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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 6, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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i don't even process what they're doing it's so fast. >> thanks for joining us. breaking news tonight. ben carson, and the questions about his claim he was offered a scholarship to west point. late today, his explanation in his own words. and donald trump jumping in. tweeting, one of many lies. and the deadly plane disaster. new reports, an explosion can be heard on the flight recorders. and the injuries to some passengers and what they could reveal. as u.s. authorities take action on flights headed here. the cruise ship nightmare. passengers looking down, screaming. he then falls into the ocean. the coast guard searching tonight. and the abc news investigation. a common household product. brian ross with the home video authorities say could save a life. a mother and what she witnesses with her own child.
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good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with the firestorm over dr. ben carson saying he was offered a scholarship to west point. tonight, he's now explaining himself. several national polls showing carson at the top of the republican field. and with that comes increasing scrutiny. his campaign saying about his story, maybe the words were inaccurate, but they maintain he was told he would gain acceptance. tonight, we asked west point how the process works. tom llamas on carson's explanation, and on donald trump, who pounced on this, and quickly. >> reporter: tonight, dr. ben carson forced to explain himself after accusations that part of his life story don't add up. carson has repeatedly said he was offered a scholarship to west point as recently as a month ago on pbs. >> i was offered a full
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scholarship to west point, got to meet general westmoreland and go to congressional medal of honor dinners. >> reporter: the west point scholarship was something he wrote about in his books. carson's campaign confirming tonight to abc news that not only was he never admitted to west point, he never even applied. and about that scholarship? telling us, maybe the words are inaccurate. but that as a top rotc student in detroit, carson was told he would gain acceptance by west point officials, and that was, in effect, getting a scholarship because nobody pays a dime. west point says they can't confirm or deny whether he was ever told that, but they did say, the admissions process is a multistep process. a verbal offer of admission alone would never be enough to guarantee entry. tonight, carson responded to the accusation. >> i never said i got a schol scholarsh scholarship.
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>> reporter: this latest revelation as carson is under fire for other alleged discrepancies about his story. for example, that he was violent when he was young. >> at age 14, another teenager angered me, and i had a large camping knife, and i tried to stab him in the abdomen. and fortunately, under his clothing, he had on a large metal belt buckle. and the knife blade struck with such force that it broke. and he fled in terror. >> reporter: carson has said that's when he rejected anger and started to give his life to god. and he is now lashing out at the media for questioning his claims. >> this is a bunch of lies. that is what it is, a bunch of lies, attempting, you know, to say that i'm lying about my history. i think it's pathetic. >> reporter: one of his rivals seizing on the controversy, donald trump, in rehearsals today for his appearance on "snl" this weekend, slamming carson on social media. retweeting the news story and adding, "wow, one of many lies by ben carson. big story." david, according to carson, there are bigger factors at
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play. saying a secular progressive movement is threatened by him. and that his words are being taken out of context. david? >> tom, thank you. i want to bring in jonathan karl. looks like it comes down to conversations that he says recruiters had with him and whether that constitutes a scholarship. voters will have to decide on this one. >> yes, and central to his appeal, is that he is considered as honest by republican voters. and if these questions cause voters to see him as less honest, his support could be dropping. but remember, what is key here is that nobody was questioning that he was recruited by west point and would have been a good candidate. he went to yale.
