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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 24, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. overnight donald trump doubles down. repeating false claims he lost the popular vote because of millions of illegal ballots at a congressional event he hosted as the president takes executive action on trade and abortion policy, his press secretary tries to repair his heated relationship with reporters. >> our intention is never to lie to you, jonathan. >> going back and forth with our jon karl. punishing storms. a powerful nor'easter pounding the coast with winds topping 65 miles an hour, ripping roofs off homes. rain flooding this new jersey train station. snow and ice creating a dangerous commute. thousands of flights canceled or delayed. as a new winter storm takes aim at the center of the country. terrifying collapse.
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a governor falling at the podium in the middle of delivering his state address. lawmakers and aides rushing to his side. >> get him to the ground. get him to the ground, please. >> what his family is saying about his condition this morning. ♪ 24 karat magic in the air and magic in the air on hollywood's biggest morning. kicking off oscar madness. >> very, very exciting. >> "la la land" hoping to sing and dance to oscar gold. "hidden figures," "moonlight." and "fences" looking to erase the memories of last year. now the stars of some of the biggest films are joining us for the oscar nominations right here on "gma." we do say good morning, america. this is always a fun, fun morning. we've got the oscar nominations coming up. of course, a lot of eyes are on "la la land."
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>> oh, yeah, a lot of good movies out there. "la la land" being one of these great movies out there. i know they're waking up hoping they'll get calls this morning about some nominations and also this morning we're getting our first look at the obamas on vacation. there they are. looks like they were very relaxed as they head to sir richard branson's private island. >> good to be ex-president. not bad. >> could you imagine the stress relief when you're out of office. >> you can see it. >> new president hard at work. packed first monday in office. our political team is covering every angle from his battles with the press to the push for his cabinet nominees, to his first executive actions. let's start with cecilia vega at the white house. at that congressional meeting overnight the president repeated false claims about the election. >> reporter: george, president trump says that he lost the popular vote because of millions of illegal votes that were cast. this is a claim he has made before and it is one that has
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been flatly debunked. the cameras were rolling for president trump's first official white use meeting with congressional leaders. >> sources telling abc news he lost the popular vote to hillary clinton because of millions of illegal bam ets were cast. president trump has made the claim before and fact checkers have roundly debunked it. so trump settles into his new role, so too does his staff. press secretary sean spicer facing the cameras again after his much criticized first performance this weekend. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. >> reporter: this time a different tune to abc's jonathan karl. >> is it your intention to always tell the truth from that podium, and will you pledge never to knowingly say something that is not factual. >> it is. it's an honor to do this, and, yes, i believe that we have to be honest with the american people. i think sometimes we can
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disagree with the facts. there are certain things that we may not fully come out but our intention is not to lie to you, jonathan. >> reporter: kicking off his first full week with a packed schedule. >> we'll sign three memorandums right now. >> reporter: starting by signing a flurry of new orders from a federal government employee hiring freeze to a ban on foreign aid to groups who provide abortion services, a policy first imposed by ronald reagan that has been reinstituted by every republican president since. and making good on a campaign promise to pull out of a major trade deal with asia, the transpacific partnership. >> great thing for the american worker, what we just did. >> reporter: now no comment so far from the white house on those election claims. some in the room is say that donald trump made these comments in jest but he has made the comments before, tweeting after the election that millions of people voted illegally. in the meantime, it is another
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busy day at the white house. the president is meeting with auto executives and he will be talking about american jobs. robin? >> all right, cecilia and there are new developments for president trump's cabinet nominees. more pushback expected today as tom price heads back to the hot seat. overnight another one of trump's candidates, mike pom way yoe, was confirmed. mary bruce joins us from the capitol. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, day five of the trump administration and the president has just three confirmed cabinet secretaries. the latest overnight congressman pompeo for cia director. they are picking up the pace, but there is still a logjam here on capitol hill as democrats raise ethical concerns about many of trump's nominees and that is expected to continue today as they take aim at mick mulvaney.
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the president's pick for budget director now under fire for his own finances after he failed to pay taxes on his nanny's income. this is the kind of thing that's taken down nominees in the past but this morning the question is just what kind of impact does it have in current political climate. robin. >> mary, there does seem to be good news for the administration concerning the president's selection for secretary of state. seems like he has cleared a hurdle there. >> reporter: yeah, rex tillerson, the former exxon ceo has cleared a major hurdle now that republican senator marco rubio is finally on board. rubio had raised concerns about tillerson's ties to russia. he says he still has reservations but didn't want to create an unwarranted political controversy by blocking him. tillerson could now be confirmed as early as next week, robin. >> all right, mary, thank you. >> let's get more on this from jon karl. jon, you were pretty tough, pretty direct questions to sean spicer yesterday. what you got back is kind of a mix of concessions and combativeness. >> reporter: yeah, but it was a clear reset, george. sean spicer went into this briefing room over the weekend because president trump was upset and wanted him to come out here and deliver aongue lashing at the press. he did that. it did not go over well.
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he refused to take questions. so when he came out here yesterday for his first official briefing, there was a little bit of humor and there were critically some concessions and he did acknowledge that some of the information that he gave over the weekend was not correct. he said it wasn't intentional and that he would always as you heard do his best to tell the truth from the podium. >> and you mentioned it right there. we know that president trump was upset saturday. that's why sean spicer came into the briefing room. he's keeping a close eye on all this. some reports he wasn't very happy after spicer's briefing on saturday. >> reporter: yeah, it was like worst of both worlds for the press secretary. certainly he didn't make any or build any bridges with the press and president trump by all reports was not happy with the performance, some aides thought it shouldn't have been done to begin with but what we hear about yesterday's performance is that the president was quite happy with it. >> on the confirmation front it appears that the president is closing in on a supreme court nominee. >> reporter: that's right.
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what i'm told is there is one a circuit court judge, 10th uch, circuit. he is somebody who is only 49 years old and would be actually, george, the youngest supreme court nominee in about 25 years, very -- somebody who's popular with conservatives and was confirmed for his current job unanimously by the senate back in 2006. >> that could be -- >> reporter: i'm told that could come next week. >> that could be key, the fact that he was confirmed unanimously last time because you're hearing some talk from the democratic leader shuck schumer of filibustering whoever the president puts up. that would mean they would have to get democratic votes to get it through. >> reporter: the white house believes it would be hard to filibuster gorsuch. he's just not that controversial. but there are a lot of bruised feelings by the fact that, of course, barack obama's last nominee didn't even get a hearing. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. tomorrow night david muir will have e first interview with president trump since the inauguration. that will air right here on abc at 10:00 p.m. michael. >> all right, george, and now to that massive nor'easter that's
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hitting right now bringing rain, wind and dangerous flooding. we're going to take a live look at this flooded road in seabright, new jersey and also a point in boston where we find our own rob marciano. good morning, rob. >> good morning, michael. yeah, the rain is blowing sideways. winds here to 50 miles an hour. the nor'easter has certainly arrived in boston. the boats in the harbor are rocking and the waves splashing over the sea wall so coastal flooding certainly an issue but the wind has been the driver of this damaging storm. overnight, the northeast taking a pounding. >> it's scary. it's scary. >> reporter: ferocious winds turning fatal in philadelphia. tearing a sign from this car lot then striking and killing a 59-year-old man. in city center a huge chunk of this 1200-foot mural toppling off a hospital wall. just outside new york city, wind gusts reaching 65 miles per hour.
