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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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creek now in danger of reaching flood stage and inundating the downtown area. tonight businesses are taking precautions. >> in sonoma county, heavy machinery is moving in to help bay area towns just inupdated with floodwater. >> in larkspur, cars are going nowhere as they it in several feet of water. and mud is falling and closing roads. it is a very busy day with the weather. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. of course abc 7 news reporters are all over the bay area but first let's get to meteorologist sandhya patel for what's happening right now on live doppler 7. >> yeah, it's an active scene on live doppler 7. take a look for yourself. we are seeing some pockets of heavy rain coming down. take a look as we go into street level radar in the north bay. river road between guerneville and santa rosa, windsor area, we are seeing pockets of moderate rain, healdsburg as well. we are under a flash flood warning for parts of the north
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bay. you can see the areas shaded in green through this evening, so watch out, flash flooding is occurring or could occur soon. in the south bay we have spotty showers from san jose to cupertino. a flash floored warning for the santa clara area until 6:30 tonight. in the santa cruz mountains the rain is easing up but not for long as you take a look. in san francisco, we are seeing heavier downpours right around the sunset, between the sunset and marina districts. in the east bay, morago, you're getting the heavy wind there. as we look at the flash flood watch, it's for the north bay, parts of the coastline and into the santa cruz mountains until tomorrow morning. so we're not out of the woods yet. from our santa cruz camera, raindrops dotting the lens. winds are howling, gusting to 43 miles an hour at sfo. on the storm impact scale, this is a 2. brief downpours and flooding. isolated thunder is possible with gusty winds, trees and
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power lines could go down. the napa river is expected to crest tonight at 8:00 p.m. at 19 feet. moderate flooding expected there, napa river at napa, it is expected to come up slightly above flood stage tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m. a you take a look here, the russian river at guerneville, another one where we could see moderate flooding. it is expected to crest about 38.3 feet, well above flood stage tomorrow night. hour-by-hour look at how long this rain will last coming right up. >> of course you can track today's storm with live doppler 7. just download the abc 7 news app and be sure to enable push alerts to get advisories sent straight to your phone or tablet. well, the heavy rain today is causing big problems for people in guerneville, especially one neighborhood near downtown where water from an overflowing creek has just been rising all day. >> laura anthony joins us live from the scene. laura? >> reporter: hi, kristen. well, it is pouring here. it has been pouring all day. i'm just a couple of blocks off
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the main drag here in guerneville. let's take a look at this. this is the neighborhood that's been watching the water rise all day, probably up about two feet since we have been here. the russian river itself is doing pretty well, it's actually down a little bit from yesterday, but this is from the creek, five creek, causing trouble for folks here all day. despite the pleas of her children, 83-year-old evie martinelli did not want to leave her trailer home until she had to as the floodwaters prompted the russian river fire department to go in and get her. >> i was about to go in, swim in there and get her out. yeah, because i swim and she comes behind me. so i didn't know what i was going to do. >> she wasn't going to leave? >> no. she wanted to stay in there and sit on the counter. i said you're insane. i said you need to come out. >> reporter: as the rain pounded
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guerneville, the flooding began. in this neighborhood just a couple of blocks from downtown where five creek overflowed its banks. >> it's not very good. everything is going down. people have their kayaks set up. power just shut off. >> reporter: this man was using a canoe to ferry groceries. >> how is it back there? >> we flood -- we're underwater like five, six foot. >> reporter: on watson road, the same creek inundated the roadway and though some higher trucks could get through, the blue honda suv only made it so far. and the living with the possibility of flooding is a way of life for many here, it hasn't happened like this in a while. >> this is right around the time where it separates the men from the boys out here right now. >> reporter: and we're back live here. you can see the power is on right now, some christmas lights just off there down the road. power has been off and on all
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day. you can see also that many of those homes are built up higher. they're up on stilts. obviously planning for just this sort of occasion. but some of these homes are not quite as high. i'm told by local officials that this water likely as the river crests tomorrow afternoo, this water will probably go up another five feet. live in guerneville, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> all right, laura, thanks very much. it was raining pretty hard this morning when a truck just veered off a freeway in pleasant hill and slammed into a vacant house. that driver was killed. >> investigators want to know if he had some kind of medical emergency perhaps. this happened along contra costa boulevard next to interstate 680. >> the truck clipped at least two other vehicles before crashing through a fence around 9:00 this morning. nobody else was hurt. pg&e crews worked next to the nimitz freeway after electrical wires fell across the interstate 880 in oakland and shut down the freeway for a while. a truck driving on city streets
