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tv   ABC 7 News 9  ABC  January 22, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. it is a stormy sunday across the bay area in the south bay steady rain is falling. this is what it looked like in los gatos this morning, how much more rain with ke expect today? good morning, everyone, it's sunday, january 22nd, i'm carolyn tyler, thanks for joining us. let's start with the quick look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argan. >> good morning to you. the short answer, anywhere from a quarter inch to maybe an inch in the santa cruz mountains as we look at live doppler 7, three cold fronts has pushed through the bay area and we're looking at more rain and a line from monterrey all the way up to snor ra.
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you can see a few areas of showers off the coast from monterra and we have flood warnings to pass along. up through sonoma, this is in effect for 15 minutes. we have some of the small creeks overflowing their banks. and so we will be looking at flooding in the low lying areas around ben lowman,felten, big trees through 10:30 and also around the big sur coast and into hol ster. flash flooding is occurring here in the low lying areas. we have debris flows around the loma fire area, and we will look for the possibility of a thunderstorm today. we'll time out the forecast for the rest of your weekend and talk about sunshine in our seven day outlook, carolyn. >> thank you. in the north bay, heavy flooding has forced the chp to shut down route 37 in both directions between 101 and atorton avenue in nevada. crews are clearing two roads after trees fell earlier this
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morning. this large tree brought down power lines with it on fire crest avenue. that knocked out power to more than 3,000 customers. thousands across the bay area are waking up without power this morning. you're looking at the pge outage map, it's lit up with yellow and green. earlier this morning, more than 7,000 customers in pacifica were in the dark, but power has just been restored to those people. in the sierra, interstate 80 is closed from coalfax to the nevada state line due to reduced visibility. and on highway 50, traffic is held from pohlic fines to myers in el dorado county due to avalanche control. trains are required. the rough surf churned up by this storm turned deadly for a paraglider. the man had been riding air currents along the coast when he fell into the ocean just off the avenue in pacifica.
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abc 7 news reporters sergio contana has the details. >> reporter: from the cliffs overlooking the ocean below, fellow paragrieders desperately yelled for the man in the water to get out of his parachute harness. he had been riding the air currents along the beach until he lost lift and dropped into the rough surf. >> for a while, the surf was so high we couldn't get to him. >> reporter: complicating the effort was the beach access trail that's been under repair for the last few weeks. the concrete slab crews had been pouring had massive cracks in it from the pounding surf, making it unsafe to use. jeff lives nearby and shot video of the whole incident. he says the currents dragged the man north to a narrow beach. so bystanders shimmied down the bluff to try and pull him out. >> they tried six or seven times to grab him and the parachute, but the current just kept snatching right out of their hands. >> once we were able to get to him, he was all wrapped up in
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his lines. which weighed a ton, and we couldn't budge him really. >> reporter: eventually the men were able to cut him free from the wing and emergency crews arrived. but according to to the north county fire authority, he did not survive. he was pronounced dead an scene. the surf was rough, beach boulevard and pacifica was closed to traffic. just before sunset, some walks along the water front to take pictures of the swells as they crashed into the pier. in pacifica, abc 7 news. president trump said this morning he watched some of the protests against him yesterday. more than a million people in this country, thousands worldwide, joined together for the women's march. this massive crowd in san francisco from civic center plaza to justin herman plaza was among the demonstrations. abc 7 news reporter lisa has the story. >> reporter: passion and power filled the streets of san
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francisco. as thousands marched for many reasons. >> the people, united. never be defeated. >> reporter: some simply felt compelled to be here. >> it's a pivoted point in history and i want my girls to be apart of what's going on and to realize that they matter. >> reporter: because many in crowd feel the nation's newest president isn't inclusive of everyone and that things will change for the worst. that's why house democratic leader nancy pelosi marched. >> we will fight if they try to overturn the affordable care act, medicare, and immigrant rights and women's right to choose. so much is at stake. >> reporter: age and gender had no bearing here. it was all about unifying. in a time of uncertainty. >> so i'm here to be with everybody else that wants to stand for human rights. >> reporter: human rights activists and folk singer joan baez shared a sentiment before performing at the plaza. >> we need to be kind when kindness is not at the
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forefront. >> reporter: but what is top of mind for so many here is a desire to show the next generation of women that their voices will be heard. >> we all really support standing up for what you believe in. and i think this is that exactly. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. in the south bay, estimated 25,000 people marched from city hall to plaza chavez. sky 7 shows us the size of that crowd. >> i want to say it's a message to trump necessarily. whether or not, doesn't matter who won. this needed to happen. >> protecting our immigrant community. standing up for the rights of women. ensuring that we have affordable health care for all our communities. people are very committed, we're very united, and it's an incredible contrast for the divisions we see in our nation today. >> people cheered, held up signs, some even cried. in oakland, an estimated 60,000 marchers took to the streets. they spread throughout downtown.
