are getting back to
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work but not keeping up with the increased cost of living. getting special gifts for the kids for the holidays is a luxury and people have signed up their children to make sure they can get that. >> you have a need for more toys today. >> we registered a record number of kids this year and we are still 4,000 books and toys short this year. we are looking to the community to get the needs met. >> the need for teen toys is great. if you have an idea of what kind of toys to get or what kind of gifts to getting you can see they have bag here with sports equipment on the side and they have perfumes and beard trimmer head phones, things that teens like for christmas. you can still help and drop them off from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. is go online and dough nature
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>> in san francisco, three days remain to give to the needy at st. anthony's a foundation holding the annual curb side donation drive. you just drive to the curb and unload clothe and blankets or food filling 5,000 gift baskets for those who dine at st. anthony's on christmas day. >> family of a new york city police officer murdered over the weekend said the mayor is welcome at his funeral, the family of ralph -- rafael ramos after the shooter, imaaiyl brinsley assassinated the two officers on saturday in retaliation for the deaths are eric garner and michael brown. a post on the 28-year-old facebook page said he was going to "put wings on pick
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pigs." >> lost a hero. for no reason. when they say, why? there is no answer. >> imaaiyl brinsley shot himself after the shooting. he had 19 provide -- prior arrest. the family said he tried to kill himself last area and had an undiagnosed mental illness. >> the yankees offered to pay for the education of the sons of officer ramos, the 13-year-old and his older brother who is in college now. the moving tribute was posted to his father calling him "the best father you could ask for." the foundation has paid for the schoolanf of hundreds of children of late officers and firefighters. the officer liu did not have any children. >> the mother of the black man who died after he was put in what some say was a chokehold by a white police officer is condemning the shooting of the
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two officers. >> isn't who is standing with us, we want you to not user risk banner's name if violence because we are not about that. >> his mother said she is horrified by the shootings. the decision of a grand jury to not indict the officer sparked days of antipolice protests across the up. >> police in florida do not believe the shooting death of an officer there is linked to the ambush murders of the two new york officers but the fallen officer did begin his career with the new york police department. he was shot when he answered a call of a noise complaint yesterday morning. they arrested a suspect would was wanted on a fugitive warrant happen now a search is underway in alameda for a missing teen with a mental disability. police are looking for 16-year-old anthony michael brown and say he has the mental capacity of a nine-year-old boy.
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brown was seen walking in the area of alameda point around 7:30 last night. he is 6' and weighs 145 po last seen wearing a black hooded sweat heard, blue jeans and black shoes. if you see him you are asked to call police right away. the family of an injured window washer plans to talk about his recovery survive an 11 story fall a month ago, perez we broke several bones and remained in the hospital. he landed on this car and that may have cushioned the fall. investigators believe he may have slipped when three was adjusting a movable scaffold above can street much california street. the driver of the car was not hurt. >> more flooding in the bay area but not because of rains but the king tide moving in. here is that story. >> in marin county the high tide
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caused caltran to shut down the extend son beach exit off highway 101 flooding for most of the morning. the shoreline highway was shut down and in the surrounding area parking lots turned into shallow pools. neither snow nor rain and for this, kept high tide from the appointed rounds. >> go slow. >> he is used to this. for tourists, it was a surprise. the parking lot flooded. >> it is impressive. i didn't expect our hotel would be so close to the ocean. >> water was pumped from the foundation of the sea plane air tour office which has sunk since it was built in the late 1940s so he has to stack sandbags to keep the high tide from rushing in. >> you can see this, it was up a decade ago. >> the king tide returns on monday and tuesday morning and the california coast 5
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commission is encouraging people to take pictures of the rising water as part of an ongoing project. >> the coastal access for infrastructure or habitat is helpful to is a reference point when they are taking photos. >> these are pictures submitted, the project will chronicle the tide over years. they are not related to climate change but organizers of the climate say the raising waters help people visualize what it could be like if the sea levels rise. for the first time in years, snow fall in the sierra is well above the annual average. it is 150 percent of where it usually is at this time of the year because of the recent storms. more snow could be on the way. that spelled good news for ski resorts. the last time the snow was at or above the current level was in 2012.
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here is a chance to find out about the forecast. mike? >> i am not sure i agree with the story because my sources say we are only 52 percent of the snow pack. maybe we need to lock deeper into that. >> good morning, everyone, here is what will happen today. it will be a mild day. most of our high temperature are in the upper 60 to low 70s. look where we will be inland, 67 to 70 degrees! it is going to be close. on the coast, cooler with clouds lingering longer at 58 to 62 and away the babe we are in the mid-to-upper secretary so we go from a mild morning with temperatures in the 40's and 50's and fog to a nice afternoon. let me show you the king tide. i want to show you exactly what is going on. we have a coastal flood advisory lingering until tomorrow at 3:0 p.m.
