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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the bay area's largest city is forced to close down a fire station. the has arrest leading to the emergency action in san jose. the internet is back on in north korea after hours long outage. >> and new developments on the movie upetting is the country. >> safe way lawsuit, a family says their loved one died after eating something she bought at a grocery store. good morning, thanks for joining us. it is december 23, tuesday, only two shopping days left until christmas. leyla gulen? >> at the lunch of coal is becoming a diamond. >> you promiseed you would make
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a ball with the aluminum foil. >> to go along with your foil hat. okay, we have fog, three-quarters of a mile visibility in napa. quarter-mile in san jose. how office den do we talk about san jose having the thingist? the fog is trying to move in but it is not so widespread at yesterday. that is 101 at 880 in san jose. it is cooler this morning, with sunshine and low-to-mid 60's and record highs by 4:00. this evening, the next 12 hours, it will be in the mid-50's. >> the mild temperatures today but as we sanity to leyla gulen, this is fog. >> definitely fog. we do have limited visibility in several places. the golden gate bridge shows we are under a fog advisory coming in from marin to san jose and it does not appear to be affecting traffic with clear conditions. as we move into san jose we are
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starting to see things clearing out. we could barely see our hand and face long 87 near the tank and north direction with traffic willing. we are accident free across the bay area. a great start to the morning. the morning is young. we start in the south bay where a firehouse in san jose is shut down because of a growing mold problem. matt keller has details on the toxic threat. san jose firefighters are down at the station and the goal was to make sure the area where the station was, was prosecuted from all emergencies. they are patrolling the area. this is video of the station that is closed down station 16 on south king road an older building away for decades. firefighters found mold inside the station and that has been an issue. it looks as if it was waste. possibly from the recent rain. they called out the command staff and the command staff determines it could be unhealthy
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to thereby so though closed the station. >> a tire spokesman said they had crews patrolling the area in east san jose during the peak hours with the goal to protect the accidents of the area and protecting the firefighters and not putting them in a hazardous situation inside station 16. it is not uncommon for other stations to cover areas when crews are dealing with big built if like house fires. firefighters say last night was not busy. this is just a temporary fix. firefighters expect to have a more detailed plan on what will happen next. that will be later today. the family of a california woman whose death was linked to pre-packaged carmel apples is suing the safe way chain for selling the product. it alleges that the 81-year-old woman bought carmel apples from a safeway before halloween and died december 2 after suffering
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from infection. the centers for disease control says she was sickened with the same strain of listeria that infected 28 others in continueed we problem in ten different states. >> in north korea there was a 9 1/2 hour outage as sony was 1/2 hour outage as sony was forced to interview." and his assassination. a congressman is offering to screen the "interview," at the united states capitol and says the united states needs to stand in solidarity with the sony distribution. and new to new york and the death of the two police officers with a moment of silence at 2:47 local time when they were shot
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on saturday. the mother of the gunman is deeply sorry for her son's deadly ambush and our reporter has that story. a brutal attack against two new york police department officers have police in new york and across the nation on guard. >> when a guy in new york is murdered in cold blood we feel it deep in our heart and it opens our eyes. >> police are cautious of copycats with new numbers showing officers killed in the line of duty compared to last year up by 23 percent and those killed by firearms seeing a jump of 58 percent. >> the officers have absolutely no chance no awareness the. >> shot dead at point plank range the officers were assassinated. their families are reeling just days before christmas. >> this is a time for both of our families but we will stand
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together and get through this together. >> the officer almost iu was married two months ago and almost ramos leaves a wife and two sons killed at the hands of 28-year-old imaaiyl brinsley. it is believed his gun was inside the elastic bag. if brooklyn, hundreds pay tribute including eric garner's daughter. >> we are not a uniform does not categorize you. he had a family, a wife, children. >> the new york city mayor is asking for peace and asking the profits be put on hold until after the officer's funeral. san francisco police officers are remembering one of their own who died in the line of duty eight years ago. last night they gathered to remember the officer who was shot december 22, 2006 in the
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sunset district by an escapee from a state correction am work camp. another officer opened fire and killed the gunman and a plaque dedicated to him is on display across from the street police station. more accusations over the assault by ray mcdonald when she was unconscious. she claimed she met him at a bar and they continued to drink at his home december 14. she last remembered hitting her head after falling near the swimming pool and she went to san jose police with her story. a detective exchanged text messages with mcdonald while posing at woman saying "i don't understand yes are bothered you decided to stay with me for another day." the detective answers yes, but you shouldn't have sex with me after i was knocked out. >> ray mcdonald to be convicted has to know the accuser was so impaired she was not capable of giving concept.
