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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that law enforcement officials could recover the car. that was the plan. yesterday jada's family had noticed an unusual pattern in the water as they circled the creek with law enforcement officials and a family member threw a stone that hit what sounded like the car's tire. drone video confirmed that and the vehicle's location. all of this after an accident on saturday when jada's vehicle clipped another vehicle before going into the creek. multiple law enforcement agencies returned to the scene today with the family close by to recover the vehicle, but when they did, jada was not inside. >> we are still dealing with the fact that we do not have our daughter and our sister and our child home, but we're not stopping here. we're going to continue to search for her. >> we'll start at the point of entry where the car went in and we have deployed assets right now all the way to san francisco
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bay, to the mouth of the alameda creek where it flows into the bay. >> so the plan is for jayda's family to continue to help law enforcement officials comb the banks for her. multiple assets, including low-flying helicopters have been deployed. niles canyon road is likely to experience some additional closures tomorrow. we'll keep you posted on those as they continue to search for jayda jenkins, an 18-year-old university student. her family says they are not giving up hope and her mother said that includes her 13-year-old little sister. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. berkeley police are investigating the mysterious deaths of a couple and their two cats. their bodies were found yesterday in their apartment on deacon street near webster. abc 7 news reporter vic lee spoke to a friend of the woman who died. he joins us now.
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⌞> reporter: larry, tonight berkeley police tell us they still don't know what caused their deaths and that their autopsies could take well into next week. now, one of the professors we spoke to that we interviewed with whom you'll hear later on told us that this couple went to san francisco saturday night to dine with friends and that they seemed upbeat and very normal. now, we don't know exactly when they died. all we do know is that their bodies were found in that apartment yesterday. >> everyone knew val to be a very generous and kind person and very intelligent. >> reporter: to say the least. valerie morash graduated from m.i.t., got her masters and doctorate from uc berkeley. professor marty banks was her advisor. >> she was the go-to person in the lab on any statistical poblem. >> reporter: morash and her husband, roger, were found dead in their apartment here last night by a friends who went to
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check on her. police also found their two cats dead. fire and pg&e crews were called. carbon monoxide and radiation poisoning came back negative. there was no forced entry or signs of violence. as for the possibility of the couple taking their own lives, the professor says morash was a rising star as a research scientist. >> val was on a roll. i mean she was hiring people, she was mentoring graduate students over here. >> reporter: banks tells us they were a happy couple, roger morash also had a promising future. >> he was a very good programmer, m.i.t. educated like val is. was working on video games. >> reporter: valerie was working in san francisco here at the smith kettlewell eye research institute doing pioneering vision work.
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>> all these questions about how to effectively communicate through the hand. >> to help the blind. >> to help the blind, mm-hmm. that was her primary focus. >> reporter: police are hoping autopsies on the two bodies will determine cause of death. vic lee, abc 7 news. a lake tahoe ski patrol member died today following an on the job accident at squaw valley resort. squaw valley said it happened while the ski patrol was dealing with possible avalanche conditions, but the resort says the 42-year-old man's death does not appear to have been avalanche related. squaw valley closed for the day because of the tragedy. the placer county sheriff is also investigating what happened. turning now to the weather, remember sunshine? remember what that looked like and felt like? the sun was finally out again today. a live look from our mt. tam camera. spencer christian with a look at a dry forecast for a change. >> i think we're all happy to see the sun today. the rainy season has lived up to its name in recent days. not showing any green or areas of precipitation today so let's
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move along and take a look at recent rainfall totals. over the last seven days we've seen 10 inches at ben lomond. nearly 8 inches at san rafael an just under 4 inches in san francisco. not so densely populated area, 7.5 inches of rain. percent of rainfall for the date, santa rosa and livermore are nearly at 200% of the normal levels of rainfall at this point of the season. over 150% here in san francisco. snowpack statewide is at 197% of normal, which is pretty good. so even though right now we're getting a little bit of a break from precipitation, our statewide totals for snow and rain are looking pretty good. fighting that drought. i'll show you what's coming our way here in the bay area for the next seven days in just a few minutes. our last round of storms put california well over the top when it comes to snowfall for an
