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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> a new threat that has the new york city police department on alater days after two were killed in the line of duty. honoring the fallen officers at home. tribute that bay area law enforcement agencies are taking to pay respects. good morning, everyone, at 6:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, we have a lot to talk about with the roads this morning and both wise, how does it look? >> fog. i am not sure if it is causing what is happen on the roads, leyla gulen can let us know. eighth of a mile visibility in oakland, thicker than anything we are seeing elsewhere. even in the north by. some of that is leaking into downtown san francisco and you can see how thick and localized it is as we look from the camera. the next 12 hours, 46 do 56
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patchy fog, and low 60's at noon. low-to-upper 60's from the coast do inland with record highs possible and enjoy the mild evening and dress for mid-50's. we have had big problems this morning. >> busy. >> two sig-alerts and a few extra accidents. i will show you what we have. at the bay bridge you can see how packed it is and the fog, as well, traffic is slow. it was moving along slowly as it was, but you can see we have 15 minute wait from the east bay to san francisco and as we take you to brentwood we have a sig-alert and a fatality. eastbound highway 4, all lanes are blocked and there are detours in place. as we look at the golden gate bridge you can see how much it is cleared. we do not have fog. we have moist conditions on the roads because it was damp. north of there, waterlogged hillsides contributed to this.
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it is a mudslide southbound highway 101, one lane is blocked with big delays. keep track of that for us, leyla gulen. back to the protecting -- breaking traffic news a landslide in 101, amy hollyfield? this is a big mess. it will take until 10:00 this morning to get it cloned up. the rocks came tumbling down and they took with them a light post and a tremendous. there are a lot of problems that caltran is dealing with, the bulldozer getting it cleared. at 2:00 this morning, this is southbound we wrote in sausalito and this is between rodeo and spencer. it got the two right lanes closed headed in to san francisco and this is not a huge backup yet. traffic is getting thicker and slow down and they think as the commute is underway it is going
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to be slowing things down significantly so leave early. if you are in the north bay trying to get to the city. c.h.p. officers remain taken back when they got here. >> it is a big slide. with all of the rains we have had a lost slides but mostly just mud sliding down or rocks and we can clear in an hour even if we need a tractor but this is a significant amount of earth. we have a light pole down and now we have electrical. a free is down. we have a tree to deal with. it is a lot to deal with. no one was hurt when this happened and no one has crashed interest this mess. this is a dark stretch of road so officers are feeling grateful the situation is not worse. they are strongly suggesting asking you to go slowly and carefully because there are a lot of people here working to get this cleared.
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when it is daylight they will assess this to see how stable it is or if this is a chance of is or if this is a chance of more sliding. the new york police department is investigating two dozen threats promising copycat attacks like the one that left two officers dead on saturday. we are learning new information on the map who carried out the ambush. we are in new york city with the latest. yes, the exact motive behind the killings in new york is unclear but authorities say they know this, the 28-year-old wanted officers dead posting troubling messages on social media including "shoot the police." ♪ make this world ♪ a better play ♪ if you can a vigil and march days before
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christmas for two new york city police officers with their deaths uniting new yorkers and sending shockwaves around the country. >> the president is the ultimate healer who brings people together. >> president obama on vacation released a statement condemning the killings and asking the nation to reject violence. >> the two officers were am bushed in brooklyn on saturday. on sunday, an officer in florida was killed in an unrelated shooting coming after a time when police and protesters have clashed in nationwide demonstrations against police brutality. >> we need to show solidarity. >> they lost their hero. it is for no reason. when they say, why? there is no answer. >> officer ramos had two children.
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officer liu got married just two months ago. the killer is imaaiyl brinsley who later shot and killed himself. police say the 28-year-old posted on instagram, i am putting rings on pigs, they take one of ours, we take two of theirs. he had 19 prior arrests and a history of mental illness and tried to kill himself last year. bay area law enforcement agencies reacting this morning to the deadly police shooting in new york, and many officers at home are wearing badges with a black stripe across them to show their support for new york city's finest including san francisco police department. francisco police department. >> keep the family and
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they are undergoing a tough time. athey are showing support on social media, and the sunnyvale police department posted this message on twitter, condolences to our none brothers and sisters. our thoughts and prayers for their families. >> fremont police department say condole ends to the men and women of new york police department and our thoughts are where your department today. as a record number of americans prepare to hit the roads for the holiday a massive storm could disrupt travel plans for two-thirds of the nation. >> a weather system stretching from the midwest to the south and up the east coast will bring heavy rain and thunderstorms and strong wind causing travel headaches and flight delays. a small other system will target the pacific northwest on wednesday. a south bay charity is getting ready to distribute toys to clip in need but they still need your help.
