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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, president obama vows to retaliate against russia for interfering with our election. >> we need to take action, and we will. >> now u.s. officials tell abc news putin is a target of the fbi's investigation. president-elect trump slams the white house as hillary clinton speaks out saying putin had a grudge against her. and winter whiteout. life-threatening cold and snow for more than 100 million. this truck sliding on ice slamming into a bus. and a nearly 60-car pileup shutting down this interstate in pennsylvania. the northeast slammed with two feet of snow, and now more is on the way. 38 states facing alerts right now. an abc news exclusive. 20 years after jonbenet ramsey's murder, a grand juror speaking out for the first time about the
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secret evidence, and who he believes was involved. >> do you feel you know who killed jonbenet ramsey? >> only on "gma" this morning. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ and just nine days till christmas. a holiday decorating danger. the new warning from the government about those popular laser lights. taking over homes across the country. ♪ i won't even wish for snow and we do say good morning, america. and we do have a busy friday morning for you. that big chill spreading from california to maine now. >> it is cold out there and, robin, let's take a look at rochester, minnesota, this morning at the new snowstorm moving in, and let's take a live look at hamburg, new york. definitely a wall of ice. >> whoa. >> and it is cold out there this morning. our team is standing by for all the latest on that. first the breaking news about russian interference in
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our election. the fbi now investigating vladimir putin, and as president obama promises to retaliate, the russian president continues to deny he ordered it. our tsa correspondent brian ross is here with the details. good morning, brian. >> good morning, george. president obama is now vowing retaliation against the russians for the cyberattack stirring the presidential election as the kremlin demands the u.s. put up or shut up, present any evidence it has that implicates them. >> reporter: president obama this morning says he confronted vladimir putin about the hacking during the global summit in china this past september, and the president told npr radio, the u.s. is now prepared to retaliate. >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action, and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. some of it may be explicit and publicized, and some of it may not be.
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but mr. putin is well aware of my feelings about this because i spoke to him directly about it. >> reporter: putin in japan this morning did not address the issue. but u.s. officials say they now have solid evidence that putin personally ordered and directed the brazen cyberattack. >> that's not something they say lightly. that's something they say when they do have a smoking gun. >> reporter: and now officials say the one-time kgb colonel and master spy will actually be one of the targets of the fbi investigation into the hacking. >> regardless of who is responsible, what we need to show is that there is no free pass, and that we can hold people accountable. >> reporter: from his skyscraper office in new york, president-elect trump has continued to defend russia and putin as he did during and since the campaign. >> could also be lots of other people. it could also be someone on their bed that weighs 400 pounds. >> reporter: but even fellow republicans are now warning the russian hacking could jeopardize the confirmation of trump's choice to be secretary of state.
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exxon ceo rex tillerson who has been an unabashed admirer of vladimir putin. trump still has not acknowledged the russians are behind the hacking, but in a tweet message just this morning, he said, are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed that the head of the dnc illegally gave hillary the questions to the debate? george. >> for the first time since the election we're hearing from hillary clinton about this, as well, about putin. >> that's right. she spoke overnight to donors in new york city at the plaza hotel saying she believes putin had a grudge against her because of comments she made about russian parliamentary elections when she was secretary of state, although we also know the russians targeted both democrats and republicans. they were just more successful with the democrats. >> and hearing more from president obama at that press conference at 2:15. president-elect trump taking his thank you tour to pennsylvania where he called out the white house on its response to those russian hacking allegations. abc's mary bruce joins us now from the white house with more. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning. well, robin, for weeks they've been cooperating, but now
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president-elect trump is taking aim directly at the white house and it's getting kind of ugly. the source of the feud, those allegations that russia may have tried to help trump win the election. overnight, president-elect trump back on the road and going after white house spokesman, josh earnest. trump speaking to supporters in hershey, pennsylvania, tearing into earnest over his comments on russia's alleged interference in the election. benefitting trump's campaign. >> but mr. trump obviously knew that russia was engaged in malicious cyberactivity that was helping him and hurting secretary clinton's campaign. >> reporter: a comment that's not sitting well with the president-elect who doubts u.s. intelligence that russia was involved. >> although this foolish guy, josh earnest -- i don't know if he is talking to president obama. you know, having the right press secretary is so important. because he is so bad the way he delivers a message. >> reporter: hillary clinton meanwhile, also on a thank you
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tour of sorts, hosting the likes of designer vera wang, "vogue" editor anna wintour and harvey weinstein at that party at the plaza hotel. attendees telling ab news clinton was proud to stand up to vladimir putin as secretary of state. now, clinton's campaign chairman john podesta is out with a scathing op-ed in "the washington post," taking aim at the fbi, saying the agency is deeply broken. he wants the obama administration to declassify that intelligence on whether russia tried to sway the election for trump. robin. >> all right, mary, thanks very much. looks a little cold in d.c. >> a little bit cold. a little bit cold everywhere. much more than 100 million are facing winter weather alerts and right to ginger. those alerts spread from california to maine. >> 38 states are involved in this, michael, and just to give you some perspective, the chicago bears play on sunday. could be their coldest game ever at home. that's going to be cold. but we go ahead and start in a very cold place this morning, just south of buffalo, new york, where winter weather advisories
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are popping up for the next storm, and our gio benitez is right there. >> reporter: ginger, good morning to you. look at this. i'm standing on a sheet of ice. this is what some of the roads were like. that's why they had to shut them down. it's just too dangerous. and just check this out. we have a wall of icicles here. it is just that cold here and across this country. overnight, icy roads and blinding snow creating hazardous driving conditions as bone-chilling temperatures sweep across this country. >> a bit nippy out here. >> so cold here. >> reporter: winter weather alerts posted coast to coast in 38 states. in oregon, everything coated in layers of ice from trees to outdoor lights to the roads. in western pennsylvania, nearly 60 vehicles crashing into each other, shutting down part of this interstate. the winter weather is making driving nearly impossible. >> my car wasn't going to make it. i don't have a lot of tread on my tires. >> reporter: dozens just giving up altogether abandoning their cars. >> it was a little too slick, too dangerous.
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we pulled off and walked up the hill. >> reporter: but even walking in this bitter cold is difficult. >> the wind is killing me right now. it's like that's probably the worst part about it. >> reporter: in the northeast, wind gusts reaching close to 70 miles per hour making it feel much colder than it actually is. >> i'm afraid that i'll, like, break into pieces from, like, the cold. >> reporter: and it's really no surprise that all of the water from this lake is just freezing up like this. the windchill right now, ginger, zero degrees here. >> zero. that does not feel good, and it's not even safe to be out there for long periods of time. we don't want you to do that, and we want to warn you about this because a lot of folks are hitting the roads, starting to get to airplane to make holiday travel. that low is already producing snow in parts of the northern plains. look at this as it moves through, could see up to ten inches, maybe madison, wisconsin there. six plus in parts of michigan. this is going to affect you tonight through tomorrow
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morning. i focus on the northeast. a lot of airports will be busy tonight into tomorrow and this is going to be mostly tomorrow. looks like 1 to 3 inches new york city, back up into the higher elevations in new england. you could see more than a half foot, and then this is what i was talking about for that bears game. check that out. >> whoa. >> yes. sunday morning, the windchill there, 23 below. look at minneapolis. nearly 50 below for the windchill. michael is just shaking his head. >> no, you know what, in green bay, we did a minus 20 something, never again. if i could have walked in and said, just play this one without me, i would have. it was cold. >> they'll do it in chicago on sunday. >> has a great name. frozen tundra. >> well, it's funny to me they say when the weather gets that bad, ginger, what do they say? stay inside. take your animals in. football players, play. give us a game. wow. that's cold. >> this hit home for you. >> memories. >> okay. we'll move on to the serious story. the latest now on dylann roof, convicted yesterday on 33 charges for murdering nine
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people in an african-american church. roof could now face the death penalty, and steve osunsami has been covering the trial in charleston, south carolina. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, to you, george. this morning, dylann roof is a convicted murderer and the headline in the local paper is one that many wanted to see. justice was delivered. and he heads to the sentencing phase of this trial, which begins in this white house behind me in january. hate was on trial and it lost. guilty 33 times. 22-year-old dylann roof will pay for the nine lives he stole in the basement of this historic black church. felecia sanders escaped with her life, but watched roof execute her aunt and son. she says she's upset roof wouldn't even look at her on the witness stand. >> that goes to show you how cold and callous he is. you slaughtered nine people, and you sit there and don't even look. >> reporter: prosecutors told jurors that his hate for black
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people was overwhelming. in this fbi confession, they say he laughed nine times. >> what kind of gun did you use? [ laughs ] >> a glock .45. >> reporter: the government showed jurors this video roof recorded himself, practicing with the same gun he used at the church. look closely at the phone book. they say that's how he shot his victims standing over them and shooting till they died. we first met reverend sharon risher after the killings. and her aunt was murdered in cold blood. she tells us this morning, that even if roof doesn't get the death penalty, he'll have to answer to nine angels. >> if not, then he will spend the rest of his life with those nine angels coming to him every night, talking about jesus. that's right. >> reporter: one of those family members told us it took everything in his power not to leap across the courtroom and put his hands on roof.
