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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 27, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. mall mayhem. violence erupting at malls across the country. panicked shoppers scrambling for safety on one of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season. >> i see kids hitting each other. kids trampling each other, so it was just madness. >> fights breaking out, even reports of gunfire. was social media at the center of it all? treacherous roads and stormy skies. stopping travelers in their tracks. families snowed in. car windows turned to ice. road closures from arizona to new england just as millions of people try to make their way home. they're calling it a christmas miracle. a family stranded in the frigid wilderness, the brave mom's desperate 30-mile hike fighting
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through blistering conditions to save her husband and son. >> i kept thinking this isn't how my life is supposed to end. >> how her will to survive and to save her family led to one incredible rescue. ♪ well i guess it would be nice ♪ and new details about the shocking death of george michael. his boyfriend's tragic discovery finding the singer dead in his bed on christmas morning. and the newly released pictures showing the star in one of his final public appearances as fans pay tribute to the man and his music. ♪ 'cause i got to have faith i got to have faith ♪ >> sending him back to the top of the charts. ♪ i got to have faith ♪ baby i know you're asking me to stay ♪ ♪ say say please don't go away good morning, america. dan and i want to thank you for joining us on a tuesday morning. there's so much mystery surrounding the death of pop superstar george michael. we want to take another look at
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that newly released photo. one of the singer's final public appearances looking very different. he reportedly had withdrawn from public life in recent years but we've seen it all over social media. celebrity tributes pouring in overnight. we're going to have more on this story coming up. but it's pretty remarkable to see what's happening with his music. i got in the car yesterday and they were having a george michael marathon. >> i suspect this will last for quite a bit. he really does look different in that picture. a lot to talk about on that story. however we start with the chaos at the malls. this happened across america on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. there were fight, fireworks, explosions and even police in riot gear storming stores. many of the incidents caught on camera as you can see and abc's adrienne bankert is here with much more. adrienne, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. as you mentioned, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year just as people are returning christmas gifts and taking advantage of all those megadeals what seemed to be orchestrated fights are breaking out all over the country. across the country, mall mayhem.
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violence and chaos breaking out in more than a dozen shopping hot spots monday. one of the busiest days of the holiday season. >> please, please. >> reporter: in new jersey, panicked shoppers fleeing for the exits at the jersey gardens mall after a loud noise during a food court fight was mistaken for gunfire. >> they just yelled shooter. somebody is shooting, and then we just -- after that everybody just ran. >> reporter: armed police quickly swarming the scene, several shoppers injured in the rush to evacuate. from a mall melee in illinois -- >> go, go, go. >> reporter: -- to this tennessee mall brawl caused by fireworks igniting in a store. >> immediately people started screaming and then we looked around and saw the flood of people running towards the exit and so we just got up and took off with them. >> reporter: police now investigating whether social media was used to plan these disturbances. >> the crowd began to circle our officers, and so our officers had to call for help. >> they had rifles in the mall and they had batons to get people out of the mall.
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>> reporter: in aurora, colorado, a social media post told people there would be a fight at the mall. certainly makes you want to order things online. it's not yet clear who was behind these posts or if all of these fights in different cities are related and as you can expect, you'll see more security today at malls in your city. dan and paula. >> great point, adrienne. order online and stay safe. we want to move to the winter storms wreaking havoc and bringing power outage, pileups and leaving hundreds of miles of highway shut down on what's going to be one of the busiest travel days of the year and it's only going to get worse because as rob marciano is standing by to tell us, there is more snow and there is more cold on the way, is there not? >> yes, there is. but we're still talking about this christmas day blizzard. it had slowed down, run into pockets of cold air and had scenes of this, icy conditions and center of the low into canada but the tail end across the deep south. we are not quite done with this just yet. overnight, the storm system that blasted the northern plains with heavy snow and ice on christmas
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moving east creating a holiday week travel nightmare. in new england freezing rain creating icy roads, cars overturned in new hampshire and springfield, massachusetts. >> on the on-ramp it was very slippery, and i was watching cars slide into each other. >> reporter: winds over 60 miles per hour ripping the roof off this barn in vermont while in the northern plains residents still digging out from that massive christmas blizzard. >> i'm on the second story and the snow is right there. >> reporter: over 20 inches of snow and fierce winds causing near-whiteout conditions blanketing roads and forcing 500 miles of interstate across the dakotas to shut down. >> it's pretty much buried. >> reporter: in north dakota, cars and homes literally snowed in. also trapped by the wicked weather, thousands at airports around the country. >> we went up to our gate and when we find out there's a 3 1/2-hour delay total.
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>> reporter: more than 3500 flights delayed monday. almost 400 canceled. some stranded travelers forced to spend the night. >> this is a holiday travel nightmare. >> and on the warm side of this system, we have foggy conditions from atlanta down across the gulf coast so we might see more travel delays and the front moves through. not much colder throughout it. might see some record highs. 10 to 20 degrees higher in the northeast. our next system comes in for thursday. this will be a coastal low and this may bring snow just to the outside of the big cities. more on that throughout the morning. >> rob, don't come back until you have something nice to say. >> all right. i'll work on that. >> thank you sir, i appreciate it. speaking of not having nice things to say, politics. it started so civil, the post-election relationship between president obama and president-elect trump, but now it has devolved into a nasty back and forth. donald trump unleashing a new twitter blast overnight after president obama said he would have beat trump in the election. abc's mary bruce is at the white house covering it all. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, good morning. yeah, for weeks they've been putting on a public good face, but this morning, more signs the honeymoon is over.
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the president and president-elect are now squaring off clashing over foreign policy and who could have beaten whom. this morning it's current versus future president. in an interview president obama says he could have taken on trump. >> i am confident in this vision because i am confident that if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> reporter: but trump is not buying it firing back on twitter, saying president obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that, but i say no way. trump later added, the world was gloomy before i won. there was no hope. now the market is up nearly 10% and christmas spending is over a trillion dollars. it began as a cordial enough transition. >> very, very good man. >> thank you. >> very good man. >> reporter: but now that escalating tension coming at trump as he's been openly critical of the obama administration's foreign policy. objecting to a recent decision to allow the u.n. to pass a measure condemning israel for building settlements.
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now trump slamming the u.n. tweeting, the organization has such great potential but right now it's just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. trump also taking to twitter overnight to defend his family's embattled charitable foundation, amid an investigation into its spending saying that unlike most foundations, it never paid fees, rent, salaries or any expenses. 100% of the money goes to wonderful charities. the president-elect announcing just days ago he's shutting down the foundation in an effort to disentangle from potential conflicts, but the new york attorney general's office says it cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete. now, trump has already paid a penalty to the irs after it was discovered the foundation made an improper campaign contribution. now, closing the foundation is just the first step. trump has yet to explain exactly how he'd distance himself from his business empire. he promised those details in a press conference but later
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postponed it. dan and paula. >> more to come on this issue. for sure. mary, thank you. let's bring in chief political analyst matthew dowd who is in austin this morning. hey, matthew, good morning. >> good morning. >> so, president obama seems to have picked this latest fight by saying he would have beaten trump in the election. why do you think he did this especially after he took such great pains to ensure civility after the election? >> well, one, i think he absolutely stated a thing that he believes to be a fact that he thought he would win in this. i think a lot of these things are a bit like "the hunger games," dan, where everybody has these alliances, but as you get closer to the end, then people start going after each other. the interesting thing to me in all of this is that the people that are more upset than trump and his supporters in this are hillary clinton and her supporters, the fact that barack obama would say i would have won this race, but for the fact hillary clinton lost it, i would have won it. it made them angry. >> matt, first and foremost, i'm sorry about your detroit lions last night. >> oh, my gosh. we had the green bay packers ahead. >> poking the bear.