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matt? sacred heart community services saying merry christmas in the south bay and this is the toy city and here is the bicycle section they have 600 bicycles to give away today and tomorrow during the agreements and parents can pick out two toys and one book per child with 5,800 kids signed up. they still need more help. the executive director at the community services has a statement. >> the economy is improving but the cost of living is sky rocketing so housing costs and other tinges are increasing and they are not seeing wage increases. the idea of bringing things like special differents for their children during the holiday whether it is a pick or toys or a book, that is something that is a luxury for a last families and we are trying to make sure the communities steps up. >> the community needs to step
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up because you are short of toys. >> we have 13,000 toys and books we have received but we are 4,000 short. we have the give away in a couple of years and we will continue through tomorrow so we are okay through today so if you can drop off toys or becomes, new and unwrapped gifts or making a cash donation to sacred heart would help. >> teen differents are really needed. if you would like to help you can drop off the gifts today from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at sacred heart community service or you can go to our website at with a link to go to sacred heart community services website and donate. we have had track troubles early this morning. >> a check of that new with leyla gulen with a traffic expert. would you like the good news first or the bad news?
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>> good. >> few choice because san jose is looking clear along 280 and we do not have accidents but a buildup of congestion away from highway 17 southbound travels looking completely open so no problems. for the northeast through fremont southbound 880 we have an accident causing delays with four vehicles involved trying to swerve to avoid a ladder in the road. that is causing delays. a signature alert with a major accident blocking all lanes eastbound highway 4, that is not eastbound highway 4, that is not the only sausalito. now, what is going on east of the mississippi the big storm is mostly a rain producer at 7:00 this morning, and i will show you how all is green and the gray is cloud cover with the
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storm in the dakotas and iowa and minnesota and heavy rain developing with severe weather pushing through atlanta on wednesday morning. if you have caseys, be careful, the snow is mostly in gary, indiana, st. louis possible but not heavy. flooding language the chest and the bayshore until 3:00 tomorrow evening our best chance of flooding today if oakland at 11:15 and in san francisco at 10:58 and sausalito at 11:08 temperatures are going to run from upper 50's to low 50's at the coast. we have been telling you the flu season is expecting to be bad and now we know when to expect an outbreak in the bay area with a new prediction in doctors. >> joan rivers $150 million for tune and how her estate is
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divided up. a look outside at the embarcadero if you can see it through the fog we have traffic and weather all morning and this is abc7 news now with weather is abc7 news now with weather and traffic through the
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. at 6:15. a look at the golden gate bridge. what you can see of it through the fog. it is patchy fog. but it is there. it is thick. drive carefully. mike and leyla gulen will keep you updated. new this morning, bay area doctors are sounding the alarm: get ready for a nasty flu season. experts say the height of the flu season in the bay area is now two or three weeks away. that coincides with the holidays this week and next week bringing friends and family together increasing chances of exposure to the flu. doctors say still get the shot although it could be less effective. some protection is better thanking in. it is already hitting the midwest and the southwest hard. we know how the state of the
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lake committee -- the estate of the estate of general river is being divided up leaving $150 million to her daughter, grandson, staff, charities and beloved dogs. in a will filed in new york this month it was revealed her daughter was named the executor and will get all of her mother's tangible property. she died at age 81 after complications of a procedure done on her vocal cords. the biggest christmas lottery is new underway in spain. "the fat one," is giving away huge jackpot worth $3 billion, the richest lottery but there is not just one winner. the money is decided among thousands of players around spain so the top prize is 500,000. each year, a group of kids sing the winning numbers on tv and the little girl crying when she misread some of the numbers.
