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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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and sky 7 was over highway 101 in san bruno a short time ago as firefighters doused a charred motor home with water. look at this. the rv is on the southbound side of the freeway near sfo. you're now looking at video shot from a passing car moments after this afternoon's fire broke out. fortunately, nobody was hurt. drivers are facing major delays at the start of this rush hour on this friday. traffic on southbound 101 is backed up into south san francisco. we will keep an eye on the traffic for now, though, good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. larry beil is on assignment at espn. two musicians are in critical condition today after they were hit by an amtrak train last night. >> it happened as the members of
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tower of power were on their way to play at yoshi's in oakland. leslie brinkley has the latest. >> reporter: that's right, ama and dan. tower of power had played ten out of the 12 shows they were scheduled to play at yoshi's when this tragic accident occurred last night. amtrak says the two musicians were not in a legitimate railroad crossing when this amtrak train came through and struck them at about 25 miles an hour. there are two train crossings by yoshi's jazz club for pedestrians and for cars. even a pedestrian bridge over the tracks. but two members of the tower of power band ran out of their hotel just before their 8:00 show was ready to start thursday night and apparently tried to jaywalk over the train tracks along with several others. a freight train passed. then they ran out and were struck by another oncoming
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amtrak train. the drummer was rushed to highland hospital with face and head injuries according to a facebook post who also said a fill-in bassist made it through surgery for internal bleeding. both are in critical condition. yoshi's cancelled their last two performances here and fans were stunned. >> i grew up listening to them and just listening to them even on the way in this morning. you know, they have had great music for decades. >> so hearing this accident -- >> it's very sad. >> at every crossing there's the bars that come down, the lights start to flash and then as the trains approach, they blow the horns. >> reporter: those who live and work down here say it's hard to imagine not noticing the warnings of an oncoming train. tower of power's merchandise manager drove off with the band's equipment this morning, saying they have not yet decided if they will cancel shows in san diego next week.
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in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. a san francisco firefighter was burned on his face this morning while battling a house fire. it happened on fulton and 12th street near golden gate park. it began around 9:00 this morning in the basement of the house. firefighters put the fire out quickly. the injured firefighter is being treated for burns to his face and ears. no one else was injured. as you know, the rain has stopped, but this week's storms certainly have left behind major problems across the bay area and beyond. in hollister, officials are doing door-to-door deliveries of bottled water because the tap water is unsafe to drink. there is concern the floodwaters have contaminated well water with sewage, pesticides or other hazardous materials. the county says it's not even safe if you boil it, and you shouldn't bathe in it or give it to your pets either. in sonoma county the floodwaters are slowly draining. the russian river is no longer swollen. it returned to its normal level overnight and is forecast to stay that way. today inspectors started
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tallying up all the damage around the county. it's expected to be in the millions of dollars. there are now six locations where residents can drop off storm debris. we have a list of those locations at check out this mess spotted by sky 7 today in the carquinez strait between martinez and benicia. that's debris pushed downstream by the recent rain floating in the waterway. it's a major hazard for ship traffic that travels to the oil refineries or up into the sacramento delta. in novato, crews are working to repair a 30-foot levee that broke. airport manager dan jensen shared this video. it's not expected to affect the runway, but there is concern it could attract birds and cause bird strikes with airplanes. it should be fixed by tonight or tomorrow. some streets in the oakland hills are still closed. a mudslide has westover drive shut down. those living there tell abc 7 news the city hasn't told them when it's going to be removed.