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>> speaking of poking the bear, there's a new poll out, majority of americans are optimistic about what will happen in 2017 and those numbers are up from last year. the stock market up. trump taking credit for that. does he have a point? >> well, the only point i think he has is that there was a bunch of people that predicted the stock market would tank after the election if donald trump had won. obviously that didn't happen and is up in the course of this but donald trump is going to be fundamentally judged on what happens january 20th onward. what's the unemployment rate going forward, what's the gas prices go forward, what's the stock market? all of that will be judged on a barometer starting on january 20th. and that's fundamentally how donald trump will be judged in his presidency. >> as we lead up to the 20th, though, what are the potential consequences for america if this relationship between trump and obama continues to go south? >> well, it certainly isn't going to be what happened with george w. bush and barack obama where george w. bush sort of
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faded away and never said anything in the course of the presidency. my guess is we are looking ahead to what's going to happen on january 21st. i think barack obama is going to be very assertive and very aggressive in taking on donald trump. >> all right, less than 25 days until the inauguration. matt dowd, thanks again and it's not over yet for your lions. right? >> no, it's not. beat packers. beat the packers. >> all right, matt, sounds good. we want to move now to security stepping up in times square for new year's eve. new fears have been heightened in the wake of the terror attack in berlin. law enforcement saying that there is no specific threat but they're not taking any chances and abc's linzie janis is right here in times square this morning all the way on top of that iconic building where the ball will drop. i think we can see you, linzie. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it's a bit windy up here. we're getting an up close look at the ball that will drop here on new year's eve. 1 million people are expected to gather here for the festivities and after that wave of terror attacks at home and abroad, there will be an army of law
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enforcement trying to keep people safe. [ sirens ] with new year's eve just five days away, the nypd has begun ramping up security around times square, surrounding streets barricaded, officers in tactical gear armed with rifles. the vigilance in response to a joint security bulletin released late last week expressing concern about unaffiliated lone offenders and homegrown violent extremists targeting the event. law enforcement still on high alert worldwide in the wake of the deadly truck attack in berlin that killed 12 and left dozens more injured. >> in light of what we've experienced in this country and the attacks that we've witnessed overseas, law enforcement has to take every situation seriously. >> reporter: according to the security document, there is no specific, credible threat against the times square new year's eve 2017 celebration. but the presence of a large number of spectators represents opportunities for a mass-casualty event. in times square, close to a
7:13 am
million revelers expected to count down the new year meaning security will be the city's top priority. >> people need to be able to recognize the warning signs, the behaviors that a person who is a threat exhibits. they need to report those individuals to law enforcement. >> reporter: and law enforcement officials across the country are reminding anyone attending new year's eve festivities to be extremely vigilant and, dan, some facts for you on this ball. it is 12 feet across, has more than 2,500 waterford crystals on it. and this ball drop tradition has been going since 1907. >> and it will continue this year. linzie, thank you very much for your reporting this morning. we want to turn to a very different kind of security concern this morning. this one outside of detroit. it involves a massive sinkhole that opened up there on christmas eve. more than a dozen homes had to be evacuated. people running out with their christmas gifts in hand. abc's eva pilgrim is on the story from fraser, michigan. eva, good morning. >> reporter: dan, if you look at
7:14 am
this fence behind me, you can see that the brick home is leaning at an angle. it appears to be sliding, a sinkhole pulling it in. this morning, families anxiously waiting to see how big the sinkhole gets and what it takes next. this morning a state of emergency in fraser, michigan, a sinkhole threatening this entire neighborhood. >> we're a small town, something big has happened. >> reporter: the sinkhole devouring everything above it. authorities concerned it will grow. homes hanging in the balance. so far 22 families evacuated including sue alba who woke up early christmas eve to the sound of splintering brick. >> loud noises, cracking throughout the evening. it got progressively greater like, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: neighbor derek lohan and his father running over to help grabbing whatever they could. >> we kept running in and out as much as we could until the police officers told us that we could no longer go in because it was too dangerous. >> reporter: this isn't a new problem for this town.
7:15 am
in 2004, a massive 160-foot sinkhole opened on the same road shutting it down for nearly ten months. but this new sinkhole even larger and officials say it could take even longer to fix. authorities blaming it on a collapsed sewer pipe 45 feet under the ground. residents being urged to stay away. >> let these people get their jobs done. a devastating situation we don't want it to become a tragedy. >> reporter: engineers are now working to figure out a way to get some of these families back to their homes but say that could take as much as two weeks. dan and paula. >> eva, thank you. and we want to move now to the mystery behind the shocking twitter hoax. you may have seen it yesterday falsely reporting that britney spears had died. it was sony music's account that was hacked causing a whole lot of confusion online. this morning new questions about who is behind it all and why they did it. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: the two tweets from sony music's twitter account
7:16 am
caused a massive uproar. the first claiming a pop sensation's death. britney spears is dead by accident, we will tell you more soon. then just seven minutes later, r.i.p., britney. 1981 to 2016. ♪ spears' spokesperson immediately denying the news telling cnn britney is fine and well. there have been a few internet clowns over the years who have made similar claims about her death but never from the official sony music twitter account. >> hackers in particular like to boast. they like to show off that they are able to get in and shine a light on a company's susceptibility to this or vulnerability. >> reporter: bob dylan's twitter also spreading the false news writing, rest in peace, britney spears. >> in bob dylan's case sony was actually handling his twitter account. these celebrities, they're not, in fact, the ones driving the tweets. they have social media managers. so, you have a lot of people with access to passwords. >> reporter: certain characteristics of this latest hack appear to suggest a
7:17 am
connection to ourmine, a group that has previously been linked to twitter hacks on companies like netflix and marvel. the company claiming they are not hackers but merely a security group whose goal is to make sure online accounts are secure. for its part, sony says their twitter account was compromised. this has been rectified. sony music apologizes to britney spears and her fans for any confusion. now, spears later posted several photos of herself making silly faces showing that she is just fine and isn't taking any of this too seriously. a tip for protecting yourself, don't use the same password for every social media account. we hear it over and over again but that's what will keep you safe. dan. >> mara, thank you. we have a fun note from the world of sports. paula, check this out. a rookie making his debut with the houston rockets last night bringing back the underhanded free throw known as the granny shot. you don't see this often outside of elementary school gymnasiums. chinanu onuaku told "sports illustrated" he knows people are
7:18 am
going to make fun of him but, quote, i don't really care what people think. apparently he struggled with free throws in college and his coach encouraged him to go underhand and it worked. >> hey, you know what, if it'll bring up your shooting percentage, why not? how do you shoot your free throw? >> i shoot it the regular way. but i miss every time. so maybe i should. >> maybe you should try the granny. >> yes, i probably should if i had as much intestinal fortitude as that guy, i probably would. >> i bet you rob has never. >> i have after richie cunningham. but there's nothing sexy about an air ball. whatever you need to do to get it in, you do it. check this out, we got some sexy snow heading into the northwest. this is the good news of this system. winter storm warnings, they've been getting pounded by it. sun valley, big sky in mt. hood, as well. another storm that brings one to two feet and several inches of rain across the valleys.
7:19 am
good tuesday morning. what a beautiful sky from mount tam. a glassy looking day. freezing cold temperatures in the north and east bay valleys. we will be a bit warmer today. milder days on through the end of the week. so, if you're traveling, no problems in the southland. 70 in los angeles. getting warmer in tahoe. 46 there. locally in the upper 50s from fremont to san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s arrive tomorrow around the bay. this is not a picture of switzerland. taos, new mexico, where they certainly had a white christmas. so, there, something nice to say. you said not to come back -- >> until you had something nice to say. >> i appreciate it.
7:20 am
at least somebody on this desk listens to me once in a while. >> i might be the only one. >> why are you looking at me? >> i don't know. i don't know. a coincidence. >> i always submit to my co-anchor, right? maybe not. all right, coming up, new details about the surprise death of george michael. new pictures raising new questions this morning. also an extraordinary story of survival. keep it here. if you've been diagnosed with cancer, searching for answers like where to treat, can feel overwhelming. so start your search with a specialist at cancer treatment centers of america. start with teams of cancer treatment experts under one roof focused on the delivery of precision cancer treatment. start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now.