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>> it is a big deal. it has been a rough morning on the local roads. >> it has. a couple of sig-alerts as we are getting started. leyla gulen? >> this is the first sig-alert in brentwood. the truck is hanging over the side of the overpass on highway 4. eastbound side all lanes have been shut down because of this. unfortunately, it is a fatal accident. eastbound highway 4 you can see the truck hanging over the side with detours in place. to get around this take san creek that reconnects you to highway 4 and we are starting to see delays eastbound and westbound and the sig-alert is in effect until 10:00 a.m. we start with live doppler hd to show you what is going on, it is quiet. as far as any moisture falling from the sky but moisture is seeping out of the ground and the light and variable winds are causing patches of fog and it is
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moving out and about with the light win at 15 minutes ago it was foggy and two minutes ago it was clear and now to minutes later you can see the fog coming back cross the golden gate bridge. >> five minutes ago we could barely see the san mateo bridge and now it is clear. a tricky morning. if you travel more than 10 or 15 miles you go from unlimited visibility to hardly see the car in front of you. this will happen temperature. in the afternoon, we will have record highs possible today. rain is possible open wednesday evening and trending dry through the end of the year. hope it not a repeat of december 1212, above average rain and then nothing in january and february and march. but forecasters are saying that will not happen. low-to-mid 50's everywhere, but a few upper 50's like san ramon
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is 57 and san jose is 58 and oakland is 67 a record high and the record is 66. in san jose the record high is 67. santa rosa is 71 for a high, and the coolest temperatures are low-to-mid 60's along the coast and the rest of us are in the mid-to-upper 70's and 70 in fairly. low-to-mid 50's in most neighbors and slightly cooler in santa rosa napa and concord and livermore and morgan heal. wherever the clouds open, that is where the fog will form. the air in the ground is too wet to eliminating for formation and mild overnight temperatures. the increases clouds by 5:00, sun will set and mendocino county is wet and look how quickly it moves into the heart of the bay, two hours later it is gone. it will lebanon quarter of an inch of rain christmas east. the seven-day forecast shows low-to-mid 60's for wednesday and upper 50's to low 60's
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thursday, friday saturday and sunday. a lot of sunshine. will jim harbaugh's christmas gift from the 49ers be a pink slip? we have a new report on that. >> first, weather and traffic together during the commercial break and you are looking at traffic on the san mateo bridge moving along well.
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s. >> these are live pictures from sausalito, 101 southbound, where a mudslide is taking up two lanes before you get to the waldo tunnel causing major delays from mill valley. expect this to be around until 10:00 a.m. this morning and amy hollyfield is on the scene with more details. expect the days to slow you down. and now a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. coming up on "good morning america" a developing story that massive holiday storm that is brewing creating a nightmare before christmas for millions cross the country. we are tracking it all on "good
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morning america" next. a report this morning has 49ers coach jim harbaugh out and fox says they will partways in days after sunday's season finale. for months he has been rumored to be on the outs with 49ers managements and the fair to make the playoffs may have sealed the deal. harbaugh has offered from the university of michigan, chicago bears and even the raiders but the raiders may not want him. the silver and black won the first trade at home on sunday against buffalo and the quaterback finds jones in the back of the end zone and made sure the raiders did not blow it and the final was 26-24 seem to love playing for the interim cope. aussie gar lovers are happy over the normalization of ties
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cuba and gearheads because cuba is filled with cars from the 1950s 679 the cars are hard to fix because of the embargo but now parts should become available. the cars have become tourist magnets in the old city of havana. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. down to the wire with only three days until christmas and we will take you shopping to find the best deals for all of those procrastinators. >> new information on the fate of sony's controversial movie pulled from theaters. fans may be able to see "the interview," after all. >> crews are trying to move huge boulders off of the roadways in an attempt to clear highway 101 from a land slide. good morning, a look from
6:26 am
the roof camera at the embarcadero. it ising fore across the bridges we have a light chance of wet weather. in the traffic center, that is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza being swallowed up by fog. it is socked in, in the north bay and bay bridge and we have heavy traffic into san francisco but two sig-alerts causing big problems on the roads.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at 6:29 on the morning news. a look at what is going on in the north bay. a landslide that is blocking a couple of lanes. amy hollyfield is on the scene. she will have a report in 90 seconds. it has been a very busy morning on the local roads. leyla gulen will get us up to speed. first, we start with meteorologist mike nicco. how is it looking? good question. looking foggy.
