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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 10, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. donald trump's cabinet nominees brace for a showdown at the capitol this morning. >> they're going great. confirmations are going great. >> as the president-elect names his son-in-law senior white house adviser and ivanka announces she is stepping down from her company. what will she do in the white house? winter washout. homes flooding in california overnight. thousands evacuated as rivers rise. these two women rescued by helicopter in los angeles and the crushing rockslides. colorado hit with hurricane force winds, ripping off roofs and yanking these trees from the ground, flipping semis like toys. a new storm heading for the west. urgent manhunt. the search for this suspect seen trying to abduct an 8-year-old boy at a sporting event. the child kicking and screaming
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to get free. now police are asking for your help. ♪ the greatest -- >> clemson dethrones and avenges alabama. >> the clemson tigers taking home the college championship in a nail-biting final second finish. >> touchdown! >> the underdogs beating alabama getting sweet revenge, what the hero quarterback told his team in those final moments and the celebration just getting started. the winning team right here on "gma." >> hey, good morning, america. clemson tigers, we're the national champs. what can you say? hi, mom. ♪ >> it was a late night. >> what a national championship game and great to have michael back. welcome back, michael. happy new year. >> thank you very much, george. thank you, robin. happy new year to both of you. i'm so excited to be back.
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i almost did a danceable for it. clemson's defensive lineman, christian wilkins, he summed up how i feel about being back on the show. check this out last night. this is a defensive lineman, over 300 pounds, with the splits. that's called happy and celebrating. congratulations to those guys. >> he's got the moves. oh, no, he didn't. >> oh. once again. oh, and the team so excited. quarterback deshaun watson telling his team with two minutes to go, i love this, he said, let's be legendary, let's go be great, and they were and a lot of people bereft. did you guys see the gun show? >> you loved this. >> he was trending all night long. >> i want his workout program. >> a lot of people do. we'll talk to him. jesse is live in tampa coming up. it's going to be a very busy day on capitol hill. >> a look live at capitol hill. it'll be busy there. first confirmation hearings for president-elect trump's cabinet nominees. they start this morning. alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general. retired general john kelly for homeland security up first.
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abc's congressional correspondent mary bruce on capitol hill for all of it. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is a big moment for the new administration and the start of these marathon confirmations, over the next three days, ten hearings with eight nominees. first up as you mentioned senator jeff sessions for attorney general. you can expect him to be grilled on immigration and civil rights to take center stage. already we've seen some protestors in that hearing room. it was 31 years ago sessions appeared before a panel and he was rejected for a federal judgeship over concerns he made racist remarks. those are charges he has passionately denied. now sessions will have his fellow senators testifying on his behalf. but in an unprecedented move, democratic lawmakers will be testifying against him. despite concerns, they don't have the power to block them and the president is adamant they will all be confirmed.
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>> they're going great. confirmations are going great. >> there's some concern about jeff sessions in particular. >> no, i think he's going to do great. high quality man. >> reporter: also here on capitol hill today, fbi director james comey is facing questions for the first time since his bombshell announcement about his investigation into clinton's e-mails right before the election. today he'll be testifying on russia's intelligence activity just four days after he briefed the president-elect on russia's interference in the u.s. election. george? >> he will get a lot of tough questions. thanks very much. let's go over to robin. >> donald trump also announcing a big role for his son-in-law naming his daughter ivanka's husband as a senior white house adviser. abc's cecilia vega is here with the details. never a dull moment. >> no, and i think it's going to go this way for probably four more years i think you could say. so look, this news is coming on jared kushner's 36th birthday. this was a close confidante for
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donald trump behind the scenes and in the campaign and now he's going in as the senior advisor to the president. he'll be there in the west wing. we do know that he won't be taking a salary when in there. it's not the first time the white house has turned into a family affair. jfk, of course, we know appointed his brother as attorney general. we remember hillary clinton on those health care panels, she was there during her husband's administration. this time ethics experts are really split on whether this kushner appointment might be violating some federal anti-nepotism laws. there are also questions about potential conflicts of interest. he runs part of his family's real estate empire. he'll be stepping down from that and he's also the owner of the ""new york observer"", he will be stepping down from that as well. and also we're told be divesting substantial assets but, you know, democrats right now are calling on at least some of them, the d.o.j., to investigate his new role in the white house. >> they will take a look but we have seen something similar like this before so not surprising in that regard. and ivanka has pretty much been very firm that she does not want a role with the white house, ivanka. >> a lot thought she would go into the white house given her
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role as a confidante for her father. sources are telling us at this point she will not immediately have a formal role in the white house, that she's instead going to be concentrating her family on settling into d.c., that they have that big move coming up. >> and big inauguration coming up and donald trump feeling it could very well be a record setter. but he went so far as to say that dresses are sold out there in d.c.. >> some people are scratching their heads saying you're being sworn in in a couple of days and you're talking about the stock of inaugural ball gowns in the nation's capitol. i know you were curious. we called around. a lot of dress stores, there is no shortage of ball gowns in the nation's capital so, ladies, you're good to go. >> thank you for that. george. >> okay, let's talk to jon karl and martha raddatz. jon karl with me and let's begin with jared kushner, this appointment of jared kushner. going to be in the white house. not taking the salary. what you've got now, though, are four very powerful people around donald trump with equivalent roles, jared kushner, you have kellyanne conway, steve bannon as chief strategist, reince priebus as chief of staff. >> you have a team of rivals basically right outside the oval office door.
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reince priebus is the chief of staff but stephen bannon is the chief strategist, a role we haven't seen before and i would argue that jared kushner is more powerful than all of them. >> first among equals? >> first among equals and also the one he can't fire. but look, this will be an interesting thing because their views are different. i mean priebus is an establishment republican, chairman of the party. stephen bannon led the rebellion against the party leaders and if you look at jared kushner's background he was known as a new york city liberal democrat. >> except it appears he struck an alliance with bannon during the campaign. >> he did. this will test that alliance. >> let's go to martha raddatz right now. you have hearings beginning today, martha. the attorney general today but tomorrow the big ones begin on national security, general james mattis for defense secretary. rex tillerson, of course the head of exxonmobil for secretary of state. let's talk about that first.
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he had good meetings with senators but will face real questions not only about russia but what exxon did in iraq and subsidiary dealings with iran. >> reporter: that's exactly right, george. i think that's where the questions will be toughest. he was considered a good friend of vladimir putin, rex tillerson. of course he was in the role of ceo of exxon and i think that's the kind of case he will try to make. it was a very different deal there when he was a businessman. now america's chief diplomat. of course those dealings with iran as well. there were sanctions in place at the time. again, i think he'll make the case that he was a businessman then. >> meanwhile, general james mattis defense secretary, kelly homeland security, michael flynn former general as national security advisor who is outranked by the two generals in the cabinet. >> reporter: this is all very unusual, george, but picking generals gives you instant credibility. the american people hold them in high regard and so does donald
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trump despite some of his campaign rhetoric. he said last month, i like generals. i think generals are terrific. they go through schools and sort of end up at the top of the pyramid. they pass the test of life. that is true. they have enormous experience and they know how to lead. they know the price of war and they have in one way or another stared down the enemy. what will be interesting to watch is how the interaction with the president trump will play out. >> meantime, jon, more pressure building in the congress in the senate to delay this repeal of obamacare. >> this is the big thing for the republican congress. this was to be agenda item number one, repeal obamacare and spend much of the rest of the year trying to figure out how to replace it. now you have five republican senators signing on to a measure that would say, let's push this vote off for about another month or so until we can figure out what we want to replace obamacare with. this was not the plan for house republicans. what's interesting, this seems to be exactly what president-elect donald trump wants. he wants to be sure there's
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something to replace it before we have full-blown repeal. >> see if he gets his way, jon karl, martha raddatz, thanks very much. lots of big events coming up. abc news covers it all and i'll be anchoring our live coverage of president obama's farewell address tonight at 9:00 eastern and president-elect trump's first press conference tomorrow morning. check out these pictures of the horrible flooding out west and rob marciano is in the middle of it all in san jose, california. good morning, rob. what's going on out there? >> reporter: hey, michael. we had about a 12-hour break but now the rain picked up again and the river here in san jose, one of many creeks and rivers that rise and fall with each one of these water-packed storms that rolls off the pacific. overnight, homes and businesses underwater in sonoma county, california. this building used to house a mini golf and arcade. heavy rains here causing the russian river to crest up to 35 feet. >> really the last time that
7:11 am
there was significant floods like this were more than a decade ago. >> reporter: at least 3,000 evacuated. >> the water gets in the house. that's about it. that's all i'm worried about. >> reporter: up in the hills of guerneville a mudslide 50 feet wide crashing through this man's home. >> we're right at the edge and we're holding out until it takes us over. >> reporter: in santa cruz, a dangerous slide, trapped and injured, a photographer from our san francisco station, kgo, inside his news van. partially crushing the vehicle. surrounding him with live wires and debris. another slide, this one in napa county, and it hasn't even rained that much today. you've got rugged terrain and this sandstone which is brittle stuff. plus a foot of rain, it's going to come crashing down. in gardena, a dramatic rescue. two women pulled from the surging san gabriel river. after they were swept from the river bank into the water. and in colorado heavy winds causing dangerous driving conditions. dust and debris blowing across the highway causing near blackout conditions. semi truck after semi truck falling over like dominos.
