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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 4, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PST

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breaking news tonight. the search for oakland's next police chief appears to be over. sources tell us the city has tapped an outsider and a woman to lead the troubled police department. but first we are on storm watch. we are tracking rain at street level. >> we've seen it all tonight from heavy rain to strong winds, plus downed trees and landslides. >> check out these huge waves on the san mateo coast as huge waves pounded the coastline. and in the east bay, a woman took pictures of her car after branches from a fallen tree were removed from it. the tree fell while rain fell along long brook way. >> let's begin with abc 7 news anchor spencer christian. >> motherhere's a look at live r
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7. the heaviest rainfall is in the higher elevations in the santa cruz mountains. in the los altos hills area you can see it's raining along university avenue, all the local roads are pretty wet right now. we'll go in a little closer and you can see el monte road. but once again, this is mainly light to moderate rainfall. a little heavier in the wod side area where we see yellow and orange showing up. interstate280, downpours. highway 35. we had rain tallifalling along richmond bridge. no heavy downpours with that little batch of rainfall. this ranks two on the scale.
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gusty wind, possibly mild flooding. we'll see pockets of moderate to heavy downpours developing along the bay area but swinging southward and eastward. there will be enough left as the commute begins. the heaviest rain will be out by midmorning. i'll show you what's to follow a little later. in the north bay, the storm knocked out power to thousands. >> we continue live team coverage from guerneville. >> reporter: the rain keeps falling. but the power is back on here in guerneville tonight after being out for about three hours. but despite that, some restaurants managed to keep their doors open. >> we always do our best on the river to make sure it happens when the power goes out. >> reporter: the lights are out at main street bistro, but the bar is open. they are making do with flashlights and candles.
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>> we were still able to finish out some dinners and meals that were going. the soda machine doesn't work well without power. so i'm a little limited. >> reporter: it looked more like a ghost town after a tree fell onto a power line, knocking out power to about 4,000 residents along the russian river. >> i saw these flashes in the distance, and the power went out and people were standing around safe way, and can't even check out. >> reporter: the latest storm has dumped a lot of rain and flooded local vineyards. part of the expressway was under water. >> lots of rain and windy. >> reporter: back in guerneville. >> no pain, no gain, nothing. >> reporter: the musicians thought their tuesday night gig at the main street bistro was off until owners kicked on the emergency generator, allowing the show to go on.
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♪ ♪ bye-bye love ♪ bye-bye happiness >> reporter: it's good to have the power back. they are used to one or two outages every winter, but a lot of folks are more concerned about more rain coming this week that could bring flooding. abc 7 news. >> thank you cornell. abc 7 news was in pacifica where an old cypress tree cracked and fell onto two parked cars. the owners of the cars are ot of town on vacation right now. neighbors felt shaking and heard a loud boom much like another natural disaster. >> you heard like a crack or a snap. and then like an earthquake. and i jumped out and ran outside. theres with a huge gust of wind, you know, shook my house. but then my dog came and got me. so i knew that it was more than just shaking my house. >> she contacted her neighbors on facebook to let them know
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what happened and sent them pictures of their cars so they wouldn't be surprised when they get back. the rain is causing big delays for anyone trying to fly somewhere. this is a live look at sfo where on average flights are delayed just under an hour. and we want to thank vernon chan for sharing this picture. the snow that is slamming the sierra this week should help our snowpack. the first measure was below average at about half the normal amount. the spokesman says it's too early to know whether the wet weather will help end the drought. count on our mornings when you wake up in the morning. we will be tracking the rain and the impact on your morning commute. it all starts at 4:30 tomorrow morning before you head out the door. now mothhere's a live picture f the santa cruz mountains. check out all of this rain. at 11:15, we will check in with