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nearby on shelterwood drive, the road was still closed as the pavement is giving way. no repair work was being done on that, but a tree at the site as you can see is being taken down and chipped. it is certainly nice to see the sunshine back, but we still have residual effects from this early week's rainfall that brought down trees and also a ton of moisture. live doppler 7 showing you it's clear out there right now. let's show you the picture outside. it's gorgeous. you've got nothing but sunshine there and folks enjoying the nice finish to the week. however, locally we still have a flood warning in effect for portions of contra costa and alameda county. the areas shaded in groeen, that's a flood warning. it still has the threat to come with high tide and bring a little flooding along that region through 11:30 tomorrow morning. that's something we'll keep an eye on. but the weekend is looking really nice. as you go through your saturday,
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we'll see a lot of sunshine. there is a weak ripple of energy off the coast that early sunday morning will try to bring us some drizzle but do not worry, most of us will stay dry. that cannot be said of next week. here we go, wednesday we've got storms back-to-back. we'll talk about not only the rain but the wind coming back as well, the strong gusts, in that full accuweather forecast. >> thank you so much, drew. scientists are wasting no time studying how recent storms are impacting the santa cruz coastline. >> david louie is live at the capitola wharf where he's been watching those scientists at work today. >> reporter: hello from a very sunny capitola. santa cruz beaches are very important to visitors who flock here and those who live here. all the rain lately may be a gift from mother nature to help maintain these beaches. scientists have been out all day studying sand movements from the san lorenzo river. what would the beach be without
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sun, surf and sand. more sand is on its way, delivered by the san lorenzo river propelled by the heavy rains up in the mountains. it's happening below the water. but the movement at the mouth of the river gives you a sense of the process. it's a movement scientists are tracking closely. >> i haven't done anything between 22-1 and 19. >> reporter: they're taking advantage of this break in the weather to map how the recent storms have changed the beach using boats and jet skis. >> this was a particularly exceptional one. may have transported several years worth of beach sand to the coast. ultimately the sand on the delta is prone down by the waves and our beaches wider. >> reporter: it's their educated guess between 1 and 3 dump truckloads of sand have been deposited. it will be mapped by echo sound, gps and lidar. this is the 3-d video the usgs team will produce. this one was done in 2014 along the same stretch of santa cruz beach and boardwalk.
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>> what's great with these jet skis, we can get into very, very shallow water. we can get into water that's just about a foot deep where small boats cannot go and you can map the entire surf zone all the way up to the shoreline. >> reporter: researchers say with storm tracks shifting north and rain patterns changing, their work will help communities change for the future. northern california may see more sand while the south will get less. rising seas could have a negative impact. more sand may require boat channels to be dredged. david louie, abc 7 news. we're learning more about a marin county man who died from meningitis. 48-year-old sevin phillips, a therapist, died from the disease earlier this week and now there are fears people who worked out at a popular larkspur gym may be exposed. >> it is pretty scary, yeah. >> reporter: up to 300 riders at soul cycle marin could have been exposed to bacterial meningitis. one rider recently died from the
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illness. now those who shared a class or close space with the man are at risk. they were notified by a manager and by the county's health and human services department. >> you hear meningitis and you're like uh-oh. >> infection can last for about a week before symptoms develop. symptoms include headache, stiff neck, fevers, chills. >> reporter: public health officer dr. matt willis says this appears to be an isolated case. bacterial meningitis can spread through saliva, like coughing and sneezing. he says there's not a lot of evidence it can spread through sweat, but soul cycle did a deep cleaning of all rooms and equipment. >> they have done a thorough cleaning of the facility and provided information about any clients that might have been sharing that space with our individual. >> reporter: dr. willis says in a case like this, they worry about people who have had very close exposure, like family members. those who may have been exposed
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should contact your doctor. there are antibiotics and a meningitis vaccine. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. neighbors are shocked after a driver was shot and killed in san jose. the victim's car crashed into a parked suv and pushed it into a house garage along mt. pleasant road. the man died at the scene about 6:30 this morning. his name has not been released. it's san jose's third homicide of the year. this morning's shooting happened near an elementary school. classes went on as scheduled. alaska airlines is trying to figure out how a de icing chemical got inside a jet in midair and sickened flight attendants in a front cabin. alaska flight 322 arrived from seattle last night. three flight attendants saw a white powder come from an air vent in the plane's front gallie. all three felt sick.
