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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 4, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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ms. now througary 10th. ikea good morning, america. breaking news for the west. a train derails and emergency personnel on the scene. >> breaking overnight, the wikileaks founder speaks out, saying the russian government had no role in the election hacking. as president-elect trump takes on the intelligence community. he gets two victories. going against his own party, calls out ford, with just 16 days before the inauguration. a new interview from one of the biggest crimes of the century. one of the menendez brothers speaks out from behind bars. the beverly hills brothers who murdered their mother and dad reveal the side of their story. an exclusive first look only on "gma" this morning.
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♪ janet jackson's huge news becoming a first-time mom at 50. what she's revealing about her new son, as rhythm nation celebrates this morning. can't go wrong listening to a little janet jackson. oh, a lot for her and her husband to celebrate this morning. welcome baby boy eissa. her rep says everyone is doing well. >> such great news. a lot more on that coming up. a big day in congress. everyone got sworn in. check out this moment. roger marshall getting sworn in. his son in the middle, jostling. well, he's dabbing, jostling with speaker paul ryan. we'll tell you what happened coming up. first the breaking news. the trail derailment in brooklyn. a dozen people injured. let's go to eva pilgrim on the
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scene right now. >> reporter: emergency respon r responders tend to the more than 70 people that are injured at this hour. all people just trying to get to work this morning. the train barrelled into the new york city station during the height of rush hour. it appeared to speed up when it should have been coming to a stop. careening off the track and on to the platform. >> it was terrible. you could see people crying and screaming and then they said it started smoking. >> reporter: passengers inside the train thrown against windows and doors. some winding up on the floor. >> before you knew it, it was just -- the impact and people were like flying and some people that the last two -- like the last cars of the train don't platform so there were people walking forward while the train was in motion. and the impact came. my face went into the chair in
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front of me. my knees went in and you know, it was just very scary. >> reporter: emergency personnel racing to the scene to tend to the at least 70 wounded. >> my back is hurting. a lot of people i ride with, their backs, their legs. it was a real -- it was like unbelievable. >> reporter: several of those waiting for the train said they heard a loud boom. >> the times that we live in when you hear a boom and crash, you know, you automatically start they'ring the worst like is someone attacking us? you don't know what to think. >> reporter: we have heard that the federal railroad administration is in route to this scene. we'll hear later today george. >> now to the trump transition. inaugust inugg race 16 days away. as wikileaks founder denies his leaks came from russia. brian ross is here with the
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story, good morning brian. >> good morning george overnight donald trump claimed that the long awaited report on who hacked the democratic party had been delayed and will be delivered to him this friday. in his twitter post. trump continued to cast doubt about the role of the russians. perhaps more time needed to build a case, he wrote. very strange. now trump is being joined in his skepticism by the man who has been hiding out in the embassy in london for the last four years. julian assange. the founder of wikileaks. appearing on fox with sean hannity. >> we can say -- we have said repeatedly, over the last two months, that our source is not the russian government. and it is not state party. >> reporter: but the head of the cia says in effect, assange doesn't know what he's talking about. that it was the russians. >> this report is going to include what it is we know about what happened. what was collected. what was disclosed.
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and what the purpose and intent of that effort was. >> reporter: and officials say it's equally clear that the embarrassing democratic party e-mails were delivered to wikileaks by a middleman for the russians, or what spies call a cutout. >> there's no way assange would have any idea who was behind dropping the information off. the russian intelligence services are clearly capable of hiding their tracks. of using a cutout to provide this information to wikileaks. >> reporter: now the president-elect finds himself strange bedfellows with russian president putin and wikileaks' founder assange who deliver messages much like that of trump's transition team. >> they're trying to delegitimize the trump administration as it goes into the white house. >> whether assange is a knowing participant or what the russians call a useful idiot, it's hard to tell. but nonetheless, the russians were very much behind the hacking and dumping of this information. >> reporter: and officials tell abc news this morning, both president obama and the president-elect will receive their copies of the report with
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a briefing on friday, george. >> there seems to be crossed wires. it appears the president-elect and members of his team were under the impression the briefing was coming earlier in the week, probably yesterday. >> reporter: that's right. intelligence officials say that there was never a plan to give it any time before friday. friday was always the date. there was no delay. they're not sure what he's talking about, whether it's a simple miscommunication or the growing distrust mr. trump is fueling with twitter messages. president-elect trump putting the pressure on congress going against members of his own party for trying to strip power from the congressional ethics office. house republicans quickly reversing course on tuesday. our congressional correspondent mary bruce has more and joins us from washington. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's a new republican era, here on capitol hill, nearly a decade in the making. this morning, republicans are trying to move on after their first day was overshadowed by stumbles and a clash with the president-elect. this morning, donald trump showing he can get republicans to fall in line. just a day after republicans
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voted to eliminate an independent ethics body, the measure was scrapped. are you concerned about the message this is sending on the first day of the new congress? >> well, i think a good message is being sent here. which is, you know, republican leadership and membership alike said this is a problem. we need to change it. and we just did. >> reporter: republicans buckling under pressure from constituents, party leaders, and the president-elect. trump tweeting -- with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog, as unfair as it may be, their number one act and priority? focus on tax reform, health care, and so many other things of far greater importance. abc news learning trump called house speaker paul ryan right after the ethics changes were ditched. republicans trying to regroup. taking the first step towards repealing obamacare. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. this is the kind of thing that most of us only dreamed about. i know because i used to dream
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about this a lot. >> reporter: but the democrats, with their new leader in the senate who is friendly with trump, are vowing to keep republicans in check. >> it is not our job to be a rubber stamp. it's our job to do what's best for the american people, the middle class, and those struggling to get there. >> reporter: now, as the capital prepares for the inauguration, just 16 days away, we have learned that all of the former living presidents, except george h.w. bush, will be here for the big date. even hillary clinton will be up on that stage putting her face to face with donald trump for the first time since the campaign and in front of an audience of millions. robin? >> that will be quite a moment. mary. and also that moment that george was alluding to earlier with paul ryan. a little bit of a lesson in dabbing? >> yeah, that's the real debate up here this morning what is dabbing? house speaker paul ryan was swearing in a new kansas representative. the whole family there posing for pictures when suddenly the congressman's son showed off the popular dance move.
