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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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for a walk on sunday as the san leandro marina and they were attacked by two pit bulls. he said the dogs locked jaws on his dogs and would not let go. >> they were on us in month time, 100 yards when i first saw them and they were on us like this and they both immediately went and attacked my large dog. >> he and the dogs were hurt in the attack. people at the marina inn, saw the attack happen and helped beat the dogs off with chairs and tables. the hope now is images from a surveillance video can help police find the owner of the dogs who got away. a blue toyota pickup was spotted, the car they believe the dogs were let loose from and
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pounced on larry and his dogs. 4:30. mold contamination has forced eight firefighters from station 16 on south king road to relocate to two other stations. they have moved an engine and a truck from the station. the d says it will not affect fire coverage. mold at the station has been an issue before and it is the oldest fire stations in the city. new information about a case involving bay area police officers who shot and killed a man. the officers shot 35-year-old danny gonzalez in april of 2012 2 1/2 years ago. the miss say he fired first but as our reporter shows, new video and internal reports show gonzalez never fired a shot. >> we were starting our new life with a new baby and home.
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>> the woman was led to believe her barber died because he fired at them first. >> this didn't feel true, and i needed answers. >> she hired an attorney would obtained this police helicopter video of 35-year-old danny gonzalez walking out of his home holding a handgun and he was surrounded by squad officers. it is not clear what startled him but police believe he fired first. they returned fire with 60 rounds that killed gonzalez. he was shot twice in the back. >> one officer was overexcited and fired a shot when he came out and they could see a gun. that led other officers to believe shots were being fired. >> attorneys say the video shows that he never fired a shot. analysis found the gun was still on safety. >> we concluded that this was a scruffed shooting.
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>> deputy assistant d.a. admits this video was never part of the evidence in the internal investigation that helped him draw the conclusion. after viewing it he sees gonzalez point his gun at police while retreating. >> in doing so he raised the gun up and turned it around and point it back toward the direction of the police officer. >> the deputy d.a. says the conclusion this was in wrongdoing standing. the city attorney says a civilian jury found when officers located gonzalez he advanced toward them armed with a loaded handgun. >> thank god there was a video. that is all i can say. >> attorneys for gonzalez believe the video is so much a contradiction to the findings they are suing the stiff antioch san francisco police department is showing support for two fallen new york city police officers. a group from the department will haded to new york city to honor two officers killed on saturday
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in ambush. the police chief suhr is telling his officers to be on "heightened safety alert." >> be smart. don't be by yourselves. if there is any situation you feel you should have more officers, extra backup called for, err on the side of caution. >> protesters will not honor new york mayor's request to hold off on demonstrating over the police killing of blackmen until two officers murdered over the weekend are buried. police are accuse the mayor of creating a china mat of mistrust that contributes to the killing and police unions are circulating a petition from ban the mayor from attending police funerals. the funeral for rafael ramos shot and killed by britain -- imaaiyl brinsley will be held on saturday. >> the reward will go up to fine the killer of a firm teacher in
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the east bay. there is a $10,000 reward in the death of the teacher and today the we officials are announcing it will be raised. the 60-year-old was robbed and shot at the botanic preserve near skyline boulevard two days before thanksgiving. he sought in danville. police are looking if two men witnesses saw just before the shooting. >> on the peninsula a 13-year-old girl was followed by a man for several blocks while out for a jog and according to our media partner, the san jose mercury news she noticed the man at the intersection of park lane at 8:00 yesterday morning and he was driving a grave toyota prius and she said she stopped and tied her shoe places and saw him take pictures of her and she ran again and met up with a friend the girl says the man was unshaven wearing a red and blue cap and dark sunglasses.