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a one went to the hospital and she is feeling fine now. is it the end of the line for obamacare? the results of today's vote on capitol hill. and we showed you this video yesterday, but some doubted it was actually real. what we learned about the video and the woman in the kayak. and let's take you outside. smooth sailing on the roads as you look at the golden gate bridge live in both directions on this friday. it's busy in both directions, but as you see moving freely with no problems on a sparkling afternoon. st
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a popular perk is about to go away for tesla drivers. starting on sunday drivers will no longer have free unlimited access to the company's supercharger network. instead free charging will be capped at 400 kilowatt hours a year or about 1,000 miles. drivers will have to pay a fee after that. tesla says it is charging for the service to expand the network when the model 3 hits the market. san francisco's muni showed off the first car from its next generation of light rail vehicles today. abc 7 news was at muni's rail yard at 25th street when the new car rolled in. muni hopes the new lrvs will be more reliable and comfortable than its current fleet. 100,000 people ride muni metro every day. comments continue to pour into abc 7 news after flooding from the russian river produced an unbelievable picture. >> yesterday we brought you video of a woman kayaking inside
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a home in guerneville. kristen sze is here with a follow-up. >> yeah, you know what, our facebook video of this unusual sight has been viewed over 53,000 times and has generated over 160 comments. a lot of people are wondering the same thing as this gentleman here, daniel. am i the only one that's impressed that the lights are still on? the breakers didn't trip? hmm. so that is what a lot of people are thinking right now. so i am going to switch over and show you what's going on. oh, darn it, show me the eraser. show me the eraser. i'm going to close this up for you. technical difficulties, guys, so sorry for that. but now you can see just give me a second here, i'll play this video for you. there. ta-da, it was worth it, right? check out this eye-popping, jaw-dropping video. lauren kayaking through her mother's living room. it is on a lower level down a
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small set of stairs. that's how it became so flooded wednesday. so we returned to the same room today. you can see the water is gone but look at all the mud left behind covering the carpet and the bathroom. she tells us a friend recorded the kayaking video just for fun. she is so surprised that some people would not believe that it's real just because as you can see the lights remained on. >> all the lower sockets, the plug-ins and everything are on a different circuit than the lights. so when the water came up in here and it was just over to the electrical outlets, we were fine. when the water came up above the switches for the lights and stuff, i shut the whole power off to the house so i was never in any danger whatsoever. >> cleanup will take some time, but she says luckily they rent out the downstairs and no one is living there right now. as we look at the kayaking video one more time, we want to add that her mother lives upstairs and that part is totally fine. yes, the lights are still on. dan and ama.
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>> geez. >> boy, that is something else. thanks so much, kristen. well, the wet weather has turned the dead tree problem in the sierra into a real safety problem. crews are rushing to cut the trees down before they fall down. >> reporter: if you look into the tree tops around bass lake, you might just see a bald eagle. or a man with a chain shaw. -- chain saw. tree trimmers are in a race against time to bring down pine trees killed. >> we're removing the dead trees nonstop, seven days a week. >> reporter: the original reason to remove all these dead trees is because they posed a fire hazard. now with all this wet weather, the danger is they'll fall over on houses and power lines. >> if the trees themselves don't fall as a result of them being weakened, the soil conditions also are getting looser and the soil is becoming more saturated so the roots' ability to hold are becoming degraded as well. >> they're cutting a lot.
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>> reporter: ricky and his workers are among the crews hired to remove the dead trees. the work is especially tough in the tight residential areas around bass lake. the only way to get to the trees is pie l is by lifting the tree cutters into the tree tops. they cut the trees from the top down with the crane removing the trees one section at a time. >> these cranes are going to help us just doing the work more safely. some of these trees have been dead for too long. they're past the point where we can actually climb them, so we need to crane them out. >> reporter: residents want to see the danger reduced. >> i'm glad they're cutting the ones down around here because i'm afraid they'll fall down and do some damage to the houses and that. >> reporter: but they're sad to see all the trees disappear. >> we've had this place since '76 so we're used to a lot of trees and now it's getting bare. >> reporter: it's estimated there were at least 100 million dead trees in the sierra, meaning lots of work ahead for these guys. >> it's going to be going on for