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the back wheels of this one lifting right off the road. these storms are certainly packing a punch with the wind as well but we're most concerned about the water. now we have two more that are rolling in and ginger zee is tracking all that back in the studio. good morning, ginger. >> rob, thank you so much, for showing us all that. you have to see these storms, the first one from the weekend made its way into the midwest and great lakes moving through with winter weather but the storm that's coming in this afternoon and evening for the west coast is the next one we're most concerned about, the high sierra and wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and flood watches for up to a half foot of rain on what has fallen so see the russian river in the heart of sonoma county could go to 37 1/2 feet. quick look at how much rain will fall. mudslides, flooding, and right here in the northeast, we're going to warm up so no more skiing on the beach, all right. this is not happening as of the midweek. i'll tell you in just a couple of moments. >> all right, ginger, thank you. now to a manhunt in florida for the alleged killer of an
7:13 am
orlando police sergeant. a 17-year veteran and mother who was patrolling a walmart when she was shot. officials are now searching for this man considered armed and dangerous. abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: this morning, a massive manhunt. police searching for this man they say gunned down an orlando officer. >> we have one officer shot en route to ormc. >> reporter: a shopper alerting sergeant debra clayton, a 17-year veteran on duty outside this walmart, that a wanted murder suspect was in the store. >> he had a security vest on and he just walked right by me and i came out and next -- i'm walking right past the officer and heard her tell him to stop or whatever and he shot her. he shot her down and took off running. >> reporter: sergeant clayton dying at the hospital. the suspect getting away, firing at one deputy's car, carjacking another. dozens of schools locked down. s.w.a.t. teams swarming an apartment complex going door to door looking for lloyd. two deputies searching for the shooter in motorcycle crashes.
7:14 am
one deputy, norm lewis, known as a gentle giant, was killed. the 41-year-old already a wanted man, his pregnant girlfriend shot at her front door last month, a warrant issued for his arrest. >> going to get me some more muscles, man. >> reporter: investigators scouring lloyd's facebook page for clues. lloyd posting this two weeks ago "goals, to be on 'america's most wanted.'" >> i can tell you that it doesn't matter where he is, we will track him down to the ends of the earth, trust me on that. >> we are bringing this dirtbag to justice. >> reporter: police want to get this guy off the street. they're offering a $60,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest. robin. >> hopefully they will find him soon. all right, eva, thank you. >> amy has the morning's other top stories starting with a u.s. raid in syria. >> that's correct. good morning, everyone. a u.s. special operations force conducted a ground raid in syria. targeting isis leadership. the pentagon is refuting claims by a syrian human rights group
7:15 am
that 25 firefighters died. a man described as a midlevel isis leader was reportedly killed in the firefight. new details about a chairlift crash at a colorado ski resort. kelly huber was killed and her two daughters injured when their chair slammed into a support tower throwing them to the ground. investigators blame a mechanical problem with the electric drive control which they say caused that ski lift to jolt forward. police in oklahoma city have released images of the moment a boy was nearly abducted at a wrestling tournament, searching for the man in these pictures. they say he picked unthe 8-year-old but then let go when the boy started kicking and screaming. and finally, a driver in michigan got a ticket from police without ever leaving his driveway. he was warming up his car, went back into the house for a couple of minutes, he said seven minutes. that ticket now cost him $128. it isn't a state law in michigan but it's his town that passed the law against leaving a car running with the keys in the ignition even if it's in your own driveway.
7:16 am
police say the law is aimed at reducing car thefts which have been driving up insurance rates. >> even if it's freezing? >> even if it's freezing. they say you can do the remote start because the vehicle is locked but you cannot leave your keys in the car unlocked with it running. >> didn't we do a story on this a few weeks ago? >> we did. we said you might get ticketed but $128 is pretty steep. >> that's true. >> but $128 is cheaper than losing your car. >> there you go. >> it's all relative. >> that's what it's about. last night, everybody is a little tired because it was a game and what a game it was. yes, the clemson tigers waking up happy this morning. big smiles on their faces after beating alabama in a dramatic championship rematch. our own jesse palmer was there for all that at raymond james stadium. hey jesse, good morning, man. >> hey, michael, good morning, brother. i'm here at the winning team's hotel, clemson's hotel. it was crazy last night at raymond james stadium. the clemson tigers and alabama crimson tide squaring off for the second year in a row for the national championship and it all came down to those final
7:17 am
seconds. >> clemson tigers, new kings of college football. >> reporter: overnight, the making of a college football classic. number two clemson ending number one alabama's perfect season in a showdown for the history books. >> it's finally coming home, baby! it's coming home! >> reporter: the tigers clawing back, beating the crimson tide 35-31. >> touchdown! >> reporter: heisman trophy winner runner-up deshaun watson connecting with hunter renfroe with just one second left on the clock for the game-winning, come-from-behind touchdown. >> i kind of just threw the ball and made sure he caught it. that's what he did. something we worked on all year long. it was the perfect time to call it. >> reporter: for much of the game it was a different story. >> all the way to the end zone, touchdown, 'bama. >> reporter: the crimson tide dominating from the beginning rolling into the end zone for a 14-0 lead early on and showing off its tough defense. >> no one to throw to and he'll be sacked. >> reporter: but it wasn't enough.
7:18 am
the tigers came roaring back, making clemson the national champions for the first time since 1981. the team rushing the field celebrating with cartwheels, splits and some tears, giving coach dabo swinney a gatorade shower. >> it's indescribable. i mean, you can't make it up. i said tonight we're going to win it because we love each other. man, just so thankful and blessed. it just doesn't even seem real to me. >> and it goes without saying the clemson tigers so excited. coming up, we're going to hear from some of the winners, plus the surprise star on the field that wasn't even one of the players. guys? >> what are you talking about? what could you be referring to? you were hoping for a penalty because then you could see it. >> what a great game. thank you, jesse. let's go back to ginger. what you got? >> i like that, robin. hold. arrr. so we're really watching that
7:19 am
50-degree line. it makes its way up to new england. look at some numbers. if you needed a natural thaw it'll happen wednesday into thursday. your local weather 30 seconds away. tuesday trivia brought to you by walgreens. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. we have light showers this morning, embedded moderate showers. more moderate showers at noon. moderate and heavy showers from 4:00 to 9:00. even thunderstorms are possible. we're going to see stream and creek flooding, ponding on the roadways. hydroplaning will be an issue.