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roof has decided to represent himself in the next phase of this trial. the judge however, is giving him until january 3rd to change his mind. george. >> oh, man. okay, steve. thanks very much. now let's go to amy with other stories. starting with that standoff in seattle. >> that's right. it was a tense scene overnight in mt. vernon, washington, north of seattle where a police officer was shot in the head while responding to a domestic disturbance. the suspect barricaded himself in the home. that standoff lasted seven hours, until police fired gas canisters to take him into custody. the officer who was shot is in serious but stable condition. also new overnight, an explosion destroying a home near chicago. a man and his daughter suffered serious burns jew till -- utility workers were going door to door at the time, evacuating people because of a reported gas leak. and overseas, the evacuation of civilians from eastern aleppo has been suspended. syrian state tv claims rebel fighters shattered a cease-fire deal by attacking a convoy. an estimated 8,000 people are
7:13 am
trapped in aleppo following this week's takeover by serious forces aligned with russia. russian officials are now claiming that all women and children have been evacuated, but the activists on the ground dispute that and worry more fighting is about to begin. well, authorities in 20 states are suing several drugmakers claiming they manipulated the price of two popular generic drugs. the drug companies including mylan and teva pharmaceuticals are accused of scheming to fix prices on a diabetes medication and an antibiotic, but they deny those allegations. parts of corpus christi, texas, is being allowed to use part of its tap water. most residents are being warned not to use it for any purpose until further notice. most residents are being wowarne the water. even boiling it will not make it safe so you got to go with the bottled water there. and an up close view this morning of a rocket launched by nasa from the underside of a plane over the atlantic.
7:14 am
the rocket was carrying eight mini satellites that will circle the earth to measure surface winds at the center of hurricanes. football players at the university of minnesota are threatening to boycott their upcoming bowl game. they are protesting the school's indefinite suspension of ten of their teammates accused in a case of alleged sexual assault. no criminal evidence was found and no charges were ever filed. and finally, tom brady has launched a scavenger hunt for his slippers. the patriots quarterback has hidden three pairs of his uggs around boston. >> used uggs. used! >> i was about to go there. he said they might smell. that might get you to find them. he has been putting clues on social media, and at least he autographed the slippers there. and, of course, brady has been a spokesperson for uggs. one fan, though, get this. in the quest to find his uggs, a fan has already been injured apparently they lost a tooth trying to find them. i don't know the story behind it. >> he deserves a new pair.
7:15 am
>> but a tooth was lost. >> he needs a new pair if he went through all that, not a used pair. >> agreed. agreed. all right, guys. we are going to celebrate because he would want us to do that. we are celebrating the life of a sports broadcasting legend who was recently inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame. this was just on tuesday. my dear friend, craig sager. he died after a very brave battle with leukemia. he will be remembered for his sports knowledge, his good humor and as you can see, for that style of his. >> jason paul from the clippers. >> at least for tonight -- >> the indianapolis 500. >> reporter: craig sager called himself a kid from illinois who grew up on the chicago cubs and made sports his life's work, and the legendary sports broadcaster spent over 40 years making that work shine. >> i thought you were the good humor ice cream man. >> that's a nice suit you got on there. >> take this and burn it. >> reporter: he was just as vibrant as those technicolor suits he loved to wear. sager didn't let a 2014 leukemia diagnosis dampen his spirit. his huge presence missed on the
7:16 am
sidelines while he fought the disease. >> craig, we miss you. >> reporter: but sager returned. >> this is the first time i've enjoyed doing this ridiculous interview we're required to do and it's because you're here. >> reporter: and after 26 nba seasons, he finally worked his very first nba finals game this past june. >> how in the hell you going 30 plus years without getting a finals game? that don't make no sense, but i'm happy to see you, man. >> reporter: just weeks after that, he was honored with the jimmy v. award for perseverance at the espys. >> if i've learned anything through all of this, it's that each and every day is a canvas that needs to be painted. >> reporter: overnight, an outpouring of memories across the sports community. players past and present from lebron james to kobe bryant and his tnt colleagues. >> we lost a brother and a friend. there will never be another craig sager.
7:17 am
>> reporter: one of the most touching tributes from his son craig jr. tweeting, we packed a lifetime and then some into these 28 years together. sager reminding us to always live a brilliant life, one full of color and sometimes dotted with floral prints and plaid. sager strong. >> i will live my life full of love and full of fun. it's the only way i know how. >> and he did just that. he didn't wait to be diagnosed to embrace life and the wonderful tributes, he was loved by everyone. even the players. >> absolutely. >> and did you see it? the milwaukee bucks, what they did. this is a tribute to him to craig last night, so -- and he was supposed to be there tuesday with all of us going into the hall of fame, and we were told that he was watching us, and we hope he was, because as amy knows, she was there. it was just filled with love. >> it was, it was beautiful. what an inspiration just hearing his story and how he lived.
7:18 am
>> yeah, michael, you pointed out how that swap -- for him to work the finals. >> they worked out the swap so he could work his first nba final, and you could see the love from the players with him, and the fans looked for him at the game. he was as popular and as wanted at these games as the players. >> he was hard to miss. >> that was a great tribute to him. >> and we're thinking of his wife and his five beautiful children. yeah. >> absolutely. okay. now let's go back to ginger. you got more snow in the northeast. >> yeah, wanted to time it out. we want everybody to be safe. as they make their travels. my parents are trying to come from michigan. i said, you got to get out sooner. look at this. tonight, 9:00 p.m. made its way into chicago and west michigan. look at some of the roads that will be impacted as you go through saturday very early morning, it starts to snow along the coast. and then snow will change to rain. and that's what i wanted to show you. even if you get 1 to 3 inches, it will rain on top of it. your local weather in 30 seconds. first though, the weekend getaways brought to you by petco.
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>> love how in the break we're
7:20 am
still talking about craig and those outfits. >> yeah. coming up, that abc news exclusive. 20 years after the murder of jonbenet ramsey, one juror speaking out. why he says there should have been a trial. and the new warning ash christmas lights. these lasers could be dangerous. plus, the best way to stay warm in this bitter cold. we have a live demo coming up. coming up. cold. we have a live demo coming up. eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so. i got you... start strong with the lasting energy of 100%
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it is 7:23, good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. we're going to bring in alexis smith with the latest on a traffic alert on the san mateo bridge. >> over to sky 7, flying over the san mateo bridge right now, on the west bound side so the heavier side of traffic, just past the toll plaza and it sounded serious. you could see this double trailer dump truck and there is a sedan in front of it and it sounded like the sedan was wedged underneath it and doesn't look like it has a ton of damage. they are pushed off to the shoulder but you are backed up to industrial. and quickly want to mention our earlier b.a.r.t. issues, we're down to a 20 minute delay systemwide due to the switching problem and the problem resolves sometime ago and just the residual delays.