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years. >> reporter: while the number of dead trees continues to grow, the silver lining to all this rain is that the surviving trees are finally getting the water they need. in the long run, it is exactly what they need to get pack to a healthy condition. well, you can see the dramatic impact the storm is having on the sierra in this video from yosemite national park. check out the massive water fall flows at yosemite falls. it's gorgeous. this is a time lapse view from monday through thursday. you can find a link to the conservancy video on our website, it's just stunning when we see those water falls just flowing. >> this weird yellow thing in the sky today. >> what is that? i think it's three letters. >> sunshine. people are so happy. it was gorgeous. we'll get a nice weekend on the way and then we're tracking more
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storms next week so a lot of people that had repairs, do them this weekend and then we'll track more wind and rain by wednesday. i'll show you right now it is a clean sweep. all is quiet. let's go outside and show you the beautiful picture. look at this, our east bay hills camera, not a cloud in the sky. baby blue out there. in store not only for a nice night but a spectacular weekend on the way even through monday. many of us for the holiday. right now 56 in san francisco. this is spot on for where we should be this time of the year. 55 in oakland and hayward, 56 in san jose. 54 in napa and antioch checking in with 56 degrees. here's the call, overnight tonight plenty of stars out there. we'll see a couple of 30s on the board like santa rosa, even fairfield and livermore dropping into the mid and upper 30s. most spots you can see around the immediate bay waters and along the coast holding in the low to mid-40s overnight. your three-day forecast is looking spectacular. starting off your saturday, lots of sunshine. in the later evening hours a couple of clouds will try to
4:21 pm
bubble up, but it's a dry day. overnight into sunday while many of us are sleeping, there's going to be a weak system passing by right along the coast. a little bit of drizzle but that's about it, nothing to worry about. my sunday afternoon the sunshine returns and even into monday we're calling it a nice holiday. inland upper 50s, around the bay in the 60s and along the coast in the mid-50s. enjoy because everything will change as we head into wednesday. that's when we bring back the storm impact scale. this is a moderate storm on wednesday, a 2 on the storm impact scale. we'll start off with showers. downpours will develop with the system along with strong, gusty winds again. that will renew the flooding threat, but also the threat once again for power outages and downed trees. so future weather will get you into mid-week on wednesday. by 1:00 in the afternoon we're starting to see rain arrive from the north to the south and it's really as we approach the midnight hour, you start to see dark green take over much of the region. that's the heavy rain moving
4:22 pm
through. that will coincide with also the strongest wind. so future tracker wind gust showing you once again along the coast we'll see wind gusts between 40 and 55 miles per hour and even around the bay i don't think it's out of the question to see wind gusts anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour. so along with that system, we're tracking another one coming on friday. so future tracker rainfall next week showing you another healthy amount of rain over a short amount of time. enjoy the wonderful weekend on the way. seven-day forecast, clouds late on sunday, early morning drizzle on sunday. it's a nice holiday on monday, tuesday all is quiet. wednesday it is wet and windy with more showers on thursday and another storm on friday. so enjoy the calm. >> so we're back on the roller coaster. >> we're back on it. >> thanks, drew. >> sure. all right. so what's so big about tom brady brushing his teeth? well, it happens to be the first of the super bowl ads coming out ahead of the big game.
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today abc 7 news is helping you as the deadline to enroll in cover california is quickly approaching. >> you have to be enrolled by the end of the month to be covered for a year and michael finney is here answering some of your questions. >> let me start with the simple question. do you need health insurance? if so, i want you to call us now. 415-954-7621. this is a 7 on your side health insurance hotline. experts are in the office. we'll get you enrolled or at least start the enrollment process. if you have any questions about obamacare, which is what it's nicknamed nationwide, here in california it's called covered california, then you should give us a call now.
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415-954-7621. you can also go onto social media and contact us. we're going to be here ul until 8:00 so get your information together and give us a call. i'm michael finney. >> great resource for folks, michael. thanks so much. live nation entertainment. the world's largest concert promoter and ticket seller is adding bottle rock to its portfolio. financial terms weren't disclosed. the festival nearly went out of business after one year in 2013, but it's now thriving since napa-based latitude 38 entertainment group took over. okay, it's that time of year again, super bowl ads are being leaked out. one of the first features a san mateo native. >> intel 360 replay makes anything look epic. >> patriots quarterback tom brady appearing in an ad for santa clara based intel for intel replay 360.
4:27 pm
the tool allows broadcasters to pause key moments of the game and view the action from any angina nell 3-d. questions are shelling out $5 million for a 30-second spot in the super bowl. that figure goes up every year. >> and we seem to be getting them earlier and earlier. coming up at 4:00, a shocking story out of florida. a kidnapping case nearly 20 years old is now solved. a newborn taken from the hospital will soon be reunited with her parents. how she found out the truth. plus the company behind that massive airbag recall pleads guilty to defrauding customers. what that means for car owners. and the airline mixing things up. how they're separating passengers and why.
