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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 26, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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no time off. it was christmas, they wanted to keep the movement going. in oakland, there were protesters and some vandals. the lights and ornaments were torn off the christmas tree in jack london square and windows were broken on impair -- empire dark west. a dumpster was set on fire. the protest did not last as long as we have seen in the past, an hour and a half. it wasn't as large. however, it left its mark. today the land is to meet in young square at noon and protest until 3:00 and they want to get in the first of what they call post christmas consumerism and they are calling for it to be peaceful. they want construction done to the shops and they want to get people's attention. reporting in san francisco this is amy hollyfield. >> in missouri, 75 percent matched in a peaceful protest in
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the sound of berkeley, demonstrating over the shooting death of a black teen by a white police officer. berkeley is not far from ferguson where michael drown was killed in august. some black elected officials draw a distinction between the two shootings saying in berkeley the teen supposedly drew a gun on the officer. >> a san jose owner will turn over surveillance video to police showing a man accused of stealing a package off the front steps of his home. this is the video. the alleged theft happened open wednesday morning. not long after postal service carrier delivered the pack original to the ever friend neighbor home. watch as the white car pulls up and a man walked up to the porch, takes the package and takes off. the package had a christmas gift for the home owner's daughter. the home owner will file a complaint with the postal service because the carrier tossed the package on to the porch. >> in livermore, two people are
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in custody on suspicion of stealing packages from porches. on christmas eve, police were called to the area of lexington way and trinity hills lane after receiving calls from concerned neighborhoods. they found a couple hiding in a bush. police located their vehicle parked near full of stolen gifts. investigators thing they stole packages from homes in livermore, pleasanton, lafayette and orrin did. >> fire officials are lacking for the cause of a fire that destroyed two homes in portrero hill neighborhood on christmas morning. the family living on the upper level get out. a couple with two young children living on the lower level were not at home. it took crews four hours to knock down the three-alarm fire. >> it was occupied. it is a terrible way to spend christmas. this veto two young children and we have two young childrens and
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it is tough to explain. >> both of the badly damaged homes have been red tagged. no one, including the pets belonging to the families were injured. >> in oakland a man is recovering from injuries he suffered to escape a house fire in oakland yesterday morning. three of the four people in the homemade it out the front door. a man trapped in the second floor had to go out a when the he broke a leg in the fall. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a coast guard unit based in san francisco pulled a ship san francisco pulled a ship cat's -- it was determined the can't had to be hoisted to safety. the coast guard said the captain was properly equipped with survival and communication equipment and call the coast guard early enough to saved
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before conditions deteriorated. the newly appointed head of the california public utilities commission said big changes are on the way when he takes charges. they have been criticized for lax oversight after the september 2010 pipeline explosion. speaking to the los angeles times the new president says he will make public safety the top priority. he was named to the post by governor brown this week. he tells the times he will create a feel investigative team with more power to issue no ones and penalties. officials are warning the public not to eat a brand of carmel apple that could have been contaminated with listeria which has sickened twine people in ten states and may have caused the death of a santa cruz woman. happy apple company issue add recall after one of the suppliers reported a possible link to listeria. the family of the woman filed a
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lawsuit against safway as she died of listeria infection possibly from carmel apples. many people make a point on christmas day packing the theaters like this in san jose all for showings of the "interview," were sold out. it started an international incident with north korea that led to sony getting hacked and threats of violence. our reporter has more on the rush to see the movie that north korea tried to kill. >> we got here early to get a if seat. >> the couple line up outside the elmwood theater an sure before show time to see "the interview." >> it was cool to go to the first show on first day it was open and prove a point that no one can stop us from seeing a movie you want to see. >> many admit this was not at the top of their to see list until recently. >> i was suckered in by the novelty. >> hello, north korea.
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>> sony canceled the opening when the company was hacked and then they backtracked releasing "the interview," at small and independent venues and online. >> the co-director and star of film made a surprise appearance at a los angeles premiere. >> we thought this might not happen. >> safety is still being taken seriously. a security guard inspects budgets. >> it has been crazy. >> in oakland, two dollars from every ticket sell is elected to lib any in north korea an organization that helps yesian refugees. what are people saying about the film that ignited so much controversy? >> we get a lot of laughs. it is not politically correct but i like that stuff. >> way too much was made out of this. the movie is simply a movie. >> north korea is condemning the release of the movie but a diplomat says they will likely have in physical reaction. >> in berkeley, for abc7 news.