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entire winter season. the golden state is now above its annual average and we still have two and a half more months to go. this follows several drought years where california has seen just minimal amounts of snowfall in the sierra. speaking of all that new snow, you are looking live at some of it at heavenly mountain resort, courtesy of lake tahoe tv. it looks nice with the blue sky too. so far this winter more than 25 feet of snow has fallen at some of the resorts around lake tahoe. a brentwood annual rescue center took a direct hit in the weekend storm. so much so that the they are struggling to recover. laura anthony is live in brentwood with the story. >> reporter: hi, larry. these goats behind me have moved to higher ground. as you can see their pen is still flooded. many others here at the spirited sanctuary are still flooded. as the cleanup continues, so too does the mission. it's been a wild and wet few
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days at the spirited sanctuary and animal rescue in brentwood, founded specifically for abandoned and abused farm anmals. >> it was horrible. the winds were 50 plus mile an hour, rain coming out sideways. >> reporter: as if the lives of these horses, pigs and chickens haven't been hard enough, their new home, their safe haven, was nearly destroyed by a deluge of water and downed trees over the weekend. >> see the little greenhouse with mr. wilson in it? had his house been anywhere else, he would have been crushed. the tree came down. there was not one spot that did not have a eucalyptus tree. >> reporter: two huge trees fell destroying a number of shelters and fences on the property. what wasn't damaged, flooded. >> the standing water is really bad. it's bad for the horses' hooves, we need to get the standing water pumped out and develop a plan to either raise the ground level or build new fencing to
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relocate the horses somewhere else on the property. >> get these guys all cleaned up. >> reporter: now that the water has gone down, volunteers have moved in to help the nonprofit repair and rebuild. the sanctuary still has a long road to recovery. and is accepting donations of time, services and money to make sure these once unwanted animals still have a safe place to call home. in brentwood, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a pacifica restaurant is still cleaning up after a huge wave smashed through a window this weekend. the impact was caught on security video. check it out. look at that. yeah, the wave went over the sea wall. it was so big it slammed into the side of the restaurant some 40 feet away. >> the wave hit the food truck. the food truck smashed into the building, broke a window in the food truck. it was quite a mess to deal with very early in the morning. >> the water damaged the bottom
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level of the restaurant, a space used for special events. the top level with coast side-views of the waves remains open. this tree blocked the way to san francisco's ft. point. it fell across long avenue. that's the road that connects ft. point to the rest of the presidio. they have working to clear the downed tree in order to restore access to the civil war era military post. caltrans expects to finish repair work on a giant sinkhole in oakland. sky 7 flew over highway 13 just a little while ago and you can see paving crews putting down fresh asphalt where the giant sinkhole blocked two southbound lanes. highway patrol officers nicknamed the sinkhole steve. you can see what it looked like yesterday in video shot by sky 7. the hole started small but crews discovered it actually measured about 20 feet by 30 feet. caltrans blames heavy rain and a ruptured underground pipe for that sinkhole. potholes brought this
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morning's commute to a stand still on westbound 580 near livermore. caltrans shut down two lanes to fill the holes. at one point it took drivers three hours to go less than 30 miles from tracy to dublin. stocks soared today as the s&p 500 and the nasdaq both hit new all-time highs. investors looked beyond president trump's protectionist rhetoric and focused instead on the latest round of company earnings news. the markets recovered strongly after yesterday's dip. analysts are cautious because investors are still seeking more clarity on mr. trump's economic policies. the dow jumped 113 points to 19,913. the nasdaq up 48 to 5601 and the s&p 500 jumped 15 points to close at 2280. a state of the state speech. >> we will defend everybody, every man, woman and child whose come here for a better life. >> governor jerry brown takes
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center stage to deliver a defiant message to the donald trump administration. and the white house press secretary doubling down on a false claim about why mr. trump lost the popular vote. also -- >> is needed again and again. >> it's supposed to be a sweet film. now one of the stars is coming forward to dispute troubling video from the movie in theaters now. >> at 4:11, a live look at the afternoon commute. this is the golden gate bridge. it looks fantastic, just from the standpoint of a gorgeous view. and traffic isn't bad either with the traffic moving nicely in both directions. back with more on abc 7 news at 4:00 after the break.