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as for his supportsers, they're rallying around him, saying that he's being vilified. >> jon, thank you. and now to the other developing story we're following, the deadly plane disaster. reports an explosion can be heard on flight recorders. and u.s. authorities ordering tough new security measures. in the wake of the russian jet breaking apart in the air, killing everyone onboard. and now, investigators are focusing in part on the one hour the plane was on the ground before taking off. martha raddatz with new reporting tonight. >> reporter: whether it was a bomb or not, the u.s. is taking no chances. the department of homeland security announcing those new security measures today for u.s.-bound flights from selected airports in the mideast. including expanding screening of items on aircraft, reassessing security at certain airports, and offering security assistance to those that fall short. what will that mean for passengers? >> they'll experience increased numbers of patdown searches. and their personal items will be
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swabbed. why swabbed? the screeners will be looking for explosive residue. >> reporter: russia today took a much more extreme step, banning all flights to egypt, temporarily stranding some 50,000 tourists. and in france, where the airbus is made, media reports say the sound of an explosion can be heard on the flight recorders. >> they know what an explosion sounds like. they know what a bomb sounds like, what, say, a fuel tank blowing up sounds like, and they know the sound of an airplane coming apart. >> reporter: a u.s. official saying that shrapnel has been found on the bodies of the passengers. we do know the metrojet was on the ground in sharm el sheik for just an hour, according to an egyptian official. an hour of darkness when a bomb may have been put on the plane. the plane took off just before 6:00 a.m. about 20 minutes later, breaking up at 31,000 feet. >> it would have been very simple for somebody to walk out on that ramp and throw an unchecked bag onto that airplane
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or put it in the cargo hold. >> martha, you reported there are reports you can hear an explosion on the flight recorders. and we'll hear much more about what they recorded tomorrow? >> yes, a press conference is scheduled for tomorrow in egypt, where we should get some clarity and hopefully some real evidence a week after the crash. david? >> martha, thank you. and the fbi is investigating a stunning headline out of ohio tonight. a family allegedly held for 17 hours, the father forced to rob the bank where he's the manager. the suspects making off with more than $100,000. and gio benitez with the 911 calls. >> reporter: tonight, this banker and his family are safe after a dramatic 17-hour hostage situation in their own home. the man calling 911. >> somebody just robbed me. they took my kids hostage and they're heading west on millsboro west road. >> reporter: it all began
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thursday afternoon, 2:00 p.m., a man allegedly taking the bank manager's wife and children hostage at this home in ontario, ohio. when the husband, banker brian mcconnell, got home at 9:00 p.m., he says he was also taken hostage. mcconnell told police he was allowed out of the house early this morning, taking more than $100,000 from this bank that he managed and bringing it back to the hostage taker. >> the kid apologized the entire time, said it wasn't his idea, said the guy would kill him and come back and get my family. >> reporter: it's happened before. in march, an executive threatened with bombs that turned out to be fake. and this summer in tennessee, another banker's family was held at gunpoint. the banker says he doesn't know who the hostage taker was, and there are no new leads. so, this is still a mystery tonight. david? >> gio, thank you. tonight, new details on the veteran cop nicknamed g.i. joe. authorities now calling it the ultimate betrayal.
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he was found dead in what is called a carefully staged suicide. new allegations of sexual misconduct, embezzling money, using his patrol car for family vacations, even an alleged murder plot. here's alex perez, outside chicago. >> reporter: tonight, those startling personnel files just released on disgraced lieutenant joe gliniewicz show in 2009 an anonymous group of fox lake police officers submitted a letter to the mayor with a long list of complaints about him. including an inappropriate sexual relationship with a subordinate officer, being "highly intoxicated" in public. and even allowing members of the police youth program he directed to use squad cars and to dress as police. >> he had a side he would present to individuals, and a side that nobody knew about. >> reporter: authorities say gliniewicz was stealing tens of thousands of dollars from that youth program. investigators revealing he had even looked into hiring a hitman to kill village administrator anne marrin, who had ordered his program be audited. fearing the embezzlement would
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be exposed, police say he developed an elaborate plan to make his suicide look like a murder. his widow and son, d.j., according to abc affiliate wls, now being investigated by police in connection with that embezzlement scheme too. and david, tonight, one bright spot in all of this, the police explorers program gliniewicz ran will continue. two officers have stepped in to run the program. david? >> alex, thank you. and now to the wild weather this friday night, as we head into the weekend. unseasonably warm in the east, record setter tied in new york, washington, and boston. unseasonably cool in the west. a dramatic 24 hours in texas. a powerful tornado in ft. worth. peeling the roof off that building. and lightning captured in texas, the storms continue to slam parts of the country. really, a tale of two countries. >> the cold front bumping up against the record heat. storms are popping tonight. thankfully not as strong as last night. and rain will be significant, especially across austin and
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houston. along the i-10 corridor. tomorrow night into new orleans. and spotty flooding, but the big cooldown. records in d.c., 80 degrees, mid-70s, new york and boston. tomorrow, into the 60s and 50s on sunday, back to where the temperatures should be in november. >> rob marciano, thank you. and now to washington and president obama, ending one of the more contentious battles, the president rejecting the proposed keystone xl pipeline. that would run from canada down to the gulf. the president saying it won't help the economy, environment, or lower gas prices. and now to an abc investigation, hundreds of children killed or injured by window blinds with potentially dangerous cords. the industry still selling them, saying parents have been warned of the risks. abc reporters all over the country, sent shopping. what did they find? brian ross, about to show chilling home video of a toddler surviving a very close call.