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winds will be gusty. we could have more power outages. this is moderate storm. light rain is possible wednesday and thursday. finy dry friday. be careful out there. coming up here on "gma," that showdown between meryl streep and donald trump. more stars now piling on. who is going to win the battle? n the battle? i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. good morning, to you. now, it has been a busy one on the roads. let's get over to alexis smith. >> unfortunately it will be rough on the roads the entire day today. i have live doppler 7 on top of my traffic map said. everyone getting soaked right now. the yellow, dark green are heavier pockets. check out how hard the rain is coming down on the richmond side of the bridge. those wipers going to be on high. quick look at drive times, theurst with one, westbound 24, walnut creek to highway 13. several groups
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next storm is here, mainly light rain this morning with embedded yellow, moderate pushes. the rain will get heavier and the winds will get faster as we head throughout the day. here are my concerns moving forward. stream and creek flooding, power outage and river flooding. everybody but the bay shore are through a flood watch. the same areas as sunday, with the same wind speeds. that's why we'll have power outages once again. we have the coach and the bay shore that could flood at any time from now to noon thursday. my seven-day forecast, this is a moderate storm, but the damage will be a little bit greater than usual. nuta nuta >> there's a new study on mammograms every woman needs to hear. the gma doctors are weighing in. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our free
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100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be. watson. touchdown. >> not a second to spare. that was the winning moment last night, college football national championship, the clemson tigers. incredible comeback. beating powerhouse alabama in the final second. >> but a lot of people saying the real star of the night is this guy right here, this ref. ripped armed ruled the internet. we'll hear from him coming up later in the show. >> you don't want to challenge his call. >> no. whenever you say ref, fine with me. >> i love how you moved your head when you said that. also two fierce storms crossing the country, 25 states facing weather alerts this morning. take a look at this amazing rescue in california. two women pulled from a river in l.a. now up to a half a foot of rain is in the forecast for california.
7:31 am
also this morning, all eyes on the capitol as confirmation hearings for president-elect donald trump's cabinet nominees get under way. tonight, president obama will deliver his farewell address in chicago and we will carry that here live on abc. that is coming up at 9:00 eastern tonight. no tweets yet from donald trump this morning but there is new fallout from that showdown between him and meryl streep and abc's david wright has all the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. donald trump is clearly still fuming over that speech and meryl streep is in good company. trump almost seems to be at war with hollywood these days and the question now, will they pay a price? after all, they've made an enemy of the man who's about to be president. >> when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. >> reporter: meryl streep took trump to task among other things for mocking a "new york times" reporter with a disability. trump denies he did it but judge for yourself. >> you got to see this guy. oh, i don't know what i said. oh, i don't remember.
7:32 am
>> it broke my heart when i saw it and i still can't get it out of my head because it wasn't a movie. it was real life. >> you have perhaps the most highly regarded actress of her generation making an outright plea to people in hollywood to remain vigilant and to defy. >> reporter: donald trump may dismiss streep now as one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood, but just two years ago he called her work excellent. it's only prompted her fans to make this hashtag trend. things trump thinks are overrated. emmy rossum tweeted, tax, audio recordings, factual information, spelling. another listed, "hamilton," jon stewart, jerry seinfeld, megyn kelly. >> this week tweeted the best tweet, wow, what a great, smart tweet. >> reporter: he's called "snl" unwatchable and yet he can't seem to stop watching. ♪ trump even took to task the new star of his old show, mocking
7:33 am
arnold's ratings the first week on "apprentice." schwarzenegger tweeted back i hope you'll work for all the american people as aggressively as you worked for your ratings. trump is almost a member of this elite hollywood club. he once did a song and dance number at the emmy awards. ♪ green acres is the place to be ♪ >> reporter: he's done dozens of cameos over the years from "fresh prince of bel-air." >> throw in another 50 grand and i'll cut the grass for you every saturday. >> reporter: to "home alone 2." >> down the hall to the left. >> reporter: even as he's about to take the most powerful job celebs don't seem to be all that intimidated for now. the same may not be true of their bosses. >> the hollywood studios have a lot to lose under a president trump. i think that's why you're seeing the studio heads quiet on this issue or even coming out and being a little bit more gracious towards the new administration. >> reporter: plenty of folks say
7:34 am
political speeches just don't belong at awards shows, that it's liberal hollywood doing what they do, but by engaging it's trump who risks coming across as petty. in 2015 "the hollywood reporter" asked donald trump his favorite actresses. he named julia roberts and guess who, meryl streep. >> meryl streep. okay, david wright, thanks very much. joining us larry hackett former editor of "people" magazine and abc news political contributor kristen soltis anderson. let me begin with you, larry. donald trump kind of has a hate/love relationship with hollywood. it did seem like this one got to him. >> it really did. first of all, i want to say it was riveting television. the idea people don't want to see this kind of thing, i think that's debatable. i don't think people want to hear speeches thanking their agent and family so i think it was great stuff. i think he derives energy from this, right? he knows the entire nation is watching. he engages in debate now. now here we are a day and a half later talking about it. i think he really derives
7:35 am
political energy from these kind of things. and let me point out, back in june, meryl streep appeared at a fund-raiser for the public theater in new york. not a lot of people wearing it wearing a fat suit and wig about donald trump. i think that is part of the reason -- >> might have remembered that, as well. >> kristen soltis anderson, larry is correct that the president-elect gets some energy from all this. clearly had that energy yesterday when he was tweeting but digs himself somewhat of a hole when he reminds everybody of that moment where he was mocking "the new york times" reporter. of course, he denies it but it gives everyone an opportunity to show the tape again. >> sure, in meryl streep's speech she sort of implies that part of donald trump's appeal was when he does things like insults reporters, mocks other people. i don't think that's why most people voted for donald trump. i think in some cases they voted for him in spite of the fact he had done those things. but certainly donald trump was able to survive the whole campaign with those kind of criticisms coming his way so it's unlikely that meryl streep in her speech to the folks at the golden globes was changing a lot of minds about donald trump. >> i don't think she was trying to change minds but my question
7:36 am
is, is donald trump helping himself when he gets up in the morning and tweets about it? >> well, he loves a good conflict. he loves fighting against any sort of elite establishment that he feels he hasn't been sufficiently allowed to be a part of, whether that's the media, whether that's hollywood. he -- i agree that he derives a lot of energy and that he's never lost, i think, in picking these sorts of fights because it energizes people that like him and puts him on the side of a debate where most americans tend to not pick the big elite, tend to not pick hollywood or the media. if it's donald trump and football versus meryl streep and hollywood, i think i know which side is probably going to win that argument. >> it's interesting, a paradox. i think by making that streep meryl streep was saying let's not normalize his behavior. trump tweets again and we become inured to the idea he tweets about these things and that ends up normal liesing that kind of behavior. >> larry hackett and kristen soltis anderson, thanks so much. michael. >> we have a big board coming up in two major medical headlines. huge debate raging about
7:37 am
mammograms this morning, and a big new question about how young is too young for botox. we have both of the doctors in so you know it's a big, big board when we come back in two minutes. board when we come back in two minutes. has anyone seen the new intern? we sent him on a coffee run. alright. i've got your latte... large coffee with cream... and your favorite, mocha. oh, where do you guys get your coffee? you gave me way too much money. he's good. make a mccafé run instead. for a limited time get any size coffee, freshly brewed every 30 minutes, for one dollar. or a delicious small mocha, latte or hot chocolate for two dollars. wake up and win the day. fothere's a seriousy boomers virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested.
