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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 6:00 a.m. on christmas eve. we have finished our christmas shopping. you have 24 hours left. >> leyla gulen is here. hopefully you have a forecast that will bring smiles to people's faces for the christmas eve. >> it will. you may have to fight a couple of drops here and there. we have another round of showers...rain, but at emeryville area you can see we are under some dense fog with dense fog to get us going this morning but i assure you that will clear by later this morning. at noon, that will be replaced by clouds and it will squeeze out a few drops of rain moving across the peninsula and east bay and south bay by 1:00 o'clock p.m. it will taper.
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then it will be mostly stars. gusty conditions. the while will replace the rain. that will replace the fog. we have a few steps. christmas will be cool. and dry. >> if you make it to do last minute shopping you will have to find other shoppers but the road are not a problem. traffic is moving along without any problems. we still have folky conditions over the san mateo bridge. that is walnut creek 680 at top speeds headed away from highway 4 to the 24 junction obligate taking you 27 minutes. >> we have breaking news we brought you at 4:30. police in missouri wrap up a news conference of the shooting death of a young man at hands of a police officer. it happened at a gas station in the town of berkeley a few miles from ferc son -- from ferguson, a crowd of 60 people returned to
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the scene where continues have been running high. an officer went to a gas station to investigate a theft and encountered two men. the officer said one pulled a happened bun and pointed it at him and the officer opened fire and a woman who is the man's mother said he was 18-year-old san antonio martin. >> his girlfriend saw him dead. the police were messing with hill. he was going to run but he was trying to run and though started shooting. >> we said drop the gun. it didn't have to end with him approaching the officer with an arm extended and a pistol if his hand. >> investigators recovered a gun. the other man involved ran away. you will recall that ferguson was the site of a police shooting death of unarmed teen michael brownback if august. police released surveillance video leading up to the station
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much the officer pulled up in the car and he talks to several men and in upper level corner under "camera 29," a man walks away and turns back around and raceses his arm in the direction of the officer. the video cuts off after this. new we have posted the video on our website and if you would like to see it for yourself head to in new york city a memorial keeps growing for two fallen police officers ambushed inside their patrol car in brooklyn on saturday. vice president biden will attend the funeral for one of the officers rafael ramos in queens. the officer liu's family has not finalized plans. the gunman who killed the officer posted he shot them to aadvantage the killings of michael brown and and eric garner and then shot himself to death. >> a blow to the coalition in syria, jordan's military confirms isis has captured a
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pilot after a war plane on a mission crashed. jordan is one of the arab nations taking part in airstrikes against the terrorist group. these pictures surfaced after an isis account claimed responsibility for the capture. the city where the crash happened is an isis stronghold. today a san jose fire station closed by mold is expected to re-open after tests are performed ambassador being shut down on monday after mole was found in the kitchen of the 57-year-old building one of the oldest firehouses in the city. tests will be done to see if there is airborne mold but there is no evidence. there will be a mobile whom installed behind the station to house the squad. the entire interior of the station will be replaced. local department stores are open early to give proceed
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procrastinateers a chance to get shop done. some are taking advantage of it. owe reporter is in a wal-mart in the south by. matt? we are here at kohl's and we have seen a lot people coming here the last hour or so and it is not over here at kohl's with the christmas shopping season not ending until 6:00 p.m. tonight. we have seen two dozen come in the last couple of hours and kohl's has been open nonstop since friday after a disappointing last friday they are playing catch up. people are not necessarily shopping for other people. >> i figure, science they are open 24 hours why not save myself some time and get some stuff for myself. >> looking for christmas deals for director self? >> yes, absolutely, no one else but me. >> what a deal. >> some of people we spoke with say they just got off work and
