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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 23, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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♪ 'tis the season for great viral videos, as we wish you a very happy holidays right this minute. the families gathered for christmas dinner when mom spies a big present. the moment she realizes this gift is alive. evening still that chance in the north bay, but by 9:00, future weather indicating we could have a couple thunder showers trying to move through the heart of the bay area. so as you're out and about tonight, grab the rain gear and download the abc7 news app and complete storm coverage is coming up at 4:00. bells, jingle
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way ♪ ♪ oh what fun >> presents, presents, presents! christmas is all about presents! don't get too excited, charity, the one i'm talking about ends with an e, presence. >> something you can't return. >> we start with mom, irish mum. >> what could it be? >> starts messing with the gift. the whole time giving jokes and commentary, cracks it open -- >> oh, oh, oh! >> freaks out. >> presence, mom, that's her
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daughter who has come all the way from canada as a surprise. you can tell how much it means. gives her a big hug and makes sure to call her a little bleeper. [ bleep ]. >> this young lady is led down here blindfolded. that's maddie. >> oh my gosh. >> she sees something amazing right in front of her. >> oh! >> that's bambi. this is where she's finding out that this horse is now hers? >> how does that sound to you? >> the owner of that horse boarding it at the place said a huge change was happening in their life, can anybody look for bambi the way she should be? they were like yep we know the person. this is the moment maddie is being given a horse by a total stranger. >> that's cool. >> she's probably been taking care of it anyway, probably knows bambi very well. >> you think you want her? >> she was just doing what needs
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to be done, cares for the animal, loves horses and they were this is the girl that for once gets a pony! >> thank you. santa made some early deliveries this year. of course he had a couple of santa substitutes with him because there's only one santa but some of his jolly old elves -- >> yikes, something wrong with the sleigh? >> nothing is wrong with the sleigh but there is something wrong with the homes in this area. this is in amatrice, italy. 300 people died inity will i this year because of earthquakes but santa with skydivers brought gifts to the children of the area. [ speaking in foreign language ] ho-ho! >> that's awesome. >> you can see kisses and hugs all around but they also show you that not only did they come bearing gifts, they came bearing money. they got a big check for about
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2,900 euros. there is no place for santa to land, so santa had to make do and assigned sky divers to do his bidding for him. >> looks like a war has come through. terrible. >> not the only place where santa made early deliveries. >> that's john driscoll. >> santa and his buddy flying elves sky diving for the third annual santa drop, put up by green mountain sky diving. santa makes his drop, the elf comes second. nobody gives the elves credit. santa gets all the glory so here they come and they do make a perfect landing. this is the william h. morse airport and as you could see down below they're coming in for a picture perfect landing, but they will not be alone, because they will be met by a crowd of enthusiastic supporters. bring some gifts to the kids
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adds to the magic. might not be a sleigh but santa can fly. these two rescue videos i have are sure to warm your heart. check this out. in this first one you see this body of water covered in ice but you see this spot not covered in ice and a dog is stuck out there, unable to rescue itself. and this man, a neighbor in the area noticed the dog, decided there's no time to wait for emergency services. i have to go out to get this dog otherwise it's not going to make it. he decides to take what looks like a weight, starts breaking the ice by itself. that is quite the undertaking. it could be potentially dangerous for him. >> nobody else is around so if he gets in trouble trying to help the dog it could end bad. >> he was lucky another neighbor was around and saw what was going on, decided to grab his canoe and look, they paddle all the way out to where the dog is, they rescue it, they paddle back
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to shore, and they are able to get this dog back to its owners. >> perfect. now this next one comes to us from russia. these guys were out there and they saw a very young elk stuck in the ice. i'm calling it an elk because that's what they refer to them as there. we know them as moose. they decided to help it out. >> this poor guy, big, beautiful beast, just rendered almost useless by the cold water. >> that's really sad when you see animals who are that powerful down like that. >> all of these guys worked really hard to save this precious animal and look, they wrapped it in some blankets and pine and they warmed it up and made sure that the moose, elk, whatever you want to call it was safe. ♪ winter is not coming anymore. it's here. this beautiful drone video put together by aerial flight productions, where are we? siberia? alaska? northern canada?