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hit a power pole about 12:20. that knocked down the wire onto 880. the wire also sparked a small debris fire, but firefighters were able to put it out quickly. in danville, an old oak tree came crashing through a home causing serious damage. it happened on alameda dihablo this afternoon. >> there are some amazing pictures. >> reporter: dan, it's interesting because real estate agents brag about the fact that these homes are nestled in heritage oaks. i look around me and there are so many of these old oak trees around here, so it's not surprising that this happened this afternoon. at around 1:00 this afternoon, the owners of this home in danville heard what sounded like thunder. the entire home shook when this oak tree came crashing down on their house. >> i thought at first it was thunder. really it sounded like thunder. at that point we were in the kitchen. then you could see stuff coming
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through the ceiling. >> so how's the house? >> a mess. >> reporter: the family was not hurt. there were two cars inside the garage, a truck parked outside was crushed by the weight of the limbs. a golf cart was also damaged. the tree now resembles a spider's web. part of the home was so damaged that water is now leaking into the living area. the building department was called to the site, so was pg&e. a crew was trying to turn the gas off to the home. the tree belonging to the next-door neighbor. it's a heritage oak measuring about 40 feet. it's believed a combination of the soaked ground and gusting winds caused the tree to topple. steve hayden says he's glad his family wasn't hurt. >> that's all that matters. that's all that matters. all is good. >> reporter: i'm glad they're okay. now, there are also private bridges in this neighborhood right over this creek which i can assure you has not seen that
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much water in probably years. now, the neighbors around here are not in any danger of flooding because their homes are so high up, but take a look, it looks so intimidating and dramatic. i'm live, abc 7 news, lyanne melendez in danville. >> thank you. several trees came crashing down in rossmore taking out power lines and traffic signals. the intersection will remain closed for obvious reasons for the next few hours as all that debris is cleaned up. no one was hurt. the lexington reservoir in los gatos is full and spilling over. the santa clara valley water district says it hasn't looked like this since 2011. well, quite a scene in santa clara county as well. this is uvas creek running over its banks because the reservoir upstream is now over capacity forcing officials to release water. the city has put in temporary
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barricades to protect homes in the area. two other reservoirs were forced to release water today after reaching full capacity. >> and the santa cruz mountains, there are high rivers and roads blocked by slides. the areas are also dealing with minor flooding and toppled trees. >> let's check in with vic lee live in felton with conditions there. vic, how's it look? >> reporter: well, dan, so far so good. i'm standing by the historic landmark, the covered bridge here in felton. beneath me the swollen san lorenzo river. now, we've got a break in the weather, but we've had occasional rain all day here in the mountains. photographer clyde powell and i, we drove around the mountains all day today and we saw a lot of road closures of course covered by the storms as well as a lot of anxious residents. in felton on highway 9, crews worked on removing trees which
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had toppled blocking the roadway. clearing the massive slide on highway 17 took priority then. today, the tired crews shifted their attention here. scattered along bear creek road in the santa cruz mountains were smaller slides and toppled trees. near boulder creek, the two-lane road was blocked, a culvert collapsed sunday night, sending part of one lane crashing down the mountain. steve richmond has lived up here with his horses for 42 years. across the street, henry cowell state park where the water was fast and furious. richmond never takes the river for granted. >> you can say, oh, it's not a problem. but i've seen water move some hills. >> reporter: he remembers the river in the winter of 1982. >> it was 14 feet deep. and there was a body found there the next day after the floods. >> reporter: kevin hamm walked along the river looking concerned. >> the accumulated rain has
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caused the river to come up over this bridge here higher than i've ever seen. >> reporter: hamm has had enough of storms. vic lee, abc 7 news. well, parts of the sierra are under avalanche warnings because of intense snowfall and dangerous weather conditions there. >> look at the whiteout conditions in this video from squaw valley alpine meadows. they were closed for the day, just too dangerous because of too much snow, right? many other resorts also closed today. well, the sierra avalanche center has issued an avalanche warning through tomorrow morning. they say there is a high avalanche danger for all elevations. and you're looking at proof that anyone can get stuck in the snow falling in the sierra. the highway patrol's truckee area office shared this video on facebook after a patrol vehicle became snowbound there. caltrans used a big machine called a grader to chisel a path for the highway patrol's suv. >> wow. we're going to take you to marin county next where intersections become lakes and streets turned into rivers.