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7:39 am
back with a special edition of our big board. dr. ashton and dr. besser are here at the table with us. book ends. >> we're ready. >> ready to go. we'll start with that new study sparking a big mammogram debate. researchers in denmark found that one in three breast tumors discovered through the exam may be overdiagnosed and that means they're identified as more life-threatening than they really are leading to unnecessary treatment. that is what the study is saying. i'm getting the side eye right now from jen. what's your take? >> i think the headline has been boiled down to early screening doesn't work. no such thing as early screening in breast cancer. it's screening. the point of screening we have
7:40 am
to remember is to save lives. this study did not look at lives saved. it also started enrollment in 1980 when the technology from mammography was not what it is today. but it talks about the concept does every cancer need treatment and that is going to be a hard pill to swallow for doctors and patients to tell a woman, you have cancer, but we're not going to treat it because it's never going to kill you. that's the dcis realm which is called that stage zero. >> you know, when you talk about treating all cancers, you have to talk about the downside of that, as well. what this study found was that by doing screening, they looked at half the country started scene screening and half didn't. the screening program didn't cut down on the number of women who ended up having aggressive breast cancer and the reason that matters is that if a lot of these cancers that are being picked up never would have caused a problem, then you have all of these women who are suffering the side effects of treatment which could be future cancers, which is not a small thing, the side effects of damage of chemotherapy and other
7:41 am
things to the body. the goal of a screening program is to pick something up early and make a difference and save lives. if you're not saving lives then you have to say, what are we doing here in putting all of these women through this treatment. >> there's so much controversy here and i can feel the passion coming from you two. but what do you think needs to be done to fix the screening issues? >> i think there's a couple of things. first thing we need better screening tests. you need a screening test that will be able to say to a person we found this lump here. but this one we can tell isn't going to cause any problems and we're not there yet. and we have to be able to say, okay, who are the right women to screen at what ages? are there certain things we can tell based on their genetics and family history, you need to screen starting at age 40, you can wait till 50. >> i agree with most of that. the controversy and what gets me hot under the collar is that media and the medical community alike always boils these studies down to one line, mammograms don't work. mammograms are bad.
7:42 am
mammograms don't save lives and, "a," i disagree with that as a woman's health specialist. "b," until we provide an alternative, i think to bash mammograms is tantamount to a war on women and that's what gets me upset. >> i remember where there was a debate about self-exams. hello, that's how i found my lump by self-exam. a mammogram did not detect the tumor. an ultrasound did. it's not one size fits all. >> no. >> i don't see this as a war on women. i think what the goal here is to make sure that women aren't getting overtreated and i think, you know, men are getting overtreated with -- for prostate cancer and there are a lot of women who i think are getting overtreated. we need to do more to make it work for them. >> with an alternative. >> we have another medical question for you two even though -- >> bring it on. >> how about this, botox for millennials. there's a new book out called "botox nation" saying younger women are aggressively targeted in hopes they'll be lifetime customers of the botox -- >> rich, don't you think it should start in the delivery room?
7:43 am
why wait? >> as a pediatrician. >> baby botox. >> what do you think about that? it's a strategy and why go after people who don't even have wrinkles. >> it's one word, money. it is about money. it is about changing the perception of what's normal and you're talking -- you know, let's start with women in their 20s so that they won't go on to develop wrinkles. i like my wrinkles. i smile a lot. i get a lot of wrinkles here. i don't want to lose them. when i'm watching an actor on tv i want to know are they happy or are they sad? look at the faces and it's like, i have no clue. >> don't you think we have more pressing problems in medicine than to talk about botox and is someone getting it and are they not getting it? >> do people understand botox, though? >> i think they're judgmental about it. look, anything in moderation, i think could be fine. for example, i'm actually 94 years old but i've had good botox and i think i look remarkably well preserved. i mean, look, i agree with rich. if you can't show facial
7:44 am
expression, if my kids can't tell that i'm scowling at them, there's going to be a problem. >> i think it changes the social norm. if who people are seeing on tv, everyone is botoxed then there's pressure that i'm not going to do well in the workplace unless i have botox. for a lot of money it's 300 bucks out of pocket. it's not the right thing to do. >> male/female double standard too. >> huge, huge. we got to do this again, michael. >> i like this. i'm just, you know -- >> i know. coming up in two minutes we'll hear from that ref, the internet could not get enough of him. that guy right there. please call a penalty. please call a penalty. >> he did curls before the game. >> come on back. game. >> come on back. [microwave beeps] [heart monitor beeps] hasta luego, profesor! [pumping of bike tire] [pumping of hospital ventilator] [tapping of pen]
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7:47 am
talk with us this morning. is it true you're roommates? >> we are roommates and we definitely could not have missed a chance to talk to michael strahan. i mean, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> i got to say congratulations to both of you and the rest of your team on an epic win. one second left in the game. you did it in such dramatic fashion, so how does it feel for both of you to be national champions when you came so close last year? >> it's pretty ridiculous. i'm not going to say. i mean just this whole season we went through the adversity. this offense believed in itself and i just want to say, i mean, we ended it with a fairytale ending, i want to say almost. it's been pretty special. >> as a kid you dream of playing college football and then to reach the top of the mountain, so to speak, at that dream, it's just unbelievable. >> your teammate ben boulware, he gave an incredibly emotional speech after the game. what kind of message do you both want to send out there to the rest of the clemson tiger
7:48 am
nation? 6 will >> just to this team this year we set the bar extremely high and i mean like ben boulware said, it's for those guys that came before us and built the foundation and we're just age to capitalize and make the most of it. it's been 35 years since clemson has won a national championship and it feels good to be national champions again and just going forward, i mean like i said we set the bar high so future clemson tigers can go out and defend the title and hopefully it won't be 35 years before we are back for another national championship. >> i know ben is hoping it's not 35 years. ben hopes that next year actually and also, maverick, as well. you have the mascot next to you. you have cheerleaders behind you. everybody is so quiet, you are national champions, forget about that. everybody, make some noise and get excited about this. [ cheers and applause ] that's what i'm talking about. hey, congratulations to you, jordan, congratulations to you, maverick. you both enjoy yourselves, get some rest whenever you can and congratulations on being national champions.
7:49 am
you guys very well deserved it. >> thank you. >> thank you, michael. >> they win a national championship and get to talk to michael strahan. life is good. feeling pretty good. >> i get to talk to them. i was never a national champion in college. i'm surprised those two -- probably never went to sleep. >> i bet they have not. >> yes. there was another star though, jesse, we'll go back to you. the other star of the game, tell us about him. >> yeah, michael, i didn't go to sleep either so here i am. there was another big star on the field yesterday. but this star was wearing white and black stripes. it was referee mike defee. and he became an overnight internet sensation. check out why. the twitterverse absolutely exploding over the gun show during the coin toss of last night's game. there were people writing in things like forget the players, i want guns like the referee in the national championship game and where do i get a workout like that?
7:50 am
how can i find arms like this? i just can't simply stop staring at this guy's arms. defee says his main workout is trying to do his referee job to the best of his abilities but also kind of hands out free advice which apparently i could use with these scrawny quarterback arms, guys. >> this was my favorite move right here. >> i like this one. >> whenever a play led to this. >> whatever this move means. >> glad there are no buttons on that shirt because they would have flown off. >> jesse, what was it like being at the game last night, jesse? >> it was unbelievable, robin. the energy was electric. i think what the coolest part about that game, two great fan bases in alabama and clemson. awesome energy. the entire time at the end clemson deserving to win. >> glad that you were there for us, jesse, come on home safely. tell everybody hey for us. coming up in our next hour the magic number of minutes you should really exercise. hmm. what is it? should really exercise. hmm. what is coming up, "gma's" be a vet for your pet brought to you by iams pet food, good for life. to you by iams pet food, good for life. )
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good morning to you, let's get over to meteorologist mike nicco for a quick look at our rainy forecast. >> hi everybody, it's going to be a long day. light to some embedded yellow there, moderate showers this morning. they're going to become moderate to heavy this afternoon. that means we have a high probability of stream and creek flooding and river flooding, especially the russian river through at least thursday morning. lighter rain wednesday and thursday. >> okay. it's not a great commute this morning. probably just going to get tougher as we go through the day. we have a collision on the bay bridge toll plaza. getting a slight break in the rain at the moment. some really long drive times. highway 4 to the maze, 49 minutes. 16 across the bay bridge. 23 if you're heading southbound
7:57 am
on 101. >> we'll have another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes. always on our news app and a live look at the golden gate bridge, wet roads, be safe out there. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m.. donald trump's cabinet nominees head to the hill. the president-elect names his son-in-law as a senior white house adviser as ivanka reveals she's stepping down from her company. questions now about what she'll do in the white house. new this morning, brad pitt and angelina jolie releasing their first joint statement since announcing their divorce. what they're saying about their children and keeping a united front as parents. ♪ how much exercise do you really need to stay healthy? the exact number of minutes you need to be clocking in. it's your magic number, and it may be lower than you think. dr. ashton here live to help us all work it out. ♪ you can't hurry love it's a first for "bachelor"
8:01 am
nation. the good-bye no one saw coming. plus, an all-time favorite bachelorette, emily, on life and love after that final rose. and the advice she has for nick this morning. ♪ 24 karat magic all that, and we're live in times square with gabrielle union, and she's saying -- >> good morning, america! ♪ ♪ morning! gabrielle union is happy to say good morning, america, where it's great to have her back and great to have this wonderful audience join us here. [ applause ] >> and we also have "dancing with the stars" host erin andrews here this morning, and she's going to show us the workout that helps her stay in shape. >> she's in shape right there and, plus, we're kicking off our big event for your pet series. lara, what is that? >> it's all about ways you can do things that we might not know. i'll take this out. is anybody else having a little earpiece issue? >> a lot of feedback in our ears. >> yes, i want good feedback on the series. we'll help you and your pets.