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this, my friends, is california, believe it or not. >> what? >> that is so good, though. >> when that snow melts, it's going to become something california. >> lots of water, in the lake tahoe area of california, lots of elevation there, they have ski resorts as well around the lake so to see this gorgeous dusting, it almost looks like the video has been turned black and white but that's the monochromatic look of a winter snowfall. >> nature's instagram filter. >> absolutely beautiful and necessary. the last few years if you've been to tahoe it was heartbreaking to see no snow in town on the streets so please, keep it coming, more snow, more powder, more tahoe instagram filter. a sneaky grinch slithers into a yard. >> oh there's one decoration,
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closed captioning provided by -- now with 2x the shea bu. skin is soft, smooth, silky. gold bond. as we know santa is making his rounds this christmas but so is the grinch. the first drop, i'll show you. here we see this woman walk into a yard and she's got a sack in her hand. oh, there's one decoration, two
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decorations, three decorations, four. >> like whoville, taking all the decorations. >> now she gets the little christmas trees. >> she starts on one side and quickly transitioning to the other side, you can hear the person recording this. looks like she's done. nope. did she leave the santa? >> we have one more santa stop here. >> nope. >> come on! >> it looked like she was done, and then she looked around and takes off. >> oh, i hope somebody recognizes that lady. >> the restaurant owners in the next video hopes somebody recognizes these fellows as well because here you see they walk right up and there's a nice little christmas tree in the corner, the christmas tree cost about $900 u.s., and these guys take turns, you see them come in and out of the frame. >> it was a take-away tree in the end. >> they get away with the tree, ollie. up next we got this guy,
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walks up into these folks yard and milling about, like he's trying to figure out if anybody can see him and he darts off with the tree. >> oh. it's so weird we see this every year. >> and unfortunately, i have one more. we've got more decorations in the yard. >> for now. >> here this teen comes, snatches two out of the planter and takes off. >> they don't know what christmas really means. you're supposed to give, not take, give. santa's sleigh for hundreds, thousands, centuries, millennia, he's been using it to deliver presents but so 2,000 years ago man. we have a new ride for santa. first one, the hot rod, starts up the sleigh, got to get the lights going too, first. >> you know what's so funny it looks like the front girl grill of a mustang. >> so weird, a mighty, mighty
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mustang, boy does it growl. they are lining up on the line for the christmas burnout challenge. not only is this incredible, to travel around the world and deliver presents, also useful for getting ready for next christmas because -- that's one heck of a way to decorate the tree. >> i would decorate the tree with a smile if i could do it that way. >> i would decorate everybody's tree though. but if santa's watching, nah that's not quite christmas-y enough. perhaps this will help. great vehicle, my vehicle, toyota tundra pickup truck, a bit more pizazz, got the grinchy green on the bot on it, santa head red on the top, got some trees in the back and some decorations but no, no, no. no, no, no, we're not quite done yet. >> let's do it from the truck, man. >> when they turn on the blinker will anybody notice?
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>> just in case you may have spotted a pickup truck or suped up mustang around, you'll know. ♪ annie says her sister's on the naughty list. >> she doesn't get anything and i do. >> city why her sister knows how to play it. >> look at that lip. plus it's time to slow things down this holiday season. >> disclaimer, a lot offer is rattics are destroyed in this video. >> how a slow mo christmas makes for a smashing good time.
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try allegra-d®. even though it's the most wonderful time of the year it's still a very stressful time of the year for kids especially when they have to weed through the naughty and nice list. >> yes, the bargaining that comes as christmas approaches. is there anything else i could do, help with the washing up, anything? >> everybody becomes angels suddenly for two weeks. >> these twins we've had them on the show before. annie is excited she's on the good list but adalei is not. >> i get a list, she doesn't get -- >> oh. okay, girl. she don't need yours. buy her own. >> she's on the adorable list. >> she really is and she's the strong, independent list as well because she doesn't need to you
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give her a lipstick. >> i get a lipstick, she doesn't get -- >> i'll just buy it. this little guy has cemented, etched his name on the nice list because as his parents are recording him through the window, wondering what on earth is he doing? he's grabbing the in a activity scene that they've laid outside and he's moving the pieces around. he's taking them inside because he doesn't understand why they have to be outside in the cold. how's that for the christmas spirit? >> so basically he's saying there's some room at the inn. >> yes, there is. lots and lots of room. okay, you want to go see santa? >> no. >> why? >> santa's scary. >> santa's scary? >> yes. >> now this one, i think we're all going to be a little confused about where to put him. he is definitely adorable, very genuine, but -- >> santa's not happy?
