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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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gone up in flames. >> it is a gut-wrencher. it hurts. all gone with nothing to show. >> 16 homes were destroyed in massive wildfires in washington state as the fire right here in california continues to burn out of control. good afternoon and thank you for joining us today, i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. larry beil has the day off. half a dozen fires, the so-called chimney fire is threatening the hurst castle in san luis obispo. sebastian dean sent us pictures over the landmark this weekend as you could see. all public tours were canceled again today and have been since saturday. abc 7 news reporter dania backus
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is live with the fight against all of the flames. >> that is right. the fire threat is on the move right now. what we saw in southern california last week is hitting the pacific northwest. more fires means more evacuation and of course more homes lost. another terrifying scene in the west. thick plumes of smoke filled the sky over the state of washington as seven major wildfires burn there. >> when i saw just a cloud, i knew it was bad but the closer i got, the worst it got. >> three fires burning just outside of spokane and one exploding in size over from 250 acres to about 5,000 in a matter of hours. >> gone up in flames. >> it is a gut-wrencher, it hurts. >> and the fire is ripping through billings. j.j. aerpd finding his neighbor's home like many others reduced to a pile of ashes.
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>> everything from the trips to the letters, graduation pictures, whatever -- all gone in -- all gone with nothing to show. >> reporter: firefighters all over the state are now on the attack. hitting the fires from the air, and on the ground. it is the same across the rest of the west as at least 25 fires burn from california to nevada. and there is some good news here in southern california. we are learning that the evacuation placed during the blue cut fire have been lifted. that fire burned over 30,000 acres and thankfully is now almost finally contained. abc 7 news. >> thanks. that is good to hear. question, what is the latest on the fire burning near hurst castle, what are you hearing there? >> reporter: well, we are hearing that firefighters are still working on that fire. right now they have -- we are
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hearing that it is about 35% contained. but unfortunately it seems like they've lost 34 homes to that fire. >> okay. dania, thanks. some of the men and women who have been on the front lines of the wildfires are in the state capitol fighting a different battle today. cal fire firefighters are demanding to be paid as much as firefighters in deputies and cities and counties around the state. the union claims an independent report found that cal firefighters are 90% underpaid compared to the top 25 departments in california. cal fire doesn't comment on current negotiations. the ferry building in san francisco is open for business after a small fire forced an evacuation this morning. they believe grease in a flew blacking to the acme break company caught fire and one person said he smelled smoke before the fire alarm went off and no word on how long the bakery will be closed. now your accuweather
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forecast with spencer christian. >> how things are going weather wise around the bay area right now. a lot of fog along the coastline on live doppler 7 hd and it is making a push locally in land area and over the bay. and over the sierra, we have a line of thunderstorms, clusters of thunderstorms all up and down the northern and central and southern sierra and numerous lightning strikes but back in the bay area, quiet weather and cool conditions. you could see on the 24-hour temperature change, most locations except napa and novato are a couple of degrees cooler at this hour than yesterday at this hour. and a bit breezy out there. gusts up to 29, sfo at 23 at napa so it feels cooler than it actually is. and here is the first forecast. partly cloudy skies overnight into the early morning and relatively cool by by afternoon look for mainly sunny skies and mild with highs in the mid-80s and i'll have the complete accuweather seven-day forecast coming up later and i'm in the wrong spot. so let me get right to the back
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spot. and i'll have that forecast coming up later. >> thanks, spencer. developing news from out of the south bay where police are investigating a double homicide in san jose. >> according to family members, brothers michael and arturo ramirez were killed in a shooting near south eighth street and martha street. >> matt keller has the latest. >> reporter: you could see the evidence left behind of the violent that took place here in this residential neighborhood in downtown san jose. a car in the driveway with the window blown out and bullet holes and another vehicle parked by the curb and family and friends mourning the loss of the two latest homicide victims in the city and a neighbor described what he saw. >> i saw a white truck coming towards my house, followed by a black suv and they made a u-turn right here on martha and went back the other way and it looked like they meant business. so i kind of ducked back in the house and then i look out the window and i saw flashes from an automatic -- and it was an auto