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a window washer would fell from the roof of a remaining in san francisco is making progress if his recovery after surviving 11-story full a month ago landing on top of an automobile. the family says he is now talking and eating. they have made a three for donations to help with expenses. his wife is now working overtime and their oldest daughter dropped out of college to take on more hours as a caregiver. >> we need to pay the rent and our out estimates and insurance and clothes groceries and we are just barely scraping by. >> a go fund me account has raised more than $30 the. if you would like to help you can visit our website at abc7 . you will have flooding in low-lying areas on game two. >> the high tide flooded a section of the shoreline highway in mill valley near highway 101 and the tide reached the height at 6.5' just before noon and it
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is expected to peak today noon today in san francisco and sausalito and oakland. this happens weapon the sun and moon align pulling the ocean water to opposite sides of the earth and creates extremely high and low tide. >> governor brown has declared an emergency in four california counties because of the storms from a week and a half ago including marin, san mateo, and mendocino and addresses the agencies to help deal with storm damage and the request of emergency funds from washington to repair damaged roads. >> residents of a mobile park evacuated because of flooding have been allowed to return. heavy rain flooded the park with contaminate water back on december 12. yesterday, caltran crews dredged out debris that clogged the drains. it left pools of standing water. people would live there say they
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have dealt with glads in the past but this was the worst. now a check with mike and the forecast. >> yesterday's high king tide was the highest we will have this series but today is only 1-2" shorter. we will still have issues through 3:00 this afternoon with localized flooding, and the areas that flooded along the bay shoreline or the coast, all the areas, same thing will happen today. we will look at when i believe that will happen, high tide today, we have seen the lower of the two tides occur at 11:44, and sausalito 12:01 and temperature wise you are coming into strap mid-50's and crossing the golden gate bridge it will be 54. you will like what leyla gulen shows you, 55 at the ferry building and downtown. looking across our neighborhoods, mid-40's around walnut creek and american canyon and cooler and up to ten degree
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cooler than yesterday. check out the bay water just like glass as we look at the tugboat chugging along, temperatures are nearly record highs low-to-mid 60's at the coast and mid-60 to low 70s for the rest us. >> i found some fog at the golden gate bridge with a fog advisory, however, along 880 influence fremont at 1-2 miles visibility and c.h.p. will keep the fog advisory in affect until further notice. along 85 and 87 a fog advisory. san jose is certainly understand soupy conditions and so is the golden gate bridge so be careful. coming from marsh to san francisco use the low peoples. here is a look over the altamont pass, with slowing building coming in from tracy through the pass at 53 miles per hour and into livermore at 69 miles per hour. from tracy to dublin right now it will take 25 minutes only, antioch to concord is 13 minutes. 101 southbound san rafael to san
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francisco is 17 minutes. a for start so far. no sig-alerts. >> a new car could be on the holiday wish list. the vehicles and insurance groups that will protect you best in an accident. >> the man known as "mr. christmas," hangs up the lights for the final time and the community thanks him for countless years of holiday cheer. the bay bridge toll plaza is all but deserted but you will see traffic picked up in the comes hours and leyla gulen will stay on top of that and we have weather and traffic through the weather and traffic through the entire commercial break
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 4:42. san francisco police investigated a crash involving one of their patrol cars and a scoot other that happened before
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8:00 last night. neither vehicle appears it have suffered much damage. paramedics responded to the scene the no one was taken to the hospital. safety is gain ground in the auto industry despite tougher standards, 71 vehicles have earned top honors in safety tests up from 39 last year. according to the insurance institute for highway safety the 2015 models of prius and ford focus and honda civic were high in safety for small the 2015 models of honda crv and chevrolet and gmc terrain took high marks in s.u.v. category. for a full list of vehicles visit a san rafael mother is leading a new global effort to remember the 140 lives lost when taliban militants storm add pakistani school. most of the victims were
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children. the c.e.o. of nonprofit roots of peace is asking everyone to take part in a vigil across the globe at 11:00, the one week anniversary of the attack. officials at vatican and nativity church in bethlehem pledged to light candles and these are pictures from a vigil held by children in afghanistan. each year the holiday season means folks in one neighborhood enjoy a very special light show. >> man known as "mr. christmas," has been doing it for years and this is the last year. we look at a 9 gift he has given his neighbors. >> for one hour in concord, what a difference daytime to night time makes in christmas season. >> the man who has earned a special name around here, mr. christmas, known merks, age 85, has put this
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together in honor of his late wife and it is grown bigger each year in terms of neighborhood importance and spectacle. >> parents 35 years old who around here as kids and they got their own kids and their kids got kids. >> jackie is one, seen the house each year. >> since i was 75. >> this is the last. m christmas cannot get the 50,000 bulbs up-and-down at 85 years old. it is a five month project. >> the last year i didn't take them down because i couldn't get them down. >> which bothered jackie. a lot. >> it would be sad to end unplugging the lights and having no recognition. >> did you expect this? >> no, i didn't. a shock. >> is it thank enough? >> three seasons in one here. >> christmas joy. christmas thanks. christmas love.