6:30 am
now live doppler hd shows a mild day, with 1.5 mile visibility in oakland, you can see how thick the fog is on the bay bridge. what is the overpass we can't see, leyla gulen? it is way, way, way too hard to see. as par -- far as the day planner, temperatures are close to where we should be midtown atmosphere 50's. low-to-upper 60's at 4:00, and mid-50's at 7:00. it is way too warm for this time of year. >> okay. the roads? way too warm? we have a couple of sig-alerts with crews move the dirt in the road. this is a major crash resulting
6:31 am
in a fatality with a pickup truck hanging over the overcrossing and you can see the cab is just completely smashed in, a serious accident. other injuries are involved and all eastbound lanes have been shut down so they are going to have detours until 10:00 a.m. and i will let you know if they are extended or if the sig-alert will be wrapped up sooner. thank you, leyla gulen. we continue to follow breaking traffic news a landslide blocking two lanes of highway 101 in marin county and it could be hours before it re-opens. they are trying to move huge boulders off the road and look behind me at what they are dealing with. the rocks came down and took a light pole and tree with them so it is a complicated clean up operation. they think the lanes could be
6:32 am
closed until 10:00 this morning. we are on southbound 101 if sausalito between rodeo and spencer. it happened at 2:00 this morning and c.h.p. is calling this "signature rock slide," after responding to many but they have encloud up the mudslides. not this one. it is big. when daylight arrives they will take a closer look at the hillside. >> with any slide, a year ago we had something similar and engineers looked at hillside to assess if it will continue this way or if it will stock so we will work with caltrain however it needs to be done and make sure the hills are safe. no one was hurt in the landslide. they are feeling lucky. the rocks did not hit anyone and no one crashed interest this pile especially on a stretch of road so that was fortunate part of this.
6:33 am
10:00 is the estimate of when they will re-open the two lanes and that could change especially in the day light and that is the estimate and the backup is building. if you are headed into the city from the north bay you will want to leave early. 6:33. new york city police commissioner says he has met with the families of the two officers who were murdered over the weekend. he says he has no words to explain to them what happened. he believes the targeting of the officers was a direct spinoff from the demonstrations. the shooter is imaaiyl brinsley. assassinated officers ramos and liu open saturday. it is believed that the michael brown and eric garner cases my have pushed imaaiyl brinsley over the edge. the governor calls this "senseless." they are heroes and they are lost if no reason. no reason. they say to me, why?
6:34 am
why? there is no answer. >> imaaiyl brinsley shot himself before he could be arrested. he has a long criminal history and his family says he also had an undiagnosed mental illness and tried to kill himself last year. the massive hack on sony, north korea denies being involved in the attack but westerns the united states the worst is coming. north korea is accusing the u.s. government of being behind the making of the movie "the interview." washington has accused north korea of orchestrating an attack after being upset about "the interview," and sony pulled the christmas day release but now they say they will distribute this in one form or another could include the company's video streaming service. >> happening right now, search is underway in alameda for a missing teen with a mental disability. police are looking for 16-year-old anthony michael
6:35 am
brown with the mental capacity of a nine-year-old boy. he was last seen walking in the area of alameda point around 7:30 at 6', 145 pounds, brown eyes with a shaved head and last seen wearing a black hooded sweat sure, blue jeans and black shoes. more flooding is expected in the bay area this week and not because of recent rain but rather the king tide moving in, with the high tide returning tomorrow and tomorrow. in marin it caused caltran to shut down the exit off highway 101 yesterday and the shoreline highway was should down and in the surrounding areas parking lots turned into shallow pools. king tides last several days caughted by the pull of the sun and the moon on the earth. the family of an injured window washer plans to talk about his recovery. he survived 11 story fall a month ago, 11 stories, and broke
6:36 am
several bones and is still in the hospital. he landed on this car. it may have cushioned the fall enough. investigators believe perez may have slipped when he adjust add movable scaffold high above california street. the driver of the smashed car was not hurt. his wife plans to speak to the media at california and monday government streets where the accident happened. >> holiday help for children in need. we have a toy give away happening right now and a plea still going out to the community. >> new technology that u.p.s. is using. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic becoming up right new. stay close. you can get news now with weather and traffic during the commercial break.
