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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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daily cal at the school. crews have been working throughout the night to reach victims and stabilize the building. >> if there's any good news involved, the sheriff's office said several people thought to be missing have been found safe. >> they plan to hold a news conference at 8:00 this morning to give us an update. >> the fire broke out around 11:30 friday night at the 31st avenue and international boulevard. good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. >> and i'm reggie akee. it's now 6:00 a.m. a lot to get to on this developing story. >> that's right. it's been a somber scene, a grim around-the-clock task for the crews out there trying to recover the bodies. it's all happening near 31st 31st avenue and international boulevard in east oakland. it's very close to the fruitvale bart station. abc7 news reporter amy
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hollyfield is joining us live from the scene. good morning, amy. >> good morning, carolyn. it's 6:00 a.m. on sunday but crews are quietly putting up their work. they have put up tents and tarps to keep their workout of view. you get the feeling it's for out of contribute for the victims and families. every once in a while we see a backhoe working back there and the beeping warning it's going to reverse. still a lot of activity here on the scene. people have left flowers here at the spot to remember those who lost their lives. this building was known as the ghost ship, an artist colony. there are several reports from people were living a here even though it was not permitted for that. it was permitted as a warehouse. people complained about the place and all the debris around it. there was a concert going on when the fire started.
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one said he couldn't believe what he didn't see. >> i didn't see many come out at all. just the people that were already outside. so that was what really, really bothered me, not seeing anybody coming out and the way that building was burning. yeah, it was scary. it was a scary site. just thinking about the people trapped in there. >> here's a look at the dump trucks that recovery crews are using. they are filling it with stuff from the inside of the building. they are trying to clear it out so investigators can get in there and take a look. they confirmed ten people died but expect to find more victims. we have been told there will be another briefing coming up at 8:00 this morning. stay with us. we hope to have new details for you later to morning. live in oakland. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> the last briefing was 6:00 last night so we will be bringing in the news conference
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live this morning at 8:00. what you are looking at now is sky 7 showing a revealing shot from above, showing the patchwork of wooden framing and debris that the rescuers were forced to work through. a closer shot shows firefighters inside that frame. a lot of the debris inside has melted. the firefighters said they were going to actually were having to cut bodies from the wreckage before they could be identified. >> missing relatives and friends will show up at a sheriffs substation to wait for any information they can get. we were on east 12th street in oakland. katie, it's tough to hear from these families. >> it really is. their stories are heartbreaking. they can barely get their words out. you can only imagine what it feels like to not know the fate of your loved one. i'm working to bring you the best and newest information i can. the sheriff's deputies just had a shift change.
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of the deputies here now have just come on. family members are welcome to come back here. they tell me there's plenty of food still but as far as red cross and counselors, they don't know, but it's possible they will be back here to help families when the families return, if they do. as you see in this video all day yesterday loved ones were coming and going. a terrible and emotional time for them. they have come from out of the area. some came straight from the airport. one woman who talked to us is desperate to find her sister-in-law, 35-year-old jennifer. she is from oakland but spends a lot of time in merced, as well. she's married and has many close family members. >> please, just call us. we are all looking for you, your mom, your dad, everybody, your husband. please, just call any of us. if you are around, something happened, with he don't care windchill he just want to know if you are alive or not. >> we understand the sheriff's
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department did start making notify indications to families last night. mayor libby shaft met privately with the people here, and she said the 14 people who lived inside did make it out and were being treat ted hospital. while of the cities of oakland continues to help family members in however they can, providing hotel rooms and food and down selling, and we want to remind you of the phone number people can call in addition to coming to the substation if that's what they wish to do. but for information they can call 510-382-3000. live in oakland, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> i'm sure more people will show up later this morning. thank you, katie. the missing people are not just from the bay area. they are from all over the state. even from outside the country. many of the families are fearing the worst. we spoke to a man whose niece is among the missing. >> she was a loveable kid,
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everybody loved her. we talked about she'll just pop out of nowhere and say, hello, guys, i'm here. >> his niece is 20 years old. she's a painter and lives in oakland. her uncle said it's not like her to not keep in contact with the family. >> the we spoke to a woman who said she was inside the ghost ship building just days before the fire broke out. she described to us what it hooked like before the tragedy. >> it looks pretty junky. lots of boxy -- like weird boxes and with curtains. people lived in there like art spaces and a staircase in the middle. just made out of no art -- no structure whatsoever. just like piled stuff up to the top floor. >> oakland city council member represents the neighborhood and lives a block away.
