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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. look at that. you need an umbrella or rain jacket for the first week of 2016. you can see the rain drops at the golden gate bridge. check out live doppler hd. all of the friend is precipitation. >> you and your technical determines. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. back to work. back-to-school. here to ease you back in. mike? >> ease you with light rain. you will have wet weather the entire week. live doppler hd shows light rain with up to .04" from the south. it will taper to accountered showers in the afternoon. temperatures are in the mid-40s. in the mid-50s by 4:00.
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sue? >> the problem with bart has residual delays with 10 minutes from bay point so nothing major. everyone else is looking good. a look at san mateo bridge with the drive at 15 minutes from hayward toward foster city and san mateo. a couple of issues including the slow traffic from the central valley for 35 minutes from tracy to dublin, moderate and green on the screen is rain. it is affecting the commute. we have an update on the 80 crash ahead. >> north bay residents are taking warnings of el nino to heart. several businesses in mill valley have lined their doors with sandbags. others have filled bags. residents can help themselves to sand and bags, continue a person. marin is warning residents do
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prepare for the storm. for details on sandbag and preparations where you live head to abc7 . authorities are trying to figure out what causing a ship to sink in san rafael harbor. amy hollyfield? >> yes, reggie, a dive team is headed into the wart right now. you can see all of the rescue response vehicles checking to make sure no one is inside the boat. it just sunk. they are working under the assumption no one is there. they have to check. people are then to live on these boats. we are at san rafael yacht harbor at pier 3. officials do not know why this boat sunk they got the call at 4:45 an old vintage pleasure boat sink in the water at 10' deep and you can see a tip of it sticking out of water. they are keeping us away from
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the dock because they are working to get to see if there is anyone there and want us to stay here. we will have a briefing when they know more. we are told there is a sheen of diesel from the boat so the coast guard will be here and it is an active scene in marin county and we will be here to find out what is going on and bring you the latest developments. we will check back developing news the worst kept secret in the bay area is in open: 49ers head teach tomsula has been fired. the move was made after the season-ending win against st. louis. the players knew about it some say before tomsula. the coach's head was on the chopping block and the former c.e.o. will hold a news conference this morning. we want to hear how you feel about the changes to the team.
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use # abc7now. a tense stand off in oregon armed anti-government protesters occupy a national wildlife refuge and calling on members from ambassador the country to gyp me. this is going on since saturday. they protesting on behalf of two oregon ranchers reporting to prison today in california serving a second sentence for arson. the f.b.i. now is working with oregon law inform hoping to bring it to a resolution peacefully. >> closing arguments in san francisco are scheduled in the trial of raymond "shrimp boy" chow with jury instructions given out and the arguments will begin after rebut am witnesses the jury will deliberate. he and accused racketeering and murder and money laundering. an file sting nabbed raymond
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"shrimp boy" chow and senator lee. >> a man in celebrated in jewish community is dead after a botched robbery. he lives in palo alto and went to las vegas to set up a social media platform for people attending the consumer electronics show. a friend said how she will remember her friend. >> someone who had a positive outlook into the community, very friendly and legal. >> the two people megan and kyle face charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery. this surveillance video shows the suspects driving moments before he was shot outside a 24 hour fitness on december 29. >> best in richmond hope someone can help catch the person would slot an elementary schoolteacher claire dugan was shot in the
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neck while driving on saturday night. the shooting and the crash left her in critical condition. this is just a random act and she was an innocent victim. friends of the 52-year-old say she in bad shape. >> skull is fracture and pleading a lot from the the blood is still there. >> another shooting on interstate 580 on saturday afternoon left that victim in critical condition, as well. the victim and shooter knew each other in that case but they are looking to a possible connection with this shooting. >> a strange situation in san jose. a person has been painting over public art in the well low -- in the willow willow glen neighborhood. seven of the books have been turned back to gray. someone is degree around spray painting then. a city council member paid for
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the art work using surplus campaign funds. >> a major upset for uber riders over new area's eve problem and how uber is responding. aif you have broken christmas lights do not throw them in the crash this is a newer program that starts today. >> we will look at walnut creek with regular traffic back again after the holiday.
