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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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almaden expressway. matt keller is on scene. what are you seeing, matt? >> this crash was horrific. the s.u.v. slammed into the power pole there and split in half but coming to a rest on its side. the post life threatening part was after the s.u.v. came to the rest on its side and the high voltage lines want down making the rescue life threatening to everyone include the firefighters. pg&e is here and in control of the situation. they have power on for the homes in the area. they have to replace the pole expected to take ten hours. fire crews were on the scene several hours. the driver was a teen. they had to navigate through the high voltage lines. before 3:00 a.m. the fire department and ambulance last the scene. i was told the driver is expected to survive. it is likely southbound almaden
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expressway will be closed for a long time today. they will replace the pole. i have not seen a tow truck to take care of the s.u.v. as matt was talking about the crash in san jose could cause traffic issues this morning. >> dealing other issues across the bay area and we will get to alexis smith? >> not an easy day on the roads. the current problem in her hard, southbound 80, beyond 92, still dealing with the they car crash, we have a call to c.h.p. to see if we are close to clearing. weed the tow truck on scene for quite some and the backup is north of 238, probably get close to six miles at this point and a new problem in here for the south bay westbound 1237, before you get to the highway 85 entrepreneur we have sports car and the center divide spun out facing wrong way in the left lane. an update in a few and right now we will check with meteorologist
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mike nicco and another nice day ahead. >> we do. the warmth peaks today. hard to believe when you step outside we are in the 40s and 50s under clear sky and live doppler hd. we are going to warm 25 to 35 degrees today. at pier 15 the stars are over san francisco. 45 to 57. all us in the 70s. you need the sunglasses at noon. 68 to 82 is our highest the highs, with caller weather and a chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. >> more breaking news, a big fire in san francisco has last several people without a home. >> the three firefighters also are injured and our reporter is in the castro district. this fire was accept -- especially dangerous. >> it was huge. it is noisy out here is i apologize. pg&e is work on the sidewalk. they using a jackhammer. this damage shows firefighters watching over the scene.
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just in case. it could glare back up. the homes on hattie street at market in san francisco's castro distribute were on fire. they think it started in a garage and spread to the homes next to it. five adults and two kids were dislisted. they all got out okay. there were a couple of challenges. they had to deal with a ruptured gas line at the robert door that fueled the fire. they had the problem of balloon construction. the chief is explaining what that is. >> there is no fire stops between the floors. there is a way the fire can travel from the first floor straight up to the roof. there is no fire stop. that would block or stop the fire from spreading fast. >> fire codes do not allow that in new construction and these are old building. three fires were hurt, two from cuts and another may have broken his arm. it took a couple of hours to get
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it out and they got it out at 2:00. they are look for a cat the neighbors think they saw it run out the cure but it is still missing. nod would on the cause. investigators will be here this morning to figure out what started the fire. thank you. a develop news from san jose, at the shoot victim appears to have driven do a hospital and then died. officers responded to regional medical center on north jackson avenue at 8:45 last night and found this car, this parked car just riddled with bullet holes and police are trying to determine where the shooting happen and who else may have been involved in all of this. >> 6:04 and your voice your vote a big story this morning, we are in the final stretch of the race for the white house, and if you can believe 18 more days until the polls. donald trump and hillary clinton back to the campaign trail. they clashed last night include on matters of policy both
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domestic and foreign. >> for 30 yours you have been in a position to help and if you say i used something else, i would make it impossible to do that. i would not mind. the problem is you talk but you do not get anything done. >> on the day when i was in the situation room, monitoring the raid that brought osama bin laden to justice, he was host "celebrity apprentice." i am happy to compare my 30 years of experience. >> at the end of the debate a big point, they differed on whether they will accept the results of the november election. trump said he would take a wait-and-see approach and clinton called the resistance to this "horrifying." >> democrats and republicans paying close tax to last night's final debate and dozen of trump supporters tanned a watch party in sunnyvale saying it was the best debate of the they. >> this was a far more classy donald trump and more practiced
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than previously. >> everyone is expecting him to say something crazy or they will catchism in a weird thing and he was represented mother than the last two. >> trump supporters say that race is close, and they say the polls and media coverage that suggest otherwise are either not accurate or have a liberal bias. >> democrats have been watch the debate in san francisco and they had opposite opinion. >> many times in his morass of vapid and ridiculous statements, she seized upon the peculiar and what unfolded and put across how inappropriate and how useless he with be inside the oval office. >> those reaction shots the photographer got were telling, several hundred volunteer watched at the holiday inn on van ness across the street from clinton san francisco headquarters and believe hillary clinton easy won and showed presidential pose.