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>> the accuser said he admitted to having sex with her the day after she woke up naked in the bed and police are investigating. lawyers for a billionaire technical tycoon are looking to low out a judge's order allowing public access to a beach through his property. the attorneys want a new trial. the mercury news said they sent a memo to the judge asking her to amend or toss out her ruling ordering him to open a gate for allow vehicle access to martin's beach. attorneys claim that people have been walking down to the beach from highway one which the ruling does not aa lou and ignoring the warnings of property managers. >> a check now of the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. mike? good morning, chris. >> nice to see you. >> we will talk about delays. the planes are having a hard time leaving atlanta and houston and having a hard final getting into philadelphia, la gua
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and newark. overnight and tomorrow we will have snow around chicago and tonight through tomorrow morning we could have delays. we call ahead. back home, the highest king ties were yesterday, but, still, they are close to yesterdays level so look for localized flooding at 11:54 and 11:44 in san francisco and 12:01 in oakland. >> if you are in marin, be careful with the park-'n-ride because that gets flooded. back on track as far as bart with 50 trains running on time and the ace train one and three also are on time. good shape as far as mass transit. metering lights are turned on at
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5:42 but not huge delays, ten minutes from the east bay into san francisco so it i don't be worse. we will look at what is happening here, a new crash northbound 680 at the parkway, if you are leaving milpitas and headed into fremont you could find it and we are look at slowing there in the northbound direction and southbound traffic is slow-and-go and as you head up to are whatten the rest of the drive, though, wide open and clear. the shooting deaths of two new york city police officers leads facebook-owned instagram to take action and what users are if longer allowed to do on the popular photo app. >> we will show you more of of the bowl brawl between two college football teens. >> a driver tries to ram another drive off the road all caught on camera. >> you can see the bay bridge in the distance with traffic moving along nicely on the embarcadero.
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.ç 6:13.
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a look from the camera at the bay and the bay bridge in the back ground. you do not see the fog coverage we had year but there is some still out there. both hike and leyla gulen are racking that. i have more information ahead. >> a woman and her girlfriend experienced a terrifying road rage incident over the weekend caught on cell phone video. the women gave the bird to the driver of a pickup on i-80 who cut them off. they admit they should not have done that in light of what followed. >> she is push us off the road the she get out of the car and started waving her arms at us saying i am a sheriff, i am a sheriff, i am a sheriff. she went back to her car and i reversed and pulled into the fast lane. >> go to the officer. go to the officer. go to the officer. okay. okay. okay. please, make sure he helps us. please. >> the c.h.p. met them at bottom the ramp and arrested the woman who just got out jail hours
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earlier on a charge physical any hit-and-run and now facing charges of assault with a deadly women and reckless driving. >> face book owned instagram is responding to the shooting debt of two police officers no longer letting users search for "shoot the police," as we have reported, the suspect in the case post fledening messages on instagram. they now are explaining the move in a statement saying and i quote, "our deepest thoughts and sympathy go out to the family and friends of the two police officers slot and killed in new york. there is no place of this content in our community." >> suspension and penaltyies are most likely issued after a bowl game ended if a brawl yesterday in the miami beach bowl inauguration. the to teams started going at it. look at the scene, to reason has been given for the bad blood with for reports of injuries.
