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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 26, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. another frustrating morning of cleaning up had oakland after a christmas night black lives matter protest turns ugly and some smashed witnesses and even attacked holiday displays. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i am chris nguyen. >> we will have more on what is happening in oakland and what is happening now, today, in san francisco regarding the rallies. >> first the mayor in berkeley, missouri, is try to ward off another round of protests after a shooting death a black teen. >> 75 took part in a peaceful march but berkeley is still on
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urge and now the mayor is hoping new video surveillance video will answer questions over the confrontation between the teen and his officer. here is that report. there were heated protests. people demanded answers. after 18-year-old antonio martin was shot and killed by a berkeley police officer. online, conspiracy theories about what happened ran amok. people feared this could light the fuse for another ferguson. >> i got there, we all were saying the same thing, a white policeman killing a black young man. when does this stop. i can assure you, that did not happen. >> berkeley mayor hoskins says this case is very different because this time there is visual roof, clearly showing his officer fired in self-defense when confronted by an armed team. three surveillance views in the
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gas station that were released it show exactly what happened. in one, you can see two men in the parking lot face-to-face with the officer who responded to a report of shoplifting. closer you can see a man raises his armç pointing what authorities say is a gun directly at the officer. >> another angle shows much more, presumably after the officer fired his when he falled backward as if retreating and he quickly gets back do his feet. despite this video proof the mayor knows some will remain skeptical a few miles from the place that sparked tremendous national controversy. >> when it comes to a police officer doing the right thing and protecting himself, i support that. whether he is black or white. meanwhile, a memorial service for one of two new york city police officers killed over the weekend is set to get underway in a few hours. the body of officer ramos was
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escorted to a church in queens this morning. we fellow officers carried his cassette need. a memorial service will honor officer ramos. a funeral service will take place tomorrow. 25,000 nypd are expected to attend. vice president biden is among the hundreds expected to attend. ramos and fellow officer liu were gunned down in their car on saturday. the liu funeral will take place when relatives who live in china have traveled to new york. >> san francisco police are taking tribute to officer ramos with eight officers from the san francisco police department leaving town to head to new york to attend the ramos funeral tomorrow. as we first recorded this week, san francisco police chief order those to be traveling to be on high alert coming with good reason as new threats emerge targeting new york city police. seven men have been arrested in connection with throats made
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since saturday. three of those threats have been related 0 to posts on social media and two others for faith 9-1-1 calls. one threat came again the 84th precinct in brooklyn where the two assassinated officers worked. >> a san jose homeowner is taking action to capture a person who stole a daughter's christmas gift off the porch and will hand offer this surveillance video to the police. it was taken in the evergreen neighborhood on wednesday morning not long after a carrier delivered the package. you see a white car pull up, a man walk up to the pomp, take -- to the porch and take off. the homer will file a case with the united states poet office because the mail person tossed it on the porch. >> high wind gusts toppled a power pole and lines along a portion of lucas valley road, an
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east-west artery that conducts san rafael with marin. pg&e has fixed its part and are waiting for at&t to come and fix a cable. four people were kill after a head-on collision between to cars in a suburb that happened at 1:30 this morning in the community of fair oaks of the highway patrol says one of the vehicles involved in the wreck caught fire. three occupants burned to death much the driver of the car also died. both occupants of the other vehicle were taken to the hospital. one is a woman listed in critical condition. authorities are investigating whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. >> now more on profits in oakland last night. the groups were small because of the holiday but small did not noon quiet. again, a few of them broke away and vandalized businesses. amy hollyfield is in oakland with a chance to survey the damage. >> they are losing business today.