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>> wants to give you an update on the airport 63 minute flight arrival delays into sfo because of the light rain and low clouds. temperatures are milder this morning at mid-to-upper 40s inland east bay valley. elsewhere, until you get to mountain you have at 50 degrees. san jose and 101 and 880, you have not seen much but you will get the heavy rain tonight. mostly, though, light showers are possible inland and showers and drizzle at the coast and a chance of showers an the bay. san rafael shows light rain on 101 and we will have heavier storms tomorrow and wednesday. sue? >> we are getting busy.
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welcome back. the pond ride has begun. metering lights on at the bay bridge at 5:29. now you are looking at 40 americans from highway 4 to san francisco. you can see bits of red and ramping up and the ride from highway 4 we have a car off the right hand shoulder at pinole valley road off to the right hand shoulder here, too, southbound 880 but growing and on 24 westbound another right hand shoulder and all this friend is rain affecting the commute. we had an early bart delay and an update next report. >> no more holiday light. >> uber riders are trying to make the case upset over the increased prices on new year's eve. >> riders in boston and new york say the fare estimate option which lets you know how much the ride will in van was difficult to find. users say if the destination was changed they could not find the
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estimate. uber said that riders needed to go back to the original screen and put in the new address for the updated price. >> it goes around and around. >> they did not answer the question. >> sending friends cash could get easier for iphone users because apple could ad payments -- add payments to their this guy' guy? been through a lot. dogs bring out the good in us. pedigree brings out the good in them. feed the good.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. bay. in guatamala the volcano erupted sending hot levee spewing into the air. local authorities say the ashs what up to 24,000 feet. no flights have been impacted and no injuries. all the mention condition ton representing affluenza teen couple couch said his client could -- ethan couch said his client could be in mexico for months or days. >> it is up to ethan couch. if he does not fight extradition he could be back in the u.s. quickly. he and his mother were arrested on wednesday after a two week international search wanted in next for alleged probation violation in a drunk driving case that took four lives. >> investigators looking into the sing of the cargo ship are
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launching a new search to recover the black boxes. the ntsb released this footage of the ship. this is 15,000' below the surface. the hull is badly damaged. the navigation deck was found half a mile away from the main part of the ship. it certain during a hurricane october near the bahamas on the way from florida to puerto rico. all 33 crew member on board died. >> if you thought of buying a ford this could be an incentive, they just announced plans to bring the apple car lay and droid auto to the cars. 2017 magazines will have software starting in the spring, with 2016 able to upgrade. they sink the smart 15s to the car and offer a variety of hands free tools including navigation, music, and phone culls. -- calls. >> you can soon pay friends with
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apple's i message system with a patent final showing a payment button in i message, possibly sending machine to a friend using banking or credit car information that would already be stored with apple pay. no word on weapon apple will make that feature vietnam to iphone owners but it is a way to get money for me. >> very nice. if you are taking down your christmas decorations do not throw the broken holiday lights in the trash. experts say they can take up a thousand years to break down in a landfill. cities are hosting holiday light recycling programs. you are invited to drop off the lights at money work service center from 7:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. the holidays over. >> nothing sadder than the christmas trees lined up on the cub. >> i saw those driving out and
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ours is...still up. >> good for you. >> 12 days of is the 12th day. >> interesting math. >> now, how well did we get? >> we took down the outdoor decorates because someone knew it would be wet this week starting today. san jose is fought getting much but look at that, you get your rain today, tomorrow, wednesday, and lesser extent on thursday, and we will ramp up again on friday and saturday and sunday at 10 listen -- 10, 20 and percent. and a slow pace at 20-0 miles per hour. the north by is under drizzle to light rain and same in the east bay valleys and on the peninsula where we have the 63-minute flight arrival delays into sfo and the rain shield or the rain fade or jut the lack of rain,
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the big doughnut hole in the south bay, again which is why i started with the graphic. light rain is showing from the east bay hills to the embarcadero center and light rain and showers today, wet and stormy tomorrow through thursday and a small break friday and saturday. today the storm is a "1" and heavy along the coast and you can see the steady rain is over by 9:00 with scatters showers through lunch and across north by from 5:00 to 7:00 stretching out and look what happens during the overnight hours, from 11:00 until 4:00 that is when our heavy rain will roll in and could be breezy with scattered thunderstorms are possible tom so it is a "2" and the storm on wednesday is in the morning, it, also; a "2" tapering to a "1" by thursday morning. >> we check with bart and all is recover nicely with a minor delay but system wide we back open track with to delays for
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mass transit. a lot of brake lights in highway 4 headed southbound to san ramon on 680, it is 0 minutes to get up and get the kids out to school. all the green on our traffic map usually sit a good on roads but not is now presenting rain that will affect the commute. looking at the early westbound westbound 80 that is gone but it is still slow in secti southbound 880 we had an early accident off to the shoulder and slow traffic from 238 and update you on the 24 accident in the lafayette area when we return next report in a few minutes. all the people are back. >> we have this on instagram account and we love it because the person who sent it said althoughing the rain cleansing and refreshing. >> a rainfall and a seagull fan.