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he said there had been a lot of complaints about the ghost ship. he was there early yesterday morning watching that emotional scene unfold. >> i stood on the corner at 3:00 in the morning crying because i lost some friends. they went to the party because it was posted online. they were in the party. they ran down because of smoke, and they stood there crying because their friends didn't come out. >> the you can just imagine how confusing it was when the fire broke out. the warehouse itself, according to officials, kind of like a maze. now we are getting a better look at what it looked like inside. >> one said -- the bay area newsroom posted this photo. the first floor is a large open area in the corner they called a makeshift kitchen, and near the main entrance the kitchen was. then you have the second floor. it looks like there's four
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separate rooms. from all the pictures we've seen, the entire warehouse is full of art and clutter, and you can imagine what it was like if they had dozens and dozens of people inside for the party, as well. officials tell us there was an exit on the second floor but at some point the fire broke out and everything was just blocked off. >> as for the people who lived inside the building, again, as katie mentioned, it appears they are safe this morning. however, the planning department said no one should have been living there in the first place. >> we know the last designated use of the property was as a warehouse. we had received recent complaints about blight and uncommitted construction at the property. we had opened an investigation and that investigation is ongoing. >> here are pictures from google earth showing how much debris has grown in the building side yard over the years. the first picture was back in june, 2013. then the next several were taken over a two and a half year period.
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you can see how that trash was just accumulating, growing. by 2015 the empty yard was packed where there had been an empty yard but you see now the cars and debris. >> the i-team dan noyes has been looking into this, specifically the man run being the artist collective inside the warehouse. >> dan has more from the newsroom. >> fire officials briefed on the have eggs underway tell abc7 news it doesn't look like a case of arson but criminal charges are still a possibility. one key person is this man, derek ian. he founded the ghost ship artist collective and rented it at that location. people said he was warned about the fire hazard but he reportedly laughed off the warnings. i reached out to him and have not heard back. on his facebook page he posted something that's getting a lot of attention. he wrote confirmed, everything i worked be for is gone. blessed that my children and
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micah were at a hotel safe and sound. i'm now standing in poverty of self worth. several people blasted him for focusing on his own situation instead of the terrible loss of live. derek held frequent parties at the warehouse. flyers promoting them are still on his website, as is a video from one party this pastzine. planning and building department said he should have requested a special permit but he did not. so many people crowded in the small space so cluttered with what would have become fuel for the inferno. dan noyes, abc7 news. >> a lot of people are stunned by the tragedy. they are turning to social media. the mayor tweets the oakland fire and the loss of so many young people are is heart breaking. our thoughts with all those affected bit tragedy. and the niners tweeting out thoughts and prayers to everyone affected bit the oakland fire
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#bay ear unite. and we will leave with is coming harris, sending strength and prayers to oakland for those with loss. a terrible, terribe tragedy. >> a bay area foundation for the arts has set up a ucaring fund. they have seen incredible support. >> of course, we will continue to update you on what is happening in oakland. right now we will take a moment and look at the weather for the day. lisa. >> good morning. live doppler 7. we do have a wind shift and that's allowing for some fog to enter parts of the north bay. reduced visibility. as we check out live doppler 7, three quarters mile. down to four miles in the delta. and you are certainly notices the chilly temperatures. it's been with us each and every day. and it is december but we are
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still colder than we were yesterday at this time in novato. 3 degrees colder in hayward. numbers around the bay look like this. 36 livermore. 39 concord and 38 morgan hill. we will continue to drop a few more degrees until about 8:00. then we begin to see numbers turn around into the 40s by noontime. and by the afternoon we are looking at some 50s near the coast and in the city with mid-60s inland. the early sunset. increasing clouds and some further changes with even colder temperatures and a return to wet weather all throughout the week next week. we will have a busy week. i'll detail it in a few minutes. >> thank, you lisa. still ahead on abc7 mornings, much more on the tragic fire in oakland. this is a live look at the scene where work continues to clear the clutter, the debris, and the search for the missing victims continues. >> also we are going to show you how some of the people who were actually in that fire on friday
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night and knew the victims got together to help each other through the grieving process.