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this is a good opportunity to get the last minute items. not just kohl's but macy's and target and wal-mart and toys 'r us are extending their hours. what are people baying? the national retail federation says the number one item requested by boys and girls is smart phones or tablets. a bay area filmmaker video of gun safety is creating a national uproar this morning. take a look. >> can you take this away? why feel safe with a gun in my house. >> san francisco-based sleep are 13 productions created and funded and posted this video online showing a boy taking a gun from his mom's bedroom and turning it in at school. a filmmaker sees the controversy as a way to get people talking about gun safety. >> i am not telling kids to take the guns and go do school and
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give it to the teachers my message is guns should be secured away from children. >> gulf of mexico rights advocates are outraged and some gun control advocates say the video is misguided. >> it is that time of year, c.h.p. d.u.i. checkpoints start today a30-hour effort to weapon roads safe over the holiday weekend. the crackdown begins at 6:00 p.m. and ends on sunday at midnight. despite the best efforts of law enforcement 10,000 people die each year from drunk driving. last year, five people were killed in d.u.i.-related traffic commissions. officers arrested 221 people for d.u.i. it is now:07. another storm is making its way cross the country and dumping heavy snow and rain from the great lakes. four people died when a tornado touched do. here is the latest. businesses destroyed, streets filled with debris and
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signs like these, though match for mother nature, leaving parts of mississippi under a state of emergency. >> i have been praying all my life. i am 65. i prayed like i never prayed. oh, man. it is stormin'. >> deep south is taking a beating from twisters and hail and winds so strong they are pushing cars on to their side. >> the wind was howling and tried to get the dog inside and look in the yard and stuff was flying everywhere, and shingles flying off the house. >> snow plows are working overtime from south dakota and minnesota and colorado with nearly white out conditions shut down the interstates and san franciscoing the commuters and holiday travelers. >> you could have touched down. >> two planes collided and clipped wings on the tarmac at
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new york's la guardia so they were getting nowhere fast. >> the flight is delays. >> the flight tracking service is reporting that more than 5,000 delays and nearly 600 cancellations yesterday alone. with the storm still brewing county experts say expect destruction to continue through the day. >> in san francisco, a holiday tradition is just getting started. lefty o'doul's is holding the toy drive for the 14 the straight year and this is a picture great lefty o'doul's with san francisco police chief suhr and several kids are up pearly singing christmas carols. police and firefighters will be delivers toys and gives through the day and lefty o'doul's will expect gifts until 11 o'clock tonight. our reporter will be live at health left at 6:30. san francisco firefighters
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and their friend santa, will deliver more christmas joy to needy families and they plan to collect toys from donors at noon west of union square. you can get your picture taken with santa by donating a toy to the firefighters program that began in 199 with firefighters providing we toys to 40,000 children each year since 1949. >> weather will cooperate. great cause. a check on the forecast now with leyla gulen. i program. there she is. >> merry claims -- merry christmas. we have flight arrival delays across the nation and here at sfo. 56 minute flight arrival delays here at sfo with low clouds the cause for the delays. we have fog and low clouds for much of the bay area and low visibility open roads, headed
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out of town, be careful. live doppler hd shows very dense conditions especially through the north bay and certainly across the san mateo bridge. temperatures are going to be two to five degrees cooler than yesterday in san francisco in the my 50's and location land lower 50's and 50's for san jose lower 50's and 50's for san jose and half moon bay and 54 from the nimitz, it is clear. if you have a flight a san jose airport, it will not be a problem and we do not experience traffic. it is a local day light situation. we have a fog advisory over the bridges there and the area shaded in orange trafficking weather and traffic is an indication of we heavy fog. 580, tracy to castro valley a short 32 minutes. 101 northbound from highway 85
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san jose airport 11 minutes and 280 through daly city is under ten minutes to san francisco. >> still ahead, the free ride will soon be over for golden gay transit riders and why the decisions was made to charge certain passengers. >> a dog fine as new home after a two-year wait an east bay couple decides to take the dog home. we have more weather and traffic all morning with a look from our camera right now you can see the bay bridge in the distance and traffic is moving along on the traffic is moving along on the embarcadero.
