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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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out of their homes tonight after fire ripped through two buildings and damaged a third 234 san francisco. even someone's pet had to be pulled from the flames. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. it began just after 4:00 this afternoon between church and 15th streets in san francisco. you could see the flames shooting up into the air shortly after the fire started. abc 7 news reporter sergio quinn tan a is live at the scene. >> reporter: this was a three-alarm fire. crews were able to get a handle on it after a pretty hard fight. you can see right now for the last few hours, we've been actually watching crews board up the tall floor of that building. there are three buildings
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damaged here. residents tell us they're now trying to figure out what they're going to do. you can see fire crews attacking the flames. >> i received texts saying that the apartment is on fire. and i should come home. which is a little disconcerting. >> reporter: she showed us her text as she met with the red cross at a nearby coffee shop. >> it's my first time experiencing any sort of a tenancy fire. i don't know the laws. i don't know how long we'll be out. if we have to look for new places. >> reporter: among those without a home are the owners of this cat that survived. he's recovering at a veterinary hospital. a firefighter was also treated for exhaustion. fire investigators have not determined a cause. witnesses of this three-alarm fire say it moved really fast. >> i see the flames. i call 911. >> we started spraying on the building on the left.
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it got a little bit into the attic in the building on church. about six units two businesses on church. >> reporter: a few hours after the flames were put out, residents went in with flashlights. they were looking for clothes and other necessities since they will not be staying here for now. abc 7 news. this was the third major fire in the area in recent months. a fire last month near mission and 22nd killed one man and injured six others. 40 people were forced from their homes. in september a five-alarm fire tore through a building packed with merchandise. two businesses were destroyed and five people were injured. investigators are looking into what caused a motel unit to go up in flames around 7:30 tonight. rescuers rescued a man and woman inside. a third woman suffered minor burns to her hands. all three were transported to a hospital. the fire appears to be accidental started by misuse of
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flammable materials. one man is clinging to life after a series of horrific crashes in east san jose. police say the man responsible was under the influence. lisa has more on the suspects and the victims. >> reporter: traffic is rerouted away from three different crime scenes. police say the suspect drove out of the liquor store parking lot swerved into oncoming cars and crashed into this silver sedan. the family inside was okay but the driver kept going and slammed into this nearby fruit stand, run by francisco hernandez and his wife. >> this really hit me. i've never seen anybody laying bloody like that. >> reporter: this witness did not want to show her face, but she saw everything, including when the suspect ran hernandez over. his wife was also hurt but not as seriously. the hush and wife team had just set up their fruit stand when the crash happened. they've been coming here to work seven days a week for the past
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two and a half years, and typically their two small children are with them. their children weren't with them today because they went to visit family in mexico. >> everything. they're real nice people. >> reporter: police say the suspect was under the influence. >> my goodness. >> reporter: it's not good to drink and drive. people don't think or understand that they're affecting the lives of other hard-working people. but the suspect still didn't stop. >> the guy continued on out of the driveway, hit the pole. and then went around those parked cars, and then got in the accident over there. >> reporter: the suspect's vehicle stalled after hitting the suv. he faces felony hit-and-run and dui charges. in san jose abc 7 news. a child was taken to the hospital with a hand injury this afternoon after a muni bus
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accident. it happened around 3:00 p.m. in front of san francisco's ferry building. protesters shut down the emoryville police department and home depot today. 100 people gathered at the police station where 40 demonstrators chained themselves to home depot entrances. they're demanding police release surveillance video of the officer shooting death of a 38-year-old. the oakland woman was suspected of shoplifting. utility crews have shut off the water to a broken water main that caused part of the san francisco street to cave in. they're still working on the pipe at franklin and gross streets next to the davy symphony hall. the concert venue was not damaged. the pipe burst just before 1:00 p.m. the rushing water mixed with dirt making a muddy mess for
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symphony fans tonight. the san jose sharks and los angeles kings playing in the stadium series at levi stadium. 70,205 fans packed the venue. the largest crowd ever at levi stadium. kings got a goal in the third period giving l.a. the 2-1 victory. mike shumann will have the highlights later on in sports. bta said they carried twice the riders they usually do for football. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma has the first check on weather, live doppler 7 hd. >> coming off a warm start to the weekend. five to ten degrees above normal. not record breaker ing-breakingrecord-breaking.