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abc 7 news reporter katie utis has more. >> reporter: the smallest of marchers expressing mighty opinions. why are you marching? >> to respect women's rights. >> i don't want them to make a war and i don't want him to make a wall. >> i'm marching because i want me and everybody else to be equal. >> reporter: some fear that's not the direction president donald trump is taking the country. >> i am terrified for the first time in my life about the leadership of this country. it isn't right. >> reporter: the women's march is a national. even international movement. >> there are millions of people marching, not only in america, but all over the world. and in the end of day, that's what it's all about. it's about us standing up for our rights. >> reporter: crowds packed the streets of oakland. >> i could cry all day because i just love women so much.
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and i'm so happy to see everyone here. so it means that we have hope. >> reporter: jammed as people tried to join the rally. >> it makes me personally feel like i can conquer anything. >> reporter: a message of empowerment echoed by the masses. in oakland, abc 7 news. in walnut creek, hundreds of people gathered in downtown for the women's march. abc 7 news viewer claire morris shared this video with us. the walkers braved the rain for a rally at civic park yesterday morning that features speakers and sign making. some of the participants shared concerns about climate change and preserving programs like medicare and social security. in santa rosa, a large crowd demonstrated downtowns with signs that said we stand for women and tweetless.
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they had to shut down the streets. more than 5,000 people showed up for that march. they say everyone was peaceful, well organized, there were no arrests. our weather has been rather wild, rainy, and windy. >> uh-huh. that's right. and it continues to snow heavily in the sierra nevada. about two inches per hour. here is a live look outside where we have a winter storm warning for the west slope, the greater lake tahoe area. the temperatures are in the 20s and the tahoe valley airport, it's snow. i-80 is closed at coalfax to the nevada state line and traffic being held on 50. when we return, we'll talk about our own accuweather forecast and if we can see rain today. that's next. also ahead, president trump meets with the intelligence community. the cia reacts after his speech to hundreds of agents. and we've shown you the incredible turnout for the marches in the bay area, but that turnout is having a
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welcome back, everyone. 9:13 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our santa cruz camera. you can see the waves just crashing there with the lighthouse in the background. when will the high surf subside? lisa's got that and a full accuweather forecast in just a few. sky 7 was above a devastating crash in santa clara
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county yesterday. vehicles collided on highway 152 east of gilroy. the collision was so forceful you can see it rip that car nearly in half, and started a fire in the cabin of the truck at least one person was killed. investigators have not said what caused the collision. in alameda county, two cars crashed sending one into alameda creek. the driver of that car died. sky 7 was over niles canyon road where it happened. just before noon yesterday. chp investigators say rescuers % had a difficult time locating the car. it started flowing downstream after entering the water. none of the people in the other car were seriously injured. san ramone police are looking for a man that robbed a gas station last week. the department posted this video on facebook. officers say this man robbed the seve ron gas station near the intersection of san ramone
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valley boulevard and canyon road. it happened thursday morning just before 5:00. police say he told the clerk he had a weapon, though none was seen. no word yet on how much money he got away with. now more on those women's marches. dozens of protesters droves rather turned out in cities all over the u.s. los angeles estimates 750,000 people participated in the women's march there. chicago, boston, and atlanta just a few other cities showing solidarity to promote human rights and gender equality. the global impact was larger than organizers predicted, it's estimated at least two and a half million people in nearly 700 cities worldwide took part in yesterday's demonstrations. the main march was in washington, d.c., organizers estimate half a million people there. the event was the brain child of a grandmother in hawaii who made
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one facebook post attracting attention from gloria. celebrities and politicians, including california's newest senator. >> part of what makes us great is we are a nation that was founded on certain ideals. founded on the ideals that were spoken in 1776, that we are all and should be treated as equals. >> a side by side comparison shows a larger crowd yesterday than at president donald trump's inauguration on friday. it should be noted however that some streets around the national mall were closed on friday. yesterday's women's marches in the bay area not only affected traffic, the demonstrations impacted businesses too. the usually buzz lg strip of restaurants and stores along fourth street in berkeley was