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north korea has an ally in their approach to "the interview ," russia says it is understandable to be anger because it is scandalous and now pointed out that washington is not offering any proof of north korea's involvement in the hacking and called the obama administration threats of retaliation "counterproductive and dangerous." former president george h.w. bush remains in houston hospital recovering from shortness of breath. the 90-year-old president has been frail if years suffering from irregular heartbeat, bronchitis and a form of parkinson's disease. he was last seen in public in november in houston at a texan football game. he must use a motorized scooter or wheelchair to get around. he was hospitalized on tuesday as a precaution. now the weather open december 26, the difficult after christmas. folks could be taking presents
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back today. >> they might, or maybe after christmas sale shopping. from the east bay hills camera, it is clear, with some breezes in the higher elevations and the winds subsiding. it will be rather cold tonight. we are still going to experience frost cross the coolest temperatures over the next couple of days. that means frost advisory for our sheltered inland valleys and sunny but cool afternoons and it will be very, very dry and the air mass is bringing in dry conditions through the end of the year. as we take a look at our wind speed we have gusts in the higher elevations through fairly at 23 miles per hour and gusts in mountain view at 23 miles per hour at sfo and calm in santa rosa. current temperatures right now across the bay area will be trending much cooler than yesterday in the upper 30's to mid-40's for most of the bay area. the full seven-day forecast in a few minutes. we have a couple of accidents in traffic.
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we will lock right now at a flight along 680 to walnut creek so it is not a bad dry through pleasant hill up toward highway 24 and we have an accident here in san jose and it is blocking at least one lane, northbound 880, it is shutting down the lanes. also, it is chessing down a lane through the santa cruz mountains along highway 17 beyond summit road if you make the drive to lexington hills you could expect some delays. back to the deck of >> a subway car becomes a maternity ward if a special crist gums for transit cops. >> my god! oh my god. >> a bay area woman smoke by a generous act of holiday spirit in a special gift she says will change her life. >> a look at abc7 news now, the bay bridge toll plaza is all but deserted to day after christmas.
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we are keeping weather and traffic up throughout the entire traffic up throughout the entire
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>> covering antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 4:42 and a look at the golden gate bridge. where is everyone? maybe sleeping it off. or maybe they took off the day. that is what i meant. we will have a check on weather and traffic. >> philadelphia transit police are told during training there will be crazy days. >> they did not know that included delivering babies. this is surveillance video of officers assisting with a birth yesterday on a philadelphia subway train. witnesses say when the mother said she was going do have the baby right then, they called for help. >> we were there doing what we do. to help people. in any way, shape or form. >> we delivered a baby for her
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so her christmas present but it is lick a blessing and present for myself. this is the first time i experienced something like this. >> the present was a healthy baby boy. officers and fires carry the new borne up the steps and into a waiting ambulance. east bay family is having a more merry season than they not possible with a gift he desperately needed. here is jonathan with the story you only see on 7. merry christmas! santa had come and gone. this visit was a surprise. >> man, i wanted to get dressed. >> a surprise so big it took a moment to sink in. >> my god! >> my god! >> it was quite, lit >> holing the deed far more than a set of wheels the key to a
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better life for her twin six-year-old grandsons. >> my god. >> she works the night shift and her daughter works the day shift. >> my ifness. together they have been carrying for the two while sharing a system car. >> it was really, really hard with the one car and my daughter picked me up at bart at 10:30 or 11 o'clock at night with the boys. >> the idea to raise money began in the 1st grade class and spread to the community on facebook. >> we don't know her, but we dropped off the gifts and it is the community of people and it is, really, the of although of god at work. >> the christmas elves does not have to by it a nonprofit was willing to donate it so the cash new goes into a fund to keep it running and insured for years to come. >> personal service gay, scott will help you out. >> grandmother got the first
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turn, the kits were not far behind. >> i will drive it by myself. >> i am still trying to figure how did they plan this without us knowing? >> they have been hiding the car trying to hide their excitement. >> the best christmas i can receive is giving to others and it is amazing. >> a life changing gift and unforgetaverage christmas. >> a christmas miracle i could never, ever, ever imagine. nice story. drivers in minnesota are partying like it is 1999 because they are paying 1999 price foes a gallon of regular. drivers who step by this gas station in minneapolis got 507 afternoon a christmas gift: gas for $1.99. a gallon. not seen in the twin cities in five years. a customer took a picture of this. >> with gas prices down you make some money. when they are way up, you are
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working 90 hour as week to break even. >> the holiday clear did not stop here. others matched lowering to $1.99. >> don't you miss when you fork over a $20 and you everyone good for go. >> i don't remember a time like that in california. >> there was a time back in the midwest when you could but here... >> $4 a gallon. >> ouch. >> this is close. we will take it. we will take this nice sunny weather that is dry out there. make sure to pack the chapstick. we look at live doppler hd radar satellite is not bringing any returns because there is not a single cloud in the sky. it is crystal clear. here is a look at radar satellite, the low that continues to push in to the bay area bringing us a chilly air mass is drying things out the
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next couple of nights and we will experience the coldest evenings we have seen in a very long time so frost is expected inland and that is going to persist the next couple days and we are still going to continue a cold and dry pattern into the new year. from our exploritorium, a beautiful sight and that is the bay bridge, the western span, current temperatures in san francisco at 52 degrees and in the mid-40's and san carlos 50 degrees, and right now, our highs today show sunshine, also, temperatures that are going to be roughly in the mid-to-upper 50's in santa clara along the peninsula, 57 in redwood city, and 55 in pacifica and in san francisco, sunshine and 58, and 55 degrees in bodega and 55 in lake port, and 59 in oakland, and 58 in castro valley. inland valleys, 55 in brentwood and 56 in livermore and 58 in
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san ramon. lows are frosty again and we will expense freezing temperatures in napa at 32 degrees and 38 in san rafael and 41 at half moon bay and in the lower 40's to upper 30's not rest of us. our seven-day forecast shows the temperatures are going to be chilly so pass the jacket if you head out for festivities over the weekend into monday we are looking at temperatures ranging in the 56-degree mark inland bay area coastal cities as we head into the new year, it will be dry and cool. now, traffic with an injury accident in the east bay, a couple accidents so far, and the richmond-san rafael toll plaza is empty and we do have a brand new crash along westbound 80 before richmond parkway involving injuries so if the drive take you from hercules, you will find it there. drive time traffic up to albany into the maze, it is four minutes, and 880 southbound fremont to san jose is 14
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minutes and northbound 280101 to cupertino is 11 minutes. it is 4:49. there are reports apple is looking to shrink the iphone 6. a smaller 15 phone, one analyst said it could be released next year that is the same size at previous iphones that is a smaller price tag. some users have complained the newest phone is too big. the same analysts predict as bigger ipad is reduced soon. both microsoft, xbox and play station have connection failures with a hacker group claiming responsibility as many people unwrap the new game consoles. it is not known if user data was stolen. >> and play station for a man in colorado opens the box and founds bags of rocks which had been returned to the store by another customers.