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welcome back, this is 101 southbound, trying to work on the big landslide from early this morning that brought down a light pole. there are no injuries reported. that is the good news. the bad news, it will be here at least until 10:00 a.m. and it will take crew as while could
6:40 am
clean it up causing major delays from mill valley. now other areas of the by area, walnut creek shows traffic slow headed up to highway 24. a brand new crash on highway 4 westbound involving a big rig and that is gumming up the commute as you come away from 160 and sig-alert shutting down eastbound lanes. mike? >> good monday morning and now, the king tide and what they are doing through 3:00 tomorrow morning, localized flooding whether it is the bay area or toward the coast, we will see the seawater on the roadways, sidewalks, trails and parking lots with the king tides. we have had one, but, unfortunately, it was the shallow of the tides and the bigger tides are at 11:00 in oakland, and 10:58 in san francisco and 11:08 in sausalito. now, the rain: 16 of 21 days it
6:41 am
has rained in san francisco giving up 11.33" of rain which is over eight" -- 8" average. the warm spot is palm springs at 82 nearly a report. >> that sounds nice. >> coming up, the force is with a bay area christmas display getting national attention and we will show you what is behind the excitement. >> listen up, procrastinateers we are going showing to find out the biggest deals in the final days before christmas. >> first, stay this the know with news now a look outside this morning in the bay area we have traffic and weather during the entire commercial break.
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>> our microphones are on so we will talk about our view to the east with cloud cover in front of mt. diablo and
6:45 am
patchy this morning. >> a beautiful view to start the morning. >> it is 6:45. the spirit of the holidays is alive in the south bay. >> matt has the toy distribution that is just about to get underway. >> welcome to every kids' dream. sacred heart community services and tomorrow. parents can pick two toys and one book for each yield. some can go home with a brand new bicycle. >> the bikes are special, special gift to make sure -- we actually have a lottery each year to make sure every parent has an equal shot at getting a pick no matter the time they come in. we are hopeful we can get for most families, one bicycle, but it depends on what comes in the next couple of days. here is video from last year's toy give away, sacred
6:46 am
heart is providing a report number of toys for 5,800 kids so 17,400 toys and backs. they need your help especially if the teens. they are 4,200 short of goal, drop off money or toys or go to our website and click on the link at the give away is today and it starts at 10:00 a.m. through tomorrow. great to see the community coming together. if you have not completed your holiday shopping, the clock is ticking. >> some retailers are offering marathon hours and kohl's is open around the clock 24 ours through christmas eve and macy and toys 'r us are offering extended hours and the longer hours could mean bigger discounts. >> the retailers know you do not
6:47 am
have your gift so they will try to catch year attention with big democrats. >> u.p.s. will deliver 34 million packans on the business of the difficulties of the year. >> the news person buys gifts for every person on the only show, did we tell new. >> don't know what you are talking about. good try. talking about. good try. >> dow is up 82 points to as we mentioned u.p.s. will flex its muscle delivering 34 million packans -- packages today after taking a lot of last year when millions of packages were not delivered on time. >> olive oil is getting more and more expensive and at the highest level in six years. the reason? severe drought in spain and
6:48 am
fruit fly infestation in italy. the two countries cut for 70 percent of olive oil output and production could drop next year by 27 percent. serious business on the roads this morning. a couple sig-alerts and a fatal accident. >> the grinch stole our the crews are trying to clean up a mudslide with water-logged hillsides that came down into the roads. we have two lanes shut down and we have heavy backups. if you are coming in from mill valley you are going to be on the brakes. this is thedly that is seen away from tiburon boulevard you will find 13 miles per hour speeds and you get to the golden gate bridge it is foggy so use the low beams. be careful when you head out, we have a major sig-alert but more
6:49 am
on that in a few minutes. we will start with live doppler 7 hd, you do not need the umbrella today or tomorrow but we will look at what is going on. as far as high pressure it took complete control of our forecast last night and you can see what it is doing to the storm tram to the north and it dives down into the rockies and heads off to the east where it will cause a lot of issues tomorrow and wednesday with travel so call ahead. this area of low-to-upper you with travel so call ahead. this area of low-to-upper you try and crash the high the possibility is there. you can see the shallow fog around most of our neighbors and in emeryville you can seat headlights on
6:50 am
but that is it. there are potential record highs tomorrow, and trending dry through the end of year. if you are headed to bart, mid-to-upper 50's but el sobrante at 52. our average record high in san jose is 67, and that is what i an forecasting today. tonight, it will be slightly cooler. temperatures are in the money -- mid-to-upper 40's. on wednesday, weaking up quiet, increasing high clouds through daylight but dry. at 5:00 the rain around mendocino county and from action to 7:00 it moves in to the north bay and from 7:00 to 10:00 it moves through the heart of the bay and from 10:00 to midnight it moves out of the south bay up to .25" is possible.