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some breaking news right now. this is a live scene from sky 7 at the site of a traffic accident outside of freedom high school in oakley. a contra costa county fire district tells us seven people were hurt. this took place a short time ago. fire crews rushed to the scene along with paramedics. it's unclear if this afternoon's crash involved any students from freedom high, but we'll keep you posted. governor brown delivered his annual state of the state today in sacramento. >> he used the speech to defend california against the trump administration. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with a look at the highlights. >> this was governor brown's 15th state of the state but it was the first time he's taken direct aim at a president. listen to his positions on climate change. >> we can't fall back and give in to the climate deniers.
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the science is clear, the danger is real. >> on protecting immigrants. >> we will defend everybody. every man, woman and child who's come here for a better life and has contributed to the well-being of our state. >> reporter: and on preserving the federal funding california received under obamacare. >> for any of that to be taken away, our state budget would be directly affected, possibly even devastated. that's why i intend to join with other governors and senators and with you to do everything we can to protect the health care of our people. >> governor brown got plenty of applause from the largely democratic legislature but republican lawmakers were not as inspired by his fiery speech. >> there was not enough talk about jobs in california at this time. i'm hoping that we can move forward on that front as well. >> governor brown did conclude
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by saying he wants to find ways to work with the federal government. >> california's first latino attorney general was sworn into office today. javier becerra said he would blo block things. they confirmed him 26-9 with all state republicans voting against or abstaining. becerra says he's eager to get to work to be a champion for all californians. >> and i certainly will be there to fight with our legislative leaders and our governor to make sure that we are given the opportunities that any state would expect. >> the l.a. area democrat was the highest ranking latino in congress before resigning his post. he succeeds former attorney general kamala harris who's now in the u.s. senate. a new study finds more californians support the idea of the golden state leaving the united states. 32% of californians now support withdrawing from the country.
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that's according to a reuters poll released this week. that's significantly higher than 2014 when 20% backed the plan. a proposal has already been submitted to the attorney general's office for the 2018 ballot. congress would still need to approve it. the chp is investigating how somebody set up an anti-president trump banner on the golden gate bridge over the weekend. zack fernandez posted pictures on instagram showing a banner reading "impeach" on the ginl. fernandez used a walkway to hang his banner on saturday in protest of mr. trump. fernandez gained worldwide fame for turning the hollywood sign into the hollyweed sign earlier this month. minutes before officials took it down. >> collars with metal spikes poke the neck of a dog when
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pulled. they are requiring owners to take the collars off their dogs when they enter their offices. >> the anxiety of the dog increases. so your dog might not be yelling and screaming in pain, some do. but we know that pain inducers is a poor way to train a dog. >> the spca will put flat collars on dogs while in their care. pet owners will be told about the negative effects of using prong collars but they will not confiscate them since they are legal to use. >> spencer is back with this new phenomenon, sunshine. >> blue sky out there. >> i wanted to put on my sunglasses today but i lost them, it's been raining for so long. >> they washed away. >> here's a look at live doppler 7 and we are seeing no rain on the radar image today. a few high clouds are passing by, but otherwise skies are mainly clear, so this clearing pattern for now is what we have, a little bit of relief from recent rainfall.
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check out this view from our sutro tower camera. it's 53 in san francisco right now, 51 in oakland and low to mid-50s also at mountain view, san jose, gilroy and half moon bay. this is the view of the western sky which is mainly sunny from our emeryville camera. we have current temperature readings of 55 in santa rosa and mid-50s at napa, novato, fairfield and concord and a mere 50 at livermore. this is a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge with mainly blue skies above and here's a look at our forecast. we'll feel chilly conditions overnight. we'll see areas of morning fog. mainly sunny and dry days ahead into next week and we'll have a brief warmup on sunday and monday but that's about it, about two days. forecast animation overnight shows fog over in the central valley. pachds of fog here in the bay area. for most of the day we'll have sunny skies tomorrow. getting back to the early morning hours, the big feature will be the big chill.