8:02 am
you know i have 900 dogs so i know what i'm talking about. >> ah. >> we'll talk about that and today we're going to focus on whether or not it's good or not to feed human food to your pets. all of us do it on occasion, i think, because we think they're family, but there are certain things you just don't want to give them. we'll talk about that. >> kitty cats too. look at the kitty cats. >> we love kitty cats. such cuteness. >> we have a lot coming up. we want to go to amy for the morning rundown. good morning, everyone. let's get right to washington where that senate confirmation hearing of attorney general nominee jeff sessions is under way. the alabama senator was the first senator to endorse president-elect trump during the campaign. he is facing questions about his record on immigration and civil rights. protestors have been escorted from the hearing at least four times this morning, including one group dressed in ku klux klan gear. but in his opening remarks, sessions defended his record, upholding the law. >> i deeply understand the history of civil rights in our
8:03 am
country and the horrendous impact that relentless and systemic discrimination and the denial of voting rights has had on our african-american brothers and sisters. i understand the demands for justice and fairness made by our lgbt community. i will ensure that the statutes protecting their civil rights and their safety are fully enforced. >> sessions said the attorney general cannot be a rubber stamp of any administration and he said he will recuse himself if hillary clinton's e-mail investigation comes up. again, we're streaming the hearing right now on president-elect trump has chosen his son-in-law. he will not take a salary and is resigning from his family's real estate empire. kushner's attorney says he is confident anti-nepotism laws do not apply to the west wing. a $60,000 reward is being
8:04 am
offered in the manhunt for an accused man in orlando. sources say he shot debra clay to know in a walmart. a second officer died in a crash while responding to that scene. lloyd was already wanted in the murder of his ex-girlfriend. well, another powerful storm is bearing down on northern california, already drenched by more than a foot of rain. three days of downpours flooded homes and triggered damaging mudslides trapping a photographer in a news van. rivers overflowed forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. roads buckled and vineyards across california wine country have been swamped. well, angelina jolie and brad pitt have released their first joint statement on their divorce agreement. they say they've signed agreements to preserve the privacy rights of their children by keeping all court documents confidential and using a private judge. they say they will work together to reunify their family. and finally a 911 dispatcher near houston is being praised for somehow staying calm when
8:05 am
her own daughter called to report their house was on fire. take a listen. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> mommy, mommy, it's cassidy, the house is on fire. mommy, it's going to burn us all. >> all right, all right, calm down. calm down. calm down. i've already got somebody en route, okay? it's okay. >> wow. that was dispatcher layla wray's teen daughter. you even heard her crying there. she was home when the fire started on the porch. it quickly engulfed the home. it was a complete loss ultimately, but amazingly wray never panicked. she told her daughter to make sure the rest of the family was safe. her boss said he is proud how wray did what she was trained to do. apparently -- this is my favorite part -- the only time she went into mom mode was when she could hear her kids fighting. she told her daughter to stop bickering with her brother. pretty amazing stuff. what a remarkable woman. >> she used a little colorful language. >> i left out the expletive. i might have done the same. >> she got her point across. >> there are occasions where
8:06 am
it's a-okay. >> yes. but how would that be, i know, to get a call from your own home from your daughter? >> she handled it well. how about some news that goes "pop." >> all right. good morning, robin. good morning, everybody. and we're going to begin with award season moving along right now, and the british academy awards have just announced their nominations late last night for the bafta awards. that's their version of the oscars and it looks like "la la land" is on a major roll. the musical is up for 11 awards including best director, best film, best actor and best actress. the news coming two days after a record seven golden globes, the film winning every single category in which it was nominated. both "arrival" and "nocturnal animals" are also up there, nominated for nine bafta awards. "manchester by the sea" up for six. even still i yesterday said from the globes, get ready for a "la la land" slide this award season. >> looks like it will be the case. >> yeah. >> have you seen it? >> i want to see it.
8:07 am
how many in the audience, have you seen "la la land"? >> have you all seen it? [ applause ] not yet? it's really -- it's special. it's unique. there's nothing like it out there. >> it's on my list. on my list. >> all right. all right. i'll fill you in. it's fabulous. also, in music news this morning, it's been 30 years since u2 released their number one album, "the joshua tree," and in celebration of that, the band hitting the road for a worldwide stadium tour. fans of the hit record will have a chance to see u2 play each and every song on that album from start to finish. who here loved "joshua tree"? [ cheers and applause ] i mean, when i first had my -- you know, when you're first able to drink at 21 years old, there was a -- yes, at 21, not 18. at 21 there was a bar, and they would play -- they had it in the jukebox, and that was like my go to hit, that anthem. i still haven't found what i'm looking for. but now with you, i have. >> well, you know, i'm hearing that and i'm thinking, that's 30 years ago.