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you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. right now pleasant hill police are investigating a shooting at a popular mall. no shoppers were hurt by police are looking for the people who opened fire at the cross roads shopping center last night. shattering glass and sending people running. and let's check traffic. alexis are things still light. >> still light. a couple of issues have popped up in the last half an hour. eastbound 580 before lakeshore near lake merritt a vehicle took down a telephone pole. that was across all lanes. sounds like we do have lanes moving once again just use caution in the area. pretty sunrise onoy traffic cameras and that is a pretty sight. still no metering lights.
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good morning too. our freeze warning still in effect for much of the next couple hours. san francisco in 40s. 39, close enough. 32 in gilroy right now. and your freezing in the north bay and east bay valleys with numbers in the low 30s. so bundle up. it is a very cold start. by t by t by the afternoon temperatures will be mild. 55 in the city. 57 in oakland. upper 50s in san jose. about 58 in morgan hill. 56 in napa. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, we've got 60s as soon as tomorrow around the bay and mild all week and showers by new year's eve. >> and another update in about 30 minutes and always on the abc 7 news app and join us for abc 7 mornings week
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days from 4:30 to 7:00. the news continues now with gma.
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to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. welcome back to "gma" on a tuesday morning. you're looking live at times square right here in new york city. the big apple is getting ready for its biggest party of the year, new year's rockin' eve just four days away and the new york city police department planning unprecedented security for the 1 million people expected to watch the ball drop. >> i anticipate you won't be one of those 1 million. >> i'll be watching it from the comfort of my couch. >> of course, you will. also right now, millions across the country feeling the force of dangerous winter storms. rob has been covering it all morning and crews worked overtime to clear hundreds of miles of roads closed by heavy snow and high winds. this as a new storm is brewing in the northwest. and in politics, president-elect donald trump's foundation is being ordered to stop raising money or spending it according to sources due to the new york attorney general's investigation into the foundation. filings report that the
7:31 am
nonprofit has more than a million dollars in as sets. also, america, can we just say you're welcome because this one is back. sara. >> i should have come up with a better dance. that was a little spastic. >> what else would we expect? >> nothing more. that's for sure. and a new warning about what you're leaving out at your curb this week that might attract criminals. gio is standing by live with the important post-holiday safety tips. coming up. >> looking a little suspicious in that shot. >> he really is. >> is gio the guy we should be looking out for? >> possibly. >> okay, all right. much more from gio coming up and much more dancing in her chair from sara haines, i promise. but we're going to begin here with the mysterious final months of george michael's life. fans have been flocking to the singer's home in london. his home is where he was found dead on christmas day and abc's t.j. holmes has the latest on who found him. >> reporter: good morning to you and there's a lot of us still streaming nonstop, right, george michael songs and a lot of people still dealing with the shock and sadness of his death. but the question remains here
7:32 am
for a lot of us, how in the world is it that a 53-year-old man goes to bed on the night of christmas eve but doesn't wake up on christmas morning? we could have some answers on some medical issues coming up soon but right now we are hearing from the person who found him on christmas morning. more details this morning about the circumstances surrounding george michael's death, a tweet from fadi fawaz, michael's reported boyfriend says he found the singer's body. ♪ though it's easy to pretend i know you're not a fool ♪ >> reporter: the london-based hairdresser wrote, it's a christmas i will never forget, finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning. i will never stop missing you. as friends and fans gather at michael's home to pay tribute to the singer, who is believed to have passed away from heart failure at the age of 53, new pictures are emerging of michael this morning out to dinner with a friend in his hometown of oxfordshire this past september. in them he looks a far cry from the artist.
7:33 am
♪ i gotta have faith ♪ i gotta have faith >> reporter: who fronted ten number one singles and sold more than 115 million records. ♪ baby >> reporter: in the two days since michael's death, song streams have increased more than 3,000% on sites like spotify. his 1987 album "faith" is now in the top five albums in the u.s. friends say the one-time pop icon had withdrawn from public life over the last couple of years as he tried to overcome struggles with drugs and alcohol which had plagued him through much of his career. in 2008 he was caught with drugs in a public restroom. >> i'm coming out here on my own so that you realize i just want to start again. >> reporter: and a health scare in 2011 when he says he almost died from pneumonia while on tour. some now believe it could be a while before we know what led to his death. >> there's always going to be speculation but this is a person who led a troubled, complicated life. >> reporter: a complicated life
7:34 am
as they say there, but we are expecting possibly in the next few days an autopsy report to get more answers about what in the world, 53 years old. that's really young. >> there had to be some sort of warning signs leading up to this. right? >> we certainly would assume so because, again, this just doesn't happen. it can happen to any of us, of course, it can, but it just doesn't usually and a lot of people are saying he didn't have a public life over the past few days and months for us to see him, for us to see if there was some kind of deterioration or something going on and i was talking to dr. jen ashton. the fact that they are saying this is, of course, unexplained but not suspicious, they want to do an autopsy because they want to do one that lets us know they don't even know really what happened to him and what might have happened so maybe there were no signs. >> so much mystery, all right, t.j. look forward to having you. >> see you shortly. >> you mentioned dr. ashton. we're going to talk more about this with dr. ashton and heart health for all of us coming up in our next hour. and you can see more about
7:35 am
george michael's life and legacy tonight right here on abc on "20/20" at 10:00 eastern. >> don't want to miss that, thanks, dan. we want to turn now to what authorities are calling a christmas miracle. that family we've been talking about all morning stranded in the snow while on vacation at the grand canyon rescued after a life-threatening ordeal and a brave mother's harrowing 26-mile journey for help. they spoke with abc news and matt gutman joins us from los angeles with the story for us this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, paula. this is a story of two parents' incredible will to survive and save their kid. you know, it's amazing how reliant we are on these things. well, the gps did get the klein family car stuck in a giant snowdrift and after 45 miles of walking combined, the flimsiest of cell phone signals saved them from what rescuers say was certain death. on christmas eve karen klein, her husband eric and their 10-year-old son isaac set out on a family trip to the grand canyon. their gps serving as the guide. >> we were kind of thinking,
7:36 am
well, this doesn't seem right but this is the way it's telling us to go. >> reporter: they were in the midst of a storm and their car got stuck. since eric had recently suffered a broken back and karen was a marathoner, they decided she'd be the one to get help. so she slogged back to the main road where she'd hoped to flag someone down or find a cell phone signal. after hoofing it for ten miles in snow that was three feet deep, she noticed the main highway was closed but then she remembered another entrance to the park 14 miles away. >> at that point i was dehydrated. i would take snow and put it in my cheek for hydration and i was eating twigs. >> reporter: finally, after walking 30 miles for 30 hours with a pulled groin muscle, she noticed a cabin near the entrance to the park. she broke a window, crawled in and collapsed. >> i kept thinking, this isn't how my life is supposed to end. this is -- no, no, no.
7:37 am
you know, my son needs his mother. my husband needs his wife. >> reporter: meanwhile, her husband eric decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. >> we knew something was wrong because it wasn't like karen to be away. so i walked 15 miles north and at that point there was cell reception. >> we ended up on the trail where there is no cars allowed. the car is stranded. >> reporter: finally emergency responders on snowmobiles were able to locate eric and isaac's car and then tracked karen to that cabin. >> people should realize they have more strength within them than they think and to draw upon that and to not give up hope. >> reporter: so i checked in with the california survival school to get a couple of tips. it turns out that eating snow, not such a great idea. it brings down your body temperature. also eating twigs and branches not a terrible idea but in those conditions the most important thing, more than food and water is finding shelter. and turns out, guys, you should
7:38 am
have listened to your mother, we should always listen to our mother. you can lose 45% of your body heat by not having your head covered so put a hat on. >> great advice. >> good advice. >> very great advice. we're so relieved to hear that family is doing better. thank you. dan, big board is coming up. what do you have. >> coming up on the big board, the jonbenet ramsey murder mystery exactly 20 years after her death. can you believe it's been 20 years? new dna testing is now set to take place. could it help track down her killer once and for all? plus, on a very different note, the after-christmas crunch. millions of americans heading out to stores across the country to return gifts. why they might be in for a rude awakening. we're back in just two minutes.