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low temperatures will drop down to or below freezing in some inland locations. we expect lows of 31 in santa rosa and 33 at napa. it will be quite cold in our inland valleys and chilly in the bay as well with upper 30s and low 40s. we look at our day planner tomorrow. we'll start the day with a few high clouds and early morning patches of fog. during the maid dmidday hours we'll see temperatures above 50 in most locations and cool down tomorrow evening. about 56 across the bay, 56 in san jose and in the north bay 53 at napa, 54 at santa rosa and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a string of sunny days coming away, hard to believe. saturday marks the beginning of the chinese new year.
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it's the year of the rooster and the weather is giving us lots to grow about. >> could have done without that. >> yeah. it's going to warm up a little bit on sunday and monday with high temperatures climbing into the mid-60s but the warm up will last just a couple of days. >> thank you, spencer. ♪ the musical is back and if the oscars are any indication, we could soon see a lot more of them. just ahead, the big nominees and the local stars making headway in hollywood.
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choose xfinity and get more to stream to any screen. the oscar nominations are in an a hollywood musical is the top contender. ♪ i don't know why i keep moving by body ♪ >> "la la land" leads with 14 oscar nods.
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this makes the 89th academy awards one of the most diverse in history. kenneth moten has a look at the nominees. >> reporter: hollywood's biggest honor, the academy awards. the academy announced the oscar nods in an online video with help from past nominees and winners. for best lead actress, isabel huppert, ruth negga, natalie portman, emma stone and meryl streep. supporting actress, viola davis, nicole kidman, octavia spencer, michelle williams and naomi harris who told gma her brother broke the news about her nomination. >> he was screaming and then i was screaming. >> reporter: leading men -- >> casey affleck, andrew garfield. >> reporter: also ryan gosling,
4:25 pm
viggo moth viggomorenson. jeff bridges, lucas hedges, dev patel and michael shannon. "la la land" 14 record-tying oscar nominations. it's up for best picture along with top contender moonlight, fences. this year diverse teechlt the social media hash tag #oscarsowhite -- >> this year we had an abundance of films that represented inclusion. >> reporter: the academy says it continues to work on inclusion. the nominees are getting ready for their big night just a few weeks away and abc's jimmy kimmel is preparing to take the stage as host of the 89th academy awards. kenneth moten, abc news, los angeles. at least two have solid bay area nominations. mehershula ali grew up in
4:26 pm
hayward. documentary filmmaker and uc berkeley journalism grad daphne received an award for her short called "4.1 miles." that focuses on the refugee crisis in europe. coming up jonathan bloom chats about the academy's acknowledgement of her important work. and a reminder, you can because of the oscars live right here on february the 26th. we invite you to check out the abc news app for a complete list. actor dennis quaid is slamming the allegations of abuse on the set of "a dog's purpose." he said he never saw any abuse of any animal. he also says he would have walked off the film if he had. the controversy started last week over this video of a dog being put into a pool of rapids against its will. quaid claims it was falsely edited. he claims the dog was tired and
4:27 pm
filming stopped right after this video was shot. the presidential election voter fraud issue not over yet. >> i've seen no evidence to that effect and i've made that very, very clear. >> republicans asking the president to back down on his claims that millions committed voter fraud. plus a scare for minnesota's governor during last night's state of the state. just what happened? and giant waves slamming into the east coast. the what are you doing up? mom said i could have a midnight snack. it's not even midnight, it's ten forty-three. well, let's have a ten forty-three snack. quietly, though. okay. yeah. mmmm. shhhh.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. authorities in alameda county have recovered a car that crashed into alameda creek in sunol over the weekend, but the 18-year-old tracy woman believed to have been the driver is still missing. her family hopes jayda jenkins is still alive. wayne freedman is in sonoma county today reporting on water levels at north bay dams. the county's water agency says their dams are at 100% of capacity as are the dams in marin. but coming up at 5:00, the reason agencies are cautioning against saying the drought is over. turning to politics now, house speaker paul ryan has formally invited president trump to address a joint session of congress on february 28th. sean spicer says the president has accepted that invitation. meanwhile today, spicer
4:31 pm