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just look at this scaffolding dangerously dangling from a building. you can hear it as it slams against it sending people below scrambling to get out of the way. >> crazy. pieces are starting to fall off over there. >> reporter: the roof ripped off this new jersey condo, parts of it landing on parked cars. trees smashing onto houses from pennsylvania to new york. >> three houses in a row one came down at about 5:00 a.m. we heard it and it woke us up. >> reporter: and streets flooding along the new jersey coast. >> the first nor'easter of this season but the reality is and in a post-sandy world extreme weather is a lot more common and it's something that we're constantly mindful of. much. >> reporter: pretty easy to be mindful of the storm when it's in your face and you've got to get to work. wind chills are below freezing, even with this rain. we've got over 12,000 people without power and we expect that number to climb. inland you've got snow and sleet piling up and schools are
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closed. a tough, tough commute for millions today. george? >> rob, you got to get back inside. okay. to ginger right now. more on the nor'easter and a storm coming to the midwest. >> brand-new photo. this is long island. water up to the wheel wells. the tide that just passed at high tide that passed. you can see the wind gusts 24 to even 46 miles per hour for providence, rhode island. those numbers are going to stick around for much. the day. raw, it's going to be wet, ugly and saw the snow and sleet inland and take the timing this afternoon when everybody is going home, still not pretty in new york city. certainly not through eastern connecticut, parts of boston overnight. then we say good-bye to this storm. by tomorrow and say hello to the next storm in the midwest. this is pictures out of arizona where you can see snow flying there. now it's moving right along i-90 through the day tuesday into wednesday, a quick look at spencer, guys. this is how we all felt in the middle of the nor'easter and will feel today. >> it's a great blow-out. >> nice. thank you there, ginger. now to a health scare overnight for the governor of
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minnesota. mark dayton collapsing during his annual state of the state speech. you see there his aides rushing in to help him. that was quite a scene. abc's linsey davis joins us with more on the story and more importantly the latest on the governor's condition. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. as you can imagine this caused quite a bit of panic in the statehouse chambers last night. the governor of minnesota was giving his 2017 state of the state address when he drank some water, tried to continue on with his speech and then simply collapsed. a frightening health scare monday night as the minnesota governor delivered his state address. after speaking for nearly 45 minutes, governor mark dayton's words started to slur. >> but despite that awful cost -- >> reporter: seconds later the governor collapses at the podium. >> get him to the ground, please. >> reporter: bystanders rush to his aid. lawmakers later adjourned for the night. >> i don't know if he is simply dehydrated or what. i don't know. all i do knois tt minnota needs to get behind ougovernor tonight and say a few prayers.
7:13 am
>> reporter: the governor seemed to take a spill ahead of the speech nearly toppling over but lawmakers say he's known to be a tough old bird. >> as everybody in minnesota knows, former goalie, so he's suffered hits before and comes back. >> reporter: this wasn't the first time the democratic governor who turned 70 this week has fainted in public. last january dayton was taken to the hospital after fainting at a political event. this time the governor walked out of the capitol. emts joined him later at his home. his son eric tweeted thanks to well wishes and noted the governor was doing a very advanced puzzle with his grandson hugo, adding, that has to be a good sign. >> we hope so. the governor's chief of staff says it's back to business for the governor today. he's expected to present his budget later on this morning. as to the cause of the collapse, the governor's office isn't saying. robin. >> hope they find out. all right, linsey, thank you. to amy now with the morning's other top stories starting with news from that avalanche in italy.
7:14 am
>> that's right. the death toll from that avalanche that buried a hotel in central italy last week is rising. overnight more bodies were found in the rubble bringing the death toll to 14. but 15 people are still missing and this morning a rescue helicopter with six people reportedly on board crashed near another ski resort in that same region. back here in this country a megamerger in the health insurance industry has been blocked. a federal judge has ruled the deal between aetna and humana would drive up prices. snapchat has been cleared in a distracted driving lawsuit. a georgia couple injured in a crash claimed the social media company's so-called speed filter encouraged the other driver to speed. a local judge disagreed saying snapchat is immune from such lawsuits. and federal agents near boston have found $20 million in cash hidden under a mattress in a money laundering case. they say all of those bills stuffed inside that box spring were proceeds from a pyramid scheme.
7:15 am
and finally, some money stuffed under the bed to a guitar stuffed in a man's pants. surveillance video showing this guy at a music store stuffing a $1,700 guitar down his pants. you can barely see the hidden guitar as he makes his escape even though it was a full sized electric guitar. he is still on the run. >> he got away with it? >> it has really struck a sour note for the employees. >> sorry for stepping on your line. >> it's okay. it's okay. >> there are so way ways to go with that. >> i went with the clean version. >> is that a guitar in your pants or are you just happy to see me? >> got away with it. oh, wow. there is so much excitement for the oscar nominations. in an hour we'll know who is going for the oscar gold and abc's chris connelly, he joins us now and good morning, chris. >> good morning, michael. when it comes to the oscar nominations, a lot of love for a
7:16 am
lot of different movies but among those most featured, a tender story of heart break in the northeast, a young man's coming of age in florida, and that little movie musical that could cleaning up. >> reporter: la la land must be in la la land this morning. >> is that going to happen every time? >> i think so. >> reporter: after receiving 14 oscar nominations, the most of any this year. >> it's very, very exciting. >> reporr: also tieing an all-time record for the most nominations, alongside all about eve and titanic. ryan gosling sung his way into the best actor category. ♪ city of stars >> reporter: and the film's director nominated for direction along with best original screenplay. and it's the current for best picture. in the best actress category, natalie portman for "jackie".
7:17 am
>> this article will bring you a great deal of attention. >> reporter: will square against meryl streep who received her 20th nomination. in the best actor category, casey affleck for "manchester t the sea" will take on denzel washington in "fences." unlike last year, a diverse assortment of actors and all manner of experience. "moonlight" nominated 8 times for best picture. best supporter actress for naomi harris and supporting actor. "hidden figures" got a nomination for octavia sponsor. best actor vee go mortensen. >> i was hoping my movie would
7:18 am
get lucky and i'm really proud to be able to represent captain fantastic. >> reporter: lin-manuel miranda. >> i was very surprised. i'm beyond, beyond, beyond thrilled. >> reporter: if he wins, he'll be the younger actor ever to win an egot. offering the tantalizing possibility of ryan gosling singing live in the dollby theatre stage and justin timberlake performing his song. that's right, two guys from the all new mickey mouse club back in the '90s together again. i'm excited. robin? >> all right, chris. thank you. let's go to ginger now where there's a lot of rain out west. ginger? >> speaking of los angeles, fullerton, california, this is south and east of them but plenty of rain over the weekend. that's what they were doing in
7:19 am
california, jet skiing. put those jet skis away because things are going to be drying out. your legal weather in seconds. good morning, i'm abc 7 news, meteorologist mike nicco e. your highlights increasing sunshine and a dry afternoon. grab the sun glasses. a slight chance of rain wednesday night into thursday. warm and dry weekend sunshine. 60s are coming back. today, 52 to 55. watch out for black ice tonight, though. fog in our north bay and ooeast
7:20 am
bay coming up we'll take you inside one of the toughest jobs in washington. what's really going on behind the scenes of those famous white house briefings. >> i think i should know. we got the oscar nominations coming up. that's right here on "gma." that's right here on "gma." 've s ew, really? oh, it's our verizon bill look at them. line access fee, administrative fees, there are even taxes on top of them. decent people shouldn't have to live like this did i get it? t-mobile ends surprise fees and taxes that's right, with t-mobile one, taxes and fees are now included 4 lines, 40 bucks each. all unlimited, all in.