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fm miss won 55-48. >> sucker punch this. >> scary moment in san diego, the second of san diego state collapsed after losing diagnose if into the game. he was attended to for ten minutes before being taken away on a stretcher. his father, director of development in san francisco came out and he will have tests today. >> terroristening to see that. frightening. especially back to players would collapsed and then die on the court. >> hopefully, he will get better and be back on the court. >> now a check with mike and the forecast. >> we have fog this morning. temperatures are up to about 11 degree cooler than year. dress warmly this morning. you can see live doppler hd is tracking the fog and it has been thickest in the santa clara
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valley no matter where we have looked with our high definition camera whether it is 87 at sharp tank and 101 or 1280 and 17 it is very soupy. be careful. now fairfield is the other spot, half mile travel through 280 or headed over telephone to napa we have thick fog in napa up to two miles and half a mile earlier so that pay have moved up to american canyon. check owe the glass this morning, the only waves on the bay are from the ferry encountering federally clear conditions compared to yesterday and winds less than five miles per hour. beautiful picture. we have one finger of fog across 101 around san rafael and otherwise it is an easy commute and you are cleaner than most people. we do not having for on 101 and we have fog in san jose. weird start. quick sunshine record highs are likely. breezy. quick. light showers. dry air means cool lows and cool
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highs. back to winter-type conditions after the record high today starting christmas day influence the weekend. we are at 49 in cupertino to 57 in los altos and most us in the low 50's. 53 in alameda and san francisco is warmest, and lafayette, at 48 and danville is at 45. today, 67 in san rafael. 70 in santa rosa, 71 in gilroy and 68 we in mountain view. tonight, a lot of fog and upper 40's to low 50's. unusually warm for us, and now the cold front is. coming in tonight, and it is going do bring an increase in high clouds through tomorrow morning with the fog and as we head to noon that is when the rain will move into the north bay and it is only there a couple of hours into the heart of the bay by 2:00 and the south bay by 2:00 or 3:00, and gone by 5:00, the evening festivities tomorrow, christmas east, are
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dry and you could see stars and it will be breezy, though, and will not be a still night. the temperatures show 10- or 15-degrees cooler by christmas afternoon and we will hand out in the upper 50's to low 60's through the weekend. stilling for advisory and along 87 through san jose the fog comes and goes and ins and blow -- and ins -- ebbs and flows so drive slowly. the fog has been getting things slowed out and gets thick again so we have fog advisory for 85 and 87 and 880 near dixon landing if you go between milpitas and fremont very slow visibility. we have construction wrapped up. that is good news at walnut creek. the drive 680 northbound from treat to monument, all lanes have re-opened and this protect is with us, eastbound 580 for
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north flynn that will last until 9:00 this morning and traffic is easing through the altamont pass and most of the bump minute per traffic is at the interchange. if you are expecting to get a new smartphone or tablet over the holidays we have a gift for you: the abc7 app free on apple app and google play with more information at apple app and google >> still looking for a perfect holiday gift? how about a smartwatch? we have everything you need to know. >> but, first i get that new watch, weather and traffic during the commercial break and you are looking at the golden ♪because i love you
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>> you have probably heard the talk about smart technology including watches. we have partnered with "7 on your side" and "consumer reports" to find out more information. good morning, wearable tech is a fast moving market that is evolving but "consumer reports" says the timing could be right
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this holiday season. having a smartphone means you can get calls anywhere, having a matter watch lets you see who is calling without digging out the phone. that means information at a glance. >> it is easy to look at the watch and see what time it is watch and see what time it is and see who is calling. calls and messages. to go beyond the basics, consider a watch that uses the droid wear operating system. >> directions to consumer report test laboratories this is a game changer, you can use voice commands to do searches but it pushes relevant information to the watch. say you have a calendar appointment, it will tell you what time to leave and how long it will take you to get there. >> the samsung sells for $100 and the easy to use color touch
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scene displays stock prices, weather and your heart rate. this $230 watch is another good choice for droid user from lg and the touch scene is as intuesdayive and rated "excellent," for scratch resistant. for ios this is no obvious choice. >> they are harder to operate because they are push button and harder to see. what everyone is anticipating is apple. >> some people are early adopters. >> apple watch is due out in early 2015 and is expected to cost around $350. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including a new study about smartphones and sleep. we breakdown the new medical alert and give you best practices to physical. >> first, the bay area when watcher who survived an 11 story fall and how he is going and how the community is stepping up to
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help. san lenadro police are look nothing a man who released his two pit pulls in a public area and they went on a rampage with the story coming up. tracking the storm that could bring .1" to converter -- to quarter inch of rain tomorrow. and this is fog this morning and snow on the way to the sierra. >> in the traffic center i go out on a limb and say folks are taking an early start to the christmas holiday and we have light conditions in san mateo looking heavier there as you cross the water but look at the bay bridge toll plaza big gaps between the haves there so it is a for sign and accident free headed in from the east bay to san francisco.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 6:29 on this tuesday morning. the tuesday morning which is two days before christmas. we do not want you to feel pressure. here is a look from our camera