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house speaker paul ryan had no idea what was going on. he asked the boy if he needed to sneeze. the speaker later on twitter saying he had just sworn in nearly 300 new members but still has no idea what dabbing is this morning. in case you're wondering, the young man today is so grounded. >> the tweet just came out. the kid was being kind of a jerk. >> yeah, he had it wrong. isn't it two hands? i don't know. i mean -- and paul ryan was entirely clueless, which surprised me, because cam newton did this. paul ryan is a big football fan. i don't know. >> stand by. we want to move on to the president-elect taking another victory lap after calling out ford for a plan to build a $1.6 billion plant in mexico yesterday. the company called trump to say they're scrapping the plan, adding hundreds of jobs in the u.s. our business correspondent rebecca jarvis spoke to ford's ceo about the decision. good morning. >> reporter: the plant in mexico was a focus of donald trump's criticism on the campaign trail. ford is now scrapping the plans,
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moving production of the new ford focus to a pre-existing plant in mexico. rather than adding 2,800 jobs in mexico, they'll create 700 jobs here in the u.s. for new electric and self-driving cars. i asked ford's ceo mark fields what role the president-elect played in the decision. did you feel pressure from president-elect donald trump to make this decision? >> we look at a lot of different factors. one of the factors that we're looking at is our view is that there's going to be more positive business environment for u.s. manufacturing under president-elect trump. his pro-growth policies we think could be very beneficial. and this is a vote of confidence that we feel he can deliver on those things. >> reporter: and ahead of the announcement, fields says he shared the news in a phone call with president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence. fields tells me it was a positive conversation. >> two instances with the
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congress on the ethics thing and the ford announcement where you see big institutions unwilling to cross him. >> no doubt. the thing with congress is very interesting. donald trump is more popular in the districts of many of the republican congressmen than the congressmen themselves. he has the ability to really put some pressure on them. in this case, he was backing up republican leadership. paul ryan and kevin mccarthy, the republican leaders, wanted this reversed. donald trump was on their side. what happens the next time when he's against leadership? he's got the power to move. the ford thing, 700 jobs in an economy that has to create 200,000 a month is not a big thing in a macro. very powerful and once again, symbolic. >> the taunting of the intelligence community, at odds with senate republicans on whether russia was behind this. that comes to a head this week. >> absolutely. this briefing. the intelligence community is irritated.
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they're irritated to see trump questioning them in public. he's used intelligence in quotes. they say the briefing was scheduled for friday. but here's the question. what happens when trump is called into the situation room and has to make a decision on an act of war based on intelligence presented to him by the very people he's right now questioning? >> and he's certainly willing to pressure them. we see a big showdown coming. it will play out on capitol hill today. president obama going to speak to democrats about the obamacare repeal. vice president-elect pence going to speak to republicans. this is going to be the big battle over the next two months. >> this is the first big battle. the republican strategy is to say we're going to repeal obamacare. not all of it. most of it. then make it effective in about three years. so it will give them about three years' time to figure out how to replace it. the first step is not immediate. it will be an immediate battle, immediate vote. but obamacare will not be repealed until toward the end of trump's term. >> the question is, what happens
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to the health insurance community in the intervening years? 16 days away from the inauguration. the acceptances are starting to come in. >> what a moment that will be to see trump there with the other former presidents. president bush, president clinton, of course hillary up there. he's not only getting sworn in as president. he's getting welcomed into the most exclusive club of all. the club of presidents. >> that's a sign there to see the former presidents there with him. you're right. let's talk about the weather now. the arctic blast moving in. snow and ice shutting down an interstate in colorado. what's going on? >> i-70 in colorado. we have the pictures of all that traffic. right around loveland pass this video is from. that was happening and we've got more storms on the way. we needed to warn you of this. look what's happening in sacramento, california. trees down. so much rain in the last couple of days. so much yet to come in the next week or so. we have winter storm warnings and advisories that stretch to illinois. the winter weather alerts, the wind chill warnings are for 40
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to 45 below zero in parts of north and south dakota this morning. these are numbers for thursday morning. it will feel like 10 below in chicago, 2 below detroit. 9 for boston. the cold air sweeps to the east. with it it will squeeze some moisture out. up to six inches in in bay area. up to four feet of mountain snow. they're very happy with that. but look at this picture out of utah. remember where this happened just a couple of days ago. >> this happened again. >> it happened again at the same resort. we have that young man dangling from the ski lift by his backpack. fortunately they were able to get two people up there and get him off. he's okay. >> glad he's okay. >> it's great to have the snow. you have to be safe on the slopes. >> thank you. we move overseas now for the latest on the deadly new year's eve terrorist attack. turkish officials are searching for the killer. there's the suspect. they detained five more people overnight. alex marquardt is on the scene, takes us inside the nightclub. where the attack went down.
7:15 am
good morning alex. >> reporter: we're inside the reina nightclub. once so popular with tourists and turkey's elite. now eerie and empty. you can see here little changed since the horrible night. the bar still piled high with bottles and glasses. back there on the mirror happy new year is written. instead this new year started in a way no one could ever have imagined. bullet holes. blood stains on the wall. the remnants of a celebration turned into a nightmare. this morning, we walked through the club. unnervingly frozen in the moment of the massacre that took 39 lives. as the gunman made his way through the club, the guests were so desperate to flee that around 50 of them jumped here into the frigid waters to escape. and you're right there. ali is the manager of reina. he showed us where he was that night at the entrance when the gunman stormed in. as bullets land around him, you can see him falling. the gunman ran past and shot the
7:16 am
man next to him. did you think you would survive? i survived, he tells me. but i'm not happy to be alive. the trauma clearly so fresh and painful. this morning, turkish authorities say they know the shooter's name and have his fingerprints from the gun he left behind. they've tracked his movements and arrested dozens said to be connected to the attack, including the man's wife, who said she had no idea he was affiliated with isis. for now, the killer remains on the run. with the manhunt in its fourth day, the shooter could have gotten out of istanbul and could be anywhere in the country, even farther. he's suspected of having fought with isis in syria. the fear is that he could slip back across that border into isis-held territory. george? >> okay, alex, thank you very much. >> now a protest over one of president-elect's nominees. >> we are getting our first look
7:17 am
at protesters at the alabama office of jeff sessions. president-elect trump's nominee for attorney general. the naacp led the sit-in protest. the president of the civil rights group was among six people taken into custody. people taken into custody. they want sessions to be removed from consideration. they've questioned his stance on voter and civil rights. >> a school officer caught on video slamming a girl to the floor is now placed on administrative leave. witnesses say the girl was trying to break up a fight involving her sister. the teen's mother told reporters the girl suffered a concussion. the fda says it will investigate the danger of e-cigarette batteries. after dozens of fires and explosions in recent weeks. some victims suffered serious injuries. the fda began regulating e-cigarettes for the first time last year. it's a tough day on the ice for a polar bear. filming a commercial for a car dealership in minnesota. take a look. the polar bear mascot was trying
7:18 am
to pose for the camera there. couldn't keep his balance. he fell over. and over. and over again. just when you thought he would hold it all together, there he is. well, down goes white bear mitsubishi. they posted the outtakes online. i thought a pun, i don't know. i thought it would be polarizing. is that unbearable? sorry. >> no, no. are there more? do you have more? >> no mas. >> it's im-paws-ible. >> oh, another one in there. you're masterful. we love you, everybody in the southeast. you don't do great with snow. everybody is talking about this. thursday through saturday the timing. as the cold air comes in. a couple of lows slide across. there's a potential for a wintry mix or snow. watch your local abc stations for the latest on that. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the wind chill forecast brought to you by burlington.
