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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 9, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. winter storm emergency. at least eight people killed in dangerous conditions coast to coast. this freeway shut down by a mudslide. and evacuations in national parks, as rivers rise in napa valley. rescuers saving this man sleeping in his car. icy conditions causing hundreds of accidents. now a new major storm set to hit california. chilling new surveillance video of that deadly rampage at a florida airport. the gunman walks calmly through baggage claim before opening fire, killing five. now the fbi facing questions. could it have done more to prevent the massacre? breaking overnight a major arrest in the kim kardashian robbery case.
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16 people taken into custody in paris as the reality star breaks her silence about the terrifying incident for the first time. >> they're gonna shoot me in the back. there's no way out. >> the investigation right now. ♪ magic in the air "la la land." >> and "la la land" soars at the golden globes. taking home the most awards ever with a clean sweep. >> sweetheart, thank you. >> and meryl streep honored for her incredible career, speaking out against the president-elect. >> when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. >> we're live from hollywood this morning, backstage with the winners. >> good morning, america. this is my golden globe. we are happy for our friend tracee. good morning, america. what an exciting night, the golden globes kicking off award season. i was delighted to see "moonlight" pick up a win. but it was "la la land," yes, a
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record-breaking seven awards. lara was smack dab there for it all. we'll hear from her ahead. >> turned out to be a big newsmaking night. meryl streep making headlines with that speech taking on donald trump. >> i love you all. >> and the president-elect is lashing back in just the last few minutes on twitter. so let's get right to it with jon karl. let me start with what streep had to say. >> there was one performance this year that stunned me. it sank its hooks in my heart. not because it was good, it was -- there's nothing good about it. but it was effective. and it did its job. it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back. >> and jon karl, the president-elect up early on twitter. >> reporter: he sure is. taking -- going to war with
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hollywood's most celebrated actress. george, he went on a twitter firestorm here. take a look. it starts meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood. doesn't know me but attacked last night at the golden globes. she is a hillary flunky who lost big. for the 100th time i never mocked a disabled reporter. would never do that but simply showed him groveling when he totally changed a 16-year-old story that he had written in order to make me look bad. just more very dishonest media. and, george, it wasn't just the tweets. some time overnight, trump actually interviewed with "the new york times" a short interview making pretty much the exact same points. that he never mocked a disabled reporter, he says, and saying that hillary -- that meryl streep is basically just a hillary flunky.
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>> and he's calling out, he's saying this is an example of the dishonest media. we'll show one of those times donald trump engaged in this behavior and show you the speech right now. >> now the poor guy. you gotta see this guy. i don't know what i said, i don't remember. he's going like i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. this is 14 years ago. he's still -- they didn't do a retraction. >> so, jon, we should tell our viewers who this reporter is. this is serge kovaleski of "the new york times." >> he has a condition that limits the movement in his joints. that was seen very clearly by most people as an effort to mock the way he appeared. trump from the start denied he was doing that. this all goes back to a story by the way about whether or not there were muslims cheering in new jersey following the attacks on september 11th. kovaleski had a story that trump said proved that point. kovaleski said his story did no such thing. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. >> quite a moment last night. even though she never said his name, trump's name, you knew exactly who she was talking about. we'll have more from the golden
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globes later. but now to that deadly storm causing major flooding and mudslides. take a live look at this river in reno, nevada. right now, 13 states from california to michigan are facing weather alerts and, ginger, you know, she's here. she's got all the latest for us. >> you know, reno, nevada, has had their ninth wettest month or wettest month actually in nine years so that's a huge deal. check this out. los angeles seeing flood advisories and warnings getting blasted with the rain earlier this morning. look at the pictures from over the weekend. san bruno, california, the tree right there on the car. all this moisture deep in the tropics getting poured onto parts of northern california. those weather alerts stretch into the rockies and that storm actually making its way to the great lakes. but right here in the bay area, the landscape has chand. the river in napa not usually well here. the rising waterways across northern california have forced a lot of people to scramble. overnight the powerful storm slamming the west coast wreaking havoc for those on the roads. more than ten inches of rain
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submerging streets in northern california, leaving many stranded. watch as firefighters flip over this suv with their bare hands. rescue swimmers and divers dispatched in oakland after this taxi plunged into an estuary. the driver one of four killed in this deadly storm. in napa, the river rising ten feet in just seven hours. look at the amount of water spilling over this dam and blasting down this hill. mudslides making highways like interstate 80 impassable. the storm bringing powerful wind gusts over 60 miles an hour toppling trees, littering highways along the coast. this giant sequoia hollowed out in 1880 historically known as pioneer cabin tree collapsed after weekend storms tore through sequoia national park. and this morning, in reno, nevada -- >> you need to evacuate the area for your safety. >> reporter: the governor declaring a state of emergency. the river relentlessly rising more than 1,000 homes evacuated as it braces for the worst
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flooding in a decade. in oregon, the same storm spreading ice across the roads there. oregon state police troopers responding to more than 750 traffic incidents statewide in just the past 36 hours. back here in napa, this is a new park, actually designed to be a floodway. a $400 million project put in place since the devastating flood in 2005. so far, it is working. they hope that continues as we look for our next storm that arrives here tomorrow. george? >> it is going to have to be strong. okay, rob, thanks very much. more on the trump transition. just 11 days until the inauguration and pace picking up this week. trump's first cabinet nominees face confirmation hearings starting tomorrow. even though the office of government ethics has not completed all their reviews and our correspondent mary bruce has all the details from capitol hill. >> reporter: with just 11 days to go, this morning, a dizzying sprint to get trump's cabinet in place. just this week alone, eight of trump's picks are headed for confirmation hearings. a schedule so head-spinning some of the nominees haven't been fully vetted.
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a top government ethics official warning it's putting undue pressure on investigators. democrats want republicans to slow it down. but republicans aren't budging saying democrats need to get over it. >> all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration. at having not only lost the white house but having lost the senate. i understand that. but we need to sort of grow up here and get past that. >> reporter: but the senate republican leader has promised no confirmation votes until the vetting is complete. in the meantime, the flurry of hearings begins tuesday. first up, senator jeff sessions for attorney general. and general john kelly for secretary of homeland security. and on wednesday, more nominees will take the hot seat including rex tillerson, trump's controversial pick for secretary of state. now, democrats are voicing some serious concerns about several of the nominees but trump's team is confident they have the votes to get them all confirmed. and they're defending that busy
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schedule saying they simply want trump's team to be ready to go on day one. robin? >> all right, mary, thank you. now to chilling new images of that deadly airport shooting in florida. this video obtained by tmz shows a man calmly walking through baggage claim before pulling a gun and opening fire. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross joins us now with new details about that suspect. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, the accused shooter will be in court later this morning on federal murder charges. he's been held all weekend under a suicide watch, with the fbi trying to determine if his claim to have been in contact with isis is fantasy or fact. the attack came without warning as seen on this airport surveillance video obtained by tmz coming into view from the left 26-year-old esteban santiago pulls out his pistol and opens fire. passengers run for cover as santiago moves out of camera range through the baggage claim section, where police say he emptied his 9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun and then reloaded once.