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>> who do you think won? you can vote your voice at our twitter page and we have had 2,000 people vote. 60% say donald trump won in contrast with the latest cnn poll saying that hillary clinton won. >> ours is a nonscientific follow. >> and the second powerful storm to rock the philippines in a week and we have images. jessica? >> good morning, i am trying to load the video right now for you at desk. it is crashing over here and i will send it back to you. when i go the images i will check back with you. we are getting the new videos. >> gun owners in the south bay pay have to follow new rules when they store their helps with at home and why are not happy with this plan. >> preparing for the big one, the event helping us get ready
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>> good morning, i am traffic reporter, alexis smith and back to the scene in the south bay from matt and ian, the crew on at scene often almaden expressway. a power line is down and a car is up against the tree. a serious crash, and a difference they set the cones up and are working do get a lane open of southbound alma continue expressway. so it look like we will have a lane opening soon and i will let you know. and crashes if hayward and san jose. that is ahead. mike nicco? >> good morning, check out lack of fog and wind on the golden gate bridge. it is our wind sheltered valleys and eastbound neighbors are that coolest, danville and lafayette at freight. everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s and same around the bay until san francisco at 57 and
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pacifica is 59. san francisco is 74 today. the noontime temperatures 66 and we will in 70s and 80s elsewhere, today, with 60s at the coast as we start slipping tomorrow, a more dramatic drop on saturday, and rest of the weekend forecast and a chance of rain is next. >> san jose is now making a move toward greater gun safety, according to our media partner the mercury news a city council passed an ordinance requiring gun owners lockup firearms when they are not home the first-of-its-kind for a big city. state law requires locking up of first arms if children are in the house. this now heads to the full city council. >> necessary, the plan to ease the commute on the business of the subway lanes on the streets of san francisco. new study revealing new study revealing concerning information about ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast.
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>> look at the scenes, all of the damage caused by the typhoon in the philippines. a lost damage and two people
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were killed good this and 100,000 are evacuated right now the second major storm to hit the philippines in just a week. homes were destroyed. power lines are down. it is now on way to chinese. some good news, mike said the storm is starting to lose its strength so hopefully it will not hit china as hard as the philippines. that is the latest with new images to the live desk. >> a new study found the most dangerous earthquake fault line in the bay area is connected to another one. researchers found the hayward and rogers street fault connect between the san pablo bay and if they broke at the same time it could be a 7.4 earthquake. it would be more than give times stronger than the loma prieta earthquake in 1989. there is not a major earthquake on the fault in more than 140 yours. >> my gosh. >> i don't like this.
