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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 26, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. coming up on 5:00 a.m., merry day after christmas. i hope all went well on the holidays. i have a new mouse but i am not put it in. i am here with kristen sze and meteorologist mike nicco having day off. the roads are light. >> you have a forecast that will be sure to bring happy faces to many people today. >> i think so. now, a look at live doppler hd, it is clear, it is crisp, not a single cloud in the sky and you can see from the camera to the embarcardero center in san francisco, all lit up in the beautiful holiday glory and it is a gorgeous start to the morning but much, much cooler so pack the layers because our day planner is showing forecast to get us going headed into noon to
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the afternoon hours, the temperatures are going to be in the mid-to-upper 50's inland and around the bay at 56 to 60 degrees and along the cost in the mid-50's so expect another couple of nights of very cold temperatures. our traffic outlook is showing clear conditions and a few accidents to get us going at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is empty, but still could experience holiday lite but in san rafael, lucas valley road at west gate shut down because of year's wind which took down a tree, had took down power lanes. a mess there. you have detours still in place. now a check of the top stories. package theft is often a major problem during the holidays but more people are new turning to home surveillance systems with the hope of catching the crooks. matt keller has more with that story. the police will get a visit from a san jose man today who has hopes of catching a package
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thief who stole a little bit of christmas this week. check out the surveillance video from the home in the evergreen neighborhood, a postal worker dropped off the package at 9:00 and half an hour later a white car pulled up, a man walked the up the lawn with a piece of paper, grabs the package and gets in the back of a car and dangers off. inside the package was a crist gripples -- christmas gift for the homeowner's honor. >> it is of emotional value. [ inaudible ] don't steal other people's joy or packages. they will take the surveillance video to the san jose lived and will file a complaint with the postal service because he said the video shows the carrier tossing the package on the porch. the san jose police department say report a crime like this because it can help if you need to file an insurance claim.
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5:03, a protest is planned for noon in san francisco's union square to demonstrate black lives matter. organizers are emphasizing they want a peaceful and safe demonstration. previous protests last month seen here and two weeks ago over the deaths of michael brown and eric garner were respectful of people and prosecute. today is the biggest different run day of the year and amy hollyfield will enin yawn square at the bottom of the hour. >> a peaceful demonstration is what most wanted last night in oakland but it did not turnout that way. a small group started marching at broadway and 14th and another group started breaking witnesses. every window at the subway sandwich shop was smashed and lights and ornaments were torn
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off the christmas tree at jack london square complaining they focus on the message. >> the oakland protest was one of several held to remember not just the people who died at hands of police but the police officers who were shot and killed in a disturbing act of retribution. >> scaling the walls and the march, the protest others were determined to fight and rally in the name of justice. >> this is a human rights issue to raise awareness. >> in brooklyn a show of respect for the police officers rafael ramos and officer liu killed in the line of duty last saturday. this event organized by reverend al sharpton would was at the forefront of national movement against police
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brutality following the deaths of eric garner and mike brown. on this day, sharpton offering a percentage message of unity as they prepare to bury officer ramos. >> we are against the shedding of any innocent blood. we respect and appreciate what ramos and liu are doing in policing like we respect and appreciate the value of the lives of those that we mourn here. >> the nypd is preparing for 25,000 officers from the united states and canada to be in new york today and tomorrow for officer ramos' viewing and funeral. one of the two new york city police officers killed in an ambush over the weekend will be remembered at a wake and memorial service today. thousands of moneyers are expected to gear at a queen's church to pay tribute to officer
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ramos with fowl low officer liu were gunned down in their patrol car on saturday. late officer was a deeply committed member of the community and his funeral will be held on saturday. vice president bid were be among the hundreds planning to attend the service. arrangements if officer liu are not announced. >> police are looking if a jail inmate who escaped from custody on christmas day. they believe 23-year-old climbed the ventilation deduct, punched through a window and jumped off a roof to freedom and may have hurt himself. he was held in medium security dorm of the county yale and instead for narcotics and firearms-related violates awaiting sentencing. >> it is stuff go for commuters in san rafael. the highway patrol says a portion of lucas valley road a key east-west artery connecting san rafael remains closed to traffic at this hour.