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. c.h.p. officers to our north are being hailed heroes after a daring high stakes river rescue the hooks at this. a man and woman were pulled from the sacramento river after the boat was stuck near a dam. the helicopter was called in after firefighters tried to reach the couple but could not. this part of the river runs
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through the city so the pilot had to navigate power lines and bridges and homes and businesses as they pulled voters from the chilly waters. the free ride could end soon for five-year-old children abort golden gate bridge transit. the district is looking at bringing the fare policies if line with other bay area transit systems. our media partner reports other systems charge youth fare for riders between five and 18. right now golden gate starts charging at six. a hearing takes place in filibuster. youngsters riding for free take make up less than 1 percent of commuters. new this morning, a pit bug wait -- pit bull wait two years to find a home. >> this is zeus who finally found a lap. we are happy to report he will
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celebrate christmas at home in hayward with the family. the humane society says it took zeus a long-term to find a home because of the age and breed but a family says he is settling nicely and they call him the perfect older gentleman dog. >> how can you not love that face? great. >> meteorologist mike nicco is off and leyla gulen is here. leyla gulen has fog throughout the bay area. hopefully santa will not be dealing with that. >> santa drives with magic so it could be dense fog and he will find his way. in fact, he is in japan right new. he is continuing the travels up and down the eastern portion of the globe as he mays his way west. we will look now at home and our radar satellite, live doppler hd, is tracking thick fog at home. we are going to experience low visibility and that is causing flight arrival delays and i will talk about that in a moment but,
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first, we will look at the visibility. in novato we are quarter mile, and fairfield is quarter mile and three-quarters of a mile visibility at oakland and half a mile in mountain view and three miles at half moon bay. we have 56 minute flight arrival delays so you will have delays as you pick up folks for the christmas holiday and the high pressure over the last couple of days is moving out so it will be cooler today and looking more like christmas. if you are going to be headed out and enjoying the festivities, make sure to bring a coat or jacket. it will be replaced by the trough of low pressure bringing in the quick burst of rain so expect to see showers later this morning and into the afternoon hours for most of the bay area. our highs today are in the lower 60's and along the peninsula, under cloud cover, we are in the upper 50's to lower 60's and in san francisco, still mild at 57.
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cooler there and as we head into the north bay, the further north you go it will be cooler, 53 in lake port but warmer as you head the south in upper 50's. 58 in berkeley and lower 60's for oakland. pushing inland, we will experience overnight fog closer to the weekend but the highs today in the upper 50's to lower sick. moringe fog reaching the lower 40's for the north bay and lower 50's for most of us. my seven-day forecast it will be dry and cooler for christmas and closer to the weekend the temperature readings start to trickle down but it will stay dry. if you be hopping in the car and heading out of town we have certain conditions across the roads in terms of traffic congestion. here is a look at san mateo the bridge away from hayward to
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foster city, dense and we have a fog advisory for the dumbarton bridge so be careful as you make your travel this morning. drive time traffic 680 walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes and from highway one to los gatos it is 22 minutes. thank you at 6:20. still searching for the perfect present? michael finney teams up with "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" for the best pies. >> we would love to see how you celebrate where you live sharing your photos and holiday lights using hashtag "where you live," so we can find your pictures and you can e-mail to us at a look outside at the golden gate bridge on christmas eve and this is abc7 news now. traffic and weather will be up
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>> good morning on christmas eve. last minute shoppers could be thinking what do buy? if you are thinning of a laptop, there are so many choices. what are best buys? "consumer reports" partnered with expense fence to find out.
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here is michael finney. >> questions for laptops are all over the map. some can set you back thousands. others cost $300 or less. in time for the holidays "consumer reports" has tested some of the low cost laptops. to find out what they offer and what they don't offer. >> some highend super high processor. important for playing graphic intensive games or editing video but "consumer reports" says if you do only the basics like word processing and bruising the when and streaming video, some budget laptops are a good choice. these cough $300 or less and come with witnesses 8.1. >> this is the same windows you is seen in other systems but microsoft bing is the default and they do not have the fastest drive as the more expensive but they are not going to boot so
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fast and some applications will not launch so fast. >> you will not find a touch screen, extra usb pores or a dvd drive but for no frills computing, "consumer reports" says the $250dell is a good value and gets eight hours of bad try life. another with the option is chrome book that uses google chrome operating system rather than windows. all the politicians you need are online so an internet connection is important. >> if you want did do something like word processing in control you would use google box online word process. it is $175 and is a "consumer reports" best buy and gets ten hours of battery life and is light. >> for $250 "consumer reports" says the chrome book
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is another smart pick. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> the latest on a fatal police shooting in missouri that sparked more protests and looting mere ferguson. >> firefighters in the north bay rescue a resident inside a burning apartment building. >> we have christmas carols at lefty o'doul's and we will show you what they are trying to accomplish here coming up. it is going to feel a little bit like christmas with temperatures going down and here is a look at lake tahoe with the snow and winter advisory in effect and expected in christmas eve. be careful if you are headed out to lake tahoe watch out for road conditions. we can see it is moving along at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza with light conditions. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, at
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6:29 on december 24. if i recall correctly that is christmas eve so you only have a few hours finish the christmas shopping. kristen sze and mike have the day off. i am chris, leyla gulen is double double duty. >> 56 minute flight arrival delays at sfo so if you have loved ones you will have to wait longer to get east planes. from emeryville, the drive socked in. our day planner the next 12 hours, the fog will dissipate but it will make way positive a cold front moving into the bay area bringing us rain and bring down the temperatures, as well, and we will look at starry skies and blustery conditions. >> leyla gulen? chris nguyen is the new guy.