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7:41 am
basement of her family's home. a crime that has horrified and mystified the nation for years. former fbi agent brad garrett joining us this morning. brad, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so, what are police doing right now to try to solve this case and what should they be doing? >> well, first of all, the dna could be potentially a big break. new technology which lets you work with smaller amounts of dna and even corrupted or adulterated dna to come up with a profile. that's one aspect, butdan, two other things will, i believe, help solve this case. a new set of eyes. when you go to a cold case you basically have to start over and go through the entire case again. that combined with the public's help. i realize this has been going on 20 years but i can tell you based on experience you can still solve it. >> so all that new technology to look at those 200 dna samples. i know the parents, john and patsy, they were exonerated in 2008. patsy passed away in 2006 but you never felt that the parents were involved in this, did you? >> no, and here's the reason
7:42 am
why. if you look at the nature of how jonbenet died, which is quite gruesome that we won't go into, it would be someone very, very, very demented, violent, sort of perverted in a way. i think the idea that burke, the son and/or the parents were involved is remote, and then you add the 2 1/2-page ransom note which is a bit rambling and odd, it just doesn't work for me. >> but you said this before. and i want to follow up. you really do think this case can be solved even decades after the fact. >> i can tell you, dan, based on experience solving cases that are 10, 15, 20, 30 years old, when you go back and look at a case, people might have been well intended but they missed places. they didn't do a complete interview or you now have new information to go back to somebody. another look perhaps at former sex offenders that lived in the neighborhood. those type of things are an idea or area. you've got to basically peel
7:43 am
back the onion and start over. >> all right, brad, tan by. we want to move on to those return gifts. millions of americans are heading back to the stores this week to cash in on those unwanted presents but could they be in for a rude awakening? becky worley who is not rude, by the way, joining us with more. becky's one of our favorite people. becky, how big of an after christmas crunch are we looking at here? >> yeah, i'm not rude at all. in fact, i'm very formal, and traditi traditionally, paula, in response to the greeting merry christmas people would say and many happy returns. well, the returns, not so happy right now. first new data on why the malls are so crowded. the national retail federation saying 46% of consumers plan to shop the after christmas sales. then you've got 42% of people saying they will return a gift. i was told there would be no math but i can tell you that those two stats add up to zero parking and 20-minute-long checkout lines. it's crowded out there. >> what about the idea that some stores are making it harder to return gifts by shortening the window? >> right.
7:44 am
return windows vary dramatically by store. even by the item being returned. yesterday, dan, we talked about the fact that the return window on drones can be as short as 14 days at some stores. let's talk about overall store policies though. "consumer reports" listing costco, bed, bath & beyond and jcpenney's as some of the retailers with the best return policies. we're talking no time limits, free shipping. no receipts needed then we look at some of the stores "consumer reports" say are toughest for returns. forever 21, no cash back. gamestop, 30-day time limit. abe's of maine, a big tech store online, policy is loaded with exceptions. and three stores that change their return policies around the holidays to make it, gee, more beneficial for them and ultimately more challenging for us consumers, kohl's, they have a deadline for premium electronics. walmart, 15-day return policy on drones. we were just talking about that. macy's, they require all returns in one year. so, guys, merry christmas.
7:45 am
many happy returns. good luck on your returns. >> gee, thanks, becky. >> do your best. >> so here's the dilemma and a moment of honesty from the both of you. we'll start with you, brad. if you cannot return it, do you regift it? what do you do, brad? >> of course, you do, and so has everyone that's watching your show today. >> oh. >> as soon as you hear that from an fbi profiler, you know it's totally cool to regift. becky, what's your feeling? >> i would not regift to brad because he would sleuth it out and figure out that i'd regift it. in our family we have a policy, regifting is totally okay so long as you don't forget who gave it to you in the first place and regift it back to them. that's bad. >> that's a little confusing. what about you? >> i feel like regifting is fine as long as you tell people you are regifting. this is something i got but i don't want. >> i usually use it as like an appetizer to the actual real gift. so it's kind of in addition. it's a little bonus. i didn't want it but maybe you want it. >> i think it's wise. >> hard sell. >> i'll take a gift from you any time. here's what's coming up on "gma," by the way, thank you very much, guys.
7:46 am
we really appreciate it. coming up in two minutes, we've all heard about porch pirates stealing packages off your doorstep. speaking of gifts, but now it's your christmas gift garbage that could be attracting thieves. that's coming up right here on "gma." that's coming up right here on "gma." all networks are great. but get this, sprint has this crazy deal on their new unlimited plan with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th line free. yep - unlimited data, talk and text for your whole crew. oh you'll need the best unlimited data plan because well you have to get the new iphone 7. it's on the top of almost everyone's holiday list. (vo) find out how to get a free iphone se. it's the best gift this holiday season. how's that for a happy holiday? for people with hearing loss, visit what's the best way to get v8 or a fancy juice store?s?
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6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ♪ welcome back, everyone. welcome back, everyone. we've all seen those videos, brazen thieves stealing packages right off of folks' front porches leading up to the holidays but now post christmas there is a new warning, it's your, quote, gift garbage that could be attracting criminals and abc's gio benitez has details for us from mt. vernon, new york. good morning, gio. can you tell us about this latest criminal activity? >> reporter: that's right, paula. you know what, i hate to say be paranoid but you got to be paranoid here because right now police are warning that thieves are actually driving around these neighborhoods looking to see what's inside your house and what you got for the holidays. so let me show you what i'm talking about over here. because we're going to walk out to the curb here and this
7:49 am
particular house looks like it has some empty boxes out here and just check this out. we've got a tv set here, we've got an apple display, easily about 2 grand worth of stuff according to the garbage and so that's what they say thieves are doing, they're driving around these neighborhoods looking for these boxes. they want to see what's inside your house, what you got for the holidays, because that is how they're going to be able to target your home and that's what you want to avoid. >> this is why i only leave diaper boxes out in front of the house. what do you do aside from tricking people with diaper boxes to prevent this kind of thing, gio? >> reporter: i'm so glad you asked that, dan. because i'm ready right here to show you what you're going to do. you're actually going to want to break down a lot of these boxes, right. you want to break them down and you want to remove any of the labeling because if you remove the labeling then they can't see what you're advertising. but you're going to go ahead and get this and put it inside the recycling bin, inside your trash bin. you want to conceal it entirely from the curb. you don't want to do this because this is what gives it
7:50 am
all away, dan. >> i can't wait to give all of this advice to my husband who always takes out the recycling. >> sounds like that marriage is operating the way it should be. >> there you go. thank you very much, gio. we appreciate the excellent advice. and coming up in our next hour, new questions after two major celebrity health incidents. do men and women experience heart attacks differently? it's a question we're exploring and dr. ashton is here with a warning. and sara haines outside. what's going on? >> oh, my gosh. i have officially lost all of my hearing. we've got quite a crowd outside here. i'm here with social media sensation cameron dallas with just a few of his 35 million followers. he's sharing his secrets to stardom and the idea behind his brand-new show coming up if he survives this crowd. i can honestly tell you, i struggle no more. i've eaten everything i love. tacos, pasta... i've never felt deprived. i would say to anybody who's thinking about
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we are nearly in upper we are nearly in upper manhattan the crowd is so huge here to see cameron dallas. they're not bringing cold so we know that they're comfortable out here. temperatures are in the 50s. records yesterday falling across much of the southeast up into ohio. more record highs possible tomorrow so enjoy that warmth. all this weather brought to you by
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. lisa argen is in for mike nicco. let's head over for a check of our forecast. >> we are freezing in the north bay with 32 in napa. 30 in santa rosa and novato and danville in the mid-30s and upper 30s on the peninsula. but with the clear sky, upper 50s in fremont, 59 in san jose. 60s will arrive tomorrow under sunny skies and sunny on through thursday. alexis. >> looking forward to. >> that and we are still doing okay in the traffic department. here is a live look at emeryville and westbound 80. normally crawling along at this point in the day but most folks off still for the holiday. a quick check of drive times. 17 minutes to the maze, 9 across the bay bridge and 10 minutes if you are heading to the airport.
