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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning, thanks for joining us on this sunday,
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december 28th. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning carolyn. 7:54 is the official sunrise. starting out with high clouds around the bay. live doppler 7hd. temperatures range from the mid-30s to the upper 40s from napa to san francisco. so we are looking at a chili start to the day. no frost advisories. the explore toreium camera also looking at a partly cloudy start. we have a spare-the-air dayed to. no woodburning in the bay area and the air quality is not the best especially in the north bay. high pressure is in control today and tomorrow. testimony be a mild afternoon. we will talk about that and the extremely cold weather that's headed our way with some very forecastty winds right before the new year. that's coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. we are beginning with developing news. air search for a missing passenger plane that disappeared over southeast asia has been
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suspended as night falls over the region. boats continue to look for airasia 8501. it disappeared with 162 people on board shortly after takeoff from indonesia to singapore. 32 minutes into the trip, pilots asked to deviate from the planned route due to bad weather there. >> there is a rescue search already underway, but this means that the process is proceeding. and hopefully they will actually come through this and they will actually find the aircraft and the passengers. >> airasia is a budget airline based out of malaysia. airline officials say the captain and first officer were both experienced pilots with thousands of hours of flight time and the airbus a320
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had just undergone routine maintenance in november. coming up, the latest only the search for the airasia. it's disappearance comes after two high profile incidents this year from malaysia-based airliner. in march flight 370 disappeared on a flight to beijing. still no trace. and in july malaysia flight 17 was shot down over ukraine. there were no survivors. this week we will have much more on the disappearance of airasia flight 8501 right here on abc7 coming up at 8:00 this morning. developing new, efforts are underway to rescue hundreds of passengers onboard a ferry that caught fire out of greece. the ferry is in no immediate danger of sinking. it was traveling from greece to italy when it caught fire in gle-force winds, forcing the
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evacuation. officials say evacuation efforts are difficult because of high winds and poor visibility. there have been no reports of injuries. two people are hurt after a truck ran into a buddhist temple in san jose. it happened last night at 7:30 an story road near waters drive. it took out from power poles before crashing into the building. a person inside the temple and the driver both have minor injuries. police arrested the driver on suspicion of drunk driving. this morning a woman is recovering after being rescued in bodega bay by firefighters. the fire department said a woman in her 60s tripped on some rocks at the beach yesterday dislocating her shoulder. a helicopter lifted the woman from the beach to the parking lot where an ambulance was waiting to take her to the hospital. new york city landmarks are paying tribute to the two
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officers killed last weekend in brooklyn. at the empire state build you see the red and blue lights and a spinning light to replicate a siren. it's all to honor officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos. thousands paid their respects yesterday. we have more. ♪ >> thousands of police officers from across the country packed the queens church and spilled on to the streets all to remember officer ramos and his partner wenjian liu who were shot execution style yesterday what was determined to kill police officers. there were consoling words to the family. >> we will never let you be alone again. we are your family then, just as we were your dad's. >> vice president joe biden also
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spoke. >> they were a part of new york's finest, and that's notice an idle phrase. this is probably the finest police department in the world. >> meanwhile, hundreds of officers turned therapy backs when the mayor spoke. it was a form of respect not lost on governor comeau. >> when you put on that badge as a police officer you are no longer just a man and a woman and a citizen of new york. you respect public safety and law and order. >> officers ramos and liu, the first officers to die in the line of duty in new york city since 2011, were promoted to first grade detectives postumously. >> may god grant you rest, may god grant you peace. >> michelle franson, abc news, new york. members of several police departments here in the bay area
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went to new york to honor officer ramos. here you see san francisco police officers paying their respects. the department tweeted this photo yesterday. and a captain from the oakland police department tweeted this photo showing an oakland police officer side by side with a new york city officer. happening today, demonstrators will hit the streets of san francisco protesting police brutality. today's protest comes after a group gathered across the bay in oakland for a black lives matter demonstration yesterday. a handful of protesters stood at the intersection of broadway and 14th street. traffic slowed, but was not stopped, and the protest did remain peaceful. today's demonstration in san francisco gets underway at 10:00 in front of city hall. the american civil liberties union could decide if another
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california's school decision to ban those t-shirts reading "i can't breathe" violates free speech. mendocino high school students wore the shirts before games just like you see nba players doing there in memory of eric garner. now fort brag high school, who is hosting the tournament said they banned the shirts as a security precaution. >> cold temperatures across the bay area. wearing layers seems to be the mandate for those walking along the embarcadero last night where temperatures dipped below 50 degrees. it was the same situation in san rafael with folks waiting in line in popular restaurants covered to stay warm. >> it's brisk. it's pretty crisp, i have to say. it's not freezing, but you want a hoodie on, you want a beanie. >> but cold weather also makes it a struggle for homeless to stay warm.