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xeljanz can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate, and is also available in a once-daily pill. ask about xeljanz xr. good morning, it's 7:23. we do have breaking news for you in san jose. you'll want to avoid tully road. it's going to be closed between center and 10th street for another 30 minutes. officers are wrapping up their investigation of an accident involving an uber sdrierdriver pedestrian. the driver said the man stepped in front of him and the pedestrian has life threatening injuries. let's go to alexis smith. has it been busy for you today? >> the bay bridge commute included. we had a crash on your way to treasure island early this morning. that resulted in the metering lights being flipped on 30
7:24 am
minutes earlier before normal. we've had a hard time bouncing back. check this out, westbound 580 that's where we had the emergency pothole repair. down to one hour 16 minutes. northbound 85.
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here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see a few light showers along the coast and into san francisco where a few sprinkles. this has a shelf life of an hour and a half. temperatures in the 30s east bay, south bay with low to mid40s for the rest of us. grab the sun glasses, you'll need it.o mid 50s. fog is going to be a big issue the next couple of mornings. 60s take over this weekend. >> that sound great. coming up, caught on camera car
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rescue. hear the woman's survival story.
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i thought you's was wearing a wire. haha, what? why would i wear a wire? geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. ♪ welcome back to "gma," everybody. you can see that's our live giant oscar celebration, of course, dj irie has the party going with our beautiful-looking audience. they're all red carpet ready. a lot of excitement for the nominations this morning and we have a lot of that coming up. >> i think i'll have to do a wardrobe change when we go upstairs. >> not fancy enough. >> also right now -- george said good luck with that. the president is having breakfast with the major car companies this morning and he's going to meet with his newly sworn in director mike pompeo this afternoon. the northeast bracing for that powerful storm bringing rain, flooding, dangerous wins
7:31 am
and the midwest getting ready for a new storm bringing up to a foot of snow. and a big morning down under for american venus williams making it to the aussie open's semis. the oldest woman to do so at the tender age of 36 facing off against fellow american coco vandeweghe. everyone tries to write off the williams sisters and they're there, match after match. >> more on that coming up. we begin with a closer look at the pressure that comes with being white house press secretary. i have some personal experience, 24 years ago i was in that podium. now sean spicer in the spotlight caught between the president, the press and the public. tom llamas here with the story. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning to you. george, one of your colleagues put it best. mike mccurry said the geography of the west wing is a metaphor for the relationship. the press secretary's office is exactly halfway between the oval office and the briefing room. one of the most public and most complicated jobs in washington. >> there's been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald
7:32 am
trump accountable and i'm here to tell you it goes two ways. we're going to hold the press accountable, as well. >> reporter: with that debut, sean spicer put a new spotlight on one of the toughest jobs in the white house. press secretary. the role involves a delicate dance. bridging the gap between the president and the press. >> it is at the same time the best, most wonderful, exciting job you'll ever have and the most grinding, grueling pressure-filled burnout job you'll ever have. >> reporter: and that grind and pressure unfolding on live tv in its entirety starting during the bill clinton administration. >> he said i did not have any sexual relations with that woman. he couldn't have been clearer. >> did he mean no sexual encounter whatsoever? >> david, i called on april. i'll come back to you some point down the road maybe. >> when things got heated the best strategy is to stand your ground. say what you believe in, say it forcefully but say it respectfully. that's the trick. >> reporter: but sometimes things get too heated for respect. here's obama's press secretary jay carney mixing it up with our
7:33 am
own jon karl. >> these memos say at the end of the day we are all stuck in the same queue because they have to go through the same portal. >> jon, i get it but the person who calls isn't the one who continues to wait after the paper application is filled. right? >> reporter: former press secretaries we spoke to say the secret to success is to never lose the trust of the reporters you work with but more importantly, the public you serve. >> you are on a stage that the whole world is watching and the credibility of the white house is very important. you're standing with not only the country and the public but the larger world itself. >> reporter: and the job is so stressful, so demanding that it's not uncommon for a president to go through two or three press secretaries in one term. there's also crossover with our business, sometimes prominent reporters like the late tony snow or jay carney become press secretaries and sometimes press secretaries become prominent
7:34 am
broadcasters like pierre sallinger, dana perino at fox news and there's one more -- i don't remember. >> what is that? >> greek maybe. >> we've seen -- thank you for the report. as we've seen it's commonplace for reporters to tangle with the press secretary. you know this all too well. >> i feel a lot of sean spicer's pain. no qstn bit. in fact, i'm going to show a clip from my first briefing. not quite as contentious as sean's but it was something very, very similar. hillary clinton did not want the press to be able to come up into the press room. just like president trump wants to kick them out of the west wing. we had not made a final decision of it but helen thomas who covered every president since john f. kennedy, you see her right there, right at the first question she started giving me a hard time. >> are you going to block us from going up the steps to your office? >> we will review any of these kinds of plans. that's exactly what it means reviewing everything right now. >> you said -- >> for the time being we're doing it before we make any permanent decisions and we'll be discussing this with you. >> i've been here since kennedy
7:35 am
and that door -- those steps have never been blocked to us and the press secretary's office has never been off-limits ever. >> the important thing is to make sure you have all the information you need to do your jobs and that's what we're committed to give. >> what i wanted to say at that point was, i know, helen. i don't want to close the door. >> you were told to? we were told to. we hadn't yet convinced hillary that we couldn't close the door. we did keep it open but we weren't quite there yet so i had to dance for a little while. >> you have to be ice cold i that role so i'm curious, what's tougher, this job or that job? >> that job is a lot tougher. >> happy to be here. >> this one pays a little better. >> a little better. it is a real balancing act because you have to hold your ground and be forceful but have to be respectful. >> well, add one more thing, one of the reasons sean got in trouble he was saying things that weren't true. you have got to do everything you can -- you're not always going to be right but you have to do everything you can to try to tell -- be accurate and tell the truth.
7:36 am
that's why the question jon karl asked sean yesterday was so important. is it your intention to always tell the truth from the podium. >> not only for us but the american public can trust what's coming out. >> that's right. >> you look just the same. >> hasn't changed. >> not a bit. coming up a dramatic rescue. it's caught on camera. and what to do if you get stuck in your car. come on back. k in your car. come on back. deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis
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this is the place where star wars lives. move along. come join us...during season of the force. now at disneyland resort. (from x-wing) hyperspace! back now with that rescue caught on tape. a woman from washington spinning off the road. her car in flames before police officers saved her life and t.j. holmes is here with the story. good morning, t.j. i love the outfit. >> you like that. how about the car? you like the car? don't let my hoopty fool you. even older cars have power locks so what happens when the power goes off to your car? you might end up in a situation like this lady where you can't get out. luckily she had a cop there to help her out but all she needed was this. watch as a spokane policeman desperately tries to smash a car window trapped in that car, a woman frantic. and trying to get out of her car which is engulfed in flames. >> i honestly believed that i may not make it out of there.