7:57 am
>> thank you. another update in about 30 minutes and always on the news app and join us for abc 7 mornings week days from 4:30 to 7:00 and the news continues now with "good morning america." enjoy the morning. it is beautiful out there.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and fighting erupting at shopping malls across the country causing injuries, arrests and emergency evacuations. was it all instigated on social media? ♪ zero sugar diet, the simple steps to kick starting your resolution right. 14 days to a flatter stomach with your favorite meals and the surprising foods to avoid in the new year. health alert. two shocking celebrity heart episodes, the death of the pop superstar george michael and carrie fisher's serious medical emergency sparking important questions. the big warning for women about cardiac arrest this morning. and a "gma" megamakeover just in time to ring in the new year.
8:01 am
wait until you see the glamorous transformation and her family's priceless reaction. >> as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] hey, good morning, america. what a great audience we have both outside and inside. i've already been walking around inside here paying people off to laugh at whatever jokes i make throughout the morning. can you just give me something here? thank you. >> you have to pay us a little bit more. >> and we are very excited to see the man on the screen there, youtube superstar cameron dallas. he is in times square taking our snapchat and instagram right now with his sister sierra and friend aaron carpenter. cameron has more than 35 million followers on social media. hundreds of those screaming fans outside right now. he's going to tell us all about his new project on netflix. coming up. >> thousands. i was just outside. it's like the beatles came to
8:02 am
town. >> you can hear those girls and some guys screaming. did you get a selfie with him? >> no, but he hugged me and then girls were ready to take me out. >> sara, you're too nice to ever be taken out. up ahead, we'll give a "gma" megamakeover to one lucky mom and here she is. our glam squad is about to work their magic. we can't wait to see that big reveal. a very deserving mother getting a well-deserved transformation. >> i love makeovers. >> i do too. and coming up in "pop news," how oscar host jimmy kimmel is gearing up to host hollywood's biggest night. >> all right. looking forward to that but let's get it down to t.j. holmes with a look at the morning rundown. hey, t.j. >> good morning, guys, and the big story this morning, the historic visit today to pearl harbor. japan's prime minister is joining president obama at the "uss arizona" memorial 75 years after his country's attack. prime minister abe laid wreaths in hawaii monday to honor the victims. the u.s. ambassador to japan caroline kennedy spoke about her father when she was asked about the significance of today's visit.
8:03 am
>> inspired when president obama and also prime minister abe, you get a chance to reflect on the power of the alliance and reconciliation, and my father fought in the pacific, so i think for me personally i think i really can't imagine an event that would be more historic and i feel so privileged to be part of it. >> and this trip comes after president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima. well, israel says it will move ahead with a plan to build more settlements in eastern jerusalem defying a vote by the united nations security council last week which condemned the settlements. 600 new housing units are expected to be built. the u.n. vote deepened the rift between the obama white house and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu but president-elect trump is defending israel. on monday he slammed the u.n. saying, quote, it has such great potential, but right now it's just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. so sad, end quote. some disturbing video from several shopping malls across this country. police responded to at least 15
8:04 am
malls from connecticut to colorado after large fights broke out. in some cases officers had to use pepper spray. some malls even had to be evacuated. it appears some of the fights were organized on social media and there were several arrests. no serious injuries to report. and some new video this morning of thieves throwing a rock through the door of this store on madison avenue in new york and stole more than a million dollars in fur coats. some of them are worth $200,000 each. the thieves are on the run but apparently pretty warm right now. all but one of the inmates who escaped from a tennessee jail on christmas have been captured. the men escaped through a hole after removing a toilet from the wall. a leak had rusted the bolts. the one inmate still on the run was serving time for aggravated robbery. and the fastest animal on earth may be racing towards extinction. wildlife experts say only 7,100 cheetahs remain in the wild today. they blame habitat loss and the illegal trade in cheetah cubs for the dwindling numbers. and on another note now, an invitation that went viral
8:05 am
supersized one teenager's special day. rubi garcia is her name, and she celebrated her 15th birthday in a rural town in mexico with family, friends and look at this, thousands of strangers. that's because her dad posted a video on facebook inviting everybody to the party, everybody, promising food and prizes. you see her face there, guys. she doesn't look too thrilled about it and i think i can explain why. you'd be excited if thousands of people showed up, but, guys, they didn't bring presents. a lot of people didn't bring anything. we've all had that person come to your house and eat your food and drink your liquor and then bounce. they bring nothing. my face looks like that too. >> t.j., it feels like you were excavating some personal wounds on your part here. >> that's what i do on this show. that's what it's for. this is therapeutic. guys. >> this is therapy. thanks. >> we only did that to t.j. once. okay, we'll never do it again. >> by the way, dan, how long has it been for you to be able to introduce sara doing "pop news"? >> it's been several months. very good to have you back.
8:06 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> i'd like you to officially introduce me. >> it's time now for "pop news" and sara haines is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> last time i checked, dan, he said i don't know what number this is. rude. everyone is excited for the oscars including jimmy kimmel, this year's host. kimmel hit the streets to see what people knew about the upcoming awards show and found that not everyone knows what was coming. take a look. >> where are you from? >> brooklyn, new york. >> brooklyn. i'm from brooklyn. do you know who is hosting the oscars? >> no, i don't. >> i'll give you a hint. he's also from brooklyn. >> oscar. >> oh. >> burn. now, that's from the first commercial for hollywood and brooklyn's biggest night. the oscars will air live on abc on sunday, february 26th at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i love that show. >> he's amazing. >> he's amazing, though. >> we should go on to see exactly where oscar is from.
8:07 am
he may be from brooklyn. >> i like that he looked and that was his next guess was the statue. >> and the tux didn't even clue him in. >> nope, nope, pretty much he needed to be like this guy right here. >> i would imagine it's a little intimidating to be interviewed by kimmel. >> every time someone ambushes you on the street, i think you lose all knowledge. have you ever noticed that, the second they ask you the most basic question, it's gone. >> gone. a great gift for a big chrissy teigen fan. the host of "lip sync battle" wore this gorgeous red dress on a recent episode on the show. now, a 23-year-old, rebecca howe of corning, new york, loved it tweeting to the star, but seriously, when you're done with that red dress, can i have it, please? ask and you shall receive. teigen tweeted back that she was soon with the dress and senting the striking off-the-shoulder outfit to rebecca who said she'll wear it on new year's. can you imagine tweeting to someone that? >> really cool. >> chrissy teigen does such a
8:08 am
good job engaging with all of her followers. >> she's like an example to follow. but, seriously, sending a dress? >> can i have that dress when you're done? >> it's probably too big for you, paula. >> i asked first. >> stop it. >> she promised. >> talk about excavating personal issues on the air -- >> working it out right here. >> next topic, sara. >> i'll save you, rob. early holiday surprise for vanessa and nick lachey, they welcomed their baby phoenix robert on christmas eve. the family announcing the new arrival on instagram with this picture of vanessa and the newborn joining hands. vanessa's instagram post called phoenix a christmas miracle noting he arrived early. >> really cute. >> isn't that so sweet? >> yeah. >> i met her in person and she's one of those people you can't even speak in front of because she's so gorgeous and like you said you lose every thought you had in your mind. she's one of those people. >> he's like such a proud daddy. he was here hosting halloween, the ken to my barbie, and clearly vanessa was not available. so he was talking about his kids and he was like one of those beaming proud dads.
