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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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december. the shooting happened before 10:00 in the sports bar on alum rock avenue. officers fund two men suffering from gunshot wound each. they were taken to the hospital. there is no word on their conditions. officers interviewed people and took evidence. the restaurant does not appear to be open wrong with the grand open in january and a public notice of the application to sell alcohol on the front door. they are trying to figure out the motive and the sicks behind the -- and circumstances behind the shooting. no one has been arrested so far. >> a mysterious death in gilroy now is a murder investigation. police are looking if two people of interest in the murder of a man in his home. surveillance video shows two women inside the store in east san jose. investigator say they victim's have it card hours after his death. the 56-year-old's body was discovered in his gilroy home on
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monday. the consider nor is trying -- the coroner is trying to figure the cause of death. >> today, east bay mud crews dig around a ruptureed pipe hosting to find the source of a leak that flooded a neighborhood. it is being drained as of flighted two yards and turned a swimming pool into a mud hole. they say they got the emergency call in walnut creek on monday morning but they could not zero in on the leak and stop the flow for two days. the water has turned into a trickle. >> a pipe takes hours to turn off. the valves are large and it taxis a lot of time to stop the flow of water. if you stopped it faster you could caught more breaks up and down the line. >> the ruptured pipe is one of these that delivers drinking water from the sierra reservoir to the east bay. so far, 3.5 million gallons of water has been lost. it could take crews a week to
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fix. >> backlash against the san francisco archbishop over the move to make teachers sign morality clauses. here is that story. >> it make me sad. >> a woman held a list of why she is proud of her catholic education but many are not proud of what they call discrimination against teachers. >> we ask the archbishop to stop this harming effort. >> students and more helps lit candles for teachers who may have to sign clauses condemning same-sex marriage, birth control and art official insemination. a woman teaches high school. >> our contract has asked us to have integrity and to honor the faith and we do. what is the problem here? it makes me nervous. >> it makes the church feel it is pushing away. >> father of tom brady attended
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a local high school in san mateo said that the morals clause is wrong. >> it is totally unfair. it impinges on their personal right. >> the intention is certainly not to pry and the private lives of the teachers. >> archbishop says it is about staying on message with the church. others agree. >> we are allowedded to stand up for "our product," as someone who works for coca-cola cannot expect to go to work with a can pepsi in their hand and sing the virtues of pepsi. >> san francisco supervisors and state legislators may ask the archbishop to reconsider his decision. a crisis team will be at a concord middle school to help students and teachers coach with the tragic death of a 14-year-old student. christopher gonzalez was hit and
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killed by a car crossing the intersection at clayton road and detroit avenue yesterday. family say the 14-year-old was on the way to middle school. witnesses say gonzalez was crossing against the signal and was hit while trying to run cross the street. his friends remember him as someone that everyone liked. >> i went to the park together and we had fun together. >> he was a really good boy. a smart kid. nice guy. >> the driver was not at fault and was following the 35 mile per hour speed limit. >> new federals about a super bug outbreak in southern california. dozens of patients fearing they could come down with a bug that can be deadly after being exposed at ucla medical center. two people have died. seven have been infected by the bacteria that is resistant to
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antibiotics. 179 patients were discovered over several months. the scopes were sterilized to meet national guidelines that may need to be revisited. patients receive home testing kits to see if they have videoed any -- have developed infections. drivers watch gas prices this morning. so far so good. this was an explosion at a crucial california row -- refinery and what caused the blast at the exxonmobil refinery south of los angeles. four workers were hurt. it could take six months to pinpoint the cause. they produce 10 percent of the gas sold in the state. the blast will have an impact on gas prices especially as other refineries switch over to the summer blend. >> parents are warned a game played at a high school students
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pretend to kill each other. the administration at the high school in danville sent a letter to parents of "assassin," students absolute each other with guns painted black to resystem bell real guns and the targets are assigned and last one standing wins. the high school is working with police and warned a student could dart into traffic or toy weapons could be mistaken for real weapons. >> bicycling fans learn the exact route the tour of california will follow this spring. the 700 mile racetracks some of the top riders in the world. the race will include 18 top men bicycle, teens and elite roster of women's teams will join the race. the 2015 tour of california runs from may 10 through may 17. previous races have crewed stages right here in the bay area. >> people are celebrating the year of the ram. chinese new year sell bigs -- celebrations are held in san
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francisco with mayor lee welcoming in the year of the ram. this is video in an event two years ago. >> it begins at 11 o'clock a.m. in chinatown before ending in front of the hilton financial district hotel. there will be traditional lion dancers and 200' dragon, water snake and a lot of the vietnam community is ringing in the new year. today's ceremony is held at city hall plaza at 11:30 this morning. the mayor liccardo will be on hand and city council member for the festivities. the flag-raising ceremony is followed by a concert with traditional instruments. >> the weather is perfect. mike? >> i like the parade when it rains... >> we will see about the parade. >> we need the rain.