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unusually quiet for a saturday. >> there's a lot of customers that are politically involved and they're doing the march and seeking business away from fourth street in general. >> i'm really, really proud for these women. i think it's a time to get politically involved. it's just now is the time. >> some shops in oakland either closed early or did not open at all because of the women's march. while businesses, at least some, saw a drop in customers, b.a.r.t. saw quite a surge. we saw officials who said it doubled compared with last saturday. more than 255,000 people went through b.a.r.t. exits by 6:00 last night. by that point last week, 112,000, a difference of 143,000 riders. people who are pro-life demonstrated in san francisco yesterday. ab 7 newshe walk for life heade
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justin herman plaza. hundreds believe abortion hurts women and they want to see it come to an end across the country. >> so we are definitely fueled by our faith, but we also are fueled by our love for our neighbor. and we've come out of here at a love for neighbor. >> life matters and life is important and every life is valuable and worth protecting. people came from all over the country to attend yesterday's rally. the office of emergency services is keeping a close eye on the creek in holster. video from sky 7 yesterday shows the flooding that forced dozens to evacuate friday.refighters r dozen people from flooded homes. just about everyone is back home this morning. officials say the problem is twofold. all the rain sending the river over it's banks and the origina month is now widen to nearly double it's original size.
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the northbound lanes of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains are closed right now after a big rig ran into a mudslide. it happened near the vine hill road exit. no word yet on when the lanes will reopen, but drivers are making u-turns throughout the broken median near the mudslide. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argan. >> good morning, everyone, well we survived the heavy rain and it could have been a lot worse. we had a lot of breaks yesterday, several hours and then more breaks this morning. but you are looking at some more reinvigorated rain. we have thunderstorms offshore and more downpours today. live doppler 7 right now indicating the peninsula hit or miss, but this is what's left of the strong cold front that pushed on through, you can see spotty showers from monterrey to big sur. and this is where we have more heavy rain. along the central coast. so around the big sur area, felten, big trees, and the
9:20 am
highlighted green areas in the north. we are looking still at flooding going on. so flood warnings in effect until 11:45 here, 11:30 to the north, that's around holly ster. look at this satellite picture. area of low pressure, the cold air behind the cold front that has swept through the bay area and those are thunderstorms offshore. so, we will be in that unstable environment, it's pretty nice right now with some sunshine. that's just going to work to allow for some active weather this afternoon. so, flash flood watch in effect throughout the day today. we'll get those heavy downpours, more ponding, more localized flooding, and we have some of those streams in the north bay outside their banks. and so that's why we're still keeping this a two on our storm impact scale. with the anticipated downpours, the gusty winds, and some hail possible today embedded in a thunderstrm still could be quite active around the 3:00, 4:00 hour. high surf advisory's been downgraded from the high surf
9:21 am
warning, 14 to 17 feet waves. and so you'll notice it's still very, very dangerous. 21 feet there off of monterrey, the buoy there. and as we look live outside, boy is this looking nice around there. you can see the puffy clouds, that's cloud cover developing in the atmosphere vertically and that indicates an unstable air. 15 mountainview, and from emeryville, looks like a black and white photo there with the sun in santa rosa. and 49 in livermore. the snow still going in the mountains, boy, it is incredible. in fact we picked up maybe two feet or three feet. and now this goes until 4:00 a.m. the winter storm warning, another two feet in kirkwood, by tomorrow. don nor, just incredible. let's look through the several hours. 9:00, you notice we have the break. look at 3:00, line of some pretty heavy storms. you can see upper elevations, little rain/snow mix and then scattered showers right on through the afternoon. here's monday, and we're not
9:22 am
down done with it yet. the evening commute. showers, but certainly less than what we had. no organized cold front, and look at the afternoon, still pretty wet into late monday. so, highs today, with the rain developing, possible thunderstorms, mid-50s. the accuweather seven day forecast still some downpours throughout. still gusty winds, but the worst is behind us. still flooding though with a low lying areas. some of that erosion, the rock slides, the mud slides, and then scattered showers tomorrow and we can be done for a while. but you have to definitely download our app to check out this pretty pictures with the clouds. and also tracking the rain. >> yeah, keeping everything together. at least knowing what's going on. >> that's right. >> thank you, lisa. we'll be right back.
