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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a massive law enforcement training exercise is underway in alameda county right now but officers from across the country are macing more than just fellow cops. good afternoon, i'm kristen zse. ama daetz has the day off. >> and i'm larry beil. protesters demonstrating what they call the militarization of police. 20 people were arrested at the fair grounds in pleasant ton while preventing others from getting into the urban shield training. they were arrested for civil disobedience but they locked hands inside of pipes to block the fair grounds. they are live in pleasant ton with the protest and the police
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training. >> reporter: the 20 folks arrest ready still in jail right now and police tell me they were arrested for blocking traffic, emergency vehicles were trying to get through. could you see things are wrapping up here right now but this event started with a protest this morning and it is just getting underway. [ chanting ] >> reporter: this crowd has serious beef with the police. they want the urban shield law enforcement expo to stop. even willing to go to jail to prove their point. some chained themselves together to block one of the gates. >> the police are a fundamentally violent and oppressive force and we believe that true safety comes from building up community resources and practices, -- alternatives >> reporter: the group took their rally to the jail where they related for the release of
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20 other arrested, police say they blocked traffic. >> it is hard to understand why you wouldn't want police and fire and paramedics to be trained for critical sites like an earthquake or a disaster and like a terrorist attack. >> reporter: while the majority of the crowd passionately expressed displeasure with police, one lone resident doesn't feel the same. >> the training is intense and what is happening in our country, we need that. we need this right now. >> reporter: it is the tenth anniversary for urban shields, an expo giving officers a first-hand look at new high-tech tools to improve their police work. even when wearing a badge comes with intense scrutiny and criticism. and as could you see, things are wrapping up and the trucks are moving out and tomorrow they go into tactical training. there are a number of different bomb squads and s.w.a.t. teams here and this event is international. taiwan as well as mexico sent
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officers here, too. live in alameda county, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. the county will file criminal charges against seven east bay law enforcement officers in connection with a sex scandal. district attorney announced the charges today in the case that has rocked the oakland police department and several other agencies. the case involves a young woman known as celeste group, a self-admitted prostitute who claims she slept with multiple officers while she was underage. >> the investigation was labor intensive and extremely time consumering and consumer -- consuming and resources were used to get to the end. >> here are the names of the officers and what they are accused from brian bunton for felony obstruction and prostitution and another searching data without permission and another with felony oral copulation and tyrell smith searching data
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without permission and leroy johnson, failure to report. the other two are contra costa deputy kick ardo perrize and contra costa sheriff's department and a felony oral copulation and dan black and prostitution and a lewd act. bruce miller did not enter a plea in court today. the judge allowed his arraignment to be postponed until after 11 after a violent incident in san francisco late sunday. he attack a 70-year-old man and his son with a cain after going into the -- with a cane after going into the wrong hotel room. we have video of one of the restaurants he attended before the attack and talks about the case. a brief accident in fairfield. >> very much, indeed. a car slammed into a classroom at solano community college with eight students and a teacher aide. fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. abc 7 news reporter lyanne
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melendez is live on campus with details. >> reporter: well, this portable classroom behind me is nowhere near the road. so you must be asking yourself, how in the world did that car end up inside of that building? well investigators now believe that the driver may have suffered some kind of medical emergency. that one teacher and students are lucky to be alive. >> i see a car coming through the classroom and i was like, is this real. >> reporter: this was one of nine students inside of this portable classroom at solano community college when the unlikely happened. >> there is a black suv behind me and completely inside of the building. >> reporter: the solano county sheriff found a man in his 40s inside of the suv. a college employee. >> we believe the driver suffered a medical emergency. we don't believe alcohol or drugs to be a factor the this point. >> reporter: that may explain how the man jumped the curb and went through this grassy area before crashing into the portable classroom. >> all of a sudden, there was a