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let's start with those temperatures. that is the big difference this morning. up to 15 degree cooler. that and the fact that it is dry outside. so watch out for the wind chill. you need to dress warmer. let's talk about those winds. they are gusting to 23 at hayward, 30 at sfo. 8 only in san jose to 18 in oakland and 15 in concord but they will pick up around the 20 to 30 mile-per-hour in the afternoon. in the mountains we are at 27 to 50 miles per hour. temperatures warming up into the low to mid-50s and it won't feel that way with the breezes. and there is a rogue storm possible near the coast. frosty conditions the next couple of mornings but calmer in the afternoon. >> i think you have rogue on the brain. coming up on gma, the most gripping cold case and for the
7:27 am
first time a grand juror who saw the evidence in the jonbenet ramsey case
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if the empire has this kind of power, what chance do we have? >> what chance do we have? the question is what choice. >> felicity jones, "rogue one," new "star wars" movie out -- it's officially out today but there are a lot of screenings last night. a lot of fans rushed into the theaters. could be one of the biggest openings this year, and we'll hear from one of the sdars coming up in our next hour. >> it was the top trend on twitter. a lot of good reviews coming in. also right now, president obama is vowing to retaliate against russia for interfering in the election. sources tell abc news the fbi is investigating russian president vladimir putin and later today president obama will give his final news conference. we're going to carry it as a special report this afternoon. all right. let's take a live look again.
7:31 am
at hamburg, new york. that wall of ice. more than 100 million people facing winter weather alerts this morning. life-threatening cold and snow moving in. thousands of flights, you see, already canceled or delayed in the past 24 hours. >> man, every time i see that ice, i get the chills. and also this morning, you may have seen laser lights like these around your neighborhood. they look pretty and they are a very popular holiday decoration, but there's a new warning about how they can be dangerous. we have more on that coming up as well. >> they look great, but the pilots are talking about them. first that abc news exclusive. 20 years after jonbenet ramsey's murder a grand juror in the case is speaking out about secret evidence and testimony and, amy, was it revealed what was going on behind the closed door? >> he did indeed, and the mystery surrounding the beauty queen's death remains unsolved, but back in 1998, boulder law enforcement thought he had a
7:32 am
case and they presented it in secrecy to a grand jury. one of the only people to hear all that evidence is talking for the first time. >> reporter: after all that c conjecture about kidnappers and intruders, the the only people in the hot seat are jonbenet's parents, john and patsy ramsey. at the justice center prosecutor alex hunter presents the case to the panel of eight women and four men. >> no one is talking about what's going on in the courtroom, and we don't expect a lot of information to come out in the next few weeks. >> reporter: grand jury proceedings in colorado and elsewhere are secret. the penalties for revealing testimony or evidence can be severe, even jail time. in spite that have threat nearly two decades later one member of that jury has agreed to talk to "20/20." given the probable repercussions, we agreed to alter his voice and show his face in shadow. before you were a grand juror,
7:33 am
what did you know about the jonbenet ramsey case? >> very little. i saw that there was a little girl dressed up in a sexual persona and it disgusted me. i turned off the tv. >> reporter: he grappled with it and took a trip to the ramsey home walking down those basement stairs to see the cellar crime scene for themselves. >> in the basement, where she was found, it was a very eerie feeling. it was like somebody had been killed here. >> reporter: they were told to indict only if they found probable cause. in other words, only if it was found more likely than not, if the ramseys had killed their own daughter. was there enough evidence to indict john and patsy ramsey? of a crime? >> based upon the evidence that was presented, i believe that's correct. >> reporter: but if the case went to trial, did he believe that the ramseys would be convicted? >> no. >> based on the evidence you were presented, do you feel you know who killed jonbenet ramsey? >> i highly suspect i do.
7:34 am
>> reporter: now, the grand jury handed up an indictment, accusing john and patsy ramsey, not of murder, but of child abuse, finding they allowed jonbenet to be placed in a situation which resulted in her death, and of course, the prosecutor decided not to pursue that indictment. >> let's talk to dan abrams about that right now. usually you think of prosecutors sort of molding the grand jury in the image they want them to be but we're hearing, we wanted to do it, he didn't. >> only the prosecution presenting evidence to a grand jury, right. there is no defense attorney there. so typically what happens is the prosecutor will present the evidence in the hope of getting an indictment, and in almost all cases, they get it. but in this case, they claimed that they tried to present the entirety of the case to the grand jury to let them decide. the problem was that the grand jury did not as amy points out come back with an indictment for murder. but instead this kind of compromise child abuse indictment. i think that this prosecution, this team was very divided within the boulder d.a.'s office
7:35 am
about whether to move forward and in the end, alex hunter did not feel he would get a conviction. >> we hear this grand juror say he thinks he knew who did it. >> he clearly believes it was patsy or john ramsey. i mean, that's who the evidence was presented against in the grand jury. so -- but again, let's remember. "a," this was a long time ago before there's been new information about dna evidence, et cetera, and, "b," there was no defense there. the lead prosecutor who was presenting this case to the grand jury was one of the prosecutors who believed that the ramseys, or at least patsy ramsey should be indicted. important to keep that in mind this was not a juror in the typical way we think of jurors who heard all the evidence, heard both sides and came to a conclusion. this is a grand juror who heard only the prosecution's side and decides now that this person thinks that he knows who did it. >> just incredible we're getting new information 20 years out. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. >> dan, thank you very much. and all of you can see the full interview on "20/20" at 10:00 eastern right here on abc. now to another murder
7:36 am
mystery, the latest on the jogging murder mystery here in new york. authorities say they now have a profile of the person responsible for killing -- for the killing. abc's linsey davis has a new development. >> reporter: this morning new york police say they are closer than ever to identifying the person responsible for karina vetrano's murder. >> we're still getting tips. we're still vetting those as they come in. >> reporter: 30-year-old vetrano is seen here in this surveillance video obtained by crime watch daily, jogging into a queens park in august just moments before her murder. police are now releasing this new profile of the suspect. likely a male who may have frequented or lived in the park prior to the assault and was a familiar face to others, adding the assailant may have had scratches to his hands, arms, neck or face and changed his level of alcohol, drug or tobacco use, following the
7:37 am
murder, along with changing his appearance afterwards. >> profiles are based on experience and what you find at the scene. it's also very common for people who commit sexual assaults in parks to have frequented and/or lived in the parks. >> reporter: this case is also prompting prosecutors to appeal to new york state for authorization for a new kind of dna testing. >> we also have touch dna from her neck. we have dna from her fingernails. that was all from the same person. >> reporter: familial dna testing brought into the search for the killer by matching those dna samples with a suspect's potential relatives already in the system. something that the victim's father is pushing for as well. >> it will find a relative of the killer. a brother or a father or a son, and this person that they locate must be a criminal. >> reporter: her father says he returns daily to the jogging path where his daughter's life ended so brutally. >> i go back there daily. sometimes two or three times a day. it's actually a peaceful place for me. i can think when i'm there. >> reporter: he also says he goes there in the hopes that the
7:38 am
person responsible for her murder comes back. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news new york. all right. michael, what's coming up on the big board? >> coming up, nba fans are calling foul over lebron james because he took a rest day. why the superstar didn't show up for a recent game. is this fair to the fans? bruce bowen is here for that. and we'll see what the best ways for you to stay warm are during the actic chill. we got a live demo with a thermal gun and the big question, should you bundle up in layers? the answer when we come back. there's ginger with a thermal gun. th a thermal gun. the rest of the world... fades away. so i got you something... that stands out as beautifully... as you do. le vian at jared. jared works directly with le vian designers to bring you more exclusive pieces... than any other jewelry store in the world. like the le vian ombre bracelet... featuring le vian chocolate diamonds. the one gift as unique as she is.