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he killed five people, many of them arriving for a cruise ship vacation. among the dead, 84-year-old olga woltering of georgia, killed next to her husband. >> there were such a wonderful, wonderful pair. and they meant the world to all of us. >> reporter: and michael oehme of iowa shot dead in front of his wife carrie one of the six injured. >> just looking through him more than two feet away. >> reporter: and now the question is, why santiago even had a gun, which had been taken away last november when he showed up at the fbi office in alaska to claim he was hearing voices about isis and was hospitalized for a mental examination. >> the gun was taken away from him, but it is given back after he was cleared. >> reporter: after being arrested friday, santiago claimed to fbi agents he had actually been in contact with isis online. and now, after recovering santiago's computer from an alaska pawnshop, fbi agents are investigating whether that's true and whether santiago created a jihadist identity for
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himself several years ago under the name of aashiq hammad. overnight a former girlfriend michelle quinones, told abc news that santiago returned from deployment to iraq deeply troubled after saying he saw two of his national guard buddies killed in action, but could not get help from the veterans >> started acting weird when he was in puerto rico and had let veterans know he was having some mental problems, that he wasn't feeling all right. and they did nothing. >> reporter: santiago had no problem legally checking his gun as airplane baggage. he arrived at 12:11 friday afternoon and began his murderous rampage just 34 minutes later. authorities say he only made his plans to go to ft. lauderdale a few days ago. he bought his one-way $278 delta airlines ticket just last tuesday, robin. >> do investigators have any clear reason why ft. lauderdale? >> they're not clear but family members say he had a stepbrother there and thought he was going to visit him. >> all right, thank you, brian.
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overseas to that deadly terror attack in jerusalem where a palestinian man rammed his truck into israeli soldiers getting off a bus, killing 4, wounding 17. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran is on the scene with the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is where it happened. the truck crashing into a crowd of young soldiers over here and they were at this place, a tourist hot spot, just to take in one of the great views of jerusalem. surveillance video captured the moment of the attack. a sunny sunday afternoon, young israeli army cadets gathering on a sightseeing tour then horrifyingly the truck hurtles the curb and crashes into the crowd at speed. >> i hear my soldiers shouting and screaming and seeing a truck that went on the sidewalk, side walk, side road and then hitting the soldiers. >> reporter: with bodies of the dead and wounded scattered on the ground, the driver reverses the truck, trapping ten under the wheels, until police and civilians open fire and kill
7:13 am
him. the windshield riddled with the bullet holes of the struggle. "i stood in front of him and started shooting my entire magazine until it was over" says this civilian bystander. the attacker, identified as a 28-year-old palestinian from east jerusalem. chaos afterwards. people running to help. emergency crews on the scene treating the wounded. many witnesses were in shock too. four young soldiers killed. one a dual u.s./israeli citizen and three of the dead were women, 17 injured. israeli prime minister netanyahu arriving on the scene and he promptly blamed isis for the attack. but it's all so grimly familiar. nice in july, berlin last month, massive trucks, the new terror weapon of choice. the attack here, the deadliest in over a year. and it comes at a moment of rising tension. president-elect trump vowing to move the u.s. embassy here to jerusalem. overturning decades of u.s. policy. and some palestinians are
7:14 am
calling that an act of war. george? >> it is a tense time. okay, terry, thanks very much. now let's go to amy with today's other top headlines. you have a security incident at o'hare? >> that's right. a man is under arrest now after breaching a security checkpoint at o'hare airport. he tried to get on a spirit airlines flight without a boarding pass and then attacked two police officers and two tsa agents. he's now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. and a new threat from north korea. kim jong-un's regime is claiming it could conduct its first test of an intercontinental missile any time and anywhere. defense secretary ash carter says any missile fired toward the u.s. or an ally will be shot down. fiat chrysler says it will create 2,000 new jobs in the u.s. and plans to invest $1 billion to expand plants in ohio and michigan. insiders say the move is not related to president-elect trump's recent attacks on automakers. on sunday general motors' ceo said her company has no plans to change production despite trump's criticism. an assistant coach for the pittsburgh steelers has been
7:15 am
arrested just hours after the team's playoff win over miami. joey porter is charged with assaulting a bouncer at a bar. finally the swimmers who are the newest stars on the internet. georgia tech's swim meet was canceled because of the snow. you see what they did. well, they decided to do some well-choreographed snow angels they were kind of doing the backstroke, diving, swimming. the u.s. olympic team responded on twitter calling it a gold medal performance. looks incredibly painful to me but apparently they jumped right into hot baths after this stellar performance there. >> which they needed. that was from georgia? >> georgia tech. they don't -- they're not used to the snow. in fact, they were really hoping they were getting snow. but none of them got much. they enjoyed it in virginia. >> they did. now to all the excitement at the golden globes last night. "la la land," the night's biggest winner taking home every award it was nominated for. lara was there for it all. let's go to her now in l.a. good morning, lara. >> good morning, robin. what a night.
7:16 am
there were plenty of surprises at the golden globes. we'll get to that in a moment. this morning, though, everybody is talking about that "la la land" sweep. breaking the record for the most golden globe wins ever by a movie. >> and the golden globe goes to -- >> "la la land." >> "la la land." >> "la la land." >> reporter: it has been dubbed the "la la landslide." the hollywood musical taking home a record seven golden globes. >> all downhill from here. >> reporter: best actress emma stone sharing the spirit of the magical film. >> anybody, anywhere really that feels like giving up sometimes, but finds it in themselves to get up and keep moving forward, i share this with you. >> reporter: while leading man ryan gosling dedicating his best actor honor to partner eva mendes' late brother. >> my lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second, and trying to help her brother fight his battle with cancer.
7:17 am
if she hadn't have taken all that on so that i could have this experience, it would surely be someone else up here other than me today, so -- >> how did it feel to hear your name called out? >> it's nice to be given an opportunity to thank the people in your life publicly. >> reporter: it was also a big night for tv. tracee ellis-ross won her first golden globe, for best actor in a comedy for playing rainbow on "black-ish." >> this is for all of the women, women of color and colorful people. whose stories, ideas, thoughts are not always considered worthy and valid and important. but i want you to know that i see you. >> are you going to carry this to every party? >> i'm bringing it to work tomorrow. >> reporter: jimmy fallon started off with a "la la land" inspired open. ♪ even enlisting a former host for some help. >> i've been waiting 20 years for this. >> big night, other big winners
7:18 am
included the movie "moonlight" for best drama. casey affleck won for best actor in a drama for "manchester by the sea" and viola davis took home the trophy for "fences" and i'll be back in the next half hour, guys, to explain how three hollywood hunks caused quite a commotion. we'll get into that in a little bit. >> also a big night for the tv show that not many people know about but they should. "atlanta." >> yes, it was. >> really great. >> a lot happened last night. so we have a lot more to get to. we'll do that later. but now back to ginger. that's the south? >> it was such a good tv and film watching weekend because you had to stay inside. look at this frozen fountain in texas. this morning houston's waking up in the low 20s and that's how it is all the way east of florida. tampa in a windchill advisory this morning. the numbers are very cold but you guys, it's about to get toasty. into the 50s we'll go. select cities brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. mutual insurance.
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good monday morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. see the highs, a few light showers today especially later in the afternoon and evening hours. a stronger storm tuesday. more damage is possible and a dry pattern develops, but we have to wait till friday. you can see the best chance in the afternoon hours in the north bay. mid to upper 50s. that chance will spread over all the neighborhoods tomorrow night. upper 40s to low 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast moderate to heavy rain tomorrow. coming up a major mystery. a gunman caught on camera shooting a u.s. official.
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it is 7:23. good morning. i'm rental y -- reggie aqui. >> i do want to take you back live to sky 7. there over highway 17 right now. this is just north of scotts valley. all northbound lanes still fully blocked. you'll be detoured at granite creek. i can report this was actually our news crew that was involved and amazingly our co-workers was treated and released from the hospital. this was the only vehicle involved in this slide. obviously a ton of work still to do. there's a big tree down. there's wires down. a lot of rocks and dirt there, reggie. so i'm guessing this will be closed for the rest of day. >> we're so
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7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new.
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. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> here's some good news. check out the chance of showers over the next hour. so it's dwindling rather rapidly. it will return to the forecast through the afternoon and evening hours. it will be light but moderate towards 7:00. the latter part of the evening commute will get wet. let's talk about tomorrow because the ground is so saturated, so unstable. and we've got moderate to heavy rain again tomorrow with gusty winds just as fast potentially as yesterday. the storm ranks a 2, moderate because it's not going to be as destructive as yesterday or at least not as strong. it could be as destructive as far as wind damage and power outages. just the rain won't be as much. coming up the stunning video of an attack on a u.s. consulate official in mexico.