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huge rumble. and everybody just turned around and had no idea what it was. >> reporter: ray is enrolled in the same math class as his granddaughter and they were all taking a test. nearby faculty and staff quickly came to help. >> one student was pinned between the car and the wall with some desks on top of her so they immediately tended to her. >> we found her as police were taking pictures of her injuries, all incredibly minor. >> surprised that i had no broken bones or anything at all, too. >> reporter: the driver and seven team we-- were taken to t nearby hospitals and monday the campus is full of students and luckily there are very few classes on friday. >> it could have been extremely worse. >> reporter: this woman was still trying to process the accident. >> traumatized. >> reporter: on a positive note, students were happy to hear the math teacher decided not to count this exam as part of the grade. in fairfield, lyanne melendez,
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abc 7 news. we have an urgent government warning this afternoon for samsung galaxy note 7 users. stop using your phone right away. the consumer product safety commission is working to officially recall the devices as soon as possible. in the meantime, users should power down phones and should not charge them. last week samsung ordered a voluntary global recall of the phones after it determined the rechargeable batteries were at fault for fires. yesterday the faa urged people not to use the phones on planes. this sunday will mark 15 years since the deadly 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> the president declared this as national days of prayer and remembrance. jessica castro has a look at today's ceremonies across the nation. >> reporter: today marks the beginning of the remembrance ceremonies held across the nation this weekend in observance of 9/11. this morning congress commemorated the tragedy in
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washington on the steps of the capitol building. among those who spoke was house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> at the memorial of of our fallen heroes be a blessing to our beloved nation that our sacrifice continued to deepen our dedication to justice and freedom, may god bless the fallen men and women of 9/11 and their families. >> house speaker paul ryan also delivered remarks. as you may know, united airlines flight 93 was one of four fli t flights that crashed that day. it went down in pennsylvania and was scheduled to come to san francisco. ultimately, the passengers on board stopped the plane from making the intended target of either the white house or the capitol building. not far away, a moment of silence held in the pentagon and in new york a procession by the new york police department in observance. these are just the event this is morning. we'll see more ceremonies held throughout the weekend across the country and including here in the bay area. look for local 9/11 remembrance
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events on our website at in the studio, jessica castro, abc 7 news. a u.s. lawmaker said the expansion of yosemite national park announced this week is a violation of federal law. utah republican rob bishop said the addition of 400 acres of meadows and forestland must accept congressional approval before it could happen. bishop doesn't want to give back the land but wants answer. the expansion is inside of the acerson med -- meadow. they bought the property and donated it to yosemite. >> take a look at live doppler 7 right now and it is completely socked in at the beaches today. as we had expected, but inland and bayside communities, you are seeing the sun. a live look from the golden gate bridge camera, could barely see the sun there. the flag is blowing in the breeze. 61 in san francisco. 67 in oakland. san jose 76 degrees. and a live look from our sfo
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camera where we are not seeing delays. mid 70 frs santa rosa and napa and warmer places like concord and livermore in the upper 80s. here is your hour by hour look. cool to mild conditions for 6:00 p.m. the fog at 8:00 p.m. and around at 10:00 with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the weekend is here. i'll let you know what you could expect coming up in just a few minutes. new report said the rainy day fund used to cover construction costs for the eastern span of the bay bridge is almost gone. the committee that oversees the bridge project said $67.7 million remains in the contingency fund that had more than $900 million in it when the fund was created back in 2005. the amount left over is short of the $184 million needed for projects on the span. transportation officials say tolls will not need to be raised instead they are looking at money planned for other local
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bridge projects. the concord boy bitten by a rattlesnake on wednesday night needs another round of anti-venom. a baby rattler bit the boy twice on the ankle. his mother said the swelling has gone back up so her son will have to stay another night in the hospital. the boy is also getting physical therapy. this incident has experts warning snakes are more active in warmer weather and near vegetation. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> i think any time there is conversation about injustice in this country, i think it is a positive thing. >> niners head coach chip kelly embracing colin kaepernick's stand heading into the monday kickoff of the new season which you could watch right here on abc 7 news. a bad day on wall street. as stocks take a tumble. just how bad was it. >> and plus take a look at this. a car dangling off the side of a parking garage.