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weapon, rapid fire. >> reporter: police say two brothers, one in the mid to late 20s and another ten years older were shot in a drive-by shooting on south eighth street near martha and one died at the san antonio and the other at the hospital. several people witnessed the shooting and are looking for the suspects. >> yes, i do feel safe in this neighborhood. it doesn't -- i mean, this doesn't really happen and i don't think that this particular street has a lot of -- of gang-bangers out here. >> people at the scene believe this was gang-related but police have yet to confirm that. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. now the city of san jose plans to shuffle police duties and shifts in order to help beef up patrols. right now city leaders are talking to the public police union who discuss this plan. the union told abc 7 news if the city wants to put detectives and sergeants out on patrol it would have to declare a state of
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emergency other wise it is a violation of the current contract. vic lee will have the latest from the meeting coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. parents with children add the california school for the death in fremont marched as part of a community action today. >> they are not happy at all with how the superintendent is running the school. and abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live in fremont with the story. >> reporter: they've asked the department of education, the state department of education to not allow the school superintendent to return to classes here as they start today. the department of education has agreed. but that has now raised more concerns. today at 5:00, those parents are going to be meeting on campus to see what they are going to do next. about a dozen parents marched through the campus at noon to call attention to their continuing concerns at the california school for the death in fremont. they say they've been raising concerns about the superintendent sean vernig for months and a coalition of parents and staff say his
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leadership is lacking and important programs have suffered in his five-year tenure. on friday the state superintendent of schools met with a gym full of parents and staff here. on saturday he decided to send vernig to sacramento temporarily and have assigned an interim superintendent for the start of the school year. the parents i spoke with today told me a permanent fix needs to be found fast. >> they then decided to put on a remedial plan and we disagree with that because we want him to be out. we want a new superintendent who will listen. if the staff is not happy, they don't have a great leader, that is a concern for me as a parent. >> reporter: parents say they like vernig as a person and they appreciate that he's the first deaf person to head the school in the history, he is even a celebra celebrated alumni but they say his leadership wasn't working. abc 7 news. a warning about local seafood. state health officials are urging people to avoid eating rock crabs and shell fish caught
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locally in half moon bay and monterey bay. dangerous levels of acid have once again been found in crab and shell fish, including oysters, clams, muscles and scallops. so far no one has reported getting sick. the acid is behind the closure of much of the last dungeness crab season. new fallout for disgraced swimmer ryan lochte. >> his scandal involving a fabricated story of being robbed in rio is hitting him in the wallet. >> kristen zse is here with the details. >> four sponsors dropped ryan lochte today and espn is reporting it will cost the 32-year-old more than a million dollars. want to show you ralph lauren is one of the big names that is advertised with 12 career meddles and this is a -- meddles and a few years ago proudly using the closing ceremony uniform and now if you take a look at the website of the describe
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the-designer, you could no longer find his picture or bio information along other sponsored athletes. and speedo really big is the other big name that parted ways with lochte today. it tweeted this message in part that says while we have enjoyed a winning relationship with ryan for over a decade and an important member of the speedo team we cannot condone values that that brand has stood for. a mattress maker and hair resolve system dropped lochte after this incident caught on surveillance video, he and three teammates claimed they were robbed at gunpoint but investigators say the athletes vandalized this gas station. lochte has since apologized for not being for candid. now speedo, which also tweeted this happy birthday message to him earlier this month, also announced today it is donating $50,000, they are donating $50,000 of his fund to a global nonprofit to help children in brazil. dan and ama.