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they say when you give you get back tenfold. the consistent case of mr. christmas, maybe even more. >> we love you, mr. christmas. it is quite a sight and it has changed a little over the years. it used to cost more for electricity now he has gone all l.e.d.s. what a great story and speaking of christmas, a few days away. dry? >> dry for christmas. the system that comes in tomorrow is so quick it could rain for an hour at the most, and then it is gone. it will be breezy tomorrow. it will be cooler than our record highs today. good morning, everyone, we are a quarter of the hour at 5:00, you can see the low clouds along the coast and a lot of the fog because we have a different wind shift staying along the coast into the south bay. shear a look at our high
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pressure and look how far to the north the steam track is, a quick change when the low crashes through over the next 24 to 36 hours. check out san jose. how often are you in the spot? this is walnut creek where you are looking down to downtown walnut creek south on 680 you do not see it here but there is plenty of fog in the san ramon valley so watch out for that. record highs are likely and breezy and quick light showers tomorrow and dry air means cooler lows and highs thursday through the rest of the stepped forecast. look for 70 in santa rosa and 67 to san rafael and oakland and, also, san jose. 68 today in mountain view and 71 in gilroy those are all record high temperatures of the tonight, you can see the fog
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again mainly in the mid-to-upper 40's to low 50's. we will look what will happen at the system at 7:00 tomorrow morning you can see clouds and they increase quickly and we are mostly cloudy by the time we get to noon, a few light showers ahead of the main system and that is just now hoofing in to the heart of the bay. at 2:00, it is already in the bay by 4:00, it is already trying to copy the bay so that is the 1-2 hour window of quick rain before it moves out for when evening festivities rainfall amounts are .1 to and the north bay mountains could get a little bit more than that. when it passes look at our temperatures, 10-15 degrees cooler with sunshine on christmas and the seasonal temperatures will hang around all the way through the weekend. leyla gulen? >> we are starting at the san mateo bridge where it looks like
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both the travel and the weather are clear from hayward to foster city. as you make it across the water, it will take you seven minutes to get there. the rest of the bay area has a lot of green on the roads so we are at top speeds everywhere but we do have areas of construction and one is through pleasant hill northbound 680 where you will find three lanes blocked and this project is going to last until 6:30 this morning. in the southbound direction you will not have a problem and we are looking at clear conditions into walnut creek. this area is shaded in open as we traffic weather and traffic and c.h.p. issued a folk advisory and that is what the orange is indicating traveling along 85, highway 87, you make it along 101, and into downtown san jose you are going to be seeing some thick fog so use the low peoples -- beams. >> black berry is working on a new self destructing smartphone. >> google is taking the wraps
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off the first prototype of a self driving car. >> in tech bytes, bowing is concerning up with blackberry for a top secret smartphone that will have built in indiscretion, satellite or radio capability and ability to self destruct if it is tampered with. >> new research finds that the tablet could affect your sleep. those who use digital books have disrupted sleep patterns and are more tired in the morning. >> google is a step closer to the sell driving car with a working model. unlike the mockup google showed last spring, this has brakes, steering and headlights. no word on production but google says they will test this on roads next year. look out. those are the technical baits --
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bytes. >> when and where giants fans can get personal time with not one but three giants. >> a perfect stopping stuffer they are used but the problem of giving gift cards. >> first, a look outside the san francisco skyline this morning, embarcadero center from kgo camera you can keep tabs on weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break with the entire commercial break with abc 7
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>> welcome back, everyone, at 4:53. when santa needs help to get toys to needy kids he called in the marines. >> stuff animals will have new homes because of the marine corps reserves toys for tots. they sorting out toys in san bruno to be distributed today and tomorrow. folk like you have helped the
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marines by filling donation barrels located around the bay area. >> we invite you to join us and give where you live. disney has donated $10,000 to toys for tots to help deserving bay area kids have a brighter holiday. find out how to help on our website at salvation army officials in massachusetts are stunned and pleased with a heart warming donation. >> an australian woman who relocated there with her son went to give back so she put in a diamond cross in the kettle wanting them to sell the cross and give it to those less fortunate as a thank you to the people of the city valued at $1,500. time for a check on the wet forecast. mike? a beautiful picture from sutro tower and a lack of fog around san francisco and
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emeryville and oakland to berkeley. look at the temperatures, we have been in the upper 40's to mid-50's for lows and nowhereally we are in the upper 30'sette from 7-12 degrees warmer-than-average. now, a look at another record high in lake tahoe, 55 degrees and mid-70's down in southern california and check out what is going to happen tomorrow in lake tahoe, 3-6" of powder for you to ski on if you are headed up in for the holidays. they will make snow the rest of the week with highs in the 30's and 40's. leyla gulen? >> we will look at...the san mateo bridge still clear with no accidents. in the north bay we have clear conditions and continuing in the southbound direction no delays threw lucas valley and san rafael. drive time traffic 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes.
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santa rosa to san francisco is 53 minutes and from one to los gatos is 24 minutes. it is 4:56. this stretch of street in san francisco is ranked first in a new top ten list of the best bicycle lanes in america. a bicycling group conducted the survey and it allows bicyclists to go against the flow of traffic near market street. >> if you plan to give gift cards this holiday season you may find it worthwhile to remind people to actually use they. retailers say gift cars sales hit $124 billion this year up from $118 billion last year. sales have doubled since 2007 but here is the catch: a new study reveals $750 million in gift cars goes unredeemed. the cars are at risk for scams. thieves scan the card numbers off the backs and wait until it
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is activated to use it themselves. bail fans the world series trophy is going on a two-month tour, all three of them. >> did you know this were three? >> i did. giants c.e.o. showed off the trophy after the team returned from kansas city in october. the tour begins in sacramento with stops in oregon, and reno. you cannot touch the hardware and fans are allowed only to take one photo each during the two hours the trophies are on display. we have a list of where and when at pg&e releases more e-mails between it and state regulators with what they reveal about how far back improper contact between the two sides stretched. >> why a silicon valley billionaire says he has the right to deny access through his property to a popular bay area beach. >> we leave you with a look at
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the eastern span of the bay bridge. this is a way to keep you on top this is a way to keep you on top of weather and traffic through female announcer: even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is tuesday. december 123. thanks for joining us. kristen sze has the day off. i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco and the rain will slip through here. quickly tomorrow. one to two hour event and then it is gone. if you can stay in the mall or wherever you are shopping, if you have to travel and let it pass and go back out. look where the thickest fog is, napa is no


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