doubled down on the president's repeatedly debunked claim that millions of illegal immigrants voted in the november election. abc news reporter lana zak is live in washington, d.c., with today's developments at the white house. lana. >> reporter: hi, larry, it's great to be talking to you. the president hosted auto industry leaders at the white house and he also moved forward with his plans for the dakota and keystone pipelines, but all of that has become overshadowed by a debate that the president has reignited about illegal immigration and whether or not we can trust in the american democratic system. take a look. the question of false claims continue to plague the new administration. white house spokesman sean spicer maintained the president's belief in a repeatedly debunked claim that millions of immigrants cost the president the popular vote. >> the president does believe that. he has stated that before. i think he stated his concerns of voter fraud and people voting illegally during the campaign and he continues to maintain
4:32 pm
that belief based on studies and evidence people have presented to him. >> reporter: in follow-up questions, spicer would not provide any concrete evidence and the trump campaign's own lawyers in an effort to stop jill stein's recount wrote the 2016 election was not tainted by fraud or mistake. but despite the president's belief in massive voter fraud, the white house said it was not sure if it would order an investigation. the republican and democratic secretaries of states have all disputed those claims of voter fraud and even elected rips have distanced themselves. >> i've seen no evidence to that effect and made that very, very clear. >> reporter: the white house is still struggling with questions of facts and honesty. in the senate today nick mulvany was asked about inauguration crowd size. >> it does appear that the crowd on the left-hand side is bigger than the crowd on the right-hand side. >> reporter: one democratic senator wanted to make sure he would embrace facts. >> this is something on the president's team on something very simple and straightforward wants to embrace a fantasy
4:33 pm
rather than reality. >> reporter: but neil gorsuch is the leading contender to fill scalia's vacant seat. >> we have outstanding candidates and we will pick a truly great supreme court justice. >> reporter: and speaking of presidential nominees, just a little bit ago nikki haley was confirmed overwhelmingly by the senate to become the united states' next ambassador to the u.n. but before we move off of that question about voter fraud, i was just speaking with senator lindsey graham, who is now calling on the president to not only denounce those comments earlier but also to say that he has looked at all the evidence available to him and that this election was in fact fair and accurate. reporting live from washington, lana zak, abc 7 news. the white house also issued a statement about the president's children. can you tell us more about that? >> reporter: it was rather vague, about 50 words in total. it did not mention which of the president's children
4:34 pm
specifically or what had prau d prompted it but we do know there had been some things said on twitter and elsewhere on social media that have been unkind to the president's children. the statement simply said any child should be allowed to grow up regardless of who their parents are and was asking for that same courtesy. i think that that's an important thing for all people to remember out there as this next administration is now taking shape. larry. >> in particular barron, who was the recipient of an unfavorable tweet, really uncalled for. lana, thank you so much for the time. lana zak reporting in washington. and we're getting our first look at what could be the president's u.s. infrastructure plan. "the kansas city star" obtained documents that show 50 projects compiled by the trump administration. so far california is not on the list, even though governor brown submitted nine projects for consideration. world news tonight anchor david
4:35 pm
muir will do the first one-on-one interview with president trump. you'll see excerpts all day tomorrow, including a one-hour prime time special at 10:00 p.m. minnesota's governor said he doesn't think his prostate cancer diagnosis is connected with his collapse during his state of the state address. mark dayton fainted about 45 minutes into his speech. kind of a scary moment there. the 69-year-old first paused to take a drink of water and then slurred his words and then lost consciousness. right now he's at home resting, waiting to be tested to see exactly why he fainted. he's also looking for treatment options for his recent cancer diagnosis. dayton joked his speech was too long. there's good news for the 100,000 residents in flint, michigan, who have dealt with toxic water since 2014. state water officials announced the levels of lead no longer exceed the federal limit. flint's emergency began when officials failed to properly treat lead lines for corrosion. they are being told to use
4:36 pm
faucet filters and bottled water because the replacement of pipes could spike lead levels in homes. the powerful storm is still hammering the northeast. the waves crashing over the wall in massachusetts. overnight the deadly storm knocked out power to more than 35,000 customers and now it's bringing heavy wind and rain into new england with flooding and even snow. abc 7 news reporter elizabeth hur has a look. >> reporter: punishing winds and giant waves slamming the coastal towns in new england overnight. >> this is nothing. we'll lose power, but we won't flood. >> 30 years, i got the hang of it. >> reporter: but long-time residents not too worried, even in areas hit with winter weather, saying they are prepared. >> it gets real slippery out here if you don't salt it down. >> reporter: the storm system pounding their area today had been on the move since the weekend. on monday, turning deadly in pennsylvania. dangerous and destructive in new