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a high of 67 degrees. take it live outside on the embarcadero. the flags atop the ferry building are waving just a bit. they are forecasting for at least the winds to increase. we call for interval of clouds overnight, gusty winds for your sunday. we're tracking cooler, more winter-like weather sunday into monday. we'll let you how high those winds gust and how low those temperatures go with the forecast in just a few minutes. matt? >> thanks drew. the new dialing system for the 415 area code has people confused and calling 911. if you're using a land line you're required to add a 1 in front of it. changes make way for the new 628 area code. new numbers will be assigned a 628 number starting next month. workers at san francisco emergency call centers say dozens of people called this morning not knowing why calls wouldn't go through. >> sometimes when people are
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confused they call government numbers. 911 is one that you remember. but 911 is for emergencies. >> that's right. callers not dialing correctly will receive a recorded meng. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00 a big chill bearing down on much of the country. plus hitting the red carpet before the oscars. katy is there for the big show. i promise it's not a bunch of people in wet suits running into the water. why so many people were jumping into the cold bay waters ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] aaah, the amazing, delicious cinnamon and sugar taste of cinnamon toast crunch and cold milk. ♪ ♪ cinnamon toast crunch.
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hours before oscar sunday. a live look from the dolby theater where the oscars get under way tomorrow. the stars are surely turning in for beauty sleep like they need it. there are those who might be too excited or nervous to sleep. like one bay area filmmaker whose documentary is up for an oscar. katy has his story and red carpet antics from the dolby theater in hollywood. >> reporter: the red carpet here at the dolby theater is an exciting place to be. but it's not the only place where there's oscar action happening. we went to the writers guild theater where a stanford professor screening his documentary short which could very well earn him oscar gold. with his documentary white earth playing on the silver screen, he watches from the back of the theater. >> i never fathomed it would reach the oscars. >> reporter: but it has. the 20-minute short chronicles
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the oil boom in north dakota as seen through the eyes of migrant children. a film embraced by the international documentary association. >> to bring attention to the stories critical to an informed, intelligent, connected group. >> reporter: he spent nine months in north dakota making his movie. he's not in there nor is he originally from the bay area. >> the film program is second to none. i feel like i'm been embraced by the bay area. >> reporter: the academy has noticed. jensen will walk the red carpet sunday. >> i rented a tux. i didn't get it right at the prom, or get it right at my wedding, so maybe this is my chance to look smart in a tuxedo. >> reporter: also dressed to impress, esther goldberg. >> the i'm the first drag character to grace the red carpet of the oscars.
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in 87 years i'm the first character. >> reporter: she's surrounded by plenty of spectators. >> i'm so excited. >> i love movies. i love everything. >> reporter: at the entrance to the dolby theater workers arrange hundreds of roses one by one. on the red carpet, the rain tent is in place, and some people are already wearing gowns, adding to the glamour and character of the landscape. >> i love the bay area. they're my people. >> reporter: esther actually has a show coming up in june in san francisco. as for jensen he's focused on teaching right now but definitely has a plan to do a feature length documentary. in hollywood, abc 7 news. live coverage begins tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. with on the red carpet at the oscars. see what the stars are wearing, live, and then at 5:30 watch neil patrick harris host the oscars. visit for a list of the nominees. a festival kicks off with a
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familiar face on the big screen. it will be a showing of back kid begin, the wish heard round the world. 25,000 people packed the streets in 2013 to cheer on miles scott aka bat kid. he had been granted a wish to become a super hero for a today. bat kid begins at the world premiere last month. more than 1,000 people came out for a centennial celebration in san francisco today. the palace of fine arts is lit up in spectacular colors tonight to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the panama-pacific international exposition. the event was held among music, art and displays of appreciation for innovation just like back in 1915 during the world's fair. >> they had an assembly line right here and built model ts. they had an assembly line in
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front of everybody. you could watch a vehicle be built from scratch all the way to a finished product right in front of their eyes. >> one of those model ts, along with other memorabilia from the 1915 world's fair is now on display inside the palace of fine arts. today it was warm for sure. but now it seems to be transitioning into cooler weather, maybe feeling a little bit more like winter, drew. >> winds of change coming in the next 24 hours. breezy out there, tomorrow the winds will make it feel much more winter-like around the bay area. we'll take you outside and talk about current temperatures. right now 54 in downtown san francisco. 49 in napa. and mountview sitting at 53 degrees. satellite and radar is going to show you generally we have quiet conditions over much of california right now. you look off to the east, some snow showers gathering around salt lake city.