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save big on everything you need to make your home happy, right now at lowe's. i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. welcome back. it's time now for our big board. our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories, and we begin with that nba no-show. a memphis family saving up to take their son to see the cleveland cavaliers for his birthday. the boy love, loves, loves lebron james. but here's the big problem.
7:41 am
lebron didn't show up to that game. espn's bruce bowen is joining us with more on that. bruce, tell us what happened. >> well, here you have a situation where a kid went to a game because he wanted to see lebron james, and the cleveland cavaliers decided it was best for kyrie irving, kevin love and lebron to take the night off. now, this is casual in the nba. this happens when you are competing for a championship. what i want the world to know is that lebron james is not a hired help. he is an elite athlete and because he is an elite athlete, he has drawn a lot of admirers. now, if the team chooses to say, you know what? we're more concerned with having him healthy through june as compared to january, then you have to respect that because it's truly about the rest. the nba has 81 regular season games and if you go into the playoffs, go into the finals that's over 100 games played. the body, the body needs its rest at different times. >> but you saw one of the signs said, michael jordan would have
7:42 am
been here. and michael jordan pretty much played every game of every season and a lot looking back at the history of some of these players. and you played for coach popovich, one of the greatest coaches in the nba and let tim duncan rest in his career. what do you think? do you take issue and think it's fair for the fans? >> i don't take issue with it. i think it's more of a parental thing. now let me get on that michael jordan thing, michael strahan. when michael jordan, there were times when they were making those runs for the championships, he wasn't playing a lot of the fourth quarters so he was getting rest. and there were times where he understood that he would play, but he only played limited minutes. now with gregg popovich, you talk about a man who understood what was really important. is it important to have the best record or to be on fire during the course of the regular season and then lose in the first round? absolutely not. he took it upon himself because he has a job, and in order to do his job, he needs to do things
7:43 am
his way. his way is allowing guys to get rest during the regular course of the season, so you can have not one, not two, but five championships in this great city of san antonio there, michael strahan. >> how do you really feel? it's kind of unclear to me right now. >> i tell you what, i wish football coaches would have done that. i could have got some rest. didn't work that way with 16-game seasons. >> the biggest issue is you have some former players, michael, saying these things, oh, they shouldn't do that to the fans. you know what? if you lose, you lose. and this is what i say. it's a parental issue. this shouldn't be that lebron james ruined the kid's christmas. what are the parents doing there? that's my issue. when i was a kid i wanted to see the jackson 5 at astro world and my grandfather said you could sit here and sulk or ride a roller coaster. i went and rode a roller coaster. >> jackson five came into it somehow. i don't know where, but we're going to get away from that, and we're going to talk about the
7:44 am
big freeze that's happening outsds outside with temperatures dropping across the country. we're looking at the best ways to stay warm outside, and ginger is outside with that. what do you have, ginger? >> any time it's real hot or cold we pull this baby out. this is a thermal or infrared gun. the laser kind of gives you an idea of how cold or warm it is and lined up my favorite people here at "gma." that's meteorologist max golembo, and he has the least on and loves the cold. we wanted him to look that way. so when you take that off, obviously you're allowing a ton of heat -- you can see his hands and his face and head, doug in the middle there, he's got just a regular jacket. he's looking good but his hands losing a lot and you can see on his face. my favorite, samantha. she does not like the cold and we put her all bundled up and layered. and the three layers are that inner layer, three at least, that insulating kind of moisture wicking and insulating
7:45 am
one and the one that will get rid of the rain or snow. >> looks like you lose a lot of heat out of your nose like rudolph the red nose jacket. is it better to have a big jacket or is it better to go with that layering? >> and the layering works every time. and you can see that from doug here. he even loses some, and you can see around his armpit. obviously, around his neck. covering up and having those layers is going to help you, and some coats are better than others. you can give max back his coat. i feel terrible. >> thank you, ginger. >> you can see even with, that it doesn't do enough, and with that, it's perfect way to stay warm. >> the idea of it would be always if you're unsure, layer up and you can always take it off. if you don't have it with you, you can't put it on. >> so obvious. an obvious thing to say but you got to do it. >> bruce, you're in texas. how do you stay warm? >> if it gets cold, you just turn on the heat. that's all you got to do here because it doesn't get cold here. we got people turning on fireplaces at 55 degrees. come on, people. that's not cold.
7:46 am
>> i knew we'd get no nonsense there. >> ginger, bruce, thank you. coming up in just two minutes. that new warning 4 about those laser light holiday decorations. >> not good for pilots. jay knows how to keep nice shorts, dad...g. this is what the pros wear. uhhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy.
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getting the gift you almost kept for yourself? now that's a holiday mini miracle. and it's easy to create your own at walgreens... with 50 percent off the gifts of the week, just around the corner. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. oh, that warning about holiday laser lights, the faa warning they can distract pilots and paula faris has the details. >> reporter: it's the holiday season, and that means lots of merry and bright decorations. and plenty of christmas cheer. but could all those christmas lights be a danger to planes in the sky? >> it's an amazing laser light show. >> reporter: across the country laser light shows like star shower and similar brands are flying off the shelves, and now the faa is warning decorators about the new projectors, saying they could cause harm to pilots or aircraft. >> there is a danger you could injure the crew. >> reporter: star shower's parent company says, the product complies with faa and fda
7:49 am
guidelines. as an extra caution, the introductions say not to project the laser lights at or within the flight path of an aircraft, and to avoid direct eye contact. in november of 2015, a california coast guard pilot was blasted by a laser while flying. >> you can see green light just flooding the inside of the plane. >> reporter: only after landing, learning that bright green flash had come from a christmas display. >> i was very surprised that a christmas decoration sold commercially right now off the shelf has the power to eliminate an aircraft. >> reporter: the faa is advising homeowners to use caution when setting up these projectors and to make sure they are aimed at buildings. not towards the sky. and you heard that pilot's report that the lasers flood the inside of a plane. they not only cause temporary blindness. they irritate their eyes and cause tears and
7:50 am
it's kind of like if you look at a flashlight and you can't see anything temporarily, but here is an example. aim it directly at the house and make sure it's not directed up at the sky because you hear piles reporting this from thousands of feet away. several miles away. >> good for people to know. some are just not aware. >> they're not aware. >> thanks, paula in thank you, paula. coming up one of the last days to get free shipping on holiday gifts. some of the best gifts on "gma" and what's going on upstairs. >> george, you can see the force is very strong with us this morning. so much excitement for "rogue one" and have one of the movie's biggest stars and then we have the most over-the-top ugly christmas sweater ever. wait until you see it. you can see these guys are like over the top excited. coming up, "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible. yoe technology is useful. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital.
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with abreva. back here on "good morning america," the windchill around here is around zero, single digits and it's cold but it's not this cold. mt. washington this morning is 85 below for a windchill. yes, it's up in the mountain but -- right. that's wild. all right. we've got to get a check of your
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by zales. celebrate your lasting love with gifts from zales, the diamond store. zales. celebrate your lasting love with gifts from zales, the diamond store.
7:56 am
at 7:56, the breaking news is out of richmond. sky 7 above a big fire at deal auto wrecks north of 580 and you could see it spread to a number of cars there. fire, as you could see in the corner of your screen, is on the scene. although it looks like more the moment they are letting this burn out. of course we're following this from all angles and keep up to date with us on twitter for the latest information on what is happening. mike, this is a real problem. we're seeing the smoke over here in san francisco. >> it looks toxic.