8:08 am
>> i know. >> it goes to show when you have great music, it's absolutely timeless. absolutely. >> stands out. >> well, and you're going to be able to see it live and in action. the band is also promising an amazing roster of supporting acts including mumford and son, one republic and the lumineers and the "joshua tree" tour 2017 is kicking off in vancouver may 12th and north american tickets go on sale january 17th. that's coming right up. >> still, one of my favorite -- [ applause ] yeah. one of my favorite all-time mornings here when they were at fordham university. we were out there with u2. it was -- it was amazing. >> yeah. >> just a terrific band, and he's a great guy. so giving in spirit. and then finally, casey affleck had a huge night at the golden globes taking home the award for best actor for his role in "manchester by the sea." but turns out casey forgot to thank one important person, his big brother ben, so ben was on "jimmy kimmel" last night when the host pointed out the snub and ben responded as any sibling
8:09 am
would do by revealing childhood secrets about his brother. take a look. >> this would be the very first time someone would win an oscar who didn't brush his teeth from ages 10 to 14. this would be the very first person to win an academy award who once asked his brother if "back to the future" was a true story. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> i love siblings. nobody can get you like a sibling. >> ouch. no one. >> yep, but not to worry, ben, casey does have another chance to show his gratitude if he wins that bafta award and that is "pop news," everybody. >> thank you, lara. >> thank you, lara. [ applause ] coming up, you know, this is the great debate. how much should you exercise? there's a so-called magic number. how much exercise do you really need? dr. ashton is here with that magic number of minutes. >> counting down. and as bachelor nick tries to find true love, one of our favorite bachelorettes, emily maynard, she's going to open up about where her life is now. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
8:10 am
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we are back now with that new exercise study revealing how much we really need to exercise, we need to do to see a benefit and dr. jennifer ashton is back with us, and, doctor, everybody is waiting for this. tell us about this study. >> i feel like it's the academy awards, and here is the winner. this is the actual study, so let me set this up for you. it's long been recommended that we need to do 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise a week to stay healthy which means to avoid certain untoward health outcomes that we're all trying to avoid like death, which, you know, no one gets out of life alive but death, cancer, heart disease. this study right here actually looked at the weekend warrior
8:15 am
group and those doing the, let's say, three to five times a week and good news for the weekend warrior, michael. >> they're hanging in there? >> they're hanging in there. everyone saw a benefit in what we call all cause mortality, so that means death from everything from cancer to heart disease. even if you just get your sweat on on the weekends, so weekend warriors, rejoice. >> i always wonder am i working out too much. am i not working out enough? is there an exact -- >> you to get these guns? >> well, you know. [ laughter ] you made me blush. you can't see it at home, but i really am blushing right now, but how -- so you can be a weekend workout warrior so you can go during the week or during the weekend. maybe 30 minutes during the week and the weekend you go harder. >> this is so difficult for so many people because so many people hate exercising because, "a," they might not see a benefit or a result as quickly as they would like. but we have to remember that there are other reasons to exercise. some people, i mean for me it's
8:16 am
like i would be on a lot of, you know, bad things if i didn't get my stress release from -- >> but is exercise like walking, is that considered -- >> it could be walking vigorously and, by the way, you don't have to get all that time in in one session like you mentioned. you can get it in in various parts of the day or week but, look, i'll temper the good news with this here because in my medical opinion, just, again, mind and body, more is better. >> yeah. >> i really do believe that. i always say your body needs three things every day, it needs fuel, it needs rest, and it needs to move and that newton's law a body in rest stays in rest and a body in motion stays in motion. we want to stay in motion. >> but the hardest thing to do for a lot of people is get started. do you agree with that? it's one of the hardest things to do. do you have any suggestions? >> here's my tip. okay, number one, you have to like it, right? if you don't like it, it's never going to be sustainable. so, find something you actually like doing. if it involves any kind of movement, you're going to be
8:17 am
getting some benefit. and then group fitness classes, they're so hot right now for a reason. misery loves company. so you're all suffering together. it tends to go by faster. >> i tell you what, when we get done you and i will walk around the studio to get exercise. coming up -- thank you, doc. we have an exclusive with one of our favorite bachelorettes, emily maynard. we'll find out what her life is like now. [ applause ] ♪ like now. [ applause ]
8:18 am
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all right. back here on "good morning america," i'm putting on my glove and this poor thing right here, she's got just a coat draped over. we'll get you inside. gabrielle union is here, everybody. yes, she is. i love this because the cameras all over here. they thought, are they for me? then you came. >> i love it. i love it. >> "being mary jane," fourth season coming out. >> yes. >> i mean, at this point morning tv is like your gig. >> i'm learning. i'm learning. it's a different animal altogether, and you have to be so polite and nice and perky. how do you do it? >> oh, no, you do it well as a character. big season ahead. is there any sneak peek that you can tell these lovely people that waited out in the cold? >> well, right after our president's farewell speech, it goes pretty close into a sex scene.
8:22 am
>> okay, so be ready for that. >> way to kick off the new administration, you know. >> we're very much looking forward to it and so much more fun with you ahead but we also have that exclusive with former bachelorette emily maynard. but first how about i let you do this because mary jane would totally do this well. just take a look. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. we have light showers this morning, embedded moderate showers. more moderate showers at noon. moderate and heavy showers from 4:00 to 9:00. even thunderstorms are possible. we're going to see stream and creek flooding, ponding on the roadways. hydroplaning will be an issue. winds will be gusty. we could have more power outages. this is moderate storm. light rain is possible wednesday and thursday. finy dry friday. be careful out there. it is time now for that "bachelor" bombshell. you all are big "bachelor" fans back there. all right. did you see this last night? even before the rose ceremony,
8:23 am
nick said bye. he said bye. he said good-bye to one of them and -- >> he did, indeed. >> and now america's favorite bachelorette emily maynard is revealing what life is like after the show. diane, you had time to spend some time with her in north carolina. >> i did and it was so nice. it's been nearly five years since we all fell in love with emily maynard on first "the bachelor" and then, of course, "the bachelorette." but she has a new reality, two children under 2 years old. she says it's not very easy but it is very fun and i got to catch up with her and her quickly growing family in their new home in charlotte. >> it is crazy at our house all the time, but it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: it's been a whirlwind year for emily maynard johnson, welcoming a new baby and new home all within three months. >> gibson was about a month old when we moved. and he didn't have a room. i didn't have anything. but we're here now, and we absolutely love it. >> i'm emily. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: we first met her on season 15 of "the bachelor" looking for love after losing her fiance in a plane crash.
8:24 am
she then went on to season 8 of "the bachelorette" and both series ended with an engagement. >> please make me happier than i've ever been in my life and marry me. >> reporter: but publicly fell apart sending emily back to church where she reconnected with tyler. the couple married in 2014 and recently welcomed their second baby boy gibson just 14 months behind their first son jennings. >> i got pregnant when jennings was 6 months old, and i was like, i don't have this thing figured out at all. >> reporter: adding to the challenge, emily struggled with horrible morning sickness. >> i finally got put on this medicine call diclegis, and it like changed my life. >> reporter: she's now a paid spokesperson for the drug but credits tyler and her 11-year-old daughter ricki with getting her through the rough pregnancy by being so helpful. something we saw firsthand while making onesies for baby gibson. but with this beautiful new home, many fans are now wondering if any more babies are on the horizon. >> tyler wants a lot more. he comes from a really big family. >> a lot more? >> just for my own sanity i would like to wait a little longer than i did this past
8:25 am
time. >> reporter: in the meantime, emily still loves watching "the bachelor" and has just one piece of advice for nick viall. >> i always say that i should not give anybody any bachelor/bachelorette tips. just have fun. >> reporter: it's something she also tries to follow in her new reality. >> whenever i'm in the car and both babies start trying, now i just kind of laugh about it. just give yourself lots of grace. >> oh, my. >> give yourself lots of grace. [ applause ] good advice for any parent. i also got to catch up with emily's daughter ricki, who says she loves her little brothers but she also loves having her own room downstairs away from everybody else. >> it's wonderful to see that she's living happily ever after. >> she is, indeed. >> thank you, diane. gabrielle union is going to join us live when we come back. come on back. going to join us live when we come back. come on back.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, to you, it was a busy morning on the roads, let's get over to alexis smith with a check of condition. >> you might as well stretc it out for the entire day. we have nasty conditions. high wind advisory has been issued for golden gate bridge, then we had an advisory for bay bridge and martin bridge for most of the morning. ugly drive times. northbound 101 in the south bay, 35 minutes towards the san jose airport. northbound 280, 23 minutes. just stay inside if you can. >> right, work from home. thanks so
8:28 am
8:29 am
this is the place where star wars lives. move along. come join us...during season of the force. now at disneyland resort. (from x-wing) hyperspace! good morning, we still have a lot of light rain showing up on live doppler radar unfortunately it's going to increase through the evening hours with moderate to heavy rain. you can see the light rain coming upstream. here are my biggest concerns, stream and creek flooding, hydroplaning and river flooding. flash flooding which happens
8:30 am
quickly. we're going to see more damage than you would normally see. >> because the ground's so saturated. we'll have ♪e'll have [ applause ] before we start, can we give a proper welcome back to michael strahan? >> yes. >> welcome back. >> thank you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] you know, it feels good to be back. i missed you guys so much. i did watch when i was on vacation and saw you even though you couldn't see me. one thing you do miss is you do miss the incredible energy of our audience. so thank you, guys, so much. [ applause ] >> wonderful to have you back and, you know, for your return we thought we'd get a very special guest. somebody that we enjoy having at the table with us. bring it on now, she stars in
8:31 am
her hit show "being mary jane." she's got this new movie coming out. can't wait to talk to her about with jamie foxx. please welcome gabrielle union. [ cheers and applause ] bring it on. >> thank you. >> good to see you. thanks for being here. how are you? >> hello. >> how are you? >> oh, mwah, good to see you. >> yes, yes. >> so, welcome. >> welcome. >> so beautiful. so talented. so sweet. love that. >> really my mother called you this morning and said, just give her compliments. it'll get her going. >> she'll stay. >> we'll start out big night for president obama tonight. he is giving his farewell address but, you know, he's got about ten days lift. already got his first public job offer. it comes from spotify. they are looking for a president of playlists, and here's what they want. here's what they want.