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♪ i don't know what your name is but i like it ♪ ♪ i don't know what you came to do ♪ you are looking at "la la land," the movie musical sweeping the golden globes last night. emma stone and ryan gosling both taking home awards. we'll have a lot more behind the scenes with them. plus some problems jimmy fallon had with his teleprompter. >> he had to go to break after all that. >> i thought it was a joke at first. i thought it was part of the shtick. no, he actually doesn't have a teleprompter right now. >> how excited were you about your ryan. >> i was so excited. i just knew he was going to win, robin. >> he's excited because you're excited. >> i'm sure he is. also right now, donald trump firing back at meryl streep after her golden globes speech last night. the actress called out the president-elect for imitating a disabled reporter. trump says he didn't do it, unleashed a twitter storm just moments ago, calling the eight-time golden globe winner overrated and a hillary flunky. and the west is bracing for another storm.
7:31 am
after torrential mudslides and downpours led to evacuations and rivers in reno, let's see it in nevada are rising. who is ready for some football? we are just hours away from the national championship, a rematch between clemson and alabama and jesse is at raymond james stadium in tampa with a preview. and jesse, also, we should mention, a former giant. he's going to talk about that controversy on a boat coming up. justin bieber was there that weekend, too. we'll see what they had to say. >> it was so many days ahead. >> unfortunate timing. >> you knew once they had that loss, they got spanked this would come up. >> a lot coming up but we'll begin with new details about the shooter caught on camera. attacking a u.s. consulate official in mexico. you see the gunman stalking his victim before opening fire and the shooter is in custody this morning. and abc's matt gutman is on the scene for us in guadalajara.
7:32 am
>> reporter: this is the spot where you see that gunman open fire on that u.s. consulate official. he then goes scampering off this way towards the mall. he doesn't get far. mexican special forces corner him yesterday. now this stunning twist in the case. that suspect is a fellow american. this morning abc news learned the alleged triggerman behind that attempted hit on the consular official in mexico is an american. mexican officials saying the man you see first stalking and then coolly shooting christopher ashcroft is american zia zafar. the 31-year-old ashcraft survived that assassination attempt on friday. and for the next 48 hours, mexican and american authorities launched a massive manhunt for the mystery man. mexican special forces cornering the suspect sunday taking him into custody. that surveillance video showing the shooter in those scrubs, those the big sunglasses, and
7:33 am
bulky wig. you see him walking from behind that truck, there's something in his right pants pocket. his hand holding it close. the next video shows a parking kiosk, ashcraft, leaving the gym, pays at the kiosk. apparently completely unaware as he turns to walk out that his assailant is just feet behind him. and then authorities say you see zafar at the parking garage exit, waiting for ashcraft's car. when it pulls up he reaches into that pocket. investigators say pulls out a pistol and fires only once then flees. the bullet hitting ashcraft in the chest. the shooter seemed to have planned for so much. that disguise, learning ashcraft's exact movements but it seemed he failed to plan for one thing. the surveillance cameras right at the scene of the crime. according to the mexican attorney general's office, ashcraft is now in stable condition and under protection at a local hospital. >> these typically fall into two categories obviously, that the shooter was upset with some official aspect of mr. ashcraft's job. or it goes into the personal realm.
7:34 am
>> reporter: all indications so far, this is not a terrorist attack. still, u.s. officials in this city warned to limit their movements. zia zafar is already in mexico city, being processed for deportation to the u.s. where he could face charges for this shooting. robin? george? >> a lot of answers to come on that. we move on to that news that came out overnight, a major arrest in the kim kardashian robbery case. 16 people were taken into custody in paris overnight. abc's lama hasan has more and joins us from london. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. this could be a major break in the case. just before dawn this morning, french police confirming they've now arrested 16 people. all are connected to the robbery. some of them are being described as high level gangsters already known to police. overnight, french media reporting early morning raids in paris.
7:35 am
authorities arresting 16 people in connection with the jewelry heist of kim kardashian. this as kardashian is finally breaking her silence about the robbery. in a newly released trailer for the upcoming season of her e! reality show describing the harrowing ordeal to her sisters. >> they're gonna shoot me in the back. there's no way out. it makes me so upset to think about it. >> reporter: the armed robbers allegedly snatched up to $10 million worth of jewelry, including this $4.5 million ring from her husband, kanye west. leaving the reality star bound and gagged in her paris apartment during fashion week last october. in this security footage obtained by french news outlet m6 info, you can see the three robbers pass on bikes the night of the heist. then two others on foot. and then watch, all five flee the scene. the last person holding what's believed to be a bag. >> on our way to givenchy. >> reporter: in the hours leading up to the robbery, she was sharing her entire fashion week experience. >> the show's about to start.
7:36 am
>> reporter: kim even posting this snapchat from the luxurious french apartment just hours before the alleged heist. >> welcome to paris! >> reporter: this exclusive space featured in those 2014 episodes of "keeping up with the kardashians" turned into a crime scene. just last week the mom of two returned to social media for the first time since the incident sharing pictures and home movies of her family. and as for those 16 arrested, what we know, french police can detain them for 96 hours before charging them or releasing them if there isn't enough evidence. what we don't know if any of those jewels have been recovered yet. guys. back to you. >> see if the charges come. thanks very much. coming up on our big board. big development in the volkswagen scandal. the fbi has arrested a top executive accused of cheating car owners. and the new york giants suffer a blowout loss to the packers. some say that miami boat trip is to blame. we're back in two minutes. what's the status? there's a meteor hurtling towards earth.
7:37 am
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we're back now with our big board. dan abrams at the table for our first story. more trouble for volkswagen. the fbi arrested a top executive on conspiracy charges. the company is accused of selling cars to consumers that are known to pollute. dan, this man due to be in court today. this is a serious move? >> yeah. let's take a step back here. we're talking about 11 million cars that were fitted with these devices that allowed them to fool emissions tests. so the cars would go in for an emissions test. make it seem like there were no problems. the moment it leaves it's allegedly polluting into the air. and the question was, who knew what? right? because initially the government was given a lot of false explanations, technical explanations for why this might be happening. now, volkswagen is admitting that there were 11 million cars that were fitted with this. now we're seeing, again, not a civil but a criminal arrest here of this person they believe defrauded the united states. >> let's talk about the civil. as you said there were 11 million people who owned this car. where do they stand? >> that's right. so one of three things can happen.
7:40 am
either they can go get it fixed. or if it can't be fixed they can get the price of their car paid back to them. and the third thing, though, is, some people could say, i don't want either of those. i'm going to sue. and in england, we're already seeing now it seems lawsuits will be filed for thousands of dollars per person for the car. there are options for those who had these cars. it seems that it related to volkswagen, audi, and porsches. >> likely to be a multibillion dollar settlement with the government coming up this week. but these criminal, these criminal charges is what's new here. >> makes it totally different from the other cases we heard about. you hear about the big recalls and these huge fines and people say, well, you know, but there was no criminal. that's what makes this different because in this case you're not talking about the allegation that there was a problem that was then covered up. here you're talking about intentional conduct to prevent someone from finding something, so i think that's why the government believes this case is different than the others we talked about. >> new territory here. >> absolutely. >> all right, dan, thank you.