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a new study finds gun violence in pg-13 movies has mre than doubled since 1985. a pg-13 rating means some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. but according to to the study, movies targeting america's youth now have more gun violence than r rated films. experts urge parents to talk with their kids about the violence they see on the screen. happening today, long time walnut creek sports bar will
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hold a going out of business party. on this, it's last day of operation. it is closing it's doors after dealing with a series of public complaints. including disorderly conduct and assault of a police officer. in a facebook post, the bar's owners say they're heartbroken and feel forced to close after 39 years. the fair well party is all day today until closing after midnight tonight. still to come here on abc 7 mornings, the health of former president george hw bush and former first lady barbara bush continues to improve. when officials say they may be released from the hospital. hundreds of thousands of people showed up for the women's march from across the globe. many of them saying they are fighting for the rights they feel may be bullied by the trump administration. i'm stephanie ramos in washington, details, com
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good morning east bay, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. we're in for a wet and windy sunday. the storm is rolling through the bay area. this is what it looks like in san jose earlier this morning. up in sonoma county, this mudslide and downed trees are causing some problems for residents. there's only one way in and out on summer home park road in forestville. the vehicle code closed indefinite lil as crews clear out the mud, rocks, and debris. welcome back, everyone, we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argan. >> maybe you slept through it all. here's live doppler 7, we have sunshine right now, but still dealing with flooding concerns. the cold front pushed on through between 6:00 and 8:00, scattered showers along the central coast, mt. hamilton, flood warning in
9:30 am
effect. some of the streams there right on through tomorrow morning. the national weather service still has a flash flood watch throughout the afternoon. we are anticipating the possibility of thunderstorms, hail, and damaging winds with another piece of energy that's going to push through later on this afternoon. with it, we could see some hail and some gusty winds. but, we are looking at the possibility of just a couple more days of rain before an extended dry stretch. i'll explain coming up. thank you, lisa. breaking news out of georgia this morning. state officials say 11 people were killed, 23 others have been injured after severe weather hit southern georgia. just before 1:00 this morning our time, a tornado touched down. one of 11 reported in the state just this weekend. there is widespread damage to homes and other buildings and downed power lines. hundreds of thousands of
9:31 am
people some estimates say two million took over washington, d.c. and cities around the world. the marches and demonstrations were aimed at showing president donald trump they are watching. abc news reporter stephanie ramos joins us live now from washington with more. >> reporter: carolyn, that's right, many of the marchers say this women's march was about sending ing ing a massive messae current administration. saying they are going to fight for the rights they feel may be threatened by a trump presidency. >> this is what a democracy looks like. >> reporter: heard from hundreds of thousands of people. >> we will resist any racist, sexist, magazine phobic policies that come our way. >> reporter: the national mall in washington, d.c. flooded with people. >> ineverybody here has a lot of anguish and worry about what's going to happen. >> reporter: women, men, and children taking to the streets from coast to coast. >> now we can whimper, we can
9:32 am
whine, or we can fight back. me, i'm here to fight back. >> reporter: boston, san francisco, even as far as london and around the world. that same emotion shared by celebrities. ♪ this girl is on fire all standing up for women's rights, civil rights, human rights. >> we march today for the moral of this nation. against which our new president is waging a war. >> reporter: meanwhile, president trump was able to stay away from the protest during the visit to the cia. hours later, trump's press secretary sean spicer calling the press of the white house briefing room for the first time. disputing crowd size on inauguration day. >> photographs of the inaugural proceedings were framed in one particular tweet to minimize the enormous support that it gathered on the national mall. >> reporter: all while marchers on president trump's first full day in office vowed to remain united for the next four years.
