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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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kristen sze have the day off. leyla gulen is covering traffic and weather. a lot of people are headed out for day after christmas sales. >> people look forward to it all year long. there are great after christmas sales. dress if layers. it will be a pain in the neck because you are going to be peeling them off later today. here is a look at live doppler hd with radar satellite showing colleague conditions so it is chilly. looking to the golden gate bridge, it is looking beautiful in all the glory. the day planner the next 12 hours, we start off chilly and by noon you will experience temperatures in the mid-fete and by 4:00 p.m. reaching the lower 60's and overnight the temperatures will drop down more significantly and i will talk about that in a few minutes. enjoy, the roads. if you are racing to the stores, do not race.
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they will be there. walnut creek shows 680 subfrom pleasant hill, a clear drive. san francisco to sfo is 10 minutes. 880 is wide open, and 101 through san jose not a delay to be seen. we have what is becoming a major weapon in the battle against package theft: surveillance video. they help identify grinches who steal gives from our steps. matt keller is in the south bay with an example. and what a gentleman will do. >> many are returning gifts today but a san jose man is hoping a gift will be returned to his house and he is hoping the san jose police defendant can help out with that. check out the surveillance video from the home in the evergreen neighbor. postal worker dropped off a package at 9:00 p.m. and half an hour later you can see a white car pull up, a man walks up with a piece of paper in his hand and
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grabs the market and gets in the back the car and takes off. inside the package, a christmas gift for the home owner's daughter. >> it service emotional value. [ inaudible ] the message is, don't tell other people's package; don't steal other people's joy. >> they will take the surveillance video to the san jose police department today. san jose police department says all report a crime like this and if you need to file an insurance claim it will help. package deliveries increase but the theft can happen all year long and police have several recommendations for deliveries: have it delivered to your office or require a signature. in vetoing news, a roast is planned for noon at union square to demonstrate that black lives
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matter emphasizing they want peaceful and safe demonstrations. previous protests last month seen here and two weeks good morning over the deaths of michael brown and eric garner were respectful. demonstrators are assured of a big crowd because today is the biggest gift run day of year. amy hollyfield will be in union square at 6:30. a peaceful demonstration was what most protests wanted last might in oakland but it did not turnout that way. a group marched at broadway and 14th and another started breaking windows and every window at the subway station on embarcadero west are smashed and lights and ornaments were torn off the christmas tree at jack london square. protests cop planed the media focus on the damage and not the message. they are part of same story. the oakland was one of several held to remember understand just the black people who died but
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the police officer shot and killed in a disturbing act of let try bush administration. here is the latest. calling the march "month time off, protesters out again on christmas night from the st. louis suburb of berkeley, missouri. they are all determined to help in the name of justice. >> everyone shoulden part of some type of action to raise awareness. >> in brooklyn a show of support for new york city police officers killed in the line of daughter last saturday. >> this event organized by reverend sharpton who has been at the forefront of the national movement against police brutality following the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. on this day, sharpton is offering a message of unity as they prepare to bury officer ramos. >> we are against the shedding of any innocent blood.
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we respect and appreciate what ramos and liu were doing if policing just as we appreciate the value of the lives of those we mourn here. >> the nypd is preparing for 25,000 officers from the united states and canada to be in new york today and today for officer ramos' viewing and funeral. many of the officers were be attending a memorial service for one of the two slate new york city police officers latetory thousands of mounters are expected to gather at queens church for pay tribute to ramos along with fellow officer liu gunned down on saturday in the patrol car. the late officer ramos was a deeply committed member of the community and his funeral will be held on saturday. vice president paid were will be among the hundreds of dignitary
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ies expected to attend. police if monterey are looking for a jailed inmate who escaped from custody on christmas day. they believe the 23-year-old freddie swanson touched through a window and jumped to a roof to freedom and may have injured himself. swanson was held in the medium security dorm and was if custody for narcs and charges. >> if san rafael the highway patrol says a portion of lucas valley road which is a key east-west artery conducting san rafael to west marin is closed to traffic at this hour. it has been closed since when as they work to repair a power pole and line. gusts up to 35 miles per hour toppleed the lines. it is reestimated to be re-open at 7:30 to morning. >> what first appear be to a if