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coming up, the brand-new interview from one of the biggest crimes of the century. lyle menendez. speaking out for the first time
7:20 am
in 20 years about the murder of his parents in beverly hills only here on "gma." new concerns about fumes on planes after seven american airlines flight attendants were sent to the hospital. we'll have more on that coming up in our big board. have more on that coming up in our big board. [microwave beeps] [heart monitor beeps] hasta luego, profesor! [pumping of bike tire] [pumping of hospital ventilator] [tapping of pen] [tapping of shoes] hey ramirez! un poquito mas rapido, no? [laughing] [wheel squeaking] hey carlos, mañana!
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carlos! carlos! dr. brad needs to see you in room 3. todo el dia! right this way... yes, one second- i'll be right there. ( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ ♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪
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big stories are the rain and how it's affecting your commute. we had really heavy downpours, now the rain out of here at least in the immediate bay area, but check it out, a lot of dense fog on traffic cameras, so reduced visibility, westbound 80, and not moving along too quickly now. also, issues with mass transit, still a 20 minute delay for bart san francisco riders. cancelled trips for san francisco bay ferry, and the bridge is fixed, but a 30
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back. good morning, good news. the worst of the storm is bind us now. we have light rain and light showers. periods of them, up to quarter inch possible and ponding possible. periods of light rain and showers with us throughout the evening hours. temperatures are in the low to mid-50s now, where they are going to stay all day until dropping into the 40s in the evening hours, and then ten to 20 degrees cooler tonight. the changes i want to show you, friday a one, saturday a two, but i bumped sunday up to a 3 strong and monday up to a 2, moderate. it is going to rain so much this weekend, reg gi. >> we have one break, and that's tomorrow. thanks, mike. coming up, the original trial of the century, the wealthy brothers accused of
7:27 am
killing their parents, and now for the first time in 27 years, here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you.
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technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. ♪ all right, just for laughs, do the lift. ♪ oh >> by now you have seen this a time or two, or three. million. that is mariah carey's new year's eve performance. it's turned into a battle of what went wrong. mariah is speaking out. for the first time about it saying she's mortified. will she ever perform on live tv again? much more on that in the next hour. also happening right now, president obama and vice president-elect mike pence headed to the capital. as the fight over repeal of obamacare we gins and president-elect trump is siding with julian assange of wikileaks. also cold air, arctic blast coming in. snow and ice shutting down an interstate in the west. this morning, a deep chill to
7:31 am
the midwest. possible wind chills to negative 45 degrees. >> wow. >> it's 52 here today, though, right? not to rub it in or anything. also this morning, everyone talking about this video. that 2-year-old surviving after his twin brother saved him from a fallen dresser. now their mom is speaking out. she talks about what really happened. where she was when it was going on. and how she felt when she saw the video. >> every time you see that, so glad they're okay. we begin with an abc news exclusive. an unprecedented look at a murder case that rocked a generation. two beverly hills brothers, eric and lyle menendez, convicted of killing their wealthy parents in a grisly double murder. it's been nearly three decades ago. a case that our terry moran has covered from the very start. >> i have. a long time ago. it's a case that has haunted me all these years since i covered it as a young reporter. it grabbed hold of me and never let go. the trial at the time, the crime of the century.
7:32 am
it had all the ingredients. murder in beverly hills. a family shattered in the most horrifying way. as the case unfolded, shocking accusations of what was really going on in that home. the victims -- jose menendez, a cuban immigrant to this country, who made good, becoming a corporate chieftain on both coasts. and became a hollywood power broker. his wife, kitty, who seemed an all-american wife and mom. they seemed to have it all. their sons, lyle, 21 at the time of the crime, and eric, 18, good-looking, outgoing young guys. star tennis players. they had the brightest of futures ahead. behind the closed doors, it was a cauldron of lies and secrets. august 20, 1989, it all boiled over. jose and kitty brutally murdered. shockingly, lyle and eric, their sons, arrested for the crime. in the documentary, we gather so many of the voices. we hear from lyle menendez, by phone, from prison.
7:33 am
about that night. >> my name is lyle menendez. i've been in prison for 26 years. i am the kid that did kill his parents. and no river of tears has changed that and no amount of regret has changed it. >> beverly hills is a quiet town. even the business district kind of folds up at 7:00. we average two murders a year. and, really, don't know what you're in for when you get a murder call. >> what's the problem? >> someone killed my parents. >> where they shot? >> yes. [ crying ] >> 12 shots in the middle of beverly hills on a sunday night and no one calls the police. we're waiting at the house, no one shows up. and i still can't believe it. i'm sitting on the stairs afterwards thinking the police will be there in seconds.
7:34 am
they've got roving patrols. >> many, many people heard the shots. many neighbors came in and said they heard the shots. but nobody called because they figured this is beverly hills. it doesn't happen in beverly hills. >> you call the police. at that point, you had already decided -- >> we were stunned. we felt that we would go to jail, obviously. and we -- it was a selfish reason to just not want to have to go through that. >> by this intersection, i could see the police tape and the police cars in front of the menendez house. as we walked in the front door, the only thing i could detect is the silence. and then in the back of the foyer was this library/family room, which is where the murders occurred. the television was on. so it was just a normal evening for them. kitty was wearing white. she was covered in blood. jose had a shotgun blast to the back of his head.
7:35 am
it was -- uh -- really horrendous. >> when jose and kitty were found dead, the police didn't do what they normally do in a case like that. >> there are things that could have been done that night that would have proven that they were the killers. the murder weapons were in their car. nobody bothered to look. >> at the time, we felt they were victims. you're not going to press them because their parents just got blown away. >> i remember it was the morning after the murder. i pulled up to the house. and then all of the sudden, my car door slammed open. and eric jumped in and scared the hell out of me. frantically said to me that they needed my husband's legal help. i said, eric, what is going on here? he says, mrs. wright, my parents were murdered last night. and i said, what?
7:36 am
he was not sad, not crying. no emotion whatsoever. who would think of legal advice the day of your parents' murder? unless you're guilty. >> but the real issue in the case wasn't who did it. they quickly confessed after they were arrested. the question is, why did they kill their parents? what they said about that in court. claims of a life of abuse, including sexual abuse at the hands of their father. that shocked the country. triggered a national debate. one last thing. that interview with barbara walters in 1995, that is the last time they saw each other. if the penal system works, they'll never see each other again. >> you said from the beginning. this has stayed with you all of these years. >> it was so emotional. if you remember. their testimony about this. their claims that this family was actually a toxic cauldron that they lived in all those years. and to be in that room where
7:37 am
they told the story of their lifetime of abuse, which many people didn't believe. some people did. it was -- it was haunting. it really was. >> we'll hear some things we haven't heard before? >> indeed. it's good work. >> take care of that cold, terry. "truth and lies, the menendez brothers," airs tomorrow. at 9:00 p.m. eastern on abc. coming up on the big board, new concerns about fumes on planes. and the new virtual nanny that reads and sings to your kid. could it put your privacy at risk? we're back in two minutes.