4:37 pm
york and new jersey. the heavy wind and rain flooding streets and toppling trees onto houses. >> three houses in a row. one came down at about 5:00 a.m. we heard it and it woke us up. >> reporter: the same storm killed at least 20 more people in the south, most of the victims in georgia where tornados wiped out neighborhoods and this woman lost her sister and friend. >> but i knew she had to be scared and i'm so glad she wasn't alone. >> reporter: the mayor of adell georgia is promising to rebuild. >> i've never seen the outpouring of love and support in any community that i've seen in the last day and a half. >> reporter: forecasters say plan ahead and expect delays, because the storm is sticking around for another day. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. the unusual twitter war that has a big-name company reaching out to the white house. plus a frozen lake isn't anything new, but this one is
4:38 pm
going viral. we'll clear it all up just ahead. i'm spencer christian from emeryville looking at the soon-to-be setting sun. beautiful western sky and we have more beautiful skies coming our way. i'll have the creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name.
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"star wars" fans will love this. take a look at this moon orbiting saturn. because of this giant crater, it resembles the death star. of course that's the mobile
4:41 pm
space station in galactic super weapon darth vader commanded. nasa's spacecraft took this photo when it passed in november. >> i'm all excited about the death star. some surreal photos of a frozen lake in michigan have been shared on facebook more than 60,000 times and here's a look why. the lake is so clear, once it froze over and people went out to take a look at it, it looks like they're walking on water. look how clear it is. long-time michigan resident posted the pics to his facebook page. he said this is nothing new for the lake. it is always just incredibly clear. we have a clear lake here in the bay area too. it may not look quite like that. here's live doppler 7. we've got clear skies across the bay area and they're going to remain clear overnight, mostly clear, although we'll see a few passing high clouds and maybe patches of fog. it's certainly going to be chilly overnight. low temperatures will drop into
4:42 pm
the low 30s. we'll see upper 30s to low 40s around the bay. look for highs generally in the low to mid-50s. you know we've had a lot of rain the last seven days. what are our chances the next seven days? on thursday there's about a 20% chance of showers but otherwise it's going to be a dry period. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will get milder over the weekend. it starts the lunar new year, the year of the rooster, and we'll have a warmup on sunday and monday with high temperatures in the 60s and there's no rain in sight which is welcome news for most of us. there's a flag flap at san jose city hall. one group doesn't want one flag in particular flying over the
4:43 pm
city. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. how far can your car go on an empty tank? the answer is all goefr the map. i'll show you how to find out for your car coming up. and some sweet talk at the white
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a flag fight in the bay area's largest city. a san jose city councilman wants to make sure the national flag of vietnam never flies in the skies above city hall and other city-owned property. he argues it's a symbol of communism. but as abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo tells us, there's already been in pushback. >> reporter: the veietnamese freedom flag can be seen. >> it's the same as if they fly the nazi flag in a jewish community. >> reporter: there are more than 100,000 vietnamese people living in san jose according to the 2010 census. nguyen says the red flag with the gold star in the middle flies in the face of those who fled communism. >> we ran away from that flag. this is our safe home and that flag keep chasing after us like a nightmare.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: chris lee plans to run against nguyen for the seventh district seat next year. he's opposed to the ban. it sends the wrong message to younger vietnamese immigrants. >> they don't hate their national flag, so if we are going to ban their flag, we're going to be hostile to them and feel unwelcome to san jose. >> reporter: it would reaffirm recognizing the freedom flag as the flag of vietnam in san jose. >> nobody has asked to fly this flag in the last dozen years and is not flying on any city-owned flag pole in that time that i'm aware of. >> reporter: lee is not asking to fly the national flag. >> no one is crazy enough to raise the communist flag. what we're dealing with here is ideologies. >> reporter: katie marzullo, abc 7 news. free college for california students. is it possible? a new report on how to do just that will be presented to the uc regents tomorrow morning. faculty, students and union leaders claim their tuition-free plan for state schools would