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>> thank you. >> coming up at 4:00, a bay area person accused of stalking jenner was back in court today. and the california law is proving to be a big challenge on the first day back to class for oakland students. and cleaning up. the steps being taken to get rid of a stinky situation. and checking out traffic at 4:11, 101 backed up as usual right now northbound clear as can be, 880 moving nicely in both directions over the top. ♪
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well, it was back to school for students in one of the state's biggest school districts. >> there are 48,000 enrolled in oakland unified but not everyone showed up today ready to go. >> the student law making students be vaccinated made for a busy first day. >> we are live in oakland with the story. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. well this new state law did catch some families by surprise and a last-minute scramble to get the vaccine done and the paperwork turned in but for some families the first day of school came too soon. a last-minute rush to make sure all oakland unified school students are up to date on vaccines and in compliance of school law may have kept several hundred out of class today. >> it is not a situation as we were concerned two weeks ago when we were looking at over a thousand students and then last week at over 400 students and at the same time we have had families who continue to need
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support with vaccines and we're doing everything we can to get them the information and the support they need. >> part of the issue the district staff has failed to process the paperwork turned in at the last minute. the senate bill 277 which took effect eliminated the religious exemption for vaccines. medical exemptions are still allowed but only in certain and very limited circumstances. >> and frankly, pediatricians and d.o. and doctors will only be able to sign them if there is a real medical reason that the child should not receive a vaccine so that is allergy or a problem with the immune system. >> reporter: now the district did offer families a grace period of sorts if they could show they had an appointment to get the vaccines, a plan to get the vaccine and they were allowed in the class today. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, when the new law passed, some oakland residents or patients threatened to pull kids out of the district. has that actually happened?
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>> reporter: the superintendent told me he thinks it has. it is just at this point it is too early to tell exactly how many families might have done that. they'll take a look at those numbers as the school year progresses but certainly some families did threaten to either home-school their kids or to actually move out of state to -- to not have to comply with this new law. >> okay. thanks, laura. a big victory today for teachers unions. the california supreme court has decided to let the state teacher tenure law stand. the court will not consider a lawsuit by students who claimed incompetent teachers were impossible to fire because of tenure laws. the decision leaves in place a lower court ruling that upheld job protections for teachers. b.a.r.t. is spending an awful lot of money to try to solve the problem of people using its elevators as bathrooms. the agency is going to spray a coating on the elevator floors, that is urine resistance.
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b.a.r.t. officials say it is nontoxic. that is the third attempt at solving the problem and it will cost $340,000 to apply this special coating but b.a.r.t. riders aren't sure this is the answer. >> i've been out here for about an hour right now because i have to get out here early to wait for the train and i've seen four people peeing over there. there is bathrooms. they should put more ready illy available bathrooms. >> b.a.r.t. is going to spray 80 of the 170 elevators in the system and crews will work on three aweek and this project should be finished by next spring. no more gawking at gawker. at least for a while., the website focusing on celebrities shut down today. most employees will move to the six other websites or univision, the new parent company. they declared bankruptcy after hulk hogan won a million dollars judgment this year.
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the site will be mothballed, leaving open the possibility of a resurrection in the future. drug giant pfizer announced it is buying biotech san francisco company medi vags for $40 million. they will pay a premium to buy the company. the portfolio includes a prostate cancer drug. shares were up nearly 40% so far this year. and as you may have been able to tell, we are in the brand-new studio today. >> check it out. brand-new digs. well worth the wait, we think. everything just brand-spanking new. >> and if you are wondering what happened to our previous set. it found a home at san francisco state university. >> we recycle. our san francisco state alumni and we know the set will be put to good use in their becca department, that is the department of broadcast and electronic communication arts. >> here is a quick look at what
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it takes to get the set built. ♪ >> pretty cool. and we didn't speed that up. i know how fast people work around here. >> so many people put in so much time and hard work and it turned out beautifully. >> we are grateful to have it and share it with you and we help it helps in our communication with you. and if you want to see that cool video again, go to and thank to you all of the people who worked so hard. >> absolutely.