7:41 am
next up, alabama-clemson, facing off tonight in that epic championship rematch. the tigers looking to dethrone the crimson tide after last year's oh, that nail-biting loss jesse is in tampa where the teams will do battle. do you enjoy being in tampa? it's colder here in new york. before we talk about the big rematch tonight, let's talk about yesterday, your giants and you knew once they got shellacked as they did, that people were going to bring up the boat trip that was a week ago on their offday. there's -- is there any connection to the two? come on. >> i think there is a connection. i don't think there's any physical connection. to your point earlier, the boat party happened a week before the game. but i do think there was a little mental hangover from that because they all created a massive distraction. and i think as pro athletes, if you're going to post a party on social media, you open yourself up to a lot of criticism. if you play poorly you'll have to answer for that and you'll get questioned for it.
7:42 am
odell beckham jr. dropped the touchdown pass early in the game. and so did sterling shepard. and it snowballed from there. the giants didn't just lose because of the wide receivers they gave up 38 points on defense. gave up a hail mary at the end of the first half. it didn't help. and there were reports that odell beckham jr. punched a hole in the wall outside the press conference room. so i think that just shows you there was a little bit of a mental and emotional hangover. >> dangerous for a receiver hitting the wall with his fist. but let's talk about the game tonight. a little controversy for alabama this week. coaching controversy. tell us what happened and what difference it might make. >> george, i've never seen this before. a head coach making a change at offensive coordinator one week before the big game. lane kiffin out, steve sarkisian in for alabama, calling plays. and the big question, how is this going to affect the offense for alabama? i think nick saban thought there was too much distraction going on. lane kiffin is gone to be the new head coach at florida atlantic university and didn't play great on offense against washington in the semifinal. steve sarkisian, one of the most respected offensive minds in
7:43 am
all of college football. he knows the players. knows the playbook. but he hasn't called plays for them this year yet. so this is one of the most intriguing aspects. >> intriguguing, one word. the big game, it is because it says so over your shoulder on the jumbotron. tell us who we should watch for on both sides of the ball. >> i think for clemson, it starts with quarterback deshaun watson. one of the best mobile quarterbacks in the country, finished runner-up for the heisman. he'll try to prove that he's the best player here tonight. he'll be confident because he played so well against alabama last year in the national title game. what he didn't have is his best wide receiver, mike williams, at 6'3", 225 pounds, he's playing tonight. he's a matchup nightmare outside. they'll try to take advantage of all the man coverage alabama on defense likes to throw and for the tide, what about true freshman quarterback jalen hurts? 18 years old, the s.e.c. offensive player of the year. he's shown phenomenal poise all season. but tonight, playing in the biggest stage of his life. how does he handle the pressure? it will be fun to watch. >> you have a couple of friends with you. a lot riding on tonight's game.
7:44 am
>> i do, guys. yeah, yeah. come on in. big al from tuscaloosa, the tiger from clemson. these guys met up a year ago. they liked each other so much, they decided to come back and do it again, to play for the national championship trophy presented by dr pepper. >> will you make your selection? you usually do that? are you gogoing to make a pick? >> robin, you're really good at always making me pick in front of the mascots. big al. big al, i love you. i picked you last year. this year i'm going though with the tigers. >> whoa! whoa! >> their defense is going to be a difference. first national championship for clemson since 1981. i'm sorry. please do not sit on me. i'm sorry. >> way to go out on a limb, jesse. looking good. you can see clemson and alabama. see for yourself the battle for the national title at 8:00 p.m. on espn. coming up, jimmy fallon's mariah carey moment at the golden globes. >> welcome to the golden globes. already the teleprompter is down so this is a great way to start the show.
7:45 am
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7:47 am
we're back now with more from the golden globes. from a major bromance to that teleprompter fail, let's go back to lara in l.a. with that moment that had everyone talking this morning. hey, lara. >> hi, aim. one of the most buzzed about moments, something of the most keen eye people would pick up involving three of the biggest heartthrobs in hollywood. the most buzzed about moment this morning. something only the most keen-eyed viewers picked up on involving three of the biggest heartthrobs in hollywood. >> ah, ryan gosling. >> reporter: it started out as a typical winner's walk to the podium. but as ryan gosling went up to the stage to accept his best actor in a musical or comedy, two of his fellow nominees had an unusual reaction. in the far left corner of the screen you can see ryan reynolds nominated for "deadpool" sharing a passionate kiss with andrew garfield, nominated for "hacksaw ridge."
7:48 am
the kiss lasts for only a few moments. but long enough for reynolds' wife, blake lively, to burst into laughter. those seemed to be applauding louder for the pair than they are for gosling. and social media went wild. brandon garza tweeted, i just saw ryan reynolds and andrew garfield kiss on the golden globes. where do i go from here? amelia tweeted, can i die happy now? new bromances brewing throughout the hilton. first-time host jim my fallon showed up with buddy justin timberlake. but a few moments later, fallon almost had a mariah carey moment. >> already the teleprompter is down. this is a great way to start the show. >> reporter: but keeping his composure he got the last laugh. >> i just got off the phone with mariah carey. she thinks dick clark productions sabotaged my monologue and it's -- we have to talk. we have to discuss. >> a lot of funny moments from the show. we'll have more backstage stuff coming up. and, robin, i know you have a
7:49 am
favorite moment you want to share involving "la la land." >> there were so many moments last night but this one, did you see when emma stone, when her director won and she went in for the kiss and he wasn't going to kiss her. emma was so cute. she was like, oh, this is really awkward. >> joe biden moment. >> i know. we have all been there. you go for it. oh. >> he had his priorities. >> yes, he did. she handled it well. overall, what was the feeling there behind the scenes, lara, all night? >> everyone said it was a very warm, loving, just a really happy vibe last night from start to finish. i think jimmy fallon started the show that way and people were very heart felt. you heard obviously meryl streep, emma stone, a lot of people had a lot to say and it was like a family affair. it was nice. it was really nice. >> lara, i thought that moment with steve carell and kristen wiig was so funny. >> oh, yes.
7:50 am
>> yeah. >> that was the moment she told my dad -- >> so many good ones. we've got more coming up so don't go anywhere. >> we were laughing. my daughter and i were watching. i couldn't stop laughing. >> there was a second where you were -- >> awkwardness made it extra funny, right? >> and then at the very end the last award of the night going to "moonlight." that's the only thing they won but it was the big one and when barry jenkins, that was his baby. something he worked on all these years so it was a good night. >> i'm watching that tonight by the way. i'm very excited. >> very artistic. we have a lot more from the golden globes coming up. you know lara is backstage. got ryan gosling, amy. >> very jealous, lara. >> and more. plus who was the biggest winner on the red carpet? and "bachelor" nation, get ready. a sneak peek of tonight's first group date and already -- i know this is hard to believe but there's already a lot of drama. >> no! >> i kid you not. ot. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®.
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good morning, south bay. >> it is 7:56. good morning, i'm reggie aqui. >> now we're starting to take a little bit of a breath. you can see on doppler 7 pretty quiet out there but in the afternoon to evening hours light to moderate showers will develop in the north bay and spread across the rest of our neighborhoods. it will get quite heavy tomorrow and windy again tomorrow too. >> i do want to show you video from sky 7. it just flew over the ramp between northbound 101 and northbound 80 in san jose. this is where the investigation is going on. the ramp is fully closed due to a chp involved shooting earl this morning. they're hoping to have that cleared. you. full coverage from backstage at the golden globes. lara is line from los angeles. that's next on gma. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on the news app.
