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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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2010. today, the p.u.c. will listen to public comment before handing down the punishment but the president said that peg makes so much money that he worries the utility can shrug off the fine. he wants his staff to look into the possibility of recovering corporate bonuses to executives as a form of punishment. he is concern about pg&e's size and the ability to be safe in the future. pg&e responded to the concerns to the associated press by issuing a statement saying "it has redoubled its safety training changed top executives and made its natural gas system safer." today's meeting is scheduled to start at 9:30. thank you, amy. east bay mud said it could take days to clean up cement that spilled into a creek in oakland
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yesterday morning. roughly 140 your of cubic yards of cement flowed into the glen echo park creek while replacing a 24" pipeline saying a subcontract was filling the pipe with sidewalk when it happened. >> valve was left open while the pipe was filling and that was mistake. it should not have happened. >> works will use vacuums to remove the mess today and east bay mud will restore the creek back to normal. scientists are taking samples. >> there was a brazen burglary and they broke into a woman's home. a dozen camera caught this man lurking outside the home at 2:00 on tuesday morning. man manages to get inside the home despite alarms going off he walks through the house, room to room and she was locked in the bedroom and called police and yells at the burglar and she
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scares him off. he gets were on the skate board. we have why she said the cameras gave her a false sense of security and what she is doing about it. >> police are investigating what happened moments before an officer shot and killed a man with a knife while responding to a liquor store robbery. the fatal shooting happened after 11 o'clock a.m. yesterday in an alley adjacent to a strip mall. investigators say the suspect became uncooperative and advanced toward the officer who they say opened fire because he feared for his safety. he has been released on paid leave. >> next week the jury will decide if dzhakhar tsarnaev should receive the death penalty or spend life in prison. yesterday, they convicted him on all 30 counts stepping from the boston marathon bombing. our reporter has the latest from boston. after the lives dzhakhar tsarnaev took account company he caused he showed little emotion
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as he listen he could face the death penalty convicted on all 30 charges. >> he should be held accountable for his actions and i am thankful for each of the jury members making him do that. >> the jury of seven women and fine men deliberated 11 hours over to days finding the 21-year-old responsible for the worst terror attack in the united states since 9/11 the deaths of the three and the violence that followed including the murder of m.i.t. police officer collier. i am amazed and grateful and glad they took time to go through everything. >> the same jury will decide if he lived or dies. as the defense team load by judy clarke who successfully kept pass clients including the unabomber off death row. >> they knew he would be convicted, the question is, can we save his life?
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the defense is hoping to convince the jury that the older brother was the master behind and unconvincing claim to many. >> i want to see death penalty. >> we know in a few weeks how long the sentencing phase that could begin on monday is expected to list. tsarnaev tons have not said if he will take the stand. after the verdicts were announced, flowers were placed on the finish line near store "be strong," saying this was fitting because the when was shattered in the blast. >> it is now 4:34. new details in the murder case against a south carolina police officer who is accused of shooting a fleeing suspect in the back was allowed to stay on the job despite an early complaint that he used excessive force against an unarmed map. in 2013 officer slager forced
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his way into a home while responding to a either woulded burglary and slager shot him with a stun gun. he filed a formal complaint but police took no action. thoughts now say that camera video that shows slager fatally shooting walter scott could be released today. >> a new twist in the racist texting scandal at the san francisco police department. an attorney for one of the officers accused of exchanging racist text said they cannot be fired because the police department waited too long to on the investigation much according to the san francisco chronicle they will argue the department knew of the text in 2012 and did nothing about it until now past the statue of limitations. the chief suhr wants do fire eight of the officers involved in the scandal. police exiles will hold hearings to decide their fate. two of the officers have already resigned. >> california lawmakers are stepping into the battle over weather to raise tuition in the university of california system. last year, regents approve add
