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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 30, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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watch out. >> dude, who is that? >> becca casterly goes by bec boop on all of her social media. she has a ton of followers. >> sorry if the picture is not perfect. >> every morning on her way to work she logs into periscope, and she does what she calls coffee scope. she's talking to all of her followers. she does this every day? >> yes. she checks in with her followers daily. she has over 56,000 followers. they check in. she responds. they talk about different things. those hearts on the sicarts on t moving. >> what happened? >> suddenly the video goes haywire. >> you can hear her scream. >> you did hear her scream. the video goes black. suddenly you start to see the people interacting with her typing, hey, what's going on? are you okay? >> something attacked her or hit her, and now you can hear -- it's almost like walking. can you hear the rubbing on the microphone. >> there was a -- something about uniform is the only thing
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i caught. [ horn ] >> oh. >> you heard a horn. again, the comments continue to go. >> with that follower that thinks her phone was stolen. >> pick up, right? >> yeah. >> that follower was on to something. apparently as she was going live, someone ran past her and swiped the phone. snatched it right out of her hand and took off. >> wow. but it's still rolling. is it going to take it out and look right into the screen giving us a clear look of his face? >> i wish. >> she does say because it was all on periscope she was able to hand it over to police. >> was she hurt? >> she says she wasn't hurt at all. just shaken up a bit. >> this should be a really good message to all of her followers and anyone that watches this video, be aware of your surroundings. >> what do we know about the smart rescue team in l.a.? >> they're the smart animal rescue team. that's what they are. >> they're like the thunderbirds of animal rescue.
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they have all the gambit. >> they bring them out to play every time. in this case eleanor, the cat they're trying to rescue from a dock in san pedro, california, was in a pretty weird predicament. they couldn't figure out how on earth she got to where she got. >> actually she's caught in the tube that runs along the inside of the dock. therefore, he is not something that we can reach. >> this is, they believe, a stray cat. it's known to the locals. they're familiar with it. that's why they want to make sure that they rescue it. it's part of the community. the cat has already been in here for days. on day five -- >> oh. >> poor kitty. >> ramon garcia puts in his full-on scuba gear, and he is going to go down there. the problem is he kind of finds her, but he can't reach her. >> i feel like they're going to have to take apart the dock. right? what else are you going to do? >> they're going to set up a platform with two traps on
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either end hoping that maybe overnight the cat is going to come out and get stuck in the trap. that doesn't work either. they decided to bring out big equipment finally on day seven. they're going to cut the cement above the cat. >> oh, wow. this is involved. >> once they have a hole there, they can't reach through it and get the cat out. they have to basically just let the cat find its way out, right? in the middle of the night some of the neighbors are able to see that the cat is close enough to the hole, sh they were, like, you know, it's now or never. they grab the cat, and they very gently bring it back out, and then when the rescue team comes back, they realize the cat is no longer there. they checked in with the residents, and they saw that the cat was now safe. a little stinky, but safe. [ meowing ] >> we head to the windy city, chicago, where all is not well on this street. we've got some security camera footage from outside somebody's
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house. hits the van that's sitting behind it, and then you can see this other car there in the edge of the frame. it peels off. later in the video the guy that posted it, rob, brings us outside, and we get to see what happened. >> the driver came down a one-way street coming this way, and of all cars, of all cars, ran into my car. >> oh, no. oh, that makes me cringe. >> we got hit again. i'm going insane because the car has been out of the shop for three weeks. >> went through all of the process of repairing it completely, and then, bang, he takes us through some of the damage. >> the bumper, the headlight, the hood is actually this way right here. you can see the lid popped up over here. it's into the -- right here. this has been bent back too. look at that. it's all gapped open, and the door don't open because the fenders push back right here. >> it gets worse. >> this butthead fled the scene. >> fortunately, though, officers were on the scene. >> the police follow the oil
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trail. they found the car that did this. the passenger of the car was there. >> combined with rob's video -- >> that should be a pretty easy case. should be. there are no fatalities, so that will go to the bottom of the pile, and now i got to eat it. >> how does he get away like that? >> the police are involved. according to them, the driver still remains unknown, but the investigation does continue. let's just hope they do catch up with this guy because that's just the worst. >> maybe somebody out there could help me out. is there anything i can do about this situation because it's driving me freaking insane. >> watching on wbrc is our latest winner in the rtmi mini-pad give-away. all you need is friday's buzz word and be 21 years of age or older and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a bit.