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start for the coho salmon is turning into a bust. the marin independent journal reports that water managers say the rainfall in late movie and early december brought impressive numbers to the salmon back from the sea and into local creeks and streams. all indications pointed to a bumper crop of salmon but the numbers have fallen off and officials expect the season to be mediocre at best. some environmental groups say this indicates the species is on the november of extinction. >> it is never too early to know how to get rid of your tree. for the 28 the straight year, san francisco is announcing the curb side christmas tree collection between january 2 and january 16 you and park the tree on curb and the city will take it away. trees are chipped which are used to generate energy. last year san francisco recycled 539 tons of christian
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trees. >> and now the weather forecast, you can use the chips to heat your home? >> yes, eric. i do not understand those would put the tree out the day after christmas. i keep them until at least valentine's day. just kidding. love christmas trees. the bart station you will need the coast. i will need layers. it is chilly. 44 diagnosises in concord. in the upper 30's in lafayette. lower 30's for walnut creek, and in the mid-to-upper 40's and 50 degrees in oakland for the rest of us. here is a look at san francisco from our east bay hills camera, bouncing away a little bit because we still have breezy conditions in the higher elevations and subsided in the lower sell vacations -- lower elevations but it will be mile the next few days because of instability and i will have the seven-day forecast in a few
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minutes. but, first, traffic. right now you can expect to seafarelier conditions with the exception of c.h.p. issued high wind advisory if you are traveling on the bay bridge, be careful, and anything high profile. traffic is filling in from hayward to foster city. our drive time traffic westbound antioch to hercules, a quick 27-minute commute with a lot of folks taking day off today and into the weekend. i 80 is 16 minutes and highway 7 to the san jose airport is under ten minutes. still ahead on the abe morning news, disappointment for many people would unwrap new xboxs and play stations. out agencies me began on the gaming networks yesterday morning and continued overnight. the post christmas rush at the mall as people start returning the unwanted gifts and businesses are still banking on a big day of sales. of course, more weather and traffic for you all
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this is the holiday skyline and the embarcadero and we will keep this up through the entire commercial break copy will not commercial break copy will not miss a
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back, at 6:13. sony play station network is still down this morning in a hack attack that affected it and microsoft's xbox. both gaming services went down yesterday morning and the notorious hacking group lizard squad claims responsibility for the outages. this is insider reporting that they threatened to take the service down but it is not clear why. microsoft says xbox is working again. no word from sony on when the play station network will be back up and running. uber is facing another hiccup in the plan to expand globally. the c.e.o. is facing criminal charges in south korea. authorities say uber violated local taxi licensing laws. he is charged with operating an illegal taxi service and could be fined up to $
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two years in jail. uber has not received the indictment and has no comment. >> expect long lines across the nation today with many of us returning unwanted christmas gifts. retailersretailers are expectin5 billion in returns and 4 percent will return a gift this year. many retailers are extending return periods to tell with the crush of customers traditionally the second busiest shopping day of the year. they are expectingshipers to -- expecting shoppers to catch in expecting shoppers to catch in $32 billion in gift you can't pick them and you can't take them back. >> leyla gulen is another
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present, her lovely presence. >> hopefully everyone got what they asked for from santa. i hope i have to deliver is what you wanted: lake tahoe is looking at snow. headed up to the eke, you are going to be in for a treat with snow and cold conditions for us there with single digit temperatures expected overnight with clear skies and not a single cloud in the sky. winds are still breezy in some areas especially if our higher elevation at 25-miles-per-hour gusts in forward and 18-miles-per-hour gusts at half moon bay and at 21 miles per hour at san francisco airport and six miles per hour at hayward. we are still looking at breezy and that is what kept our temperatures on the warmer side, we are spenting to see them cooler than they were overnight. however, the winds, the frozes, -- the brings will subside and with longer nights and is going
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to bring our temperatures cooler with forecast expected near the bay and the coast. into the weekend we have instability near us keeping the temperatures mild over the weekend. by the beginning and middle of next week you could see a possible shower, a little bit too early to say. however, expect to see possible showers into the new year it will be dry. the highs today are in the mid-to-upper 50's for not of bay area and 60 degree reading in the authority bay. with veto profit and freezing conditions and 32 degrees in napa. inland valleys be as well, 34 degrees in livermore and 37 in antioch and 40 closer to the bay and oakland and 39 in san mateo and 41 at half moon bay. my seven-day forecast shows dry the next few days and closer to tuesday and wednesday, we could see a few clouds and possibly squeeze out a drop or two but headed into new year, it is dry.
