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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the strong winds whipping the bay area left a family without a home this morning. we have a report on the late night damage. the task of recovering the victims of the airasia is on pause this morning. details on the new delay just ahead. it is spectacular, and it is already 2015 in some parts of the world. more of the new year's sell celebration down under. sydney is the most beautiful places to see the fireworks in the harbor. it will nice here. cold in san francisco but the winds will die down.
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>> if your bucket list brings you to san francisco, it will be chilly. the winds will be gone and the fireworks straighting into the sky. >> good morning, everyone, a brisk nip outside including 25 miles per hour at sfo and wind chills in the 20's and 30's and you can see the flags blow on the exploritorium. feels like the 20's and 30's but it will feel like low 50's from noon to pack, and the temperatures will be the same but dress for 30's at 10:00 tonight outside in san francisco. >> still have a wind advisory? >> yes. they have been issued for all of the bridges. right now from emeryville camera, you can see it is bouncing. if you drive a high profile vehicle, it is going to be a
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shaky drive into the city. walnut creek and 680 southbound, tail lights are light right now as you make it to highway 24 as pleasant hill. we are dealing with downed trees in certain areas through the santa cruz mountains and i will have more information on that and your new year's eve mass transit schedule. thank you, leyla gulen. investigators in san jose this morning are looking into the origin of an apartment fire indirectlily caused by tuesday's windstorm last night. the man whose apartment burned was outside cutting up a tree that fell and took out the neighborhood power. when he went back inside he saw his christmas tree on fire. the man had lit candles for light before going outside and he and the roommate needed help to find a place to stay. >> winds did a lot of damage on land but also on sea. >> the coast guard rescued betters in distress. amy hollyfield joins us in sausalito we. it was a dangerous night on the
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water. >> the coast guard had a busy night with rescue boats had a lost trouble. we have video of a rescue coming into the marine that. this is one of four or five that the coast guard had to help and this woman was adrift for hours and out of options. >> the anchor broke. or cut loose. and i needed help. very windy. very windy. >> scary day right? >> very, scary. >> did you call the coast guard? >> i did not. i did not have radio. no radio. >> how did you get help? >> yelled. someone heard me. >> to give you an idea of how windy it was look at the tree that could not handle it coming down in mill valley and blocked traffic and knocked out power for 9000 people. windy and not a what day to be on the water because that is where a woman who did not have a
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radio and it was rough. the good news is the coast guard said no one was hurt. the recommendation is to stay on land if conditions like this. viewers have been sending in pictures of wind damage from the bay area. we would 40 to see your pictures of the wind and the problems that have been created at can keep tabs on the big chill and the wind with the we weather app free from apple app and google play with more information at drivers trying to reach their mountain homes in a community found themselves stranded after snow fall and plucking temperatures left the road coated with a sheet of ice. several vehicles spun out and crashed with some vehicles last
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abandoned on the road. the conditions were so treacherous many had to spend the night some elsewhere. >> we had snow and ice and people are stuck. it is going to be an all-nighter. >> i will see how it is why the road splits. if it is too bad i will come back and go to a hotel. >> it is so bad the highway patrol was forced to shut down the roads leading up the mountain. >> rush is on to find the black boxes to determine what happened to airasia 8501 but weather is delays some efforts. today is the start of identifying the victims recovered from the java sea. >> we have the latest from elizabeth hur. >> officials say that so far they have recovered 15 bodies. as far as the identification process is concerned, we are told it involves not only a visual examination but d.n.a.
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testing and they are work, as quickly as they could for the grieving families. >> grief and devastation for family and trends. some fainting. others sobbing after the worst fees are confirmed with the discovery of the debris field scattered over the java sea. >> chief of search-and-rescue declaring a confirmmation this is where the plane crash and the debris came from the missing plane. the remains found were found six miles from the last point of contact with the pilots 100' deep where divers continue to search for more bodies. back at the airports items refreaked including the oxygen tank were gathered by investigators.