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shelter in alameda county are closed and other counties they are at capacity. in richmond bay area rescue still has space for men and women 18 years and older. so, yeah, definitely getting cold out there, lisa. >> he said it's crisp and brisk. >> and we haven't reached the coldestarily of the season. that's yet to come. this morning as we look outside, and this is from emeryville. temperatures in the low in the mid-40s, depending on where you are in oakland or emeryville. slightly warmer than yesterday. we have a couple of days of seasonal weather and then the big arctic outbreak. i'll explain when we return. >> all right. up next the speculation grows over the future of 49ers coach jim harbaugh. his possible plans and what fans are saying ahead of this afternoon's season finale. >> a local man buys a new front door and it had a hole in
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>> the san francisco 49ers wrap-up their season today. it could be coach jim harbaugh's final day with the team. reports say he's leaving the bay area for the university of michigan. but harbaugh has not yet confirmed that. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story. >> jim harbaugh we want him to stay of course. he's been a good coach. he's done good for the 49ers
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>> went to the super bowl two years ago and the championship missed it by a hand and now all of a sudden you are the worst coach in the world? doesn't make sense to me. >> universities of michigan has been courting coach harbaugh for some time and according to reports members of their athletic department is in the bay area right now. the 49ers aren't countering any of the reports. >> i haven't heard anything from the niners like this is what we are doing. >> coach harbaugh is under contract for another year, so he cannot communicate to other teams. david shaw, who took over the stanford program when jim harbaugh left, said he can understand why a return to college coaching is under considering. >> get notes from guys and just christmas notes saying coach i'm thinking about you. those things don't happen in the nfl. >> kickoff today is 1:25 in the afternoon. abc7 news. >> even as players getting ready
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to say good-bye, anthony davis tweeted, "i just looked jim harbaugh in his eyes and told him thank you. give respect where it's due." stay with us for jim harbaugh's future with the niners. follow us on twitter, abc7 news bay area. >> crews getsing ready to shut down the golden gate bridge in about two weeks. it will close saturday january 10th until monday january 12th. that's so crews can install these pieces of a movable median barrier to prevent head-on crashes. the 52 hour closure will be the longest since the bridge opened back in 1937. during that time the bridge will only be open to golden gate transit buses, cyclists and pedestrian.
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>> the backup on the way to muir woods is congested. the road has need read pairs for years and as abc7 news reporter wayne freedman discovered, things have been made worse by the recent storms. >> along with the blessings there comes a curse. >> it's frustrating. a beautiful place to get away from the city and be in nature. >> but at muir woods, nature redwood trees and cars, lots of cars. here's video shot bay viewer last weekend on frank's valley road. even the national park service agrees the area's popularity has led to a congestion problem. >> we are so crowded. >> especially for local residents. >> they get a couple million
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tourists a year and there's only a couple hundred of us. >> now even more so since a landslide closed highway 1 leaving only two lanes, frank's valley road as the only other viable way in and it has issues too. this section washed away to just one lane, leaving the fire chief steve wynn to bond he were why the county has left it this way for ten years. >> very frustrating for this road to have been like this for such a long time, and especially at a crunch time when highway 1 is out and this is our only way over the hill. >> the county said it is aware of the problem. it said it has asked the sheriff for more parking enforcement along frank's valley road but with highway 1 gone the chief wants more. one said it's a tragedy waiting to happen especially if emergency crews couldn't get through. >> the big concern for me is fire department response from the county will take 45 minutes at best, probably an hour to reach muir beach. >> and then? >> if it's a heart attack, it's too late.