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. winter storm emergency. dangerous and deadly conditions from coast to coast. 13 states from california to minnesota under winter weather and flood alerts. interstate highways shut down, rivers rising and now a new major storm set to slam the west. ♪ 24 karat magic and hollywood's golden night. >> god, we're good. >> a la la landslide. >> sweetheart, thank you. >> tracee ellis ross with a big win for "black-ish." >> it's nice at 44. i like it here. >> we've got the moments you didn't see from denzel photo-bombing viola on the red carpet to lara backstage with the big winners. >> this is the new star of "black-ish." >> and blockbuster fashion moments. jessica and justin. kerry, gorgeous in gold. viola stunning in chartreuse and look who is saying -- >> good morning, america. >> pretty good day. ♪ go big or go home [ applause ]
8:01 am
good morning, america! great monday here in times square. and also in tampa and los angeles. we've got the country covered. the college football national championship and the golden globes. >> we got jesse down in tampa. lara is out in los angeles, of course, and there were so many great moments last night. she's going to bring a lot more. i loved that one where viola davis was talking with her husband. a little photo-bomb there, denzel. they co-starred in "fences." >> i loved what she said about denzel in her acceptance speech, it was so lovely to see. just so much camaraderie going on. they always have a good time at the golden globes. and a lot happens before it gets started. look at how some prepared. here's julia louis-dreyfus. not taking herself too seriously there. jessica biel, i love her caption, so libations before
8:02 am
noon were a bad idea. goldie hawn was superpumped. >> all that is ahead including clinton kelly with a healthy and easy for your favorite -- everybody likes mac and cheese. he has a different spin. perfect for dinner tonight. trust us. first news and amy with the rundown. we begin with breaking news from orlando. a police officer has died after being shot at least three times outside a walmart this morning. a manhunt is under way for the suspect, reportedly wearing a security uniform. the suspect is also wanted in connection with the shooting death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend last month. what could be the worst storm in a decade is pummeling parts of northern california and tv tv. triggering floods and mudslides and closing highways. at least four deaths were reported. another storm victim was the giant sequoia known as the drive-through tree in northern california. it toppled this week end. abc's rob marciano was in napa
8:03 am
all weekend with the latest conditions. >> reporter: good morning, that tells you when the giant trees are being impacted by the storms. how saturated the ground is. this river is coming down. this is actually a park. a flood plain park built as a relief valve for napa river. any other day, this would be a complete green space. this has worked well to alleviate the flood stress. most rivers here beginning to go down, for now. we have mudslide possibilities and certainly avalanches that we start to bill up the snowpack once again. the second storm coming in tomorrow and wednesday. >> we know you'll keep us posted. in the meantime, the suspect in the ft. lauderdale airport shooting that left five people dead is making his first court
8:04 am
appearance today. surveillance video obtained by tmz shows esteban santiago opening fire as people run for cover. investigators are now going through his computer after he claimed to have been in contact with isis. an ex-girlfriend says santiago tried to get help after he returned from serving in iraq but the v.a. did nothing. his gun was taken away when he showed up at an fbi office in alaska claiming he was hearing voices. he did, though, get it back after a mental evaluation. president-elect trump is firg back at meryl streep after she slammed him at the golden globe awards. without mentioning trump by name. streep said it broke her heart when trump mocked a disabled reporter, a claim trump continues to deny. in a tweet this morning, trump called her one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood and a hillary flunky. as for the awards, "la la nd" won big with a record seven comedy or musical. "moonlight" nominated in six categories won best drama. casey affleck earned best actor and the fx series "atlanta" picked up two awards.
8:05 am
and finally, a big surprise for a girl who went to school dressed up as her superhero. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. pretty good, right? turns out ginsburg was so impressed, she sent, look at that, 8-year-old michelle in maryland, a handwritten note saying she looks just like her. she urged michele to keep thriving and keep learning and i just love she has a real-life superhero to look up to. >> supreme court justice. >> 83-year-old woman. that's her superhero. i love it. >> her icon. >> notorious rbg. [ laughter ] that's what she's known as. >> you're right. that's what she's known as. t.j. holmes for "pop news." >> that's an intro. wow! >> are you ready? leaning back. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's right. i hope they got seat belts on y'all chairs. >> come on. come on. let's go. >> strap in. here we go now. >> hey. >> it's time for "pop news." we're going to start with lady gaga. all of her fans, of course, she
8:06 am
has a million reasons to love her. mother monster shared the first photo of her rehearsal for the super bowl halftime show. you wouldn't recognize her unless you know her back side. that's her there in the jumpsuit. it's a nice tease, right, but the 30-year-old superstar posted this quote saying 30 days till super bowl halftime. we can't wait. >> she's going to bring it. >> i will be there for this and i will have a huge exclusive with her. >> oh, yeah? >> no, i just want to put it out there. you just put it out in the universe and it will come true. i won't see her. but i will be there. [ applause ] >> that was good. >> you had me. i believed it. >> that's like when you said janet jackson was live and i perked up and she wasn't here. just getting you back, robin. next up here, we got some good news for the royal family. queen elizabeth appeared in public for the first time in nearly a month. she attended church with duchess kate and prince william and it was a very big deal. the family was in good spirits. chatting it up with the locals,
8:07 am
smiling. she has apparently recovered from that really bad cold. of course, she missed the christmas service which set off alarm bells there -- >> she looks great. >> she's back out and any time someone 90 plus gets a cold, people get nervous. seems to be in good health. other royal news here. happy birthday, kate middleton turns 35 today. 35th birthday. [ applause ] so happy birthday. and finally there are a lot of people who would like to mute me when i talk, robot, keep it to yourself. keep it to yourself. who would like to, but this is a legitimate reason for people at home that might want to mute me right now. if you have this amazon echo. y'all know this thing, this alexa. >> right. >> all right, on friday let me tell you "gma," we spoke to a dallas family whose daughter accidentally ordered 100 -- >> accidentally on purpose. >> accidentally ordered this through amazon echo. well, it looks like the device has struck again because a california newscast doing the story and the anchor on the air said alexa and then, da, da, da, and so the way this works,
8:08 am
anybody at home who has this alexa right now and hears my voice, i could order anything to anybody's house. right now. >> so on the tv screen you say alexa do this. >> they hear the voice. >> but then someone at home -- >> no, but alexa doesn't differentiate voices, it just hears -- right now, alexa, everybody's alexa is listening to me and i can order whatever i want. >> are you serious? >> and send it to everybody's house. alexa, everybody gets nervous. so that's why i say you might want to mute. but out here, this newscaster did it during the story and he did it innocently and said, alexa something and people in the area -- >> no way. >> they started ordering these things and got complaints from people in -- >> i have an alexa at home. i'm putting the parental controls on it. i think that changes it, right? you have to get a code. >> the default setting is to do the voice activation. you can change that but right now if i say, alexa, order whatever. >> you better stop saying that. you keep saying it.
8:09 am
>> what's a whatever? >> whatever and it will order it right now so this is the only time you might want to mute it. >> never. you can't mute t.j. holmes. >> they have tried, robin. they have tried. you're here because lara is backstage at the golden globes. she was there last night. she is there for us this morning and she'll have much more. we're going to -- oh, our dear friend, tracee ellis ross. very happy for her. what was she focusing on the whole time she was on stage? lara gets behind that. jesse is live in tampa for college football's biggest day. there he is. we'll get to him too. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the fast powerful cough relief of robitussin because it's never just a cough. gh. because it's never just a cough. o switched to sprint because all networks are great. but get this, sprint has this crazy deal on their new unlimited plan with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th line free. yep - unlimited data, talk and text for your whole crew.
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so dad slayed the problemt with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed. [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." nice crowd here. now you see we're down to three right here. robin is being a citizen right now. she had to go to jury duty. we'll see what happens with that.
8:14 am
of course, lara is down in l.a. to bring us behind the scenes with the golden globes. we want to go right back to her right now. hey, lara. >> hi, george. it really was. hi, guys. it was such an incredible night at the golden globes. we had some great seats. we're backstage where the winners come first to celebrate and have some fun. it was a star-studded show. hollywood's best having the night of their lives. >> good morning, america. whoo. >> reporter: "black-ish's" tracee ellis ross making her fashion statement barefoot. >> look, i'm going to bring my golden globe. >> ah, what? >> yes, this is my golden globe. >> reporter: telling us her time on stage was directed to just one woman. >> i feel extremely grateful so i can stand on that stage and look at meryl streep and say, thanks. >> reporter: were you staring at her the whole time? >> yeah, i gave my speech to her. yeah, i talked right to meryl streep. >> reporter: while up there getting a little lost in the excitement. >> saw the wrap it up thing and i was like, aah. i have so many more things to say and i got really panicked. oh, my god.