6:51 am
tomorrow, mid-to-upper 60. low-to-mid 60's for wednesday and thursday you can see a slightly cooler upper 50's to lower 60's behind the front but, still, above average. a lot sunshine coming our wednesday but for wednesday. a bay area family's poll day display is drawing thousands of visitors and this dismay is not just a spectacle but it is helping to raise money for the poor. look at this video posted on youtube as already generated three million hits since being posted six days ago. we a music teacher spent eight months building the display and coordinating it with the music of "star wars." it runs from 6:00 to 10:00 each night and you can make a donation that will go toward helping the homeless. >> we would love to see how you celebrate, sharing photos of
6:52 am
holiday lights and events on twit irand you can e-mail photos or video to us at >> back with seven things to know before you go, but, first, keeping weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break and this is the bay bridge toll plaza which is foggy and toll plaza which is foggy and backed up. toll plaza which is foggy and backed up. fousugar. only six?ns. six grams of sugar? that's really good. excellent, delicious... and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy!
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good morning, it is 6:54 on the morning news. from the sutro camera, looking across the city of san francisco, trust me, the city there somewhere. as is oakland. you can see diabolo peeking out from the east. we will have weather and traffic to let you know what is going on in a second or two. here are seven things to know before you go: breaks news in sausalito, crews are working to remove large boulders and mud that fell on to southbound highway 101 north of the waldo tunnel. c.h.p. says the hillside gave way at 2:30 this morning taking down a tree pole and a light pole -- rather, a light pole and a tree. >> look at the backup being caused at 28 minutes from here to the slide which is four miles
6:55 am
of backup. we have the sig-alert eastbound highway four all lanes are shut down because of the fatality involving two vehicles, we have detours in place, to fairview avenue until 10:00. >> check out fog, on live doppler hd half mile to oakland, quarter mile in hayward so castro valley boulevard and marina boulevard, 95th avenue, harvard parkway all the areas are dealing with patchy fog and thicker in the north bay valley. san jose, 101, 880, just clouds and east bay has temperatured in the near record high in the upper 60's. >> watch out for flooding today because not of recent rains but the king tide that is moving in that lasts several days caused by the grandfather station am pull of the sun and noon on the earth. new york city police commissioner says he has met
6:56 am
with the families of two officers murdered over the week. he says he believes the shoot of ramos and liu was a spinoff of recent demonstration over the eric garner and michael brown cases. >> san rafael man who treated ebola patients in liberia is back in the bay area and under quarantine. we he was placed on 21-day quarantine by health officials. >> san jose sacred heart community service is trying to make christmas special for those less fortunate. today and tomorrow, preselected families can come in and pick two toys and a book for every child. >> just about to say goodbye, but, first, there are delays at sfo. >> an hour and six minutes. >> call ahead if you are traveling today. we continue online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. see you in 25
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good morning, america. breaking right now, the christmas storm that could wreck so many holiday travel plans for millions of americans. snow, high winds, big rains, and thunderstorms. major delays looming on the road and in the air. will you make it home in time for the holiday? new this morning. police on high alert. the new threats this morning after the two officers were shot execution-style, ambushed in their squad car. emotional individualle vigils as friends and family. outrage growing as police blame leaders for inciting the violence. lady came in with a child. >> is he choking? >> yes, he's choking. two parents in panic after their son started choking


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