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and we're back now with our big board. we start with harmful fumes inside planes after seven crew members from an american airlines flight were hospitalized. this come on the heels of another flight. 12 flight attendants were acting
7:40 am
strangely on a british airlines flights. what's going on here? >> no one knows. this is difficult to figure out what is going on. it's not easy to detect. if you're going to ask someone who is fixing your airplane to find the source of an odor, it's not like there's a warning light in the cockpit. not like you can see a leak. it's very hard to detect. it's also not persistent. the cabin air is recirculated almost every three minutes. while you may have something that occurs on the airplane, by the time it lands, it's probably not there anymore. the only common thread we can find is this tends to happen on older airplanes. as the airplanes get old, they may leak fluids into the air conditioning system. >> american airlines released a statement saying we take cabin odor issues seriously and have devoted extensive efforts over time to address these types of concerns. what should the airline do here, steve? >> we did some digging. we found this is the third
7:41 am
instance of this particular american airlines aircraft having reports of fumes in the cabin. so, in just in the past two months. and so american obviously has a problem with this aircraft. this is not an airlines problem in general. it's a manufacturer problem. the manufacturers insist their cabin air is good. the faa has told us they don't have the resources or the people to do a true scientific study or to monitor cabin air. until we get science, we'll see more of these stories. >> thank you, steve. a huge year for holiday shopping. sales up to over $196 billion. and yet, despite that, a new report in "usa today" reveals more stores may soon be closing in 2017. becky worley joins us now. record sales. but stores are closing. what is going on here? >> counterintuitive, right? holiday sales up 4%. biggest shopping season since 2011.
7:42 am
retail consultants expecting a continued closure of brick and mortar stores. macy's said they'll close 100 stores in 2017. why? you guessed it. the big sales growth was online. not helping the brick and mortar locations. another crazy stat. some estimates rolling in, there are about $60 billion in returns this holiday season. tomorrow is national returns day. apparently this is a thing now. according to u.p.s., they estimate tomorrow, 1.3 million packages will be shipped back to retailers. these individual returns are a huge hassle. instead of putting them back on the shelves, they cut their losses, they send them to liquidators. you may have seen these. these are online, pop-up liquidators. they unload the items for pennies on the dollars. it eats into profits. the upside for us, we get those items on sale for 30% to 60% off.
7:43 am
>> big sales coming up, too. >> yeah, we're talking about sites like zulily, amazon warehouse. there's one called blinq, with a "q." as returns come in, price cuts get better. a couple examples. i saw a designer purse, $39. big cut. leather boots, more than half off. electronics. beats headphones on sale. they're $129 new. at blinq? $89. the only difference, the box is open. >> we can live with that. to privacy concerns over a new device to monitor toddlers and babies. the newest device from mattel. called aristotle. being called an amazon echo for kids. david pogue, explain this. >> it doesn't come out until june. the reason they're announcing it now here in las vegas at the big
7:44 am
consumer electronics show is they hope to get press, like maybe they'll get on "good morning america." i don't know. it has two basic functions. it does everything the amazon echo does. you can say, when was george washington born? what's the weather tomorrow? what does my commute look like? it has a huge list of child-specific things it can do by voice. for example, if your baby wakes up in the night, it will play a lullaby and show a gentle light show. in hopes of lulling your kid back to sleep. for toddlers. it comes with a camera. the toddlers can show cards to it. play games. what animal says moo? the kid says cow. it says, you're right. when you have a tween, it will do homework help. answer, you know, questions like that. >> there are some people that are concerned about this being geared toward children, especially young children. >> yeah, anything to do with children and technology that we don't understand is inherently
7:45 am
frightening. we have all seen that clip that's going around virally lately of a toddler speaking to an amazon echo and the echo actually responded with texts from an adult website. one of the parents was horrified. the other was laughing his head off. mattel says they've built in security and privacy. first of all, this thing understands children's voices. the amazon echo and siri do not. the other big concern is the way these things all work is, when you say something to it, aristotle, what's the weather tomorrow? it transmits your requests to the mothership company, back to apple or amazon or mattel. their computers process it. send it back to you. that is scary to some parents. mattel insists it can't be hacked. as for the camera with the aristotle, it has a link to your phone. it's never transmitted online. never sent out of your house.
7:46 am
>> wow. not the last we'll hear about that one. >> seeing becky's reaction to what david is saying, she's our tech guru and a mom, too. boy, priceless. >> i know, smart baby monitor, i love it. our kids brains on artificial intelligence? seems like that needs a little more research, guys. >> we have six months. thank you all very much. coming up, a lot of questions about what really happened in the video we're showing you of the toddlers. there it is. we'll hear from the mom of these boys coming up. s full. full of a happiness found in living the life i want. full of the energy that comes with good health. full of the great foods i love. and at weight watchers, i don't have to choose between weight loss and living well. i live well, while losing weight. it is easier than it's ever been, and not one day have i felt deprived. most important, it works! join for free now and lose 10 pounds on us.
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7:48 am
we're back now with the video that has so many parents holding their breath. twin boys, thankfully, surviving after that dresser falls. their mom is speaking out. kayna whitworth has more on l.a. from that. >> reporter: kayli schoff says she knows how lucky her family is. every 30 minute as child is injured by tipping tv's or furniture and
7:49 am
this morning, she has a message for all parents. it's a terrifying video for parents everywhere. 2-year-old twins brock and bowdy schoff climbing into drawers. sending the large dresser crashing down. for two minutes, brody tries to free his trapped brother. eventually, pushing enough for brock to wiggle out. >> are you strong? >> yeah! >> yeah. >> the boy's mother says she thought her sons were sleeping but when she checked the monitor and saw the toppled dresser -- >> i ripped off the covers. ran downstairs. flung open the door and found them quietly playing in the corner. by their crib. >> reporter: a reminder to schoffs and other parents. about unanchored furniture in homes. >> my heart sank. i felt like the worst parent ever. it is such an easy thing to prevent what happened to my children. >> reporter: ikea, who issued a
7:50 am
recall last year, reminding customers that the best way to prevent this is to anchor products to the wall. the twins escaped unharmed. this morning, their mother urging all parents to bolt down dressers, shelves, and tvs. >> we were completely lucky. i think we were blessed. and it could have been bad. >> reporter: the consumer product safety comission urges parents to avoid displaying items where kids might be tempted to climb up and reach for them. guys. >> looks like that's what the twins were attempting to do there. you know who is a new mom? janet jackson. the first-time mom at the age of 50. all the details about her brand-new baby boy. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl.
7:51 am
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i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ♪ back here on "good morning america," high schoolers from the bronx putting on a show. they were singing. awesome. orlando yesterday, tied a record at 86. look at this video out of florida. oh, wow, that double rainbow. this segment brought to you by carmax. oh, here comes nancy. wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs.
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it's 7:56, our meteorologist has your soggy forecast. mike? >> hi, everybody. good news is the heaviest rain moved off east, but keep the umbrella handy and the storm impact scale for the light rain and showers. it's 1, the storm is. minor ponding possible. the look at the seven day, the thing you notice is sunday's a strong storm and monday's also a moderate storm along with saturday. >> okay. we have a new alert in 25 minutes. eastbound highway 4 near franklin canyon. there's a crash blocking both lanesment only the shouldsers getting by now. a guardrail went through the vehicle. you are backed up to the 80 interchange. avoid that if you can there. hoping to have it clear in a half hour, but not sure how long the cleanup's going to take.