8:32 am
they're looking for someone who has at least eight years experience running a highly regarded nation. >> okay. >> he can handle that. what you have to do, analyze data and performance of playlists in a clear and transparent manner using all available intelligence. >> he has it. >> and, you know, if you happen to have kendrick lamar play at your parties, it works too. so here's the question. if you were president of playlists, what kind of things would you put together for, and i know you got one, michael, getting up in the morning. >> bill withers' "lovely day." that's my favorite. >> nice. ♪ wake up in the morning yeah, that gets me going. >> i hear that. i love that. >> road trip, i would do "24 karat" by -- ♪ >> oh. >> yeah. >> playlist. >> there we go. >> that's it. that's it. >> love bruno. how about you? what would you add to the playlist? >> i'm a big bon jovi guy. [ applause ] >> serenading you, you and your cool friends. >> gabrielle, you fly around a
8:33 am
lot. you're everywhere. because you're so busy. when you're on the airplane what's your playlist? >> well, i'm obsessed with bruno mars right now, like obsessed. [ applause ] >> he's got good energy. >> beyonce at any time is never a bad thing. but the "hamilton" mix tape. >> oh! no, you didn't. >> honey, that "hamilton" mix tape is everything. the ashanti/ja rule "helpless." stop it. stop it, stop it. >> even the jimmy fallon with -- is amazing on that. it is one of the best -- >> i'm obsessed. >> -- soundtracks. the whole thing. >> who knew? [ laughter ] >> if you guys are not hip to it -- >> yeah. >> download it right now. it will change your life. >> it will. it will. >> all right, so -- >> go ahead. >> but i want to say something. sometimes there are songs you hear and remind you something. when i'm cooking i put on this song and i think of george and ali. play it right now. ♪ talk about moving in
8:34 am
>> remember this? remember way back when you told me that this was the song that -- >> this was on one of our first dates. i liked it too. she thought it was the cheesiest thing in the world, but she still married me. >> i know, but every time i hear that song, i think of george and ali. >> i haven't heard it in a long time. >> who sings that -- >> dan fields. >> it is a goody. ♪ i'm not talking about moving in ♪ >> from now on i'll think about george and ali. ♪ i'm not talking about moving in ♪ >> that's one of those songs, i'm not talking about -- >> and i don't want to change your life. there's a cool, smooth wind blowing. the stars are out and i just really want to see you tonight. all right. >> see you later, girl. >> okay. >> all right. let's change topics quickly. so, do you guys find it hard to say no when your friends' kids try to sell you cookies or wrapping paper or your friends have makeup lines or skin care lines? does it happen to you guys where
8:35 am
you get invited? well, i don't actually. i am one of the people -- i just feel badly. i buy the girl scout cookies and they sit in my cabinet until i have a weak moment. but there's an article that we want to share with you guys where an etiquette expert talked about -- darn it. where is it? i was so organized. this etiquette expert talks about what do you do? what's the right thing to do and the answer is, you do not have to feel obligated. it's just a very -- you do not. >> easier than to look somebody in the eye and say no, i don't want it. >> no. come on. >> that's -- i know. >> but even though it's not feeling obligated. you want to help out. >> how many of us have felt obligated and bought the cookies? >> oh, yeah. [ applause ] >> i look for those kids. i'm like -- >> round them up. >> right. >> it's the julie line. >> yes. >> the jewelry line where you're like -- >> but thin mints. >> thin mints all day.
8:36 am
>> it's very good. i would like to say i -- >> we've been there. >> but if it was my kids you might not think so, i don't know. jewelry. >> your kids, i would have to buy their jewelry. >> bring it on, kids. >> i don't know. i think it's one of those social sort of conundrums. >> how do you get out of it? >> so, what you do if you really don't like the product that your friends are selling, like i mean a lot of women do to make extra money sell skin care or makeup. or whatever. if you don't need it or you don't want it but you feel uncomfortable, the suggestion is, you know, can i make a donation and, you know, to just offer -- which i'll take a skin care product then. >> if i'm going to shell out the money -- >> help the business. >> i know. that's why i said to my producer there are no real answers here and she said, no, but it's good food for thought, so there you have it. we've answered nothing. have a great day. [ laughter and applause ] >> let's get some answers now from gabrielle. how do you love being in chicago? you and dwyane wade. >> my gosh, i'm from the midwest.
8:37 am
he's from chicago. >> can we give the back story? he just got traded in case you didn't know. >> he was a free agent so he was like where can i go? >> sorry. there's a difference? >> oh, yeah. >> sorry. >> traded is like -- >> no trade. dwyane, sorry. >> he chose to go back to chicago. >> he chose. >> but he's from -- he's from miami -- >> he's from chicago, originally from robbins, illinois, south side of chicago. played all 13 years in miami and then, you know, free agent this summer and decided to go back home and to play in front of his mom and -- >> ah, i love that. >> and his family. >> i know. >> did you treat yourself to a great pair of winter boots? >> i treated -- i treat myself to food. chicago has some of the best restaurants. >> oh, that's great. >> so, none of that hollywood diet for me in chicago. i'm just inhaling things. if you see me, don't talk to me. wave from across the way because i'm inhaling things but we love it. we love it. >> that's fantastic. >> the kids have already settled in really nicely and, you know, they're playing high school
8:38 am
basketball, and everybody is, you know, doing really well. the weather is a little bit of a challenge. >> dwyane playing basketball. the kids are playing basketball. but, you know, to be able to -- transformation tuesday here. check out the throwback photo of you -- >> bring it. >> yeah, look at that. 23. >> 23. i'm m.j. >> yeah, you're m.j. >> i didn't know you played. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> i did too. >> i was a jock. i did like year-round sports, basketball, softball, soccer, track. but can we -- what was happening? >> i think you're adorable. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh. >> oh! >> yeah, that was in my power station duran duran days. i had bleached -- we can't really tell with the photo, but i had dumped my bangs in a bowl of peroxide then sat out in the sun. wouldn't recommend it, kids, but it was bright red and, yeah. clearly i cut one side myself because it's a little shorter than the other. >> but everything worked out for you. >> it worked out. got the braces off and the wigs came on.
8:39 am
it's new day. >> i didn't -- [ applause ] i didn't mean it that way. i mean just everything that's coming your way with -- i mean, "mary jane" for the fourth season. >> yeah. >> and i mean that's just -- come on, "being mary jane" and you play a morning show, so does this kind of bring back, you know, being on the show. >> mary jane hasn't made it to the anchor desk yet. >> she's working on it. she's working on it. >> she's working on it. she's scheming on getting there. but, no, she's starting over. she got fired from her last job and she's, you know, pushing 40 and having to start over. so she's low man on the totem pole, and she is completely humbled and she's got to fight her way back up. >> i tell you what, i watched the show and i'm like, ooh, dwyane wade going to be mad at you for that scene but it's such -- you're excellent in this show. you really are. and we're going to take a look at you in action. let's check it out, gabrielle union. >> so, is it really your birthday, lee, or did you just want to be on camera. >> suddenly feels like my birthday standing here with you. >> oh.
8:40 am
>> how old are you turning -- >> too well to know anything about your surprise hip-hop act but i'm going to stick around and listen. >> oh, my goodness. how adorable is he? >> so, to all of our birthday boys and girls here and out there, happy birthday. [ cheers and applause ] >> that pause. >> i know. >> i'm learning. i watch. i watch a lot of morning news now, and i have to work on my perkiness because it's not a natural thing and the pauses. >> especially at this hour. >> yeah. >> and you have the movie "sleepless" coming out with jamie foxx. >> yeah. >> and it looks like a serious movie, but he's always such a jokester. how was it on set with him? >> jamie -- it's nonstop. it's nonstop. it's a stand-up show, but we're both, you know, huge sports fans so we talk a lot of sports. we talk a lot of smack. >> i bet you do. >> but, you know, it kind of comes second nature for me. >> it looks so good, though. >> we had a ball. his impersonation of lebron is -- >> does he have one of your husband? >> oh, yeah, yeah. i don't think it's as good as his impersonation of lebron,
8:41 am
but, yeah. i don't think my husband would find it as amusing as i do. [ laughter ] >> well, you know, we're so happy you came and joined us. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you for coming on. >> "being mary jane" returns to b.e.t. tonight. don't miss it, and "sleepless" hits theaters on friday. make sure you check that out, as well. coming up, erin andrews is here with her top two moves to get in shape. we'll be right back on "gma."