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>> and you have a whole new setup over here. >> we have a huge weather setup every there and new weather digs and we could do everything in terms of preparing and analyzing and building graphics in the weather office that you can't see. >> and we love having you here with us. >> so let's take a look at what is going on right now. here is live doppler 7 hd and you could see that the outdoor look is about the same as it has been for the last week or so. we have the marine layer coast on shore and across the bay and over in the sierra,a stormy day. but here it is calm. look at the rooftop shop here from abc 7 over the bay under partly cloudy skies. 59 here in san francisco. cool in the city by the bay right now. oakland 67 degrees. mountain view 69. 74 in san jose. morgan hill 77 and a cool 59 at half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville toward the golden gate where you could see the marine layer out in the distance. it is 73 in santa rosa.
4:21 pm
napa 79. 66 petaluma. 81 at fairfield and 80 at concord and livermore and at the golden gate where clouds are lower and lower right now. and these are our forecast features. we'll see low clouds and fog with us overnight and into the early morning hours. slightly warmer days going through mid-week, through wednesday and a cooling trend begins on thursday and takes us through the weekend and in early next week and much cooler than average during that period of time. overnight looking for the chance of some drizzle, near the bay and low clouds pushing inland overnight and low temperatures in the range we've seen the last week or so. mainly mid to upper 50s. our forecast animation starting this afternoon at 5:00 into the early morning hours. at 7:00, low clouds and fog over the bay and beyond. so early morning commuters will be greeted by low visibility in some spots but mid morning the clouds pull back to the coastline giving us mostly sunny day inland and over the bay and the pattern we've had for the last week or so. speaking of pattern, this is the
4:22 pm
high temperature for the next few days, cool for august with temperatures below average. little change the next couple of days except for maybe a bump up of a degree or two on wednesday and below average on thursday and that will take us on into the weekend. so more specifically for tomorrow, high of 63 in san francisco. 69 across the bay in oakland. 85 inland east bay at antioch and livermore and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures will be well below average by friday and will remain in that range through the weekend into early next week so it is going to feel a little bit fog-like or as some like to call it -- fog-ust. cool but more average than usual. >> and coming up, curry is going for big bucks but is it something someone wants to own. and from the olympic to judge's stand,
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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this one is a little hard to
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sink your teeth into. someone just paid $3,200 for one of steph curry's used mouth pieces. you probably have seen one hanging out of his mouth during the games. these are pictures from sports memorabilia website that auctioned it off. he wore it during last season's amazing run for the championship. it is custom made for his teeth and was washed before it was auctioned off. i don't know if that adds or takes away value, right. and three of his teammates are heading home from rio with a gold medal. klay thompson and day mond green and kevin durant helps the usa men's basketball team easily beat serbia 96-66 and durant led all scorers with 30 points and now maverick harrison barnes comes home with the gold and it is the third straight gold for the american men. two bay area universities came out big winners in this year's summer olympic games. stanford won 27 medals and competitors from berkeley won
4:26 pm
21. the combined total of 48 medals would make the two universities the fifth best athlete nation behind russia with 56 and topping germany which won 42. >> that is impressive. straight from a gold medal win in rio, gabby douglas is heading to atlantic city to judge the miss america pageant. the gymnast will join mark cuban from shark tank and sarah foster on the show. and you could watch the miss america competition on sunday september 11th, right here on abc 7. well, coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, a new team and some new hope. >> the best week so far i think in the trump campaign. >> the good and bad news on the campaign trail. plus the woman accused of stalking kris jenner was back in court today and what we've learned about the suspect. >> cross is a relic that goes
4:27 pm
back # thousand years to the cross of christ himself. >> a priceless artifact has been stolen from a bay area church. what the thi
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50 square miles have been charred. at one point flames have threatened hurst castle. the fire has destroyed 48 structures and it is 35% contained. that fire is one of six major wildfires burning from the sacramento area to south of l.a. today cal fire tweeted a cal fire update saying more than 10,000 firefighters are battling the flames. in san jose, two brothers are dead and the search is on for a killer after a double shooting last night. abc 7 news reporter matt keller tweeted this picture you see there showing a car window shattered by bullets. the killings come just hours before the city announced a major shuffling of police units to bolster street patrols. we'll have details on the department changes coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. the newark woman accused of cyber stalking kris jenner pleaded not guilty today. the judge also expanded the court's conditions for her bail. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow was in the courtroom and she is live now in our newsroom.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: ama, the judge today saying that the defendant bankston sounds interested in being famous and she was offered money to blog about the case. that resulted in an added condition to her bail. the judge inside of federal court today calling the charges against 36-year-old christina bankston very serious. she is accused of cyber stalking reality tv star kris jenner, her family and two of her assistants over a six-month period in 2014. a family member provided this video of her on a roller coaster declaring her love for jenner. >> i think the celebrity of the victim certainly raised the profile. but even independent of that, there has been increasing attention paid to cyber stalking recently. >> they arrested bankston at her parents home last thursday, the following day she posted $20,000 bail and by phone on friday her father said this. >> she first started stalking people when she was a young girl, 11 or 12 years old. but it was by phone.