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>> so far, the bodies did not have life jackets on so there was no time for passengers or crew to sound the alarm. the burn marks in wreckage could suggest an explosion or fire. >> when you have the debris you look at it all. fire stands out. explosion stands out. >> because of heavy wind and rain we are hearing that helicopter searches are put on hold. officials hope to keep the ship in motion including the united states navy ship which have so sonar scans that can find objects on the ocean floor. thank you, elizabeth. new this morning the night skies of sydney australia were lit up ringing in 2015
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>> the second tack particular fire work show was underway an hour ago and sydney pulled out all the stops to ring in the new year during the celebration at the harbor. more than 1.5 million people line the shores of the harbor to watch the show. >> from times square in new york city we are 15 hours away from the annual ball drop with a million people expected to crowd into the square braving chilly temperatures and the temperatures at midnight is forecast to be 29 degrees but with the wish it will feel closer to 20 degrees. bundle up. >> in the bay area abc is the home for new area's eve with coverage with the new year's rockin' eve and at 11 o'clock we have the news and the ball drops at midnight and you know taylor swift will be the special
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best. >> maybe it is a good idea to stay inside because it could be really cold. >> we will talk about the temperatures. >> it will be cold but we will not have the winds we had last night. we have them out there this morning all the way through noon for all our neighborhoods and we are all shaded in this yellow so we could have 20 to 30 miles per hour and gusts up to 45. there is still a possibility of trees and power lines that could give way. from the east bay hills camera we are around 30 miles per hour and breezes will taper and low-to-mid 50's inland and low 50's at the coast and below average in the arid air that will dry below freezing everywhere but the coast and the san francisco bay shore line. protect the pets tonight. if you are traveling between hayward and foster city be careful on the bridge as you travel over the water.
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we have a car fire. the winds are not helping. it is fully engulfed. eastbound 580, so watch out for that much of not causing any delays of the things are quiet on the road. as we take you to san jose a wide picture of freeways, 680, 880, define milpitas and alum rock, along 101 between highway 85 to the san jose airport, 280 it takes you to could attend and highway 85 and 87, everything all running at top speeds. big changes are coming to the restaurant menus in the new year. we are talking about calorie counts, this morning a through poll reveals what americans think. >> a major company tells employees to ditch their iphones and droids for old school blackberrys. no pressure, jim harbaugh getting a hero's welcome in ann
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arbor and what is next for the red and gold at home. >> we have more weather and more traffic all morning with a look at the embarcadero in san francisco. we we female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! ...guaranteed!
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covering cupertino concord
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wine country bay bridge. arson investigators -- well, here is a look at lake tahoe camera dealing with the winds in the mountains. you can see the snow being blown from the ground, from the rooftop. they are dealing with the plus decembery conditions in the mountains in lake tahoe. arson investigators in the south bay are looking into suspicious fires along the san jose and campbell border. officials say at 7:30 last night, two cars caught fire 50 feet of each other off of southwest expressway. an hour later fire crews were dispatched to another car fire on willow street as investigators look into three suspicious car fires that took place in the same area early last week. >> federal health officials made it official: the flu is at epidemic levels and officials at the centers for disease control say it will get worst in few weeks. centers for disease control says
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15 children have died across the nation from the flu since the season began in the fall. officials say although the flu shot is weaker than in the past, better than nothing. >> so many americans want to know how man calories they are eating when dining out is the finding of a president -- poll released and 56 percent favor fast food restaurants to post calorie amounts and 54 percent favor the posting at sit down restaurants after the f.d.a. announced restaurants with 20 or more locations have to post calorie counts. >> imagine ditching your new iphone or droid smartphone for an old school black berry that is what employees had to do after hackers hit the company and sony employees had to use the old blackberryies and set
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a phone tree with one employees relaying a message and they used personal cell phone and gmail. north korea is responsible according to the f.b.i. for the hack but some experts say it may have been an inside job by disgruntled laid off employees. >> jim harbaugh coaching area is underway at michigan. the head coach was introduced in ann arbor yesterday and the interim athletic director says harbaugh signed a deal working $5 million a year the same salary he made with the 49ers and received a $2 million signing bonus and has incentives that could push it up to $10 million. the 49ers interviewed a defensive coordinator yesterday morning and also interviewed seahawks defensive coordinator dan quinn last night. harbaugh will probably wear the same thing for his whole
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career there in michigan, and get the nice khakis and michigan colors. >> a big coat today? >> this morning, in the 20's and 30's and the wind chill advisory and 6:17, and live doppler hd shows the winds are calming but at sfo we are around 25 miles per hour and san jose was hit hard but at 87 it is looking calm this morning and we will look at the temperatures from 39 in alum rock and campbell to 33 in saratoga and cupertino and 35 and milpitas and san jose proper and santa teresa, all around 41 for the warm spot and lafayette, 29 degrees with the only spot cooler at walnut creek at 27. the area shoal stepped from the wind are indicative of the temperatures most of us will deal with tonight.