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>> adam, thank you for sending this, share your pictures and post them on social media #abc7now. and check out our photo gallery on instagram. >> owners of some suvs say something sounds strange with the planned if you cars and the company is saying they are right. >> students are preparing to return to a school that was return to a school that was seriously
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the abc news on your schedule that lives without live. >> and if you have a new s.u.v. you could have a problem that is so bad you could get sick. people are getting severe vibrations coming from the car varying from light to severe shaking that you get dizzy or have a severe issue. this is all of g.m. full sized s.u.v.s and g.m. is aware of the problem and has been telling dealers how to deal with it and working with individual customers. >> volkswagen is expected to start the recall in connection to the emission scandal. the largest automaker admitted to deliberately neighboring emission tests. they say the toast-cheating
6:25 am
software is in 11 million diesel cars and all will be fixed bit end of the year. >> and another sign of recovery from the earthquake in napa had 800,000 in damage at the school and there is so much progress the last year that officials say the private academy should be ready to welcome students as soon as february. there were initial delays to report federal historic property policies. >> the alameda city council meets tomorrow to discussion rent stabilization and other measures to protect renters. who could forget when it exploded into violence? a city council meeting stretched 15 hours fiorinatures -- feature s 90 speakers and a bloody fight that ended in two arrests the city council would discuss three approached ordinanaces, one wrote limit the evicts and force landlords to pay a ten an's moving cost and the meeting is at 7:00 p.m. at
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alameda. all the county is considering a microcommunity is small houses as a solution for homelessness. according to the press democrat, officials want to locates houses on a 10,000 square feet lot if santa rose near the intersection of mendocino avenue. the board of supervisors will consider the proposal tomorrow. >> breaking news, new details on an effort to pull a sunken boat from the san rafael harbor. >> and the 49ers head coach is out after only one season. what is next for the team that has struggled on the field all season. >> a big announcement of the future of ride-shareing service lyft with a major automaker investing in the san francisco company. >> and more on the week of storms ahead.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. check out the green. live doppler hd showing rain in the bay area this morning. it is not going to be the o day you will need an umbrella. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> glad you are with us. it will be a wetter week. mike?
6:30 am
>> yes, guys, happy new year. have the wet weather gear handy you will need it. today, the storm is just "1" on the impact rail with a lot of light rain, even some drizzle in spots. we are seeing the heaviest rain and the steady rain right now by 9:00 it is going to change over to scattered showers. we had a small amount at the golden gate bridge with new drops and east wind at nine miles per hour. light rain through the morning commute temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s and scattered light showers and a break at 7:00 and the next storm is at midnight. >> wet commute for back to work and back to school on monday. under 10 minutes to san rafael on the richmond side. not so wet on san mateo but a lot of folks on the road at 20 minutes across the bay to the
6:31 am
peninsula in the westbound direction. the friend means rain for the commute and we have a couple busy spots. westbound 24, out of the lanes and not a bad drive from walnut creek. a couple of new accidents from the sunol grade. >> this morning, the 49ers are looking for a new head coach, and tomsula was fired after the winning game, and what is next we turn to matt keller at levi stadium. matt? >> natasha the end of the road for the 49ers season account end of the road for tomsula's coaching career here without a little bit of controversy. mike shumann reports that c.e.o. let his players know before the firing and that could only have happened during the coach's post game press conference. it turns out either tomsula was
6:32 am
a great actor or the last to find out he was getting relieved finishing 5-11 after 8-8 last season the worst finish since 2005. a man was feeling nostalgic. >> we need a new coach we need harbaugh or montana. he would be excellence coach. >> we foe he was a good quarterback so who could replace tomsula? it could be former philadelphia eagles head coach, and former redskins head coach shanahan, and york is expected to address the media later this morning. >> we will talk about 9 raiders, they may have played the last game representing oakland. raiders ower mark davis is expected to file reelection papers with the nfl day to move the team back to los angeles. oakland, day oh chargers and st.