7:57 am
the winds are coming out of the northwest and blowing to the southeast at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. so they are going to push it along the east bay shoreline in places like el sear oato, albany and emeryville and oakland and that may drift toward san francisco. but for the most part it is going to hover over that area. winds will get faster over the next couple of hours. excuse me, again. so hopefully they will get this under control before the winds fan those flames as they get up to around 20 to 30 miles per hour in the next couple of hours. as far as air kwaumquality, ver isolated. if you are over the water and taking a ferry, you may run into the thick smoke. go inside the ferry until it passes you by. the winds is an issue and the cooler temperatures help. how is it affecting traffic, alexis? >> sky 7, i've been watching these guys for 20 minutes now. they were on the way to something else when they spotted this black smoke. so obviously this is easy to
7:58 am
spot from the air. we have richmond parkway, one lane is blocked and we had a wider view and it looked like all vehicles are being held there for a moment. this is to the west of richmond parkway at west gertrude and we have one lane blocked. just stick to 80. traffic isn't that bad this morning. the side roads, this one in particular, is really slow and the main highways aren't as bad as they typically are. we're seeing friday light traffic and as we zoom out, they are taking up a lane to douse the flames and i think it will get worse before it gets better. they have a lot of vehicles right there. this is not looking like a great situation. >> let me correct what i said. alexis smith is right, the tight shot, i couldn't see the fire response and now i can see they are actively trying to put this out from the other angle. so, again, we're over here in san francisco and we could see the smoke that is now coming
7:59 am
over and so this is seen from miles away at this point. so we'll keep our eye on this and for traffic and from weather angles and we'll have another update in about 20 minutes and always on our news app and again, this is near richmond parkway and gertrude avenue. we'll see you in just a few minutes.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. winter wallop. dangerous coal and snow from coast to coast causing accidents and road closures and flight cancellations across the country. 38 states facing alerts right now plus the new storm pounding the west. gold medal gymnast gabby douglas one-on-one with michael speaking out for the first time about being harassed and bullied online. >> i've been there and you can overcome this. i did. >> we're going to hear how she's fighting back. just nine days till christmas. the last rush for holiday shopping and the final countdown to get free shipping. what you need to know to save big money and the huge deals you'll hear about first only on "gma." ♪ and "gma" goes rogue.
8:01 am
"star wars" "rogue one" storming into theaters overnight and we are talking with one of the movie's biggest stars and we're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ applause ] ♪ welcome back to "gma" and take a look around right here, the death star behind us, we are going rogue today. >> the force is strong as you can see. our studio transforming for the new "star wars" movie out, "rogue one" out nationwide today. [ applause ] >> yeah, we've got stormtroopers here as you saw, a little scary and our control room is being taken over. just ahead we'll hear from one of the stars of the movie riz ahmed. he is fantastic. look at them. they do not play. >> oh. >> i was trying to get them to smile, not happening.
8:02 am
>> on top of that we have so much more going on in times square and have patrick wilson. he's here with us and we have a big performance by lukas graham. [ cheers and applause ] >> a lot coming up this friday morning. got to get news as well. to amy for the morning rundown. the big story president obama vowing to take action after that bombshell revelation that russian president vladimir putin personally ordered a hacking campaign aimed at influencing the u.s. presidential election. moscow is demanding proof of that claim by u.s. intelligence officials. president obama told npr that the u.s. will respond. >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. some of it may be explicit and
8:03 am
publicized. some of it may not be. >> hillary clinton reacted overnight claiming putin was motivated by a longtime grudge against her. donald trump tweeted about the hack this morning but only to link it to hillary clinton getting debate questions ahead of time. well, president-elect trump has nominated attorney david friedman to serve as ambassador to israel. he supports israeli settlements in dispewed territories and opposing the establishment of a palestinian homeland. the so-called two-state solution. there are new concerns about the humanitarian disaster in aleppo. the evacuation of syrians has been halted after reports that rebel fighters attacked a convoy. thousands are still trapped in that city and there are fears that more fighting could soon erupt. back here in this country travel delays are possible across the midwest and the northeast today as heavy winds usher in some of the coldest air in years, 38 states are now under winter weather alerts in some parts of upstate new york seeing up to two feet of snow. one foot possible from minnesota
8:04 am
into wisconsin and some folks in the upper midwest could see windchill temperatures of 40 degrees below zero this weekend. well, former basketball star lamar odom is speaking out more than a year after he nearly died of a drug overdose at a brothel in nevada. odom is now in rehab but before checking himself in he sat down for an upcoming episode of "the doctors" opening up about his ongoing battle with substance abuse, his brush with death and his marriage to khloe kardashian. >> i wasn't in a good place mentally. my wife and i at the time were going through some things and i was in a dark place so i guess they say everything happen force a reason so i guess the reason is i'm here. >> the doctor that conducted that interview says he entered rehab on his own and the show is not planning to air it until he gets out of rehab. finally if the photo online of a giant teddy bear abandoned at the airport in los angeles tugged at your heart string,
8:05 am
guess what, you were had. tsa agents said the nine-foot bear had been left behind because it was too big for a carry-on. that much is true but it was not abandoned about i a child. in fact the whole thing was apparently staged about i a youtube prankster but the tsa says it's a good reminder to use common sense when considering what to carry on to your flight. don't bring a teddy bear the size of a trash can. >> note to self. >> aren't you surprised sometimes by the amount of stuff that people bring? >> people try to bringy yeah. >> got to do it. >> got to do "pop news." >> "pop news" time. tgif, right? tgif. we'll begin with a little woody harrelson news. he's taking one night in his life from 15 years ago and turning it into the first ever live cinema movie. the project called lost in london chronicles the time harrelson accidentally broke an ashtray in the back of a london taxi that set off a series of events that landed him in jail.
8:06 am
i'm sure there were quite a series of events that landed him in jail. the project written, directed and starring harrelson shot live in the exact moment it appears on screen, 100-minute-long film shot with one camera. one continuous take. 14 different locations, carried out by a 30-person cast including owen wilson and willie nelson. i think it sounds really cool. if he can pull this off, it'll be really fun to watch. either way -- >> i think we knew what he was using that ashtray for. >> george, george. >> very open about it. >> yes, yes. >> i'm thinking the broken ashtray wasn't the problem. anyway that is going to debut on january 19th. i actually really cannot wait to see it. for better or worse it's going to be really interesting. also in "pop news" this morning, have any of you guys in the audience or at home ever used a single cup coffee makery they're like changing our lives. you don't have to waste and just
8:07 am
push a button. ail cup of coffee. having some right now or am i because get ready, get ready for the keurig of wine. [ applause ] it will aerate your vino and quickly cool it to the perfect drinking temperature for your red, for your pinot noir or what and took four years for me or inventors to make and available only in france or singapore. road trip. >> the great thing about "pop news" we get to see your passions. refrigerator with wine this week. >> the crazy thing, to bring that up, the audience goes wild. >> it's 5:00 somewhere. [ applause ] finally in "pop news," you don't have to spend big -- oh, no, no, no. today is national ugly christmas sweater day, you guys. [ applause ]
8:08 am
we almost forgot. you know, usually the adjectives ugly and expensive don't go together very well but on the beautiful another adjective ginger zee. modeling -- >> and by on you mean i wouldn't put it on. i know i'd spill on it. >> also apparently rather snug. this is the world's most expensive ugly christmas sweater. what do you think? just guess. >> 1500 bucks. >> 2500. >> $30,000. in no, come on. >> $30,000. >> why? >> well, because santa is riding a unicorn. where he -- >> obviously santa is on a unicorn. this is created by the tipsy elves and swarovski. this took -- i mean every single crystal is hand sewn on this sweater. it is 24,000 crystals. it took them 52 hours to hand make. it is actually available for purchase on the tipsy elves website. i think you'd be tipsy to order
8:09 am
it -- >> get my shoulder work in. >> bring out will and lane. they're wearing what most of us think of as ugly christmas sweaters because you don't need to spend $30,000. you can go to a thrift store. >> party on the front. >> lane is going with the classic that looks like it came out of my mom carolyn's closet. >> we want you guys to send us pictures of you your favorite christmas sweaters because next week it's on. the ugly sweater showdown. ginger is the champion two years running. not happening again this year. >> no. >> come back out here. >> merry christmas, will. >> merry christmas. >> thanks to all. holiday shopping alert. one of the final days for free shipping and becky worley has great deals. you'll hear about them first.