7:57 am
>> thank you. coming up, a brand new report reveals the best diet to reveal all the weight. the answer is next on "gma." another update in 30 minutes, and always on the news app. yep. it's going to be a glo
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new overnight, president-elect trump takes on the intelligence community over whether russia really hacked the u.s. the man behind wikileaks backs him up. trump clashes with members of his own party. just 16 days before the inauguration. ♪ and mariah carey a speaks out about her new year's eve performance. turned into a fight over what went wrong. reveals she's mortified. and whether she'll do live tv again. what's the best diet for you? "u.s. news & world report" revealing their top-secret rankings right here. what is the easiest? what is the healthiest? which one should you try in the new year? it's a boy. janet jackson welcomes a son. first-time mom at age 50. after postponing her tour last year. >> my husband and i are planning our family. >> all the details. on the brand-new baby boy.
8:01 am
and we're live in times square with julianne hough and mahershala ali. >> and they're saying -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> i lost the camera again. good morning, everyone. good morning, america. great to have all of you with us this morning. great to have julianne hough and mahershala ali here, too. >> that's right. and julianne is here to reveal the morning routine that keeps her in shape. she looks like she's in great shape. she's getting the blood flowing on the live stream. head to our facebook page. join in, ask your questions. we'll work out with her right here just ahead. >> she's got really great -- >> you have your workout gear on? ready to go? >> yeah, kind of. i'm there in spirit, julianne. she looks so great, great energy. speaking of the same thing, big news for the 45 million americans who try to diet each year. we're going to reveal the easiest diet to stay on.
8:02 am
this is a "gma" exclusive. >> coming from "u.s. news & world reports." and robin, you have to scoot out. you have a big interview coming up. >> i have to head to atlanta. i have to scoot out during the morning rundown. >> want to share with us? >> you'll find out soon enough. >> it's a tease, america. >> let's do the rundown. good morning. we have more on the breaking news in new york. more than 100 people injured after a train crash in brooklyn. passengers say the train was going too fast entering the station and eva has the latest. >> reporter: the packed commuter train barrelled into the new york city station during thing height of rush hour. it appeared of the sped up careening off the track. >> it was terrible. you could see people crying and screaming. they said it started smoking. >> passengers inside the train thrown against windows and doors, some winding up on the floor. >> before you knew it, it was
8:03 am
just the impact and people were like flying. >> emergency personnel racing to the scene to tend to the at least 70 wounded. >> my back is hurting. a lot of people i ride with, their backs and legs, it was a real -- it was like unbelievable. >> reporter: several of the waiting for the train said they heard a loud boom. >> the times that we live in when you hear a boom and crash you think the worst, like is someone attacking us. you didn't know what to think. >> eva, thank you. president-elect donald trump casting more doubt on the intelligence community's assessment about russian cyberattacks before the election. trump tweeted his briefing on what he referred to as so-called russian hacking has been delayed. suggesting that the intelligence officials need more time to build their case. sources say the briefing has been scheduled for friday all along and has not been delayed. wikileaks founder julian assange is speaking out about the preelection cyberattacks. telling fox news that wikileaks did not get the stolen
8:04 am
democratic party e-mails from russia. intel jins officials say russia used a middleman. trump may have more to say on the issue when he holds his first news conference since the election next wednesday. and president obama in the meantime, heading to capitol hill today, hoping to save obamacare, as republicans taking steps to get rid of obamacare and have not presented a clear plan for replacing it. sources say the president told democrats this morning if republicans repeat but fail to replace the law, it will be their undoing. two major credit report sagts agreed to pay fines after falsely claiming the credit report they issued to customers was the same one used by lenders. the companies have denied wrong doing but agreed to pay $23 million and improve services. biden rejected by baby. vice president joe biden was
8:05 am
swearing in richard burr tuesday and biden went to give her a smooch and no thank you mr. vice president. you see there he leans in for the kiss. she ducks away. poor mr. vice president gets a mouthful of air. >> that doesn't happen to him often. >> he does like to kiss. he likes those smooches. he's a very warm-hearted guy. >> i remember you and the world war ii veterans. >> she accepted that fully. >> i didn't get a kiss. but the rosies all did. they were chasing him. everyone loves him. he's the nicest guy in the world. we have great "pop news" this morning. we'll start with the mariah carey mystery. you ready? [ cheers and applause ] well, she's finally breaking her silence. after the performance during glick -- dick clark's rockin' new -- i said glick. dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. why can't i say it, george? >> it's a mouthful. it's a mouthful. >> thank you.
8:06 am
any way, the pop star is calling original host dick clark an incredible person who would never have let an artist go through that. she said the legendary personality would have been just as mortified as she felt during the set. a statement that some see as a slight toward the current host, ryan seacrest. the performance, she says, is not enough to stop her from taking on future live tv performances. this is not the last we have seen of her on live tv. however, she says it will make her less trusting of anyone outside of her own team. >> and maybe not back to new year's rockin' eve. >> and maybe not back to that show. i would say that's probably a pretty good bet. she has spoken. hopefully that's the end of it. next up, faith. and george michael has surged since the singer's recent passing. nielsen reporting that sales of his music has surged over 2600%. including a huge spike for his former duo, wham! gosh, i loved them.
8:07 am
in addition, three of michael's solo album and wham's second studio album. are back on the billboard 200 chart. >> careless whispers, i could listen to that all day long. i loved that. >> i agree. that was an anthem of the '80s. and the video, i'm sure you liked it too. men and women alike for the freedom video. of all the supermodels. oh, look who is suddenly interested. supermodels prancing. and then finally, one san francisco restaurant, if you get to the area, check it out. it's called quince. taking luxury dining to the next level. they're allowing customers to use fully functioning ipads as plates. they encourage it. they put the food on the ipad. the swank establishment is incorporating the technology. patrons can watch a dog on the hunt for truffles. it's not an oh, it's like a what? you're watching a dog searching for truffles while you're eating
8:08 am
truffle croquets. and this one threw me. they have a frog leg dish accompanied by a frog hopping around as you eat the poor little kermit's legs. >> that is not okay. >> but listen, the tech-focused dining experience seems to have paid off for quince. they've just earned a third michelin star. they're a legit, fabulous, high-class restaurant that is just trying to -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't know. >> i still don't want to see what my food looked like before i ate it. >> i'm surprised you have so many frog leg fans here this morning. >> just like chicken. coming up, the baby news for janet jackson. a new mom at 50. we'll have the details next. plus -- julianne hough is here for a workout wednesday. she's taking your questions on our facebook live right now. she's revealing her best tips just ahead.