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so how did that happen? and we're taking a live look outside. this is traffic on 101 in san rafael for your afternoon commute,
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more support for colin kaepernick and his property ahead of the official kickoff for the season for the 49ers. >> the game will air here on abc 7 but the big unknown is not the outcome, it is whether more players will join kaepernick and his national anthem protest. >> david louie joins us liver at levi stadium now. david. >> reporter: larry and kristen, in the locker room nobody is
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taking sides. at least not publicly. but the ceo jay york has aligned himself with kaepernick. each is donated $1 million to help combat or to address social injustice. and coach chip kelly thinks what both are doing is a good thing. it is becoming clear that colin kaepernick and 49ers ceo york are on the same teeld. on the field. but now joined at the hip. each making $1 million to address social injustice in inner city relations with police. brandon marshall has joined the movement. they have college tied. and before practice this morning, coach chip kelly told me he is embracing what kap and york are doing. >> i've been getting conversation about injustice in this country and i think it is a positive thing and instead of just a conversation, they take it a step further like what they have done is a positive. >> reporter: kaepernick turned down interviews but many are
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glad to see support for what they are doing. >> it means a lot when i've seen the effort that we're trying to bring awareness to. and i haven't had a chance to talk since they made that announcement but i'm grateful he is willing to do that. >> reporter: no one is willing to say what will happen on monday night during the anthem. >> the guys did a great job of keeping it perm and no one said anything, if he did decide to take a knee. we are just trying to stay focused on what is important and that is winning games. >> reporter: reed admits there is a risk for protesting and he might lose his product endorsement and if that happens, he said, he won't worry about it. at levi stadium, david louie, abc 7 news. the niners playing the first regular season game on monday night here on abc 7. taking on the rams. our live coverage of espn monday night football begins at 7:00 monday night again here on abc 7. and because of the game, you could catch the premiere of
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"dancing with the stars" at 5:00 here on abc 7. wall street tanked today with all three key indices falling. [ bell ] the worried interest rates might go up. utility and phone kpz and energy companies took the biggest hit. dow fell 400 points. and the nasdaq and s&p 500 last 2.5% of the value and the biggest one day street since june and we sent out an alert on the app as soon as we got the results. apple fans can place the order for the newen iphone. it won't go on sale until next from but preorders began this morning. overwhelming demand means some phones won't be shipped until up to six weeks after the release date. if you want your phone quicker, you may have to settle for another color besides black and jet black phones. the cupertino company unveiled
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the phone on wednesday. elon musk is talking about the last week's rocket explosion. tweeting they are still working on the investigation, turning out to be the most difficult and complex failure we've ever had in 14 years. the falcon 9 could be grounded fop up to a year and engines were not on and no apparent heat source. he is asking for help from nasa and the faa and other agencies for advice or recordings of the explosion that might help. atlanta has kept its title as the world's busiest airport. more than 101 million passengers pass through hartsfield jackson atlanta international in 2015. beijing came in second. atlanta's airport has been tops in the world for the last 18 years. according to a report from airport council international, the airport is located within a two hour flight of 80% of the united states population. so convenience. no bay area airports made the top ten. and of course, that is a big
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delta hub as well in atlanta. so people going through there. and people think being their weekend, sandhya patel, and cooler? >> we're going with a warm-up first tomorrow and then cooler on sunday and then forget about it, it is a big drop in temperatures on monday. larry and kristen, let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about your weekend. there are so many things going on this weekend. so if you do have outdoor activities, get used to this. which we do have fog and low clouds right along the coast. they are just hugging the coastline right now. and as we take a live look from the sutro tower camera, a beautiful view. fog over san francisco right now. here is a look at the highlights. fog along the coast and bay overnight tonight. temperatures up tomorrow. down on sunday. and it will be sharply cooler on monday and tuesday. so first thing tomorrow morning, you will notice that the temperatures are in the 50s. if your kids have games, it is going to start off foggy along the coast and the bay and the