4:32 pm
and that as she got older and got a computer then it was by computer. >> he's put evidence out there that is very incriminating and suggest that we may likely see a defense related to her mental condition. more than a defense of it wasn't me, i didn't do it. >> today the judge add additional bail conditions. she's now prohibited from using any electronic device to make statements or ininquiries about the case. this is after bankston asked if she could blog about the case for money. bankston's mother agreed to be her custodian. >> she is obligated keep a close watch over her daughter and to keep track of that kind of conduct. and if her daughter engaged it in any way, the likely outcome is that her daughter goes to jail. >> the judge also added a new alcohol condition saying bankston allegedly kmumed large amounts of alcohol when she was cyber stalking jenner. she is due back in court in los angeles in september. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news.
4:33 pm
let's talk about your voice, your vote. donald trump insists he is not flip-flopping on his immigration plans. that is as the clinton campaign launches new ads using trump's own words against him. abc news reporter maggie mully is following the developments. >> reporter: with fresh faces on the team and a candidate that appears to have done a 180, the trump camp said they are better than ever. >> this is the best week, i think so far in the trump came. >> reporter: standing strong on his firm immigration stance this morning on fox news. >> we have to be very firm and very, very strong when people come in illegally. >> so you are not flip-flopping. >> no, i'm not flip-flopping. >> it is still a softening, with no mention of his controversial deportation force. clinton is off the trail today but still dealing with e-mail headaches. today the fbi released tens of thousands of new nonwork-related clinton e-mails from her time as secretary of state. they still have to be reviewed by the state department to figure out if there are any duplicates and a conservative
4:34 pm
watchdog group released new e-mails that they claim show donors to the clinton foundation got special access to the state department. >> any secretary of state has aides who are getting e-mails or contacts by a broad range sort of individuals. >> they should shut it down and give the money back to countries that we shouldn't be taking and they shouldn't take money from. >> the clinton vp pick fired back. >> before you go attacking a charity, why don't you come clean about your own business dealings and tell the american people who you are in debt to. >> bill clinton sent an e-mail to donors saying that if hillary is elected president the foundation will stop accepting foreign donations and continue to make the donor list public. maggie ruly. abc news, washington. tonight hillary clinton will make her first late night talk show appearance since accepting the nomination. she'll appear on jimmy kimmel live. this is video from her interview back in march when they joked about everything from her speaking skills to her outfits.