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and mild. now, traffic and what is happening on the roads. >> 101 pushing in the southbound direction to make it to the waldo, and the again february, not finding any delays but holiday light because of the extended weekend. take off an extra day if you can. the rest of the bay area is generally speaking very clear conditions with the exception of debris if lanes blocking one lane here northbound 280 at 380 in san bruno with the travels still looking good, and headed from hayward to foster city is 13 minutes and across the dumbarton bridge it is 12 minutes. it is 6:17. new the presents have been opened, some kids will need batteries. >> which ones laugh the longest? "7 on your side" teams up with "consumer reports" to reveal which will keep them powered up for less.
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tomorrow on abc7 you can watch miami and south carolina in the independence bowl from shreveport, that larks tomorrow at 12:30 right here all leading up to the national championship game on espn january 12. first, the golden gate bridge shows it is sparse traffic right there with folks working together and taking a long christmas holiday weekend long christmas holiday weekend with more news and weather and hi, i'm henry winkler long cand i'm here to tellkend with morhomeowners weather and that are sixty-two and older about a great way to live a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answewers questions like... how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money...and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with led light
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>> good post christmas morning to you on friday and this is a look from the east bay hills camera, vollmer peek looking to the bay bridge and a glassy smooth bay and it is chilly. put on a jacket this morning. now a check on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up on "good morning america" it is back to the stores. today could be busiest shopping days of year for everyone returning unwanted holiday gifts. we tell you about the best post christmas clearance sales. >> that comes up in 39 minutes but, right new, "consumer reports" partnered with "7 on your side" for a report on the best long lasting aa batteries.
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>> here are the cames. good morning, the presences are withdrawned you are probably thinking about battery. "consumer reports" shopped through test results to find out which will keep you powered up for less. >> want a shine this holiday season? keep the electronics up and running with a supply of batteries. your kids will be biggest fans. >> we have so man toys and batteries we are changing batteries all the time. >> you could spend a bundle and still have duds so "consumer reports" put 15 aa batteries to the test. in the laboratory, batteries are connected to machine which cycled them on-and-off over and over simulate use in toys and flashlights. the most expensive came in with a top two performance you
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with a top two performance you get two hours more if you use a lost batteries, "consumer reports" found good and less expensive options. >> they last a long-term but you pay a lot more for them. plus, we found long listen -- long lasting that cost less that are dollar each. kirkland aa from costco are the biggest bargain at 27 cents each keeping up with the dura cell and give up less than half an hour of use in flashlights. >> to make batteries last store them in a cool and dry place.
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if you receiver add new smartphone or cab let we have a gift for you, the news app is free on apple app and google play with more information at >> beach side memorials and religious services are planned in thailand to mark the 10th anniversary of killer indian ocean tsunami. hard to believe it has been a decade since the tsunami opened the sea off the indonesia coast sending waves roaring across the ocean at jetliner speeds triggered by the most powerful earthquake in 40 years. a quarter million were killed and some bodies have never been recovered or identified. >> an oregon woman has been released from risen in east timor on suspicion of drug trafficking. the resident had in idea the man
6:25 am
she share add taxi with had several points of methamphetamine on him and when police pulled the cab over everyone was arrested. this happened in october. she has been incarcerated in a woman's prison since. after an outcrew the prosecution finally let her go. she is still in east timor and can leave when she received her passport. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> fires came to the rescue in more ways than one during a house fire in san francisco. >> a strong opening day for "the interview," used as an opportunity to give back. a protest is planned this afternoon in union square but organizers do not want it to look like last night's protest in oakland. >> the weekend forecast is dry and sunny and cool. we do not have flight delays.
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we do expect to see a dry pattern right into the new year. >> a couple of citizens have quickly cleared cleared and nowt have morning hour traffic and all the details straight ahead when we return. female announcer: during sleep train's hugeom foyear end clearance sale,s! get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now!