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that's just ahead. public works crews are out in san francisco after a large tree takes out a car and an apartment building. trouble everywhere. too much water is also a problem in sonoma county and all of this is before the heart of the storm that's hitting right now. >> here's a live look at live doppler 7. you can see a lot of green, a lot of precipitation coming
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in marin county, floodwaters have swamped streets and seeped into front yards making homeowners very nervous. >> melanie woodrow is live from sea wolf passage to show you exactly what's happening there. >> reporter: well, things are somewhat dry now, but earlier this morning when we were standing here, we were pretty much wading in water. neighbors here telling me that flooding hasn't been this bad in this area since 1997. this was the rushing san anselmo
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creek near drake high school in marin county today, running fast and furious. >> a lot of rain, a lot of high tides, low barometric pressure. >> reporter: residents were feeling the impact. seawolf passage wasn't passable for much of the morning. >> i was thinking i could have had a truck. >> reporter: several blocks in this neighborhood were flooded. >> i have learned over the years. >> reporter: this homeowner recalls high-profile vehicles plowing through at high speeds. >> they thought it was fun. >> reporter: pushing water up his driveway. >> you can see where the water mark hit right here. >> reporter: and into his garage. >> i should have learned a little better, but i was three sandbags short. >> reporter: his front door delivery is dry, but his backyard is saturated. with a temporary river separating it from his neighbors' front yards. miller avenue in mill valley also experienced flooding. the busy road was closed and quiet at one point today.
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once it was reopened, cars created quite the splash. and neighbors in this area telling me that flooding was also really bad on sunday. it's not just flooding and rain, the wind has also been really picking up here. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> thank you. wind sent a tree crashing down in front of a shopping center around lunchtime today. >> and one came down near the trader joe's market on redwood highway at 12:30. firefighters were called out to help remove some of the branches that had fallen onto the road. good news, no one was hurt. we want to thank our viewer tony for this view of crews working to clear a tree. share your pictures with us using #abc7now. wine country in sonoma county, the rain and wind knocking out power, flooding roads and tearing down trees. >> sergio has been driving all
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over and will join us to talk about what's happening there. sergio. >> reporter: just as you started speaking to me, we started getting pelted by the rain. i should tell people that they need to be aware of all creeks and rivers in sonoma county because we are currently under a flash flood watch. just to give you an example, there is a river that usually runs several yards that direction, but this is where the water from that river has gone so far, really close to this street. in fact so close, actually not even close, it's already gone across the street down there. that's where the police have just shut this road down. in downtown sebastopol, some streets were left in the dark. >> today it's just been raining. it's more the wind than the rain. i have no idea why the power went out. >> reporter: without power, she called it a day. >> if anybody is out, i suggest they go home. that's what we're doing, we're
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just going home. >> reporter: this storm has caused problems all over sonoma county. near healdsburg, highway 128 was shut down because of a series of mudslides along the road. crews have been kept busy setting up flooded signs. we saw some drivers that tried to cross carefully instead of turning around and driving for miles. in petaluma the river crept right up to the banks. you can see how high it is at the d street bridge. this is a look at the same depth marker on the bridge just last week. the river has come up several feet in just a few days. much of sonoma county will be under a flash flood watch through midnight. most people we talked to actually welcomed the rain, but the wind was another story. >> that umbrella is getting a workout. >> oh, yeah. >> pretty windy. >> very, very windy. we already have one broken umbrella. >> reporter: rain-slick roads and wind-whipped conditions continue to be a challenge.