4:35 pm
catch clinton tonight on kimmel at 11:35, immediately following abc 7 news at 11:00. a texas judge has temporarily blocked the obama administration's directive on bathroom rights for transgender students. the u.s. district judge issued the nationwide preliminary injunction. the directive allows students to use bathrooms that matches the gender they identify with. texas and 12 other states say it raises privacy concerns. new details in the investigation of prince's death. several pill bottles taken from his home were falsely labelled. an official close to the investigation said bottles labelled aspirin had fentanyl which is a synthetic opioid and pills found inside of vitamin bottles after he died in eaapri of an accidental overdose. and a battle over zika in
4:36 pm
florida. did the state do enough to protect pregnant women? >> i'm michael finney. ask finney is up next. [ inaudible ]. >> i'm spencer christian, we're looking at partly cloudy skies over the bay and we have more clouds in the way with a bit of cooling later in the week. cooling later in the week. i'll have the accuweatally a hu. this toy is a reminder that someone cares. these are a chance to be part of a team. and this is the chance to succeed. female announcer: with your support, everyone at sleep train proudly dedicates their time, hearts, and resources to giving local foster children one important thing: - hope... - hope... hope... not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a new warning about the spread of the zika virus here in the united states. concern is growing that the virus may extend beyond florida. other gulf coast states are the most susceptible. elizabeth hur has more on the story. >> reporter: the fight against zika spreading to much beach means florida has now identified two zika hot zones. >> does this put a damper on your trip? >> no. not yet. >> i don't feel like i need to worry about it right now because i am not in the first trimester of my pregnancy. >> this expectant mother visiting from mexico not concerned but the cdc is not taking any chances. now warning pregnant women and their partners to avoid travel. not just in those two hot zones but anywhere in miami-dade county. >> i would not be surprised if we see cases in texas and louisiana, particularly now where you have the situation where flooding in louisiana, there is going to be a lot of problems getting rid of standing
4:40 pm
water. >> reporter: with the spread of the virus beyond florida inevitable, health officials say attacking the virus by spraying aggressively is key to continue the bug. the reason why florida officials contend congress needs to do more and quickly. >> because we have to make sure that we pass legislation that is free of riders, to fully attack this virus. >> reporter: according to florida officials, the current funding for the virus is set to run out next month and to keep the outbreak under control, they need help from congress and they need it now. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> okay. recapping our bay area weather, live doppler 7 hd and the marine layer over the bay and statewide conditions tomorrow. in the interior southern part of the state it is hots with highs up to 106 at palm springs and the desert areas hot. on los angeles and the coast a
4:41 pm
high of 80 and down through the yosemite valley 92 degrees. here in the bay area tomorrow, a partly cloudy day. it will get sunnier into the day in the inland but the fog will hover at the coast, 63 highs san francisco well inland to about 85 at livermore and antioch. and by the way, here is the high temperature trend over the next seven days. in san jose, it is below average. the average temperature this time of the year in san jose is 83 and we'll see highs only in the 70s. well below average. through that period of time. so this is the pattern into the weekend. most locations a few degrees cooler than average and you'll feel a little october-like beginning on thursday. but it is pleasant and dry. nice to have some rain if it is going to feel like that. when you feel wet. >> right. >> and the fall is coming, thank you, spencer. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a new era for a historic harbor. the new cars coming off ships in san francisco today. >> vision has gone bad and her hearing and her growth.
4:42 pm
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you might think of san francisco's piers as places for restaurants and cruises and tourist spots. >> but today one pier went back to the original purpose as a working cargo terminal bringing the promise of jobs. >> carolyn tyler is live from pier 80 with the story. carolyn. >> reporter: well, guys, all of these cars and that big ship back there represent a new chapter for this 60-acre facility on four deepwater birds. it is back to the future for pier 80 at the port of san francisco. with 500 cars rolling off this massive ship, along with several boats, it is back to the maritime industry. lost to oakland in the mid '90s. pas pasha automotive has signed a 15-year deal with the port. >> think of an auto plant.