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>> and just as deadly, even if it happens in this paradise of an urban escape. from muir woods, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> any day is a good day to go there, unless you are the neighbors not wanting people this. >> a very popular spot. we're starting out quite cool. not as chilly. and higher clouds and higher dewpoints. but the cold weather, colder weather, is still on the way. before we say good-bye to 2014. this morning the sun comes up at 7:24. sets at sets:59 bringing us 9 hours 49 minutes of day light. we are looking at the longer days when we bring back the light to the bay. right now it's dark and cool from our roof camera where we have partly cloudy skies. 47 san francisco, 43 oakland. mid-and upper 40s for morgan hill. san jose. so it's cold once again but we are in the 20s from the north bay valleys and the east bay
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valleys yesterday. 37 right now in santa rosa. 39 novato, 40 concord and livermore. no frost advisories in the sacramento valley, but we could have a wind advisory by tuesday. we will get into some very, very cold weather right before the year ends. this hours ago colder on the north bay and the south bay. sfo is a little colder with temperatures seasonably cool. and this afternoon with the sunshine it should be a nice day, although it is a spare-the-air day. with poor air quality in the north bay as the eastern pacific ridge press down on the atmosphere, bringing poor air quality and the very, very stable air with light winds. from our sutro tower camera we are looking at a sunny sunday today. right around 10:00 101:00 the clouds really begin to guilter and we will see clearer conditions. more sunshine today. it will be cool pucks we are looking at the coldest days still to come as the strong cold
6:19 am
front pushes down from the north on tuesday. so here's a look at our water vapor imagery. you see what's coming. you see the lines here. they are called ice oh bars where we have when they are very very close together that designates very windy conditions. the northeasterly winds. and perhaps up to 50 miles an hour, especially out by the delta w that the cold air. so overnight lows in the low to mid-30s in santa rosa right through wednesday morning. but then the passage of the cold front new year's day and friday. livermore temperatures at 40 this morning and numbers will continue to drop. they will drop throughout the day on tuesday. then the overnight lows even with the gusty northwest winds new york city enough mixing to keep us warm. the coldest air of the season is headed our way. today we are looking at milder
6:20 am
conditions. and 55 vallejo. 54 antioch. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. today lots of sunshine, spare the air. pretty nice day today after morning fog. then cold and windy throughout the day on tuesday. new year's eve day we look for breezy conditions. the highs barely in the low 50s. chilly to start 2015 and then we look for milder readings friday and saturday. if you are traveling over the holidays, here's your abc7 weather app. that's how you can keep an eye on what is happening, if this is precip in the area before you start your trip home. perfect for the new smartphones. more information on we could see a quick burst of snow in the sierra come tuesday. maybe an inch. >> and a dry new year's eve? loot of people want to know about thats are getting out and about. thank you lyricsa. up next, the amazing wheel of
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fortune run for the record books which included a contestant solving this
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sometimes the simplest thing can cause the greatest aggravation. that's what a family found out
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when they bought a new door. they contacted michael finney to swing over a few doors for them. >> he makes a trip to his mail box. it's a trip he hadn't made in a while. see, until recently they slipped his mail through this front slot in his front door. it wasn't an ideal situation. >> somebody could have easily stuck their hand in and opened the door. >> steve bought his new front door from lowe's back in may. it came precut with the mail slot. unfortunately the mail slot cover, like this one, didn't come with it. the door also didn't come with a lining to protect the inside of the foamed door. steve was told to wait a few days. >> it was one mistake after another that led to a delay after a delay after a delay. >> lowe's told the sweeneys the manufacturer sent the wrong
6:25 am