6:33 am
louis rams all want to move to los angeles and the raiders will share with chargers and the team played there from 19278 to from the 1992 to 1984. there was a terrible crash in pleasanton that last to people dead and another fighting to survive. three people were in the car and it ran into a rail open 680 off-ramp at 8:00 last night. a 69-year-old man behind the wheel and a 68-year-old woman both died at the hospital. the 78-year-old woman is in critical condition. officers closed the off-ramp for sell hours to investigate. it re-opened at 1:30. >> a woman is recovering from being shot in san francisco's mission district. police were called to the scene on 19th after 10:00 last night. the woman was taken to the hospital. officers had to close part of the street because they looked nor clues. they do not know where the
6:34 am
shooter is. we do not know the serbs surrounding the shooting or how badly the woman was hurt. >> san francisco police are asking for your help to find a man who stole $400 from a gas. this surveillance video shows the man paying for an item on december 13. when the clerk opened the regular step the suspect pulls a gun and points it strait at him. he walked behind the counter takes the money from the register, $400 in cash in all and he is described at 5' 10" african-american and 30-40 years old. contact san francisco police if you recognize him. >> from oregon, armed militiamen have taking over a federal wildlife refer huge in support of two farmers who are surrendering themselves to prison officials in southern california. >> yes, reggie a tense situation at the stand off now entering day three. the f.b.i. is working with oregon law enforcement to end it
6:35 am
peacefully with the occupying of the wildlife refuge in rural oregon starting at the protest against the sentencing of two ranchers when some demonstrators broke off and decided to take afternoon extreme stand against the government upset that the two men, the ham hoppeds are -- hammond were already serve time but now they are being sent become to prison for more, and bundy is leading the protest. >> women people defend their rights, that is always what we have to stand on, be willing to say, look, we will do what it takes to defend or rights and if we are not willing we will be taken away. >> you will see video from two years ago bundy and his father involved if a stand off over grazing rights. the ranchers convicts of arson are expected to report to prison
6:36 am
later today in california. >> happening fedex governor brown will attend a private memorial service for victims of the san bernardino shooting prior to the re-opening of the site today. employees go back do work at the regional center for the first time since 14 people were fatally shot last month. counselors or hand or meeting with 600 workers not back since the attack. in word on when the conference center could be re-opened. >> president obama is expected to take abc on gun control this week and we have learned that the president will announce an executive action tomorrow with attorney general lynch with the mention of any gun restriction has one going presidential candidate mock those who want control and promising immediate reaction. >> if you are for gun control can i put a sign on your front yesterday that said this family
6:37 am
does not own a gun? when i am elected president those orders are gone. >> president is expected to announce strengthening gun background checks and an idea that republicans strongly oppose >> furious residents say they have had enough after the third water main break in just the last seven areas. it happened along arlington avenue on saturday. water gushed from a broken 8" cast iron pipe installed 71 years ago. this section of the arlington avenue looked like a river inundating some homes and firefighters say the hayward fail could actually be a factor. >> a lost ground -- a lot of ground movement and the dirt shifts and the water main have been in the ground a long time. >> the home owners are diamonding the damage and filing claims and counting on east bay mud to reimburse them as they have done in the past.