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localized flooding along the shore, the bay shore and the coast, with seawater on the sidewalks and roads and trails. that will absolutely happen. in san francisco the high tide happened once this morning and 10:58 again this morning and oakland 12:19 and 11:15 this morning so you will know when you have flooding in those areas. now, traffic? thank you, mike, be careful along 101. you can see san rafael is looking dry. we have a finger of fog hacking over the road. we have generally a fog advisory to the golden gate bridge. when you get there, though, we have this issue a rock slide very soggy grounds making for a mess and southbound 101, the sig-alert is in effect until further notice but a bit piece of mud came sliding down and took down a power line. be careful headed to the waldo
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tunnel. past the tunnels all looks clear. tracy to dublin is 26 minutes and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 14 minutes and slowing because of the mud, 20 americans to san francisco. >> overeasy, eggs are popular part of breakfast but get ready to pay more with forces riffing up the confident of eggs. >> the video that has gone viral and made a neighbor the bay area'smentest -- the bay area's hottest attraction. we are keeping weather and traffic up throughout the entire commercial break so you are in commercial break so you are in the know as you begin
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>> covering novato, oakland,
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sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back, everyone, 4:42 is the time. now the massive sony attack, north korea is threatening attacks again the united states accusing the obama administration of making the movie "the interview." and north korea said if the united states does not agree to a gin investigation of the attack, washington has publicly accused north korea of orchestrating the hack attack on sony upset over the comedy which depicted a fiction am assassination attempt on kim jong-un. the film was pull after threats were made by studio now say it will be distributed in one form or another. >> animal welfare law that takes effect is drive up the price of eggs that it is cheaper to buy the caged-free brands. prices for conventional eggs skyrockets 79 percent in the past month to $2.66 a dozen.
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2008 proposition two calls for larger cages so the chickens can move away reducing the number of hens and the need for more warehouses. the high like is blamed on exports to canada and mexico and because we are eating more eggs. >> a family holiday display has gone viral. three million people have checked it out, and now it is drawing thousands of visitors. drawing thousands of visitors. now at look at the >> it took five days only for the youtube video of a to get three million hits matching "star wars," music with the holiday lits. >> the viral video has turned this quiet neighborhood into a must see attraction with thousands lining the sidewalks and drivers move by and watch
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display out the car witnesses. >> it is well done. it is elaborate. >> it is awesome to bring the kids local. >> i am not a crazy junkie but the music is amazing. >> a music teacher spent eight months programing the lights and building the display. >> i knew in june i wanted to do star wars music so i took my favorite songs and made a mini story line. >> it took ten hours to sipping crow -- to sing crow nice a minute of music. the sky is the canvas and there is an epic battle, as well. >> i like it when there is the rainbow color. it is nice. >> the show runs from 6:00 to 10:00 each night and visitors are encouraged to make a donation. he hopes to check $10,000 by christmas to help feed the home
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less. >> in newark, for abc7 news. check this out, a family has transform their home into a gigantic gingerbread house deciding to create this because, why not? everyone loves gingerbread houses. they wrapped the entire house in brown tarp and he did not want continue the average joe but the wow guy on the block. the display is featured in "the great christmas light fight," right here starting at 8:00 tonight. a gingerbread lighthouse. >> can't eat it. >> how do you celebrate? you can share your photos of holiday lights and events with us on twitter. you can e-mail the photos or video to us at
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>> what happens if you try to break off a piece? >> you will fed a lot of dental work. >> it looks...gamey. so to speak. mike, we had a necessary break from the rain this weekend. >> we have changes ahead. >> what we are looking at are drying continues today and tomorrow and warmer temperatures that could possibly push records. i was researching over the weekend and the average low for san jose is 48 degrees this time of the year and so far it has been in the mid-50's. five or six degrees warmer-than-average temperatures because of the clouds and the human. our temperatures will be above average because the lows have been so mild the last 19 or 20 days. live doppler hd shows it is quiet. with patchy fog.
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look where the storm track is, well to the north. that is where it will stay today and tomorrow. our two warmest days in the forecast. you can see high pressure over most of our neighborhoods, the northwest wind at half moon bay it is looking more normal as far as that wind goes. now, the temperatures coming into san francisco and closing the golden gate bridge it is 55 degrees. through the ferry building, 53. headed downtown or the financial district we are at 52 degrees and a lot of mid-and-upper 50's an the bay shore and san leandro at 50, and low-to-mid 50's in the north bay and, also, a lot of mid-to-upper 50's east bay so temperatures are start out where the normal high is, or the average high. by the time we head to the afternoon, it will be mostly sunny and look at the mid-60, with fairfield at 70 degrees. the cool spot is half moon bay at 60.