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>> good morning everyone we have compressed marine layer so we have the same amount of moisture in a third of the space so we are seeing fog. it is keeping us mild west portal is cool in san francisco at 51. sunny side is 55. ocean beach is 54. same crossing the we golden gate and 53 through the ferry building and the financial district. 53 to 55 to santa clara and pleasanton and richmond 54, and walnut creek is cool at 46 and petaluma is at 49. south on 101 near san rafael. the fog will turn to sunshine inland at 11 o'clock. we will hang out in the upper 60s to low 70s. warmer at the coast with high clouds and sun. low 60. 62 to 69 around the bay. so a big spread. this is how it looks in san jose: clouds and fog. temperatures will drop sunday.
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there will be a dry cold front. leyla? in san jose it looks hazy with fog there. it does not appear to be causing impeding of the visibility. 280 away from 17 is not going to be a problem with southbound traffic clear. we have one accident we are dealing with. if you head through vallejo and benicia eastbound 780 at south hampton road a car flipped landing on the wheels. we are trying to figure out if injuries were involved. everything how is green and moving at top speed. there is a dense fog advisory for the county traveling along i-80. be very careful. highway 4, top speeds through antioch the area shaded in orange is tracking weather and traffic together and indicating where fog could affect your commute and over 580 from tracy to dublin it will take you 26 minutes so fog is not slowing you down. >> tapping you, leyla.
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the push to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in california gets surprising support with a top state leader who says it is inevitable. >> folks in the midwest wake up to record cold temperatures with tons of ice and snow creating new problems. stay tuned.
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covering novato, oakland sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 4:42. california attorney general and united states senate hopeful has nor moral objection to legalizing marijuana for recreational use. harris has looked at impact of legal pot sales to the public in come come and washington. she cautioned that special care will be required to examine how marijuana can affect children and public safety.
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california already allowed marijuana to be sold for medical purposes with a prescription from a doctor. >> students attending uc schools will not face a tuition hike of the for now much the university of california president janet napolitano is postponing a proposed increase as a good faith gesture during discussions with governor brown overstate funding. both of them are considering proposals that the governor thinks will allow the university to serve more students without increasing tuition or receiving a significant budget hike. the regents aproved raising tuition up to 5 percent each of the next five years at napolitano's urging in november unless the state gave the university more money. >> ucfs has received $100 million donation from a billionaire with the money going to research related to aging and neuroscience at ucfs. he has made the duty-free shops an the worm.
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>> lawyers for the boston marathon bombing suspect will ask to move the trial out of massachusetts asking the state court judge three times now to move the trial because of publicity and emotions surrounding case which deny their client a fair trial. they have been rejected three times. he and his older brother were acaused of planting two bombs near the finish line of the 2013 boston marathon. three people died. 260 everyone injured. >> it could feel like spring in california. millions of americans will have to bundle up tonight as arctic cold grips the nation. halts and scarves are fashion accessories in chicago but schools will close in the windy city as temperatures plunge into the single digits. the record-setting cold will stretch from the hid west to the northeast. it will be 20 to 40 degrees cold are than usual in many areas. >> tons of snow. the damage it can do. caught on camera.
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you can see part of a roof collapsing in massachusetts. officials evacuate add shopping plaza after a woman heard "cracking noises," in the ceiling of her business. so far, 74 roofs have collapsed crass massachusetts the after the ten days as massive amounts of snow have fallen. >> here we are looking for more snow. mike is checking every day. >> trying. maybe next week. maybe friday saturday, sunday, next eke the pattern will change and we will have much needed rain. >> ski week will be over. >> hopefully people can use their passes later on. some people in the newsroom are excited about that. that ask each days when is it changing? >> good morning everyone, live doppler hd will focus right now on the fog at half mile visibility in santa rosa which has not change asked same in livermore and quarter in fairfield and petaluma so want out 101 and 80 and 580 and fog
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now dipping into the south bay san jose at 2.5 myles and you can see the i wind blowing into the veal and that means that fog in livermore blowing to the west could come through the sunol grade and dump deeping into the south bay. on 87 you can see there is fog. we can only barely see the shark tank which is not far from the camera. sfo will have flight arrival delays because of the low cloud deck. we will talk about what will happen moving forward. we will be warmer-than-average today through saturday and we have a back door cold prompt so we have a code front coming at us from the east modifying quite a bit by the time it gets here oscar sunday so our temperatures are cooler then and next week the pattern changes and there will be rain. today, livermore, morgan hill, lake port cloverdale, low 70s, moments of us in the