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general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. it may be sunny now, but residents across the bay area are still feeling the effects of nearly a week straight of rain. in sonoma county floodwaters are slowly draining. the russian river returned to its normal level overnight and is expected to stay that way. today inspectors started assessing all the damage which is expected to be in the millions of dollars. and it's sunny today in the high sierra but it's taking days to dig out after feet of snow fell in just a few days.
4:31 pm
laura anthony tweeted this photo of a house near donner summit. you can see part of the house over the snow there. but the snow is almost up to that second floor. she's going to have a live report from north star coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. friends and colleagues are remembering 48-year-old sevin philips as a devoted husband, father and counselor. he passed away from meningitis. 300 other people may have been exposed. at 5:00, melanie woodrow has more on the concern tonight for others. a nearly two-decade-old cold case was solved today. a newborn snatched from a florida hospital has been found alive and well. marci gonzalez is live in new york with how she was found and who was arrested. marci. >> reporter: ama, police were following up on leads in this cold case and just made the confirmation today, so for the victim who spent her entire life living under a different name with no idea where she came from, the unbelievable reality is just sinking in.
4:32 pm
kidnapped from a jacksonville hospital just hours after birth, and now 18 years later, a young woman is learning police believe she is that dark-haired baby investigators have been searching for her entire life. >> she had an inclination beginning probably a couple of months ago that she may have been involved in this in some way. she has a lot to process. she has a lot to think about, as you can imagine. i can't even begin to comprehend it. >> reporter: police say a tip led them to the young woman in south carolina with the same birth date as little kamiyah mobley but with a different name and fake documents used to establish her identity. the young woman agreed to a dna test which came back a positive match. the woman she grew up believing was her mother, 51-year-old gloria williams, now arrested, facing charges, including kidnapping. still not explaining to investigators why she allegedly dressed as a nurse that summer day in 1998, took the newborn from her mother and walked out of the hospital.
4:33 pm
>> we're speaking to as many people as we can to try to paint happened 18 years ago. >> reporter: mobley's birth father telling abc news he was able to talk to his daughter via skype, calling it the end of a nightmare. >> i can't wait, i can't wait. it's been 18 years. i can't wait no longer. >> reporter: his father saying he is excited about a possible reunion, which he believes could happen soon. meanwhile williams was in court today. she's now being held without bond. she'll be extradited to jacksonville to face charges, which if convicted carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. live in new york, marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. ama, back to you. >> all right, thank you. a justice department report out today says the chicago police department violated the constitutional rights of the people it's sworn to serve. the report follows a 13-month civil rights investigation launched after police killed an unarmed 17-year-old, shooting him 16 times in october of 2014.
4:34 pm
the investigation found the chicago pd permitted racial bias against black people, used excessive force, and killed people who didn't pose a threat. >> the incidents described in this report are sobering to all of us. police misconduct will not be tolerated anywhere in the city of chicago, and those who break the rules will be held accountable for their actions. >> the report follows an especially bloody year in chicago, which recorded 762 homicides in 2016, the highest tally in 20 years. listen to this, more than the combined total of the two largest u.s. cities, new york and los angeles. airbag maker takata agreed to pay a $1 billion fine today to settle complaints that led to the biggest auto recall in american history. abc news reporter alex stone has more. >> reporter: takata's airbags turned out to not be a safety
4:35 pm
feature but a safety hazard. >> exploding airbags have led to at least 16 deaths and 100 injuries. >> reporter: the takata corporation agreeing to plead guilty to a single criminal charge and to pay $1 billion in fines and restitution for concealing a deadly defect in its airbag inflaters. three former takata executives are also charged. >> even after the inflaters began to fail in the field and injuries and deaths were occurring, these takata executives continued to withhold the true data from its customers. >> reporter: in the plea deal, takata admits it defrauded customers by falsifying test data for its airbag inflaters. >> they knew that these inflaters were rupturing. that metal canister can become a projectile and shoot shrapnel into the driver or passenger of a car. >> reporter: takata's exploding airbags have been blamed for deaths and numerous injuries in the united states. 19 automakers are recalling 19 million vehicles to replace 69
4:36 pm
million inflaters, the largest automotive recall in u.s. history. the explosion so powerful they can shatter the canister sending metal shards hurling into the car's interior. cory lost sight in his right eye when his airbag deployed. >> i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: the fbi has been investigating allegations the company deceived federal regulators and tried to cover up the airbag problems. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. those three former takata executives are in japan. federal authorities are trying to have them extradited so they can be pruosecuted in the unite states. an unusual change is coming to the airline air india. starting next week there will be room reserved just for women. six seats on every domestic flight will be for women only. the move comes after a recent incident when a passenger groped a woman sitting next to him while she was sleeping. well, still to come on abc 7 news, the crackdown on the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails.