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it is scary. >> only our own, amy hollyfield, on make that charming, providing us with a throw back thursday moment, a reminder of what is happening today across california. she was in an earthquake similarity a year ago today and this day october 20 is the great california shakeout that happens each year promoting earthquake people distance and you can participate in a statewide, drill. take a moment. drop. cover. hold. >> we find it charming, why me in amy hollyfield think it is charming. >> she is adorable. >> cruise are now scrubbing tracks after rust is appear on the rails, the latest problem for the smart train in the north bay. officials announced they will run trains 12 hours a day to break in the rail and improve the connection. the testing includes blaring horns, like that. residents voicing their displeasure at a meeting, and
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officials announce that it is a design flaw, the crank shaft will require all 14 smart engines to be rebuilt to be performed on weekends starting next month last until april. >> good news if you use the congested san francisco subway system, the shuttle is returning next month, which was shut down in the early 2000 because of maintenance issues will run between embarcadero and west portal stations, the business of the surveyings in the city subway route. >> now, a traffic alert. >> now, back to hayward and we still are dealing with the three car crash and boy, this has been here for 45 minutes and it is beyond the 92 interchange, with the two far right lanes blocked and we are up to a six mile backup using the speed indication tool at 15 minutes per hour and closer to the crash scene you are up to 39 miles per hour, and that is slow, for several miles. also, westbound 237, right
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around the state route 85 interchange, we have a experts car that lost control, hit the center divide, and it spun out and facing the wrong way in the left lane waiting for a tow truck to arrive. and congested at bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on at 5:29. i will look at another problem in the south bay, necessity, and i will check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone. storm track is moving to the north bringing our much needed rain to oregon and washington right now, and we will look at what will happen in our highlights, the temperatures are tumbling this weekend and keep umbrella handy next week. at far as our temperatures we start in the south bay, low-to-mid 80s, and 82 in san jose, and morgan hill is 85 and milpitas and sunnyvale upper 70s and mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula until redwood city at 80 and upper 60s to low 70s along the coast and sight drop in the temperatures this afternoon with the sea breeze kicking in.
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vallejo is 78 and 80 in petaluma and not oh at 83 and the east bay shore 76 in berkeley is the cool spot, oakland is 79 with orinda and fremont and heading inland we have temperatures in the low-to-mid 80s. tonight, we are dropping back into the upper 40s to mid-50s and cool. we will june to sunday where the rain is to the north as the sun is setting and we could have rain on monday, into tuesday, and right now the storm is disorred in the showers so scattered we have not put it on the storm-impact scale but i am hoping to change that tomorrow as we get closer to that. the biggest cooling will hit the coast tomorrow inland on saturday, and we will day in the 60s to barely 70s on monday and only 60s on tuesday. >> we are all coordinated today. in purple. we love the color but we love the fact it supports spirit day designed to stand against bullying, particularly against lgbt youth. and abc7 morning six proud to take part. >> glad other organizations ask you to wear purple today and
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post your photo on social media, so we came up with our messages of hope and recorded the boomerangs, and choose kindness and #be[blank]. >> be brave, fierce...what do you have to say? post your photos on solve media #abc7now. take a stand. >> it is for lgbt cruel but particularly from lgbt "olds." >> if you have a chance to look at regular joy's post on social media it is really touching. >> came from the heart. >> eight out of ten youth, bullied. >> ridiculous. >> got to change it. >> michael finney has help for anyone trying to refinance their home. that is next. >> tinder is swipe right on the
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bay area with a land to on a new office in the middle
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>> swipe right. that is is worker are trying to
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do to get people work for a popular dating app in palo alto with their first office looking for 20 people who can work on projects like the new smart photos, that help users identify which one of their photos is most likely to result in a match. >> now ask michael finney. we have a question regarding refinancing your mortgage. "7 on your side" and michael finney has the answer. the finance right now is 6 .99, but they are not cooperating and they want to take my mortgage away. what is my solution? >> it was nice to meet you in fremont. your lender will make you a letter and tell you why you were not approved and they have to do that. that should give you guidance. there could be help for you at "wall street journal" making home
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it was started during the great recession and ending at the end of the year so you have to move fast the get on it right now. >> check with other lenders and see governor they have a problem you qualify for. good luck. thanks for we question. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on smartphone or tablet and share it on social media #askfinney. or go to our website finney. we are tracking the breaking news in the south bay, serious crash along alma continue expressway in san jose and how it could impact your commute. >> san francisco police want to up date on the shooting of a officer. >> and the warmest day this week, without any record highs so it will not be too taxing, cooler weather will lead to a chance of wet weather next
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>> breaking news we have been tracking all morning. >> terrible crash in south san jose. on the almaden expressway and our reporter, matt keller has been on scene all morning. what is the latest, matt? >> good morning, february minutes -- 15 minutes ago crews
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opened up one southbound lane and drivers have to navigate. there are high voltage lines lockdown after the s.u.v. crashed into the pole. pick peg will be here all day getting the lines reconnected. crews were on the scene for several hours after the call came in before 11:30 trying to help the 16-year-old driver. there were several voice concerns with the crash and one getting the driver out so treat them and, two, getting access with the power pole and tree in the way and most importantly the high voltage power lines putting everyone's lives in danger including the rescuers. the fire department and ambulance left the scene and the 16-year-old had non-life threatening joins and was taken to the hospital. all power is restored to the area. now we are going to turn to... alexis smith and traffic. >> it is getting better.