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it has been closed since wednesday afternoon as pg&e crews work to repair a power pole and line. high guffs of 35 miles per hour topple the pines across the road. what first appeared to be a good start for the coho salmon run is turning into a bust. the rainfall in late november and early december prosecute impressive numbers of endangered species salmon from the sea to local creeks an indication pointing to a bumper crop. however, since that time the numbers have fallen off and officials expect the season to be mediocre at best. some environmentalists say this indicate the species is on the verge of extinction. >> it is never too early to know how to getry of your tree. san francisco is announcing the curb side christmas tree election. between january 2 and january 16
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the can park theee on the curb and the city will take it away. last year, san francisco recycled more than 539 tons of christmas trees. now a check on weather. and traffic. leyla gulen is here for both. >> good morning to you. from sfo camera to san francisco international airport we do not have flight arrival or departure delays yet. we do not have low clouds. we have no clouds in the sky. cooler nights and valley frost are possible sunny but cool afternoon and a dry pattern taking us into 2015. the forecast is just ahead. but, first, the radar shows the area of low-to-upper bringing in the chilly air mass and some of the temperatures are not so chilly as anticipated but we are still experiencing some areas with frost such as napa and inland valleys. right new we toen to see the cold air mass coming in right
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through the end of week. the temperatures are going to be in the mid-to-upper 50 for not of bay area and stay dry through the end of the year. we will talk about traffic and see what is happening at san rafael, the drive along 101 is quiet with no delays, no accidents to report, and we do is a problem as we have been reporting in san francisco. the high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge, if the travels take you between hair and foster city it is still gusty and drive time traffic is 580 tracy to dublin is 23 minutes, and dublin to mission boulevard is 23 minutes and from 101 cupertino is five minutes. >> many happy returns in america's money report and a mother gets her christmas wish releasing her daughter's release
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in prison half a mile away. >> thousands of toys handed out to deserving children on christmas day. it is more than about giving a child something to may with. we show you a picture from our exploritorium of the bay bridge with track very light on this difficult after traffic. a lot of people are making a long weekend. we are staying on top of traffic we are staying on top of traffic and female announcer: even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train.
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good after christmas morning, everyone. post christmas. december 26. this is a look from the camera to san francisco, a crisp day. it is chilly. leyla gulen is here for meteorologist mike nicco so she will be here with the forecast and has our traffic, too. >> you can share your photos with us by e-mailing to us at an oregon woman has finally been released from a prison after she was detained in the country on suspicion of drug trafficking. the woman says she had in idea the man she shared a taxi with had several pounds of methamphetamine on him. when police pulled the cab over everyone was arrested. this happened back in october.
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she has been incarcerated in a prison since. after a huge outcry and campaign for her release the prosecutors finally let her go. she is still in the country. she can leave when the confiscated password is returned sony play station network is down this morning in a hacking attack that affected it and microsoft's xbox. both services went down yesterday morning. the hacking group lizard squad claimed responsibility if both outages. business insiders report that there were threats to take it down. but milk mike says xbox is working. no word when play station will be up and running. >> uber is facing another hiccup in the plan to expand globally. c.e.o. is facing criminal charges in south korea. authorities say uber you have
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limited local taxi licensing laws. he is charged with operating an illegal taxi service in the country. he could be fined up to $18,000 or spend two years in jail. uber spokesman says the company has not received the indictment and has no comment. back at home this were a lot of toys to go away after the lefty o'doul's last minute toy drive in downtown san francisco. the restaurant collected more than 15,000 toys for needy kids. that was well over the goal of 10,000 toys and more than last year's total of 11,200. some kids were treated to a christmas concert before 3,000 toys were distributed at the community have yesterday. >> it is great to offer help to folks who are often impacted by crime and violence and give them the sense of being able to change the community. one toy can keep one child from living in protester or inspire the hope of change, that is why we do it.