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it's all associated with the system that's diving south out of canada. and we'll scrape by the bay area over the next 24 hours. the future forecast does call for the interval of clouds tonight. 3:00 sunday morning there's a chance of a pop-up sprinkle in the south bay. pretty light in nature. as we go through sunday afternoon itself lots of sunshine on the way. if your travels take you south south of san jose that's where the best moisture is. unfortunately, rain in the forecast for l.a., for the oscars and the red carpet tomorrow. showers likely on and off, with temperatures in the 60s by about 2:00, and falling back into the upper 60s as the ceremony gets under way shortly after 5:00 in the afternoon. the system not coming over the ocean, coming over land so it's moisture starved. generally one to two inches perhaps up to four inches above 5,000 feet. not much in the way of powder with this system.
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the bigger story here locally is the winds that crank up. 6:00 sunday evening wind gusts near 40 miles per hour from san francisco, napa into fairfield. it will feel much cooler tomorrow than it did today. a wind advisory is in the forecast. would not be surprised if it would be in the bay area tonight and tomorrow morning. winds will be active sunday afternoon and into the evening. we'll see clear skies in the north bay, 40 in napa, 42 in santa rosa. south bay cloud cover. temperatures a bit warmer overnight. 48 for palo alto. dropping to 45 for san jose. highs for your sunday with this wind picking up in the afternoon, what it will do it will mix up the atmosphere and kind of bring the temperatures into a uniform mixture. 60s across the board. mid-60s around the bay. 67 fremont. and 63 the high for clear lake. your accuweather forecast calls
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for the breezy afternoon on oscar sunday. it feels like winter still on monday with temperatures in the low to perhaps mid-60s. the winter-like feel doesn't last all that long. tuesday morning, afternoon sunshine. another warming trend around here, so wednesday into thursday, back to more spring-like numbers. next saturday we're tracking clouds that will bring the temperatures back down into the mid and low 60s. >> still waiting for the rain to return. >> maybe next saturday perhaps. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00,
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hundreds of people plunged into the san francisco bay's chilly waters to raise money for the special olympics. police officers joined cents in the annual polar plunge.
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also a 5k run. each team raised a minimum of $125 to support the nearly 20,000 special olympics athletes in northern california and nevada. the search is on for the new mack gifr the creator of the 1980 series. five winners will get $5,000 each and develop a script with a tv producer. the contest's ultimate goal is to get more girls and women interested in engineering. we have a link on our website good news, you don't have to grow the mullet to be involved in that. we're talking about levi stadium. tell me if you've heard this before. the home team struggled to get some offense going. >> so you're saying the 49ers -- >> might be. something in common with the sharks tonight. >> i agree with you. after a month of buildup to the stadium series with the sharks the battle outdoors, the 49ers not the only team to struggle to
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(humming) oh yeah. (humming) they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. a little outdoor hockey with the sharks against their bitter rivals the lamplt kings. known as the stadium series in the buildup worth it if you're a kings fan. a fantastic result. sharks and kings special jerseys made for this game. temperature was in the mid-50s at the start of the game. 70,205 fans.