9:33 am
d.c. metro staff say -- around early saturday afternoon, more than half a million people had taken the train to capitol hill. the crowds topping the number of riders on inauguration day. many of the marchers saying that this women's march is only the beginning. in washington, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. carolyn. >> stephanie, thank you. well yesterday -- well first of all, let's tell you about the tweets that the president did this morning. respondinged to the women's marches. first he tweeted, watch protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election. why didn't these people vote? celebs hurt cause badly. later the president sent another tweet saying peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy, even if i don't always agree, i recognize the rights of people to express their views. mr. trump was busy yesterday
9:34 am
on his first full day in the white house as we noted he paid a visit to cia headquarters and slammed the media for the coverage of the inauguration. here's abc news reporter mary bruce in washington. >> reporter: in his first remarks since inauguration day, the new president picked a new fight with the press. >> they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. [ laughter ] >> reporter: speaking in virginia, trump took issue with reports that the national mall wasn't as packed during his inauguration as it was for past ceremonies. >> we had 250,000 people literally around -- in the little bowl that we constructed. the rest of the, you know, 20 politic area, all the way back to the washington monument was packed. so we caught them. and we caught them in a beauty. and i think they're going to pay a big price. >> reporter: the white house is pointing to this photo taken from behind the podium, but this view shot from the washington monument as trump delivered his
9:35 am
remarks paints a different picture. there is no official crowd estimate. >> good evening. >> reporter: a short while later, a fuming press secretary sean spicer took to the podium for the first time. his top order of business, giving reporters a tongue lashing. >> these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. >> reporter: no fresh start for their relationship with the press, but trump is trying to mend fences with the intelligence community. >> there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the cia thanthan donald trump. >> reporter: trump debuting a new tone after attacking the community for weeks. accusing them of leaking ununsubstantiated reports that the russians were trying to black mamail him. >> that's something that nazi did do. it's a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public. >> reporter: the former cia director john brennan who has sparred with trump in the past
9:36 am
blasted his remarks. spokesman tweeting that bren season saddened and angered about the display in front of the cia memorial waffle agency heroes. and that trump should be ashamed of himself. mary bruce, abc news, washington. former first lady barbara bush could be released from the hospital as early as today. a spokesperson says the conditions of former president george h.w. bush and his wife continue to improve. both are being treated at the same hospital in houston. mrs. bush was admitted for bronchitis while her husband was treated for a respiratory issue related to pneumonia. the former president bush will remain in the icu for a few more days. developing news out of india this morning, at least 32 people are dead after an overnight passenger train derailed last night. 50 others have been injured,
9:37 am
seven coaches of the train were thrown off the tracks. officials say the death toll could rise because many people are still trapped because of that derailment is under investigation. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, there are a lot of medical technology break throughs here in the bay area. see what people all over the world have discovered thanks to this foldable microscope. developed by a stanford professor. and here's a live look from our emeryville camera. maybe the rain and wind are dissipating, but when will they return? and when will the sun return? lisa argan will have your
9:38 am
9:39 am
well here is live look from our santa cruz cam. there's a high surf advisory through tuesday morning from sonoma to monterrey county. the waves could top 25 feet.
9:40 am
because of the powerful waves and high tide yesterday morning, santa cruz shut down it's municipal ward to the public. we need a bit of a break. >> okay. all right. i like that. i happen to agree. it's partly sunny right now. 54 at sfo, no delays, look at the cloud cover though. that's going to build as well as some thunderstorms offshore. so, that's why we still have our storm impact scale into play throughout the afternoon. i'll tell you what number we're associated this afternoon burst of heavy rain with and also about more sun, carolyn, for the week ahead. >> all righty. thank you. also next, the sharks try to prevent an avalanche against colorado in an overtime thriller. mike shoouman has all the highlights coming up in sports.
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welcome back, everyone, 9:43 on this sunday morning. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is sunny right now. the sun is trying to peek through. the rain has stopped, for now. and then we take a look at ta hoo, it is snowing. and the tahoe valley airport has 32 degrees right now. we can tell you is that there are chain controls part of the way there and avalanche shut down, so just really check out your abc 7 weather app so you can find out what's going on up
9:44 am
there, lisa will be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. breaking news in the sports world, a young kansas city royals pitcher has died. 25-year-old yordano ventura was killed in the dominican republic today. he pitched in game six of the 2014 world series against the giants. he threw seven shutout innings in a 10-0 win. full day of sports ahead today, this afternoon the packers and falcons will battle in the nfc championship game. kickoff is at 12:05 at the georgia dome. then the steelers face the patriots in foxboro in the afc championship game. kickoff slated for 3:40 this afternoon. tomorrow the sharks will play the second game of a home and home series against the avalanche in denver. last night, san jose was hoping to extend their three-game winning streak.