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volunteers sorted the toys to hand out to the kids along with food for the families for the holiday. wal-mart rolls out a plan to get you to use the different cars. here is america's money. good morning, topping america's money, many happy returns, 40 percent of us expect to return at least one guest this year. although with clothing dropping in popularity as differents, retailers expect returns to drop of the many are stepping their return period but they will have an alert for fraud. can you turn in the different card to wal-mart, get one of theirs but it is not the full value. wall mar sees this as an opportunity because most shoppers using gift cars spend more than the value of the card. as much as $1 billion open gift cars goes unused this year. more and more women fund firearms under the christmas tree designed for women with smaller grips and often brighter
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colors. membership are worry about their wives and girls says a store owner. that is america's money. have a great day. >> straight ahead, we have two things you need to know: weather and traffic. >> weather-wise it is shaping up to be a nice day to day >> it is. it is remain wither than what we anticipated but, still, chilly and you need the thick socks and extra layers. live doppler hd shows clear conditions and we will expect to see clouds early next week and as we look from sutro tower camera and higher elevations, experiencing differenty winds and c.h.p. issued high wind advisory for a couple of bridges but at a lower elevation, calmer wind, but right now santa rosa is at 41 degrees and napa is at 46, and 45 in novato and upper 30's if concord and livermore is
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at 50 degrees. as we look at the rest of the state, california has snow in lake tahoe and i will show you a picture of that my next report. however, it is going to be chilly overnight in the single digits. the rest of california, in the mid-to-upper 50's, 63 in los angeles and 65 under sunshine in san diego. our highs at home, 57 in san jose and 57 in milpitas and upper 50's for cupertino and along the peninsula, 55 along the coast and 58 in downtown san francisco and in the north bay, upper 50's to lower sick, the east bay, 56 in berkeley and 58 in san leandro and castro valley, 54 degrees in antioch and livermore and 57 degrees in fairfield. lows are a little bit more chilly overnight because the wind is going to subside and the wind conditions are warming thing up for us tonight but
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tomorrow we will experience chilly and breezy conditions, and 38 in palo alto and up to 30 and lower 40's for the rest of us. the seven-day forecast is dry through the weekend and into the new year with clouds expected pond, tuesday and wednesday. now, traffic: start with san jose, that is the drive along 280 away from highway 17, no crash to report and clear conditions. veto had a few accidents but we have a big closure around for at least more than 24 hours, and at westgate drive high winds knocked down a tree that took out the power lines. still shut down and detours are in place. drive time traffic 101 across the golden gate bridge ten minutes and i-80, bay bridge, eight minutes from the maze to san francisco and across the san mateo bridge at 12 minutes with the add --
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seven things to know to start the day is coming up. >> and a christmas tradition that brings smiles to those who do not even celebrate the christmas day. >> and from shreveport, louisiana, the special goal became right here leading to the national championship game on national championship game on espn. keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the commercial break with abc7 news now and the bay bridge toll plaza is light and zipping female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up,
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>> in new york city at the statue of liberty the sin is there and they are three hours ahead of us. at home, weather is weather and traffic. whether you are just joining us or headed identity the door seven things to know: a peaceful roast if oakland turned ugly with some breaking store windows along the embarcardero west protesting the deaths of two unarmed blackmen by police officers and other black lives matter is scheduled if noon in yawn square in san francisco. memorial services for one of the two new york city police officer killed in an ambush over the weekend will take place later today. hundreds are expected to attend a wake and memorial for officer ramos in a queens church. the funeral takes place tomorrow. >> there are three into fire investigators trying to pinpoint the cause of a christmas morning house fire that destroyed two homes in san francisco's
5:24 am
portrero hill main the no one was hurt. the badly damaged building were red fagged. number four, showing enjoy, not even north korea can tell us what to do moviegoers knocked to "interview," scenings pore a jab at north korea than a movie they wanted it see. sony shelved the movie because of threats but changed its mine. >> this is the first day of kwanzaa, running through john -- january 1 that celebrates african culture. each night a new candle is light. six, a look from lake tahoe camera, we have a slightly breezy conditions and very cold, expected to be in the single digits, at home the next 12 hours we are looking at temperatures in the mid-50's for much of us and as we head into overnight hours expect to see frost and freezing temperatures
5:25 am
in the inland valleys. >> a look at walnut creek southbound 680 tail lights are building a little bit from pleasanton hill and we are accident free but for a few fender benders including an injury accident on i 80. the national park service is helping you see the sales and migrating whales off point reyes with a schultz service taking you from drakes bay to chimney rock overlook along the marin county coast. the service will continue through january 2. shuttles move out at 9:00 a.m. and the last one leaving at 5 o'clock, sir francis drake boulevard is closed to private boulevard while the shuttles are in service. how about a little comedy and kung
5:26 am
hundreds gathering on pacific avenue for laughs and a lot of chinese food the jewish creator and producer wanted to give those would don't celebrate christmas alternative entertainment. >> i came up with the idea of doing jawish come by on christmas in a chinese restaurant to give jews and other people something to do on christmas. we provide an at fat to christmas and a sense of belonging, community, people do not have anything to do that night. some of the proceeds will benefit san francisco's suicide prevention in honor of the late comic robin williams. jewish family and children's services food programs will benefit from the annual show. we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. >> including the latest on the condition of former president george h.w. bush in the hospital since tuesday. >> but, first, a look from the kgo camera you can see the embarcardero center lit up.