8:10 am
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back now with that holiday shop ago letter. it's one of the final days for free shipping and we've got a sneak peek at some exclusive deals for everyone on your list. abc's becky worley is at u.p.s. store in san francisco. hey, becky, how are you doing? good to see you. >> good morning, robin. >> so tell us what is it about today and free shipping? >> yeah, let me just tell you, procrastinators of america, the universe is sending you a message, today is the day. if you want free shipping, you don't want to pay extra, yeah, a few, two-day shipping deals may trickle in next week but use amazon as your bellwether and the 1100 retailers participating in free shipping day tonight 11:59 standard free shipping is over. so get her done. >> let us know about the big deal reveals you have for us this morning. >> right, let's get to these. you have some of these products
8:15 am
right there like a craftsman drill from sears. $10 off. good gift for anyone handy. these are my picks. these aren't sponsored deals or anything. just good deals i see. a product i love is my ninja blender. >> i do too. >> that on sale at sears. yeah, they're great. $69. $50 off. >> oh. >> that's a good gift for anybody on your list. >> and what about these headphones over here. these bose headphones. >> oh, bose are super hot, very, very trendy. yes. now, these are from best buy. they are normally 180 bucks. 99 today. these aren't the noise canceling ones but they're soft. >> very soft. they are soft. yes, something for all these "star wars" fans. "star wars" fans. >> yes, may the deal be with you. it's amazon's deal of the day. the sphero bb-8 robot on sale
8:16 am
for $139. there are a lot of good deal, a lot of good blanket discounts like lands' end and the limited. so get out there, get your shopping done online today or else you're stuck with panic saturday. that's tomorrow. >> that is tomorrow. we don't want that to happen. becky, thank you very much. i think i'm going to be trampled for these headphones by the audience here in the studio. i'm ready for you. [ applause ] you can get more deals on our website. coming up, michael's one-on-one with gabby douglas.
8:17 am
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back here on "gma" we have a great interview with olympian gabby douglas in just a moment and a quick happy birthday to
8:21 am
well, gabby douglas is known for winning olympic gold but she's also become the target of online bullying at the rio games but nowen a mission to help others facing the same challenge. take a look. she's the three-time olympic gold medalist shooting to stardom in london and returning to the mats for the rio summer games as a member of the final five. women's gymnastics team. >> double layout. >> but for 20-year-old gabby douglas the price of fame has not always been golden. 70% of young people age 18 to 24 experience online bullying. >> uh-huh. >> which seems like such a high number. tell us about your own experience with that. >> my first real experience was this past olympics in rio and i got the brunt of it and i was like caught off guard. i was like, wait, what's going
8:22 am
on. i wasn't on social media because of olympic trials. when i placed seventh and only top five and picked me. i got a lot of flack for that and started googling myself which i probably shouldn't have done and so many things about me and i'm like, really. like -- oh, my gosh. i was so hurt because people brought up, you know, my past and, you know, all the things that i did wrong and i was like, really? why are people making such a big deal about it and it was just like lies and i was very hurt. >> i want to congratulate you, though. >> thank you. >> because you didn't just take it but doing something about it. >> exactly. >> you're now the first change ambassador for hack harassment which is about reducing online harassment. what inspired you to get involved with that. was it your past experiences. >> yeah, when i got back from rio i didn't want to just keep talking about it and hashing it out but wanted to do something about it and sat down with, you know, a couple and it's part of lady gaga's born this way
8:23 am
foundation and i've seen a lot of things that she's done and also inspired to do the same things and i'll go to campus, sit down with these kid, be personal, be real. i've been there and you can overcome this. i overcame this and you can do it. even though it may seem like the world is against you and i definitely felt like the world was definitely against me in rio, but i'm here today to tell you that's not the case. there are people out there who love you. >> a lot of these young people, they will see you and they will think, everything is perfect. and for you to come forward and say, hey, there's a problem here. there's an issue, that doesn't just affect you but everybody is powerful. >> it's a really big thing. it's not right. >> not right. >> and we've watched her grow up over the course of the last few olympics and what a nice young lady. to see her go through this, i think it will help those who are going through it and maybe it will help some youngster who is thinking about this think twice. >> good for her. >> if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything. >> great message. >> exactly. [ applause ] >> you know, it's hard to
8:24 am
believe that we're closing in on a new year and when you look back at 2016 there were so many fascinating stories and people and i had a chance to spend time with many of them. it's part of my game changer special coming up next week. here's a little bit of a preview. >> you have to be electric, fearless, sensational if you want to be one of the amazing few who changed our world this year. >> you are a game changer. >> and wednesday night, robin roberts with these agents of change. >> oh! >> inspiring change, historic change, unbelievable change. change that means so much for so many. >> she's a plus size model. she's a model. >> it means a lot. >> so nice to meet you. >> you think you know these game changers. >> hey, king james, what makes you a game changer. >> it was like, wow. >> you think winning goal was the biggest game changing event for michael phelps this year. >> that could not have been easy to do. >> how about becoming a dad?
8:25 am
>> hey. hey. >> i swear i didn't do anything. >> get this, there's one amazing game changer robin will reveal only in this special. >> so who is it? >> wednesday. >> how do you tell kanye, thanks, man, but i'm going to stay -- >> definitely not easy telling kanye. >> look who is changing the world. >> if you can't have a little fun along the way. >> welcome to my life, guys. >> do you hear the crowd? >> it's the robin roberts event special you can't miss. >> it doesn't get any better than this. >> "game changers" 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. >> wow. [ applause ] >> it was so much fun, guys. going all across the country and meeting them and each and every one of them when you look at how -- like lin-manuel miranda, he changed broadway and how we -- so many young people are excited about learning more about our history, chance the rapper who was just nominated for seven grammys gives his music away for free, the first
8:26 am
streaming artist like that. >> that is game changing and michael phelps. >> what did you do to that baby? >> no. >> like i'm watching all of that and i'm thinking she's going to get somebody to cry in one of these interview, not the baby. >> that hurt my heart to see boomer cry like that. as soon as i give him back to daddy, stopped just like that. >> don't take it personal. >> i'm excited about sharing this and dr. mona who got to the root of what's going on in flint, michigan, with the water crisis, they and a whole lot more. "game changers" wednesday night at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc and very excited about patrick wilson, patrick wilson is coming up here live next on "gma." happy friday. there he is.
8:27 am
hi there, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. you have to take a look at your screen. we are tracking this breaking news in richmond. a large fire is rapidly burning at an auto yard. this is near richmond and west gertrude. a live look from our emeryville camera. contra costa has issued a shelter in place. and let's get over to alexis smith with how this is impacting traffic. >> we do have a closure of richmond parkway, a full closure between pittsburg and gertrude. and if you are not familiar with this area richmond parkway is a main road to get to the richmond san rafael bridge. it will save you time instead of staying on 80 that entire time.