9:45 am
we have all the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, well the nhl all-star game is next weekend. sharks will be in l.a. if the festivities, joe, brent, martin jones, and peter will coach the pacific division all stars. last night at the tank for the fers of a home and home with colorado. own chia pet jumbo joe thornton giveaway night. early first period, no score colorado with a shot that ricochets. trickles by. brent burns dives and makes the save. what a play. few minutes later, joe thornton, flicks it to joel ward for the scores. second period, carlson, ryan shot pass, spencer martin, 2-1 sharks. colorado ties it up in the third in overtime. logan couture is stopped by david. there to clean it up for the game-winner and the second goal of the year. 3-2, san jose, same two teams on monday in denver. all right.
9:46 am
the men's basketball team shows signs of improvement under jared. they have a three-game conference winning streak, but in order to continue it, they'd have to beat number 11 oregon in eugene. well the ducks tieing a win, trying to win a school record 16 straight games. stanford staying in it early. marcus to josh for the flush. oregon, too much fire power. chris beau chez hits one of oregon's seven first half threes and led by 17 atthe reak. how about the three-point line? casey benson and the ducks roll 59-62 for the school record 16th straight win. cal's beaten oregon state nine of the last 11 games. only four points in thursday night's loss to oregon 18 last night. the bees hanging around thanks to drew. watch here, he finished with 22. cal by five with a break would pull away in the second. steal and the lay-up.
9:47 am
he had 15. and byrd, the triple to make cal's lead a dozen. they'd lead by at least ten the rest of the way. bears win 69-58. the conference championships today. we'll have the highlights tonight at 5:00 right here on abc 7. i'm mike, have a great day. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argan. >> good sunday morning to you. taking a look at live doppler 7. showers around pacifica right now, the good news is we have had significant breaks in between storms. and if we hadn't, we would be talking about a lot of flooding right now. we still have some rain along the central coast around monterrey. and point souths where they are experiencing some flooding and it's highlighted here in green. around big trees and also to the north. around santa cruz county. felten, and these areas until 11:30. also, up in sonoma county. so the front has moved through. we're getting this three to
9:48 am
four, maybe five hour break before this line moves through. you can see the thunderstorms offshore and then for monday, this system still offshore will allow for more scattered showers. so with our saturated ground, the national weather service is still keeping this flash flood watch for the entire bay area throughout the afternoon. and you can expect some ponding on the roadways, you're already seeing that in the low lying areas, localized flooding, rock slides, also some mud slides out there. pretty messy and with this line and burst of heavy rain anticipated this afternoon, i'm keeping a two on our storm impact scale. so, by about 3:00, 4:00, we'll have more downpours, possibility of a thunderstorm because we're getting that sunshine and destabilizes the atmosphere could see some hail. we have a high surf advisory from sonoma to monterrey. these are the current wave heights and boy, is it still very dangerous out there. breaker heights anywhere from 25 to 30 feet. we'll have to show you this. i've been showing for the past
9:49 am
hour or so because it's so nice to see that sun. 54 in san francisco, 50 in mountain view. another third of an inch to about four tenths is possible throughout the day today. here is the golden gate bridge, 54 in napa with even though the rain has stopped, we're still looking at rapid rises in the creeks and streams, boy, if we didn't have these breaks in between the storms, could have been a lot, lot worse. winter storm warning until 4:00. i've been showing this day after day, and the amounts keep continuing to about two more feet around donner, foot and a half, blue canyon, and about two feet, kirkwood. so hour by hour, we have this little break now, here it is, 9:00 and then right on through the afternoon, until about 3:00 all the way down the central bay here. we're looking at strong downpours, the possibility of thunderstorms 3:00, 4:00, and then scattered showers after that through the overnight hours into your monday morning commute. it continues.