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hour-by-hour forecast will show you what will happen. the fog around the bay and the east bay up into the north bay and along the coastline. at 7:00 a.m. and this continues, pretty socked in at the beaches. as we head into the afternoon. pretty much everyone will see the sun expect for the coast where it will remain gray most of the day. here are your highs for the saturday. 64 degrees in san francisco. 61 in half moon bay. we'll get you up to 70 in oakland. comfortable and low 80s for places like santa rosa, san jose, 92 in aept. 90 in livermore so a warmer day and particularly around the bay and inland. if you are too warm inland, head to the coach. that will cool you down. it is cloudy and cool for most areas. notice temperatures in the 60s. santa cruz will make it up to 70 and here is a look at the temperature trend for san francisco. average high is 70 degrees. we'll drop you down below average. really the next couple of days. but this is where it is going to be noticeable. 61 in -- on sunday and 59 on monday. well below the average high of 70 degrees. temperatures do recover as we
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head into the latter part of the workweek. so much cooler and breezy for monday. temperatures in the mid-70s to heading into tuesday about the same. below average. and on wednesday, warming up. temperatures in the 80s inland and 60s at the coast. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast, your weekend will feature something for everyone. if you like it warmer, tomorrow is your day. low 90s inland and low 60s coast. if you like it cooler, sunday is your better pick. mid-80s inland and 70s in the coast. and wednesday not much change. upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. with all of the festivals going on, download our abc 7 news app and check the forecast before you head out to the festival if you are going so you know how to dress. >> did that this morning and found the potpourri of weather flavors. >> exactly. >> thank you. and take a look at this beautiful sunset picture posted on instagram. thank to you jonathan mitchell for sharing it with us. in case we don't get out to look at the sunset, there it is. post your pikes using the #abc 7
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now and you could see it on air or online. coming up, forget cars. ford is getting into the bike business. and that is not all. how the car company is switching things up. and let's take a look at the traffic on san mateo bridge. could you see in the eastbound direction, that is the direction headed home in the afternoon getting quite busy and slow as you approach hayward.
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are you one of the many people in the bay area moving away from owning cars? one of the oldest carmakers is saying it sees you and it knows the times are changing. >> those from san francisco and san jose and berkeley have announced a partnership with ford. tiffany wilson has details. >> reporter: the baby blue bikes are about to undergo a major transpormation. today ford announced it is sponsoring the bay area bike show program to be renamed ford go bike and plans to expand from 700 bikes to 7,000 over the next few years.
4:25 pm
riders with thrilled. >> i think that is a great idea. i think that obviously there is a need for that. >> having more stations will definitely expand the use. >> reporter: san francisco and san jose and berkeley mayor all celebrated the partnership with ford. if you wonder what a car manufacturer had to do with bikes, a spokesperson said ford is simply looking to the future. >> today 50% of the u.s. population live in cities, in 2030 that will be too much congestion so we have to figure out how to get people to move. >> reporter: and today ford announced the purchase of chariot, a san francisco based start-up. ford plans to expand shuttle services to five new cities in the next 18 months. the prices and rental terms are still being worked out. but ford envisioned the future that would allow people to hop on a bike and connect to a shuttle seamlessly. >> we'll begin to do innovative things in terms of connecting modes of transportation. >> reporter: you will see the
4:26 pm
rebranded ford go bakes and stations in the spring and they are all manufactured in detroit. that is a nod to ford's roots. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. maybe not biking, but maybe you are walking. this morning, abc 7 news was with two dozen seniors in their 80s and 90s to cross the span. some were walking briskly and others needed a cane and others moving briskly with a cane. they are been organized this annual walk for 50 years and that is fantastic. >> indeed. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, check this out, a car dangling from the side of a parking garage in texas. how did this happen? >> we'll find out. this is about accountability. >> since no one has taken the time to come out and speak with me. >> this is bizarre. a city council candidate accused
4:27 pm
of discrimination against lgbt community and
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here is what is making headlines. 20 protesters have been arrested after blocking the police expo this weekend at the alameda count fair grounds.