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plan from janet napolitano to raise tuition and fees by up to 5 percent a year for the next three years. the governor opposes the hike responded by threatening to hold back $120 million in funding and now a senate committee has unanimously approved a plan to head off the increases by giving the schools an extra $75 million. it would be paid for by abolishing a middle class scholarship program. democrats in the assembly oppose that idea. >> happening today, san francisco mayor lee and city officials will celebrate "walk to work day." leaders will be around the city where pedestrians can stop by to met them receive free cards and snacks. it travels along mock goal and market before ending at the embarcadero. >> that begs the question what kind of walking weather are we in store? >> partly cloudy skies and live doppler hd has a quiet team this
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morning and it will stay dry the next 24 hours. current temperature wise it is cool in some spots and napa is 41 degrees and 40 in pill valley -- mill valley and 46 in concord. we have a mix of sun and clouds and partly cloudy this afternoon. up to 65 inland spots. warm afternoon in warmer spots getting into the lower 70s and an the coast and san francisco we will see mid-to-upper 50s on the board. from the camera, a gorgeous shot this morning mainly cleary skies and it will be the start of warming trend for the weekend. temperatures start out between 58 and 70 degrees this afternoon, and by tomorrow, we are warmer in the afternoon and this warming trend will peak on saturday. a few clouds out there is all and most spots top out in the upper 60s to lower 70s. that is weather and now to the traffic. >> good morning, drew, a great start to the morning as we start
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with a look at the golden gate bridge and the drive coming in from marin to san francisco is not going to find any problems not foggy either, traffic is moving nicely in the northbound direction as well. mostly green on this map and it is still very early to get us going and we have areas of construction, and one is this pocket here that will last until 5 o'clock, in the westbound direction so if you make your way out of livermore toward the dublin interchange make sure you slow for the cone zone and this is here where the construction is which is why there were a file accidents one more. be cautious in the westbound direction. a slow build over the altamont pass still at 56 miles per hour. drive time traffic is 27-minute commute from tracy to dublin and highway 4 is clear and 101 is 18 points from san rafael to san francisco. >> thank you. it was a heartless crime, a
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thief stealing the van of a disabled veteran with als but an abc7 viewer helps save the day. that is next. >> teens on social media with the changing way your youngsters are connecting with eye opening facts for parents. >> stay tuned.
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good thursday morning. 4:41. a gorgeous shot. clear as a billion right here -- clear as a people right here. it is foggy in spots, widely scattered. we are following that with the latest information coming up. >> 30 the cases of
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being called because of possible contamination of listeria. it can be fail for young children and the elderly. a lot of people are talking about this story online and it is posted on facebook. if you want to share it check out an abc7 viewer is being credited with helping track down a stolen van. it wasn't just any van. this was a wheelchair accessible van stolen from its owner's driveway in fremont. here is the story. >> i met bill thomas last year when he dumped a bucket of ice water on my head for the challenge, his wife is an army veteran diagnosed with als more than a decade ago. she needs a specialized van to get around. >> in her case it is quality of life issue and an issue of maintaining her independence. monday, her van was stolen from
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their drive in fremont. so abc7 put out the word during our midday newscast. >> i memorized the description on the news i checked. >> todd said the license plate and description matched the van if his apartment complex parking lot in fremont. he called police. >> we have a tendance to know which cars fit here. and that isn't one. >> thomas had this to pass on. >> i say thank you. you have made the day for us both my wife and myself. >> the van was trashed and the lit and other special features were damaged so another good samaritan stepped in. >> classic vans pitched in and let therm borrow a van and special abc7 viewers also called in and offered their vans too. >> that anyone would do that, i appreciate more i can say.