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matt said we have a lane closed and one lane is open. on almaden expressway. that is not proving southbound 880. we had the crash since 5:05. southbound lanes are still trying to be cleared of the these car crash. two right lanes are blocked and six miles of backup. we have a typical delay filling in on 92 across the san mateo bridge. pretty steady crawl. westbound 80 through the emeryville stretch starts back up at highway four from hercules. now, over to meteorologist mike nicco with a look at our forecast. i messed up your name, your last name is knick -- nicco. >> people at my church still think that is my first name. >> good morning! live doppler hd is showing the marine layer offshore but closer to the coast. temperatures will spike at noon
6:32 am
and cool this afternoon, while the rest of us run from 40s and 50s to upper 70s to mid-80s. you can see already sunshine over 280 and 17 in san jose. now, the news from natasha and reggie. >> more break news a big fire in san francisco for half dozen people who now are out of the their hems. >> amy hollyfield has been tracking the issue all morning. >> a new problem has surfaced here, pg&e crews are now here trying to get underground that is why you heard the lloyd jackhammer last report because there is gas leaking. they are trying to tackle the new problem, one of many. and there is the damage, flee homes damaged in the fire in san francisco's castro district at hattie street at market. a ruptured gas line created a huge challenge for them and caused a lot of fire. they believe the fire started in the garage.
6:33 am
it spread to the homes on both sides. firefighters say five adults and two kids have been displaced. they are all okay and firefighters say that is amazing >> incredible. the gas fire video fast. [ inaudible ] the first people that reported the fire thought it was an explosion. [ inaudible ] the fire traveled fast. >> three fires were hurt. one possibly broke his arm. two others suffered from cuts. they are still hooking for the cat. a neighbor thought they saw the cat get out. but it is missing. investigators will be here to figure out what started the fire. i amy hollyfield for abc7. >> now we are talking about debate. hillary clinton and donald trump squaring off for a final time. was it enough to persuade
6:34 am
anyone? with only a few weeks to election day. we go do washington, dc and maggie. >> the debate started out with a less confrontational tone but 15 minutes in the personal insults were flying. and trump with what many are calling october bombshell: the refusal to say he will accept the election results. >> good morning. the debate started with a quieter and less confrontational tone but 15 minutes in the personal attacks began. then, what many are calling the october bombshell: the refusal to say he will accept the election results. >> in another debate filled with more memorable moments, a bake foundation of democracy steals the show. >> do you make the same commitment you will absolutely, sir, you will absolutely accept the result of this election? >> i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> well, chris, let me respond to that because it is
6:35 am
horrifying. >> the night turning personal. >> such a nasty woman. >> unfit. >> they started off by talking policies. from abortion and immigration. >> we have bad hombres here we will get 'em out. >> three started the campaign bashing immigrants causing mexican immigrants rapist and criminals and drug dealers. >> to foreign policy, clinton calling out trump's relationship with vladimir putin. >> he would rather have a puppet. >> no puppet. you are the puppet. >> not letting him off the hook for the troffersal statements and actions regarding women. >> he goes after their dignity, their self worth, and i don't think there is a woman anywhere who does not know what that feel like. >> trump offered a blanket denial. >> no one has more respect for women then i do. nobody. all the debate was trump's last chance to confront clinton and regain momentum as the latest
6:36 am
polls show hillary clinton pulling away with the lead. >> would won debate? political reporter and political analyst for abe is give it to clinton saying donald trump proved one of clinton's biggest points. >> she talked about trump as belittling women, as insulting women, and he actually came back at end of the debate and confirmed exactly what she said, calling hillary clinton a nasty woman. hillary clinton was clearly prepared in this debate and donald trump was winging it. and it showed. >> bay area republicans who gathered for a watch party in sunnyvale said their candidate did well and some backed the controversial statement he may not accept the election results. >> because of the rigged media and he is reserving his place so he can say, well, it probably is rigged. >> polls suggest that clinton