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now through january 10th. ikea ♪ ♪ we'll have a good time ♪ escapade welcome back to "good morning america." janet jackson starting a new escapade this morning. motherhood. the superstar welcoming a baby boy, and she is 50 years old. hard to believe. mara schiavocampo is here with the details. mara, tell us about it. >> reporter: good morning, lara. the pop star is going to be singing a lot of lullabies. she's announcing the birth of her son with her third husband, a 41-year-old qatari businessman. she's joining the list of stars waiting to have kids. this morning, janet jackson's single, "no sleep" is taking on brand-new meaning. the pop star announcing big news for the new year. a baby boy at age 50. jackson's rep confirming to abc news, janet and husband wissam
8:14 am
al mana are thrilled to welcome their new son, eissa al mana into the world. adding jackson had a stress-free, healthy delivery and is resting comfortably. >> sources say she could not be more thrilled right now to be finally expanding her family. >> reporter: jackson kept a low profile for much of her pregnancy. she posed for this photo in october. jackson's first hint of baby news in april. >> my husband and i are planning our family. >> reporter: postponing her unbreakable tour with this twitter video. >> please, if you can try and understand that it's important that i do this now. i have to rest up, doctors' orders. >> reporter: at 50, jackson now joins other superstar moms who have had babies later in life, including kelly preston, who welcomed a son at 48. and halle berry who had a baby at 47. having a child over the age of 50 is rare, it is increasing and
8:15 am
first births in women over 35 are up 23%. >> women are delaying child bearing for different reasons. a lot of times, it's because they want to pursue their careers. they tend to bear children later in life. >> reporter: now, doctors add that with the right fertility treatments, a woman can have a baby even after 60. it's amazing, right? as the mom gets older, the greater the risk of complications. as for jackson, her father, joe, is congratulating her, writing on his website, wishing you all the love and happiness a father could wish a daughter. the whole family is thrilled about this. >> yeah, we're wishing her the best. thanks. that is great news, mara. coming up on "good morning america," a "gma" exclusive. we're revealing the "u.s. news & world reports" top diets of 2017. you can do it. ( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪
8:16 am
♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪
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♪ baby, hey get well chosen deals at target, like buy any two annie's products, get one free. what twisted ankle?ask what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? back here on "gma," on a
8:20 am
wednesday morning. it's wednesday, right? we got a great crowd. we're about to reveal some of the top diets for 2017. i was just asking, is anyone going on a diet for the new year? none, none, none. you said it, though, debbie. >> we're going to start our diet tomorrow. >> start it tomorrow. i like that. a couple days late. that's okay. you don't have to. they're from north carolina. we're chatting it up. you know what we need to do? north carolina, they're talking [ cheers and applause ] and we're back with our
8:21 am
series, "transform your diet." 45 million americans try diets every year. and we have an exclusive first look at the top diet rankings of 2017 for "u.s. news & world report." back to becky worley in san francisco with that. >> we have all seen the statistics that the vast majority of diets fail. but some people succeed. and that's the question. what shifts for them mentally to help them succeed? you commit to eat healthier. but then -- you fall off the wagon. you recommit. then, the cycle of yo-yo dieting is real. but some people manage to break that. how do they do it? to find psychological keys for change, "u.s. news & world report" talked to dieters that have succeeded. >> my name is beth klein. >> reporter: best lost 90 pounds with weight watchers. >> when i committed to being healthy in january, i decided to quit cigarettes. >> reporter: first, one thing at a time. doctors say trying to make too
8:22 am
many changes at one time can be overwhelming and lead to failure. next, make getting healthy a step toward someone or something you love. >> i looked in the mirror and i said, enough's enough. >> reporter: this man lost 50 pounds. >> the motivation to become a fit father. several factors. one was the fact that i had young kids, two little girls. i never wanted to be the parent that was just lethargic. >> reporter: he followed a vegan eating strategy for athletes and started a fit fathers support group online. next, meet veronica. she worked at the pentagon during 9/11. >> between post traumatic stress, i started eating my emotions. >> reporter: her change came as a result of our final key. don't wing it. she saw an ad for a fitness program. >> i said, well, you know, if they can do it, maybe i can do it. >> reporter: she lost 100 pounds doing cardio and following the program's clean eating guidelines.
8:23 am
>> it becomes a good habit cycle. >> reporter: americans spend $33 billion a year on weight loss products. so as you should before any big purchase or life change, think about why? why are you dieting? how? how can you unlock your own keys to success? and use that info to find a plan that works best for you. >> $33 billion? let's talk more about this with our senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton. you're a nutrition expert. the psychological keys are so important. >> it's important. the flip side doesn't hold true. and we have to emphasize that right now. meaning, yes, your mind has to be in the right place before you embark on a journey like this. it doesn't mean if you struggle with your weight, you lack will power, commitment, dedication. we know that conclusively from all the scientific data out there. >> lets look at the diets. this is the top-ranked one. the dash diet it's called? >> this is the big winner. dash breakfast here. this is basically a mushroom quiche with potato and some
8:24 am
cheese. a nice big bowl of fruit. this is the winner year after year overall. it wins the most categories. it started as a way to lower blood pressure. it's a very medically and nutritionally sound diet. >> looks like a lot of food there. >> these are the actual serving sizes. i think this is -- you're not skimping. they're hefty portions. >> this is a fertility diet? >> a fertility breakfast. oatmeal. almonds. some fresh blueberries. full fat milk. >> full fat? >> i'll get to that in a second. this won this year'sieciest to follow. it has ten steps. women can do them one at a time. they can jump in and do them all at once. they do recommend the full fat dairy versions. >> what is that about? >> i agree with that. there is data that links full fat dairy with better reproductive health outcomes. i think it's more satiating. so i us a recommend people go for the full fat version. to be clear, this is not going to guarantee a pregnancy. but it's a sensible way to eat. >> this is the mediterranean diet.
8:25 am
this surprised me. i don't think of pancakes as mediterranean, by the way. >> you're not going to grow a uterus. men can eat it. they didn't study it for men but you won't grow a uterus. this is mediterranean. this is your people, george. this is -- [ laughter ] this is the mediterranean breakfast. you have some whole grain pancakes. fresh fruit. they're recommending a low-fat version of milk. in general, this is a diet low in red meat, sugar. high in the good, healthy fats. really, really makes a lot of sense. >> do you advise patients to go on diets or think about it a different way? >> i think we should reterm it, live it. here's what i recommend. my top diet. the best and most successful is the one that works for you. the three s's, it needs to be safe, simple, and has to be sustainable. the three ss. any of these can work in the short term. it's about long term. >> excellent advice. dr. jen ashton, thank you. go to our website for more. on yahoo!. when we come back, julianne hough is here.
8:26 am
inauguration. how will donald trump lead? how will he be held accountable? a historic new era for the white house. for washington. this is where america turns. abc world news tonight with daift muir.