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the subway behind me is closed and it is a friday, a holiday weekend, and we have seen several customers walk up only to find this sign "closed." they dose negotiate when they re-open. the march was call "no time off," saying although it was christmas they would not take time off from protesting the deaths of blackmen at the hands of police officers. the group turned destructive tearing lights and ornaments off the christmas tree and tagging the window of a restaurant and breaking weapons at a subway restaurant and a liquor store. police did not step the attacks or making any arrests. this morning, work crews are now cleaning up broken glass and boarding up the witnesses. >> hopefully it is a learning experience from the police. the liquor store manager lost 23 windows, and unsightly boards replace them while he waits for the witnesses to be customer made during the busy
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champagne season of new year's eve. >> what it does, we have a lot customers thatship from different areas outside of oakland in neighboring cities. this is the only area they come to in oakland and it is not the look we want to portray. >> it looks more like vandalism to me. >> raymond is a customer and drove if this morning from alameda to get inagreed helps for a special family gathering. he left we empty handed because it is closed. >> it is frustrating but why know what this proved. why necessity how this helps any of the families. >> the general manager says when the bars come down he is thinking about saving them and storing them in the back room in case he is going to feed them again. we reached out to the oakland police department media relations office but have not
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heard back. fire investigators are still trying to pinpoint the cause of year's three-alarm fire in san francisco's portrero hill neighborhood that destroyed two homes just after 6:30 on christmas morning on mississippi street near 18th and it took firefighters four hours to contain the fire. no one was hurt. both buildings involved were damage the and were red tagged. business yourself for long lines at the shopping mall. in fact, today is expected to be the second picest shop day of the area. our reporter is at valley fair where stores opened up earlier than normal. >> valley fair usually opens at 10:00 but today opened up two hours earlier and is busy with more and more people expected through the day. >> did you get everything you wanted for christmas? director favorite stores are hope, your disappointment towns into their opportunity the retailers are expecting $65
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billion in returns and exchanges today. >> i am exchanging. thing i bought online. >> wrong sizes. >> stores at valley fair in the south bay opened remainly this morning and macy's open at 6:00 a.m. and the rest of the mall at 8:00 a.m. this year, the day after christmas, is expected to be the second busiest shopping day of the year behind super saturday. >> did you get everything you wanted? >> absolutely. >> then why you were here? >> so you can get extra goodies. you are extra good. >> good deals? >> yeah, a pair of boots and sheets. it will be nice. >> the number one present under the tree? gift cars $32 billion worth. with the big discount your money goes further. not everyone here was shopping for themselves. some today, told me they still have christmas gifts to buy. >> you waited until the last minute on christmas eve. >> exactly. the stores are all closed and i didn't get my friend her gift.
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>> today you are trying to make up for it? >> making up. >> but she don't realize you didn't have it before christmas? >> unless she is watching abc7. >> that would be bad news for me the. >> better be a good gift. >> hope so. what are the best deals today? you can find the biggest bargains on house wears and clothes. success for sony after a controversy look to curb "the involve," comes roaring back with a record set in day one that has critics taking notice. >> turning gift card duds into holiday gold, wal-mart is helping you get what you want if santa forgot. >> leyla gulen is here for a look at the forecast. >> hopefully it is toasty in the malls and you will need a jacket if you are headed out. here is a look from the roof camera with breezy conditions and current temperatures are going to be in the mid-50's where the full seven-day forecast and the possibility of
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snow by
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>> weeks of controversy around "the interview," helped with the buzz on the limited release christmas day earning $1 million on christmas day showing and is the best seller on google play and youtube movies. bay area movie goers packed the theater including this cinema in san jose. every screening was sold out. >> in oakland, demand is so high
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at new parkway management decided to give back all the cash $2 from every ticket sold goes to "liberty," an organization in north korea that helps korean refugees. >> two sport teams have high together hiring. according to the "new york times" the washington bucks and washington nationals have fired experts to read the faces of college prospects. the idea is to analyze things that cannot be seen on the field such as personality traits which may help determine if they have good chemistry with a certain team. >> 2014 wines down the best of the year lists are released and from cupertino, apple has revealed the most popular free apps so if you do not have these already, you can start downloading. facebook messenger is number one on download. apple users can live chat with friends. and snapchat allows users to share pictures and video in 15 different languages.