11:29 pm
1-0 kings. sharks fans with just over a minute to go. brent fires his 16th of a year. goes in one after one. they're standing at levi. turnover by the kings. hits the cross bar. that's close to giving the sharks a lead going into the third. oh, my. that would be trouble later on. now in the third, sharks turn the puck over. drills a pass. 17th of the year. that turns out to be the game winner. kings with the seventh win in a row, 2-1 the final. >> after six months of anticipation, the scene was set. a vital game against the division rivals. it was there for the taking. the sharks were in a giving mood. >> get the puck shoot it get it back. we were trying to force pucks through people, through sticks. it ends up costing us. >> it hurts. you want to win, and leave the room happy.
11:30 pm
you know, just a good game. we just couldn't find the back of the net the second time. >> you want to win, you want to perform and do everything. you want to help your teammates. you want to play for your fans. there's nothing given to us. we have to go earn it. >> reporter: the series was everything it was hyped to be and more. now as the rink comes down after a 2-1 loss, the sharks frustration level goes up. they're now on the outside looking in at the play-offs. at levi stadium abc 7 sports. college hoops, st. mary's hosting gan saig inging gonzaga. big night for patty mills jersey number 13 retired. where's waldo. there he is. burying the three to put st. mary up.
11:31 pm
10-0 zags run. the bulldogs get the last laugh. zags clinch the title. zags now 28-1. we've got the big game college hoops. more from the sharks coming up later in the newscast. stick around. tough loss though. tough for your fans and everything else with the buildup. >> now they're tied for the last play-off spot. still to come, the fight against the deadly superbug. the cases across the u.s. what hospitals are doing to protect you. severe weather hitting the east coast hard tonight and how it's going to get even worse next week. we'll be right back.
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good evening. i'm matt keller. in tonight's headline, san jose police say a drunk driver left a path of druks in his wake today. he hit cars and smashed into a fruit stand. two people were hurt. one with life-threatening injuries. the suspect faces felony hit-and-run and dui charges. crews got a fire under control quickly. 19 residents were displaced. a firefighter and one resident were treated for smoke inhalation. both are expected to be okay. dispatchers say confused callers need to stop dialing 911. everyone needs to dial the 415 area code even when calling from
11:36 pm
a 415 number. more wild weather is hitting the east coast tonight. tennessee, state of emergency. tens of thousands still without power tonight. more than a dozen other states with a blanket of snow turning to rain creating a dangerous mix. a half foot or more of snow is expected to fall overnight. the storm is causing accidents and snarling traffic across the east. >> i've been here about 12 hours with my car in park. this is a solid half inch to a 3/4 inch. >> behind the storm an arctic blast striking denver, set to reach all the way across the country. the battle against superbugs. hospitals are stepping up how they clean medical devices off two people died in southern california. here's abc news reporter adidi roy. >> reporter: two of the patients came to this hospital, already infected with the antibiotic
11:37 pm
resistant bug. another patient was infected somewhere in the hospital. it's unclear how. antibiotic resistant super bugs can spread by contaminated equipment or simple human contact. even doctors' ties or hospital surfaces like walls or beds which is why hospitals across the country are trying new ways to fight an invisible enemy. like using robots, sterilizing a room with a uv light. officials say the super bug spread by endoscopes, contaminated from past procedures. officials at the north carolina hospital say all of their endoscopes have been negative for cre. the intricate parts can make them hard to clean. ucla is stepping up its sanitation process, going beyond standard guidelines. at the university of pittsburgh they sterilize the devices for
11:38 pm