4:46 pm
trucks will be trucked to northern california to dealerships. >> when you last heard about pier 80 it was used as an emergency shelter for the homeless. now sky 7 hd shows the transformation. once the facility is at full tilt, 96 ships handling 150,000 cars a year are expected. >> by 2020, one in four cars driven in north america will come from mexico. and san francisco is a logical hub from which to serve this bunch onning import market. >> reporter: 50 long shoreman like steve whitfield will be employed. >> it is work. keep me working. >> reporter: and in agreement with san francisco city build program, pasha has agreed to hire half of the expected 150 processing workers from nearby neighborhoods like bay view hunters point, an opportunity for alex. >> that means that the door is open. i just have to walk through it.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: that sound signifies the start of a new era. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. and it is time for ask finney. michael finney is here answering questions sent to him by facebook and twitter and e-mail and our first one comes from karen who e-mailed, i paid off my car in good standing and my credit score dropped. why? i don't understand. >> it is counter intuitive. it just doesn't seem right but that is how it works because you have less credit now. you have less available credit because that account was closed. now when you pay down your credit cards a little bit more or get another credit card or another loan, then it will pop back up. but that is how it works. remember every time you check your credit score, it is only a snapshot. why does it look at that very minute and it could be you charged up on your credit cards and hadn't paid it off so you can't take it too seriously unless you buying a house or a car or use your credit.
4:48 pm
>> okay. >> kevin w., michael, from oakland e-mailed, i'm a homeowner whose home insurance will not pay for sewer repairs on my property after a tree collapsed on the line. i have to pay more than $40,000 without help from my insurance company. is that legitimate? >> yikes, $40,000 out of pocket. that is brutal. that is why you have insurance. by listening to this, i'm not there looking at the situation, but i think your insurance company is thinking how did a tree break a sewer line. so what you need to do is get together with your agent and perhaps even ask them to come out to your property and go this is what the situation is, why am i not being covered. we have to go back and make sure, because normally when a tree falls on insured property, you are covered. >> is that right? >> yeah. so you are probably covered. >> and terry from mill valley e-mailed, why does every comcast user pay $3 a month for a regional sports fee. it is found under other charges
4:49 pm
and credits. >> companies love to add fees now, rather than just say that is part of what they are charging you. it is not a government fee or anything like that. but they've had additional costs and they think it looks better to put it over there. a lot of companies do this now. you can't get out of it even if you don't watch sports. it is part of the fee of being part of a company, they just separated it out. it makes it look better. much like they separate out tax. and you have seen it. >> it is their version of the airline baggage fee. >> absolutely. >> thanks, michael. >> sure. well a mom and dad are getting ready to spend the next few months in the bay area in the hopes of saving the life of their little girl. billy mladik will head to the children's hospital at sanford where she will receive a kidney transplant. her donor is dad also named billy. she was diagnosed when she was two, it is a rare disorder that affected kidney and takes a toll on other organs. >> her vision has gone bad and her hearing and her growth.
4:50 pm
she has failure to thrive. but the kidney is the main thing right now. >> she is in the hospital as long as six months. one problem, dad, billy, is the family's only bred winner and the procedure will keep him from working for up to six weeks and the family said it is a sacrifice they have to make. well in today's wellness report, the cost of a life-saving epi-pen has increased 400% since 2007. >> and tanning salons are going out of business and blaming the president. here is jane king. >> if you or someone in your family has severe allergies, the epi-pen is a familiar product. the cash price of the essential pen has increased somewhere between 400% and 600% since 2007 when it was acquired. a pack of two pens could cost $200 retail. there is not a direct generic equivalent. and the university of toronto school of public health found
4:51 pm
older adults close with family other than spouses had a 6% chance of dying within the next five years. that compared to 14% among those who weren't as close with family. and now healthy diet during pregnancy is linked to adhd in kids, the study from king's college said foods high in fat could lead to behavioral issues lie lying and fighting and stealing due to changing in a dna but those who study adhd are concerned about blending parents of children with adhd for the child's problems. and around the country, the 10% tax on tanning and president barack obama health care overhaul has crippled the industry and they say many consider v closed due to obama care but supporters say that is just part of it. it is also hurt by publicity about the dangers of tanning salons. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. and here is something. a daredevil pastor takes a leap of faith in rochester, new york,
4:52 pm
over the weekend. >> here we go! >> are you kidding me? john mercury morgan used a ramp to jump over a helicopter and through a wall of fire. he is a pastor at the faith on fire fellowship. he said his jumps are symbolic of his faith, with the ramp representing the highs and lows in life. this time it was a high. >> yeah. well a priceless church relic is gone. up next, the search for a 2000-year-old relic believed to be part of the cross that christ was crucified on. and christian is here with a look at what is coming up at 5:00. >> coming up next, wells fargo is slapped for cheating student borrowers and refunds may be on the way for thousands. and the fight over goldmining in california. will it be brought into the 21st centu every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health.