6:37 am
has widened the lead recently, and the trump supporters believe the brace is still "tight," and the performance will only help his campaign. >> self hundred clinton supporters gathered across the street from the san francisco headquarters to watch the debate and many said they were stupefied by the comments. >> trump is saying that everything is rigged. this is random and not being willing to accept the limits of the election. that is disgraceful. >> supporters thought moderate chris wallace was a winner, keeping the candidates on topic more than other debates. >> cnn poll found 52% thought clinton won the debate and 39% thought it went trump's way giving clinton a clean sweep in all three presidential debates. >> we have a valuable tool at ago it will help you prepare for election day. click the like con contra --
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local ballot. >> this just in to the live desk from oakland. police are say they have arrested one of their own. what we know right now, there was an internal investigation involving one of their officers suspected of being involved in some time of criminal act it. that opinion was taken into custody yesterday. the officer's name is not released on what they are accused of doing. we know the alameda district attorney has taken over the case and we are working to get new information on the officer, the name of the person arrested and their alleged crimes. we will keep you updated. >> san francisco police say they close do making an arrest in a gang related school shooting that injured four students on tuesday outside june jordan high school for equity. a source told abc7 that the
6:39 am
victim, it includes a 15-year old girl and two 15-year-old boys and another male student. the female student is believed the one targeted and remains in the hospital. the other three have been released. students have returned to school are trying to remain positive. >> violence is going on everywhere. i am not focused on the violence here but on the violence going on across the world in distant schools. we are trying to end the violence. >> appreciate hearing from that young woman. there are four suspects out there and police is not said how many opened fire. security is beefed up. >> a funeral service is held for an elderly woman severely beaten during a home invasion robbery in east san jose last month. this is florence douglas known as miss flo. she died of her energize after fighting for her life for weeks of the 19-year-old zachary quinn
6:40 am
was arrested and facing now murder charges. the service is held at st. paul missionary baptist church on east san antonio street. >> police in san francisco will discuss the shooting of involving the officer kevin downs shot in the had by a man threatening shoppers at lake shore shopping center. downs survived and we are told he is recovering. today's meeting is to provide an update on his condition and to talk about the incident held at the scottish rite masonic center at 6 p.m. >> a traffic alert. >> good morning. i will take you to pictures from our crew at scene in the south bay from matt and ian and we have been in constant communication. southbound lanes of the almaden expressway, you can see a lane is open now. the left lane is open. all northbound lanes are open. we still have the far right-hand side blocked and this is going to be a major clean up with the
6:41 am
serious overnight crash and the pole is down and the car is the one that took that out. we it sounds like everyone will be okay in the situation but a long temperature clean up. bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have been on for an hour since 5:29 and congested through the maze and we still have a blocking collision hayward southbound 880 beyond 92 two right planes have been blocked since after 5:00 a.m. and that is due to a three vehicle collision. now, a check with meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. i hike mike nicco. >> you like that? >> not easy to screw up your name twice. >> i answer to a last things. if i were going for a hike mount tamalpais would not be bad at 65 degrees and the wind at six to nine at 2,600'. we are in the upper 40s in saratoga and campbell and 50s else where and los gatos at 61. we are 47 in danville and fairfield and lafayette at 48 and redwood city and novato at