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>> no. >> what is he? >> scary old man. >> scary old man. >> okay, he's keeping it real. you can't fault a little guy for calling the big guy scary, ho, ho, ho, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> breaking and entering, gets in the house every year, no one's sure why. >> junior had one bad experience so we need to reintroduce him to santa and make him know everything is cool. >> everything is cool. just keep being good and you'll end up on the nice list. >> santa's not happy? >> no. >> what is he? >> scary old man. >> scary old man. this holiday season, plum moving media has a special message for you, they want to you slow down. disclaimer, a lot of is ceramic are destroyed in this video. as you can see they have a slow motion camera, this is a video holiday greeting the initial joy
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of giving just what you always wanted, breaking ceramics at a store or throwing snowballs at your co-workers. there was a cookie contest. first place winner not liked a lot by second place winner so -- we get a slow motion -- >> food fight. >> i should have added a disclaimer some cookies were destroyed although this one is my favorite, the flower. the cookie madness turns into a food fight. not the only thing. i love the slow motion reaction to getting a pair of socks. >> the irony of that, that is the only thing they had for christmas. athletic socks, that's all i need. >> why? you're not athletic. moving on -- >> then somebody tees up on an ornament. >> boink! obviously he's preparing for hanukkah. >> not the eggnog.
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slow motion christmas destruction we are watching. >> yes, basically. the police show up to people's homes but then -- >> things change. ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ fa lalalalalalalala >> the prank that gets everyone in the holiday spirit. >> oh what fun
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who says i shouldn't havmy doctor.very day? my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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wondering what's inside the elf on a shelf. ♪ what is it? ♪ getting a visit from the police in your home has to be so scary. >> where is your whereabouts today between 2:00 and 2:30. >> but if you notice the guy wearing the very bright police vest, that's our pranker it friend tom mame. >> the guy with the empty utility belt. >> the look on her face. the thing is, things change. ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪
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♪ fa la la la la la la la la >> they're actually car yoling with the harrisburg police department. >> and along with them, the deputies from the mercer county sheriff's department. you would have thought they would have learned the lyrics to the song but they're just kind of making them up as they go. ♪ fa la la la la la la la la >> as long as the rhythm is right. >> it's going to be like the sun coming up. >> they show up to this lady's house. >> hey is this your vehicle out here. hey, could you step outside for a second please. >> they're being all coppish about it. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ >> she doesn't know what's going on. >> at least he knows the song this time. >> they show up to this older lady's home. ♪ whoa, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ >> oh! >> she's so sweet. >> it's just super cute.
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i do love this one, the guy opens the door. >> can you scottie? could you step out, please. >> tom just pushes him. >> don't, we know where you were. >> man, i know where i was at, man. >> back up, back up. >> this guy is not having it. >> i got reports that you were at safe last night with a glock robbing a place. are you scottie bobble? >> yes i'm scottie bobble. >> accused of doing something you didn't do with a weapon. >> i imagine the officers that agreed to be a part of this prank, like shoom! ♪ hey, hallelujah ♪ rudolph the red nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose ♪ >> not only did they freak people out and sing them a carol but they brought food for everybody. you go girl. you got moves. happy holidays, everybody.
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thanks for joining us. ♪ it's a winter wonderland of great viral videos as we wish you happy holidays "right this minute." baby, it's cold outside. the perfect time for a vacation adventure. >> maybe do some little ice climbing. how two guys take on one of the toughest clips out there. that is beautiful and treacherous. >> a sweet kid spots something on the tree. >> look there's a note. >> the moment it leaves you the best present ever. >> what is this? a lot of people decorate houses for christmas but -- >> this goes to a whole other level. >> the showstoppers to make you the top of the block. >> come on! >> and a gender reveal that's a
3:30 pm
family affair. >> five, four -- >> see if the big brothers will finally get a sister as they celebrate -- >> the best gift for christmas, a baby of course. >> for who? >> i'm not giving you one, i'm sorry. if on christmas day you've already opened the gifts and played with the toys, maybe you can get yourself some spice and by that i mean maybe do some little ice climbing. >> that will burn off some roast beef. >> so i'm just going to make some turkey sandwiches and sit there and watch the video. >> this video was just posted by gopro. this one happened back in february of 2016. these two ice climbers here, tim and clemmond decided to head out to interstellar spice, it's an area where flow from the myrtle river drops roughly 460 feet cr


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