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>> we have holiday lite, along 680 is fine in walnut creek. we have fog advisories issued by c.h.p. along the dumbarton bridge, use the low beams. keep enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you. >> 6:31. breaking news from missouri. police have detailed what happened in moments lead up to an officer opening fire and killing a teenager a few miles from ferguson. >> investigators released new video in the past hour and you can see the cameras zoom to the top of scene and what ended up being a deadly con ron station between a white officer and a young black man. the officer went to the gas station to investigate a theft and began to question two men. the officer says one pointed a handgun to him and he was forced for shoot. aought suspect was armed with a nine millimeter with a defaced
6:32 am
serial number and five rounds in the chamber and one in the magazine. the other man got away. a woman claiming to the be mother identified the teen as 18 years old antonio martin and several dozen protesters showed up and tangled with police. who officers were injured and four were arrested. this happened a few whiles from ferguson where another black teen was fatally shot by an officer. demonstrators marched through manhattan last night to protest the deaths of brown and new york manner risk garner despite a request from the new york mayor calling for a cooling-off period. their shooter, a georgia man, posted that was avenging the deaths of brown and garner and took his own life. >> the remain fire state building and other new york landmarks dimmed their lights in honor of the two officers. superintendent biden will attend the funeral for officer rafael
6:33 am
ramos on saturday. funeral plans are pending for officer liu waiting for reallies to arrive from china. breaking news in sonoma, one person was taken to the hospital after an early morning fire at an apartment complex. it broke out on civic center drive after midnight. witnesses say one person inside the burning building was recued by firefighters. most of the damage was to a second floor unit. one first responder and possibly two were treated on the scene. there is no word on injuries or the condition of the people taken to the hospital. the red cross was called to help. a holiday tradition in san francisco needs your help. lefty o'doul's is holding the 14 the annual toy drive for local kids. amy hollyfield is at lefty o'doul's this morning with more. good morning, we have
6:34 am
christmas caroling here this morning. the kids are from different groups, different youth groups including third baptist church, and look who is singing with them, the fire chief, we have the police chief, they are setting the mood here at lefty o'doul's because they want to encourage you to give. this is a good one. this is what they want: they are hoping you will fill up these bins. they want toys. they need 10,000 toys. today. they are in the hundreds right now with a few bins fill ♪ what can make me ♪ feel this way ♪ my girl ♪ talking about my girl >> they do want the toys to be unwrapped so they will know what they have and who they are giving them to.