4:48 pm
cost more california families just $48 a year. the coalition unveiled the idea today, saying those making a million dollars or more would pay around $30,000 a year. >> but the reality is that they would even get a good deal because their kids could go to college for free too. right now we have a situation where people are paying for higher education twice, once in their taxes and another time by paying outrageous fees. >> the plan could be paid for with an income tax hike, property tax reform, a tax on oil production or all of the above. mill valley based website glass door is out with their list of the 50 best jobs in america. it's based on three things, number of job openings, salary and overall employee satisfaction. so number one is data scientist. the people hired to analyze digital data for companies. the median salary is $110,000. number 6 is hr manager.
4:49 pm
median based salary85,000. nurse practitioner is at 15. professor 33, physician, they're in there, dental hygienist down at 48. journalist, nowhere to be found on the list of top 50. >> all righty then. well, moving on. with rising doctor bills, do you know which doctors are the most costly? >> consumer reports takes a look at doctors now. 7 on your side's michael finney here to break it all down. >> okay. >> you're still mulling over the journalist information. >> is it job satisfaction? consumer reports looked at which doctors were most likely to stick you with surprise medical bills. they found that anesthesiologists top the list. first, they generally charge much more than the average medicare payment and are often out of network, costing consumers much more. among those least likely to stick you with a surprise bill are general practice doctors. it makes sense, we tend to take
4:50 pm
time when picking our family physicians. here's your reminder to check your social security statement online. the statement lays out how much you made this year and how much you paid in social security taxes. the earnings figures are the most important thing to check because they're the basis of your payments later in life. if they're wrong, you can file right there on the site and make a change. you'll also see what you earn when you retire. how far can you drive your car when the tank reads empty? that's a question your asked and the firgds are all over the map. a chevy silverado will only go another 25 miles after the warning light goes on while a nissan altima will go anywhere from 81 to 114 miles. i'll post a link so you can check out your car. by the way, you shouldn't drive on an empty tank because impurities can mess up your
4:51 pm
engine and the workings of everything. i want to hear from you -- you look like you don't believe me. >> no, i was just there last week and i really wonder how much more i can go. >> don't wonder. >> give us a call. 415-954-8151. you can reach me on facebook and through >> it was midnight and i thought, well, finney is up, he'll come and get me. thank you, michael. so what's it like now that the trump administration has taken over the white house? karen travers is inside the white house. >> reporter: good evening. every day the white house has an agenda and a message, but some days that gets overtaken. tuesday was one of those days. president trump focusing on job creation and manufacturing and signali signali signaling the keystone pipeline
4:52 pm
but the press conference dominated by questions about voter fraud after the president said he believes millions voted illegally last fall. the spokesman not denying that, saying it's something mr. trump has believed for a while. based on what, his spokesman only said studies and information and wouldn't give details. but there has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud. despite his concerns, the white house insists president trump is very comfortable with his win. karen travers, abc news, the white house. dippin dots ceo is trying to sweet talk sean spicer. this after spicer, he's had these posts going on on twitter for years insulting the ice cream company that made famous its splash or flash freezing its mix in liquid nitrogen. spicer had been disputing the claim that it's the ice cream of the future. fisher wrote an open letter to spicer this week praising his own company for creating american jobs. he also invited the white house
4:53 pm
and the press corps to a free ice cream social. no word yet if either has rsvp'ed. the journalists will probably be there. free food. >> because we didn't make that list. >> not top 50. you've got to do something for satisfaction. with the presidential election, a lot of people feel like they're not being heard. >> nobody listens to each other no more. >> just ahead, how san jose states is using sports to help change the world and get others to listen. right now dan has a look at what's ahead at 5:00. coming up next, president trump signs an executive order today impacting two controversial oil pipelines. local leaders are vowing a fight. this is pretty amazing, the gift residents of a town of poland are offering tom hanks all because of this photo posted on twitter. those stories and a over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance.