size. another time lowe's said the mail slot cover came incomplete. and a few days they asked him to wait, and it turned into months. >> that would be about six months. >> steve went to lowe's to talk to a manager. the manager told him to be patient. >> we aren't talking about ten days, we are talking about six months of being patient, and as soon as i heard that, i was furious. i walked out and i'm like game on. >> he will contacted "7 on your side." we reached out to lowe's, and lowe's offered a compromise. lowe's installed this new door without a mail slot. it gave it to steve for free along with a full refund for the first door. >> "7 on your side," thank you. that was awesome. >> lowe's maintained it would have offered the same deal without being contact bid "7 on your side." in an e-mail to us they said attempts to locate an acceptable
6:26 am
mail slot with trim for the door weren't successful. we worked with the customer concerning the door and he told us he's satisfied with the resolution. through it all, steve has maintained his sense of humor. >> all i want for christmas is my two front doors! [laughter] >> steve said he originally wanted a door with a mail slot but he's now happy with a door that's safe. i'm michael finney. "7 on your side." >> a contestant on wheel of fortune friday night took home a record prize and he gave one answer that amazed the crowd even pat sajak. >> the lone ranger? [laughter] >> how did dough that? with just one vowel on the wall he correctly guessed "the lone ranger" but he didn't stop there.
6:27 am
he went on to win every single puzzle in the main game. he earned $91,000 before the bonus round even began. that's the most anyone has ever won for the main part of the game. unfortunately for him his luck ran out in the bonus round. he could not solve "wooden gavel" to add to his win. you can check out the next episode of wheel of fortune tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on abc. if still ahead on the sunday morning news, the way technology is being used to improve the lives of every child on the planet. and how climate change is changing the habitats of bay area wildlife and what some are doing to
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. >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi carolyn. good morning everyone. starting out with partly cloudy conditions and temperatures not quite as cold. but we certainly have some chilly readings in the south bay. 38 in san jose. morgan hill is 36. 47 at the airport. and we are looking at numbers a little bit colder in the north
6:31 am
and east bay valleys with a range from mid-40s napa to 40 concord livermore. this puts us up warmer than yesterday in some spots. we are starting out slightly warmer and we look for a milder afternoon. although we have a spare-the-air day today, high pressure is in control today and tomorrow giving us seasonal readings with the poorest air quality up in the north bay. starting out with the high and mid-level clouds, allowing for a slightly milder start. and then they clear on out. so we have sunshine to enjoy today and tomorrow. and pretty strong dry cold front heads our way. i'll explain coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. in developing news this morning, the air search for a missing passenger plane that disappeared over southeast asia has been suspended as night falls over the region. but some boats are still looking form the airasia plane with 162 people on board. flight 8501 disappeared shortly
6:32 am
after takeoff from its way from indonesia to singapore. most of the passengers are from indonesia, and the rest from malaysia singapore, south korea. they lost contact with the 42 minutes into the trip. the pilots did not make any distress calls but did ask to deviate from the planned flight path to avoid bad weather. new information shows three quarters of a million people illegally downloaded a copy of "the interview" on christmas day . according to a digital blog, about 50,000 people stole digital copies of the movie on the same day it hit theaters. that's one day after sony pictures released it digitally. there were also a lot of legal video purse but no word on sony on how many. north korea is slamming sony for releasing the interview,
6:33 am
even going so far as to use slurs to slam president obama. north korea's national defense commission referred to president obama as the chief culprit who forced them to indiscriminately distribute the movie. ebola is a deadly disease that in some african countries is having another effect on education. jonathan bloom explains what a local nonprofit is doing to battle ebola's effect on a generation of kids. when he went to a. library yeah, this is what san francisco doctor expected to see in liberia. >> nothing in the media told me that the school system in liberia was shut down since december. >> no kid wants to send their kid to a school where they get a disease and the teachers don't want to work there as well. >> david knows the problem all too well.