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katie marzullo. breaking news, within the last two hours, oakland has tapped an outsider to lead the city's embattled police department. she is ann kirkpatrick from chicago. we are live at op dchld headqua. >> reporter: it's taken seven months to fill this position after a sex scandal rocked this department. mayor libby schaaf chose ann kirkpatrick from chicago. she was picked by chicago's police superintendent to head the donepartment's new bureau o professional standards. she is a memphis native and lawyer. some expected shaaph to choose a
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woman after she said she was here to run a police department, not a frat house. this came after a misconduct scandal which created a revolving door of police chiefs. last year, shawn went resigned after members of the police department admitted to having sex with an underaged prostitute. ben pharaoh was appointed and stepped down. and the mayor plans to meet with city council members tomorrow where she'll make a formal announcement. abc 7 news. the announcement of oak land's new police chief came hours after they announced the public safety director. she comes to oakland after serving with kamala harris. johnson is an oakland native. part of her job will focus on
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rebuilding trust in oakland police following a series of scandals. download the abc 7 news app to keep up with what's happening with the new police chief and get updates as they happen. firefighters had to back away from a fire when ammunition started exploding in a garage. it happened on oakwood drive north of interstate 80. once most of the flames were out, firefighters worked on the hotspots, but the home and garage were completely destroyed. coming up, mass murderer charles manson has been rushed to a hospital. plus a hunt for heroes. the search under way for good samaritans who stepped in to help carrie fisher days before her death. and landslides, rocks on the road and heavy downpours. the difficulties facing drovers tonight. and tracking the rain at
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works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. mass murderer charles manson remains in a hospital this evening after becoming ill in prison. prison officials took this photo
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in 2014. he is in corcoran state prison. the l.a. times reports he was taken to a hospital in bakersfield. the prison officials won't comment citing privacy and security concerns. a private family memorial will take place for car dpisher and debbie reynolds. the new york daily news called the good samaritans heroic and giving their family chance to say good bye to their sister. the warriors have set a ground breaking date for their new arena. the groundbreaking will be tuesday, january 17 at noon. it will be built in the mission bay neighborhood. a group of opponents tried to
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block construction, but a judge upheld the environmental impact report. it is slated to open in 2019. a new congress was sworn in. kamala harris is now senator harris. vice president joe biden swore her in. she's the first black woman to represent california in the senate and the first indian american senator. house speaker paul ryan swore in silicon valley's newest lawmaker. he's a practicing hindu, and honoring the year he was born in 1976 in philadelphia. congressman roger marshal tried to dab during his dad's swearing in. that's a dance move made popular by cam newton. he thought he was holding in a sneeze. marshall wasn't amused. he grounded his son. we continue our storm watch
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coverage in the south bay. >> it led to big problems in the santa cruz mountains. that's where we find katie marzullo. >> wow. >> reporter: it is raining as you guys can very well see. a lot of hazards out here on the roads when it is raining like this. we're not just talking about spinning out and crashing, but we're talking about mudslides and rock slides. >> i hit a rock about this big, and it destroyed my car. >> reporter: jeremy king was driving just outside of brook dale when he got caught nun a multi-vehicle accident. the vehicles didn't cash froo each other but into rocks. >> it was the first time the air bag deployed. i'm fine. >> reporter: on felton empire road, another hazard. cal fire on scene called it a significant landslide with potential to get worse. cars were directed cautiously through the area. steady rain in the santa cruz
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mountains means you never know what's around any given corner. trees and rocks on top of slick roads. the highway patrol says drivers have so slow down. >> simple physics. it's going to take a little more time to stop or little more time to make that turn. slow down and make sure you're traveling at a safe speed for those conditions. >> reporter: locals are well aware what it takes to go safely in the mountains. >> a mile or two back, a big rock in the middle of the road. happens all the time when it rains this many days in a row. >> reporter: couple other tips, you want to make sure your tires are in good working condition, your windshield wipers are in good working condition and not a good time to break down on the side of the road, so make sure you have a full tank of gas. katie marzullo, abc 7 news. now an accuweather alert from abc 7 news. >> it is raining in the santa cruz mountains.