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>> it shows how caring people and a little bit of communication can make a big difference. it it is 4:4. >> teens are using social media more than ever and facebook is king but more american teens are burning to engram to stay connected. 71 percent report using facebook but a sizable number now also use instagram and 41 percent sues snapchat that permanently deletes shared votes and photo seconds after they are viewed. the study finds that 88 percent of teens have access to a cell phone and 92 percent say they go online each day while 24 percent say they are online constantly. must have talked to my kids. >> if you are on your kids'
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social media site they will go to a different one. >> now, in terms of apps, if you have the abc7 news weather app sunshine. all day. nothing but clear skies. a gorgeous start on this thursday morning. outside, we are cool in a couple of spots. fairfield is a cooler location coming in at a temperature of 39 degrees. 43 in lafayette. 54 in downtown san francisco and newark is at a temperature of 46 degrees. from the could be camera showing the embarcadero and the ferry building and light remark at this hour on the embarcadero and a light breeze. the flag is not waving. the forecast features early morning pockets of fog an issue in some spots. mild afternoon through sunday and we are tracking a chance of showers early next week but it looks minimal at this time. the season in terms of rainfall
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every location is below normal if this time of the year and that is not surprising. one play that currently is at normal level where they have 12.6" of rain at moffett field. we have a gorgeous day. not one but two areas of high pressure are building. plenty of sunshine today and through the weekend. the ridge is going to hang with us through sunday. the storm track is well north the area again and it is shoved into canada where the rain will be for the time being. >> compared to the coliseum this afternoon, first pitch, the rangers and 12:35 and a dry day and a lot of sun sly by 3:30 and the temperatures are right around 65 degrees. highs for thursday or mainly sunny and 62 in san francisco and 67 is the high in oakland and 69 in san jose and the warmer spots like antioch getting into the lower 70s. here is the seven-day forecast partly cloudy warming trend
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tomorrow watcher and sunny and offer the weekend the warming trend peaks and the next chance for rain is monday into tuesday. that is weather. how is traffic looking? >> so far it has been working for us. you can see how light it is moving across toward the peninsula on the san mateo bridge. from hayward to foster city, it is going to take you approximately nine minutes. we do have a report of a stalled vehicle westbound highway 4 at willow pass road and that is on the concord side blocking a slow lane if you are headed owe the door be careful. as we move over to san jose this drive has plenty of construction both northbound and southbound along 280 to the 880 connection and between citizen's creek and 280 so plenty of progress are in the works and you can see we are at top speeds along 101 beyond the 280/680 split and the nimitz freeway to the mineta san jose international airport at 60 miles per hour, 280, no delays and highways 85 17, 87, all in
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great shape. the founder of a san francisco based company zinga is running its c.e.o. at the gaming company two years after hiring someone else to take the job. it is known for facebook games like farmville and pincas hired a c.e.o. in 2013 to lead the shift but the announcement is not going over well with shares falling 10 percent. >> pre-orders for apple watch start tomorrow with the first reviews of the gadget. >> good first reviews for the apple were what, most think it is better than other smart watchers but not for were. a concern is you need a recent iphone to make it work. pre-orders start tomorrow and delivery in two weeks. >> iphone users have access to more diverse set of emojis after
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a newly released ios3. >> fascinating with different skin tones. >> you can skip the annoying ads on youtube. for a price. that puts them in competition with netflix and hulu. >> no word on how much the fee is one estimate is $10 a month. >> you would you pay it? >> no, i will watch the ad, it is fine. >> those are ten bites. it is thursday. >> honoring the men and women in uniform who defended our nation with a moving tribute. >> do you like grilled cheese sandwiches? what it could say about your personality? stay tuned.
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>> look at the water pouring into the new york city subway on to the train with passengers still inside the train. the flooding was caused by a water main break. the water has been shut off and the trains are moving again this morning. the white house is calling for an end to the use of conversion therapy on lgbt youth. this is after the suicide of a 17-year-old lgbt youth in ohio. she wrote that her parents forced her to attend conversion therapy and they are trying to change her sexual orientation. the white house said it is neither medically or ethically appropriate and can cause substantial harm. >> a copy of the vietnam veterans memorial will be coming to the bay area today. the wall that heals is a half scale replica of the washington, dc memorial. it will be featured at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno honoring three million americans who served in the military during the vietnam war.