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livermore checking in at 36. i talked about the low cloud clerk and that's creating some of the fog from three quarter mile visibility santa rosa and petaluma and with the dryer air, it's certainly, it will take a while to warm up. partly cloudy and clear today. you see the pretty sunrise about 7:10 this morning. going through wednesday, and wet weather looks to return by
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thursday and into friday. hour by hour we are starting out clear and then the clouds increase in the north bay. but other than that, it's going to be a nice afternoon. so we could see a few sprinkles late in the day. sonoma county. otherwise, we will be set for the big chill, which is slate today come through by tomorrow. so highed tomorrow in the 50s. 54 san francisco. by tuesday we are still cool, well below average. we will be looking at the rain arriving on thursday. but it's thursday afternoon, the commute into the evening hours we could see some heavier rain and it lasts into your friday morning come future. we have the cold air, the umbrella weather and a mild day today. 63 concord, 65 palo alto. the seven-day forecast a few sprinkles late possibly north today. and then we will see the cooler air arrive tomorrow. it's with us for the next several days with frosty temperatures. cover those plans, bring the pets inside and then we see the milder weather in exchange for that, and the scattered showers.
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>> and everyone says it's so cold but i'll say you weren't watching lisa. you need to put the extra layer on. >> just ahead, sending support, sending hope. a tribute to the victims of the fire by the warriors. and how the a's and raiders are keeping up to help the families of the [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on
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here, there is magic for days. >> the bay area unites as we offer a moment of silence in honor of the victims, their
6:26 am
family members and friends. . >> before tip-off at last night's warriors game at oracle arena, the team held a moment of silence. the arena is just a few miles from the ghost ship warehouse. before the game steve kerr spoke for the entire expressing sympathy and hope that happens even just for a few hours the warriors could take people's minds off the tragedy. >> i don't know if it means a whole lot, but i should say i know it can't kill the pain, but we're thinking of you and we are all with you out there and we are all devastated. >> the warriors are donating $50,000 to support the families affected by the fire. at every game the warriors have a 50-50 drawing and they are going to donate their half of the proceeds from last night and
6:27 am
tomorrow night's game to the unity council in the fruitvale district where the warehouse is. >> it's nice to see the support, and it's not just coming from the warriors, the a's and the raiders are stepping up to help the victims and their families. each team will match $30,000 for fans making donations to the ucaring page. it was originally established by the a's. >> and in our next half-hour, we will, of course, continue to follow the heartbreaking fire out of oakland. >> a look at the work being done this morning in the search for the missing. >> also, the i-team uncovers more about the warehouse and it's owner. the investigation that was already open because of ongoing issues.
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6:31 am
at least now ten people are confirmed dead. >> just to recap, the fire started around 1 1:30 friday night with a roof collapsing on to the second floor and that collapsing on to the first. dozens are still missing. families and friends have been looking for those who are unaccounted for. >> and this has been a tough mission from the very beginning because there's so much debris. not just inside but also outside the building that is referred to as the ghost ship. he's search crews are expected to continue working the rest of the day, possibly into tomorrow. we've been warned this is going to be a long process. a lot of these victims' families are having to wait many hours before they get any information at all. this is all taking place, of course, at 31st and international boulevard. this is close to the fruitvale bart station. abc news reporter amy hollyfield is there as this 24-hour operation continues. good morning. >> hi, reggie. i just talked to a sergeant
6:32 am
inside the sheriff's office. he tells me they were able to move a lot of debris out overnight and they do see more victims. they did recover a tenth victim. look behind me, this is where the work is going on. you see the tents and the tarps. he tells me those were put up out of respect for the dignity and privacy of the victims and their families. so investigators working behind those tarps all night long. outside the police perimeter is a memorial. people have brought flowers to remember those who died here. this was a huge warehouse where artists gathered to do their work and share ideas and some have said there were people living here, too. it wasn't permitted for residential use. those inside describe it as a place where individual living places were sectioned off with partitions. there was a lot of stuff in there, a lot of fuel for a fire. >> when you walk in, there was a ton of kind of wooden elements to the space. there's rooms that were
6:33 am
constructed out of antique wood. it was just clear the space was very much constructed of wood. very much kind of, you know, prime for something, if a tragedy were to happen, there were the elements in place for it to happen. >> here's a look at the dump trucks being used to haul stuff out so investigators can get in there and do their work. they have confirmed ten people died here. they have recovered ten bodies. they do expect to find more victims. they can see more inside, and they do plan to give us another update, a public briefing at 8:00 this morning. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> it's not the news we want to see that they are seeing more bodies, but he we appreciate that update from the scene. the i-team is recovering more about the warehouse itself and the investigation that was already open because of ongoing issues there. dan has the story from the