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the heaviest rainfall right now is down in that region represented bit orange and yellow colors. right through the central part of the bay area right now it's calm, and rainfall totals have been impressive over the north bay where totals have ranged from one to two and a half inches. down in san jose, only two tenths of an inch. and the winds are really gusty right now. gusts at sfo to 40 miles per hour, 35-mile-per-hour gusts at half moon bay and fairfield. and all around the bay, winds are gusting between 20 and 30 miles per hour. calm view from our -- excuse me, our rooftop camera looking over the embarcadero. 58 degrees in san francisco. this is the view at the golden get a where it is raining
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visibly. fairfield, 50, 56 at live more. rainy and windy conditions will prevail overnight. and this wet pattern will be with us for the next seven days. now the storm's winding down right now. ranks two on the impact scale. tomorrow's lighter storm ranks one. breezy at times. we may see mothanother inch. as the morning commute gets under way, it will be pretty messy. but the rain will again to ease up a bit in the late morning hours. this is a storm that ranks one on the impact scale. tomorrow's evening commute will likely be a slow and wet one as well. in the sierra, winter storm warnings in effect until thursday morning.
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two to four feet of snow. ridge gusts up to 100 miles per hour. whiteout conditions are likely. and snowfall accumulation will range to a foot to two feet. and the snow will continue to fall after that. no doubt snowfall accumulations will increase. low temperatures will be mainly in the low 50s. highs tomorrow under showery conditions will be mainly in the mid to upper 50s. and our chances of rain over the next seven days are only about 10% on thursday, so you want your outdoor activities done on thursday. the rest of the week is going to be really, really wet. here's the accuweather forecast. 100% chance of rain tomorrow, but it will be mainly periods of light to moderate rainfall, just a slight chance on thursday. friday rain develops late in the afternoon and evening hours. we'll get heavier rain through the weekend both days. and light showers will linger
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a 2-year-old boy unleashed some major strength to free his twin penned beneath a dresser in utah. all of a sudden, look there, oh, the dresser just crashed onto brock, trapping him. you can see in the same video how brodie tried to free brock. he nudged the dresser just enough so he could escape. >> it was like butter, it was smooth. it pushed right off of him. i honestly felt like the worst parent ever, as i think every parent would. >> after the incident, the parents anchored that dresser to the wall. that is scary. >> all's well that ends well. that probably should have happened to us a dozen things when we were kids. >> climbing on stuff. >> larry's here with sports. the raiders are putting their play off lives into the hands of a rookie.
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good evening, connor cook figured to spend the entire season holding a clipboard on the sidelines. he's probably going to make his first start in a playoff game. injuries to derick carr and matt mcloin pressed him into a start. now the raiders took cook in the draft on the fourth round out of michigan state and suddenly, the heat is going to be on this kid this saturday. >> in general, he's tall, you know, he can see. can see the field. and he's just confident out there. he was just ripping them, making throws, stepping up in the pocket. so i think he did a really fogo job. >> first drive he went in, he played with tremendous confidence. i was happy for him. it was good to see. >> just putting a lot of
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pressure on him, force turnovers and try to get offense if good field pollings. >> they're going to be blitzing from the parking lot. brock osweiler was recently benched for infective play, replaced by tom savage, but savage suffered a concussion on saturday, so it's the unlikely matchup of cook versus osweiler, and you can watch it as it unfolds right here on abc 7. we have the raiders at noon and 1:30 kickoff. we're up to 11 interviews for gm. anthony lynn. nick casayre yoe. espn's louis riddick is on the list. he was on sports center and said an organizational reboot is enticing to him. >> and that's something coaches
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are looking for. an ability to work on the same level and build the thing from the ground up. and that is something that no other situation right now is offering. >> he'd be a fine choice. kings visiting san jose. they beat l.a., flags flying. logan couture. the wrister was tipped in by jeff carter, it's a two-on-one. carter to tanner pearson. kings win it in o.t. 2-1. the as signed rajai davis. he plays for the indians last year hit .249. 43 stolen bases. he has spent time with the as and giants. at age 36, he can still run, which is saying something. abc 7 sports,


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