6:34 am
education, an unlikely casualty of ebola. "world reader" has been given africa the e-books he used to sell. >> there's a reason books never made it to kids in the developing world. a lot of it is economics. a lot of is it costs a lot to ship. >> but using his connections to buy books at a discount, he gets them at a deep discount and ships them. >> while schools are closed, not every kid has an access to a kindle they can read world reader books on something else. >> the kids can still get access to the textbooks by reading them on cell phones. >> world reader has apps that run on the simplest phones that run in places like sierra and sierra lyonne. >> they make the text bigger important for families who can't afford glasses for kids. >> it makes the text readable that changes their lives. >> among the books from american and africa publishers, there is also a booklet about ebola.
6:35 am
the doctor said that knowledge is key as liberia's government prepares to reopen schools in the new year. >> it teaches the community that you shouldn't send a child to school if they have any symptoms or science of ebola. >> 60,000 people have already read the booklet. education that:save lives. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. bay area conservationists are combining state of the art technology and old-fashioned elbow grease to help wild animals adapt to climate change. it's happening about 30 miles south of san jose in a valley between gilroy and hollister where a critical habitat is being brought back to life. abc7 news anchor dan ashley has the details. >> this howling coyote pup and this mountain lion are just a couple of the creatures facing a serious challenge as their environment warms up. all these images are from motion-activated cameras showing
6:36 am
large mammals at the lower edges of the mountains and the hamilton range. >> climate change is making it more important for animals to be able to move from one place to another because the habitat in their original places is changing, getting hotter and dryer. they need to move up into cooler areas and finding cover and food and water. >> the animals used to travel across this valley south of gilroy to move between mountains. but most of the trees and bushes that provided food and shelter here are gone. >> they are having a really hard time getting across. >> so now these school kids are helping to create a wooded passageway through the valley. >> trees and shrubs along the historic travel area of the river. >> a group is working on the restoration. the children are from bradley school. the long, curvey line. the line. trees is a natural
6:37 am
passageway that already exists through part of the valley. this project will fill in the gaps so animals can make it all the way across. >> this is snow berry. and this is a sycamore. it's doing great. and we've already seen birds perching on it. >> they are putting in many types of native plants that will be monitored over time so information from this project cans used on other restorations. that's why this wild-looking thing comes in. >> with this technology all you have to do is walk. >> the climate scientists is wearing the google treker as he walks the route that will be filled with plants. and the ball at the top has 15 cameras, all taking pictures at the same time to produce a 360-degree view. >> there's also a gps unit on top tracking my exact location. >> it will take several weeks to process the data. the final product will be a 360-degree view of the trail similar to this one done in marin county. they will take new images every year to track the progress of the plants.
6:38 am
but scientists won't have to wait that long to know they are already making a difference for wildlife eager to move through the valley. one of the first things they did is get rid of a fence that blocked a culvert under a road. and even before the whole fence was removed, the animals went into action. >> a little bobcat poked his head through and came through the culver and after that other animals started to come through. it's amazing how these little actions can make a difference. >> dan ashley, abc7 news. >> still ahead, a popular bay area restaurant is closing its doors today. the rich history of ming's and how it's changed customers' lives over the years. and here's a live look from our cold gate bridge cam. no frost on the windshields this morning, but it is still brisk outside. what's ahead for the rest of the week? lisa argen is along shortly with
6:39 am
a full accuweather
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6:42 am
since tuesday. which wish him well. lisa argen is here with a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> 47 downtown san francisco. really sfo the spot that's colder this morning. 30s and 40s for everyone. we will talk more upper 50s today before the coldest air of the season arrives. that's coming up. >> thank you lisa. also next the warriors return home to face the timberwolves. trying to regain their winning ways after losing two games in a row for the first time this season. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number.