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the conference plains police to prepare for disasters. demonstrators say the event is militarization and a factor in deadly police shootings. toend the district attorney announced there was a sex scandal involving a ten ether called celeste guap and we have that story can't at 6:00. and at 5:00, melanie woodrow was in court as bruce miller faced felony assault charges. after prosecutors say he beat a 70-year-old man with a cane. and in san jose, members of the lgbt community were stunned after a city council candidate crashed a news conference they were holding to share their concerns about him. next, came a showdown. and chris nguyen was there for it. >> reporter: outside of the billy defrank lgbt community center in san jose, an
4:31 pm
unexpected guest of what turned into a heated press conference. >> since no one has taken the time to come out and speak with me and ask my phone call and ask my opinion, i thought i would come out and share my opinion with everybody else here. >> a war of words between steve brown and lgbt community leaders as well as their allies. >> i asked you what your -- if you thought people should be able to -- >> i haven't had -- i haven't had a phone call. >> i asked you directly. this is not your press conference. >> reporter: prior to the california primary, the values advocacy council published a voter guide in which bound said yes to support legislation that would prohibit discrimination against individuals and organizations and mall businesses because their belief union is marriage between a man and woman. and he said nobody should tell people how to run their country. >> we need to teach our children how to discriminate but we need
4:32 pm
to stop with the hatemongering. >> brown refused to say if he supports gay marriage but he has no interest in came campaigning to take away that right. but lowe didn't buy it. >> this is an opportunity to highlight the far radical positions he has and this is about accountability. >> reporter: brown is calling this a smear campaign and he's been endorsed by the republican party and the chamber of commerce and will face sergio jimenez in the general election. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. we have developing news on the war in syria. the u.s. and russia have agreed to ask alleyys in -- allies into syria to stop fighting on sunday. kerry made the announcement in russia today. he said it could help end the conflict. he met for 14 hours to negotiate a peace plan and they will
4:33 pm
likely meet again next week. 300,0 300,000 syrians have lost their lives. north korea is being accused of recklessness after a nuclear test triggered a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. the president said provocative actions this morning by north korea would have serious consequences. japan called the nuclear weapons program a grave threat and urged an immediate emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. >> in the strongest of possible tongues, the underground nuclear test by the democratic peoples public of korea, this is yet another brazen breach of the resolutions of the -- >> it will lead to a push for stronger sanctions, but north korea is already one of the mostef illy sanctioned countries in the world. federal authorities have stopped construction of a pipeline on a portion of army
4:34 pm
corp land in north dakota until further review. they asked the tex-based developer to pause construction on a 40-mile stretch, the standing rock sioux tribe said it holds sacred artifacts after a judge refused to stop the building of the pipeline. protesters argue the pipeline threatens the environment and sacred tribal sites. a busy day on the campaign trail. leading into the september 11th weekend. here is abc 7 news reporter karen traverse. >> reporter: russia is becoming a central figure in this presidential election. hillary clinton off the campaign trail, but sitting down with foreign policy experts in new york. and donald trump making his case to conservatives in washington. >> a lot of people said i wonder if donald will get the gl evangelicals. i got the evangelical. i'm going to make it up to you.
4:35 pm
>> he's using the attack of russia. first on putin. and that stunning appearance on r.t., the kremlin backed television network essentially the mouth piece of the russian government. speaking to larry king, trump brushes off the suggestion that russia is trying to influence the u.s. election. >> i think it is probably unlikely. i think maybe -- maybe the democrats are putting that out. who knows. >> reporter: trump's campaign said he did that r.t. interview thinking it was for his friend larry king's podcast and that he didn't know it would be on russian television. it is another bizarre twist in an unpredictable campaign. >> at best, this is a naive candidate, not realizing how this plays in russian hands and at worse given the business ties and the questions we still have about his own finances and given putin's proven ability and want to try to play in international politics, it could be a lot worse. and this weekend a brief break from campaigning.
