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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 22, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hour top story, a marin mudslide slows going in the north bay because of a landslide on to highway 101 at sausalito with rocks and debris blocking two southbound lanes. crews working hard to clear that road. thanks for joining us. there is a new estimate on when the lanes could re-open but, first, a huge bolder to deal with. our traffic reporter has the latest. >> that is right. we have a big mess on our hands and we have most of the mud cleared to the shoulder. however, we are still dealing
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with a big boulder to bring specialty equipment in to break it u they will have to do some pavement work, as well, but it is also a foggy drive. i want to show you the delays we are dealing with, 32 members away from larkspur right up to the scene of the mudslide. eric and cheryl? >> thank you. it is not ride slides but nothing messing up the drive for the rest of the people in the bay area. it is thick as you can see from the camera on mount tamalpais barely able to see the financial district through the clouds. here is how it looks for drivers, a look at the bay
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bridge toll plaza and you can see the fog is hovering right's them with a sign to warn drivers of thick fog on span. it is thick at the embarcadero and tourists were trying to enjoy the sights but they want to know how long the fog will last and what is ahead not rest of the week. meteorologist mike nicco is here with the answer. >> a couple more hours. it has take an long time for the sun because we are at the lowest sun angle the year after the longest night we will have we just lived through so without the sun warming the ground it is hard to get the atmosphere to send out the moisture and get the sun to breakthrough on a widespread nature. at sfo, we were able to see the tarmac but now it is fogged over at quarter-mile visibility leading to arrival delays at an hour and 26 minutes. there is thick fog along the
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peninsula and into the north bay. in the east bay early today, we have a light northern wind so that has moved off to the peninsula. >> the big story moving forward you can see the moisture in the eastern two-thirds of the country with delays in all three new york airports and the heaviest rain is not going to get there until tuesday night into wednesday. expect a lot of problems if you are trying to travel to the east coast on christmas eve. i want to let folks know i shouted that with a dash camera at 101, the rock slide. >> high tide called a king tide is hit the bay area, the highest tide of the year. our reporter joins us at pier 14. this has the potential to cause problems. >> it can cause flooding and some hassle to people. a lot of people came to the embarcadero this morning to
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catch a look at the unusually thick fog and while they are out here they are learn that mother nature has something else to show them this morning. as the water started to rise this only, people started wondering, why? the king tide is so rare many have never heard of it. >> i have not seen king tide. i probably have seen the king tide because i have lived here many years but just accident know what it was called. >> it is the highest tide that occurs in the winter and lasts town three days. some are looking forward to catching a films. >> amazing, i may try to see it. >> it is neat to see if it doesn't cause you problems. yesterday's king tide created flooding in mill valley. one exit was closed because of standing water and the shoreline highway had to be shut down because of all of the water. the parking lot at holiday inn express flooded.
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>> in san francisco there is a spot where high water will create some flooding and you better have on rain boots if walking on san francisco's embarcadero during the king tide. >> amazing. amazing. amazing. quite a phenomenon. >> noticed right here at embarcadero in san francisco, it is right at the rim and we are expecting it to bubble over and come up here on the sidewalk and maybe over to the street. it is at high tie and we are expecting it at 11 and another is expected if january and then in mid-february. help is on the way for residents of a redwood city mobile home park hit hard by flooding nearly two weeks ago. the city opened a recovery center to alie for relief money to cover the cost of cleanup and damage. there was still standing water in the rc mol home park on
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baymore road. if you need help, visit the fair oaks community center between 1:00 o'clock and 4:00 this afternoon. >> we are learning some new detail of a fatal accident in contra costa county, the c.h.p. says the victim was a 17-year-old boy. investigators say he was driving a white pickup which was dangling over the edge of the overpass. you can see how close it got to falling over and that happened on state highway 4 in brentwood. the c.h.p. says the truck spun out of the control and hit a work truck at 4:30 this morning. teen died at the scene. his name hat not been released. a 17-year-old girl in the car with him survived the accident. >> the wife of a window washer who lived through an 11 story fall is talking about his recovery. he broke several bones in the november 21 accident and he is still in the hop. he landed on a car and avoided injury to the driver inside. it is believed he may have