8:15 am
i didn't thank lawrence. >> you are now. >> lawrence, thank you! >> reporter: billy bob thornton winning his second golden globe for his role in amazon's "goliath." where will it go? >> right next to the other one. >> oh! really. book ends. his good luck charm, his wife and his lucky socks. how do you tell they're the lucky ones? >> i've never changed them. >> ooh. you might want to do that tonight. you're a golden globe winner. i'm going to buy you a pair of socks. >> all right. >> reporter: some more fun fashion. you're looking dapper. nobody else is wearing brown velvet. >> i was like, i got to do something completely different. >> reporter: but the winner who really rocked his wardrobe, hugh laurie of "the night manager." it's wool. it's plaid. and it's really -- >> it comes from a really interesting designer, ebay. >> no way. >> i don't know if you have heard of them.
8:16 am
they're doing a lot of interesting looks. >> you're ebay's finest. >> thank you. >> so on three, are you ready? >> all kinds of extraordinary deals available. >> reporter: and "moonlight" with a big win in the drama category. >> i think it's so important that our stories don't get erased just because we're different. this story has inspired people to talk more, and it's a shared humanity. >> reporter: "la la land" breaking records and sweeping the competition. and what was it like watching these two on set? >> just lie. just lie. >> it was unbelievable literally because it's -- >> it's true. >> nice to be part of something that brings people together and hopefully inspires people to continue hoping and dreaming and getting up each day. >> reporter: and our trip to the golden globes wouldn't be complete without some of your viewer questions. >> what would you have for your last meal? my own home cooked spaghetti. what is the secret ingredient? lots of red wine. and cooked slowly. >> in the mouth or -- >> as freely as you see fit. >> reporter: cheers to that. such a fun night. hugh laurie's tux obviously won points for the thriftiest fashion find. and we have plenty more fashion to talk about. who else but joe zee will be right here joining us in a little bit to break down all of
8:17 am
the red carpet trends, guys. >> yeah, there were a lot of bold choices. [ applause ] in the fashion department. don't you guys agree? >> yeah. >> that was the word for it. >> george and i were texting during the show last night. wow, that was a great tux, george, wasn't it? [ laughter ] >> all right, lara, thank you. >> yeah, that's what we were doing. roll up. we already said that tease and i want amy to read the next one. because she's especially excited about it. >> oh, really? all right, so, coming up, "the bachelor" is heating up. you didn't want to say that, george? we have an exclusive look at the big group date. you don't want to miss it. ♪ i'm in love with a stranger [ applause ] i saw it and i was just like "oh, i have to have it..." is it suede? it's suede. i love suede. state farm knows that every one those moments, there's one of these... well? i love it. this piece is so you. i know, right? i saw it and i was just like "i have to have it..." is it suede? it's suede. i love suede.
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[ applause ] back now on "gma." give me a high-five, mary katharine, from tuscaloosa. yeah. we are celebrating our tenth annual warm coats and warm hearts drive. partnering with fashion delivers. stars like hayden panettiere have donated and you can too. you just have to bring your gently used coats to your local burlington store. so, should we get a coat tally? yes, drum roll, please. we've had 124,435 coats donated. wow. [ cheers and applause ] that's a good number. we can do more. go to on
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yahoo! to learn about how you can donate a coat to someone in need this winter. good monday morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. see the highs, a few light showers today especially later in the afternoon and evening hours. a stronger storm tuesday. more damage is possible and a dry pattern develops, but we have to wait till friday. you can see the best chance in the afternoon hours in the north bay. mid to upper 50s. that chance will spread over all the neighborhoods tomorrow night. upper 40s to low 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast moderate to heavy rain tomorrow. [ applause ] all right, it's time now for our "bachelor" exclusive. nick viall is looking for love and the ladies are pulling out all the stops on tonight's date. abc's abbie boudreau went one on one with nick and someone who's already causing some
8:23 am
drama. take a look. >> i know you're dating a lot of other women. >> reporter: the most popular bachelor ever who's been brought to paradise and heartache in front of millions has had drama and antics already this season. >> it's a shark. if you take it off, the only thing i can assure you is you're going home. i'm kidding. >> reporter: tonight's episode, his first group date. a photo shoot turned pool party. are you nervous for the date? >> no, i think we'll have a lot of fun. clearly i look good. >> reporter: i love the confidence. as he's about to see the girls seem to have gone wild. >> i'm definitely the hottest bride. hi, i'm corrine. >> reporter: already noticed by fans for her aggressive approach, corrine, who snuck the first kiss of the season, isn't taking any chances in her wedding bikini. >> i hope this gets nick's attention. if not, i'm going to be like are you feeling okay? we had a spark from night one. i had a good connection.
8:24 am
and i kissed him. some girls came up to me and said, so, we heard you went for round two and got more time with him and kissed him and i'm like, yeah, i did. i didn't take anything away from you. >> how would you describe yourself? >> drama-free. friends with everyone. >> it's "the bachelor." there's always drama. >> i don't want to have enemies in the house. >> reporter: but a sneak peek shows drama ahead. >> i have a multimillion dollar company and i don't appreciate you treating me like a [ bleep ] idiot. >> reporter: and in tonight's episode, brittany's outfit is a showstopper. and a thorn in corrine's side. >> brittany is half naked and that's freaking me out. she better not steal my thunder. >> reporter: corrine makes another moment with nick. going topless too in the pool. >> i'm here to find true love. if anyone gets in the way there will be a problem. don't mess me up. i'm cute but i can get scary. >> reporter: and she's the drama-free one. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. [ applause ] >> i wish everybody could have seen our faces during that. all right. you can see "the bachelor"
8:25 am
tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc, and abc and espn have teamed up to create a bachelor fantasy league. half a million people have already signed up, including our own folks at "gma." george is doing it. you can join us at >> t.j. signed up twice. jesse live in tampa. jesse live in tampa.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> i'm natasha zouves. alexis smith has sure been busy. let's get straight over to her for traffic. >> we've got a couple of issues, a lot of slow traffic but mud slides have been a problem. highway 1 before sharp park road, another mud slide there. sounds like they're alternating traffic on highway 1. then we still have the full closure of northbound 17 at granite creek due to a mud slide. far right lane is open. if you wonder about any lingering
8:28 am
8:29 am
oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. good morning. things are definitely quiter today. a few showers showing up in the east bay neighborhoods. these will slide off to the east. in fact we'll have a random shower up until the evening commute then the chances of light showers will increase through 7:00. just keep increasing through tomorrow's morning commute. in fact, wind damage, flooding, it's all possible again tomorrow with our moderate storm on the storm impact scale. and not done yet. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always on our free abc 7 news app. you can join, reggie, mike, alexis, jessica and me weekdays
8:30 am
♪ and the trumpets they go days [ applause ] ♪ and the trumpets they go >> what a great audience we have this morning in our studio. t.j., i'll say no to the indecent proposal off camera. >> that's a good idea. >> we should just ask george to come over for "bachelor" and drink some rose. >> the rose was not my idea. >> that was an added thing i did. >> we could call it a "bachelor party." and get together. i throw a good bachelor party. >> i'm sure you do. >> of course, we have a question for everybody here. at what point is the new year no longer new? essentially when do you stop saying happy new year? now, this is something you might remember, a classic episode of "seinfeld." they tackled it in the opening scene. look at this. >> do you believe i got happy new year today? it's february. >> i once got happy new year'd in march. >> disgusting. >> it's pathetic.