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there were some schools closed early this afternoon because of the weather and tonight there's at least one town in this area that cancelled its town hall meeting because of the weather. >> thank you. driving wouldn't be very safe, right? >> that looks intense. well, the storm has toppled another huge day in san francisco. >> abc news was in the sunnydale area as crews worked to clear this giant tree. no one was injured. >> but the roots of the tree snapped a gas line as it lifted off the ground. that forced residents out of their homes and into the rain until pg&e was able to shut the gas off. you may be seeing more scenes like that as the ground is saturated and rain continues to fall on top of it, along with strong winds. take a look at live doppler 7. it is all lit up. we'll go in closer to where there is pockets of moderate to heavy rain between alamo and danville, 680, san ramon valley road. around oakland, piedmont,
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broadway, you can see lighter rain. as we head into the north bay, yellows an oranges here indicating some pockets of downpours there. in the north bay around napa, lighter rainfall, but still a concern around sonoma county where a flash flood warning is in effect until 6:15. they have already seen some flooding around petaluma. the road has been flooded as well. as you look at the storm reports, we have quite a few over the last 12 hours. we're talking about over 20 storm reports, coastal flooding, flash flooding. we've seen sustained winds with debris flow, mudslides and that's still not out of the question. let me take you into other parts of the bay area. burlingame to pacifica, steady light rain into belmont and san mateo. in the south bay, you're getting your share of wet roadways. coastal flood advisory until thursday at noon. high tide approximately 7 feet. that means low-lying areas could flood. look at the scene, just a beautiful one from tahoe right
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now as we take a look. it is snowing there. they have seen up to 4 feet at some of the highest elevations there at the resorts. 80 is closed across parts there heading into the mountains as visibility is very low. chain controls on 88 and 4 right now. they do have a blizzard warning in effect until noon wednesday. that includes the tahoe area, not just the west slope of the sierra. it turns into a winter storm warning at noon wednesday running until thursday at 10:00 a.m. expecting 3 to 6 feet of snow at the highest elevations. with those gusty winds, expect whiteout conditions. temperatures here in the bay area, you're in the 50s, pretty mild. on the storm impact scale, this is a moderate storm, 2. expect the brief downpours, flooding, gusty winds, trees possibly coming down and isolated thunderstorms. hour-by-hour look, 6:00, it's still going. heavy at times, maybe some thunder and 7:00 p.m. 8:00, east bay, south bay. at 11:00 p.m. still looking at pockets of heavy rain. tomorrow morning's commute
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scattered showers but could be briefly moderate at times as we continue into tomorrow late morning and into the afternoon. those showers will still be around, not as intense as today. but as we add those rainfall totals up, this additional rain could actually add to the misery and the flooding potential. high wind warning is going for gusts over 65 miles an hour in the hills until midnight tonight. we have a wind advisy until midnight for the low-lying areas. gusts could take down trees and power lines. we have a 1 coming in wednesday night to thursday morning. pockets of moderate rain adding to the potential flooding problem. 9:00 wednesday night that second batch comes in. 11:00 p.m. some brief downpours. 4:00 a.m. thursday you have scattered showers for your morning commute and then it all winds down. you'll get a chance to dry out. before then, though, tomorrow morning upper 30s to the mid-40s. still some wet roadways tomorrow afternoon, in the 50s. accuweather seven-day forecast, 1 on our storm impact scale.