18 hours using a special gas. the fda says it's studying solutions, but some argue that's not enough. >> we need better regulation. we need more education. and we need better drugs to fight these resistant bacteria. >> reporter: here at ucla officials say they sent out 179 letters to patients who were exposed to the super bug and now it's just a waiting game. the number of measles cases has risen to at least 149 patients across eight states, canada and mexico. 123 are in california. 39 are directly linked to visitors or employees at disneyland during the year-end holidays. a memorial service in the east bay tonight honored the victims of the terrorist group isis. dozens of people gathered at the coptic youth center for a funeral procession and service. >> the mood is definitely one of sorrow for the deaths of the 21
11:39 pm
egyptians in libya. and also for the continuing unrest in the middle east. that basically causes the loss of human lives. we need to take the negatives that happen and turn it into a positive movement. >> 100,000 members are in the united states today. the families of three young girls believed to be on their way to join isis are pleading for them to come home tonight. the teens were last season walking through london's airport, heading to turkey's southern border with syria. it's feared the girls would join hundreds of other young women as jihadi brides. u.s. defense secretary ash carter said the u.s. may keep a larger than planned troop presence this year and next because the new afghan
11:40 pm
government is proving to be a more reliable partner. he said president obama will discuss a range of options when afghan president ghani visits the white house next month. cheryl jennings had the opportunity to travel to afghanistan with the san rafael based nonprofit roots of peace to meet with the president for an exclusive interview. cheryl and president ghani sat in his private office where he wants to restore his country through agriculture. they asked him to become the face of a campaign to promote afghanistan's fruit. >> the fruits are original. once people get to know us i think they won't forget it. >> roots of peace has been working with farmers in afghanistan for more than a decade. cheryl's exclusive interview is tomorrow night after the oscars on abc 7 news at 11:00. next week she'll have a series of stories from her visit to
11:41 pm
afghanistan. still to come, how the oscar winners get chosen. who's behind that envelope. oscars' most unpredictable category. what it takes to be a best song nominee. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. say bye-bye to the 70s tomorrow. we're tracking not only cooler numbers, but a pickup in th
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i can just hear bob seger and the silver bullet band singing "hollywood nights." the oscars, a big day tomorrow, as they're getting ready for the celebration. of course, the oscars are tomorrow night right here on abc 7. one of the most unpredictable cat goers is best original song. so quirky that two years ago two songs got nominated. this year, there are five. katy has more on what it takes to win from a bay area man who's won three grammys, an emmy and nominated for an oscar. >> reporter: art talent, part sentiment, part timing. multiplatinum record producer says the oscar winning songs change every year.
11:45 pm
this song is from the lego movie. ♪ an artist nominating a song with this kind of audio production is a message from the academy. >> you make a statement. you want to be on the cutting edge of what's modern at the time. >> reporter: the only thing the songs have in common is they must be written specifically for a movie. that includes the songs played during the credits. ♪ >> reporter: occasionally nominated songs are pivotal to the movie's plot and that can influence the academy voters. the song "lost stars" is an essential element in the story about a songwriter performed in part by adam levine. >> very nice to hear adam levine
11:46 pm
in a simple setting, acoustic guitar and cello not drums. it's nice to hear his voice. >> reporter: although the singer can make a difference, the oscar itself goes to the writer. country music legend, glen campbell wrote about his final tour after he was diagnosed with alzheimer's. ♪ i'm still here but yet i'm gone ♪ ♪ i don't play guitar or sing my song ♪ >> god bless him if he wins. it's a sentimental vote. he's done so much work. i can see it going to him. >> reporter: but he thinks it's more likely it will go to another untapped song.