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wal-mart doubted it but gave him a refund. >> those are the tech bytes. >> if you receive add new smartphone or tablet we have a gift for you, the abc7 news app free on apple app and google play. we have more information on our website at >> storms nor the holidays are not slowing work on the apple new headquarters with a look at the progress on the mother ship. folks hoping for a white christmas get their wish, the massive blizzard causing problems across the rocky mountains. a look from kgo you can see not a cloud in the sky. no fog. but, of course, it is dark. but, of course, it is dark. >> weather and
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welcome back, a 4:53, san mateo bridge shows traffic moving well on this friday morning. there does not appear to be any downtime at apple's planned space ship campus in cupertino during the holidays. if you provide posted on to the apple insider website shows construction on the sprawling new apple headquarters taking shape even further. crews have erected the parking garage, theater and main office building simultaneously and the couple says they hope to house 13,000 el employees when it ons in 2016. >> the midwest is digging out from a white christmas. in denver 70 paving trucks were converted to snowplows and are clearing the streets. much of colorado was blanketed with 12" of snow and the storm will stay around that property it through today. several cars rap off the road and they will be there until the crews dig them out.
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the average high temperature in colorado today will be trip 21 degrees. 500 snowplows are ready but not being used so far. a steady snow fall is expected to continue through the night. 7" of snow is already and wind will be into 40 miles per hour. there have been in delays or cancellations at salt lake city international airport. now a check of weather and traffic with leyla gulen. good morning, everyone. we are trending cooler today. bart stations right now, expect to see temperatures ranges in the upper 30's for concord and walnut creek is 34 degrees and 41 in hayward and daly city at 47 and 54 at sfo. from the east bay hills camera to san francisco, still bouncing around a little bit, and that is
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because if our higher elevations, still windy there. for the next three days expect to see the temperatures continue their slow decline especially overnight where frost is expected inland. traffic right now shows several citizens blocking lanes and another roadblock because of year's high winds. golden gate bridge is looking smooth so no delays as you come in from marsh -- marin, and westbound 80 before the parkway we have an injury accident with more on what is happening lucas valley road. >> memorials and ridge lidgous services are planned in thailand to mark the 10th anniversary of the tsunami. hard to believe it has been 10 years. the tsunami tore on the sea off of indonesia and across the india ocean triggered by a most powerful earthquake in
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40 years 250,000 were killed and some bodies have never been recovered or identified. >> great britain is tracking down on drones and other countries are watching this. officials figure add lot drones would be handed out as christmas gifts so tough new regulations include a ban on flying drones over congested areas or close to people or near buildings without official permission. fines and prosecution up to 5,000 found or $8,000 in green backs. drivers in new jersey had a double take headed to christmas vacation. someone changes an exit sign from "clark west," to read griswold played by chevy chase and this know to made the rounds on social media and when someone
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at the authority got wind of the unauthorized change, mr. griswold went back to the movies. movies. a hand will -- damage. >> moving tribute paid to one of the two america city police officers killed in am an public. >> now a look from emeryville camera and pointed at the bay bridge with our way of keeping tabs on weather and traffic and
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. coming up on 5:00 a.m., merry day after christmas. i hope all went well on the holidays. i have a new mouse but i am not put it in. i am here with kristen sze and meteorologist mike nicco having day off. the roads are light. >> you have a forecast that will be sure to bring happy faces to many people today. >> i think so. now, a look at live doppler hd, it is clear, it is crisp, not a single cloud in the sky and you can see from the camera to the embarcardero center in san francisco, all lit up in the beautiful holiday glory and it is a gorgeous start to the morning but much, much cooler so pack the layers because our day planner is showing forecast to get us going


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