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toward the eastern span of the bay bridge it is going pretty well. you still have time for get me a gift. >> your gift? >> you stand next to me. >> the gift that keep on giving. cent christian has -- kristen sze has the day off. >> i am eric thomas and leyla gulen is here. big lump of coal over there. okay, put a little weight open. >> maybe you will get a dime. fog in the santa clara valley to fairfield and napa but the last two areas are improving while the valley is not. we are at 87 near the shark tank and we look at the next 12 hours it is up to 10 or 11 degrees cooler than year, mid-40's to mid-50's and the sunshine because the fog is not so widespread low-to-mid 60's by noon and mid-60's to 70 with record highs this afternoon and headed out this evening, it will be mild so do not take the coat,
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mid-50. upper 50's. >> i didn't need a coat last night. maybe i got you something. >> maybe you didn't. >> maybe i didn't. if you get an early start to the malls you are not going to fine much traffic. the drive coming from the east bay to san francisco that is the eastern span of the bay bridge and it is beautiful shot you can see the embarcadero rate up for the holidays and gorgeous conditions and accident free and we have a fog advisory issued by the condition along 101 and 880 so low visibility, use the low beams and so far, it hasn't caused any accident and that is great news, a wonderful way to the start the holidays. >> we will start off developing in the east bay a san lenadro man and the rescue dogs are covering from a vicious pit bull attack so out of control police had to shoot and kill them. our reporter joins us with that
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story. good morning, san lenadro police say they are still looking for the owner of the two pit bulls accusing him of setting them free at san lenadro marina and they went on a vicious attack. larry osborn said the dogs attack him and his two rescue dogs. the dogs knocked him down and locked jaws on his dogs and would not let go. >> they were on us in month time, they were 100 yards when i first saw them and on us just like this. they both immediately went and attacked my large dogs. this happened at the marina in san leandro and people at the marina inn saw the attack happening and beat the dogs off with chairs and tables. early in the morning they attacked and killed a dog who was with a jogger. it took a while to hunt down the animals and they finally cornered the animals and when
6:33 am
they were aggressive they had to shoot and kill them. they hope images will help them track down the owner who they believe was driving a blue toyota pickup and they are asking for anyone with information to come forward. it is 6:33. san francisco's police department is showing support for two fallen new york city police officers. a group from the department will head to new york city to on two officers killed saturday to an ambush attack. the police chief suhr is telling his officers to be on what he described as a heightened safety alert. >> be smart. don't go anywhere by yourselves. if there is any situation where you feel you should have more officers, extra backup, call for it. err on the side of caution. >> protesters say they will not on the mayor's request to hold off on --
6:34 am
the officers are bury having created we a climate mistrust between the officers and the public and they want to ban the mayor from attending the police funerals. the funeral for officer ramos will be held on saturday. a 13-year-old on the peps that was followed by a man for several blocks in atherton while jogging. the girl first noticed the man on the road around 8:00 in the morning and he was driving a gray prius and she stopped to tie her shoe places and saw the man taking pictures of her and she started writing and met up with a friend and lost sight of the man. the man was unshe veteran and wearing a red and blue beani cap and dark sunglasses. >> the reward will go up to fine the killer of a former teacher
6:35 am
in the east bay. there is already $10,000 reward in the death of the teacher. today, 9 regional park officials will announce it is to be raised. he was robbed and shot to delegate at the botanic preserve near skyline boulevard two days before thanksgiving. he taught in danville. police are looking for two men witnesses saw on the trail before the shooting. a when washer who fell from the roof of a building in we san francisco is making progress in his recovery. he survived 11 story fall a month ago happening on a car. the family says that he now is talking and eating. they have made a plea for donations. his wife is working overi'm and their oldest daughter dropped out college to take on more hours as a caregiver. >> we need to pay the rent, our utilities and insurance ask clothes and grocery. we are barely scraping by.
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>> the account to spoor perez during his recovery -- -- an account to support perez during his recovery has raised $30,000. remember last week when the doug last hundreds of points over two days? they have gotten it back and more. the dow is up 46 points and for the first time, ever, crossing the 18000-mark. that is right. your broker is dancing a jig. firefighters in danger with toxic hazard forcing san jose first responders out their firehouse. >> are you driving a safe vehicle? we have the newest crash test results from the insurance institute for highway safety. the toll plaza shows the traffic is building in volume and packed. you can get weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial throughout the entire commercial break
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a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars.
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let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. we are back at 6:39. the king tide is as high as it was yesterday with another coming. we had one early this morning until 3:00, looking out for localized flooding on the bay shore and the coast at 11:54 in sausalito and 11:four in san francisco and 12:00 in oakland.