6:38 am
>> marin county residents are preparing for a different kind of flood that could come with storm storm. several businesses already taking no countrieses and they have lined their stores with sandbags. residents at the fire station can help themselves to sand and sandbags, ten per customers. >> do not do this when the rain comes, do it before. we have seen a lot of people preparing. just in case. all the police department has issued an advisory of forecasters with strong wins and rain the next several days. they are anding residents to be ready for extended commutes and other related issues. >> now, the activity planner wet for one a dog and better this afternoon, and almost too late for any yesterday work. try to do it this morning before the heave stuff tonight and running is mild but wet. sierra, from 10:00 tonight until
6:39 am
10:00 tomorrow 1-2' at the highest peak so do not travel tomorrow morning. 14" at donner and 6" at lake level. it is quiet and maybe you can head up now if you have time off. look at that, each day, like us, we have rain. they are competenting to have snow but friday, the hardest snow is falling tuesday into wednesday. it looks great across the sierra sue? busy. busy. busy. filling in for the monday after break/vacation with no problems with stalls or accidents but a last foes on the road from westbound 80 into san francisco under an hour. give yourself plan difficult of time and here is probably a couple of reasons, we had an early accident at the toll plaza on right hand shoulder and now a stall blocking the center lane near treasure island so stacked up here, metering lights are on at 5:29. this green means rate for the
6:40 am
monday morning and back to work, back to school commute and the sunol grade we have an accident blocking the left lane center divide southbound 680 a solid 35 meant drive from pleasanton and dublin hill interest fremont and a couple of other solo spinouts when we come back in a few minutes. >> thank you, sue. we hear from miss philippines for the first time since the epic mistake was made at the miss universe pageant when steve harvey named the wrong winner at the competition. >> i greeted her on her birthday which is christmas day. i was able to ask her how she is dough asking she seems like she is okay. i understand how she feels. i am concerned with her. i know she is a beautiful young lady, talented, with a lost
6:41 am
other opportunities ahead. >> clearly you are not a fan. >> the crown, not her. >> coming up on "good morning america" miss philippines how she feels about the idea of sharing that crown. >> big announcement from san francisco-based lyft with a company making a major investment. investment. >> changes for
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, by -- by by. >> rescue teams are on the site of a sinking trip in the harbor with amy hollyfield now with what she has just learned. amy hollyfield? divers have checked the boat and say they don't think anyone is on board. they got the call before 5:00 this morning that a pleasure boat sank at the san rafael yacht harbor. they reached the boat owner and they knew he was not on board but felt they needed to check and make sure it was clear. >> it was tough. the boat because it was what we call living aboard, there was a lot of belongings on board the boat so it was hard to see but they made sure it look
6:45 am
>> the yacht club will likely raise the boat check it again and try and figure out why it sank. the coast guard has been called to clean up a little bit oil that spilled from the boat. >> thank you. if you drive the golden gate bridge you will notice changes today. officials say the lane configuration is not helping traffic in the evening so it will be shifted. they will change the lanes device a week, rather than every night. we this is how it breaks down, monday through wednesday lanes are stay the same. three lanes south. three lanes going north. on thursday and friday is a change from the screen, add one northbound lane and take away a southbound lane. that will go from 4:30 do 5 and then check it back to three
6:46 am
and three. did you get that? >> the largest caper ship to visit the united states will leave the port of oakland. sky 7 was over the been man franklin -- the benjamin franklin. is it going do make it? will it make it? yes be it makes it, the 10th large of the container ship in the world and oakland is one of a handful of united states ports large enough to accommodate. >> from china this morning: stock trading has been stopped. there was a major sell off overnight. this is a reaction to disappointing manufacturing data. today the trading halt was the first use of so-called circuit break others to stop crashes. regulators announced the land in december to avoid a repeat last some are's crash that sent markets around the world tumbling. at home, stocks are trading on wall street try now a little bit down 388, almost 389 points
6:47 am
right now. jane has our money report. >> we are seeing the numbers, what a way to could back to the work after the holiday and sharp sell off here and globally and china the republican for that, disappointing manufacturer numbers showing the economy not so robust as some thought. they sold off united states markets, european markets selling off and the increased tension between iran and saudi arabia also aifing the markets and oil is up, and reuterss is just reporting that saudi arabia is stopping all air traffic to iran so the continuation is increasing. >> we will keep on eye on general motors that is now the main investor in lyft is ride sharing company. $500 million will be put into the company by g. helping to develop sell driving cars and short-term rental business and
6:48 am
executives are on the board so it is a true panship. >> a travel site that can arrange a room hate for the next trip in san francisco the first launch cities for a witness causes win ton club. you have to share a hotel with a stranger. it was created so travelers who visit the same town can split the cost. you can reject the roommate base ed on the information, some use it to meet friends and travel companions. and now a smart brother or audio speaker that runs on battery or air conditioning and work with any source some of the things that will debut at the consumer electronics show if las vegas this week, virtual create also expected to play a major role. the biggest drop in stocks since september with the dow 373 points lower.