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no fog. too much wind. the air is too dry. san rafael 101, looking good as far as the weather. winds will taper. so temperatures are below average this afternoon. most of us are breezy the first three mornings of 2015 with a dry spell in the beginning of the month. looking to the middle and end we could get beneficial rain with moisture the system gathered before it hit los angeles and san diego especially the mountains and now it is moving into mexico and the baja and las vegas is sitting in heart of the cold arctic air mass. it will modify with sunshine this afternoon and low-to-mid 50's and it will feel warmer warmer than yesterday. if you head out, san francisco is a good place to go, at for instance dropping down to 44 one of few areas that will be in the 40's at midnight and most of us are in the 36
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valley and palo alto and morgan hill, low 40's and low 40's in san francisco and san mateo and half moon bay. the first six days of 2015 show the same as 2013 after a very wet december. remember that? then we had a dry january. that is how we are starting. the more rain will be in the back of what of the forecast. leyla gulen? >> as we start with the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are not on. look how light it is. the east bay from the city, if you are traveling, it is not too bad. we have a problem with muni and we have more information on that and we will tack about drive time traffic i-80 westbound from albany to the maze we have five minute commute on our hands and no traffic leading to the maze and at the bay bridge toll plaza you have a wonderful presence, and southbound 880 from fremont to san jose that is
6:20 am
15 minutes 280 from 101 to cupertino is 11 minutes. there is a fully engulfed car fire at keller avenue we are seeing delays beyond highway 13. we have construction northbound 680 as you head between treat and monument boulevard forcing construction that was supposed to wrap up at 6:00 or 6:30 and now until further notice so we will let you know. as far as muni, lines are down, and we will find out more information on that in a few minutes. i didn't know you had your own street named for you keller. >> that is it. >> look at this: a cute addition to a california zoo that has visitors saying ahhh. >> first a look at the golden gate bridge with traffic moving beautifully this morning. cold temperatures. hanging on to the wheel.
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you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh >> good morning at 6:23 a look from the camera looking at downtown san francisco. you can see the cameras are bouncing because of the gusts this morning. wind advisory until 12:00 noon.
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>> now a look at "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. good morning. coming up on "good morning america" millions of american wake up to snow and cold. the bet -- bit are being tracked on "good morning america" next. the end of the year so a list of worded to be banished. >> only year the university release as list of words the members of the public would like to ban including "bay," a term even dearment and "polar vortex." we will ask mike about that. "hack." "skill set." "drag." "foodie." and other words including "cray-cray," and "enhanced interrogation." >> some of those will stick
6:25 am
around. >> many of them never entered into my vocabulary. i was never cool enough. >> the first look at a baby gorilla at the san diego zoo the day after christmas. here is his mother resting holding the new baby if her arms weighing just a few pounds. the mother is taking good care of him and doting on him. >> moment is doing great comes up to the nasa and -- glass and is nursing and you could see that. the other members have been very curious. >> she says the other members have been curious so they could over and inspect the baby but he is staying with mom at this point since he is so little. doesn't look like he needs anyone else. >> just mom. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> new year festivities continue around the world and we will bring you more celebrations overnight and preparations in
6:26 am
new york city and in the bay area. >> but, first, continuing coverage of the windstorm a descent for passengers flying into for and what travels can expect today. >> people are waking up to cold and wind [ inaudible ] >> here is a look from the east bay hills where it is gusting to 30 miles per hour. we will talk about wind chills and freezing code temperatures for more areas as we start 2015 and a warming trend for the weekend, too. in the traffic center, that is a look at walnut creek 680, with light conditions and high wind advisories and we do have a muni disruption in san francisco with more on that when we
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is the last day of 2014. the stock is clearing on the opening bell this morning.