8:27 am
good morning to you. abc 7 mornings, and the big story today, of course, the rain and how it's affecting traffic. >> it's not been an easy luckily, heavy rain is out, light sprinkles at there point, and a little bit of good news here on eastbound highway 4 where we had an alert, a serious crash blocked both lanes. the shoulder got by, but that cleared in the last few minutes and backup is unbinding. back to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> our >> thank you. >> our afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
8:28 am
the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
8:29 am
i've got good news for you. storm is down to a 1 on the storm impact scale, light, because of periods of light rain. minor ponding. not likely, but there are less traveled roads that it could happen. for most of us, not an issuement you can see on live doppler 7, scattered showers in green. you are seeing the drive a little bit. temperatures warm as they will get, mid-50s through 4:00. here's a look at the forecast. notice what happens sun and monday. i upped the scale. a strong storm this weekend. >> 3 on sunday. thank you, mike. another update in 30 minutes and
8:30 am
always on the free abc 7 news app. join us for abc mornings ♪ and the trumpets, they go welcome back. great to have you all with us. amy, you're going kick things off? >> we all finished up a busy holiday season. visiting family. going on vacation. we have something that will transform potentially your next vacation. your next away. you'll be carried away. there's a smart suitcase with a 4,000-person wait list for this bag. okay? i'm going to locate the bag here on my phone. this is one of the many features right here. and -- >> you can follow it? >> it says it's on the way to the studio. no more losing the luggage. i'm walking over to it right now because it's so cool. all sorts of features.
8:31 am
this is the bag. i saw it here on my smartphone. it also can charge. it has a usb port. it can charge your phone four fims on the back of your suitcase. it's got 360-degree technology as well. you might buy things when you're traveling. your luggage suddenly weighs a ton. instead of having to wait to get on the scale and pi the money, by lifting up this, it's a scale. it tell you how much it weighs. i'm not sure how it works. it does work. it's incredible you can figure out how much your bag weighs just by holding it. >> you get to 50 pounds, you can do it before you get to the scale. >> you can weigh it. locate it. charge your phone. >> can you ride it? does it have a motor? >> no. but maybe that's next. you can see why people are waiting for this. >> is it a fortune? >> i think it's $30 0.
8:32 am
>> make that wait list 4,001. [ cheers and applause ] >> would you be up for that? for $300? is that worth it to you? >> as long as it fits in the overhead. >> it looks like it does, though. it's compact. >> 4,000. in the control room, they said the wait list is moving quick. you'll get it in march. so -- it's moving along. >> in time for summer vacation. >> you sold it pretty well. >> all right, thank you. question for everyone out here. how many of you do things at home alone that you would refuse to do in public. wait, nobody is admitting to it? they're with me. this is -- this thing is taking off. it has a name. thanks to an episode of "sex and the city." >> my secret single behavior. i like to make a stack of
8:33 am
saltines. i like to put grape jelly on them. i eat them standing up in the kitchen. >> why standing up? >> it's weird. it feels great. >> i like to put vaseline on my hands and put them in conditions gloves while watching infomercials. >> so funny because i'm not kidding, yesterday, i had an hour to myself. i got on my bed. made a sandwich. i had bag of fritos and i watched "black mirror." >> so fx ritos are in the sandwich? >> yes. >> i like to nap when the sheets haven't been put on. you know what i'm saying. >> on the raw mattress? >> i don't know. my husband thinks it's so weird. if eye washing the sheets. it'sty favorite. >> with no covers? >> no, like no pillow cases. >> do you have a secret behavior you would like to share? >> that i would like to share? absolutely not. >> wow.
8:34 am
>> how about you, lara? >> i read poetry. >> no. [ laughter ] >> no, i -- i can read you some we found online. how about that? i thought this one was interesting. someone said they like to walk up the stairs on all fours. >> why? >> which one of you did it? >> as long as it's not backwards. >> that's supercreepy. >> i make sound effects for everything. i make a whoosh sound when i go up the stairs. >> how about a the guy that says, i win imaginary arguments. >> totally do, sir. >> will was saying he talks to the cat. full-on conversations. >> i talk to my dog. >> i do. they all have a distinct voices. >> what's weird about that? >> i'm just not going to tell you they're individual voices.
8:35 am
i have an idea. let's switch subjects. we're going bring to the table someone you all know from house of cards and the hunger games. golden globe nominee is in one of the best movies of the year, "moonlight." please welcome mahershala ali. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> good to see you. >> welcome back. so happy to see you again. you're having a -- quite a year. i hear some very exciting personal news. >> yeah. >> you and your wife are expecting a byby, congratulations. >> yes. >> congratulations. >> yeah, so um, i'm ready to be real tired. yeah. >> well done. >> we're excited. >> there's a lot of celebrating going on because you're up for a golden globe for "moonlight." and you just won a critic's
8:36 am
choice for the role as well. you said when you were filming it you knew it was something special. >> oh, yeah. from the first time i read the script. the first time i read it, i think everyone involved will tell you they got choked up and just really connected to the story. >> it's connecting with audiences, too. >> it's a special -- >> why do you think audiences have embraced it? >> i think a lot of people feel like they're on the fringes right now. a little bit outside and away from center. not necessarily represented. and in the most truthful or most connected way. and so i think even though there's -- there's very few people i think in general that can specifically connect to his experience, think in some way, all of us have been the other. the person on the outside. maybe not persecuted to the degree in which this young man is.
8:37 am
but i think we all want to be loved and embraced and need connection and support. and family. and mentorship. and so, i think people are seeing that and recognizing the humanity in every individual. >> and in fact, we have a clip. let's take a look at it. >> nobody. i found him yesterday. found him in a hole on 15th. yeah, that one. some boys chased him. he's scared more than anything. wouldn't tell me where he lived until this morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's a long way from "house of cards." >> it is. um, and -- and, but just -- just as important and if not more to my heart. like i really felt connected to the character. i was working on "house of
8:38 am
cards" and doing this. and i really missed this character. i would go away, back to baltimore. or brooklyn. and harlem, where we were shooting. and i just kept thinking about juan and really missing that character. kind of -- missing him during the process of shooting it. and then kind of mourning him later. and because of this -- you know, sort of awards tour thing, u.s. getting to share the film so much with people. >> he's back with you. >> he's back with me. so i get to think about him. >> is that something new, missing a character? >> to this degree, yes. and used to -- usually when you find yourself connected to a character. as an actor, you're kind of embodying another spirit for a period of time. so you have to let it go. kind of mourn them and shed them over time. this has brought it all back. it's with me in a different way because i'm just not accustomed to this type of prolonged sort of experience with the character
8:39 am
and something being received to this degree. >> can i just say i saw "hidden figures." mahershala is in that as well. >> oh, you did? >> you have been on fire. it's such an incredible, powerful movie. >> you to ever miss your first character? playing basketball. you went to college on a basketball scholarship. we have a picture of you. >> oh, no. >> oh, wow. >> where did you go? >> that's high school, actually. because the short shorts era. whoo! that is the early '90s right there. >> yes. >> that's mt. eden high school in hayward, california. i went to st. mary's college. played basketball on scholarship. i don't know if i miss it, per se, but i learned a lot it informs me to this day and really -- it really remind mes to take personal responsibility in terms of my experience.