7:41 am
i thought i was going to die there so panic was definitely setting in. >> kim novak says her car shut down after hitting a pile of slush. with no power she couldn't open the windows or doors. she was trapped. >> the flames were shooting up. it's happening that fast it was going to get me fast too. >> reporter: fortunately for her an officer was nearby and he broke the window with his baton and with the help of her neighbor dragged novak from the burning car with just a few minor cuts. >> move, move, move. >> reporter: it's a real danger. cars' electrical systems shutting down. >> if you're in an accident, that could cause the power to shut off. if you are submerged in water, that could cause the power to shut off. >> reporter: our own matt gutman demonstrated what would happen if you were trapped in your car when it plunges underwater and how to escape. >> i shatter it with that puncher. >> reporter: that tool is just one of the many possible ways to escape your vehicle. here's another tip. read your owner's manual. >> there's manual levers and latches in case of emergency.
7:42 am
i'm going to unbuckle, get myself to the back as quick as i can, pull the emergency buttons, find the exit. >> reporter: experts say you should know what to do before the emergency happens. >> it goes back to being comfortable and familiar with your car. make an action plan so you're not in this situation. >> so, if that were to happen to you, you couldn't get out of your car, you're trapped because the power is out. this tool is called a center punch. different variation, all you have to do and it's this simple. we'll shatter this glass. put it up against and you give it a good punch and it's that simple and you can get out of your car. now, there are different vehicles that are made different ways that are supposed to have failsafes for you to still be able to get out of your car but no matter what if you don't trust the technology carry this $17 tool. it's that simple to get out of your car. >> cleanup in aisle two. >> you make the mess, you clean it up. >> that's a good point so how much is that?
7:43 am
how much? >> 17 bucks. nothing wrong with just keeping one of those in your car. you see why i'm dressed like this now? >> now we understand the one glove. >> he wasn't going to mess up his suit for that. coming up on our big board, extreme parenting. the mom who went too far to teach her son a lesson about strangers. where should you draw the line? come on back. strangers. where should you draw the line? come on back. n it, you are rockin it. this program is amazing. weight watchers is not a diet. i eat more now than i did before. it's just - i'm learning how to eat better. how do you show up in your life? i feel like i walk into a room, just glowing. i feel like me again. i eat chips. i love chips! i love chips! in the first 2 months members have lost 15% more weight than on our prior program. join for free and get one month free. hurry, offer ends february 1st. look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens we make it easy for you to seize the day
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7:47 am
a lesson about strangers. she said he was too nice, sunny. the arrest warrant states the boy was lured from his bus stop. he was told he would never see his mother again. this man brandished a gun and said he was going to nail him to a shed door. he was tied up. his face covered with a hood of the put in the basement for hours. as a mother i know what i think. as a mother and prosecutor i want to hear what you have to say. >> when my mommy hat is on, i'm horrified. the folks that are involved were the boy's mother, his aunt, his grandmother and a friend. so, when you look at these four folks, i think my goodness this is supposed to be this little boy's trust system, this is supposed to be his support system. when i take my mommy hat off and i look at these four pictures, all i see are lists of felonies. i see felony kidnapping. i see felony restraint. i see felony child abuse and i think that that's what is significant about this. these are people in trying to protect this child committed crimes. >> and legally where is the line
7:48 am
in the sand when it goes from -- some people may say that's just parenting. where is the line legally in the sand where it goes from parenting to abuse? >> and that's important. let me read to you the federal statute. so federally child abuse is any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation but doesn't define specifically what that all means. my rule of thumb as a mom, as a former prosecutor, what you can't do to a vulnerable adult you can't do to a child. had they done this to an adult, it would certainly be a felony. put that in your minds, parents, when you are trying to discipline your child. >> emotional trauma. that's what this case is, 100%. >> no question. >> sunny, thank you very much. >> thank you, sunny. and next up, the stage is set for major super bowl showdown. i'm not talking about the patriots and the falcons but tom brady and roger goodell. they could face off for the first time since brady was suspended for four games after the deflate-gate scandal.
7:49 am
and stephen a. smith is joining us live. stephen, in a radio interview brady was asked what he might say to the nfl commissioner if they were to meet face-to-face and he responded, maybe i'll tell you after. so what's going on? how heated is the feud between these two? >> well, brady is going to try to underplay it but he's furious. he's been furious. he thinks his name is raked through the coal tz and his reputation has been smeared to some degree and he holds roger goodell responsible for that you got to remember the folks in foxborough, massachusetts, they love themselves some tom brady and even during this afc championship game that just took place a couple of days ago you had people chanting roger, roger, holding up big signs for roger goodell asking where was he because he was in atlanta for the nfc championship game when he knows good and well he should have and could have been in foxborough but he hasn't been back there since the afc championship game of 2015 two years ago when the patriots ellacked the indianapolis colts 45-7 and outscored them 28-0 in the second half because roger goodell doesn't want that
7:50 am
kind of just acrimony, the dissension, everything is going to be criticism and all aimed at his direction. he knows the folks in foxborough and patriots fans the world over are coming for him. that's why he was so relieved when the denver broncos beat the new england patriots in the afc championship game last year. this is one of those situations brady knows he can't do but so much until he wins. if he wins roger goodell will have to present them that lombardi trophy which you know all about, michael strahan, but if he doesn't win he doesn't have to deal with tom brady. he's not going to see roger goodell. >> well, i tell you right now, brady's motivated to be the first quarterback to win five super bowls and i think this deflate-gate definitely has added to that. and thank you, stephen a. sunny, thank you very much. coming up, the oscar nominations. see who's been nominated. nominations. see who's been nominated. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in.
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back here on "gma" we got this surveillance video in from a tornado in miami. you can actually see the video. that's hattiesburg but there's the video from the surveillance. ef-0 to ef-1. 107-mile-per-hour winds. thankfully no one hurt but hattiesburg through mississippi and parts of georgia, 20 people died this weekend. that's more in tornados than
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by aarp. real possibilities.
7:56 am
7:56. good morning, mike nicco has a look at your forecast. >> hi, everybody. still tracking a few light showers. you can see them right near the coas not expecting any. by 10:00 they're gone. we'll see increasing sunshine, 52 to 55 today. tonight low 30s in the inland valleys. frost, maybe black ice. low 40s around san francisco. 60s for highs starting saturday. we're starting to see an improvement. the drive times, pretty hefty delays, westbound 80. highway 4 to the maze. hour two minutes. 15 minutes across the bay bridge. san francisco to the airport, that's in the red.
7:57 am
going to take you 20 minutes. coming up the oscar nominations from los angelesi. that's next on gma. we'll have another update in 20 minutes and always on our news app and join us every morning
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. president trump repeats those false claims about losing the popular vote as he takes executive action on trade and abortion. health alert. a reported spike in flu cases right now. could your children be in danger of getting sick soon? is it too late to get the shot, and when should you stay home and recover? ♪ 24 karat magic in the air and are you ready for oscar? >> it's that time of year. the nominations revealed live right here in just moments. will it be a "la la land" slide? >> congratulations. that's incredible. >> is it "moonlight's" time to shine? will oscar go rogue? >> rebellions are built on hope. >> you'll find out who is waking up a nominee.
8:01 am
the envelope please as oscar season kicks off, and they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning, america. how beautifully dressed is everyone in this audience today? and you did do a wardrobe change. very nice. >> i wanted to -- with the audience, i knew they were bringing it so i wanted to do it too. do you recognize these earrings, george? >> i do. >> george gave those to robin for christmas. >> ali picked them out. >> i asked him if he recognized them because i'm sure ali probably had a little something -- thank you very much. it's a special morning. exciting. oscar celebration. >> we do it every year. >> yes, we do. >> we've been doing it for 900 years. >> but the nominations are coming. >> we're all excited about these nominations because there are a lot of good movies out there but we're also excited because we have dj irie.