8:09 am
i think they're such family people, and i love that. >> there's something really sexy about proud dads, too. dan and rob. >> rob just perked up. >> i'm very proud. dan, you proud of your kid? >> super proud. >> speaking of proud dads, proud moms, proud parents in general, coming up, our lucky mom, but this is her before putting herself in the hands of our glam squad, and there she is getting ready for her big new year's eve night. what a night it's going to be for her. plus, the "zero sugar diet: 14 days to a flatter stomach" with your favorite meals, and dave zinczenko is here to break it down. hey, dave, see you in a minute. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the fast, powerful cough relief of robitussin because it's never just a cough. just a cough. ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:13 am
blood pressure or heart rate, liver damage, manic episodes, glaucoma and allergic reactions. do not take with opioids. reduce hunger, help control cravings. contrave. the #1 prescribed weight-loss brand. go to welcome back. we want to talk heart health this morning after two recent stories in the news, the sudden
8:14 am
death of the singer george michael due to heart failure according to his publicist and, of course, the actress carrie fisher's cardiac incident on a flight before christmas. abc news senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton says there are lessons here for all of us. >> 100%. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> are there differences between the way men and women experience these cardiac incidents? >> we finally know the answer to that question, dan, is an overwhelming yes, but that word has to filter out to the public. we know that there are differences in men and women in their symptoms, in the causes, in the treatment and in their survival, so you need to know the common symptoms in women. take a look at this list, whether you're a man or a woman, because this could truly save someone's life. the common symptoms of a heart attack in women, nausea and vomiting. they get like a stomach flu-like symptom, shortness of breath, unusual fatigue or chest discomfort. it doesn't always have to be chest pain. it can be pressure. basically if you are a woman and you are feeling something bizarre from your jaw to your belly button, call 911. think heart attack. it's better to be wrong than
8:15 am
dead. >> some of those symptoms that you just mentioned kind of mask themselves as something else. flu-like symptoms. but you have said and this is really your platform that there is a crisis in women's health knowledge and women actually knowing more about this particular topic that's killing people. what do you mean by that? >> it's killing people. i think women don't know about their own bodies and the medical profession still has a lot to learn about gender differences and how different diseases present male versus female. i think if you look at these statistics, this is jaw dropping. at least -- 90% of women have at least one risk factor for heart disease and they're unaware of it. only 36% of black women know that heart disease is the number one killer of women. about half of african-american women have heart disease and these are women over the age of 20, and if you look at hispanic women, only about 12% of hispanic women have ever discussed heart disease with their health care provider. we need to do better in the medical world, but women need to take the reins of this themselves too. >> dr. jen, you just last friday
8:16 am
discussed a study from the american heart association which showed an increase in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. now -- cardiac deaths. >> yes. >> does this apply to, you know, this clearly involves george michael but also possibly carrie fisher. what can we do to avoid it? >> we're seeing it because these are world known celebrities but this is happening to the everyday person. i think the key thing about heart disease is 80% of heart disease is preventable if you modify risk factors. if you look at these risk factors for women, adverse pregnancy outcomes, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, smoking, overweight and obesity, elevated numbers in your cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure. control these risk factors and you can lower the risk of heart disease. >> dr. jen, thank you so much. >> you bet. speaking of overweight and obesity, coming up, simple steps to kick start your resolution as it applies to your diet. the secret to the zero sugar diet with dave zinczenko after the break. the secret to the zero sugar diet with dave zinczenko after the break.
8:17 am
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8:20 am
oh, my goodness. the biggest crowd of the year so far. where are you from? >> atlanta, georgia. >> the atl. all right. where are you from? >> lafayette, louisiana. >> lafayette, i know it. where you from? >> new york. >> new york and who are you here to see? >> cameron. >> oh, that's a shock.
8:21 am
>> san antonio. >> san antonio, texas. cameron dallas right here. they're going bananas for him. hey, it's not so cold here, but it's cold across the upper midwest and we got another cold shot coming through, tuesday highs kind of seasonable, a bit of a windchill in chicago. friday, once the nor'easter goes through chillier temperatures for the weekend. all right. we are standing by with dave zinczenko and the "zero suga good tuesday morning. what a beautiful sky from mount tam. a glassy looking day. freezing cold temperatures in the north and east bay valleys. we will be a bit warmer today. milder days on through the end of the week. so, if you're traveling, no problems in the southland. 70 in los angeles. getting warmer in tahoe. 46 there. locally in the upper 50s from fremont to san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s arrive tomorrow thank you very much, rob,
8:22 am
and i'm here now with abc news nutrition and wellness contributor, dave zinczenko, dave z. as we call him. he's got a new book for the new year. it is called "zero sugar diet: the 14-day plan to flatten your belly, crush cravings and help keep you lean for life." i'm suddenly sucking in my stomach. we're talking about flattening our stomach. welcome. we've heard it all. we've heard low fat, low carb, but you say zero sugar is the solution, why? >> because we're getting so many added sugars a day, up to 400 calories' worth of added sugar. it's like four times what's recommended, and these are empty calories that do nothing. so "zero sugar diet," it's easy, it's for everybody and effective and you'll strip away the added sugars from your diet and lose up to 16 pounds in 14 days. >> that's what we're talking about, added sugars. >> added sugars. >> not natural sugars. okay, so we brought along -- you have a couple of everyday foods, and the nutrition labels can be really deceiving. can we talk about these particular foods and how much added sugar is in each? >> basically food manufacturers are putting added sugars in everything, and you haven't really been able to tell the
8:23 am
difference between the natural sugars or the added sugars. you take a half a cup of pasta sauce here, and you think, well, why would there be sugar in that but the sugar equivalent is one glazed doughnut. >> to a cup. >> in a half cup of pasta sauce. >> you're kidding. >> yeah, so if you look at -- >> startling. >> maybe you think you're starting your day by doing something healthy, hey, i'm having my yogurt with fruit on the bottom. some of those brands have more than 27 grams of added sugar. that's the equivalent of three glazed doughnuts. >> are you going to frown on me if i actually eat one of these doughnuts because the new year isn't for a couple of days. >> i won't judge you. >> i may have one by the time -- okay, so we have some smoothies. >> so you go and get your large smoothie, which is sometimes four servings that's represented here, and that's 25 -- the sugar equivalent of 25 glazed doughnuts, paula. i mean you wouldn't eat it. why would you drink it? >> i had no idea, but you think it is possible to go through your day without any added sugar. >> absolutely.
8:24 am
you just need a guide, and that's what "zero sugar diet" -- >> that's why we have you. >> i'm here to help. [ applause ] >> i'm going to eat, by the way. what are we having for breakfast? >> this is delicious. this is a chocolate vanilla oatmeal. i love it. it's one of my favorites, and what's great about it, it has six grams of natural sugar and it's 225 calories and here's a great tip. use some cacao powder in it because cacao is an anti-inflammatory so it helps to eliminate bloating and strip away belly fat. >> i love it in and you get to eat chocolate. you get to eat chocolate. >> chocolate and the raspberries. here we have lunch. >> this is another filling lunch. >> i'm trying everything, by the way, except the doughnuts. >> dig in. it's steak salad with kale and spinach, so you even get to eat steak. >> see what i'm eating right now? >> this is 450 calories, it's just 14 grams of sugar, but it's natural sugar so it comes with fiber. >> where are you getting the natural sugars from? the carrots? >> it's a little bit -- >> come in, sara. >> -- in the dressing, carrots.