4:36 pm
both hillary clinton and donald trump will pause on sunday. the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. karen traverse, abc news, washington. and former first daughter chelsea clinton said the view she is worried about trump's hate speech than anything he says about her mom hillary. >> i've been so much more troubled in this campaign about what he has said about women broadly, about america's disabilities and about our veterans, about americans who don't kind of share his straight white male heritage. >> this was the staffers first national tv interview in support of her mother since the democratic national convention flo. now to somin vedible video. this has been dangling outside of a parking garage. that is a bad day. the driver was screaming for his life and he managed to climb out
4:37 pm
from a window and someone from the garage pulled him to safety. no one was hurt. >> as he pulled into the parking space he was unable to stop the vehicle and was unable to stop it and it proceeded through, pushing through the wire barricade and flipped end over end and the barricade caught it. >> police are interest viewing the driver. the fire department used ropes and pulleys to carefully lower the suv to the ground. and it was a nerve-racking nights for dozens in the french alps after cable cars got stuck mid-air. 100 tourists were trapped above the alps when the cars stopped working last night. helicopter crews were able to rescue 65 people while it was still light but had to stop rescuing people after it got dark. the rest had to wait. they were rescued this morning, though. >> a long wait, i imagine. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> i feel crazy. >> how adorable is she.
4:38 pm
you'll love this. a young baseball fan enjoying the attention after a picture of her at a mariners game goes viral. i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just post them with the #ask finney and i'll answer your questions here live a little later. and i'm abc 7 news meteorologist soif. and you're looking at the marine layer and it has compressed. i'll let you know what this means for our
4:39 pm
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4:41 pm
you're going to like this. a 3-year-old in seattle is an overnight sensation and people are talking about her because of what she did at a mariners game. a camera caught her whooping it up during the game and his face covered in cotton candy. it was plastered on the jumbo-tron and the mariners posted it and the viral thing happened next. >> because i was being silly with my cotton candy and i was eating it all. >> how adorable is she. he said his daughter's actions weren't caused by a sugar rush and just her beingbia trix. she loves to make faces. what a personality. and if you want to see the video again, we have it posted on the instagram game and follow us to see great pictures and videos
4:42 pm
every day. take a look at live doppler 7 hd. foggy conditions at the coast but clear elsewhere. highs for the saturday warmer than today. especially inland. we'll get you into the upper 80s to low 90s. along the coastline, not a whole lot of change. clouds will linger. temperatures in the 60s. now we have so much going on. we have the a's game at the coliseum tomorrow afternoon and you are going, uv index is high. 67 and then coming up to 70 degrees. the mountain view art and wine festival, mild and sunny on saturday and comfortable on sunday. surf out in the upper 50s with light winds for the afternoon and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s and the ghiradelli chocolate festival, here in san francisco it is going to be nice on saturday and sunday. you have plenty of clouds though, but you can't complain. upper 50s to mid-60s on saturday. sunday looking at upper 50s to low 60s. on the breezy side so if you are going to the chocolate festival, pack a jacket or take sweaters
4:43 pm
with your kids as they'll likely need it both days, saturday and sunday. but like i said, there is so much going on, weather looking fantastic. >> what would be fun, combining the chocolate festival and the bia trix. >> thanks, sandhya. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, protest and the fight for money. the new concerns about the zika virus. and i'm seven on your side's michael finney. your prescription at one
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4:46 pm
to the latest on the zika outbreak. right now pesticide spraying continues in south florida. sparking outrage amongst residents. this as new staggers numbers are released on the number of pregnant women infected. here is ray raimundi with the developing news. >> reporter: the air attack against mosquito in south florida intensified this morning. workers in hazmat suits loaded planes with the controversial chemical called naled. >> hey, we don't -- >> reporter: a chemical that sparked outrage and protest amongst miami beach residents for the second day gathered
4:47 pm