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mid-to-upper 60 with clouds a few low clouds and maybe stubborn enough to keep us in the upper 50s to low 60. not too bad. as far as tonight you can see the fog around again and temperatures inland are mid-to-upper 40s. here is the area of high pressure and it is this low we will watch come across the high and back its way toward us. there is little change the next couple of days. as we head influence friday, -- head through friday saturday and sunday keep your fingers crosses. we when the rain and snow. oscar sunday temperatures are four to six degrees cooler. we will stay that way monday tuesday and wednesday. the bay bridge toll plaza has cars trick colding in -- >> trick colding --
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from the east bay. we have a couple areas of construction. one is a big project shutting down all lanes. now two lanes are blocking in 578. southbound 880 at the marina boulevard bridge and moving into next weak you fine the full closures in the northbound direction of 880 at the marina boulevard bridge between midnight and 4:00 a.m. tuesday and wednesday next week. you will start to have lanes shut down by 9:00 people. plan ahead. you could see delays. 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. 101 southbound santa rosa to san francisco, 52 minutes and through santa cruz mountains, nice and clear. apple pay will soon have a competitor. samsung creating their own mobile payment service acquiring
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loop pay accepting mobile payments without changing existing terminals. >> check out the new great touch scene remote, you can criminal the -- control the tv on the 4.8" screen for dish network. >> happy product photo shop, the picture fixing software was created 25 years ago and everyone edits digital pictures. good, some not so were >> a recent picture of beyonce with thinner-looking size and suspicious...touching up. >> those the -- those a technical bits. >> the search for a group of dogs taken at gunpoint. >> a breast cancer br
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this morning, police in chicago are searching for a doggie day care van stolen at gun point. the dogs are identified as scarlet, brad fit jaden, kayla, and mochi and the owners are heartbroken. all were inside an unmarked company van. urban outfitters said the driver was taking the dogs home and the carjacking happened. one owner got a text saying their dog was kidnapped and police are looking for 2002 town and country chrysler van. >> in a few hours, golden gate bridge transit officials are holding a public meeting on a reasonnal to change the policy on qualifying age limits for youth fare. they are considering a plan to
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bring fares if line with other bay area transit system that use clipper card. those operators charge youth fare for riders twine the age of 5 and 18. right now the golden gate bridge district does not start charging kids on the buses and ferries until age six while waiving fares for kids five and up. >> tomorrow night, caltran will close part of the caldecott tunnel for a drill causing delays for westbound traffic on highway 24. it starts at 10:00 people on friday night and ends at 4:00 a.m. on saturday morning. >> today the a's start spring training hoping to compete for at fourth con secondive post-season appearance. pitchers and catchers report in arizona with the first work out tomorrow. position players are arriving on tuesday. they play the home game at the
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stadium including a new minor league training facility. you know who is in the minor league this year? they open league march 3 against the giants. >> and barry zito. >> right. >> he will be with the minors. >> now, mike has the forecast. >> king tide is the last day to worry about flooding climaxing at 11:30 at the golden gate bridge. around 11: and we have widespread quarter-mile visibility or less through 11 o'clock and as far as temperatures, watch the fog fade to upper 60s and low 70s and 62 in monterey, 61 if lake, not
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a record but that would be 62. close. >> look at the fog in walnut creek, it is dense along 680 southbound at highway 24, close enough to the ground that it will bead the visibility and it is hazy, northbound traffic looking fine. we do have plenty of fog in the east bay is it affecting the commute, but, first, we have this overturned car eastbound 780 leaving benicia south hampton road, you have a slow down. 580 tracy to dublin it does not appear the fog is affecting traffic and 30 minutes gets you had and we have fog hanging over antioch 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. happening today, president obama is announcing a gift to 4th graders. all are getting flee admission with their families to national
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park and federal land for a full year going in the fall. it usually costs $80. teens under 16 get free admission but the families pay. the administration is trying to get schoolchildren outdoors and be active and celebrate the 1 hundredth anniversary of the national park service. >>ed if food is asurprising people with peanut allergies to avoid cumin. hundreds of products are pulled from shelves after traces of peanut were found. the list is growing since december from spice to beans to marinateed meats. look for anything that has cumin or spices in the ingredient. >> now break through in breast cancer treatment use as mix of three drugs rather than two. researchers studied the impact of the drug combination on hull
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peoples would cancer spread to other areas of the bodies. the patients who use the combination lived 15 months longer than those on a standard treatment. >> police officer in massachusetts made the find of a lifetime but did not know it for years. >> he found an egg shaped object during a dinner at a restaurant and he and his wife took it hope because they thought it was pretty and put it in a box and it sat there for six years until he saw a news story about a similar find. >> it turns out it was a rare pearl and has been authenticated and hits the auction block and likely to bring in $10,000 or $15,000 or more. >> south bay conressman mike honda steps into the debate over sexual identity with a tweet that is getting praise from transgender activists. >> super bug scare: a warning
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