8:25 am
>> yes. hi. >> noticed we mentioned food and sara came. we love to eat. >> you even get to have pizza. >> that was my piece. >> i'm sorry. i'll share. >> okay, so this is dinner. >> i'm going to take a slice and we're going to share. >> whole grain pizza with chicken, asparagus and pear. >> you made it? >> i did all morning with karen, karen and i did that. >> the pear. >> yeah, it adds a touch of natural sweetness to it. >> and this -- this is just four grams of natural sugar, so this is 450 calories right here. >> what's the crust? >> it's a whole grain, a whole grain flatbread. >> four grams of natural sugar. >> four grams of natural sugar. no added sugar. >> you're kidding me. >> so everybody is like, oh, you can't eliminate the added sugars from your diet. you can and you can still enjoy the sweet life because you're getting it in the natural sugar. >> real quick what do i put in my coffee in the morning? cream? >> i like a little bit of agave. >> a little agave? >> yeah. >> i love it. >> dave, thank you very much. we're so excited about this new book. "zero sugar diet" is available
8:26 am
now, and everybody here in the audience, you're going to go home with a copy. [ cheers and applause ] coming up, cameron dallas is here live. he's here to talk about his new show "chasing cameron," just ahead.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. let's get over to alexis smith with a look at your commute. >> good morning. and we are still doing with some potholes that are causing some problems here. southbound 880 near fruitvale, you could see pretty significant back-up starting to form. the two right lanes is where that is reported. we had a couple of vehicles got flat tires this morning. stick to 580, everything else is light this morning. >> thanks for the update. lisa a
8:28 am
8:29 am
good tuesday morning to you. isn't this a gorgeous shot from santa cruz. tons of sun and near 60 today. it is already 45 in san francisco. but still upper 30s mountain view and san jose. 33 in gilroy. 46 at the coast. and you could see the flag blowing from the golden gate bridge. but temperatures are slowly beginning to turn around. still cold in santa rosa. freezing in novato. 33 in concord and livermore where we have a freeze warning, our inland east bay valleys and the north bay for another hour to half an hour and 60s around the bay tomorrow. >> we'll have another abc update in about 30 minutes and always
8:30 am
on our free abc 7 news app. remember you can join the whole team every morning week days from 4:30 ♪ and the trumpets they go [ applause ] ♪ and the trumpets they go and welcome back to times square. what a great audience we have with us two days after christmas. so, here's what paula and i are bringing to the table this morning. >> not much. >> not much. [ laughter ] that was meant for me really i think. >> both of us. >> are there any words or phrases that you just cannot bear to hear for another year? >> yes. >> any words or phrases that freak you guys out? >> fo shizzle. >> that's five years old. >> i know but i use it a lot and i annoy myself. fo shizzle is so annoying. >> is this like 1995? >> i am from the middle of the country. it takes me a while to catch up. >> she's from real america, dan.
8:31 am
>> middle america. >> before we get all red state, blue state, there's actually a survey done right here in the united states, the real united states and, paula, will you tell us about the findings? >> yes, the marist institute does a yearly survey on most despised phrases and the word "whatever" ranked the most annoying for the eighth year in a row. anybody despise whatever? >> i don't say it. you just go like this. still five years old. >> that's also annoying when people give you the finger expression. >> i thought that should for wu tang. >> you want to hear some of the runners-up. >> i like that. >> no offense but garnered 20%. >> yeah, because whatever you say after the but is just something terrible. >> yes. >> you will insult somebody. >> you know, right. >> oh. >> i can't even. huge, unsure also made the list. i'm surprised bigley didn't make the list. >> here's one that bothers me, #blessed. because i feel like -- i feel like it's always used as a way
8:32 am
to like brag about something. somebody shows their abs, it's like blessed or new car, blessed. >> who do you follow on twitter? >> everyone you -- the other thing is the verbal hashtag. my husband is like -- every time he's like, oh, my gosh, he's like quit doing verbal hashtag. >> it's annoying. #foshizzle. >> it is what it is. when people say that it means i'm done fighting with you and we'll agree to disagree. which means they're not acknowledging that i just won the argument. >> yes, i like your style. >> what is it? do you ever follow up? >> i don't do that. >> paula, you have got to annoy your husband. >> are you kidding me? >> i know her husband. >> that is unequivocally true. >> i know john. >> yeah, she does know john and she sympathizes with john, don't you? >> i do. >> actually i was talking to john the other day. all he said was #blessed.
8:33 am
>> dan for the win. >> was he referring to me? >> i don't know what he was referring to. >> probably not. >> we'll get into a segment about marital strife. how many folks in here still write cursive every day? [ applause ] >> really. >> that's surprising. >> where do you write? >> are you guys just clapping because the stage manager told you to clap? >> a show of hands, who uses cursive every day? what do you do? >> writing letters. >> writing letters? >> who are you, emily post? >> well, cursive is making a comeback. you all remember for several years people were saying cursive was going to go away. they stopped teaching it in schools and we got computers. it's starting to make a comeback again. and arizona was the latest state but we got 12 in recent years who have now added it to the curriculum. it is required, louisiana, my home state of arkansas among them. you understand, right? [ applause ] >> did you learn -- how is your cursive? >> i learned it in school but i'm embarrassed about this segment.
8:34 am
>> i saw yours. you should be. >> it's okay. this is therapy. >> this is why they separate us. but i have a friend who made me feel self-conscious about my writing lately. >> why? >> we were supposed to all write good morning, america, in cursive. here we go. >> my "g" struggles. >> t.j., this is for you. mine says is sara really going to be here all week? >> those were not the instructions. >> but good morning -- i can't make a cursive "g." i actually do not know how to make it. >> can we help you? >> this took a while. i'm serious. >> here's a cursive "g." i'm going to show you, america. >> i do not write it at all. >> the "g" is hard. >> okay, i didn't know about that. >> you did know about that. you got it. [ applause ] >> sara got it. >> it's just like a little weird. >> the argument -- come on now, i'm struggling here. who is laughing? >> i think you have willing participants to help you. >> the argument, they say, is now that kids do better, have more word skills, they are
8:35 am
quicker with their thoughts because they can write them down quicker, if we lose this skill you are losing that. doesn't matter if you have a great idea if you can't get it down on paper. >> good point. >> using a different part of their brain. >> so it's making a comeback. and i need to work on it. i honestly did not know how to make a "g." >> there's hope for you. >> i'm telling you, this is my therapy session. >> it's all right. >> i would never argue you're not quick with your thoughts and expressions. >> i can run my mouth. >> i'm just saying. >> it is what it is, t.j. >> paula for the win. >> sorry. our next guest doesn't use much cursive unless it's to sign his autograph which i hope he does in cursive but he has a combined 35 million followers on social media, it made him one of the biggest stars on the internet and now already has two movies under his belt and a new netflix show that debuts today. cameron dallas, come on out. [ applause ] >> how are you doing? i'm dan. nice to meet you. >> can i get a hug? thank you.
8:36 am
what a sweetie. going to have him do cursive? >> yes. >> do you know -- can you write good morning, america in cursive? maybe? we can work on it throughout the interview. >> you didn't see him shake his head when you said he signs autographs in cursive, he made this face. >> he's really not -- >> oh, that's all we need. good morning. >> the "g" was the test. whoa, how many -- >> that's three, right, on the "m"? >> is it three? >> see this? >> yeah, you got it. you got it. >> show everybody. [ laughter ] >> can you hold it up? >> you're going to kill them with the suspense here. >> good morning. >> can you see it? [ applause ] >> i was back there too, i was like i hope they don't ask me to write in cursive. >> we like to keep the interviews super tough. >> you guys really use cursive? >> no, i don't. >> i do in handwritten notes a little cursive. >> my mom writes in cursive. >> we should say your mom and sister are in the audience. >> yes, yes, they're beautiful.
8:37 am
[ applause ] >> now, cameron, we saw your excitement all night tweeting about your new show. >> i did not sleep. i could not sleep. >> oh, it's like christmas. >> no, no, no, it's good. this -- i wrote this down in my notes. >> in cursive? >> in cursive? >> in cursive two years ago and like the fact that it's finally out now, it's like visual -- everyone can see, it's amazing. >> called "chasing cameron." >> it's called "chasing cameron." >> and it's already trending worldwide. i'll go ahead and grab it for you. >> thank you. >> the show was on "variety's" must watch list this week. which is a big deal. >> wow. i didn't even know that. >> what should we be excited to see? [ applause ] what are we looking forward to seeing this year? >> i think for me, one of the biggest problems that i ran into early on like early stages in social media was kind of educating people on the space and kind of the generation ahead of me and kind of showing them the power of social media, what
8:38 am
it's being used for, how the millennials are making ancillary businesses out of it and like what is going on with this whole thing, and it's one thing to talk about it but another to show people and that's what i wanted to do and that's what we did. >> let's show people a clip we have real quickly. >> find my phone, please. honestly, help me find the phone. check in -- did you change pants? >> where is it, mackenzie? >> well, you texted me back and said you're in the apartment. >> this apartment is so small, how can i lose it in here? how do i lose things in here. >> do you get separation anxiety when you lose your phone? >> do you think i do? i don't know. [ applause ] >> do you? >> i really don't. i really don't. i don't care. i can go without my phone. >> for how long? >> before you start shaking? >> i've always wanted to go to hawaii and i went for the first time -- two times this year actually. i brought my friends and the first time i went into the lobby i dropped my phone, broke, couldn't use it. the second time i had the iphone
8:39 am
7 and was one of the first ones to have it and one of the first ones to lose it in the ocean. >> oh, my gosh. >> #blessed. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> when we go to commercial, we're going to have dan teach you a little meditation. you'll be 10% happier at the end of this. >> i could use it. >> "chasing cameron" is on netflix right now. coming up, robin roberts takes a closer look at the inspiring film "two trains running" next. [ applause ] and the bigger deal, our megamakeover. you don't want to miss lucky mom's dazzling new year's eve look. stay tuned.