6:40 am
the fog gives way to mid-60's in the central valley and upper 60's in monterey and a record 55 degrees the second day if a row in lake tahoe and 6" of snow tomorrow down to 4,000 feet at lake tahoe. check out the temperatures. teens to low and 30's for the highs. >> remark is a breeze. no accidents. here is a look at the golden gate bridge where you can see the fog that has subsided. it is now clear. you can see coming into san francisco and that is a lovely drive with green conditions but the a mass is showing delays from tracy to dublin and it will take you 31 minutes but it could be much, much, much worse. 680 southbound from dublin/pleasanton 16 minutes and in santa cruz, san jose, northbound from 101 to cupertino, six minutes but we have a fog advisory.
6:41 am
be careful. a new recall to tell you about this morning, seven million popular coffee makers. >> is director favorite gadget affecting your sleep. >> we tell you the best time to turn it off so you can sleep if peace. again, a look at the big board and the dow is up 45 minutes for first time crossing the 18000 mark. stay tuned. >> stay in the know with abc7 news and at look at the san mateo bridge traffic moving nicely in both directions. leyla gulen will mike will keep leyla gulen will mike will keep you posted throughout the show.
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leyla gulen will mike will keep you posted throughout the show.
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. happening now, firefighters are investigating three separate car fires in san jose. they all happened overnight between 11:30 and 1:00 o'clock. two fires happened near a high school in san jose blocks apart and happened within 40 minutes of each other the last fire was on the southeast side of the city. in san jose, firefighters are dealing with a headache of their own: mold.
6:45 am
>> it led to the closing of a fire station. matt keller spoke with specials and joins us. matt, firefighters have a dangerous job as it is and closing this fire station because of the mold was a for brainer. the fire station 16 at south king road, an older building around for decades. firefighters found mold in the station an ongoing issue but it looks like it got worse possibly from the recent rain. they called out the command staff and the command staff determined it could be unhealthy to be there and they closed down the station and moved the crews to the nearby stakes with crews patrolling in east san jose. >> our job is dangerous enough and it feels good that we have made a decision to look out for the crews' safety and try to balance our crews' safety and the safety of the citizens at the same time.
6:46 am
this station is one of two stations the eight firefighters were sent to overnight. it was a slow night in station 16 jurisdiction in east san jose. what is next? the mold will be evaluated and the command staff will have to determine if they will move the firefighters back in or if they place them in some type of temporary housing. 6:46. safety is gaining ground in the auto industry despite tougher standards, 71 vehicles have earned top honors in crash safety toasts and that is a big jump from 39 last year. the insurance institute for highway safety ranked a slew of 2015 models for small cars, the troy prius and ford focus and honda civic were fire and mid-sized models the chrysler 200 and mazda 6 were on the list. in the s.u.v., the honda and terrain took home the high
6:47 am
mashes. you may have heard a story about e-readers affecting sleep. if you read a book on a flowing screen, you have a tough time getting enough time getting enough shut eye. the lack of sleep is connected to the blue light coming from color tablet. >> we have heard it before, the short blue light. the theory is it disrupts the rhythms that are important to our sleep and wake cycle and depresses the hormone that helps us fall asleep. unmug 30 to 60 minutes before dead type the. >> kids also feed to unplug. we the average american teen spends 7 1/2 hours a day on tablet, computer, smartphone or other tech device. trading is underway on wall street for the first time ever and the dow over the 18000 mark.