6:42 am
45, a cool spot and half moon bay is 48. oakland today is going to top out at 79, and lunch time tomorrow at 70s and mid-to-upper 70s through the afternoon hours. at 6:00, taking the kids to the park, it will be 71. no fog in san rafael and the beach is the last warm day and a light breeze on the bay and warm this afternoon if you are exercising. rain is on way. i will have it next. >> a reunion, a decade in the making, the incredible rescue story that has a little dog last in san francisco going home. >> a new recommendation to get your kids t
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6:45 am
>> this story is making national headlines, a terrible crash in kentucky, involving a school bus, two kids are in critical condition right now. here is social media posts on twitter from our reporter there, our abc affiliate on the scene that happens in louisville. police say that there was an s.u.v. trying to pass the school bus. the s.u.v. by have tried to run a red light. either way it swived away -- swerved around the bus and hit
6:46 am
children boarding the bus. it was stopped with flashing red lights this is making news around the nation. very much on social media. >> hope they okay. >> tesla c.e.o. elon musk said all tesla vehicles come with factory installed hardware allow the cars to drive themselves. tesla said the hardware in the cars included a self driving capability that is better than a human driver. the technology will not be act separated until the system is refined with millions of miles in real world driving. >> parking enforcement officers have complained of the effort and time to attach a parking boot. >> who likes to get those? would you rather have one of these? lighter. faster. on your windshield. it is called a barnacle. it lives like a big briefcase covering the windshield.
6:47 am
a pump keeps it gripped to the windshield with 750 pounds of force. it blocked driver views until it is removed wirelessly or with a key. it is tested near philadelphia and in successful, the entire city could use them. >> that is something to look forward to. >> great. >> san francisco based gap is maybe chains to how they do business. jane king is at the nasdaq with the money report. >> good morning. the tough year for gap is getting worse, saying they will close most of their with 19 republic stores in the unite the kingdom. customers in the u.k. can purchase apparel on the web site. >> facebook announced a slew of new features that allow users to avoid talking to other humans. you can book movie tickets, make appointments and order food from the facebook payments of united states businesses. the social media network has partnered with, a
6:48 am
start-up, offering in 40 cities to provide restaurant with the ability to take orders from facebook. a study said paying kids to east vegetables works. the study was publish in health economics and found it yielded consumption in the long term with the key finding, two months after the incentives ended many more than before the program started were still eating a fruit or vegetable at lunch. bribery. it workings. >> we have stocks quiet. not a lot of new information about the economy in presidential debate. the dow is up two and s&p 500 down one and nasdaq down by five. a quiet day. back to you. the next store is unbelievable lost and found like we have never heard. a good samaritan in san francisco found a legal dog
6:49 am
named mushu on tuesday with her own dog walking her dog and sought 12-year-old dog without a collar. she was stuck on the side of a steep hill. the woman could not fine the owner and took her to san francisco's animal care and control. >> i spoke to the staff and they said when they phone the owner, they said, yes, that is our dog would want missing. missing 10 years ago! they were shocked. >> 10 years! a microchip revealed the long bat story and the owners are traveling out of the country. they got the news and are thrilled. a friend of the family has the dog until she can be reunited with her rightful owners. i would love to find out what she has been doing. >> how has mushu survived? my dog cannot revise a day on her own. >> just like all the commuters today, it is not fun out this, at all and i will take you to pictures from the scene.