9:50 am
your monday evening commute, this is the afternoon though, so we're still looking at a very active and unstable atmosphere. we could see those thunderstorms through tomorrow. mid-50s today with the heavier rain by the afternoon. the accuweather seven day forecast, that's why we have the two on our storm impact scale. you'll know what to expect then with the one for tomorrow and then after that, maybe a sprinkle tuesday morning, but we're looking at at least four, maybe five dry days. could even stay dry beyond that. it's going to take until the middle of the week for things to shut off in the sierra nevada. >> okay. but the sunshine, we've earned it, man. >> yeah. thanks, lisa. we spent billions of dollars a year on scientific research, but what would happen if millions of people all over the world suddenly chipped in? a researcher at stanford is making that kind of big data gathering a reality. as abc 7 sheryl jennings learned, he's doing it by thinking small. >> that's a picture from a slum
9:51 am
in kenya. >> reporter: he isn't surfing the web, he's dropping in on a massive network of citizen scientists he helped create. >> the joy of science that we have needs to be shared. and so the types of tools that we make enable others to engage in scientific splorgs. >> reporter: we first met the professor when he was unveiling the fold scope. users fold the sheets into a device capable of examining object mistimes smaller than a human hair. and with the cost of under a dollar, the stanford team was able to ship more than 50,000 fold scopes to people in more than 130 countries. >> and that's really the real power of the tool. and since it's all documented, a kid in can look at a post from a kid in alaska or a kid in pennsylvania -- >> reporter: central website allows users to post their findings and collaborate. like identifying mosquitos that could carry deadly diseases, and now that legion of citizens
9:52 am
scientists is kicking into overdrive. potentially revolutionizing the way scientific data is collected around the world. the team is ramping up to deliver a million new fold scopes. and they're also developing new low cost tools that could make citizens scientists even more powerful. like a $5 chemistry set, inspired by the workings of a music box. >> this is the long-term vision. it's to build structure and scientific capability in society that goes far beyond just the professionals. >> reporter: he says the only rule is users must share what they're finding and if possible, share the fold scopes with people in their area. keeping the army of citizen scientists expanding to tackle some of the world's most pressing problems. sheryl jennings, abc 7 news. coming up, a second grade class bands together to save a dog in need. what insp
9:53 am
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it's just a date.
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i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. here are the winning numbers from $153 million powerball draw. 23, 25, 45, 52, 67, the powerball number 2. no one picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $170 million. a class of second grade students in kansas got together to help pay for surgery for that dog reicher was abandoned and had a broken leg.
9:56 am
animal shelter shared a post on facebook asking for donations for the surgery. the class raised more than $450. >> tears and goose bumps. a lot of goose bumps. these kids are amazing. a lot of them emptied out their piggy banks at home and just brought us all this money. it's amaze pg. >> i thought i should bring money because we need to help him. >> and help him they did. reicher's now recovering in a foster home. let's get a final check of your accuweather forecast. lisa. >> good morning. couple hours to clean up a little bit before more rain returns, but if we look at live doppler 7 right now, you're looking at some rain around the boulevard and south of coma. this is what's going to arrive later on today. we have flooding going on until 11:30 around the central coast. central santa cruz county also around big sur and right here, flood warning through monday.
9:57 am
and we could see the rushing river occur the stage. the front is pushing into southern california, heavy rain there, and the accuweather 7 day forecast, we have a line of pretty good rain headed our way midday. then we get a slight break, scattered showers into monday and look at all those sunny days, carolyn. have to do some math and see how long it's been since we've seen five sunny days in a row. >> yeah. >> we're ready. >> uh-huh. >> thanks, lisa. thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argan. the news continues online, facebook, and instagram, abc 7 news continues at 5:00 this evening. go out there, have a great sunday. and a great week ahead. and enjoy the sun once it does get here. we can really use it.
9:58 am
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at ikea, we believe that everything, from your lamp to your couch, should work as hard as you do. that green living is something everyone can afford. that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after. make the dream yours with ikea.
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>> the following is a sponsored program. >> welcome to "bay area buys." i'm henry tenenbaum, and we're at russell's fine furniture in santa clara where that's half-off, that's half-off, that's half-off, that's half-off, that's half-off, that's -- you get the idea, folks. russell's fine furniture in santa clara is having what has become their biggest sale of the year. richard russell and josh. so, for example, this item is half-off. >> yeah, it's a beautiful what we would basically call room divider, but it could go up against the wall. but, a lot of -- you can see that this is not cheaply made, a lot of curvature. >> it's finished on both sides. >> yeah, and i thought one thing interesting is this goes out both ways. >> oh, that is clever. >> isn't that clever? >> and look at the shape --


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