4:37 pm
did they break the law during the election? and president-elect trump's response today. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a live look at nothing but sunshine from our east bay hills camera. we'll be in store for a very nice weekend before
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protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait. the justice department's inspector general is turning the tables on fbi director james comey. >> an investigation is under way probing whether he and other
4:40 pm
members of the fbi and justice department followed proper procedures investigating hillary clinton's e-mails. >> lana zak has the latest. >> reporter: james comey reiterated this week the fbi does not comment on investigations. >> i would never comment on investigations, whether we have one or not, in an open forum like this. we never confirm or deny a pending investigation. >> reporter: but comey did comment on the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails during the election season. >> they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. >> reporter: both comey's july 5th news conference and his letter to congress reopening the clinton case just 11 days before the election are now under scrutiny by the inspector general of the justice department. >> department paolicy has alway been you don't do it close to an election. you don't want to influence an election. >> reporter: also under investigation, an assistant attorney general who allegedly leaked information to the
4:41 pm
clinton campaign and possible leaks to the trump campaign, specifically rudy giuliani. >> i'm talking about some pretty big surprise. >> he hinted to fox that he knew about comey's bomb shell in advance. >> we've got a couple things up our sleeve that should turn this around. >> president-elect donald trump tweeting what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi? based on the information they had, she should never have been allowed to run. in that same tweet, president-elect trump went on to call clinton guilty and legal scholars are warning that that pronouncement is unprecedented among modern american presidents. lana zak, abc news, washington. donald trump will be inaugurated as our nation's 45th president next friday, january 20th. i will be in washington, d.c., for the inauguration to provide you with live reports. now to a tour of the white house, like we've never had before. >> this is the cross hall. thousands of tourists walk here every week, taking selfies with
4:42 pm
portraits of presidents past in the same hall where jefferson displayed antlers and pelting from lewis and clark's expedition. >> that's president obama narrating a new video called the people's house. it's a 360-degree virtual reality tour of the executive mansion. the video takes the viewer on an eight-minute journey through rooms like the oval office, the situation room, while outlining the history of the historic building. the full length video will be released later this year. spencer has the day off, you got meteorologist drew tuma right now. live doppler 7 showing you it's a quiet picture and it's going to be a nice weekend on the way. a couple of chilly spots like santa rosa, napa dropping to the 30s. inland a similar story. we'll see mainly 40s around the immediate bay water, so it's a chilly start in spots but it's a nice recovery into the afternoon. so on your saturday, a lot of sunshine. not a cloud to be seen. up to 57 in oakland tomorrow afternoon, 58 in san jose, 55
4:43 pm
san francisco and 58 the high in santa rosa. this quiet pattern will end midweek next week. by wednesday we're tracking our next storm and right now it's a 2, a moderate system on the storm impact scale. not only downpours that will develop but also very gusty winds once again, likely over 30 to 40 miles per hour. so that will renew not only the flood threat but also the threat of more power outages and downed trees. i'll keep watching that as i get closer. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you a couple of clouds. early before the sun gets up on sunday, some coastal drizzle. otherwise we're sunny into the afternoon. by tuesday, some clouds and wednesday and thursday, that's the wet and windy return of our storms even into friday. >> take advantage of the break. >> while we have it. thanks, drew. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the first step has been taken toward gutting the affordable care act. we'll have the details. i'm michael finney. the 7 on your side health insurance hotline is open. call us, 415-954-7621, or ask
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your question on social media.