6:50 am
this is on almaden expressway, the southbound side, we have cones up in the middle so one lane is open, but the crash screen has the vehicle just mangled against the tree. matt has been there all morning and they got the lane back open on the southbound side, the northbound side has been open this whole time and the clean up will take another ten hours. we have two problems in the hayward area, southbound 80 beyond 92 still working to clean up the three car crash and westbound 92 at extreme we have a disabled vehicle blocking the far left lane sounding like it is a tractor-trailer and drive times westbound 80 between highway 4 and the maze is 39 minutes and 34 across the bay bridge. that is extra slow. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo is in the friend at 12 minutes. >> a winner if you like sunshine and warm sunshine in the middle of fall. you can see the clear start we
6:51 am
have, it will be bright today. grab the sunglasses. warmest day this weekend. cooler breezes and a dimmer weekend and you may need the umbrella with a chance of showers next week. angel island is light and variable on the ferry and kite surfing, not so optimal but it will be windy this weekend. most of us are calm to six miles per hour this morning. check out how warm it is in the south bay, low-to-mid 80s in man areas including morgan hill at 85 and upper 70s milpitas and sunnyville and 80 on the peninsula, and mid-to-upper 70s for the rest of the neighbors. up to the low 70s at the coast and falling a little with this afternoon the localized sea breeze kicking in and mid-70s for downtown, and south san francisco. 78, and everyone else low-to-mid 80s in the north bay valley and the east bay shore is 79 in oakland, and orinda, and fremont. the warm spots. and castro valley is 80. berkeley is 76. and low-to-mid 80s inland east bay neighbors. jumping ahead we will talk about
6:52 am
the wet weather possible on monday and into tuesday. you can see it is disorganized right now. it will be cooler with highs in the 60, but hoping to put a storm scale, storm-impact scale on it tomorrow. a one-stop shop to help nose without a home get off the street. we were inside bill graham scientific auditorium as volunteers prepared for the latest project homeless connect. it helps link people with homes and resources and services, from grasses to hair cuts and getting i.d. cards. last time this was hosted in the city was more than 1,500 people receiving help. >> we are back in 90 seconds with the seven thing you need to know before you go. >> if you have not yet follow us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea
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>> here 15 things you need to know before you go: pg&e to contain a new gas leak at scene of a four-alarm fire in san francisco. it broke out near market and hattie in the castro district of the firefighters say an early leak fueled the fire that damaged three buildings, and injured three firefighters and last seven people without a house. >> from thely, oakland police just announced they arrested one of their own officers on criminal charges. they have not said who or what
6:55 am
they were arrested for and the case is handed to the d.a. >> a major intersection in san jose has partly reopened. this is a look at the scene near southbound almaden where a teen driver plowed into the pole. the driver is expected to survive. >> four, that is going to be a long day of clean up for pg&e and we have a new problem, in a tough spot, northbound 880 before you get to high street, we have four to five vehicles involve and we have the far left lane blocked. i am sure more of that will be blocked weapon the emergency crews arrive with a two mile backup. >> hard to believe it is fall until you step outside. the bus stop forecast is 46 to 58 and this afternoon, it will be our warmest afternoon, kids, get them outside and bun off the energy, 68 at coast and 80 inland. >> san francisco police are discussing the shooting of a wounded officer downs shot in
6:56 am
the head on friday while responding to a disturbance call. the suspect was killed. the meeting is held at the scottish rite masonic center at 6:00 p.m. >> donald trump and hillary clinton squared off in las vegas. trump is receiving criticism for difficult kleining to say whether he would accept the results of the november 8 election and hillary clinton calling the comment "horrifying." >> if you are just get up, purple is the color to wear to support kids against bullying. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight debate night stunner. donald trump refused to say he'll accept the election results claiming the system is rigged. >> i'm not looking at anything now. i'll look at it at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> that's horrifying. you know, every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. >> trump hitting clinton on her experience. >> she's been doing this for 30 years. why the hell didn't you do it over the last 15, 20 years? >> battling over putin and russia. >> well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states. >> no puppet. no puppet. tur puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> tangling over immigration. >> we have some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out. >> that plan to build a wall. >> he had a meeting with the mexican president, and didn't it raise it. he choked. >> and allegations from women about sexual misconduct in it was all fiction.


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