8:31 am
[ laughter ] >> yes. totally agree. >> all right, so when -- [ applause ] when do you stop? a show of hands in here, you say you should stop saying it on january 2nd. january 2nd. no, okay. ginger. >> i am. >> how many would you say you stop saying it the first week, after the first week of january? [ cheers and applause ] now how many say -- >> if you see somebody you haven't seen for a long time. >> is that it? >> george, you and the logic all the time, man. that makes perfect sense. >> when you start writing it on your checks. when you start -- >> now, does anybody say you should do it the whole month? [ applause ] some say the whole month. all right. so here are the results. ginger, 22% say this is from a poll from a british newspaper, 22% say january 2nd. that's it. we need to end it. >> yes. strictly. >> 63% say you should go through the whole month -- excuse me, the whole week is okay. >> okay, maybe. >> that's the majority. but only 15% say you should go through the whole month, but, george, to your point, you're right, if you see somebody, a friend you haven't seen -- >> happy new year.
8:32 am
>> january 15th. >> by the way, how is that an offensive thing to say to anyone anyway? >> i don't know. >> wishing them happiness. >> take it up with "seinfeld." >> prolonging it. >> not an offensive statement. >> does 2017 still have that new year smell to it? >> yes. >> not to you. >> we might as well go forward. >> wow. >> ginger, do you take your christmas tree down on december 26th? >> yes. yes. >> i thought. >> very, very quickly. holiday is over, done. >> done. it's not done until the college football national championship is over and that's tonight. jesse palmer down live in raymond james stadium in tampa florida. the number two clemson tigers taking on the number one alabama crimson tide. how is it going, jesse? >> george, it's going awesome. we're getting hyped for the national championship game and the energy is just electrifying. we'll send that back to you in times square studio with a little lift. are you guys ready to do this? [ cheers ] three, two, one. [ cheers and applause ] whoo!
8:33 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> we pulled that off. okay. kudos to tom. tom, great job. you got that done in here. [ cheers and applause ] so, jesse, take us inside the mind of these players right now. there's a lot of pressure. >> you know, i think it's really -- yeah, really special day for them, though. i think it's all about reflection, and it's all about focus. i think so many of those players are thinking about the journeys getting to this moment here tonight. all of the hard work, all of the workouts. all of the sacrifices. and finally, the focus. it is every college player's dream to play in the national championship. they are going to leave it all out on the field tonight. >> you have admirable focus. they're all waving those pom-poms in your ear behind you. you're getting it all out. you're also surrounded by a lot of super fans down there. >> yeah, it's pretty awesome. there's going to be some great fans here.
8:34 am
we're lucky in this game to have two of the better fan bases in any sport with alabama and clemson. i think in college sports, momentum is such a big deal. i know when i played at the university of florida i fed off the crowd noise and i guarantee tonight it will be loud. it is going to be electric. it will be a fun game to watch. >> you also have mitch and jameson ritter. they're with you here this morning. >> yeah, come on in. we got mitch and jameson. from ohio. they're big-time fans. i was saying, guys, i like football. you've seen 56 college football games this year so i know you guys really like it. why did you guys decide to do it? >> we've always taken road trips as brothers every year and with the college football playoff growing larger and larger, we figured why not make this our biggest road trip ever and involve our favorite sport, college football. >> i have to ask you guys. you have seen 22 of the top 25 teams play in person this year. you know what good football
8:35 am
looks like. who do you think wins tonight? >> i think deshaun watson and the tigers. >> brother? >> i think it's a no-brainer. alabama. [ cheers and applause ] >> you got a little bit of a sibling rivalry. did you guys hear that? they think it'll be a tie. what do you think? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> clear answer. >> you can't tell from the fans. you can't even hear jesse anymore. thank you. you can watch the national championship tonight at 8:00 eastern on espn. and coming up from viola davis to jessica biel best davis to jessica biel best golden globes red carpet fashion davis to jessica biel best golden globes red carpet fashion afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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8:38 am
tiger blood. >> okay. >> adonis dna. >> okay. >> does that guy still exist? >> after a life-changing year, >> have you ever looked back and thought, what was i thinking? >> oh, yeah. some days are better than others. but most days are pretty frickin' cool. >> you know he says what he feels. and that might just upset a few folks. >> hey, this is the last thing i expect. >> charlie sheen, wednesday. >> this is happening, right? >> "gma." >> that just happened, okay. [ applause ] and back here on "good morning america," i was just talking to my friends. we all got up early. what time? >> 4:00. >> 4:00. that was because we promised you goldfish. yeah. we are launching the nationwide search for the next -- >> we can eat goldfish? >> sure. you can eat some goldfish. we are actually launching the
8:39 am
next stop motion animation film star right now. that's right. our sponsor goldfish and new york international film festival are inviting families across the country to create stop-motion animation videos starring goldfish crackers. for the goldfish tales animission experience contest. you not only have to eat them but you have to make a little something here. the videos are really easy and fun to make. four talented filmmakers will win $5,000. go to our website for more information and enter the contest. all right. go ahead. let's dig in. you want me to hand them down to you? all right. in the meantime, let's get a good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. a little damp through about noon, then the showers increase this afternoon and this evening. in fact, they get moderate to heavy tomorrow. some more wind damage and flooding is likely tuesday. lesser storms wednesday and thursday. [ cheers and applause ] so fun. we are jamming these and let's go ahead and head out to lara in l.a. >> thank you, ginger.
8:40 am
stars red hot on the red carpet last night. joining me now for our red carpet recap, joe zee, creative director of yahoo! style video, saw you at the parties last night. >> i saw you, too. yes, it was a good night. >> it was a great night. and really fun, interesting night in fashion. >> i agree with you, a lot of bold choices and a lot of different, unexpected choices. >> the big trend, one of them. metallics. >> and plunging necklines. i'm almost hesitant to say they're trends. they're becoming staples at award shows these days. but i love metallics, a lot of gold. unexpected. >> look at that. kerry washington looked spectacular. >> oh, beautiful and even kerry and we're talking about tracee ellis ross, they wore tea length, which i loved it. it's an old couture length which is midcalf which i love. >> is that something you'll see translate into the real world? >> i think so. it's much easier to translate into the real world. >> after the fifth person stepped on my dress i think so because it's an easier length to wear than full length which is just way too formal. you and i both agreed, kristen
8:41 am
bell. >> oh, my gosh. >> jenny packham. i thought it was a pants suit. had a tux feel. it was not masculine. it was just right. >> no, but it was actually a hybrid of a tux which a lot of women were wearing, evan rachel wood and octavia spencer, but i loved this dress. it was that evening gown but then tuxedo at the same time. i love the sexiness of it. >> i wanted to bring up reese witherspoon. i bring her up because i just feel like she knows what works on her body. and she looked great in that canary yellow, really clean hair and a nice puffy lip. what did you think? >> i loved this. i love reese. movie star but modern and that color we were saying is a very difficult color to wear. i love viola davis wearing a strong yellow like that, and you're wearing a similar color. >> i was inspired. >> i love it though because i think how do you pick that color and say it's going to work but it always does. remember j. lo showed up in the
8:42 am
golden globes last year in that color and it was so dynamic. >> a strong color, strong choice. we both -- it was funny, i was reading the notes and we both gave sofia vergara the same name, the va va voom award. >> how can you not? but did you not love that dress on her because it was great for her, but it's also very different than what she normally wears, as well. >> right. >> it was much more easy. it was illusion and the gold. >> i don't know how easy it was to get into. it was easy on the eyes. i mean up close it was so sexy, stunning. i saw her in the hallways walking down and it was like painted on her skin. >> i was just going to say, literally looks like gold foil painted on her and not even a dress. she wears it so well and, of course, that was zuhair murad you know who else wore zuhair murad was lily collins. >> i didn't love it. as much. >> you didn't love it? >> i thought it was very theatrical. a lot did. tell us why. >> i loved the regalness and clearly there's this princess vibe and i guess being royal won out last night. but i don't know. and i don't usually am not