6:30 am
and the sailors from broadway musical "on the town," do not look to be officially from the navy. >> last day of the year on the exchange they are working a full regular day and not putting on the party hats early. certainly a year to celebrate. >> up up up and up. >> not like the temperatures. >> we will talk about that. i plaintiff i have soon you in that same sailor outfit on halloween? maybe? >> sometimes bay to breaker, and where else do i wear that costume? and alyssa has the puffy jacket and is dressed pondly. 25 miles per hour to 30 from sfo
6:31 am
to half moon bay and gusts up to 35 and up to 40 at mount tamalpais. now the sun is. coming up i would expect winds will pick up in intensity at 29 to press on the day planner and the next year hours breezy through noon and they will taper and not so sharp this afternoon. get ready for 40's in the evening. thank you mike and leyla gulen we are talking about being out on the town. >> we do have clear conditions as far as the mass transit. we do have special offers from bart and muni and other mass transit agencies the next couple of days to help you along with your party and get you home safely. this morning, here is a look at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza where traffic is not heavy at all but is light. we do have c.h.p. issueed high wind advisory. hold on to the steering wheel.
6:32 am
the san mateo bridge is looking fuller from hayward over the water to foster city. >> we have continuing coverage with the bay area wind storm causing issues in the south bay and san jose firefighters say a candle lit after a power outage may have started a fire at this apartment complex. our reporter is live with more on the other issues facing people in the south by. alyssa? >> some people wake up without power and that is the case here where pg&e crews are working to fix the power poles. they were knocked over year at 2:00 in the afternoon. they are still trying to fix them. it is not an easy process. it takes a while. as you can imagine, some people are waking up this morning in the dark probably cold but the good news is the estimated time they hope to fix these is just a little bit later tonight at
6:33 am
9:00. the winds have knocked over the trees and they top medical on to the power lined and this is one of several incidentals in the bay area. you are looking at video from another tree that knocked out power in south san jose. an apartment was damaged because it caught on fire. firefighters say a neighbor lit candles during the outage and went outside to cut up the fallen tree. he was out and the christmas tree inside caught on fire. he came back to the unit and tried to put it out with a hose and three people were treated with smoke inhalation. investigators are trying to nail down the cause of the fire but are looking at the possibility the candle could have been knocked over by a pet inside the apartment and triggered the larger fire. >> on silver creek road 172 customers are affected and i double checked the pg&e website
6:34 am
and power is expected to be fully very stored by 9:30 tonight. >> we have an update from pg&e on power outages 6000 customs are without power in the north bay. the south bay remains the hardest hit with 2300 customers without power. >> in the east bay 2,100 are without power and that is higher in the peninsula where 2,900 customers are in the dark account north bay 200 people are still without power. >> to revise that with the 6,000 new report in san francisco it has surpassed the south bay asening hardest hit. pg&e said they are headed in the try direction after 180,000 customers lost power yesterday in the area. >> the winds are causing problems on the water. boaters having to be rescued by the coast guard with that story from amy hollyfield from
6:35 am
sausalito. the coast guard was busy rescuing five boaters who everyone having problems on the choppy water. we have video of one of the rescues being towed into the marina a woman was adrift for hours if her sailboat. harangue con -- her anker was broken and her radio was not working. >> i waited and waited and waited and tried to dot best i could. >> were you drifting into the bay? >> out the gate. >> how did you get help? >> yelled. yelled. people heard me. the north bay had their share of downed trees. this came down in mill valley firsting the closing of the avenue and it took out a power line leaving 9000 residents in the dark and it did not go down
6:36 am
quietly. the wins -- winds were intense. the keg coast guard says that the best advise is to stay off the water when it is that wind a look at sfo, the wind caused dozens of cancellations and delays and there were 100 cancellations and the average inbound night was delayed three hours and this morning continue delays and four cancellations significantly less compared to yesterday. video shows you why this flight had a would be -- a descent so they fly over millbrae rather than the san francisco bay. >> viewers are sending in pictures of the wind damage from the bay area with problems they have created. send them to us at if you have pictures.