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i don't know what happened there. we'll try to take you back to the seven-day forecast. 1 on our storm impact scale for tomorrow and thursday and then we will actually get a chance to dry out for your upcoming weekend. there's obviously a bug. dry for the weekend, trust me on this. you can always track this with downloading our abc 7 news app. >> we had that memorized. >> i'm sure you have. let me see if i can play it backen. >> thank you very much. san francisco's big plans for the new george lucas museum. the decision just reached on the billion dollar project. that's next. then at 5:30 on "word news with david muir" -- >> breaking news tonight. we'll go straight to the courthouse. dylann roof just sentenced to death. the showdown on capitol hill. donald trump's ag asked tough questions about race, hillary clinton. and the
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of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. in downtown oakland police rushed to 14th street and broadway when a shooting took place outside a chase bank
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branch. one person went to the hospital after being wounded about 3:30 this afternoon. witnesses heard up to a dozen shots fired. this was, again, a couple hours ago. so far police have not said if they made any arrests or what led up to this afternoon's shooting. san francisco police commission president susie loftus is stepping down. she will be leaving her post to become the sheriff's department's assistant chief legal counsel. she left the commission more than two years. in that time the department faced a federal review, instituted a new policy aimed at reducing fatal police shootings and named a new chief. she'll begin her new post later this month. well, the decision is in. george lucas' museum of narrative art will be built in los angeles, not in san francisco. today lucas chose l.a.'s exhibition park as the home for his personal collection of 40,000 paintings and drawings as well as "star wars" items. lucas will finance the project himself. here's how l.a.'s mayor reacted
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to lucas' selection just a short time ago. >> we are so pleased that this investment of more than a billion dollars which will create 1600 construction jobs and 350 permanent jobs onsite but many more with visitors who will come around the globe to see this museum, this will have a huge impact on this city. >> san francisco offered lucas a four-acre waterfront site on treasure island, but he chose to build it in l.a. coming up, the lighter side of today's storm. >> we're going to go all the way to sacramento for the story of
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i'm ama daetz. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, back on storm watch. we'll take you live to bay area neighborhoods in danger from rising rivers and creeks. plus spencer will have the updated accuweather forecast. there may be an end in sight to the rain. also before and after. we'll show you just how much local waterways have benefited
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from the recent downpours. and abc news will air president barack obama's farewell address starting at 6:00 p.m. and we plan to bring you our newscast immediately after that speech. dan, kristen. >> thanks, ama. finally tonight, neither rain nor wind nor flooding will keep firefighters from saving a cat in a tree. >> take a look very closely. the tan-colored cat ran up some trees after becoming stranded at discovery park near interstate 5 around noon today. it was spooked by the storm. fire crews in an inflatable raft hoping to bring it to safety. >> after a few minutes, they strapped a harness around that feline and lowered it down to safety on a rope. firefighters say the name of the cat, harvey. >> well, harvey has eight lives left, right? he might need it because there's more flooding to come possibly. >> world news tonight is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for sandhya patel, michael finney, all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you after world news right before the president's address at 6:00.
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>> that's right. and right now we take a live look at san francisco. you can see it is still raining, so please do drive safely. >> bye for now. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. dylann roof sentenced to death after murdering nine african-americans during a bible study. his final words to the jury. the showdown on capitol hill tonight. president-elect donald trump's pick for attorney general facing protesters and tough questions about his record on race, civil rights. about investigating hillary clinton, and about mr. trump's comments on women. the other bombshell on the hill tonight. the heads of u.s. intelligence answering questions about the russian hacking, and the fbi director is asked, are you investigating any possible ties between the russians and members of mr. trump's team? president obama returning to chicago tonight. his farewell address. and the major storm on the move at this hour. several feet of snow.


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