6:35 am
elves are wait on the street on geary off of union square. pull up, drop off the toy and you do not have to exit the vehicle. they hope everyone will pitched in. i asked why wait until christmas eve to make this push and they said, we are a last minute society, we procrastinate. they think this will bring good results. ♪ talking about ♪ my girl ♪ my girl >> last year they got under 10,000 toys and this year they hope to get 10,000 toys and they have identified all the children who will need the toys and will not get the toys unless you fill up the bins. they will be here all day. ♪ my girl >> thank you, amy hollyfield. we have no problem with the temptations my girl being a christmas carol. we invite you for give where you live this holiday season, our
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parent company, disney, donated $10,000 to toys for tots to help bay area children have a brighter holiday. find out how to help with a lincoln our website. a long-standing holiday tradition in the east bay conditions this morning despite vandals making a mess of things. police are now searching for a group of people who decapitated a large angel at the we christmas display at 11 p.m. sunday night. this display has a very rich history. the immigrant from india created the diagnosis play 60 years -- the display 60 years ago the. >> it hurts. very, very much. that is what it does. i am starting to tear up. the surveillance video shows vandals pulling up in a car, two minutes later they drop another person off. the next morning, the angel was
6:37 am
found decapitated. >> former president george bush the elder is being held for observation in houston hospital. the 90-year-old former president was taken to the hospital yesterday after experiencing shortness of breath. he has had health problems off-and-on since the early 90's including irregular heartbeats bronchitis and a thyroid condition. he is for longer able to work without assistance and is confined to a wheelchair most of the time. >> san jose police are asking for your help to track down a sexual assault suspect releasing this sketch man. he attack add woman at east san fernando after she refused to get into his car. the victim was able to run away call for help. police believe the suspect took off in a white four day sedan with a silver grill. >> still head the last minute dash to malls and department
6:38 am
stores with hours left to shop before christmas. we will have a report from the south bay coming up. >> travelers have found it difficult to rebook if the flights are canceled. the solution a passenger rights group is proposing. >> smooth conditions across the bay bridge toll plaza. you have weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break. stay tuned.
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welcome back, we have a cold front bear moving in, with two to five degrees cooler today. the fog will make way for rain later today. by tomorrow, for christmas day, it will be cooler and dry. as we head into friday and saturday, we have overnight frost advisories. more on that in a few minutes. now, traffic and the roads. the golden gate bridge shows no problems with holiday lite. no problems coming into san francisco with c.h.p. issued highing for add vieries for bay area bridges and roadways and a stalled vehicle eastbound highway 24 so you may see slow downs as you leave oakland so watch out for that. drive time traffic, 80, albany to the maze is a short four
6:42 am
minute commute and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 15 miles per hours and 280 northbound from 101 to cupertino is 12 minutes. 6:42. we will check on stocks and abbreviated trading day at the new york stock change after closing above 18000 level for the first time ever. >> forbes had the most overpaid actors. the top of the list for the second year in a row is adam sandler. >> we will look at the san mateo bridge where it looks foggy with traffic moving smoothly. stay tuned.
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is christmas eve at 6:45. no need for panic if you are not finished shopping. department stores are putting in extra hours to take care of procrastinators and matt is here with more. this is a row craft -- procrastinators dream, plenty of parking and open retail store. things have pick up with several
6:46 am
people trying to get the last-minute gift. kohl's has been open since friday as they try to get as many last minute dollars before christmas. the national retail federation estimates that retail sales in november and december will be up 4.1 percent compared to last year and people we spoke with this morning had different reasons for shopping at 4:00 a.m. why shop at 4:00 a.m.? so we do not have to hustle tomorrow. a lot of people be coming tomorrow and we will hand out with the families tomorrow. that is not just kohl's open extra hours but macy's and wal-mart and toys 'r us extend their hours. people will buy gift cards with the average shopper buying pour and the top toys for girls are "frozen," and for boys it is legos.
6:47 am
this will end when kohl's closed at 6:00 p.m. tonight. thanks, matt, trading is underway on wall street. as we mentioned this is an abriefated trading day. they will wrap things up at 10:00 for the christmas holiday but here is a look at numbers, the dow is keeping the winning ways still above 18000 and up 39 points to 18063. consumer advocates want new rules regarding airline cancellations and rebooking. more than 162,000 flights have been canceled and it is hard for passengers to rebook because airlines put as many as possible into planes leaving very few empty seats. it is time to require airlines to trance passengers to next available flight even if it is a competitor. >> if you are someone you know may think adam sandler is funny
6:48 am