5:27 am
we keep you up to date on we keep you up to date on weather and traffic
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 5:29 on friday. hope santa was good to you. christmas day but today we will take a lot those things back. thanks for joining us. i am chris nguyen and kristen sze and meteorologist mike nicco have the day off. leyla gulen is doing weather and traffic. this is a day that many people look forward to, the day after christmas with the sales. >> exactly. they will hit the roads going to get some bargains. moreshipping. we will look at live doppler hd and how the weather will shape up. it is hooking clear. not a cloud in the sky. that is a look at lake tahoe. it is cold. expect to see temperatures
5:30 am
reaching the single digits overnight. one of the long of the nights of the air so the dry air mass and less wind is causing chilly conditions tonight. expect those to persist. a look at traffic. the san mateo show as high wind advisory and high profile vehicles, be careful. 101 from san francisco to sfo is 10 minutes and 14 minutes from 238 to the maze and 11 minutes from 85 to the san jose airport. >> in the news, shoppers looking for after christmas deals in san francisco's union square could be met by a rest this afternoon, demonstrators will be protesting the recent shooting deaths of two blackmen by white police officers. on christmas night a similar protest in oakland turned ugly with smash the witnesses and other damage to businesses. amy hollyfield is in union square. the organizers of the event
5:31 am
do not want it to look like last night's protest. they do want people to pay attention. here is what it looks like last night, it turned violent. vandals made sure to leave damage behind in oakland for the city to clean up this morning. they tore the lights and ornaments off of the jack london square christmas tree and broke windows at the subway on embarcadero west. there was a dumpster fire or two. there were no reports of injuries. it because called "no time off," the idea was that although it was christmas not to take time off from keeping the emergency alive. it lasted an hour and a half. no arrests were made. today, another protest is being called for in union square. they want the emergency that black lives matter starting at noon until 3:00 p.m. and are asking for the protesters to keep it peaceful.
5:32 am
they do not want to see vandalism. they want to interrupt what they are calling the post christmas consumerism. they want did keep the emergency alive and keep the movement and momentum in missouri, 75 people marched in a peaceful protest in the town of berkeley demonstrating over the shooting death of a black teen by a white police officer. berkeley is not far from ferguson where michael brown was killed in august. some black elected officials are drawing a distinction between the two shootings saying in berkeley the teen supposedly drew a gun on the officer would shot him. >> today, a san jose homeowner will town over surveillance video to police showing a man stealing a package off the front steps of his home. this is the video, the alleged theft happened on wednesday morning not long after this post a.m. carrier delivered the package to the evergreen
5:33 am
neighborhood home. watch as the white car pulls up and at the same time a man walked up to the porch, takes the package and takes off. inside the package, a christmas gift to the home owner's daughter. the home owner plans to file a complaint with the postal service because the video shows the carrier tossing the package on to the porch. >> if livermore two people are in custody on discussion suspicion of stealing packages from porches called to the area at trinity hills lane after receiving call from concerned neighbors they found the couple hiding in a bush. police located their vehicle parked full of stolen differents. it is believed they stole packages from hopes in livermore, pleasanton, brentwood, lafayette and orinda. >> fire investigators are looking for the cause after fire that destroyed two homes in portrero hill neighbor, christmas morning on mississippi
5:34 am
near 18th street yesterday. the family living on the upper level got off sowf. the couple with two young childrens were not home. it took crews four hours to income down three-alarm fires. >> its with occupied and it got a good head start. a terrible way to spend christmas and they have two young kids and we have two young kids and it is stuff to explain why bad things happen. >> the badly damned homes have been red tagged and no one killing pets belonging to the families would live there were injured. oakland man is recovering from injuries suffered jumping out of a window to escape a house fire in oakland early yesterday morning on 56th street. let of the four people in the home managed to make it out the front door and a man trapped on the second floor had to go out a window and broke a leg in the fall. the cause of the fire is "under investigation." >> a coast guard unit based in san francisco pulled a ship
5:35 am
captain to safe at his boat took on water. yesterday morning, the coast guard san francisco got a distress call from a ship 75 miles southwest of monterey. crews were launched with a helicopter. it was determined the captain had to be hoisted to safety. the coast guard praised the catch say he was respectly equipped with survival and communication equipment and called the coast guard early enough to be saved before conditions deteriorated. the newly apinned head of the california public utilities commission says big changes are on the way when he takes charge. ed. they have been criticized for l oversight of the pg&e pipeline explosion. speaking to the "los angeles times" the new president michael picker will make public safety the top priority. he was named to the post by governor brown this week telling "los angeles times" he will create a sealed investigative team that will have more buttory to issue fines and penalties.