6:49 am
>> i like you but i department want to -- don't want to share a to hell room but. >> jane is lovely i will share a row tell room. >> i don't snore! >> students have until today to submit elections to the university of california if you are a transfer. the original deadline was november 30 but they extended the cut off to encourage students who may not have otherwise considered transferring. critics argue the extension realities an unfair situation put those that got the application in on time at a potential disadvantage. >> now, the man of the hour will be raining basically almost all week. >> pretty much. >> now, raining look at this, rain fall
6:50 am
intensity. this is a perfect indication of where we will be nailed the hardest around midnight into the early morning hours so until then look at what is going on, a moderate shower right around san mateo and foes step city across the san mateo bridge and another rolling across 35 to skyline boulevard reaching up with 92 and 280, watch out for that, could be ponding on the roads. and next, around santa rosa on the edge, it will head north into the higher elevations up to st. helen that. the light rain is around walnut creek southbound 680 the holidays are over is how it looks. morning rain and afternoon light showers, strongest storms tomorrow and wednesday and dry pattern for friday but mainly saturday. the temperatures show light rain and light showers .1" to
6:51 am
scattered showers if you are headed out at lunch, and scatter showers developing in the north bay and be working to the rest of us in evening commute, but look at that, by 10:00, through 1:00 in the morning, through action in the morning, a is when we will have the heavy it of rain, the flooding potential, the gusty winds with red and thunderstorms are possible. our next storm is a category two at half an inch to 1.5", flooding possible, freezey conditions and it will be wet. the seven-day outlook shows another storm on wednesday tapering to a (1) storm on thursday and a break on friday. >> the the holidays are over. rain at the golden gate bridge with slick conditions headed southbound but no major stalls or accidents. san rafael shows we were looking at but it is very light, however, you have 37 jammed coming southbound.
6:52 am
a couple of accidents southbound 880 at tennyson in the clearing phases and slow from 238 for 20 minutes into union city area. an accident on the sunol grade partly blocking but clearing and making the 35-minute drive from dublin/pleasanton into the fremont side near mission. back in a few with a look at the bay bridge backup and on the way into san francisco. >> we are back with seven things you need to know before you go with shiny new tablets and the i-want you may have -- i-want you may have -- itch-wat
6:53 am
welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free.
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excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. >> and seven things you need to know. mike? >> it is john. we -- it is john. we are seeing the influence of el nino. the first storm has light-to-moderate rain on peninsula. flight arrival delays arching 63 minutes at sfo and the steady rain is moo-ing through the next two hours and then light showers before the next storm. tonight. >> two, the commute after the holiday week is in full affect and san rafael southbound 101 from highway 37 into the city at 25 minutes with a last brake lights and bay bridge metering lights at 5:29 and a stall and accident cleared out of the lanes and it makes for heck of a commute.
6:55 am
>> and jim tomsula is out and the firing is being addressed by the c.e.o. after being let go yesterday after the win over the programs. the players knew before he did say some sources, the 6th coaching change since 2002. >> a man and woman were killed overnight in a crash near officer state 680 with the s.u.v. hit a railing at the off ramp. a 78-year-old woman is in critical condition. >> a bizarre tense stand off in rural oregon in the third day. militia men took over a wildlife refuge protesting the sentence of two ranchers convicted of setting fires on federal land. >> more bad news for sugar, a study shows increased the risk of breast cancer and the spread of tumors, high amount of fructose found in table sugar and corn syrup accelerated the growth of the tumors.
6:56 am
>> "star wars" "the force awakens" could break another record after making $740 million so far in the united states. just 20 million shy of domestic box office record set by "avatar," and disney owns franchise, our parent company. >> favorite line from the movie? "joy please." >> back in 25 minutes but until then stay dry.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. donald trump unleashes his first campaign ad this morning. >> that's why he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> taking direct aim at hillary clinton. highlighting the boldest proposals. as the war of words heats up. she gets ready to unleash her not so secret weapon. standoff. dozens of militia men saying that the land belongs to the people. calling for supporters all over the country to join them. roads are blocked. schoolchildren told to stay home. the fbi is taking charge this morning. the coldest air of the winter hitting the east right now. windchills near zero from the great lakes to the northeast as the deadly flooding in the heartland moves down the mississippi. and the west braces for a series of major storms. threatening flash floods and


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