4:54 pm
how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. ♪ ♪ ♪
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coming up tonight on abc 7, it's the middle, american housewife, fresh off the boat and the real o'neals. marvel's agents of shield and then don't miss the news at 11:00. athletes have a platform to promote their issues, but their messages or their actions don't always sit well with fans. >> a group of outspoken stars gathered today to discuss the future of activism by athletes. david louie attended the town hall meeting in san jose.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: bay area athletes have a long history of activism stretching from colin kaepernick last season back to the 1968 mexico city olympics where san jose straight sprinters john carlos and tommy smith raised their fist in a black power protest but there can be pushback. >> they had the opportunity to use free speech but there are also consequences that come with that. i think colin saw some of that this year. he obviously put himself out there on a limb and there were negative things to him. >> the institute for the study of sports, society and social change at san jose state held a town hall meeting featuring tommy smith along withstandouts from the nfl and nba to project where activism is heading. the 2015 nfl man of the year, anquan boldin, believes the outcome of the presidential election has created a wall that will be difficult to penetrate. >> nobody listens to each other no more. it's this is what i want and it needs to go this way, forget how
4:58 pm
you feel or what you think. but in order for any progress to be made, i mean there has to be communication between both parts. >> reporter: joss scelyn benson ceo of rise, a nonprofit group trying to improve race relations through sports. she believes athletes play a crucial role in social change. >> be found across the board athletes get people in the room talking when they otherwise wouldn't talk. that's how we listen to each other and bridge the divide on what can be very controversial issues. >> in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. "dancing with the stars" co-host erin andrews is revealing her fight against cervical cancer. >> the 38-year-old told "sports ilustrated" that she underwent surgery back in october. before she went into the operating room she told doctors i am not missing the super bowl. she was back to work only five days later. andrews underwent a second procedure in november and says she was told that chemotherapy was not needed.
4:59 pm
that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. next at 5:00, the car of a missing teenager is pulled from an east bay creek but there's no closure for her family. >> also a remarkable report on the sierra snowpack and water levels we haven't seen around here in years. i'm spencer christian and it's not raining today. find out how long this pattern will last, coming up. and from 7 on your side, a controversial decision to allow banned toy magnets back on the market. we'll see if we can get that pipeline built. >> executive orders sure to stir emotion. today the president signed two actions to advance the construction of the keystone xl and dakota access oil pipelines. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. there have been heated protests nationwide and here in the bay area over both pipeline
5:00 pm
projects. >> that's right. east bay representative barbara lee tweeted a fiery response saying the projects were rejected once by the power of the people. what worked before can work again if people are loud enough. >> lyanne melendez talked with people ready to join the fight. she's live in the newsroom with reaction. >> well, environmentalists say while they were disappointed, they believe a lot more people will join the so-called resistance. people they say are mad. now on the other hand, president trump says he too is gathering support because of all the jobs the projects will create. president trump took action to revive the pipeline projects. it was a step toward dismantling former president obama's environmental legacy. this could have an immediate impact on the north dakota access pipeline. the project had been halted by the army corps of engineers after the standing rock sioux tribe demanded that the pipe not


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