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:129 on this friday after christmas. a look at sfo and it does not look too busy but this weekend will be busy. it is chilly right now. >> good thing we have leyla gulen here with the weather. i am eric thomas. >> i am chris nguyen. meteorologist mike nicco and kristen sze have the day off. they will be back next week. how does it shape up for post christmas? pretty nice. more mild than we expected. heap box
6:30 am
50 degrees in livermore. we expected to see cooler temperatures today, however, some persistent wind kept the temperatures higher. from our camera to the mysterious view of the golden gate bridge, it is gorgeous and lit up in the night sky and our day planner the next 12 hours, if you do have a chilly start to the morning, but it will be warmer than what we expected but by noon and 4:00 p.m. temperatures will range in the mid-to-upper 50's but cooler overnight because the winds calm down. now, traffic shows the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are not turned on. it is wide open. we have clear conditions there. >> we take you to san rafael, this is where we have a closure because a couple of nights ago we had gusty winds that where the down a big tree taking down power lines at west gate and
6:31 am
detours are in place. >> to the top story this morning, protesters with the black lives matter will be organizing a protest today after protests turned violent in the east bay. amy hollyfield is in san francisco with more on what is being planned. amy hollyfield? >> yes, good morning, the organizers of the event in union square hope it does not look like what happened last might in oakland. there were legitimate protests in the groups with there were vandal whose did some damage breaking windows another some businesses including the subway on embarcadero west is they will step off the lights and the on amounts on the christmas tree in jack london square and dumpster fires set. the march was called no time off and the asked was to keep police working and people paying attention to this movement and
6:32 am
it lasted an hour and half and not so large and no arrests were made. today, that is the same idea not to take any time off but to keep the momentum of the movement going even during the holiday and they want to break up the post christmas consumerism meeting here in young square and they can keep it here to the square or with a big group they are doing well, they could spread out and move around the were showing areas here. they land to do this until 3:00 this afternoon and they are calling for it to be family friendly and safe, not to turn violent. thank you, amy hollyfield, in missouri 75 marched in a peaceful roast in berkeley demonstrating over the shooting death of a black teen by a white police officer. berkeley isn't far from figure son which is where michael brown was killed in august. some black elected officials are drawing a distinction between the two shootings saying in
6:33 am
public berkeley the teen supposedly draw a gun on the officer would shot him. >> first investigators are still looking for the cause of a fire that destroyed two homes in the san francisco portrero hill neighborhood on christmas morning at mississippi near 18 the street after 6:30 yesterday morning. the family living on upper level got out safely and a couple with two young children on lower level were not home. it took crews four hours to knock down three-alarm fire. >> it was occupied and it for the a good head start. a terrible way to spend christmas and they have two young kids. we have two young kids. it is tough to explain why bad things hand. >> both of the damaged homes have been red tagged. no one including pets were injured. >> a man is recovering in oakland after jumping out a window to escape a house fire in oakland. it happened yesterday morning.
6:34 am
three of the four people in the home made it out the front door but a man trapped on the second floor want out a window and broke a leg in the fall much the cause is under investigation. if livermore two people are in custody on suspicion of stealing packages from porches. on christmas eve, police were called to the area of lexington way and trinity hills lane after receiving calls from concerned neighbors. they found the couple hiding in a bush. police located their vehicle parked nearby full of stolen gifts. investigators think they stole packages from homes in livermore, pleasanton, brentwood, lafayette and orinda. >> a coast guard unit based in san francisco pulled a ship captain to safety when the boat ago on water. yesterday morning, the coast guard san francisco got a distress call from a ship 75 miles southeast of monterey. the crews were launched as well as a helicopter. it was determined the captain was hoisted to safety.
6:35 am
the coast guard praised the kept saying he was properly equipped with survival and communication equipment and called the coast guard early enough to be saved before conditions deteriorated. the newly appointed head of the california public utilities commission says big changes are on the horizon when he takes charge. they have been criticized for lax overnight following the september 2010 pg&e gas pipeline explosion. speaking to the "los angeles times" the new president michael picker will make public safety the top priority. picker was named by the governor brown this week and tells the "los angeles times" he will create a p.u.c. field investigative team with more power to issue fines and penalties. state health officials are wanting the public not to eat a brands of carmel apple that may have been contaminated with listeria. it has sickened 29 people in ten states and may have caused the defendant a santa cruz county
6:36 am
woman. the missouri based happy apple company issue add recall on wednesday after one of the suppliers reported a possible link to listeria. the family of the woman filed a lawsuit against safeway as she died of the infection possibly from a carmel apple she bought at the store. >> bay area movie goers stood in line to see a movie many admitted wasn't on top of their list but this want the point. the point was to see "the interview." they packed bay area theaters including in san jose where all shows sold out. it started an international incident with north korea that led to sony getting hacked and threats of violence. >> movie goers decided to send a message. >> thankful to go to the first show on the first day it was open and prove a point that no one can stop us from seeing a movie. it is unlawful politically correct but i like that stuff. >> demand is so high at the new
6:37 am
theater in oakland that $2 from each ticket sale is donated to liberty in north korea, an organization that helps cent rough gees. north korea has an ally in the approach to "the interview." russia says pyongyang's anger is understandable because the movie is so scandalous. now pointed out that washington has not offered any proof of north korea's involvement in the hacking and called the obama administration threats of retaliation counterproductive and dangerous. >> former president george h.w. bush is still if hospital recovering from shortness of breath of he looked fail for years suffering from irregular heartbeat, bronchitis and a form of parkinson's disease. he was last seen in public in november at a houston texans football game. he if longer has the use of his legs and must use a motorized scooter or wheelchair to get
6:38 am
around. he was hospitalized on tuesday as a precaution. yesterday in a statement the former president had another terrific day and is in great spirits. >> still ahead, a south bay homeowner is upset with the burglar who stole the holiday deliveries but the post office of the. >> for the first time ever japan is no longer a country of saveers. the reason experts say the households are turning to spenders. >> a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see it is smooth sailing right now. this is news now and well keep weather and traffic up throughout the entire commercial break.