8:40 am
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oh, they've been going crazy for cameron. the one time they were quiet is when he was on the air just a few minutes ago. you guys having a great time? yes, it is a beautiful day here. we've got fans from all over the country. some of them are fans of snow. so we want to show you a couple pictures out west. it's been a phenomenal year so far. steamboat, a 50-inch base. squaw valley good tuesday morning, it is clear and chilly around the bay. temperatures in the upper 20s in our protected valleys. a freeze warning through 9:00. slightly warmer
8:43 am
>> this weathercast brought to you by mercedes-benz. dan, back inside to you. >> thank you, robert. robin roberts recently sat down with the critically acclaimed director and producer sam pollard. his remarkable new documentary called "two trains running" tells the story of two groups of young blues fans that set out to find their musical heroes and it's a lot more than that. take a look. >> it's like a bigfoot hunting. there was so little information for them to go on. >> it doesn't matter if you're looking for blues artists or if you are trying to register voters, you are an outside agitator. >> we had no plan b. we had no backup. >> we were going against such odds. >> now you can give a proper welcome for mr. sam pollard. [ applause ] yes, i have been looking forward. >> thank you. i told you one of my associates sent me the clip of this and i watched the whole thing and it
8:44 am
is so moving, i learned so much. what drew you to this story? >> it was a young gentleman named ben hedin who 3 1/2 years ago approached me and said he wanted to do a story that talked about the search for son house and skip james but also wanted to do a story about freedom summer, the young white college students who helped register african-americans voters. >> it is so artistic. why did you decide to do it in that manner? it has animation, everything. >> one of the first things we did was thought about how will we visualize the story of the search for the musicians. now, normally we would do recreations and find actors, and go down to mississippi and shoot stuff like, but dava had seen a documentary called "searching for sugar man." let's use animation to visualize it and the other thing we thought about, i said to ben and dava, listen, this is not --
8:45 am
this shouldn't just be a historical doc but musical doc too and get contemporary musicians. >> you had some live musicians. what is it about music that's so doggone universal? >> the blues speaks to, you know, who we are, speaks to your personal emotions, speaks to the struggles you have, the loves you have and it touches everybody. >> what is it about this that resonates with what's going on today? >> well, you know, i was saying to some people who saw the film a few weeks ago this is so relevant in present now and america has a tendency to repeat itself. >> good and bad. >> yeah, as we see what's going on historically today it says what happened back in '64 with chaney, goodman and schwerner when those young men went down, it's not like the past, it's present and resonates. >> when i was watching, it, sam, even though i was getting a history lesson i was saying this is so relatable to what we're
8:46 am
dealing with today. you are a very busy man. you have a few more in the works. >> yeah, next year there will be a documentary that i'm doing about race in america called "the talk" that will premiere on pbs in february. and the year after that i'm finishing up a documentary about the legendary sammy davis jr. >> ooh. ah. [ applause ] yeah. you're not going to slow down any time soon, are you? >> try not to. >> we don't want you to. sam pollard, ladies and gentlemen. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, robin. "two trains running" is now playing at select theaters in new york city and nationwide in the spring. and coming up right here, the big reveal of our megamakeover. her family and friends waiting for the big moment. we cannot wait to se
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ applause ] welcome back, everyone. we are taking on "gma's" new you
8:49 am
for new year's with a young mom who wants to get her sexy back for 2017. we are going to see kelsey okwandu's megamakeover thanks to this lovely lady, mally roncal, who is a makeup artist to the stars. mally, you look lovely. you've already got your new year's eve outfit on. >> we are inspired and ready to go. >> speaking of ready to go, all morning long kelsey has been getting glammed up by you and your squad. >> yes. >> is everybody ready to see the big reveal? [ cheers and applause ] >> kelsey, come on out, kelsey. whoo! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my gosh. mally, she looks amazing. >> doesn't she look amazing? i think we brought the sexy back. >> she definitely got her sexy back for new year's eve. what inspired this look? >> it was all about that gorgeous husband, that beautiful baby. she is a young mommy of that
8:50 am
gorgeous 2-year-old and we really -- is it too much? >> hello, beautiful. hello. >> you look gorgeous. >> give me a hug. you look stunning. >> get out here, girlfriend. work it. [ cheers and applause ] >> is it too much? had i think we found her sexy right here and she is ready to go for it. >> i love this. >> can we talk about this? >> charles just said, she was always beautiful. you're so sweet. what do you feel, though? >> gorgeous. >> gorgeous. >> is baby number two coming maybe? >> we don't know yet. >> we'll look for it next november. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> what do you think? >> isn't it too much? listen, i got to tell you it is all about this beautiful hair, this gorgeous makeover and this amazing dress and for us it's easy for us to do at home. i know it sounds crazy. >> can we ask kelsey how she's feeling?
8:51 am
>> yes, sure. >> amazing. i've never felt more beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] >> mally, let's go back. we did a full head to toe. so you did wardrobe, hair makeup. >> you got it. >> we want our viewers at home to connect to this. what did you do? >> a great smoky eye instantly brings the sexy back, a bronze works on every skin tone. no problem. we did a false lash because that always pops and new year's eve is a great time to try all these tips and tricks but you could take them all year long. now, chucky amos did the hair. honey! those extensions. >> they are extensions? >> a little bit and they're just clip-ons. you can take them off at the end of the night. oh, baby. >> oh. >> love it. >> oh, my. >> love it, love it. and then, of course, cade did this beautiful, beautiful dress. really, really sparkles and shines, which is again for new
8:52 am
year's eve is fantastic. but, honey, i think you work it. >> love it. >> you look gorgeous. >> thank you. >> i love it. >> this is the family. we got family over here. mom, dad. >> amazing. >> best friend. >> you're crying. >> i am a little. >> you're going to make me cry. >> oh. >> it's probably nice to -- >> my girl. >> you're owning it and like your husband said, i mean he said you were beautiful. >> i don't cry. >> are you about ready to cry? >> no. >> she looks great. >> we love it. you looks gorgeous and she was the best makeever because she went for it. >> yes, she did. >> go for it. [ cheers and applause ] >> everybody, we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by ashley homestore. this is home. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everybody, thanks for watching "gma" on this tuesday. thanks for joining us.
8:56 am
we're #blessed, aren't we? >> we are #blessed. >> whoo! >> you look beautiful. thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. we'll be right back here. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back here. [ cheers and applause ]
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good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. lisa argen is in more mike nicco and tracking our forecast. >> a lot of sunshine from the sutro tower cam. looking nice. san francisco 45 and 40 in half moon bay. the current temperatures in the north and east valleys are out of the freeze warning but today slightly warmer, in the up 50s. main some rain by the weekend. >> and traffic still light in most areas and the only slow spot of significance here, southbound 880 into oakland. we have the potholes near fruitvale causing some flat tires, the two right lanes and up to a three mile back-up. so avoid that. stick to 580. >> it is time now for "live with kelly" and i'll be back at 11:00
9:00 am
for the midday news. i hope you joan me then. our reporting continues on >> announcer: it's "live with kelly." today from "the art of more," actor dennis quaid, and onerepublic performs their smash hit "kids." plus sterling k. brown from "this is us." and ryan seacrest is our cohost, all next on "live." [cheers and applause] [upbeat music] ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [cheers and applause] >> kelly: hello! ♪ >> ryan: hi, guys. >> kelly: hi. >> ryan: yes. the holidays live on. >> kelly: thank you. hi. hello. oh! hi!


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