outside of city hall to stop what they believe is harmful spraying. >> it has every bit of a damaging potential to this unborn fetus. >> reporter: those opposed to the spraying do not believe government assurances that the pesticide is not harmful to humans. health officials stress there is nothing to fear. >> it is an organic material and it could be spread over an organic farm and been used in the florida keys for a number of years. >> reporter: the controversy of spraying comes as the florida department of health announce the 84 pregnant women have been infected with six cases reported locally. >> this is really scary. i'm worried about this. >> and now the focus is on capitol hill and when the impasse will end on the $1.1 billion zika funding bill. >> i think the republicans have taken far too long to take this issue seriously. >> the negotiations will continue through the weekend. the head of the cdc said they are out of money and warned there will be a bunch of kids
4:48 pm
born with microcephaly within the coming months. abc news, new york. time now for ask finney. questions sent in by facebook, twitter and e-mail. first question from joe an, could a hospital refuse to dispute a medical bill. >> not in this state. we have laws about this. the department of public health said they have to have a system in place. so if you have a medical bill, they have to system to go from point a. to point b. to point c. so somebody could make a decision and say yes or no. if the hospital doesn't have that, you need to complain to the state. thank you for your complaint, larry. they can't do that any more. >> and santa rosa e-mailed, sport authority is going out of business and i got an e-mail from them recently about giving dick's sporting goods my and all of their customers personal information. what do you think? >> it is pleat completely legal because in a bankruptcy, believe
4:49 pm
it or not, your private information is considered their property. so they sell it during bankruptcy, dick's sporting goods bought it. that is how come they are contacting you. because it is a privacy issue, you have the ability to opt out. now time is running out. you only have until september 15th but i'll post that information on our website so you could opt out and from getting that information. >> it seems fundamentally wrong. >> isn't it. >> all right. teena asked, i recently got my dog's prescription from costco and they charged me a tax. now when i purchase the same prescription from other pharmacy or the vet there is no tax. could you help collarfy? >> i can. pharmaceutical drugs are not taxed for humans but they are for animals. that is the rule. so if you go to your vet, that is the exception. they are allowed to give a prescription and not charge you that tax. pharmacies have to charge you a tax. but here is the deal. a lot of them don't know the
4:50 pm
rule because they are always giving drugs to humans and they don't even think about charging tax. so costco is such a big operation, they know. >> dare i ask why the rules apply in one case but not in the other. >> no. don't be so foolish as to ask. >> a wise assessment. >> there is no rhyme or reason. >> thank you, michael. in today's wellness report, grocery stores are seeing more food safety issues. >> and is it too soon to get a flu shot. here is jane king. >> the push into more sophisticated prepared meals at grocery stores is creating a challenge. the "wall street journal" said there are new food safety issues. some big chains have dealt with illnesses from their prepared food sections. the more sophisticated meals are riskier for illness since they require more complex cooking and service practices. new research on friendship. they are important for our mental and physical health but the kinds of friends are very important. the research done at the university of north carolina at chapel hill found that strained
4:51 pm
relationships could have more of a negative effect than positive. and what is the value of exercise in if you had to put a price on it. about $2,500 a year. the study published in the american journal of heart association, the savings are the result of reduced medical cost and it doesn't require much effort, 30 minutes of walking five days aweek is enough. and stores advertising flu shots but is it too early. the cdc recommended healthy people below the age of 60 get vaccinated as soon as the shot becomes available. that way you are protected when flu season starts around mid-october and when it peaks from december through february. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. the government said orange juice production is expected to drop to its lowest levels in decades. and that means higher prices and reduced sales. o.j. number one producer brazil said heavy rain has raised the threat of fungal disease which could cut the crop output. florida is dealing with a tiny
4:52 pm
insect spreading citrus greening disease and rendering the crops worthless. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. >> [ inaudible ]. >> years of secrecy and battling alcohol addiction, 20/20 anchor sharing her story. >> and eric is here with a look at what is coming up at 5:00. >> larry and kristen, thanks. coming up, facebook under scrutiny, the piece of history that was censored. and a great earthquake experiment how scientists want to set off explosions to perhaps one day prevent one. one day prevent one. and from a night of fun to fun afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
4:53 pm
all seems beautiful to me.