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we have still wind in the forecast with gusts up to 25 miles per hour and 21 miles per hour at sfo. it is mild in mountain view. that kept the temperatures higher than we expected. the winds are going to subside and bring us cooler temperatures. here is the east buy hills. that is the port of oakland to the last hand side. for the weekend forecast, temperatures are going to be mild with chilly nights. headed into monday we can see a cloud or two. now, the traffic on the roads,
6:42 am
we have clear conditions and that is the golden gate bridge and we have c.h.p. issued high wind advisory for our bay bridge if you drive anything high sided. be careful and grab on to the steer wheel the we have emergency road closure because of the saturated background and the mudslide we experienced during the heavy rain, and the highway along northbound highway one is shut down but the rest of 101 is clear and 680 to highway 420 walnut creek is since minutes clear language highway 24 and 580 tracy to dublin is 25 minutes. >> still ahead on the morning news, for news for fast food customers in japan, after mcdonald's began limiting the size of fresh fry orders because of a shortage and when they will again serve big fridays. >> stay in the know with news now a look outside at our lake tahoe camera at-enly mount -- at
6:43 am
heavenly mountain resort. heavenly mountain resort. stay
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6:45 am
we are following breaking news from the sacramento area with a head on accident has claim the lives of four people. it happened in fair oaks a sacramento county suburb. the sheriff says that to selects
6:46 am
collided with each other at 1:30 this morning. one car had five people inside. the driver of that car was killed instantly and three passengers died when the car caught fire. when survives and two were in the other car and both were taken to the hospital for treatment. a south bay man will march into police headquarters armed with evidence that he hopes will lead officers to a pack an thief. police say if more people had this technology more package thieves could be behind bars. matt? >> yes, police will get a visit from this san jose man who hopes to catch a package thief who stole a little bit of christmas from his home. check out this surveillance video from the evergreen home. a postal worker dropped off the package at 9:00 according to the clock and half an hour later, a white car pulled up and a man walked up with a piece of paper in his hands and great britains the
6:47 am
-- and grabs a package and inside inside the package a christmas gift for the home owner's dollar. >> big emotional value and that is is sending a message that don't steal other people's package, don't steal other people's joy. he will take the surveillance video to the san jose police department today and he plans on filing a complaint with the postal service because the video shows the carrier tossing the package on the porch. always report a crime like this and they can hope if you have to file a claim. trading is underway on correct and we will look at the early number on the big board. we can see the dow is up almost 50 points staying over 18,000 to 18079. the s&p is in the green this
6:48 am
morning. for the first time since 1955 japan is no longer a nation of safers, a report by the asian review says for the fiscal year ending in march, japan's household saving rate dropped into negative territory. review gives two reasons, the elderly withdrew savings and there was a spending hike head of a nationwide tax on april 1. >> mcdonald's fran chinese -- franchise in japan are serving large frays after limiting orders to small fries this month because of labor disruptions on the west coast which blocked potato imports. it has been resolved and emergency shipments of provides have been flowing in from the east coast, emergency shipments of french fries. emergency shipments. >> super sized me. >> the cartons were this tall, too. i order them. they are good.