8:02 am
and not only is he doing that, we have waiters who are around serving up our audience a little something that's a little sweet so we have waiters going around. we have music. that's a party. >> that's a partee. a breakfast partee. and you guys might remember yesterday we launched the great kindness challenge and, get this, in one day 300 more schools across the nation signed up, keep the kindness. we want to see your pictures. they signed up to do this. we want you guys to do it. takes two seconds to just say, you know what, have a great day. >> let's get 300 more today. >> let's do it. >> all right. so we have a lot coming up. amy's got the morning rundown. >> that's right. good morning, guys. the big story this morning, president trump reportedly rehashing complaints about the election as he delivers on some key campaign promises. as he prepares for another day of back-to-back meetings, two
8:03 am
more cabinet choices will be in the hot seat. health secretary nominee tom price is facing questions about replacing obamacare and the president's nominee for budget director, mick mulvaney, is facing questions about his failure to pay taxes for a nanny. despite the busy schedule president trump is apparently still sounding off about losing the popular vote to hillary clinton. abc's cecilia vega has all the details. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: yeah, amy, good morning to you. this controversy came during donald trump's first official meeting here in the white house with congressional leaders. now, in that meeting sources tell abc news the president said that he lost the popular vote to hillary clinton because millions of illegal ballots were cast. this is, of course, a false claim. he has made it before, and it has been fact checked. fact checkers have roundly debunked it. no comment so far from the white house, but some in the room say the comment was made in jest. now, the president is kicking off his first full week in office with a packed schedule including with a flurry of new orders from a federal government employee hiring freeze to a ban on foreign aid to groups who
8:04 am
provide abortion services, and he's also making good on a campaign promise to pull out of a major trade deal with asia. that, of course, is the transpacific partnership, and today another busy day in the white house. president trump is meeting with auto industry executives to talk about american jobs. amy. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. and abc news has learned president trump has narrowed down his choices to fill the vacancy on the supreme court. sources say federal judge neal gorsuch is the leading contender. he's 49 years old, and his nomination could come next week. meanwhile, president trump is giving his first one-on-one interview since the inauguration to our david muir. the abc news exclusive airs during a prime time special tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. eastern. minnesota's governor is recovering after this frightening moment when he fainted at the podium during his televised annual address. governor mark dayton was later able to walk on his own, and his family says he has quickly recovered. he was hospitalized last year for dehydration.
8:05 am
well, a powerful storm is hammering the northeast with heavy rain and wind, coastal flooding and snow. the nor'easter knocked out power to more than 35,000 customers, toppled trees on to homes and swamped train stations from pennsylvania to new england and turned deadly when a sign from a car lot struck a man in philadelphia. on the west coast a state of emergency has been declared for 50 counties in california slammed by winter storms that triggered mudslides, and in utah an avalanche was caught on camera, tons of snow racing down a mountain and onto that road. look at that. fortunately, the road had already been closed. and finally, the phone is ringing off the hook at a deli in washington but the callers aren't looking for pastrami. they're looking for the president. someone mistakenly tweeted the phone number at bub and pop's deli, which is one digit off the number to the white house comments line so the deli, as you might imagine, has been flooded about complaints from
8:06 am
everything about cabinet nominees to obamacare but the owner is trying to take advantage inviting callers to drop in for a visit and of course they just got a shoutout to a few more million people here on "good morning america." >> doesn't hurt. you got that right, amy. thank you. we turn to an important health warning. the cdc is reporting a spike in flu cases across the country. our chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser will break this down for us. >> yeah. >> so what's going on, rich? >> flu season peaks between january and march and we are right in the middle of it. it's been going on for the past few weeks. it's spreading around the country. if you take a look at the map, there is a lot of flu activity in the midwest. those are the states in red with high activity. it's spreading across the country. it hasn't yet reached epidemic levels so there's still more to come. >> this has hime for you. >> it has. it has. you know, people wonder whether vaccinations are the way to go. it is the best way to reduce your risk but just last night my son who goes to wash u. in st. louis, one of the areas being hit hard, was diagnosed with the flu and he had his shot back in november.
8:07 am
so it reduces your risk but if you're in the high risk group, elderly, very young, pregnant women, definitely worth getting your flu shot. it will take two weeks to kick in. >> he's doing well. if you get flu symptoms it's good to get in for treatment early. if you get treatment within 48 hours, tamiflu can reduce the length. >> not as severe. >> exactly. >> you know, we live in a very competitive world and some people -- you don't go to work, you don't get paid, and so they soldier through. >> that's right. >> and they go to work. when do you know you just got to stay home? >> you got to do the right thing. you're contagious from the day before you have symptoms and then for another week or so after that. but if you have fever you should stay home and then for another 24 hours to make sure it's not coming back. if you don't have energy or your kids don't have energy, don't send them to school and kids should stay home a little longer because they're so good at sharing germs with each other. it drives me nuts when schools give awards for perfect attendance because it encourages kids who are sick to go to school when they should be staying home. >> i never thought of it like
8:08 am
that. >> yeah, you got to do the right thing. it helps everybody else out. >> you got to keep everybody in mind. not just yourself but you're putting other people at risk. >> protect those around you. >> if you're at home you can watch the oscar nominations coming up. first we have "pop news." can you escort me over? >> yes. >> okay. i got an escort. nice. >> i would have worn my tux if i would have known. >> thank you, rich. >> very own red carpet. >> i know, love that. "pop news." >> yes, "pop news" time. my golden girl, we're going to begin with a little oscar news. the nominations happen this morning, as you may have heard. jimmy kimmel getting us in the spirit for a brand-new video on how you too could one day hear your name called out. take a look. >> first you get a job as a waiter. then you go to a lot of auditions. >> you don't get it, dad, i was born to dance. >> yeah, dad. then you act your little heart out. >> don't die, soldier. that's an order. >> and finally the oscar goes to you. >> ah.
8:09 am
>> i wish it were that easy. >> yeah, i was going to say. i'm sure ryan gosling says that's exactly how it happens. totally. it's his first official promo for the award show. the comedian sharing a blueprint if you will on how to take home hollywood's biggest honor. you can find out which real-life stars will get the chance to walk on that stage in a little bit right here on "gma" and then the real deal, the 89th annual academy awards air live on abc, 8:30 p.m., february 26th. robin roberts, if you already tell me you know what you're wearing, i'm not going to be happy. >> i have no idea. no clue. >> you're always -- no, no. >> you always torture yourself. >> i know and i always ask your advice then i don't follow it. this year i will. >> you just have to ask. >> of course, we're family. that's what you do. >> it's going to be fun. we know that. hey, also in "pop news" this morning, more hosting news. alec baldwin has appeared almost every week this season on "saturday night live" as president donald trump, but on february 11th he will break his own record when he guest hosts
8:10 am
for the 17th time. >> wow! >> he's a cast member. for the record there he is with his pal steve martin. he's just behind him guest hosting "snl" 15 times and, yes, the dear friends are competitive about this situation. so my guess is next week steve martin will be on. just a guess but sure to be a good show and probably donald trump in there, president donald trump. finally more hosting news. susan lucci returning to daytime tv for a new gig. "people" magazine reporting that the soap star will serve as a co-host on the hallmark channel's morning show called "home and family," and i love this, robin. she's bringing her "all my children" family together. >> yes! >> i know. >> come on now. >> guys in the audience, who watched "all my children"? raise your hand. it was like my daily pleasure. it is a special reunion, notable cast members of the legendary
8:11 am
soap set to appear on february 2nd, peter bergman, kim delaney, cameron mathison, our cam. eva larue, dr. maria santos. >> yeah. >> john callahan, edmund and eden regal who played bianca. that was erica's daughter. poor bianca, she went through a lot. >> yeah, she did. >> all right. so look for a little daytime drama when erica kane hits the couch. she'll fill in on the hallmark channel the week of january 30th. it will be great. >> putting it in now. >> you know what, i've never seen robin so excited. >> i love it. >> she was over here like ooh. >> i would like to do a weekly reenactment from a favorite scene from "all my children" where we play the characters. >> oh, that would be fun and i told you -- >> you know what, george, it's like they're having a conversation right around us. >> i know. >> how many times have i told you i actually in college scheduled my classes around so i could see -- yes. how many did that? >> priorities, people. >> look where she is today. >> hey, coming up, take a look at our audience. they're all dressed up.