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tonight, it will be cooler with mid-to-upper 40's in santa rosa, napa, through the san ramon valley, and livermore and palo alto and morgan hill. on wednesday morning, you can see increasing high clouds by 5:00 and it is dry but if you are headed out for christmas eve activities it is going to be wet in most areas at least through 7:00 to 10:00 and then it is gone. it will not leave much hype. but it is a little my in the ointment for christmas east. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, temperatures in the upper 50's to slow 60's and dry. looking to the bay bridge you can barely see the top because we have fog in emeryville and moving to the bay bridge toll plaza you can see how thick it is with fog advisory for all of the north bay bridges. as we look right now, golden gate bridge showed we could
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it a few minutes ago and now we cap of the a possible fatality in brentwood eastbound highway 4, a pickup and a semi truck were involved but we have a sig-alert until further notice and traveling westbound direction it will not be a problem, but this is in the eastbound direction so c.h.p. is out there and emergency crews are there. be careful. traveling along highway 4. miss in earthquake is back home in the bay area. the mission she is on today to make this a brighter holiday for dozens of youngsters in need and give them something to smile about. >> the human side of monkeys, what this little guy did when he saw another monkey in need. >> taking a look outside from our exploritorium camera of the ferries lined you, the bay bridge in the background. we are watching weather and we are watching weather and traffic with abc7 news through
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good morning, everyone, a look at the lights to san francisco, you can still see some of the cloud cover. but this is a day of warmth and we could get close to some records. more ahead. patience at at children's hospital in oakland, a special treat today. >> a visit from miss america who is a bay area native for the patients. miss america 2015, kira will be at the hospital this afternoon. kira was born in russian to russian immigrants and attended school in walnut creek and won the title representing the state of new york. you have heard of merry christmas and now there is merry gift-mas as in digital pictures, a new way to send greeting cards
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with cards projected on the sides of buildings on street. >> that is cool. >> very cool. >> now a check of the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. good morning, i wanted to throw this out there and show you that 16 of the 21 days so tar in december have been wet at least in downtown san francisco. measurable rain on every single one of the 16 days. one of the 16 days. so for, it put us up around look to the south, low-to-mid 70's san diego and los angeles and 83 in palm springs. safe travels. safe travels indeed we have a serious crash in brentwood
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blocking two lanes of eastbound highway four so if you are traveling through brentwood or need to make it further to antioch to see if we have plenty of crews on the scene with flashing lights, it could be a distraction in the when direction but certainly in the eastbound direction we could have detours if place. be careful. as we take you to san jose, 101 is clear and dry and we have light traffic in the southbound direction northbound traffic headed away from 880 in the distance to the san jose airport not going to find any delays. in florida 11 people are recovering after being hit by lightning. the strike happened in the parking lot of the stadium before the tampa bay and buccaneers game yesterday. no one was directly hit. all the injuries were minor
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those drove themselves to the hospital. >> a 15-year-old florida girl was attacked by a bear. the girl was attacked while walking her dog to the grocery store south of tallahassee. the bear managed to drag the girl into a ditch and retreated when her dog lunged. the daughter sustained significant injuries do her legs, back, neck and face. a story of morningcies that might warm your heart. >> a monkey comes to the rescue of another after the an hall was shocked on a high wire above a train and was lying besides the track not moving and the other monkey comes over turns it over, shakes it around and stays and keeping watch. the hero monkey attended the wounded monkey until the victim wakes up. a lesson about love and emergency medical training.
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we have breaking news in the north bay with a landslide is covering part of highway 101 and next at 5:00 a.m., we are like with the work underway to clear tons of rock and mud away. >> the murders of two new york city police officers comes on the anniversary of the shooting death of a bay area police officer and how the bay writer is honoring him today. >> as we head to break we leave you with a look at the bay bridge with beautiful conditions as you make your way into the city. this is how we keep on weather and traffic and breaking news. and traffic and breaking news. ♪ and traffic and breaking news.
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. we are a couple of seconds away from 5:00 a.m. thanks for joining us. the usual suspects are here, meteorologist mike nicco and leyla gulen. >> now a check on the weather. mike, what did we have for the start of the work week? fog. 1.25 mile visibility at santa rosa and it is getting worse in oakland. look how quickly the fog has descended upon the toll plaza this morning. it is going to take the better part of the morning to get rid of it. 46 to 56. in the low 60's by unanimous with mostly sun this afternoon and low 60's at the coast and upper 60's for the let of the neighborhoods and mid-to-upper 50's. so mild weather. >> not so mild on the road. w


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