6:49 am
>> you are making me hungry. >> we will talk about weather. it will be beautiful. sunny conditions. dry. fairly mild. a look from the roof camera to the embarcadero for flights coming up with sunrise at 6:24 this morning and a beautiful start with colors gradually getting blue as you get higher in the sky and gorgeous. san francisco is at 51 and oakland is in the mid-40's and san carlos in the upper 40's the and lower 40's for the south bay and morgan hill is at 40 but chilly and warmer than what we expected because of wind that we still have through overnight hours and into the usually morning hours today. radar satellite images showing not a cloud in the sky with clear conditions from lake tahoe and headed up to the mountains you will need chains headed along 88 at the kirkwood but it is snowy and a beautiful, beautiful morning and it will be
6:50 am
cooler tonight, freezing, down right freezing in the single digits. we have this area of low pressure bringing in the cold air mass to the bay area with instability to the north of us keeping us mild over the weekend and as we head into the early part of the week we could see a couple of extra clouds in the sky and maybe squeeze out a drop or two but mostly dry, too early to predict but, still, cold and dry pattern headed into the new year. our highs today are 57 at san jose, and 56 in morgan hill, warming up to 58 in sunnyvale along the peninsula and upper 50's for us there and 55 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, in sunshine at 58 degrees and 60 degrees in santa rosa and 55 in lake port and 58 in vallejo. in the east bay, upper 50's for us this pushing into inland area mid-50's and 54 in antioch and cooler there and 55 in brentwood.
6:51 am
overnight, freezing temperatures the wind will calm down, cold air mass, longer nights, freezing conditions. 32 degrees in napa and inland valleys, 57 in antioch and 34 in livermore. the seven-day forecast stays drive through the weekend and a couple of clouds in the sky and closer to the new year temperatures are topping out at mid-50's. traffic and what is happening on the roads if you head out to the after christmas sales, you are in good company but, still, early, and walnut creek 680 away from pleasant hill at highway 24 no delays and as we take you to the day bridge c.h.p. issued high wind advisory and anyone driving anything high are -- higher profile, be careful. castro valley to the maze along westbound 580 is 14 minutes and from 680 to 280 split it is 11
6:52 am
minutes. >> we back with seven things to know's you go. >> first, this is abc7 news with a look outside from our exploritorium camera this morning, a beautiful view of the bay bridge. bay bridge. stay tuned.
6:53 am
welcome back, a hook from
6:54 am
emeryville camera at the bay bridge and traffic is moving along smoothly on this day after christmas. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know's you go: a peaceful profit in oakland turned ugly when some broke store witnesses along the embarcardero 12 protesting the deaths of two unarmed blackmen. another black lives matter event is in noon in san francisco in union square. >> memorial services for one of the two new york city police officers killed in an ambush will take place later today. hundreds are expected to attend the wake and memorial for officer rafael ramos in a queens church, the funeral will take place tomorrow. memorials and religious services are planned today if thailand to mark the 10th anniversary of killer indian ocean tsunami triggered by the most powerful earthquake in 40 years. a quarter million people were
6:55 am
killed. sony play station is off line this morning following a hack attack, taking xbox live gaming stations down and the hacking group lizard squad claims responsibility for the outages and x book hive is back up this morning. for the 28th straight year, san francisco will continue the curbside christmas tree election between january 2 and january 16 you can park your tree on the curb and the city will take it away. trees will be chipped will generate energy. >> you may need the energy because it will be down ride cold. here is a look at 6:24, from the similar storm camera a gorgeous start, so expect temperatures up to the mid mid-to-upper 50's ane chill begins overnight and what you need to know for the weekend a beautiful sight of the bay
6:56 am
with temperatures mild inland or bay or coastal areas with a couple of clouds in the sky but mostly in good condition. >> here is a look at traffic, the drive along the san mateo bridge a nice easy drive across the water to the peninsula and a wide view of san jose where everything is moving along at top speed and not fining any doesn'ts, it was kauai society hole difficult light condition along 101 as you head out of town to the san jose airport, you will not find accidents and no construction, either, along 280, nice and clear headed into cupertino. it has been a joy spending christmas week with you. we continue online and twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices. >> see you in 25 minutes with more news and weather and traffic. for the latest weather and news go to
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good morning, america. get ready for a post-christmas mall madness. this is the second biggest shopping day of the year. stores packed. the rush to return billions of dollars in gifts and redeem all those gift cards. we'll show you the new program that could help you get exactly what you want. holiday hack. the new cyberattack on your video game console. as the movie "the interview" hit sold out theaters for the first time. the new concern this morning that hackers expanding their attack. >> i was down on the ground and it was on my back biting me. >> incredible. in her own words, the teenage girl speaking out for the first time on how she fought back against a bear in a terrifying attack and how her pet dog saved her life.


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