6:34 am
newsroom. >> at the time of the fire the planning and building department had an open investigation into problems at that warehouse. just three weeks ago a neighbor complained about a ton of garbage piling up on the property. but the main building was remodeled for residential. the change caused the neighborhood to look very bad and created a heather ishimarua. the health inspector took she's pictures of debris and tried to go in but was not able to gain access. he started an investigation into illegal interior building structure. at this point be we know people were living there. those familiar with the ghost ship artist collective say people have been living there for years, even though it's zoned as solely a warehouse. we've been unable to reach the building owner, a 62-year-old woman. her daughter told the l.a. times they thought nobody lived there. they said sometimes some people worked through the night, but that is all. on the interior, this is from the website, you see evidence of people living there, including
6:35 am
beds. you see an collection of art and junk, makeshift railings from scraps of wood. people who escaped having to climb down an uneven makeshift staircase. they said bad wooden palets inside the house fueled the horrible blaze. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> you heard amy saying she talked with a sheriffs deputy who say they have been able to clear more of that debris and they do see more bodies. it has been a painful waiting period for families and friends of the partygoers who are still missing. officials have advised them to head to the sheriff's substation on east twelve station to get updates. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is there now, and, indicate itty, i imagine more people will be heading there later this morning? >> carolyn, it's certainly possible. the doors are open here to anyone who wants or needs to be here. and i do have a new piece of
6:36 am
information for you just within the last few minutes. while it's been quiet, while there aren't any families here at this time, a woman just arrived who is with almeda county behavioral healthcare services. she let me know she's getting here, her colleagues will be arriving as well, and they intend to have four to six staff members or counselors here throughout the day to help counsel any family members who might show up here and indeed need their services. family members, as we saw yesterday, simply desperate for information. people here last night faced only with the running list of who is missing. we understand the sheriff's office did start making notifications last night. also that oakland mayor libby said the 14 people who lived in the ghost ship building did get out and were taken to the hospital. but that still leaves dozens of families who don't know if their loved ones are dead or alive. >> she's not answering her phone, he's not answering his phone. and no one can get in contact
6:37 am
with them. i tried calling and its not like her to not respond to a text. >> i'm more infuriated that i'm not able to help. i want to be there. give me some gloves. i have work shoes. i'm ready. let me find my brother. >> painful to listen to people who are in this situation. that was dan, he is looking for his brother, alex vega and his girlfriend mckayla gregory. they have been together for four years. they worked together at a mortuary and her car was found in san bruno. the substation near the ghost station is open to family members and grief counselors are arriving on scene as i spoke. abc7 news. >> one of the missing is vanessa plotken. she started at u.c. berkeley in august and she's from los angeles. her cousin posted she's been
6:38 am
missing since the fire broke out. >> now witnesses said he saw young people running from the building. he said they were in a daze looking for their friends. >> they said they were in that party. it was an online party, underground and there was about 60 people or more in there. and they were the last two that they know that got out and they were worried about their friends that might be in there. they come from somewhere. they aren't from here. they have never been to that building before. they said there was smoke everywhere, come out it was pitch-black. they said the only reason they got out, they heard voices and they followed the voices to get out. they were upset. he just said there were a lot of people behind him and he cannot see anybody come out of the building after they left. >> he said it was chaotic. the two were lucky to get out. if you would like more information about the fire recovery, head to our website where photos of people reported missing by their loved once, and
6:39 am
we have information about how to help families of the victims. that's or the free abc7 news app. >> we will break in as soon as we have any information about the fire. right flu we will take a moment to check in with meteorologist lisa argen and the weather forecast. >> good mornin. patchy fog in the north bay and another area. three quarters to the mile north, quarter mile petaluma, 4 miles by the delta. but this is beautiful from mt. tam. the sun just about to come up in another 30 minutes or so. it's 49 in san francisco. 43 in oakland. good morning, mountain view, 41 for you. gilroy at 34 degrees. the coast in the mid-40s. from our roof camera a few high clouds. we will feature more of those today. mid-40s in santa rosa, as well as livermore. 33 by the delta. this is just a taste of what's to come. the coldest air of the season
6:40 am
headed our way for the next few days. as for today look for a partly cloudy afternoon. still in the 40s in some area as we head toward noontime but more 50s around the bay. today the warmest day of the week. some rain coming our way, as well. thank you, lisa. still ahead on abc7 mornings, much more on the fire in oakland. >> we are also going to take a moment to look into what's happening in cuba this morning where they are remembering fidel castro for his funeral.