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republicans are pushing
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forward their plans to repeal obamacare as soon as possible. today the house is voting on a resolution that will set the stage for repeal, but what is in their plan for replacing it? abc news reporter lana zak has more. >> a five-minute vote. >> reporter: obamacare is on the chopping block. >> the american people have spoken. they do not want obama's high cost, job killing, conscious violating health care system. >> reporter: house republicans voted for a full repeal of obamacare over democrats' objections. >> not only will they repeal and displace plan, cut off millions of americans from quality, affordable health care, but we'll also have devastating impacts on our economy. >> reporter: earlier this week, senate republicans pushed forward a similar blueprint late in the night, but millions of americans have come to rely on obamacare, like jeff jeans of arizona. he told cnn and republican speaker paul ryan he was a lifelong republican but obamacare saved his life after
4:48 pm
being diagnosed with cancer. >> i want to thank president obama from the bottom of my head because i would be dead if it weren't for him. why would you repeal the affordable care act without a replacement? >> oh, we wouldn't do that. we want to replace it with something better. >> reporter: president-elect trump made similar assurances that republicans would reveal a plan. >> repeal and replace is going great. >> reporter: but democrats are not convinced. >> for six years they have had a chance to propose an alternative. we've seen nothing. >> reporter: privately, some republicans have expressed concern at moving forward with repeal before having articulated their replacement plan, but so far at least publicly the republican party appears to be sticking together. lana zak, abc news, washington. well, the deadline to enroll in covered california, the state's version of obamacare, is quickly approaching. >> you have to be enrolled by the end of the month in order to be covered for the year. michael finney is here answering some of your questions. michael, there are so many
4:49 pm
questions about this. >> oh, there's a ton of questions. there's so much going on in washington, it has caused a lot of confusion here in california. let me start by telling you that the 7 on your side offices have been turned over to our health care hotline. we want to make sure everyone has health insurance in the state of california. that is what covered california is all about, so we've invited them down here to join us today to get you enrolled, or at least to start your enrollment. all these people are experts, they know what they're talking about. any questions you have about covered california, which is really obamacare here in california, you can call these people and they have the answers right there. james scalare is with covered california. there's got to be even more confusion this year because of everything being said in waun t washington. bottom line, nothing has changed. >> no. and that's one thing we want to tell consumers. if you don't have health
4:50 pm
insurance, now is the time to come in, check out your options, see if you qualify for financial help that will help bring the cost of that health care within reach. give us a call at 7 on your side. >> the cost is what everyone is always concerned about. that's always been the issue. so there is help. what are we talking about? do you have to be desperately poor or who qualifies? >> really if you're a single person and you earn less than $42,000 per year, you would qualify for some level of financial assistance. for a family of four, it could be up to mid-90s. >> and those people need help. it's expensive, can be. >> health care can be expensive, but what we found out is with the financial help that's available, nearly 60% of our consumers can get a bronze level plan for less than $10 a month. >> wow. >> if you go up to the next level, nearly 50% of our consumers are getting a silver plan for less than $100 a month. so the coverage is within reach. >> excellent. did covered california cover
4:51 pm
your arm right here? >> you know, we say being covered is the best plan. you never know what's going to happen. >> you were covered. we're going to be here until 8:00 taking your questions. you can call the telephone number that's on your screen. you can also go to my facebook page or go to -- through twitter. we've got people in another room taking those questions. so we're going to be here until 8:00 tonight. reporting live from the 7 on your side offices, i'm michael finney. >> take advantage, thank you, michael. could where you live predict how long you live? >> new data reveals that location, location, location really does matter. >> here's abc news senior medical contributor, dr. timothy johnson. >> a bustling me ttropolismetro quiet countryside, a small town. where americans make their homes can be an accident of birth or a long held dream. but it could be about your health too. the cdc released a new study saying those who live in cities are likely to live longer and
4:52 pm
less likely to die from preventible causes. looking at the last 15 years, researchers found those not living in cities had higher death rates for the top five causes of death. heart disease, cancer, accidental injury, chronic lower breathing disease and stroke. and of those who died of these diseases, a higher portion could have been prevented by lifestyle changes. researchers point to poorer physical and mental health, higher rates of cigarette smoking and obesity and less access to quality health care outside city limits. interventions promoting healthy behaviors and improving preventive care can change these numbers because zip codes should not dictate your health destiny. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. well, if you're staying out of the cold this friday night and want something to do, abc 7 news sports director larry beil has a solution for you. >> there's a reason larry is not in this chair for the news at 4:00. he is getting ready for "sportscenter" in los angeles with neil everett.