5:36 am
state officials warn the public not to eat a brand of carmel apple that can have been contaminated where listeria that has sickened 29 people in continue states and may have caused the death of a santa cruz county. would. the missouri businesses happy apple company issued recall after one of the suppliers reported a possible link to listeria. the family filed the lawsuit againstsafe way as shove deeded of infection possibly from a carmel apple she bought at the store. >> bay area moviegoers stood if line to see a movie many admitted wasn't on the list but that was not the point, the point was to see the "interview," packing knee fors like the cinema in san jose where all shows sole out. it started an international incident. moviegoers decided to send a message. >> it was cool to go to the first show on the first day it
5:37 am
was open and reserve a point that anyone can stop us from seeing the movie. >> we got a lot laughs. it is not politically correct but i like that stuff. >> the demand is so high in oakland that $2 from every ticket sale is donated to liberty in north korea an organization we helping cent rest yankees. >> former president george hr bush remains in a houston hospital recovering from shortness of breath. the president has looked april if years suffering from irregular heartbeat, bronchitis and a form of parkinson's disease. he was last seen in public back in november at a houston texans football gale. he for longer has the use of his legs and must use a motorized scooter or wheelchair to get around. he was hospitalized as a precaution on tuesday. in a statement yesterday officials say the official president had another terrific day and is in great spirits. mike has the day off and we
5:38 am
will send it to leyla gulen for weather and traffic. hope you had a wonderful holiday, everyone. we are tripping cooler. hour, not is cold as what we expected because we still have gusty conditions which are keeping the temperatures higher. looking right new at the wind conditions we are still at 22-miles-per-hour gusts in fairfield and calm in concord at 21-miles-per-hour gusts in livermore and three miles per hour in mountain view and along the coast and we have a gust of 23 miles per hour at half moon bay. our current temperatures starting in san francisco, 52 degrees and 51 in san francisco and downtown and 53 in portrero hill and 53 in sunny side and cooler there along the cost. the rest of us will be in the lower 50's to upper 40's, 46 degrees in american can wrong and 37 in palo alto and 48 in pleasanton and with the wind subsiding a longer evening and cool air mass expect to see more frost near the bay and along the
5:39 am
coast. more on that in a few minutes. it is clear conditions on the golden gate bridge but watch out for the high winds there with advisories. if you are traveling on a high-sided vehicle, white knuckle it. drive time traffic i-80 worker from albany to the maze is four minutes and 880 southbound from fremont to hose is 14 minutes and northbound 280 from 101 to cupertino is 11 minutes. a subway car suddenly becomes a maternity ward. the holiday delivery that became a special christmas gift for transit cops. >> my god. my god. a bay area woman shocked by generous act of holiday spire. the special gifts she says will change her life. >> a look outside at sfo this morning we will keep an eye on
5:40 am
any potential delays throughout the day and we will keep weather and traffic up for you through the entire commercial break with news now so you are in the know going the is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number.