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the 24 panels have the names of more than 58,000 men and women killed during the conflict. the wall will be open 24 hours a day and be free to the public today through sunday. opening ceremony will be held today at 10:00 a. >> happening today, vice president biden and his wife jill, are coming to the bay area. he will attend an event to raise money for the democratic campaign committee and tomorrow head to oakland to discuss the important of workforce development and job training. >> jill will visit the college in cupertino to highlight the administration's commitment to communities colleges. >> bet you didn't know in a survey finds that people would love grilled cheese sandwiches are more charitable and adventurous. that is not all. san francisco-based dating and social networking site asked 4,600 users all kinds of questions, to figure out what it could say of the a finding is grill cheese lovers have more fin in the bedroom, 32 percent
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say they have sex more than six time as in compared with 27 percent of people would do not like the snack. sunday is "national grilled cheese day." >> didn't know we measured american culture by the grilled cheese sandwich. we did not mention the kind of cheese. >> you used to go into the bar is say what's your sign and now, what's your sandwich? >> drew, it will be excite increasing. >> i love grill cheese so that is that. a nice day on way and live doppler hd showing you we have dry skies', mainly clear starting the morning on this thursday and on way to a beautiful spring day. a look outside, sutro tower camera is quiet morning at 7:00 a.m. with pockets of fog and by noon partly cloudy and a lot of sunshine on the way and in the afternoon a light breeze with the warmest locates inland getting into the lower 70s and later on on this thursday.
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now leyla has traffic. >> good old fashion american cheese for me. now, the mass transit bart has 31 trains running on time on use train one we are a minute early with no delays reported on muni and here is a new accident being reported in hercules. it is possibly involving a drunk driver at highway 4 with three vehicles involved blocking the lanes and all on the shoulder and a lot of green on the map. taking you over to the peninsula, the drive is clear there, and we are moving along without any problems but no chains are required. matt? eric? >> one of two runways at mineta san jose international airport will shut down for repairs this summer. crews will replace uneven and broken concrete. the work will take two months starting in july. airport official say they do not expect any significant delays for travelers and no word on how much the project costs but the f.a.a. will pay for part of it.
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>> imagine being on an airplane and flying overseas with a whole in the aircraft which was the case on a long ice land air flight from iceland after being hit by lightning. no one knew. passengers heard a loud pop 90 seconds after take off but did fought necessity what it was. >> it shook just for half a second. >> the blue-collar is what i cannot forget the whole plane was electric blue. >> planes are built for this kind of punishment. >> it landed safely with the big hole in the nose and now it is uninspection. >> some whams got too close comfort in washington state to boaters. >> my goodness. let's get out of here. >> that is good advise. this video was shot in december but just going viral this morning, they were in a small
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rowboat and came across a pod of orcas that came so close to the boat the men panicked and rowed away at the thought of being capsized. >> at 5:00 am, workers manning the picket lines today. >> and more on a braising home invasion caught on camera the homeowner watched it happen as she hid in the bedroom. >> we leave you with abc7 and the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7
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news. it is 4:59. thank you for joining us. >> leyla is here with the traffic and drew tuma is here for mike with the weather. >> we are going from wet to a beautiful end to the work week today and tomorrow. live doppler hd will show you nothing but clear skies above. we will take you outside. a look from the rooftop showing a delightful early morning in the next 12 hours will feature areas of fog early and otherwise we call it partly cloudy and temperatures by the afternoon under a light breeze and in the upper 50s along the coast and mid-60s an the bay and lower 60s in the warmest inland location this afternoon. >> thank you, draw. don't have to "grill" you about the roads. >> we are talking about national grilled cheese day. in traffic we have a crash to get us going if hercules but as we take you to san jose, that drive is wide open and clear. no delays as you


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