6:37 am
>> we so a free weather app apple app and google play with more information at >> we have cold and wind but there is snow and ice in southern california. new video of the overnight rescue efforts to save stranded drivers. >> new information on the deadly airasia disaster. the task investigators are starting today to figure out what went wrong and what is delaying the recovery efforts. >> heading to break light traffic with a lost necks taking the day off and a week off, it has been like this all westbound, it is cold and blustery. we have weather and traffic during the entire female announcer:
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> we, look back at san francisco, 17 of 31 days in san francisco had measurable rate but we have a surplus of 7.25" and we need more. sit down to the south, mountains around san diego the high desert up to las vegas and northern arizona. los angeles is 59. for lake tahoe the snow is over. freezing cold. through today. warming trend for the new year. no snow through the weekend.
6:41 am
leyla gulen? >> you will need changes for highway 88 headed up to kirkwood. at san rafael 101 traveling in the southbound direction traffic is filling in but still moving at top speed. the drive across the golden gate bridge is blustery as you make it away from the waldo up to san francisco. when you land at the city it should be decent but we do have streets shut down and a couple of muni lines. we have a couple of lanes shut down at fillmore and hayes because of the overhead power lines that power the buses. that is the place you want to avoid if you travel through the city. >> 2015 is already underway across many parts of the world and the early sell businesses are next. >> this is the seen along the bark gather tonight an look at what it takes to put on the spectacular show. >> stay in know with news now
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announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ covering novato, oakland sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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good morning, at 6:44 on wednesday. the last day of 2014. we are looking at the flags on the embarcardero being whipped about. be careful. we have the wind advisory until 12 noon. >> cold across california. firefighters in southern california have rescued 50 people trapped on a snowy mountain road. crews brought out snow cats to get to the stranded motorists. everyone is okay. everyone was safe by 3:00 this morning after calls came in last night. officials say 136 drivers were struck in the snow. some drove an on their own as the plows cleared the roads. others abandoned their cars. the rest were rescued and taken to shelter. >> seven beds have now been covered on the airasia from the java sea with large parts of the
6:46 am
plain identified but currents have moved the wreckage. weather is leg the search efforts and the night data recorder has not been recovered. the plane want down on sunday in bad weather. there were 162 people on board. our reporter elizabeth hur will have the latest in 30 minutes. >> trading is underway on wall street with the dow up 33 points and 18016 with investors hoping to end 2014 on an upnote. >> it has been a great new year's gift for samsung for the first time ever the phone owners are happier with their device that iphone owners. they scored 81 on the survey apple getting 79. a reason according to experts is the iphones could be too big and people complain they bent when you put the new ones in your pocket. people around the polled are
6:47 am
-- the world are ringing in the new years. it is already 2015 in new zealand with spectacular fireworks show in auckland. the celebration began around 3:00 a.m. our time and is gorgeous. >> we will see that tonight on the san francisco waterfront ready for the new year's eve with barricades on the embarcardero and crews are putting the finishing touches on the 15-minute fireworks display ripping in the new year. if you are headed out the police have a few things to remember. >> avoid tragedies. take public transportation. hire a car service. take taxis. ferries. whatever. do not drink and drive. the police will watch for any d.u.i. drivers and bart will run until 3:00 am. muni and caltrain will free. we are your home for new
6:48 am
year's eve with coverage at 8:00 with new year's rock yen eve and then we have news at 11 o'clock and the big ball drops at midnight. >> i thought he had the barricades on the perk dairy and i help they weigh them down with sandbags or the barricades could be all over the embarcadero. >> our roof cameras shows what is going on. yes, it is breezy out there. live doppler hd shows we are picking up anywhere from 14-25, up to 35 miles per hour wind from oakland to sfo to half moon bay. our advisory continues until noon for all of us. right now we have the winds bet around 20 to 30 with gusts occasionally or rarely up to 45 miles per hour. that is the exception unlike last night when it was gusting all the time. a few trees and power lines are
6:49 am