8:40 am
and really just -- encourages me to just do the work. i have always played on teams. so "moonlight" for instance, and "hidden figures." they're wonderful ensembles. it reminds me to do my job and my personal best for the good of the team. >> when you get the ball, take it to the hoop. if not, pass it. >> yeah, yeah. >> enjoy the success. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. coming up, julianne hough sharing her best fitness tips. anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go.
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you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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and we're back now with tv personality carrie keagan. she's known for her irreverent interviews. we'll call them that. getting more than 9,000 celebrities to curse. >> the goal today is to get you to. >> not happening. i want a job. >> you're sharing some of the best stories in your memoir, everybody curses, i swear. is that a record? >> we can break a new. >> why is swearing important? >> it's the language of the people. the second that you let one fly, everybody knows who you are and where you're coming from. it's like sitting down and having a beer with george clooney. that's what he's going to do. he's going to open up and let a few fly. when we're little, the word fart might as well be a swear word
8:44 am
and it makes us giggle. the same happens with bigger f-bombs now. that's why swearing works. it's easy to break down people and get to know who they really are. >> colin farrell was an interview that didn't go as planned. because he didn't swear or because of something else? >> that was my problem. i was so preoccupied that i was interviewing colin farrell for the first time. you get a little awe struck. i was worried about hair, clothes, fake tan. when the interview was over, i was devastated. he didn't swear for me. turns out, i watched the tape, he did. i didn't notice because i wasn't in the moment. >> we're so happy you're with us. "everybody curses, i
8:45 am
>> lara, i think we made it through the without a curse word. we're good. >> well done. i'm lucky enough to be with our friend, dancer, singer, actress, "dancing with the stars" judge, julianne hough. we have seen her working out all morning long. right now, secrets to saying fit if the new year. these are some really easy things to just boom start your day off right. >> first of all, i love waking up every morning. i don't know about you. i love the feel cozy. i always get something that is hot water and lemon and it just feels nice to put around your hands like this. >> never coffee? it feels nice. >> it's like, the citrus. boosts the metabolism. it's nice and warm. it smells good. >> they is salemen what sir good for your system. >> and your liver.
8:46 am
everything. i love that. i love that. i start every morning that way. >> talk to me about this juice. >> i love juices. there is some back and forth. lately, my fiance and i bought a juicer. it's our morning ritual. we juice together. we like to drink it right away to get the fibers and everything you need. for me, i like it because it's definitely a detoxifying thing. it also just gives you so much energy without the coffee. >> right. i know, i know. the show will do that to you. >> by the way, you wake up really early, so -- >> i do think that juicing and you don't have to do one specific thing. it's just about getting healthy vegetables or fruit in your. >> and the things i like is kale and spinach and ginger. i love ginger so much. if you need sweetness, carrot, apple, pear. >> and then simple workout tip. question swre the gals, guys and gals, or just gals from body by simone. you have two moves you think all
8:47 am
can do. >> yes. this is -- [ cheers and applause ] this is the kind of workout that i like to do. body by simone. we're going kucurtsy for the queen. there are so many different kinds of workouts. i love my fitbit, too. track everything. this is my go-to workout. and then taking it home. let's do take it home. this is like, no place like home. we're already home. and this. it's like a -- >> like a squat thrust, kind of. >> yeah. you click your heels. oh, i get it. no place like home. you're kicking your heels like dorothy. >> that's the booty. the curtsy for the queen. >> the area between your thigh
8:48 am
and your -- that's where it fired up. >> and real quick. i want to show this. this is a breakfast that looks fancy. it's not hard to make? >> it's my sister, who is a mother of two, and it's great. they're basically out of cupcake platters. but it's a fritata. egg whites, spinach, tomato. whatever you want. bake it. it looks superfancy. throw it in a bag and take it to work with you. it's awesome. and it's portion controlled. so good. >> i love that. so how is everything with "dancing." >> it's good. >> the show is almost sold out? >> yeah, i'm really excited. derek and i are going out on tour for -- >> please come back again and show us moves beyond -- that day when you. >> reporter: on the show, you got us all jump started for the day. this does, too. >> i feel like i live here. we were here calm of week ago.
8:49 am
>> you better live here. come back any time. we have the recipes online. we'll be right back. we love you. don't go anywhere.
8:50 am
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with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store and save $600 on our best selling mattress. it's a no brainer. welcome back to "gma." it is time now for our "gma" real money report. one of the top new year's r resolutions every year is to save money. now it's time to decide if you really mean it. rachel smith looks at how to make it work for you this year. >> reporter: casey and bill. both 33. have good jobs. were never serious about saving. >> it was always an afterthought. >> we like to go out and eat. we like to have fun. we spend money on experiences. >> reporter: then their twin daughters came along. >> after we had the girls, we needed to get in touch with how
8:52 am
we were spending our money. >> reporter: they wanted extra help and called in financial planner peter dunn. >> everyone needs financial products. your financial life gets harder and harder. the sooner you can have someone intervene the better. >> reporter: in the past year, millennials were nearly four times as likely to update their social media profiles than they were to review or make adjustments to a retirement plan. >> the best piece of financial advice i can give people so to determine how much of your income is paying down debt and saving for the future. if you're just consuming your income, you're going to be in trouble. >> reporter: need financial advice on a budget? some planners take a fee. others earn a commission on the product you buy. >> it's a pretty inexpensive way for a lot of young families to get fnl advice. >> reporter: what's the the best way to make financial planning work for you? pete says talk to an adviser when you're young.
8:53 am
track your income. make sure there's enough to fund your future. finally, make sure your adviser holds you accountable to your goals. >> i couldn't stress enough getting on board with someone as herbally as possible. the earlier you can start saving, the better. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> great advice. i am going start taking dollars from audience members. that might be easier. stick around. okay, i'll give it back.
8:54 am
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it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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before we go, abc and our parent company, disney, are laurnling the annual magic of story telling campaign. trying to get 1 million books in the hands of children in underserved community. take a shelf if i, that's mine. look at the book i'm reading. post it with the hash tag magic of story telling. and disney will donate a book for each one. >> that's great. have a great wednesday, everyone. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you.
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good morning. let's head over to our meteorologist for a look at the wet forecast. hey, mike. >> hi issue everybody. good news, the heaviest of the store is behind us, downgraded to a one on the storm impact scale for light rain and scattered showers. there may be slipping due to some of it as it rolls through. notice the green, no oranges or reds. heading into the weekend, though, the storm upgraded monday to strong. alexis? >> kind of looking forward to that, i guess, if you don't have to leave the house. right now, conditions are improving, however, there's police activity showing you down on northbound 101. coming into san francisco, lanes blocked, stick to 280. >> thank you. time for "live with kelly," and
9:00 am
i'll be back at 11:00 for the midday news. join the whole team every weekday from kelly!" today, from the new series "star," benjamin bratt. and from the new film "moonlight," mahershala ali. and find out how small changes can give big results as we continue our "new year, new you" series. plus, host of "the wall" chris hardwick joins kelly at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and chris hardwick! [cheering and applauding] ♪ >> kelly: oh, yeah. hey, thanks, chris. hi!


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