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plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number. >> restaurants come, restaurants go. but when a 58-year-old institution closes its doors fans flock to enjoy special memories and have one more taste of a special dish. ming's restaurant closes after business today in palo alto. david louie explains why it's bittersweet for many on the peninsula. >> many of ming's employees have worked here for decades, eclipsed only by patrons who have been regulars even longer. after 58 years this palo alto institution is bowing to development. the large 500 seat restaurant will make way for a four-story hotel. ming's will return as a 150 street restaurant inside the hotel.
6:46 am
but that's two years from now, ending a family tradition. >> it's been something we have done pretty much every week since i've been born. it's a very family-centered tradition. >> norman said he will miss their signature chinese chicken salad. >> a dressing and a special kind of mustard with some drags like a a wasabi taste in it and the unique taste i've never seen in the rest of bait area. >> 49 people will lose their jobs. >> some had retire after sunday. >> it's my turn. waiting for the 40 years. >> things has provided many immigrants with work. the head chef has been at ming's for 29 years. >> we will take a rest for a short time and when the restaurant reopens, you know, i hope many of them will come back to work for me. >> martha dunn was a ming's
6:47 am
waitress 30 years ago to pay her husband's way through stanford medical school. >> we had our wedding reception here. it was the first time ming's had done a wedding reception and i asked would you be willing to do it, and they said, yeah, we will give it a try. and it started wedding receptions for them. >> there are also birthday celebrations and other parties like the he celebration of newborns with the red egg and ginger party but all of that ends on sunday, at least until the knew ming's version 2.0 comes back in a couple of years. in palo alto, abc7 news. >> it's sad when businesses have to close like that but that one will come back. lisa argen is here now talking weather. >> you know what? today is starting out just a little bit warmer than yesterday. we were in the 20s and 30s yesterday and this morning 30s and 40s. life doppler 7hd, and some of the reason behind that is higher clouds and slightly higher dewpoints. it is still chilly out there.
6:48 am
and a cool afternoon. it is just beginning to get light out there. official sunrise 7:24. temperatures should drop another degree or so and then we will be on our way to the 50s today. 38 in san jose. 35 in morgan hill. and another vantage point shows skies are clear outside the studios. 36 napa. those are the coldest he'dings so far. patchy fog tomorrow with the wind shift. then it's all about the winds come tuesday. another 48 to 72 hours. pretty strong arctic cold front heads our way and that will bring the close colder for tuesday and wednesday morning. right now you see the change from this morning to yesterday morning where it is four or five degrees warmer on the peninsula. and even in livermore. so not too bad. what you would expect for late september. our exploratorium camera looking pretty good. we have a spare-the-air day
6:49 am
today. high pressure is firmly in control. we get that in the winter time with the light winds to really get the pollutants trapped to the surface. that's exactly what is happening is north bay. no woodburning. it's been nice to do that, of course, with the frigid nights. we are looking at a cold front that will usher in much, much colder air. and right now from sutro tower a little hazy out thereout it will get sunny after about 10:00 and the pattern will not change today or tomorrow, but then a cold intrusion of arctic air comes our way during the day on tuesday. that will allow for temperatures to drop and perhaps more elevation snow -- high television snow from mt. hamilton to mt. diablo. you see it here. we have the lines of equal pressure. the isobars when they are closer together, that means winter conditions. the winds will start howling come tuesday, you could see a wind advise, and he then the cold air descends boo the sierra nevada, the bay area and much of
6:50 am
california. today it is about the same in the sierra nevada with upper 30s and a little bit more wind with you in the mountains. 62 womb springs, los angeles and they have a frost advisory in suggests earn california this morning. 58 in monterey. so we will look for some changes to ekirby tuesday. today the sunshine, tomorrow waking up to some fog. and then pretty nice monday afternoon. we will look for most of the moisture to run parallel to the coast. so we aren't looking for much in the way of shower activity. maybe not hamilton, maybe not diablo. a quick burst of a dusting of snow but it's about the cold air and the gusty winds through new year's eve day on wednesday. today look for 55 concord, 58 palo alto, 57 in san francisco. if you are headed to santa clara, nice afternoon. a little on the cool side. plenty of sunshine mid-50s to the upper 50s. the accuweather seven take forecast, we will look for
6:51 am
temperatures to stay rather chilly today and tomorrow but that's typical. then looking at the blustery conditions tuesday into wednesday with those cold overnight low,, the breezy winds and slowly warmer testimonies warming up after new year's day friday and saturday. got that? >> i've got that. you talked about good weather at levi's stadium. let's check out sports when the raiders and 49ers close out their seasons this afternoon against division rivals. kickoff 1:25:00 p.m. and the niners end their ag august grail season at levi's stadium against the arizona cardinals. kickoff also at 1:25. last night the warriors faced the timberwolves at the oracle after losing two straight games last week. they were looking for their ninth straight win on the home floor, the longest since 1994.