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>> stand by for the rtmi-pad minigive-away. >> anatomy of a marriage as played out by brother and sister, maria and leonard. let me just say they're strangely dead on. let's start with trying to get the baby to go to sleep. ali, i think you might see some familiarity in this because the baby ain't sleeping. >> i tried doing that, and it just made it worse. >> you can't poke the baby's eyes. >> then its time to take baby for a walk. mommy and daddy have a difference of opinion. should we push it down the stairs or shouldn't we? >> i would say no. >> i feel leak i saw this in an episode of "jack ass" once. >> then it's time to feed the baby. >> okay. >> he volunteers to go refill the bottle. then he goes grocery shopping. like any man, he only wants to carry one basket. zoom we just get the one basket,
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and then you overfill it to put all the wine in. >> i was about to bag on you, but you are good. >> the wine is neceary. >> and then he proceeds to tell her what she should feed the baby. like eggs. >> eggs. eggs and -- >> of course, the diaper changing has some drama. >> anatomy of a marriage as demonstrated by brothers and sisters, and i think this marriage is going to last forever. as siblings. >> a 23-year-old comes smashing into a truck. >> see what happens next. >> oh, shoot. >> and an overdue reunion. >> this is a surprise. 15 years in the making.
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>> closed captioning provided by -- dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. >> it seemed like the typical
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morning in ireland. not very many cars out. pretty quiet. until this happens. >> oh, no. >> oh, man. zplo >> hey now. >> hey now is right. that truck carrying straw, bales of hay comes rounding the corner, and it all goes toppling over, smashing through windows, crashing through doors, and knocking door electrical and light poles. >> probably never even saw it. hanging off the back. >> exactly. that's the thing. obviously something came loose while they were driving, and once they get into the smaller town, bang. >> the driver probably never even knew that that was coming. the driver just kept going. >> he didn't even realize it happened? >> no. luckily, nobody was hurt. especially because nobody was out. >> this next video takes place in russia. >> oh! whoa! >> did you see that? >> they're driving along when suddenly a 23-year-old comes smashing into a truck. luckily, the truck wasn't carrying anything, but you would see the car just goes in a bunch of different pieces.
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>> that was close. >> good reaction to the folks with the dash cam, right? they drove right around that. if it did have a trailer connected to it -- >> that would have been bad. >> it's like he fit right between the front and the rear wheels. that's why the rear wheels would have ridden up over it. >> the video was posted to social media. as you can imagine, it's gone viral. it's been shared thousands of times and viewed hundreds of thousands of times. the man had minor injuries. his mother was also in the car with him, and she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> this is a surprise 15 years in the making. now, at the airport is this man that you see here. he thinks he is there to pick up his mother. his mother has a huge surprise for him. as a person recording this video walks up, they tell him, hey, look over there. watch his expression change. >> he is in shock. and hugs this 21-year-old woman
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with all the love that he has been reserving for 21 years because that's his daughter whom he hasn't seen for 15 years. >> whoa. >> his daughter was adopted by her great grandparents. >> wow. >> yeah, the hug lasts for a really long time. you can hear the tears. you can see their faces are full of emotion. >> the last time they were together, they could have played on like the monkey bars. now they can go to a bar. it's literally been that long. >> she's not the only surprise. >> you are forgiving somebody, dennis. >> that's grandpa. >> oh! >> yeah. he is meeting her son for the first time. she has since become a mother, and it was actually his wife that orchestrated this whole thing. she flew her and her 3-month-old son to florida so they could meet again. now, hopefully they'll be able to spend a lot of time together
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and create some more shared memories now that this reunion has happened. >> it's time to play rock or hard place because that's exactly where this paraglider is right between. he needs to land, and as you can see, there's not exactly anywhere really good to land. where do you think he is going to land? >> water, because it's softer than the rock or hard place. >> way too far away. i see this little cut-out in the road right there. that's where i would aim for. >> excellent choices, guys. both fantastically wrong. he decided that the best way to safely land his paraglider is to pick the two lane highway that's directly undernooet him. he checks over his left shoulder. now's the time. there's no car come. just misses. watch this. he comes and makes sure he can get to the safe place and pulls that glider down and rescues. he does do it. >> dare i say he looks and watched traffic better than half the people in the traffic videos we feature on this show.