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slipped when adjusting a movable scaffold. his wife is talking to the media and we have learned the family is asking for donations to help cover the recovery. >> new york city's top cop is defending the mayor who is facing a backlash. >> the new york police department is shunning the mayor after two officers were gunned down in the hype of duty over the weekend. right now, the mayor is dressing the police athletic league luncheon and this is the scene in new york city. he called the attack "an attack on all of us," and asked protesters to stand down in the wake of the shooting. some officers blamed the mayor for the increased hostility toward law enforcement. >> this is a mayor that is committed and gets very little credit for the safety of the officers. >> investigators say the attack on the officers program hose and liu was an execution-style ambush and the two were sitting in the cruisers and never saw
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their attacker comes. that person is identified as 28-year-old imaaiyl brinsley shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend in baltimore before boarding a bus to new york city and carrying out thecyings and then committed suicide. >> in bay area law enforcement averages are racketing to the deadly new york city shooting wearing badges with a black stripe to show the support for the none -- new york police department as well as the police did in florida. >> the situation in morning and in florida, officers have lost their lives and it is the least we can do to show respect for their families and co-workers. >> officers are showing support on social media including this message on twitter "condolences to our nypd brothers and sisters and our thoughts and prayers to the family." fremont says "our condolences
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with the men membership of new york police department." >> a charity is handing out toys to thousands of needy children and the most they have ever given out but they still need more donations to meet the needs of thousands more young people. you can help, matt is at sacred heart community service in san jose. the shopping started an hour and 10 minutes ago and people are getting their toys right new. the need in the south by is before this year compared to last year. the charity is giving away the most toys in its history. >> this is the toy store where nothing is for sale. >> sacred heart community service in san jose is giving everything away to the parents of 5,800 kids in need and each child gets two toys and one book for christmas. >> when i opened the present the kids are, mom, i loved it, thank
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you. i love it. i love it. >> 17,400 toys and becomes will be given away the most ever by the charity. this morning they were 4,200 toys short of the goal and the call went out for help and people responded. >> just giving back to the community and taking care of people hard on their luck. and give them a start for the new year. >> the 700 volunteers make this happen from secretary the displays to fixing up and prepare the bicycles for the kids. >> it is inspiring for us because we feel we are not alone in a struggle to build a community free from poverty. >> 1,200 more were donated and
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$8,000 in cash donated so they can use the money to buy the more popular toys to replace on the shelves. this goes through tomorrow. >> making strides to restore the sony image and the move the company is making today has a proven tax record of success. >> history is made in orbit and what this astronaut did to break bake years and set a new mark for
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>> in southern california, days before christmas, a carjacker took off with a work van holding $20,000 in equipment and the owners are expecting a baby that was filled with everything they need to run their plumbing business. police are asking the public for tips. the carjackers were the ones would stole the van. that is sad. >> sony has fired a relife crisisment expert to help restore their image. according to business insider, smith will advise the co-chair on what steps the studio should take after pulling the movie "the interview," from theaters. smith previously worked as deputy press secretary to president obama george h.w. bush and worked with other high profile clients including monica
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lewinsky and michael vick. >> nasa got creative when they needed a wrenching -- wrench that is made to rate in zero gravity great 3-d. when the commander is done he will bring it to work so they can study if it funds or how it should function on earth with improvety. >> part of the evolution, but, still, it is slow to print 3-d things but it does speed up. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. husband, -- plus, u.p.s. is putting technology to work to get deliveries do your door. >> how "frozen," is coming to life and how your family can join in the
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>> santa's helper dressed in brown is if null force. u.p.s. style. they anticipate the busiest day in history and drivers will deliver 34 million packages in one day and after a slew of slow deliveries last year u.p.s. is hoping to get back on track leading up to this season the company spent half a billion to buy new software and identify zip codes and give drivers alternate routes when bad weather hits. >> people in spain will be glued to their tv hoping for christmas gifts they will not find under the tree. it is drawing day for the christmas lottery called el