about to give it up may do so. here is the picture with the winds on pier nine and the flag is unfurled as we blow the winds in the northeast fashion and sheltered areas, check it out pleasant hill, walnut creek lafayette, alamo all in the upper 20's a sign of what is to come with the wind out of here. the winds are a catch 22 with. toes pore like this -- with winds like this 37 in cupertino^. and 680, it is freezing cold in walnut creek. here is a look at the forecast. winds taper. chilled sunshine. freezing cold. and there is rain in the middle to later part of january but not the going. we are going to see quite a. watching trend the next couple of days. watch as the cold front moves to
6:50 am
the south and we are in the steep part of the air mass and temperatures are the same as yesterday but it will be warmer without the biting winds. tonight at embarcadero dress warmly at 46 dropping to 44 at midnight and other areas should be in the 30's by midnight and 20 inland valley tonight and frosty temperatures airport bay shoreline under a frost advisory and the rest of us are under a freeze warning a killing freeze so we will spend several hours in the 20's so if you do not protect the pets and the plants the plants could be eliminated. the highs are in the low-to-mid 60's by the weekend and into next week. >> most pets have fur...plants do not have much fur. now a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is light. it is a great drive from the east bay to san francisco. now, mass transit, bart is
6:51 am
running through 3:00 am tom or and that is to help out folks who do not want do drink and drive and there will be extra patrols so make sure you always have a designated driver. be safe this holiday. all buses are going do start running for tree as is muni starting at 8:00 p.m. until the early morning hours. we have light delays on muni. the drive along fillmore 21 and 22 the power lines are down but they are squeezing by but it is a a slow we are rate. this is what it looks like traveling through san francisco that is the drive at alamo square all traffic is squeezing by. we are the home for college football's biggest games, tomorrow, new area's day the buffalo wild wings citrus bowl at 10:00 a.m. or the watch abc
6:52 am
app. >> the rose bowl is at 2:00 p.m. and the sugar bowl at 5:30 with bowl games on espn all leading to the first ever national championship game never done it this way before monday, january 12 at 5:30 on espn and watch espn app. >> we have seven things to know before you go. first, we are looking at a light bay bridge toll plaza but it is winy and cold. back in 90 seconds. bulldog: the red tags mean save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months
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good morning, from the mount tamalpais camera, rough waters yesterday and windy conditions again today this morning, but they are calming down. meteorologist mike nicco cool temperatures. >> a candle could be responsible for starting an apartment fire in san jose with the help from the windstorm. the resident lit candles before going outside to cut a tree that fell over power lines. when the man went back inside the christmas tree was in flames >> the winds did a lost damage on wind and on sea. the coast guard was busy rescuing boaters. this william's -- woman's anchor
6:55 am
vote and they did not have a working radio and had to yell for help. >> lafayette is at 29 and walnut creek is at 30 and 32 in fremont indicative of temperatures we are dealing with tomorrow morning and low-to-mid 40's for the rest of the bart stations and if you take the ferry it is not white caps like yesterday but the bay is still choppy with total sunshine and low-to-mid 50's this afternoon. >> the macarthur maze is a light commute at the bay bridge so watch out for gusts and san jose is empty as you make it beyond the tank at julian street and i invite you to follow me for the latest on mass transit. if you are think everything not driving there is a link on our website to feigned out the alternate schedules. >> weather is hampering search
6:56 am
efforts surrounding the wreckage of airasia 8501. seven bodies have been recovered from the java sea and sailors are helping with the search using so far to find the black boxes. >> arson are looking into suspicious fires along the san jose and campbell border. two cars caught fir from much 50 other. there were three suspicious car fires last week. >> 2015 now in sydney australia and the spectacular fireworks display at the harbor with 1.5 million lining the shores. not so many at embarcadero in san francisco but still a lot of people. >> we are back here in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" after this. thank you for watching us this year and well see you tomorrow ♪ ♪
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good morning, america. the new year's winter blast. snow trapping more than 130 people on the highway in california. black ice creating dangerous conditions. powerful wind gusts knocking over trucks and toppling trees. temperatures 30 degrees below normal in some areas as we get ready to ring in the new year, one major city already canceling its celebration. happening right you, the massive recovery. searchers pulling more victims from the airasia disaster out of the water overnight. and american ship now helping to find debris. and the race to recover the all-important black boxes. run for your life. the incredible footage of an avalanche caught on camera.


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