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number. >> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back it is 5:42 on
5:43 am
december 26. philadelphia transit police are told in training, you are have crazy days the. >> they did not necessity that included delivering babies. officers assisted with a birth on a subway train. witnesses say when the mom said she was having the baby right then and this they called for help. >> we were there doing what we do. there to help people. in any way, shape or form. >> we delivered a baby for her, her christmas present but it was a blessing and present for myself, the first time i experienced something like this. that something was a healthy baby boy. officers and firefighters carry the you it born up the stairs into a waiting ambulance. can't think of a better christmas present than that. >> a family is having a merry holiday season. a group of community members came together to bring them a gift they desperately needed. here is that story you see only
5:44 am
here on 7. per credit christmas! >> santa had come and gone. this was a surprise. >> i wanted to get dress. >> a vice so big it took a moment to sink in. >> oh, my god! >> it was, literally, pregnant taking. >> do not have a heart attack we have e.m.t. out there. >> they are holding the key to far more than a set of wheels a key to a boater life for her twin six-year-old grandsons. >> my gosh! she works the night shift and the daughter works the day shift. >> my goodness. >> they have been carrying for the twins while sharing a single car. >> it was really, really hard with the one car my daughter pick me up at 10:30 or 11 o'clock at night with the boys. >> the idea to raise money began in 1st grade and spread to the
5:45 am
community on facebook. >> we are sending money by pay pal and dropping off differents and it is the community of people, the of there of god at work. >> but the christmas elves did it have to spend money to boy the car they found a nonprofit willing to dough anyway it and the cash goes into a continue to keep it running and insured. >> your personal service guide. you call scott and he will hook you up. >> i will drive it by myself. >> i am still trying to figure, how did they plan this without us knowing? >> they have been hiding the car while hiding their excitement. >> the best christmas gift i can receive. >> giving a life changing deficit and unforgettable christmas. >> truly a christmas miracle i could never, never, never
5:46 am
imagine. drivers in minnesota are partying like it is 1999. >> they are paying need nine prices if a gallon of regular gasoline. drivers who stop by this gas station in minneapolis had a real christmas gift: gas was $1.99, a price not seen in five years. a customer took a price. competing gas stations price match by lowering their price to $1.99, as well. >> and rinse is from minneapolis and he wrote 1999 for the trivia it all fits together like a big christmas puzzle. >> i love prince. huge fan. >> hope you had a wonderful christmas. today is much like year. with the exception of cold
5:47 am
temperatures as we start to get into the evening hours. radar satellite shows not seeing any clouds, no fog, crystal clear start. temperatures are fought is cold as we expected because of consistent wind blowing through the bay area but they have been subsiding and, really, just kept our temperatures warmer than what we were thinking would happen. 37 degrees in concord and 46 in fairfield and june along the peninsula in san mateo and 46 if fremont. because of this, we are personsing cool temperatures where dry air mass coming in to the bay area bring the chilly conditions. overnight the wind is going to calm down with the longer evening and dry air mass you can expect cooler temperatures and, in fact, the forecast is still expected. as we head into the weekend, we have instability to the north of us that could bring a couple of
5:48 am
clouds keeping our temperature over the weekend mild but dry. at home, highs today we are looking at 57 in san jose and 57 in los gatos and 59 in cupertino and the peninsula we have 57-degree marks and along coast at half moon bay, 55 at pack can. in san francisco, 58 under sun and in cloverdale, 58. east bay is upper 50's and in the inland valleys, 56 in pittsburg. 56 if livermore. 57 in pleasanton. lows will be chilly because it is calming down and long are nights and 39 in richmond and we will get to the freezing mark in some areas, inland and napa and 38 in san rafael and 33 in cloverdale. we are dry and we could see a weak chance between monday and wednesday with possible showers and higher elevations between 2,000 and 4,000 feet but showers
5:49 am
are not terribly likely. too early to predict but as we felt closer to the new year it will stay dry. now, traffic, if you are headed out, to the after christmas sales, it is locking clear and that is a look at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza, for traffic to speak of and we are quiet with the exception of lucas valley road we had high wind a couple of days ago bringing down a tree which tookç out power lines. it is a mess and detours are if place, drive time traffic 680, walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes and 101 southbound, from santa rosa to san francisco is 51 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains, light conditions. north storms or holidays are slowing work on the massive new headquarters and the new view of progress on the mother ship. a look from sutro camera this morning you can keep tabs on weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with
5:50 am
the entire commercial break with abc female announcer: even tempur-pedic mattress sets
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if you receive add new smart 15 we have a gift for you. apple app and google play is apple app and google play is free on >> a 13-year-old dog survives a fall from a tallest apartment building and alive because of where he lands, sam the dog took a 15 story tumble from the upper floor of the apartment complex. sam is partly blind and may have been confused when he went over the railing. he drifted in the air and took a dive bottom first into a hot tub on first floor. a neighbor drinking coffee on the balcony saw it happen and a big splash and the owner says the dog is lucky.