11:47 pm
♪ one day when the glory calls ♪ >> reporter: jon legend's song about selma. it's surprising and inspired to also weave in rap music. >> it modernizes it. but it's today. ferguson. it's today, oakland, today in our country. >> reporter: find out sunday night if narda got it right. abc 7 news. abc 7 news reporter katy mar zul la will join us tomorrow night at 11:00 from the red carpet. how do the winners get decided at the oscars? 85% of the academy members vote each year for just one nominee. the nominee with the most votes wins. except for best picture. that is ranked on choice. the one with the fewest votes gets eliminated until there's a
11:48 pm
clear winner. cameron diaz and kirk cameron took home the honor of the worst actress and actor at the razzies. cameron picked up his for kirk cameron saving christmas. michael bay was given worst director for transformers age of extinction. kelsey grammer won worst supporting actor. now it's time to turn to drew tuma who has been getting some great reviews for the weather over the last week or so. of course, we do need the rain. but hey, let's enjoy it since we can't control it. >> exactly. warm weather to start off the weekend, matt. tomorrow we're tracking cooler numbers and the winds picking up. moisture and precipitation, the east coast. specifically the northeast right now. another snowstorm on their hands. it is winding down. but anywhere from six inches in
11:49 pm
some spots like philadelphia, as much as eight inches in boston. they're on their way to the second snowiest winter on record. nationwide weather shows you tomorrow we're tracking a little bit of rain moving through the deep south as the front gets out of here. the northeast and great lakes, flurries, cold, to minneapolis. 5 below the high in fargo. high for sunday, the weather kind of split in california. the southern half dealing with rain showers, the northern half dealing with sunshine. a mix of 50s and 60s across the board. lots of sunshine in the bay area. gusts to 40 miles an hour in the afternoon. temperatures in the mid-60s. here's the seven-day forecast. breezy afternoon for oscar sunday. fog on tuesday. warming trend for the second half of next week. >> thank you drew. we turn to sports. we've got shu here. we're talking about cool temperatures out at the levi stadium. >> we'll have your highlights and reaction while cal and
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(mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever.
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the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. the stadium series lives up to the hype at levi stadium. great matchups. the kings get bragging rights as the outdoor champs. fantastic result.
11:53 pm
wearing special jerseys for this game. the temperature in the mid-50s at the start of the game. time to drop the puck. 2:46 seconds into the game. despite being dominated in the first, sharks answer with over a minute to go. fires in. 16th of the year. standing at levi. second period turnover by the kings. hits the cross bar. boy, that will come back to haunt him later. now in the third. sharks turn the puck over. drills it. 17th of the year. that turns out to be the game winner. kings win their seventh in a row. 2-1 the final. >> we're disappointed in the outcome. i'm not disappointed in the effort, and what our group put into the game. we would have preferred to win.
11:54 pm
it was a hard-fought game by two good teams that played a pretty even match. >> it was a loss. that's why it hurts. obviously we would have loved to win for our fans. >> it's tough not to win. but like you said before it's pretty amazing experience to play in a place like that. >> they're always tough games. they all seem to mean so much. they seem to be tight games. and fun games to be a part of. >> switch gears. college hoops, big game action. a must-win for both teams. plunkett in the house. michael for the two-handed jam. stanford starting to run away. four cardinals around him, somehow gets it to go. stanford takes a 12-point halftime lead.
11:55 pm
randall preserving the lead in the second half. a little setback jumer. bigger game in more aga. a win here goes a long way toward the post-seen berth. big night for patty mills. his jersey and number 13 retired. gaels off to a great start. where's waldo. later, aaron bryce buries the three. gonzaga battled back. number three in the nation for a reason. lead down to one. gales go back up two. the go-ahead lay-in. 16-0. zags now 28-1. usf down south hosted by pepperdine.
11:56 pm
downton, the floater. only bucket of the game. the lay-in. usf wins, their third straight victory. third round at riviera country club in l.a. 46-year-old gussen, eighth hole. he got it. ended the day in second. started the day with an eagle. on 16, the birdie gets him to 6 under. two pars on the back nine. 269. two-stroke lead going into sunday's final round looking for his first win in six years. j.j. from uab.
11:57 pm
unbelievable. oklahoma wide receiver. like this guy's potential. ty montgomery out of stanford, he's going to make a team very happy in the nfl. i'm heading down to spring training on monday. >> can't keep the ex-catchers off the field. >> no. that's it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. have a great night, everyone.
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