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>> reporter: this home video is about to turn horrifying. >> gavin? gavin? >> reporter: and we are going to show it only because it has a happy ending and could save a life. nicci walla is recording her twins learning to walk. as she turns, she sees this. her 3-year-old son gavin, hanging from the cord of a window blind. >> gavin? >> reporter: and then the sweet sounds of life. >> he's crying. he's making noises. >> reporter: gavin was left only with a welt across his neck. he was one of the lucky ones. >> brian, i see decades, and i'm talking decades, about children once a month getting hanged to death by these products and it's got to stop. these are many different types of samples. >> reporter: elliott kaye, the chairman of the consumer product safety commission, says cordless blinds like these would solve the whole problem. >> look at that. it's beautiful. >> reporter: but the vast majority of the blinds sold in the u.s. every year, tens of
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millions of sets, include those dangerous cords. the head of the industry trade group has acknowledged they pose a risk. but would not agree to be in our report. wanted to ask you some questions about the children that have died in window blind accidents. can you talk about that at all? >> no. >> reporter: the trade group disputes the government's accident numbers and produced this video to show a range of safety features they say have reduced the number of deaths. and they say they want to educate parents and retailers about the risk. >> and many new parents may be unaware of potential cord dangers. >> reporter: yet, when our abc affiliates visited stores across the country, they often found the message is not getting through. >> is there a safety issue or anything like that? >> no, i don't think so. >> reporter: and since we began our reporting on this danger, ikea and target have both taken all window blinds with cords off their shelves. and other major stores say they'll follow suit. and that young man, he's now 17
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years old. and eager for parents everywhere to see that video. >> thanks to you and our reporters at abc stations across the country for this one. and new details in the case of the missing boy that 13 years later discovered for himself the truth about his own disappearance. stolen from his mother when he was just 5 years old. and how he may look now, 13 years old, that composite. here's david wright, in ohio. >> reporter: today, julian hernandez wanted nothing to do with the reporters outside his home. a high school kid in a hoodie, trying his best to be inconspicuous. "please, no more spotlights, no more cameras," he said in a statement. "i just want to be left alone." he's just learned he has a mom he hasn't seen since he was 5. and his dad, whom he knew by a different name, is now in custody for abducting him. he robbed that kid of his mom. >> correct. >> reporter: bobby hernandez's lawyer says his client is now on suicide watch. for now, the father is not allowed any contact with his son.
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>> from what i hear, he's a great kid. active in sports. and he's an honor student in school. >> reporter: but his world has got to be turned upside-down now. his whole life has been a lie. >> yes, apparently so. >> reporter: julian is in touch with his mother. but it's got to be a tough road ahead. the father's lawyer is not disputing the facts of the case. bobby hernandez now facing the possibility of years behind bars. david? >> david, thanks. up next here, the cruise ship nightmare. the dramatic images. passengers screaming to help another passenger. you can see the images, clinging to the raft helpless. as he then falls into the ocean. the coast guard search under way. and the new consumer alert this evening. what are the least reliable cars on the road? and the big "star wars" surprise. the new trailer shown elsewhere in the world. we didn't see it here in america.