8:43 am
drawn to romantic dresses or pink but there's something about the way she carried it off that felt modern and young at the same time. >> i think their dress is beautiful. for me it's the hair that sort of made it look a little older. >> yeah, probably could have had younger hair but i just love the way she carried that off. >> a final shoutout for our girl, tracee ellis ross for tea length. she was wearing zuhair murad. that dress was gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> and her accessories. she had a ring on every single finger. just really thoughtful. a lot of time went into this, her team, her look and she hit it out of the park. special shoutout to my girl. >> absolutely, she is a style icon. >> and you want to do one final love moment for sienna miller. >> you were surprised i liked it. >> i was. >> you know what it is, she wore a very, very simple white michael kors dress with just cutouts. it literally looked like a t-shirt. and in a mass of metallics and
8:44 am
sequins and trains and everything going on, it was nice to see something just really pared down, stripped down. minimal. again, i wouldn't say this is a dress for everyone, but she carried it off with so much confidence, looked great on her. >> any predictions for trends or what we'll see at the oscars? >> i don't know. couture shows are coming up very soon. i think we'll see a lot more -- just a lot more bright colors and all ready to be much more joy and happy ps in our lives. >> good stuff, joe zee, thank you. it was a really fun show. i'm glad we were there together. >> i know. it was so nice to see you. >> amy, you out there? >> having so much fun listening because you named my two favorites, kristen bell who looked stunning and viola davis, i love that yellow. how about you, t.j.? >> well, you know, zuhair murad, i think, that is my favorite designer of all time. did i say that right? >> you're like, who's that? who's that? nice, t.j. you were listening. coming up next on "gma," we are cooking with the "the chew's" clinton kelly live. we'll be right back. [ applause
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
[ applause ] we are back now with clinton kelly from "the chew." he's going to do a little cooking for us. also got a new book out tomorrow. it's called "i hate everyone except you." so, clinton, start out by explaining that title. >> the title, well, sort of it goes to my life. i've been on tv now for like 15 year, right? and for the longest time i was playing it safe because i think i thought i wanted everybody to like me all the time. then i woke up one day and was like, why do i care if anybody likes me? because i don't care if anybody likes me. so i wanted to tell some of the stories in my life that might be -- >> pretty candid. >> i'm really candid in this book and i tell it like it is. 100% me, i wrote it myself and crazy things that happened to me and wonderfully romantic things that have happened to me and really embarrassing things that happened to me and it's all there. i put it out there for the people that have been watching me all these years. >> including something creepy about me on page 92. >> there is something a little creepy about george. you want me to read it? >> no, i guess. you can read it.
8:48 am
>> all right, so there's a quote that goes, almost behind schedule, what does that even mean? either you're behind schedule or you're not. that's almost like saying you almost won the lottery or almost touched the back of george stephanopoulos' neck when he was asleep next to you on the red eye. but you didn't because that would be creepy and maybe illegal. [ laughter ] >> i don't want to probe anymore. we'll let that go and have you do some cooking. >> we have some cooking. who likes mac and cheese around here? yes? [ cheers and applause ] mac and cheese can be caloric. it's got a lot of cheese. there's a great way to add extra flavor and some extra nutrition and cut down on the calories using putter -- butternut squash. and make it in 5 minutes. you can have this done. so on top of the stove you do cubed butternut squash. chicken stock in there, some milk and going to add two cloves of garlic to that. now, you just simmer that until -- >> don't chop it up. >> you don't chop it up. leave it like this and simmer that until the squash gets fork tender. as soon as it becomes fork tender, you put it in your blender.
8:49 am
be careful if it's really hot. put it in your blender with some parmesan cheese, some gruyere cheese and some greek yogurt and you blend it together and what you get is a cheese sauce that looks like this. it looks like a -- >> velveeta. >> like a velveeta cheese sauce almost. a little salt, a little pepper. there's a little spice. really not too much spice. there is a little kick of pepper. red person flakes and mix that up with cavatelli and toss it up with italian breadcrumbs and parsley and salt and pepper. and i think that's what you're responding to. >> so good. >> that flavor, a little pepper goes a long way. >> you don't have to bake it again. >> if you wanted to you could put it under the broiler but you don't have to. let me mix this up. >> really good. >> thank you. >> then the crunch is just a
8:50 am
breadcrumb. >> just a little breadcrumbs. >> no bacon? >> no bacon on this one. would you like to taste, george, since you're in my book? >> healthwise, how much better is this for you than the original? >> it is half the calories of -- >> wow. [ applause ] >> you can eat twice as much. >> but what's that? you say half. but what's half of what? >> well, the serving you have in your hands is probably 350 to 400 where a bowl of mac and cheese can sometimes go about a thousand calories. >> don't worry about it. >> it's really good. >> i'm glad you like it. >> i like it better than the more caloric version. >> me too. >> wow. there you go. >> nice. >> you'll get in clinton's next book. >> the back of my neck. right there. >> better than i thought it would be. [ applause ] >> thanks a lot for coming in. and you can get the recipe for clinton's lightened up mac and cheese on our website and we'll be right back.
8:51 am
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intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes. it. it's not likely to go away on its own. it took my most honest friend to help me do something about it. she told me premarin vaginal cream can help. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual vaginal bleeding, breast or uterine cancer, blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache, pelvic pain, breast pain, vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots,
8:53 am
or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ♪ ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. >> tiger blood? >> okay. >> adonis dna? >> okay. does that guy still exist? >> after a life-changing year. >> have you ever looked back and said what was i thinking? >> oh, yeah. >> charlie sheen. >> some days are better than others but most others are pretty frickin' cool. >> you know he says what he feels. >> and that might just upset a
8:54 am
few folks. >> hey. this is the last thing i expected. >> charlie sheen, wednesday. >> this is happening, right? >> "gma." >> that just happened? okay. from staff. >> good morning, america. >> to the king. >> good morning, america. >> everyone wants to say. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> and can't forget shaq. >> i'm not as beautiful as the other hosts but good morning, america. ♪ we are victorious >> we want to give another big thank you to clinton kelly. you can see him on "the chew" at 1:00 p.m. on abc. and we have a special announcement. go onto our facebook page at 12:30 p.m. eastern today for a lunch break with celebrity chef josh capon who is sharing some mexican dishes. >> oh, my goodness. you know what else, these guys are having their party because "the bachelor" party is on. "the bachelor" is on abc tonight.
8:55 am
we're going to hear from emily maynard on "gma" tomorrow. good stuff ahead. >> yeah, a lot coming up. you'll be watching the college football national championship at 8:00 eastern on espn and there's jesse, all those fans down in tampa saying good-bye. ♪ tonight we are victorious there they are. and one more good-bye to lara in l.a. lara, thanks a lot. the golden globes were terrific. thanks to all of you. [ cheers and applause ] have a great day.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
8:59 am
good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves. let's head over to meteorologist mike nicco to see when the rain is coming back. >> good question. a few light showers right now. it will come back in the south bay this afternoon. for the rest of us this evening. we've got a moderate storm tomorrow with heavy rain at times and some damaging winds. >> all right. we'll take you back to sky 7. we've got some live over highway 17 right now north of scotts valley. if you look closely, nobody getting by northbound or southbound. all due to that slide. it is massive. now that we have daylight we have a better look at this. you can see houp of that hillside came down on the road. a long-term closure. they're working on setting up a barrier there on the southbound lanes. within the next half hour or so. but this cleanup will take all day. >> alexis, we appreciate the update. we'll be back at is 1:00 a.m.
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today from the serious "colony," josh holloway. plus we have a fun announcement that will have you seen stars. also, actors jerry o'connell o'connell joins kelly at the cohost desk. all next on "live" ." and now here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell. >> kelly: what.


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