but not for those who count the movie revenue making forbes' magazine list of most overpaid actors for the second straight year. sandler brings in $3.20 for every dollar studios pay him. others in the top five of overpaid actors are ben stiller and bay area's tom hanks. you will be able to see the controversial comedy about north korea after all. the movie "the interview," is believed to have led to a massive hack at sony and they are holding a limited release tomorrow on christmas day with more than 200 mostly independent these -- theaters will movie. here is a list of the local nears including elmwood and berkeley and camera three in san jose, and new parkway in oakland and cinema west in martinez and
6:49 am
livermore and petaluma with a full list of local theaters at now a check on the forecast. mike is off. >> we were talking about flight arrival delays and cancellations over the course of the last couple of days with delight arrival delays in the bay area at sfo at 56 minutes. because of the low clouds we had dense fog dense fog we were waking up to and radar satellites shows we were tracking increasing clouds, as well-being and that is going to bring us rain later this morning. we have visibility headed out on the roads at quarter mile in santa rosa and half a mile in novato and 1.75 in hayward and eighth a of mile in san jose. the ridge of high pressure is moving out and remember, it brought us record warp
6:50 am
conditions the last couple of days and it will be cooler so feeling a little bit more like christmas as we start to head closer to christmas day tomorrow. the low pressure will bring if spotty showers in the north bay but it will move through the peninsula and east bay and peninsula later to afternoon. our current temperatures at bart is going to be in the mid-50's so lower or upper 40's i for most of us, friction in -- walnut creek. the highs today, clouds in the lower 60's for the south bay and 61 in san jose and loan the pens -- along the peninsula we are at 59 degrees and 59 in millbrae. in san francisco, about 59 there, as well. upper 50's for the north by. lake port will be about 53 degrees. cooler there. the highs in the east bay are lower 60's to upper 50's and
6:51 am
inland we have 58 in san ramon and 69 in livermore and 56 in antioch. lows are going to cool down significantly and the temperatures are going to continue to trick cold down as -- trickle down in the north bay at 45 in napa and fog loan the coast inland and we will see frost, though, closer to the week. the seven-day forecast shows for christmas, dry and sunny but cooler and temperatures continuing to go down by the weekend and monday, look at that, 54 degrees inland and 56 around the bay and 58 along the coast. right now, traffic shows san rafael 101 headed into the we southbound direction a few extra cars and the tail lights to 580, it is foggy. use the low beams. a fog advisory for the benicia bridge and we have a stalled
6:52 am
vehicle eastbound highway 24 in the number one bore. richmond-san rafael toll plaza from there to the forth bay take you seven minutes and across the san mateo bridge 14 minutes and 11 minutes across the dumb bridge a fog advisory. >> we have seven things to know before you go. >> first, a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see the traffic is moving freely on this christmas eve. we will keep weather and traffic through the entire commercial through the entire commercial break so you
6:53 am
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welcome back. a beautiful view from the east bay hills the sun is frying to peek through on this christmas eve morning. it is beautiful. >> you could carve yourself a piece out of there. it looks like a pie. >> apple pie. that is what i want after the break. >> here are seven things to know before you go. number one, just released surveillance video shows the moments before a police officer shot and killed a teen in berkeley, missouri. officers claim the 18-year-old pointed a gun at him first. the shooting happened a few miles away from energy -- ferguson, where michael brown was shot by an officer.
6:55 am
>> former president bush remains in a houston hospital as a precaution hospitalized yesterday with shortness of breath. he has various health problems since the early 1990s. >> at least one person was taken for the hospital after a fire at an apartment complex that break out in rohnert park. one person was rescued and a first responder and possibly two were treated on the scene. >> police are looking for people would decapitated this angel, 60-year-old christmas display which has been a feature here. police have surveillance video of the vandal's car when it happened on sunday night. five, a glorious start to the christmas eve. we are look at beautiful conditions and a look from the
6:56 am
exploritorium camera, the first light over the bay shows the day planner the next 12 hours we will see rain falling later this morning into the afternoon hours and make way for gusts later tonight. six, here is a look at san jose, 101, at 880, traffic is still socked in and foggy conditions but accident-free and light. we will look at other parts of the bay area as we go to in drive, a folk advisory in antioch and brentwood so drive safe. >> a mad dash for last minute holiday gift, shoppers are filling the stores with a few hours to shop before christmas. pick up an extra toy for the local toy drives including left -- lefty o'doul's going on right now. >> we will see you in 25 minutes during "good morning america" with news and weather
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, christmas storm. >> wow. >> a wall of tornados slams the south. one twister shredding a strip mall and a day care filled with children. cars at a walmart sent flying in the air. at least four people dead. and more severe weather makes travel treacherous for millions hitting the road for the holiday. and breaking overnight. former president george h.w. bush raced to the hospital after shortness of breath, kept overnight. new details about his condition. the show will go on. sony flip-flops on the interview, revealing it will be screened in hundreds of theaters across the country on christmas day. sh


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