8:12 am
>> they're excited about the oscar nominations. we're going to find out who made the list. >> i did. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the fast, powerful cough relief of robitussin because it's never just a cough. st a cough. if you want to sell your car carmax will give you seven days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ♪ wait... wait... perfect. at del monte, corn is packed at the peak of freshness with just water and a dash of sea salt. nothing else.
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[] hi, it's anne from edward jones. i'm glad i caught you. well i'm just leaving the office so for once i've got plenty of time. what's going on? so those financial regulations being talked about? they could affect your accounts, so let's get together and talk, and make sure everything's clear. thanks. yeah. that would be great. we've grown to over $900 billion in assets under care... by being proactive, not reactive. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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♪ ♪ cake by the ocean we are back now with our excited crowd and our oscar celebration. now it's time to find out the
8:17 am
nominees and chris connelly, you're back with us along with "people" entertainment director jess cagle. welcome. [ cheers and applause ] >> among the nominees we'll hear coming up, best supporting actor. what's your take on this, chris? >> hugh grant was up in golden globes for "florence foster jenkins" as best actor and moves over to supporting for oscars. i don't know what he's supporting except for the whole movie because his role was huge. >> he was great in that movie. >> he was great. it's a logjam. interesting to see if aaron taylor-johnson, the winner of the golden globe in this category even gets a nomination. >> are you going to give us a bet? >> i'm going to say no, i bet he doesn't. >> best song, really competitive. >> really competitive because you have "la la land," a musical so i'm expecting a couple of the slots -- right? really good ones. a couple of the slots to go to that, however, you have pharrell, lin-manuel miranda. >> sure. >> you know. >> justin timberlake. good category. >> let's get to it. should we say? >> you ready to get to it.
8:18 am
>> let's do it. >> you guys anxious? >> a little bit. >> a little nervous. >> so excited. let's stop talking and let's get to it. let's go to the nominations, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> being nominated felt like -- >> honored. >> unbelievable. >> it was exciting. >> a legal high. >> i guess i just flipped out over it. >> it's kind of like when a pinata breaks open and everything comes spilling out. >> people are like you're feeling so humbled by this moment. no, i feel like the [ bleep ] greatest. >> completely shocking. >> really proud. >> you don't get moments like that every day. that was a moment in time, for sure. >> the academy awards you think you know, that's not how it's always been. in 1929 there were no nominations, and the winners were announced in advance, so today we're going to change things up again and we're going to invite past oscar nominees and winners to help welcome this
8:19 am
new class and to actually walk them through the next 33 days. >> for that year i was part of that small, selected group of the brightest stars, and i was able to bring my mother to the oscars, who always wanted to be an actress, and she got to sit right next to me and be so proud of me walking on that stage. the nominees for supporting actor are -- >> mahershala ali in "moonlight," jeff bridges in "hell or high water," lucas hedges in "manchester by the sea," dev patel in "lion" and michael shannon in "nocturnal animals." >> the nominees for cinematography are -- >> "arrival," "la la land," "lion," "moonlight" and "silence."
8:20 am
>> the phone rang, and my lawyer was on the phone. i thought i had done something wrong. he said you were nominated for an oscar but i was by myself in this hotel room and i didn't have anybody near me, no family and before i had the chance to call my mom my door rang and the waitress came in and i just burst into tears and said, i've just been nominated for an oscar and she put the tray down and she said, give us a hug. >> documentary feature, "fire at sea," "i am not your negro", "life, animated." "o.j.: made in america," and "13th." [ applause ] best documentary short subject, "extremis," "4.1 miles," "joe's violin," "watani: my homeland" and "the white helmets." [ applause ]
8:21 am
>> we are fortunate and, of course, you should have fun with all of this. but the day after, the very next day after the oscars, the focus should be back to making films, good films. the nominees for foreign language film are -- >> "land of mine" from denmark, "a man called ove" from sweden, "the salesman" from iran, "tanna" from australia, "toni erdmann" from germany. >> the nominees for live action short are -- >> "ennemis interieurs," "la femme et le tgv," "silent nights," "sing" and "timecode." >> when i heard my name i think i just about passed out. and then when i heard lenny
8:22 am
abrahamson's name, the director of "room," that's when i really lost my mind. it was just the best moment of my life. the nominees for lead actor are -- >> casey affleck in "manchester by the sea," andrew garfield in "hacksaw ridge," ryan gosling in "la la land," viggo mortensen in "captain fantastic" and denzel washington in "fences." [ applause ] >> the nominees for sound editing are -- >> "arrival," "deepwater horizon," "hacksaw ridge," "la la land" and "sully." [ applause ] >> the nominees for sound mixing are -- >> "arrival," "hacksaw ridge," "la la land," "rogue one: a star wars story" and "13 hours: the secret soldiers of benghazi."
8:23 am
>> very early in the morning the first thing i did was wake up my wife. i think immediately call someone that is going to take you down a few notches. that's why i woke up my wife. the nominees for production design are -- >> "arrival," "fantastic beasts and where to find them," "hail, caesar!," "la la land" and "passengers." >> the nominees r vial effects are -- >> "deepwater horizon," "doctor strange," "the jungle book," "kubo and the two strings" and "rogue one: a star wars story." >> we were making "the big chill" and i heard it and i -- as they'd say in england, i was gobsmacked. out of the blue.
8:24 am
i had no clue. i had no expectation. >> costume design, "allied," "fantastic beasts and where to find them," "florence foster jenkins," "jackie" and "la la land." [ applause ] makeup and hairstyling, "a man called ove," "star trek beyond" and "suicide squad." >> to score a music in a film, that is like to me the most impactful and powerful music. let's not forget about "jaws" with that dun, dun, that type of power it ex-cudds to drive your every emotion through the film and you don't even know that's what is driving your emotion. that is powerful. the nominees for original score are -- >> "jackie," mica levi, "la la land," justin hurwitz, "lion,"
8:25 am
dustin o'halloran and hauschka "moonlight," nicholas brittel and "passengers," thomas newman. [ applause ] >> the nominees for original song are -- >> "audition (the fools who dream)" from "la la land," "can't stop the feeling" from "trolls," "city of stars" from "la la land," "the empty chair" from jim: the james foley story," "how far i'll go" from "moana." >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> nice start here. there's still more to come. there's still more to come, but what jumps out at what you saw already? >> in case you're wondering apparently you weren't allowed to nominate "la la land" for best documentary.