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we want to take you back now to the scene of that devastating fire in oakland that killed at least ten people. this is at 31st avenue and international boulevard. we are showing you the podium now because we are waiting for a news briefing that is supposed to happen at 8:00 this morning. the last watch was at 6:00 last night with fire officials, the sheriff's department, the mayor. we believe that warehouse that was used as an artist collective would be over to the left of your screen behind or near that tree, which is where that horrible fire broke out. again, they are going to give us an update at 8:00 this morning and we will bring that to you live here on abc7 and on our abc7 news app. >> the oakland fire is the priority but there is other news to get to. a funeral service is underway right now for the late cuban
6:44 am
dictator fidel castro. the 90-year-old is being laid to rest after a four-day journey from havana to santiago. people are lining the roads. press access, however, has been blocked. the ceremony is not being broadcast live on tv, as everyone expected told be. the funeral brings to an end the nine days of national mourning across the country. >> and back here president-elect donald trump's administration is beginning to take shape. george stephanopoulos will go one-on-one with vice president elect mike pence. it's coming up at 8:00 here on abc7 followed by abc7 news at 9:00. but if the news briefing begins at 8:00 on the fire in oakland, we will take that live. >> that's the first priority, absolutely. you need to be ready because the weather is about to get pretty chilly. >> that's right. it's been taking about all day to work up into the 60s.
6:45 am
we will see more 60s today but this will be the last day because numbers l. tumble. we have fog in parts of the north bay. nor 30s this morning than 40s. we are looking at the numbers coming down significantly. the coldest weather of the year arrives this time tomorrow. >> also ahead, the tragedy in oakland. the bay
6:46 am
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>> back now to our top story. it is a heartbreaking one that warehouse fire. friends and family ardis prattly searching for those who are still missing. >> and one of the saddest stories to come out this morning is the fact there are people at cal right now who are waiting for several students. they haven't heard from them ever since the fire broke out. here's news anchor eric thomas. >> there are a couple of lynx to u.c. berkeley and the deadly fire. one involves three people who were at the party who were former journalists for the campus newspaper. and one is vanessa plotkin. her family posted her picture on twitter. she was a freshman. her family has not heard from her yet. also on twitter there's been posted a picture of this man, 25-year-old jason mccarty.
6:49 am
he has not been heard from, as well. his picture was posted by a writer for the daily californian a couple years ago. went to the party with two former colleagues from the daily cal, who all shared stories, not on camera with us, but have taken to social media to share what happened. one posted he two friends went to the party, they went inside, hung out for a couple of minutes, saw what was going on. went back outside, went to a liquor store to get beer and when they came back the place was fully engulfed in flames. they were in disbelief and taking the pictures you are seeing now, alongside people who were crying and screaming in disbelief. michael rosen, who was a staff writer at the californian, a sports columnist, shared a first person account in the daily beast.