8:28 am
that is fully closed. surface streets are looking jammed but westbound 80 is not looking bad. i highly recommend sticking to westbound 80 and connecting that to 580. and i'm having folks sending me tweets saying they are seeing black plumes of smoke from far away and mike, we are talking about the wind today. how is that impacting this. >> it is an issue, absolutely. winds gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour and higher up to 30 miles per hour. we're looking from -- i think that is the south beach camera back across over and what you are going to see is all of the smoke heading toward kensington,
8:29 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
8:30 am
[ applause ] yes, yes, yes, we are here at "gma" in times square, and we have a great audience as usual and you know who else is here, we're all excited, patrick wilson. come on out and join us at the table. [ applause ] >> hey, man. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> how are you doing? >> hello, how are you? good to see you. hello, sir. quick hello. >> great to see you again. long time. >> i have to say my hellos. >> happy to have you. >> welcome. >> there we go. >> did you hear the audience singing? >> i did. i liked it. i want to hear some more lyrics. >> yeah, you might do that. >> it's the season now. >> yeah. >> christmas carol time.
8:31 am
everybody thinks they know -- you're ready to go. >> let's go. >> this man can sing. >> we'll test everybody's knowledge. everybody thinks they know the lyrics, but do you really? ready to try. >> christmas songs. >> we'll start easy. "frosty the snowman." let's go. ♪ was a happy jolly -- ♪ jolly happy soul with a corn cob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal ♪ >> you got it right there. that right there, tom, you have to give her credit. she knew all the words. >> yes, yes. [ applause ] >> down to the village -- >> wow. way to -- >> how do you know all the words? >> a little sing-off. >> the second verse? >> no. ♪ down to the village -- ♪ with a broomstick in his hand running here and there all around the square saying catch me if you can ♪ wow!
8:32 am
[ applause ] >> impressive for you too. okay. okay. holly jolly christmas, best time of the year. >> have a holly jolly christmas. ♪ have a holly jolly christmas it's the best time of the year ♪ ♪ oh good golly have a holly jolly -- ♪ and have a cup of cheer >> nobody knows. >> that was a lot of mumbling. ♪ walk down the street say hello to friends you know and everyone you meet ♪ >> there we go! [ applause ] >> we love that. >> i love it. all the faces. all the mumbling who really don't know it. >> there's a nice undertone. okay, last one, i don't want a lot for christmas. there's just one thing i need. ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas there is just one thing i need ♪ [ laughter ]
8:33 am
>> dum dee dum. ♪ christmas tree >> anybody? >> robin, didn't you say this is your favorite song? >> the first line. >> got a winner over there. ♪ make my wish come true baby all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> all right. >> no one knows christmas carols. >> first of all, congratulations to you all. beautiful, beautiful. thanks. [ applause ] lovely. that being said, i have had the pleasure of hearing this man sing. i was there, barbra streisand in brooklyn at the concert. >> yes. >> you did a duet with her. >> yes. >> how did that all come about? >> they asked me to sing on her recording, which is what we're doing right there, and then, you know, i was secretly hoping, not so secretly hoping that if she went on tour, that they would
8:34 am
ask us to sing or ask me to sing so sang both songs at the barclay center and sang with her last week and sang with her in miami, and they recorded it for netflix. >> what is that like to sing with barbra streisand? >> it's unbelievable. it really is. i mean, it's a dream come true but i will say this, what is amazing about it is when you get up there, everything went away. everything went away because of who she is when you're performing with her. i never felt -- everything else around it was crazy and daunting, and then you get up there and you're just like, no, no, we're just singing. >> makes you feel that way. >> and she just makes you -- calms you down, so it was unusually calm to me. >> loved it. >> it's like looking at these people every day. no one else is -- >> as long as we don't sing. >> if you sing, we're in a little trouble. besides impressive musical theater which you have but also you're a veteran of the scary
8:35 am
movie, and our own amy robach makes me go to these with her, "insidious," "the conjuring." are you a scary movie buff? >> not really. i mean, my thing is if it's a good movie, it's a good movie. i don't care about the genre. i don't see every scary movie that comes along. for me the great ones that can transcend the genre, you know, i think of "the shining," "poltergeist," that meant something to me and that's what we set out to do with "the conjuring" now series. we have two. >> i know. i just see it. >> you know what i loved about it, i'm not a lover of scary movies but amy makes me go and my pitch is that mariah carey note. the second one was better than the first. it keeps getting better. >> you don't want to rehash the same jokes, the same scares, you know, that's always the trouble with the sequel and so luckily we just kept pushing forward. we had a director in james wan who wants to just keep reinventing his own genres.
8:36 am
>> never to sleep again. >> that's the goal. >> and we're very excited about your new one, "the hollow point." you play a sheriff in new mexico investigating a crime. let's take a little look right here. >> it's been a good five months figuring out smuggling routes up in indian ridge. kept on hearing about peculiarities and such, catapults and back alley breast implants, even heard about a submarine once somebody took the time to build by hand in their garage. >> wow. [ applause ] >> that was great. >> thanks. >> how many bowls of cereal did you go through for that scene? >> a few bowls of cereal. that's funny. those are always the things that you walk away with like why did i choose to eat cereal. like two hours later you're just like -- >> it keeps going because you were cast as orm, the ocean
8:37 am
master in the new aquaman. were you an aquaman fan growing up? >> no, i mean it wasn't that i loved aquaman but there wasn't any movies about it, any movies of any real significance so reached a point where we can match the technology with the artistic desires. >> to communicate with all the underwater creatures. >> well, i don't do that. i'll leave that to aquaman. >> what you've done, though, you're an action figure, yeah. there you are. there you go. >> thank you. i don't have one. >> comic book. a little bit of everything. >> i do have this. >> we come bearing gifts. 'tis the season. >> this is when they redid it. >> we won't even make you sing. >> and a quick congratulations before we go. you joined george and myself as one of "people's" sexiest men alive. >> in my age. >> they didn't want to offend me. that is why i got in. >> they were wrapping up but notice he found time for that.
8:38 am
lara, right? >> i got to cut away but let's talk about being sexy. >> thank you, patrick. >> thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. in theaters and on demand right now. we'll be right back and hear from one of "rogue o
8:39 am
8:40 am
this tuesday we're talking all things 2016 from the year's obsessions. >> alec baldwin should win an oscar. >> to celebrity romance. >> ooh. >> and the split. tuesday night it's robin roberts with "the year" and wednesday you have to be pretty amazing to make this list. >> like wow. >> it's robin with the amazing game changers of 2016. >> oh. >> i didn't do anything. >> the robin roberts' special "game changers." >> two incredible nights. one game-changing year. come along. you're going to love this. [ cheers and applause ] and we are back now with our macy's annual believe campaign bringing to children with life-threatening medical conditions, well, macy's is
8:41 am
going to donate $1 up to $1 million to make-a-wish for every stamped letter to staepts clause that you drop off at a macy's believe box or submit online. now, take a look at this make-a-wish come true. >> hands up. >> reporter: avery dixon has always been a tiny tumbler. >> she has been a monkey since the day she was born. >> reporter: but her career in cartwheels was sidelined when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia which is a cancer that affects white blood cells. >> i didn't feel good. i never wanted to get out of bed. >> we did the 2 1/2 years of treatment. she went into a year of remission this july. ♪ and the trumpets they go [ bell rings ] >> reporter: now thanks to make-a-wish -- >> i was counting down the days. >> reporter: -- her big dream competing for gold is coming true starting with a little video surprise from olympic medalist and idol laurie hernandez. >> i even got you your own leotard to practice in. ♪ go big or go home ♪ go go
8:42 am
>> reporter: avery arrived to her exclusive competition red carpet ready with her adoring fans. >> 7-year-old avery. >> reporter: and her routine earning all perfect scores securing first place. >> thank you, macy's and make-a-wish. ♪ let it shine >> you can make a wish come true. just don't forget to drop off a letter at your local mac good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. it is going to be a breezy one today but a chilly, dry breeze that will keep our temperatures in low to mid-50s and our windchill in the 40s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, our valleys are ♪orecast, our valleys are >> can you feel it? the force is with us. the highly anticipated "rogue one" finally in theaters. i got to sit down with one of the actors, riz ahmed, to talk about his secret talent. take a look. >> what's your call sign, pilot?