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gordo. with the group of children singing the winning numbers on tv, the total jackpot is $3 billion. the number one winner will get $500,000 or so and the rest will be divided among thousands of players. >> and this story with break news, now, sadly from the world of music, we will tell you about that in a moment, but meteorologist mike nicco is standing by. meteorologist mike nicco? yes, good morning, everyone, here is a lot noise in the form of horns being blown by a last the ferries and other things because sited so foggy not original on land but more so over the water and a lot of mist and a last sweating on the roadways making them slick at this hour and showing no rain falling although we have had rain, 16 of 21 days so far in san francisco. if anything is measurable today, that will make 17 out of 22 days. ear is the high pressure that pushed the storm track to the north, finally taking control
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and it also stagnates our air and with its sinking nature put as lid on our atmosphere and that is can we are having a hard time mixing out the fog and the moist layer because of the sun not able to penetrate it and get the air to rise. this area of low-to-upper will bring a chance of rain on christmas evening. here is a look at the fog, very thick through the central valley so watch out because it will take longer to evaporate and what we dealing with. here is mount tamalpais we do not have cloud city any more it is clouded over. down in the south bay, there hand been this much fog as just a lot of should cover, so fog to hazy sunshine late in the afternoon and temperatures are above average and rain is possible wednesday evening and trending dry through the end of the year. those are the forecast highlights. now, temperatures today, we have to get to 66 in oakland with the fog, i don't think we will make it. in record there. 67 in san jose. 71 in santa rosa those were the
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closest i could find but we will be hungy to be in the mid-to-upper 60. the thing i have noticed, this month, look at the temperatures we should be in the 30's and 40's but we are in the 40's and 50's in many areas especially inland where we should be in the upper 30's for ranch highs -- average highs we have been running in the 50's from seven degrees warmer in average in oakland to 11 or 12 warmer in livermore. when you get the gas bill be thankful. >> now, fast forward to wednesday, at 7:00, clear other than the fog and increasing high clouds and dry during the day late. by 8:00, the light rain is in the north bay and you can see it falling apart as it moves through the heart of the bay from 8:00 to 10:00 and 10:00 to midnight we will make up to clear conditions as we head through thursday morning. lake tahoe will probably get the brunt of that storm and that is what i am thinking and a couple of ins up there and they could use more right now. what i am seeing they are only
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52 percent of where we should be. here is seven-day outlook, a we are dealing with tomorrow is temperatures almost the same as today and we will repeat this pat were because of the high pressure and the chance of light rain is cooler on wednesday and when we cool and the air is really dry like it is supposed to and we are rid of the fog, we will sometime warm into the upper 50's and low 60's which is warmer-than-average for friday, saturday and sunday. >> hope you have a good one. back to you. >> we have breaking news now from the world of music, british foreign singer joe cocker has died in colorado after losing a battle with lung cancer. he rose to fame in the 1960's with what was best known for the cover of the beatles hit "a little help with my friends," and "up where we belong," with jennifer warren from "an officer and a gentleman," and won a gram
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my for that song in 1983. from the big screen to the big store, "frozen golden globes global and you can transport your family to the happiest place on earth on this holt day. >> and shoppers are surprised with home decorateing tips even if you are down to the
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at 4:00, a daredevil soars to new heights using a lawn chair. and a criminal curiosity has police watching for grinches and bad santas liking a santa what robbed a bank. >> breaking information from the north by, 101, enjoy circumstance clear through sausalito after the landslide at 2:30 this morning that closed things down. of course well have more on that later in the newscast at 4:00 and 5:00 and 6:00. right new, the smash hit movie "frozen," is taking over the happiest place on equity. >> disney is the most happy place on earth and where better to celebrate christmas than here? >> one of a handful of celebrities is joining elsa and olaf for the christmas
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celebration and on christmas day you can watch the festivities from the comfort of your him right here. the broadcast combines parades at disney land and disney world and bringing you more fastive floats than you can count and a cast favorite characters and musical performances. disney is our parent company and you can check out the fund right here on christmas day at 10:00 a.m. >> of course, do not forget we would love to listen how you celebrate the holidays by sharing your pictures on twitter or e-mail photos or videos to us at >> from all of us, thanks for joining us.
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