6:50 am
he talked about his place, in his words, was a tinderbox on the inside with clutter and lots of food. -- lots of fuel there. he tried to go up to the second floor on a steep board that was very slippery. the only way he could get up there was to put his feet into the notches cut into the board or otherwise it was so steep he would have fallen down. it is a very devastating time for all involved. none of them wanted to go on camera with us. i talked to mr. rosen by phone, and he explained how he was just tired, praying, and so sad because of what happened there. once again, there are up to three students from u.c. berkeley unaccounted for. after the fire one of them, vanessa, her family is pleading with anyone with information about her to contact authorities and have authorities contact them. from the u.c. berkeley campus, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> interesting information. we hope for the best for those
6:51 am
students. if you haven't already, this is a good time to down road our abc7 news app. we have push alerts and including when officials are holding news conferences. the next conference is expected at 8:00 a.m. with a push alert you can watch it on your phone in case you are not by the tv when it happens. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good sunday morning. another chilly start out there. live doppler 7 picking up on a little bit of a visibility issue up to the north. but also check it out. a gorgeous shot from mt. tam. you can see the beautiful start to the sunrise at 7:10. 49 san francisco. good morning, gilroy, 34 degrees. mid-40s on the coast. that's a little warmer than you were yesterday. and some of the high cloud filtering in today. from the roof camera, look at that, the pretty oranges out there. 36 santa rosa and livermore. it's 33 by the delta. just above freezing. novato 37. so the leading edge, cooler air
6:52 am
headed our way today but not in time to shave off the numbers a too much. so this is sutro. we will see a few more high clouds today call it partly cloudy. the cooler air mass moves in and rain returns thursday and friday. hour by hour, here's a few clouds. you notice it will be breezy along the coast. the wind anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour along the sonoma and marin county coast. it's tomorrow numbers will not recover that much. highs in the 50s and more clouds on your tuesday. that's another five to ten degrees cooler than we should be as we get into tuesday and wednesday with overnight lows really dipping into the 30s. so its going to be a cool couple of days. then we are going to add in some rain on thursday. by the evening hours the rain picks up. into friday we will continue to see wet weather. so enjoy the dry and sunnier day today with highs ranking from the low 60s half moon bay and
6:53 am
into santa cruz. 63 in oakland and livermore. and by about 1:25 kickoff, 1305, upper 50s in the east bay. it should be a nice afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler air arriving tomorrow of the today is the last mild day. told mornings, chilly afternoon the middle of the week. maybe some freeze warnings so you want to prepare to cover that vegetation, bring the animals in and then the rain arrives thursday and friday. so it could be interesting with more significant rain headed our way. >> all right. go raiders. >> it will be nice for the people of oakland. a nice thing to tell but come up. an after-school program. these kids who are on the run will get a chance to show off their skills this mor
6:54 am
6:55 am
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>> some joyful news. today thousands of elementary and middle school girls are going to run through golden gate park at part of girls on the one. >> it's a ten-week after school program. 87% of girls who participate receive financial assistance, and that includes some of the gear they need. >> we've given away over 400 pairs of shoes the last year to girls in need to be able to complete their 35k. >> if you want the to give to girls on the run this holiday season, you can go to our website or you can just run the race yourself this morning. registration opens at 8:00.
6:57 am
it costs 50 bucks. all the funds stay in the bay area. you see jessica castro, she will be out there emceeing the event. >> go, jessica. and with the last minute forecast, go lisa. >> it's chilly out there with 30s and 40s. 63 richmond this afternoon, low 60s at the coast. a little breezy. the accuweather seven-day forecast getting cooler tomorrow and frosty mornings each and every morning throughout wednesday. it's really frosty out there now but the rain returns by midday thursday and into friday. >> all right, lisa. we want to go back to a live look now at the scene of that deadly warehouse fire in oakland. investigators saying they made some good progress overnight clearing out the debris. they say they do see more victims inside. >> right now at least ten people have been confirmed dead. we do expect that number to go up as carolyn just mentioned with that new information from
6:58 am
amy hollyfield. investigators will hold a news conference. that will happen at 8:00 this morning. we will carry it live right here on abc7. we haven't heard from them until last night at 6:00 p.m. so hopefully they will have more information. >> they have been gathering information throughout the night. we will hear from them then. we want it thank you for joining us on abc7 mornings. i'm carolyn tyler. >> and i'm reggie. with he will see you again later on when the news conference begins. >> "good morning america" is up next. have a good sunday. i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin.
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7:00 am
there's more to know. xarelto. good morning, america. trapped inside. the oakland concert fire, young lives perishing in the flames. >> this is a devastating scene. >> concertgoers blinded and disoriented by thick, black smoke, scrambling for the lone exit. many not finding it. >> at least nine people killed, possibly dozens more missing. the agonizing wait of friends and family, praying for word. >> we're all looking for you, your mom, your dad, everybody. >> crews working through the night to carry out a grim search. >> this morning, with the smoke cleared, survivors sharing their stories. now thankful to be alive. the chaos inside as the flames broke out and the investigation, that warehouse turned into a tinderbox.


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