8:43 am
>> uh. >> we have to go. >> it's, um -- >> say something. come on. >> rogue, rogue one. >> what is it like? i can't even imagine being a part of the "star wars" story and family. >> it's pretty surreal. because obviously i grew up kind of watching these movies. >> your character is named bodhi rook. >> that's right. he works for the empire, so he goes through this kind of realization where he kind of thinks just because i'm an average joe doesn't mean i can't make a difference. >> absolutely. is this the original darth vader mask? >> my boy, darth. >> do you deal with darth vader in the movie? >> who can say. >> well, i'm going to try to get you to give away something. >> it's a game of chess rather than an interview. >> on top of all the acting i also didn't realize you are a rapper. >> i am, yeah. ♪ turn it around like no no hands up ♪ >> recently i started a band called the sweatshop boys. >> i like that.
8:44 am
>> my background back in the day was in freestyle rap where people make fun of you. the thing i wouldn't engage in with you because -- >> i do positive freestyle rap. >> yeah, exactly. >> i would never say negative. >> the sweatshop boys' album is kind of about identity, about not fitting in. you know. >> sounds a little like your character in "star wars." >> yeah, exactly. >> and while riz wouldn't give away any of the secrets -- >> i can't comment on anything. >> let me see your identification. >> you don't need to see his identification. >> we don't need to see his identification. >> reporter: -- he did try some jedi mind tricks on me. oh, this could get interesting. >> right. see, i just jedi mind read what you're thinking. >> and am i right? >> yeah. >> oh, america, you're going to die. [ cheers and applause ] good. it's really good. "rogue one: a star wars story" in theaters now and everyone in our audience is getting not one, but two tickets to see it at imax 3d courtesy of our friends at imax. pretty good, george. >> yes, pretty good.
8:45 am
happy audience right here right now. we're going to take a little bit of a serious turn right now and our first look at a new special coming this spring marking the 25th anniversary of the riots in los angeles that followed the acquittal of the officers who beat rodney king. we should tell you that some of the footage is graphic. >> we have talked about the anger generated by the not guilty verdicts of the four officers accused in the rodney king beating, and i dare say there is anger now on the part of -- ♪ >> 16 deaths have been associated with the use of police choke holds. 12 of the victims were black. >> these photos chronicle the events of march 22nd. >> i started accepting he wasn't going to come back so i just had asked god to take care of him. >> the los angeles olympic games opened tonight. >> there is enormous prestige which comes to any city which hosts the olympics. >> it was the first black mayor and made everybody happy that he got a chance in this world.
8:46 am
>> "operation hammer" was a free ticket to go out there and do overly aggressive police work. >> mercy, lord. had i ain't never seen anything like this. >> killed from a bullet to her head was 27-year-old karen toshima. >> only folks who go through that know what it's like. >> we are determined to take back the streets. >> police in los angeles have begun an investigation into why some of their own men severely beat a man they had just pulled over. >> they treated this man that night like an animal. >> black and brown people are being beat up, shot, choked to death by police forces all over this country. >> jurors watched the graphic videotape of a korean grocer fatally shooting 15-year-old latasha harlans. >> sentenced to five years probation. >> got away with murder. >> in california today the final arguments of the brutality trial of four los angeles police officers. >> nobody thought it was going to be the verdict that happened. >> it is a shocking development in simi valley. >> you burn in hell. >> we did cause the problem at 71st and norman. >> get that riot gear. hit me. >> it was a movement.
8:47 am
i was part of a movement, a black movement. >> korean merchants said they were fed up and the next thing i know three were holding guns and just started firing. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> i mean, it was just one of those days, compassion wasn't handed out to other races. >> i think god told me to go save that man's life. >> what i've told you here today you have never heard. nobody's told it. nobody's dared to tell it. >> the thing is, it doesn't seem like he's really dead. >> like it couldn't be happening to us. >> we have to get ourselves together, you know, unity, empowerment. these are old words, old terms. they've been passed on. they're not just cliches, you know what i'm saying, so we have to get ourselves together.
8:48 am
♪ i've never known no one with quite your style ♪ ♪ i'm going crazy, thinking baby this may be my chance ♪ it's going to be like this all night long!! ♪ what would you say to me give the gift of garth. baby let's lay down and dance ♪ garth brooks the ultimate collection. 10 cd's just $25.49 when you use the target cartwheel app.
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only at target. baby let's lay down and dance ♪
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we are here with lukas graham. they just scored three grammy nominations for their hit "7 years," and now they're performing "you're not there" from their self-titled album. take it away. lukas graham, everybody. ♪ >> this is a song i wrote to my father, and after becoming a father myself, this song is a little more special. ♪ ♪ i only got you in my stories and you know i tell them right ♪ ♪ i remember you and i when i'm awake at night so give it up for fallen glory ♪ ♪ i never got to say good-bye i wish i could ask for just a bit more time ♪
8:51 am
♪ with every step i take you used to lead the way ♪ ♪ now i'm terrified to face it on my own ♪ ♪ you're not there to celebrate the man that you made ♪ ♪ you're not there to share in my success and mistakes ♪ ♪ is it fair you'll never know the person i'll be you're not there with me ♪ ♪ though i know that you're not there i still write you all these songs ♪ ♪ it's like you got the right to know what's going on ♪ ♪ as i struggle to remember how you used to look and sound ♪ ♪ at times i still think i can spot you in the crowd ♪ ♪ with every step i take you used to lead the way and now i'm terrified to face it on my own ♪
8:52 am
♪ you're not there to celebrate the man that you made ♪ ♪ you're not there to share in my success and mistakes ♪ ♪ is it fair you'll never know the person i'll be you're not there with me ♪ ♪ time can heal your wounds if you're strong and standing tall ♪ ♪ i've been doing all of that it didn't help at all ♪ ♪ they say you'll grow older and it'll get better still ♪ ♪ yes i will but no it won't they don't get it 'cause you're not there to celebrate the man that you made ♪ ♪ you're not there to share in my success and mistakes ♪ ♪ is it fair you'll never know the person i'll be you're not
8:53 am
there with me ♪ ♪ you're not there there there ♪ you're not there ♪ you're not there there there you're not there ♪ ♪ terrified to face it on my own ♪ [ applause ] >> thanks very much, ladies and gentlemen. "gma's" fall concert series
8:54 am
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thanks again to lukas graham. i know you were trying to get us to sing, but we'll leave that to you. >> looks like we're ready for a little barber shop thing. >> you're ready. >> five seconds left. >> ready, one, two, three. come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago.
8:57 am
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i'm natasha zouves with abc 7 mornings. and people in richmond are being warned not to breathe this smoke from a huge fire. it is burning at an auto yard and live sky 7 is showing you the firefighters working to get this under control but so many cars devow voured by flames at richmond and west gertrude. there is a shelter in place near this intersection. want to go to mike nicco. how are the winds affecting this fire. >> tremendously. blowing up to 20 miles per hour and blowing across richmond and el cerrito, and kensington and oakland and as far west as lafayette so anywhere in the east bay, watch out. >> and richmond parkway is closed between gertrude and pittsburg pd and you saw when sky 7 was on the wider shot.
9:00 am
only the fire crews are on this street. [cheering and applauding] >> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today from the film "a monster calls," liam neeson and host of "america's got talent," holiday spectacular, nick cannon. plus from the series "pitch," mark consuelos joins kelly at the cohost desk. all next on "live"! ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos! [cheering and applauding] ♪ ♪ [cheering and applauding]


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