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and in 3 is youtube, users like it because it are recommends what to watch based on your favorite video. >> if you have a new smart tone, download our app for free for updates on news and weather and sports with information at >> leyla gulen has the friday morning and making the most of your holiday dud. >> did you get a gift card you don't want? the largest retailer is turning it into something you wanted to fine under the tree. >> getting a jump start before the crunch attack season and now is the time and how it will help you add extra cash to your return. >> looking ahead tomorrow on abc7 news you can watch miami and south carolina in the duck commander independence bowl live from shreveport, louisiana, tomorrow at 12:30 right here and it leads up to the national championship game on espn general 12
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happy now the city of san francisco is making it easy for you to go friend when you get rid of your christmas street. an announcement is underway at city hall marking this as the 28th annual curb side christmas tree collection between january 2nd and 16th you can leave your tree on the curb and the city will pick it up and recycle it into wood chips. they are used at boiler to generate energy and the city is celebrating right new with a giant wood chipper at city hall. >> wal-mart is looking to cash
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in on the holiday gift cards hoping to drive people to its doors and websites. wal-mart will give you one of their cards this change for one you don't plan to use. the swap is good for cards for more than 200 retailers but there is a catch: you will not get the full value. some cars like those from have a 95 percent exchange value while others are worth only 70 percent of face value. >> and here is leyla gulen here if meteorologist mike nicco. did you get different cars? >> no, cash please. that never goes out of style. and you get 100 percent on your return. >> we are looking at beautiful conditions, some are breezy and we have higher than expected temperatures overnight. lake tahoe is gorgeous, if you head to the sierra this week, it is currently a crisp 26 degrees and we might even see some snow
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showers by midweek. we will look right new at live doppler hd and first, we will talk about the win. it is gusty. sfo airport reporting 17-miles-per-hour gusts and 30 miles per hour at fairfield and concord at 10 miles per hour and mountain view is eight miles per hour. as we look at live doppler hd not seeing a single cloud in the sky, still very dry and the cold air mass continues to move in on bay area. current sell in the mid-to-upper 50's for most of us and we have 54 in antioch and 54 in san mateo and 55 in novato and 52 in los gatos. it is still chilly but we have a storm system that is to the not of us hitting the great basin states including parts of california, nevada, utah, hide oh, oregon and that will possibly bring us moisture by midweek in our hills. that is going to be the snow we could potentially see but this trend is continuing into new year dry bringing more dry weather.
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the highs today are 57 in san jose, and 58 in sunny veil and along the peninsula we are 57 at half moon bay and 57 in millbrae and cool and crisp 58 degrees in san francisco and santa rosa is 60 degrees, 58 in calistoga in the east bay and 59 in oakland and union city and 59, as well, and 58 in fremont, and inland valleys, 56 in pittsburg and 57 in pleasanton and 54 in antioch, lows, really, chilly because the winds are going to subside and longer evenings we will see freezing conditions and we could see some temperature reading in the 20's. 32 degrees in napa valley, and 39 in richmond, and 38 in palo alto. my seven-day forecast as we head into the weekend, with the storm system just to the north of us, that will moderate our temperatures and make them a little bit more mild and you will experience that mid-to-upper 50's for because staying dry into 2015. thank you. if you still in holiday mode the
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last thing you may want to think about is taxes but financial experts say starting early gives you a window to save big. shear y you still have time to donate cash, clothes or a car by the end of the year. any of those things can reduce your taxable income if you itemize deductions. also, make the most of your employers tax free benefits. for example, look into whether you can carry over money from the flexible spending account. some employers allow up to $500 of carry over until march 15 of the following year. finally, evaluate your hen, if you are uninsured for more than three months this year you may qualify for a tax exemption. >> if you do start taxes today you could need something to help you think clearer. did you know a candy cane can help with peppermint helping with memory and alertness. today is national candy can. day first introduced to america in 1847 by a german immigrant
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from ohio he decorated the tree with him and now you can find them on anywhere from on trees and in stockings to candy dishes. >> try to tell that to the ought toward. >> oh, baby, the season for special deliveries. >> and two moms have two shocking delivery stories. >> and tony gonzalez republicans you prepare a menu if the playoffs in simple trips to put extra flavor in your tailgatin
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using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. coming up, the way you sleep could be giving you back and neck pain. the simple fixes can you make to wake up pain-free. now that all the presents are opened, kids will need batteries for that are any toys. at 5:00, "7 on your side" will reveal which ones last longest. two pennsylvania families are celebrating where their brand new bundles joy. both debuted with an element of surprise calling them "christmas miracles." first up, a million goes into labor on a philadelphia subway train, transit police come to her rescue. this is surveillance video of
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them assisting with the birth of a healthy baby boy. he and mom are doing just fine. >> and in hershey, three times the surprise, a couple has welcomed triplets two months ahead of schedule. mom was due valentine's day and despite the early arrival all three babies are healthy and happy, all going home today to join two older siblings. >> is a hand full. once, twice, three times the baby. >> that is nicely done. >> from all of us at seven, thanks for joining us. a look used from the kgo roof camera.
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