5:53 am
>> he goes into the hot dog he hits it dead center and he started swimming immediately to try to find his way out and he got to the steps and he pulled himself out. >> sam suffer add fractured pelvis and broken ribs and is bruised and swell but they are optimistic sam will be headed home today. he is 91 in dog areas. there does not appear to be downed time at the apple campus in cupertino during the holidays. new video posted shows construction on the sprawling new apple headquarters taking shape further. cries erected the parking garage, theater and main office building at the same time. the company hopes to house 13,000 employees weapon it opens if late 2016. the midwest is digging out from a white christmas this morning. >> indeed. they part of the mountain states
5:54 am
and in denver 70 trucks converted to snowplows are are clearing the streets and will ought be needed. of colorado has up to 12" of snow and the storm will stay around through today. several cars ran off the road and will be there until crews come to dig them out. the average high temperature in colorado today will be a brick 21 degrees. we are not snowed in in the bay area, but how is the sierra looking? >> beautiful. we got snow. it is really cold there. it will be in the single digits overnight but the midwest is painful to look at the conditions. looking toward the embarcadero it is a gorgeous start, 51 in san francisco and oakland is in the upper 40's and lower 40's in san jose and morgan hill. the forecast is. coming up after the 6:00 hour and the rest of california you
5:55 am
can see 31 degrees in lake tahoe and 63 degrees if los angeles. still mild for us, and here is a look at traffic where we have clear commute in san jose. 101 near the nimitz, northbound traffic is the headlights pulling in to the san jose aircraft southbound traffic nonexistent and we have long-term construction and you may know about this, detours on highway one, traffic along 101 and 280 between san bruno and millbrae, no delays. memorials and religious services are landed if thailand for the 10th anniversary of the killer tsunami that tore on the sea that sent waves roaring across the indian ocean at jet liner speed and triggered by the most powerful earthquake in 40
5:56 am
directors am quarter million people were killed and some of the bodies have never been recovered or identified. great britain is cracking down on the use of aerial drones especially those flown recklessly at other countries are watch how it turns out. officials figured a lost drops would be handed out as different christmases so the civil aviation authority issued new regulations including a ban on flying drones over congested areas or close to people or near buildings without official permission. there are fines up to $8,000 in american money. year, drivers in new jersey had to do a double table as they headed to christmas vacation. >> someone got into the holiday spirit and changed the exit sign from part westfield to park grace world, the dad played by chevy chase in christmas vacation movie.
5:57 am
>> when the new jersey turnpike authority saw it they changed the sign become. next on the morning news at 6:00, a small grove -- group of anti-police protests caused damage. kids if you batteries for the new toys and "consumer reports" teams up with "7 on your side" to reveal which batteries keep them powered up for less. a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza with light traffic on day after christmas. you can see tabs on weather and traffic throughout the entire traffic throughout the entire commercial break with abc7
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5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, on december 26, the day after christmas. hope santa was good to you and got you all the toys and goodies you needed. >> i am chris nguyen and
6:00 am
meteorologist mike nicco and kristen sze have the day off. leyla gulen is covering traffic and weather. a lot of people are headed out for day after christmas sales. >> people look forward to it all year long. there are great after christmas sales. dress if layers. it will be a pain in the neck because you are going to be peeling them off later today. here is a look at live doppler hd with radar satellite showing colleague conditions so it is chilly. looking to the golden gate bridge, it is looking beautiful in all the glory. the day planner the next 12 hours, we start off chilly and by noon you will experience temperatures in the mid-fete and by 4:00 p.m. reaching the lower 60's and overnight the temperatures will drop down more significantly and i will talk about that in a few minutes. enjoy, the roads. if you are racing to the stores, do


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