4:53 pm
he tweeted this photograph a little while ago with the caption, hey, no plans on friday night? catch the aloha edition of "sportscenter," 10:00 p.m. pacific time. you can watch at 10:00 but turn back to 7 in time for the 11:00 news when ama and i will join you for that. well, abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. up next, the san francisco public library is welcoming back an overdue book from nearly 100 years ago. and we were there for the reunion. all the details are coming up next. and kristen is here with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 kristen. >> well, coming up next, one of the most popular restaurants in the east bay just got red tagged. we'll explain why. trying to regroup after a record-setting storm. we go live to the sierra where people have been seeing more than 200 inches of snow. and why this freeway sign is getting a little extra attention. those stories and more when i join dan for abc 7 news at 5:00.
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coming up tonight on abc 7
4:57 pm
news at 8:00, it is last man standing. followed by dr. ken. at 9:00 it's shark tank and 10 it's 20/20. san francisco's public library has been offering forgiveness in the new year, letting you bring back your overdue books without paying a fine. as abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom found out, they have been seeing all sorts of books returned, but one is in a class by itself. >> reporter: at san francisco's oldest library branch, they see all sorts of things dropped in the book return. >> in the neighborhood as old as this, you might get a book back five years late, ten years late when someone moves or they're cleaning out a house. >> reporter: but then there's this. >> there it is, 40 minutes late. >> reporter: 40 minutes late is the title of the book, but when it comes to the due date. >> it's been overdue for just about 100 years. >> just about, yeah. >> reporter: the collection of short stories was published in 1909, the same year this library was built, and it was checked out a lot. >> so as you can see, this was a
4:58 pm
very popular book. >> reporter: that is until phoebe marsh dickinson webb got her hands on it. >> phoebe is my great grandmother. >> and she's the person who checked that book out? >> she's the person who checked that book out. >> reporter: she was 83 at the time and in fairness she meant to return it. only one problem. >> she died. and so this is why she didn't turn the book in. you know, it's hard to come back as a ghost and return your late library book. >> reporter: the book spent the next 80 years in a trunk full of her things until her great grandkids found it while searching for pieces of family history. >> i really enjoyed reading it. that's one of the reasons i held on to it. >> reporter: now they're bringing it back to the library in hopes others will have that same enjoyment. the library has to figure out what to do with the book. they could put it back into circulation or put it on display in their history center. either way, there's more time for historic books to come back. the amnesty program goes all wait through valentine's day. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> it was nice of them to still
4:59 pm
return it. well, thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 today. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. i'm shocked. this neighborhood is going to miss him. >> the death of a marin county father and how it's prompting warnings for people who use a popular fitness center. trains roll through oakland, the same spot where two band members are hit. we are live with an update on their condition. in the sierra, businesses are using heavy machinery to get rid of all that snow while homeowners go about it the old-fashioned way. congress starts repealing obamacare. what does that mean for covered california? >> we've got an answer for that and a whole lot more live with 7 on your side's michael finney, all coming up. this soul cycle studio in marin county is ground zero for health alert tonight. that's because a man who worked out there has died of meningitis
5:00 pm
and may have exposed countless people. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. we now know the name of the marin county man who died from meningitis. 48-year-old sevin philips leaves behind a wife and 8-year-old son. the department of health and human services says it is an isolated case, but the agency is reaching out to people who may have come into close contact with philips at the fitness center in larkspur. he was a well-known counselor in san francisco. he will surely be missed. melanie woodrow is live with more on this man. melanie? >> reporter: we're here on union street and this is where sevin philips had his practice. friends and colleagues tell me they are shocked and devastated. family members say 48-year-old sevin philips passed away this past saturday morning from meningitis. he's being described as a loving father, devoted husband and gifted counselor. philips was a licensed m


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