8:42 am
it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
8:44 am
and back here on "good morning america," hold on. straighten my legs and then pull, right? >> shoot forward. >> lean forward. that's right. we're getting some rowing tips -- rowing tips. >> rowing tips. >> and obviously i'm going to go super fa good morning, we are on storm watch once again. stream and creek flooding, hire probability. same thing with power outages and river flooding today. moderate storm, two on our storm impact se this weather brought to you by t-mobile. oh, yeah, working up a sweat, michael. >> all right. keep it up, ginger. we're going to come over to you in a second, but my friend and fellow sportscaster is here, erin andrews. >> that's right. >> we worked together and now
8:45 am
we'll work out together kind of sort of. i'll talk it out. >> you're a little overdressed. >> a little bit. >> you're the spokesperson for orange theory fitness and she brought along orange theory fitness coach rachel phoenix, the coach, to teach us a few moves. we'll talk to rachel in just a few minutes. congratulations are in order. you got engaged. >> finally. >> finally. >> i'm already 100 years old so it was nice he did that before i -- i'm one foot in the grave. >> your fiance, jared, how did he propose? >> well, i am a huge disney world/disneyland girl. i feel like i'm a princess, no, i'm kidding. we went there for christmas to see the christmas decorations, and we had a lovely dinner there, and he did it right there at dinner at disneyland, yes. >> got on his knee. >> got on the knee, and then i'm going to cry, and then we went and saw the fireworks. >> ah. >> and i was bawling like a child so -- >> you know what, you found your prince charming. >> i did, yep. >> and you've been around sports your entire life. >> yes. >> you are in incredible shape,
8:46 am
but why does orange theory stand out to you? >> well, first of all, i am home maybe two to three days a week and then, you know, off to dallas this weekend to do green bay/cowboys. we're in san francisco, new york, all over the place and the best thing for me is orange theory. they have over 550 locations in the united states, so it works for anyone that wants to travel, right, yes. it gets my cardio in. it gets my strength in, and, yeah, we're in a group setting, but you're really going up against yourself because as rachel will explain, it's all about heart rate technology. you try to outdo yourself every single time so you don't have to be insecure about other people, right, rachel? >> yes. >> in the class setting. >> it's a circuit-based workout so what are you going to demonstrate? what are you going to show? >> oh, dear. >> yes. so we actually -- we actually do high intensity training. so she is going to show us some of our floor training so we'll do these. >> yep. >> kick that booty back. >> sure. >> here we go. come on, stra. >> fire up that lower body.
8:47 am
>> okay. >> the thing we love about squats is extra weight on top really engages that core and now we're going to be -- >> engaging. >> engaging. hold up. now we'll switch it up to shoulder press. >> switch it up. what is this one? >> i put deodorant on. >> this is a great start to the day. >> thank you. >> so we'll really focus on your range of mobility and strength and it's for anyone trying to get beautiful lines in the beginning of the new year right around your shoulder so really this is just kind of a small portion of what we do here. >> i need to go back to the squats. >> go back to the squats. >> feel the burn, erin. feel the burn. now we got mara and ginger over here working. >> come on, ginger. >> i notice that they're working but all of this shows up on the monitor, the heart rate. >> yep. >> so, again, we do a high intensity interval training, everyone wears a heart monitoring system which is over there. ginger and mara's heart rate on the screen over there. you see mara on the tread here. this is where we're trying to elevate that heart rate. so you get that after burn where you can really burn up to 36
8:48 am
hours after your workout on the tread. you can choose power walker, jogger, runner. this is what i love about orange theory. it's for every fitness level. whether you're starting from a couch potato, fitness enthusiast like mara or a professional athlete like yourself. >> i'm not a runner, i'm a walker. i do it all on incline so gets your bum-bum and your thighs so don't be intimidated with the running situation. i am a full on walker. it's just as good. >> your incline. >> what about ginger? one thing i love to row. >> you do? >> i love to row. >> why? >> because it's a power driven movement. it's all legs here so this is what we call our ultimate calorie burner. these two things are what sets orange theory apart in the fitness industry. >> you know what, it's working for erin andrews, i tell you that. >> good job. >> congratulations, thank you. mwah. congratulations. thank you very much. >> yeah, ginger. >> ginger, mara. congratulations. thank you. everybody, stay right there. we'll come back and we have the
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
we're back now with our new series "be a vet for your pet." and this morning we're making your pet's divide et healthier. joining us now is veterinarian, dr. jeff werber, who is also a spokesperson for our sponsor iams. thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> we want our animals to eat healthy. what should we be looking for on the labels of their food? >> first of all, dogs and cats need balanced nutrition to be healthy, and so you are looking for diets that are 100% nutritionally complete. >> of course. >> and one of the key ingredients usually the first, second and third should be protein. iams has found that protein from animal sources is really the best way to get that protein. good for immune system, good for heart, lungs, et cetera. good for energy, vitality, exercise, and with cats, by the way, cats since they are carnivores, cats need to eat
8:52 am
meat so, therefore, it's very important to have this animal sourced protein, beef, chicken, eggs, fish with -- in the case of cats and ideally about 70% of the protein should come from these animal sources. >> all right. >> another thing, good food is good but too much could lead to obesity, so, of course, be careful. >> just like humans so we're debunking some common myths and we're going to get our audience involved. we have lots of pet lovers in the audience. and we asked you guys to hold up some paddles for us. true or false, human food is bad for your pet. is that true or false? >> i love the fact that we have both because there is -- first of all, it's very difficult when you think of the 40 plus nutrients that go into a balanced diet, to make that at home is very tough. plus, there are certain things here i just have to show, raw onions and garlic potentially toxic, grapes and raisins, toxic, avocados too much fat and also peanut butter especially in it's sugarless peanut butter used a natural
8:53 am
sweetener that's called xylitol that is very dangerous so avoid xylitol. >> peanut butter -- >> a little bit if you want to use to help give a pill but sugarless peanut butter, anything with xylitol, sugarless mints or gum are dangerous for our pets. >> treats quickly. >> february is pet dental health month, so we have to be very careful. ideally the best way to control is brush pets' teeth. doesn't always happen, trust me, it doesn't. i have a lot of them. i don't even do it, so look for treats like dentastix or the greenies, things like that. cat treats, as well. iams has one for cats and their dental health. >> dental treats for our pets. these are available at the humane society of new york. and we'll be right back. "gma's" "be a vet for your "gma's" "be a vet for your pet" is brought to you buy "gma's" "be a vet for your pet" is brought to you buy afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
♪ ginger is back from her workout. all of these kitties and dogs can be adopted. all in. >> wonderful.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning to you. are you feeling soggy after the last few days? not letting up. >> umbrellas and patience that's what you need for the next 12-13 hours. we have a few moderate showers around walnut creak and parts of the east bay. it will become moderate to heavy during the evening hours. more ponding, flooding pour outages possible. >> it's a mess on the roads as well. we've got a handful of incidents, actually, about 48 to be exact on the boards right now. and just red everywhere you look. a new crash northbound 101. expect delays and very soggy.
9:00 am
san sanmitato bridge. >> b safe out there, thank you. we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for the abc 7 midday news. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today from the film "patriots day," kevin bacon. and star of the series "star," queen latifah. find out if you're perfect said could when you a trip to hollywood. you can learn more about our big after oscars show. plus, after jerry o'connell is here for another day at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell! [cheering and applauding]


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