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4:55 pm
in her memoir between breaths, elizabeth vargas paints a stark portrait of life as an alcoholic and the secret double
4:56 pm
life spilled into every aspect of her life, including her most precious part, the family. here is amy row balk. >> reporter: elizabeth vargas is the mother to two beautiful boys and ex-wife of musician mark cone. as her marriage was crumbling, she turned to wine and a secret she tried to hide from everyone, including her family. >> i would stop on my home from work and have a glass of wine or two at a bar. and then -- alone. feeling really pathetic. i would actually -- i would actually pretend to talk to somebody on my phone -- my cell phone. i'm just here waiting for you. take your time. i'll be right here. this whole facade. >> a couple of glasses became entire bottles of wine and her husband knew, deepening the cracks that she said had begun to develop in their marriage. >> and it made all of the real problems we need to discuss and work through frivolous in
4:57 pm
comparison. what do you wnt to talk about? why don't you ask me how my day is or why don't you support me, why are you drinking two bottles of wine every night? i've just gone and changed the narrative. in a pretty dramatic and destructive way. >> reporter: alcoholism is a battle she shares with 30 million people and like so many her family life became part of the wreckage of her drinking. >> did you ever endanger them? >> no. >> are you sure? >> um, i don't think so, no. i never drove under the influence. >> never? >> no. i don't own a car here. >> but let me just say something. because i didn't physically endanger my children, doesn't mean i didn't devastate them or put them in danger emotionally or psychologically. >> you could see more of the interview with elizabeth vargas
4:58 pm
on a special edition of 20/20 at 9:00 here on abc 7 and followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. thanks for joining us at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now begins with eric and kristen. >> this is a handful of people that have brought shame on that department. a new jolt in the sex scandal rocking the oakland police department. the new charges in a growing disgrace. plus -- >> police protests. tonight what law enforcement said is vital and protesters call war games. and a car crashes into a classroom and nearby nursing students rush in to help. and 49ers player bruce miller appeared in court in his assault case and a crush of media following his every move. and i'm sandhya patel. a shift in the weather will mean a change in the wardrobe. i'll explain when i come back with the weekend forecast.
4:59 pm
and an investigation into a police sex scandal comes to a head. seven bay area police officers are about to charged. and the teenage woman is at the center of this case. good evening, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen zse, thanks for joining us. some of the charges are felony charges which could bring up to three years of prison time with a conviction. abc 7 news is live outside of the courthouse with more. alyssa? >> reporter: investigators spent months going through text messages and photos and facebook and instagram posts. this case is tricky because the district attorney here can only charge for crimes that happened within the county and she said there is evidence that some officers had sexual contact with the victim in other parts of the bay area. >> we uphold the right of victims at the highest level. >> reporter: the district attorney nancy o'malley announced seven cops link to the sexual skploetation of the woman known as celeste gaap will be charged and five are tied to the
5:00 pm
oakland police department. officer brian bunton for felony obstruction of justice and engaging in prostitution. another for searching official data without permission. and another for felony oral copulation with a minor. tyrell smith who resigned will also be charged with making searches without permission and leroy johnson for failing to report sexual misconduct against a minor. in a statement, the union president said the actions of a few are disappointing. but i want to remind the residents of oakland that the overwhelming majority of oakland police officers are out there working hard for our community. and also being charged, ricardo perez of the contra costa sheriff's office and dan black of livermore police department. both have resigned. o'malley said they are focused on getting miss a. back home. she was recently arrested in florida where


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