6:48 am
>> this is the big board, the dow is building and up 54 points to 18014 after a new report showing the united states economy grew 5 percent in the last quarter the fastest growth in more than a decade. >> investors are reacting positively on top of reassurance from the fed that interests will not rise soon. new this morning, seven million popular single serve brewing machines are being recalled from kurig which has gotten 200 reports of hot water spaying from the brewer and 90 reports of burn-related injury and say they will fix the machines free of charge with the details posted on i bet you would like to know what the weather is like. >> i hope so. i am not doing sports. good morning, everyone, i am
6:49 am
glad you asked. we will have a cameo of me on the poor, our visibility on live doppler hd shows it is thickest in the south bay and the weather is upside down this morning. the visibility of we san jose international airport and san jose at highway 87 near the shark tank you can see how thick the fog is. in fairly it is down to half a mile as you travel along 80 or head along 12 to napa where we have three-quarters so watch out american canyon we have the fog leaking out there. this is a gorgeous shout the same as the cloud city we had yesterday from mount tamalpais and i have tweeted that if you want to take a longer look at it. we sunshine today because of the lack of cloud cover and near record highs and a better chance today than the 70's that we tied in santa rosa year. breezy and quick light showers tomorrow and dry air so the lows
6:50 am
will drop into the 30's and 40's and our highs struggle into the upper flirts on thursday, christmas day through monday, that is where we should be in the mid-to-upper 40's lafayette and dublin and concord and union city and fremont and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50's from pittsburg at 50 and san three zero 55 and el cerrito 56. at the airport it is 53. 67 in oakland. 71 in gilroy, all record highs. widespread fog and upper 40's to low 50's. we high pressure to the east high pressure to the west. that means inboundly warm weather this afternoon. it is quick hitting system that gives a chance for light showers. tomorrow we will have fog and increasing clouds at 7:00 in the morning and by noon, we will see the rain trying to push into the north bay and by 2:00 it is pushing into the heart of the bay and 3:00 to 4:00, maybe 5:00, through the south bay, by
6:51 am
6:00 it is gone and still it will be breezy but the clouds will fill out with a star fill night. rainfall amount .1" to quarter of an inch so look from an hour to two of quick hitting shower and it is over. on thursday, christmas day, increasing sunshine and we could hit the 60 in a few areas but not is warm as the record highs today. it has been cleared and accident free all morning. i love reporting that. walnut creek shows travels there not stopping whatever. you have quick conditions as you come away from highway 4 to the 24 junction and it will only take you nine minutes so a wonderful drive if you are headed out of pleasant hill. we will take you back to the am pass where automatic the traffic in the westbound direction is dissipating with most of us descended around livermore and the rest of us is to the dublin interchange and not too bad. we have construction, though, around until 9:00, eastbound 580 from friendville to north flynn,
6:52 am
watch out for the cone zone and slow down as we take you to the north along cartinez and the benicia bridge with top speed. to the north as you head beyond the cordelia interchange from fairfield to benicia and through american canyon and vallejo, no delays at all, a great drive this morning. >> we back with seven things to know before you go. >> but, first, a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see cars moving through the taft lane and on this view you can see the cars today with knowing for in this part of town. stay close. well keep weather and traffic up throughout the entire commercial throughout the entire commercial break and you will no
6:53 am
6:54 am
whether you are just joining us or headed outdoor seven theys to know. >> one is the fog and the north bound nature that it is mostly in the south bay at quarter mile there and a quarter mile in the central valley and fairfield. delays if houston, atlanta, philadelphia, la guardia and newark and getting out of san francisco because of that, though, the sky is beautiful...record high temperatures. mid-60's to low 70's. two, that is the bay bridge toll plaza. i swear. it is. look how empty it is. we have holiday lite conditions starting today. we have a bit of fog in the mix.
6:55 am
in san jose, fog advisory issued by c.h.p. is here so be careful. along 87, 85, 880, through milpitas and fremont. flee, police are looking for the owner of two pit bulls that attacked man and the rescue dogs at the san lenadro marina on sunday afternoon police event amendment shot and killed the dogs. new york city mayor is asking protesters to hold off on demonstrations against police until two officers who were murdered over the weekend can be buried. a funeral for officer rafael ramos is held saturday. officer liu's funeral is held when family arrive from china. >> north korea's internet is back up after a fine hour outage. no one is claiming responsibility but it is day after president obama promised a proportional response to the hacking of sony pictures. expect more flooding in low-lying areas as we enter day
6:56 am
two of king tide which reaches the peak at 6.5' before noon. it is expected to today at sausalito. >> procrastinating comes at a rice if you have waited to send the gifts to family and friend you can still get them in time for christmas open thursday but you have to send them today using next day service and at this point, it will cost. >> if you get your gifts after christmas, don't hold it against me. okay? >> i won't be spending $25 on the $5 gift. wait for the sale. >> we will continue online and twitter and all mobile devices. we will be back in 25 minutes during "good morning america" with news and weather and traffic.
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good morning, america. developing right now, christmas eve storm. floods, tornados and damaging winds poised to savage the season. are your holiday plans about to be wiped out by the severe weather on the way? as a record number of travelers hit the road. new this morning, knocked out. the internet goes down in north korea. their entire system mysteriously collapsing overnight. did the u.s. strike back? vanished. without a trace. the armored truck found without the driver and empty. what happened to the army man behind the wheel? the urgent search under way. looked like one of those unmanned drones was flying right on the final. >> and everyone wants a drone. whether you have been naughty or nice, it's one of the most popular pres


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