4:53 pm
now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. ♪ ♪
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a 2,000-year-old relic believed to hold part of the cross that christ was crucified on was taken from a church in lower pacific heights and stolen sometime on thursday. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> we have some unfortunate news. >> reporter: it is not the way the father wanted to start sunday mass at st. dominic's catholic church. the church's most treasured relic stolen from this display case believed to contain a fragment of the true cross. >> the true cross is a relic that goes back 2,000 years to the very cross of christ himself. if it were to be stolen in this very deliberate way is certainly both upsetting but very, very saddening. >> here is a picture of the relic before the theft. a tiny crucifix containing a sliver of wood. the father shows us how a thief or thieves popped out a lock in the case and made off with the
4:57 pm
relic, leaving behind the red wax pappal seal from the 1700s. many prayed at the relic most every day. >> it is like a piece of our heart has been just pulled out and that little heartbeat is gone and we need to get it back. >> for somebody to do it, it is like, really, they must be out of their mind and i'm really sorry for them. i pray for them. >> it is sad that something would happen to such a church that does so much good for everyone. >> reporter: there were no witnesses to the crime and no security cameras inside of the church. police say with few clues, there is little they can do. >> we're hoping that people have a change of heart and perhaps we can discover it again and restore this important relic to our church. >> reporter: now despite the theft, st. dominic will continue to keep doors open to the public all day long. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news.
4:58 pm
[ inaudible ]. >> honestly, i couldn't believe it. >> he's talking about a man wanted for biting off a bartender's finger. police need your help finding this guy. >> and also tonight, police shortage in san jose and the city may soon declare a state of emergency. >> we have gone from bad to worse in terms of staffing. plus job protection for teachers, a major ruling across the state. and the rescued sea otter, finding a new home in monterey. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. cooler than normal today. i'll let you know if the pattern will last coming up. live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. san francisco police need your help finding the man who bit off a bartender's finger. they've released this video in hopes that someone will recognize this guy. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
4:59 pm
>> and i'm kristen zse. thanks for joining us. unbelievable but true, san francisco police are asking for the public's help identifying a suspect. today they released video of a man they believe bit off the finger of a san francisco bartender. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us live from outside of the restaurant. wayne? >> reporter: san francisco police say they've never seen a case like it. it was a left ring finger bit off right here at the knuckle by a suspect who is trying to break back into the bar after closing time. as you said, there is one key piece of evidence, look over my shoulder right here, above that window, it is a video camera. and that video camera showed not only the suspect, but also a friend outside of the restaurant. this video shows the man who san francisco police say wander back into the silver cloud restaurant so badly after closing time he broke in through a window and got into a bartend -- got into
5:00 pm
fight with a bartender and he bit off his finger. >> the restaurant and karaoke was closed today as it always is on monday. no one from the restaurant could talk about what happened. police have not revealed the victim's identity. but they have been looking at this video for a month hoping for a lead on the suspect and getting nowhere. >> well, i honestly couldn't believe it. >> officer carlos showed us two video clips including a second in which the suspect removes his shirt and wrestles with a friend and identification of other person would help the investigation. >> all we need is one name for one lead and then that could open up a whole new door and we could make an arrest. >> as for the bartender -- >> he was able to take the finger with him to the hospital. they tried to put it back on, but they weren't able to save the finger. so unfortunately, this bartender now has a prosthetic finger to replace


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