8:26 am
that's the only thing i heard. biggest surprise, michael shannon -- >> he's good. >> he was fantastic in "nocturnal animals." so good job by the academy on that one. >> "moonlight" is doing well. >> it's doing very well. the thing that surprised me was pharrell was not nominated for "hidden figures" for his song. i'm surprised to hear that. "empty chair" got it instead. >> we did get lin-manuel miranda from "moana." and justin timberlake. >> we have egot in play for lin-manuel miranda going for the total sweep of the nomination. the egot is in play if he wins and we have our shot at ryan gosling and justin timberlake reuniting like they ought to be. >> wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm excited. >> don't go anywhere. we've got the best picture oscar nominations and more when we come back.
8:27 am
good morning, to you, we're tracking breaking news in san jose. investigators are looking into an accident between an uber driver and a pedestrian. the man has life threatening injuries. let's get over to alexis some it with traffic. >> good morning. yeah, as you probably know it has not been an easy morning on the roads. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza finally thinning out. pretty heavy down the middle. we have delays just about everywhere. not terrible out of wattinate creek. westbound 580 tracy to dublin
8:28 am
one hour and
8:29 am
sure is coming down. she'll be there. ♪ ♪ mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. there it is. our last sign of some wet weather. finally starting to pull off the coast and move away from us. by about 9:00. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we'll end up in the low to mid 50s. watch out for freezing condition and thick fog the next couple of mornings. 60s the highs this weekend.
8:30 am
>> we'll have another nbc 7 news update in 30 minutes. and always on our free app. you can join us for abc 7 mornings, wee ♪ ♪ when we in the zone >> nice tune. ah. welcome back. our wonderful audience that is here with us from the oscar nominations already out and more are headed this way. >> yes, they are. we have so many of you who are already weighing in on the nominees. we'll take a look at our survey and they're picking who they think will win the best supporting actor. >> yeah. >> but let's listen in for more nominations. >> my big piece of advice when you're nominated is not to pop the champagne right away because that's going to continue for a long time, in this case maybe 33 days, and you've got a big job ahead of you.
8:31 am
you might have to give a speech in front of millions and millions of people and you don't want to screw it. the nominees for original screenplay are -- >> "hell or high water," taylor sheridan, "la la land," damien chazelle, "the lobster," yorgos lanthimos, efthymis filippou, "manchester by the sea," kenneth lonergan, and "20th century women," mike mills. [ applause ] >> the nominees for adapted screenplay are -- >> "arrival," eric heisserer, "fences," august wilson, "hidden figures," allison schroeder and theodore melfi, "lion," luke davies and "moonlight," barry jenkins and tarell alvin mccraney.
8:32 am
>> so, the first time that i really truly ever experienced the academy and the oscars was when i was there nominated for an oscar, and i haven't stopped watching it since. the nominees for animated feature are -- >> "kubo and the two strings," "moana," "my life as a zucchini," "the red turtle" and "zootopia." >> the nominees for animated short are -- >> "blind vaysha," "borrowed cigarettes," "pearl" and "piper." [ applause ] >> i got to meet lee daniels, the director, and he just gave me the role after about 30 to 45 minutes of talking, and so i
8:33 am
don't know how other people get nominated for oscars, but for me it was hella easy. here's some more of this year's nominations. >> actress in a supporting role, viola davis in "fences," naomie harris in "moonlight," nicole kidman in "lion," octavia spencer in "hidden figures" and michelle williams in "manchester by the sea." [ applause ] film editing, "arrival," "hacksaw ridge," "hell or high water," "la la land" and "moonlight." [ applause ] >> my phone rang. it was my father, and we both just started crying, and neither of us could finish the sentence. it was one of the greatest moments of my life, and it was two years later that we actually got nominated together for "up in the air." nominees for lead actress are --
8:34 am
>> isabelle huppert in "elle," ruth negga in "loving," natalie portman in "jackie," emma stone in "la la land" and meryl streep in "florence foster jeins." [ applause ] directing, "arrival," denis villeneuve, "hacksaw ridge," mel gibson, "la la land," damien chazelle, "manchester by the sea," kenneth lonergan and "moonlight," barry jenkins. >> to our global community of filmmakers and fans and to everyone who is inspired by movies and loves them as much as we do, thank y so much for joining us this morning. >> i'm thrilled to be here with cheryl twelcome the nominees for the 89th academy awards, and i'm especially honored to help announce this year's nominees for best picture.
8:35 am
>> "arrival." >> "fences." >> "hacksaw ridge." >> "hell or high water." >> "hidden figures." >> "la la land." >> "lion." >> "manchester by the sea." >> "moonlight." [ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations to all the extraordinary artists and filmmakers nominated today. it going to be a great show. >> a huge congratulations. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> the idea of you being an oscar nominee is actually now part of your name till the day you die. >> embrace this moment because just being nominated alone makes you a winner. >> make a speech anyway because there's nothing more boring than an unprepared actor. >> i want to congratulate all the nominees and i advise them to wear comfortable shoes to the ceremony. >> get sleep when you can.
8:36 am
sneak into the oscars with a flask, and have a good time. [ cheers and applause ] >> sounds like some good advice. >> it does. >> that's right. congratulations. can we just say congratulations to all the nominees, what an honor it is, exciting to all of them. [ applause ] >> does meryl streep ever not get nominated? >> you know, not in my universe she doesn't, no. i mean, the big surprise there is amy adams not getting nominated for "arrival" especially how strong it was across the board. nine nominations and best picture and leaves out "deadpool" but a very strong group. >> what jumps out for you? >> i still think "la la land" will be the movie to beat based on all of the nominations today. the best actress, that was the most unpredictable category, and it remains unpredictable. isabelle huppert, natalie portman, emma stone, meryl streep, ruth negga fro "loving."