6:52 am
you can tell by my smile what happened. here's schu with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the years struggled without the tire big men were out with injuries. lost two straight and opened to right their ship at oracle against minnesota. the team is happy to be back home. looking for comfortable. stiff curry and the pass from lee. green with the steal. who would find the back of the basket? second period, livingston behind the back to harrison barns. count it. 43-32, golden state. minnesota trying to cut into the lead. zach levine, 268 close it down. warriors on a quick break down. curry finishes with the sweet reverse lay-up. warriors up 10 at the half. klay thompson added 21 points. lee was flat but open. extend the lead to 20 in the third. draymond the first warrior ever to have six steals, 6 assists 5 re bounds and 4 blocked
6:53 am
shots. having fun in the post-game interview. >> college hoops, st. mary's hosting santa clara in the wcc conference openers. 7-3. and the broncos at 5-6. he hits the corner three. st. mary's up 4 at the half. broncos take the lead early in the second half. brandon clark had a game high 24. where's waldo? fred added 20 points, 9 boards. st. mary's won 11 of the last 12 against the broncos. 73-50 that final. and check this out. in the first. on the breakaway. throws it down, pulverizing eric thompson. usf improves to 7-6 with the victory. all right. the sharks down south at their four-day break. they are hosted by the defending stanley cup champions los angeles kings.
6:54 am
at the staples center. get on the board. forces the turnover. little joe pavelski with his 17 little of the year. jonathan quick, 1-0 sharks. under six to play in the period. the cross-ice pass and l.a. on the power play. two on one down low. kopitar roofed it. 2-1 kings after two. any chance of a comeback destroyed in the third. kings back on the power play. jake drills it past niemi. niemi for 4 on the power play. sharks lost 3-1 the final. >> the raiders are in denver and 49ers hosting the cardinals. all those highlights at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. up next, how the stanford and maryland football players are helping out the community today before tuesday night ace bowl game at levi's
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> happening today. football players from stanford will do their part to help to the hungry. team members today will serve lunch today at glide memorial church in san francisco. organizers say it's the only bowl game that includes a an effort to fight hunger. meanwhile football players from maryland will be on hand serving meals today at saint anthony's. stanford and maryland face-off tuesday at levi's stadium. let's get a final check of the accuweather forecast with lisa. >> the end of the year and the new year. as we look outside, a nice shot
6:58 am
from mt. tam where temperatures are ranging mainly in the mid-30s to the upper 40s this morning. not as cold today. a spare the air sunny day today. mid-50s around the bay. at the coast and as we look ahead a cold front heads our way tuesday with the coldest air of the season and breezy northwest winds. it will be bone-chilling cold tuesday night and wednesday. >> that will do it for us. thanks for joining us on at the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with
6:59 am
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good morning, america. breaking news, the disappearance of air asia flight 8501, the plane going off the radar overnight with more than 160 on board. how could this happen again? families anxiously waiting for word, the airline's latest on the search and rescue operations happening now. the treacherous weather for the holiday trip home, millions of americans driving and flying today. who will feel the worst of it? caught on camera. the life-or-death jump. >> come on, your mama is right here. your mama said do it. come on. >> a boy trapped by the flames. his daring leap to safety to escape that raging inferno.


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