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next tonight, the u.s. coast guard joining the search for a passenger seen clinging to a life raft. hanging from the side of a cruise ship. passengers and crew desperately trying to find him, when he falls in. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: a nightmare playing out in real time in front of countless royal caribbean cruise ship passengers. some scrambling to get ahold of him. as that man clings to the life raft. then what comes next is extremely disturbing. onlookers watching helplessly as he loses his grip. >> he was pretty intoxicated, got into a disagreement with a guy, security then got involved to where he jumped on to the boat. >> reporter: the cruise line releasing a statement saying he was spotted by crew members intentionally going over the side of the ship. a u.s. coast guard plane and
5:49 pm
helicopter now searching for the man about 80 miles off the coast of the bahamas. for more than 12 hours now one witness said the man was bleeding from the head, and it was raining, producing very slippery conditions. saying she doesn't believe the man let go intentionally. david? >> thank you. when we come back, "consumer reports" naming the least reliable cars on the road. and one of the most famous images from the vietnam war, you'll meet this woman coming up. and the "star wars" surprise. new footage that no one expected. we'll be right back. that's next. we'll be back. footage that no one was expected. that's next. we'll be back.
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they say the five worst -- the fiat 500 "l," ford fiesta, cadillac escalade, jeep cherokee, and the chevy corvette. the biggest complaints, they say, transmission issues, noise, and leaks. the new trailer for "star wars," full of new footage. the new villain aiming his light saber at the new character, rey. revealing she's waiting for her family. and that trailer for japanese audiences. hence the translation there. and would you pay $50 million for this van gogh? one person did. when we come back, do you remember the young girl in one of the most famous images from the vietnam war? 43 years later, who is our person of the week? war? 43 years later, who is our person of the week? that is mobile, it is you. it is not the
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our person of the week. from one of the defining images of the vietnam war and the help now, 43 years later. she was the young girl in this iconic photograph that became one of the symbols of the pain of the vietnam war. kim phuc was just 9 years old. and running for her life, after the south vietnamese accidentally dropped a bomb with napalm on her village. now, 43 years later, she has come to america, her husband by her side. an american doctor is waiting. >> i cannot wait. yeah. so happy. >> reporter: happy, to finally get help. >> 43 years that i suffered so much for the pain. last night, i couldn't sleep to see her. yeah. >> reporter: dr. jill waibel is a pioneer in the treatment of
5:58 pm
burn survivors using a type of laser. >> hi. >> reporter: she has now begun a series of treatments, smoothing the thick scar tissue and relieving the pain after all these years. >> it doesn't really matter if a scar is two years old, ten years old, 40 years old, 80 years old. it will respond to the laser beautifully. >> kim, you're doing amazing. if you need a break, tell us. >> reporter: dr. waibel uses a fractionated laser. one small section of skin at time. and she's doing all this for free. she calls it an honor. >> she's not only a living reminder of the horrible side effects of war, including children hurt in war. she's such a beautiful human being that i think brings so much hope to so many that i just feel privileged to get to know her and be part of her journey. >> and so we choose dr. waibel and kim phuc. we'll see you on monday. until
5:59 pm
to hear from a former twitter employee who is blowing the whistle on a lack of diversity in the company. and how middleton is coming together after many homes were lost. a candle light vigil to honor the victims of a stabbing spree at uc merced. >> we're hearing from collin kaepernick for the first time since he was sacked. >> i don't see any black guys on twitter. he says he tried to give suggestions but hardly anyone would listen. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> this after another former employee wrote a blog that created a buzz that he writes to
6:00 pm
be a leader in he lick nating environments where i am the only african american in engineering leadership. >> melanie woodrow is live with the story. >> reporter: a senior vice president at twitter, of engineering, responded to the blog post, with his own public response. both he and a twitter spokesperson say the company is committed to diversity, but another former employee tells abc7 news he made suggestions to help the company recruit more diverse candidates and the suggestions were dismissed. two former twitter employees say diversity was lacking. >> to me it was refreshing when i saw a new brown face at work. >> reporter: he says he worked as a business development manager, i position


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