8:37 am
it's a fantastic group, and like but annette bening left out, emily blunt left out even though she had a screen actors guild award for "the girl on the train," and amy adams, five-time nominee, i thought she may have had a chance to even win this year for "arrival" but she wasn't nominated. >> supporting categories are both strong. >> they very much are across the board. supporting actress pretty much went the way you would imagine although the two women from "20th century women" were very strong, greta gerwig and elle fanning. but not able to crack it this time. viggo mortensen, i know is a surprise to a lot of people getting a best actor nomination but this was kind of predicted by a lot of people who were following this stuff. leaves people like tom hanks not getting a nomination this year but that's the way it goes, lots of new faces this year, and a big surprise that pixar does not get a nomination in feature film for "finding dory." two disney films instead. but no pixar. >> i was going to ask you, the animated films makes so much money and none make the best picture. >> if you want to look for where the hit movies are, you'll find them in visual effects and you'll find them in animated film. "doctor strange," "rogue one,"
8:38 am
"jungle book," "zootopia" and "moana." these are movies that made a lot of money and they can still be going home with oscars before it's all over. >> "zootopia." >> i've seen every one of them because i have kids. all right, everybody, stay right there. when we come back, some of the oscar nominees are going to join us right here on "gma." you don't want to miss that. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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and welcome back to "good morning america." right there on the screen, the best picture nominees. you're seeing them all, and we are about to hear from some of those that are up for an oscar gold in just a moment. but you know what, we're going to win an oscar for looking warm. let's do it. do good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. increasing sunshine today. temperatures a little bit short of average. low to mid 50s. my seven-day forecast, a lot of fog the next couple of mornings inland. 60s and sunshine this weekend.lo and after we start that d.lo oscar for all of you, we start on my star. i want to say thank you to all -- oh, you guys want me to go back upstairs. okay. all right. let's head back up to you in the studio. >> ginger has a star out there. we got our own stars right here on the desk, as well. and speaking of stars, oscar nominations, oscar nominee "nocturnal animals" star michael shannon is up for best supporting actor, and he's joining us now. good morning and
8:43 am
congratulations, michael. >> oh, thank you. thank you so much. >> and i had a chance to sit down with you and aaron taylor-johnson and tom ford and do an interview before it and we talked about this movie and how moving it is. but are you surprised about your second nomination for an oscar and did you see it live or did somebody have to call and wake you up? >> well, you know, i'm in new castle, england, right now so -- and i'm working on another project, so, yeah, it was kind of just dropped out of the sky, yeah, but i love the movie. i think it's obviously kind of a dark movie like you were saying, very emotional, but i think it seems to be striking a chord with some people. >> you seem to be pretty relaxed right now. but when you first hear the news, do you let out a scream? who do you tell first? >> you know what, it's so funny. i'm at a hotel right now waiting for my room, so i'm really
8:44 am
standing out on the sidewalk pacing around. >> that's so funny. >> it's a very unglamorous situation. >> have you gone to the front desk and said -- >> you'll get a better room that way. >> yeah. >> maybe a view. >> i think i could go back in. >> so you haven't -- >> yeah, i haven't had a chance to talk to any of my family yet or anything being so far away. >> but i tell you what, i'm pretty sure they're going to be extremely happy to get this news, as happy as you are, and it's well deserved and we hope you get checked into that room really soon. ana good room, a good room at that and we'll be looking out for you at the oscars and wish you luck, my friend. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> all right. yeah. >> that's one nominee we know was not in pajamas. >> yes. >> every other nominee i assume is in sleepwear because it's so early in hollywood this time of day. >> but i can only imagine the feeling when you get this call especially i'm pretty sure for some they say i'm not going to pay attention. i'm going to sleep in. i'm just -- if i get a phone call in the middle of the morning, i'm pretty sure that's
8:45 am
what it is, and for them it's got to be very exciting when the phone rings. >> you try to tell yourself i'm just happy with the nomination. don't have to worry about the rest. >> and the feeling of surprise. i don't think he had a lot of expectations, you know what i mean, so it was especially sweet for him. although i'd say michael shannon is probably the least excitable oscar nominee ever. >> you're right about that, jess. >> i want to ask chris connelly your opinion. mel gibson, is this the completion of the comeback? >> i guess it is. i guess he's -- i guess this is -- this was the spare slot in best director, and i think people felt that "hacksaw ridge" was an outstanding movie and he got the nomination. >> also andrew garfield got the nod and the film, as well, correct? >> fine work, as well and to finish off a story that we've all been talking about last year, three of the best picture nominees all about the african-american experience, seven actors of color nominated so we turned the page there for a year at least. >> yeah. >> i love "hidden figures." >> yes. >> the performances in the movie very deserving.
8:46 am
>> great films and great performances from that. mahershala ali, he's been somebody that's been on this show a couple of types and hopefully we'll hear from him in a little bit and talked about "moonlight" and it was like the little film that could. >> absolutely. >> and what is it about it, do you think, that's resonated with folks? >> i think it's a coming of age tale. >> yeah. >> just really well told and so no matter -- >> artistic. >> artistic but any good coming of age tale that's well told is universal. and it's strange to say because this kid's life was so extraordinary and unrelatable to a lot of people, but it was so well done that no matter who you are, you can identify with the story. >> and naomie harris. naomie harris, you usually see her like all glam and for her to take the role, she said it was something because she didn't want to fit that stereotype and said because of barry jenkins, the -- it's his story, and she bought into it and said it is just so beautifully done and if people haven't seen it should take the time to. >> he also will probably win.
8:47 am
mahershala and viola davis, the two supporting categories are a lock. >> really? >> jess cagle said it. there you go. ♪ and we ew love was here t
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] back now. oscar party. we're talking about all the nominees and congratulating them, and on the phone with us now, naomie harris who has been nominated for her role in "moonlight." naomie, congratulations. congratulations, naomie. so, how did you hear the news? naomie, how did you hear the news? >> say again. my brother actually called me because i couldn't -i couldn't follow it live. i was too nervous, and so my brother called me, which is the best way to hear any news. >> and was he screaming? was he screaming?
8:50 am
how did he tell you? >> he was screaming, and then i was screaming, and then i immediately called my mum and she was screaming and so, yeah, the whole family is just over the moon. it's just -- it's unbelievable. really, really unbelievable, and i'm just so excited for the movie as a whole as well. i'm so excited for "moonlight" that it's got this kind of recognition and hopefully will encourage more people to see this fantastic movie, so it's just the best news ever. >> oh, i remember when you were here along with mahershala and barry to talk to me and talk to us about it and wanting people to see it because as we were talking about it, it's a coming of age movie that everybody -- so many people can relate to and explain to people that this movie was put together in a relatively short amount of time. >> well, it was shot in 25 days, and as you know, i shot my part in just three days, so it's incredibly short, and it was made on a tiny budget. you know, the hair and makeup
8:51 am
people had a budget of between $300 and $700 for the entire movie, and so it was really, really low budget and nobody ever, ever expected this kind of response to it so we are all just over the moon. >> you said that you -- on the surface you were reluctant to take the role because you -- >> i know. i could have said no. i was so close to saying no. >> but why did you say -- why did you say yes? >> because i saw barry jenkins' first film, which he made for $13,000 and it is one of the most beautiful movies i've ever seen and also because barry explained to me that basically the character i play is an amalgamation of his mother and the original tarell alvin mccraney. >> barry, a double nominee for director and screenplay and, of course, best picture nomination also. what will it be like to go to the oscars with your whole filmmaking team to celebrate how well "moonlight's" done?
8:52 am
>> that is the best, the best feeling ever because there is so much love and passion that has gone into this film, and i can't think of more deserving people to be nominated and for us a nomination is a win. we are just over the moon with it because it is so much fun working on it and so much passion and such a beautiful movie that's been created that it's just wonderful to get this kind of recognition and we are all going to be floating down the red carpet. >> well, fitting that you're over the moon for "moonlight." it's very fitting that you would say that, naomie. congratulations. >> thank you. >> and we will see you, my friend, we will see you on the red carpet. enjoy your day. >> i look forward to it. >> all right. >> i know, exactly. >> and every designer in the world right now is like, get me naomie harris' phone number. >> spectacular. >> she is so beautiful. >> so talented. >> you had insight for us on meryl. >> yeah, meryl, 20th nomination. >> wow.
8:53 am
>> congratulations, meryl. >> everybody, stay right there. we'll be right back. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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brought to you by edward jones where attention and sound advice is a big deal. > jessoscar morning would not be the same without you all. >> thanks for having me. >> and loved having dj irie here. ♪ >> it is wonderful. >> a great oscar party. have a great day, everyone.
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good morning, to you i'm natasha zouves. let's get over to mike nicco. >> if you don't like the rain, you can see it fading away on live doppler 7. it will mean increasing sunshine today. temperatures are still cool, 52 to 55. watch out for fog the next couple of mornings and freezing cold temperatures. alexis and i will keep an eye on the possibility of black ice. did you see the 60s? >> got to get through the tuesday morning commute first. southbound 680 from walnut creek. 40 minutes to highway 13 and the major sinkhole on 13 is not helping. very slow out of the central valley as well. >> look at the red drive times.
9:00 am
it's time for live with kelly and i'lle back at 11:00 a.m. for the abc 7 midday news. i hope you join me then. our reporting continues on ♪


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