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>> wow. kwhaer car that is, i want it. >> the window is pretty stout on this old mitsubishi motero. this is out in australia. the woman here just smashing away on that car window. come on. >> they locked themselves out, didn't they? >> i can't believe i cannot break this window. >> did you notice, look right here, the car doesn't even have any wheels. why the heck is she breaking into it? >> to take the seats? >> yeah, kind of. it's simply a parts car that she's keeping around the property, and she wants to get inside to gain access to the car battery. that's why she is trying to break in so she can pop the hood. there's a much easier way to get to that battery. >> oh. >> no. no. no. >> let's just be glad that it is apparently bulletproof because
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if she smashed that and, oh, it's so glorious that the camera was rolling. >> she gets a big kick out of it. >> apparently the [ bleep ]. >> she's never going to live this down. she's going to hear about it for the rest of her life. >> this story is all about empowerment. especially when it comes to your looks and the challenges that sometimes come with your skin. >> i've had my -- for 13 years now. i don't want to get rid of it. >> i just hear her say she doesn't want to get rid of it? >> that is exactly correct. this is 25-year-old photographer georgia, and she has been struggling with psoriasis since she was a teenager. >> i first realized i had something just after i lost my dad when i was and years old. i had these patches, red patches just on my knees and on my elbows. >> she really struggled with it
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at first. >> being a 13-year-old with big red dots coming up was quite difficult. >> and now she's decided i don't want to get rid of it. it's been a tough battle. >> i really wanted to help people. if i can look good in my pictures, so can they. >> it's such a positive way of seeing it. >> she's actually even taken this a step further and started sharing pictures of herself in all the different stages of her psoriasis and sharing them on-line for other people to see. >> it's called different skin. the real georgia. it's basically just for people who want to ask for information and they compose their pictures or post mine, and it's the best feeling. >> the tide is changing for women in general. psoriasis, alopecia, they're now breaking the chains and going, you know, this is who i am. it is beautiful. >> i want to help people feel better about their skin.
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i don't want to cure mine. my dad left me with this skin, and i will keep it forever as a memory of him, and if this is what he has left me, i'm going to turn it into a good thing. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need friday's buzz word, be at least 2 is years o1 years a legal u.s. or canadian resident. enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can use each every day. let's reveal friday's buzz word. it's gear book. >> get over to right this and click ipad and enter the buzz word. year book, y-e-a-r-b-o-o-k. >> next week you can enter to win a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. >> once a prankster. >> left the graunl door open.
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we're going to act like someone stole his motorcycle. >> watch dad loose his co
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if you had, like, 100 of these, it would be perfect. >> i'm a big fan of pranks, but one thing i really don't like, messing with people's cars and motorcycles. >> tada. >> i wonder why you feel that way. >> there are occasions where it's more appropriate than others. >> we're going to act like somebody stole his motorcycle. >> they took his dad's motorcycle, wheeled it around the back side of the house, planted some cameras, and decided to let dad roast for a while.
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>> dad here seems to take the bait. everybody in the house was, it wasn't me. >> the garage door was open this whole time. >> who left it open? i wasn't even out here all day. >> did you leave it open? >> that's what makes it believable. dad knows you left the garage open when he left the house. >> [ bleep ]. >> no i'm not [ bleep ] with you. >> you're leaving? you're not ploo[ bleep ], are y? >> you messing with us? >> lance and his buddy go back around the side of the house where the bike is stashed. frank is going to put on a mask and reappear. >> what the [ bleep ]? >> oh, oh. >> dad sees him and is immediately -- you, i'm going to ring your neck. [ laughing ] >> we got you. >> dad is, like -- you're all dead. get every single one of you. >> oh, my god. he fell for it.
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>> thanks for watching. we appreciate it. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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breaking news is happening in berkeley where you can see live from sky 7 what is left of a historic church building. fire destroyed the rectory forcing evacuations. this is only blocks away from the campus. good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry biel. >> and i'm kristein sze in for ama daetz. right now firefighters are still on the scene. it all started early this afternoon at the first congregational church on channing way. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is there live with the very latest. laura? >> reporter: larry, hi. we showed you the dramatic pictures from sky 7. let's show you what it looks like here from the ground. i am standing at channing and dana. this is what's left of this first congregational church, an historic building here j


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