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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning to the middle of the week, february 1. i'm reggie aqui. >> beginning of a new months. i'm natasha zouves. everything is the same. still us, still you. jessica castro, how's it going. >> good morning. >> alexis smith tracking the roads and mike nicco bringing us our first day of rain in february. >> still dry right now. fog the issue this morning but rain will be an issue during the evening hours. our next storm is lining up offshore. here it is with live doppler 7. you can see a few radar returns there. that's going to evaporate. that and the cloud cover is going to keep us cooler than average today. starting off in the 40s this morning, no more 30s, hang on to the mid to upper 50s, once that sunsets, the showers arrive. i'll give you an hour by hour look coming up next. we haven't had any major problems yet but we do have a handful of smaller issues, including a new one here. if you're trying to get out of
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the south bay and head north, northbound 101 off ramp to shoreline is blocked right now. sounds like that is due to a disabled truck. we also have a flipped semi in the gilroy area and another collision if you're going to be traveling through livermore. next update coming up. thank you, alexis. from hang 10 to hang chapter 11? the organizations behind mavericks surf competition filed for bankruptcy. >> what a shock. we've been expecting more information this morning about what that means for this year's event. amy hollyfield is live for us at half moon bay. >> reporter: yeah, natasha, there's word that they're going to put out a press release this morning to explain this bankruptcy and the strategy behind it. that's according to our media partner, the san jose mercury news. there is a fear here in half moon bay that the mavericks competition isn't going to happen this year. and there was a lot of excitement around it for the first time there was going to be a women's competition. there's a new management company, cartel management, running it, and surfers have
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been very impressed wit. cartel offered more prize money and made it a digital media event, offering a live stream online so people could watch it from a safe distance. to this is all a huge disappointment and surprise. but surfers were starting to wonder if something was wrong. they have been waiting for the contest this year. they have seen some nice days come and go and still no call to start the contest. and now, this court filing. reporting live in half moon bay, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. amy, thank you. today, vice president mike pence is going to meet on with the president's nomination for the supreme court. >> love trumps hate. >> you can see there protesters voicing their opposition to the selection outside the supreme court last night. some were saying that fworj will oppose women's reproductive
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rights. others were upset with the perceived wrong to judge merrick garland. >> this issue, i believe, was a vital issue to president trump defeating hillary clinton and now respecting the will of the people. it's incumbent on the senate to advise and consent and i believe we should confirm this very, very strong supreme court nominee. >> republicans call gorsuch a mainstream conservative judge. confirmation hearing is expected to begin in about two weeks. voting on two of president trump's cabinet nominees is indefinitely postponed right now. democrats boycotted votes on tom price and steven democrats said they needed more answers about their business dealings. only five of the spotligpreside picks have cleared so far. president obama had 14 confirmed.
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george w. bush had 15, clinton 17, just under two weeks into their terms. the president's ags on immigration are prompting a flurry of legal activity and now a bay area tech giant is considering its legal options. apple ceo tim cook says hundreds of employees have been affected by the president's immigration order for refugees and travelers from seven muslim majority nations. according to the "wall street journal," he says that he's been in contact with senior people in the white house about why repealing the executive order is important not only for apple but for the whole country. cook was among a number of tech leaders to speak out over the weekend. the city of san francisco and santa clara county are both moving forward with lawsuits as well. the city of oakland is establishing a $300,000 legal fund to fight deportations. according to "the chronicle," the money is going to be used over the next two years to help families who can't afford legal representation. the state is also taking action to protect undocumented legal immigrants. the first measure would provide
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state funded legal repg. the second would prevent state and local agencies from sharing any informtion with the federal government about a person's religious beliefs, national origin or ethnicity. tesla drivers finding themselves divided right now because of the trump presidency. elon musk is serving on advisory councils for the president. drivers are choosing sides with their wallets. >> reporter: if we didn't know better, this might remind us of gas lines in the '70s, cars and drivers queueing up and waiting for fuel but since we're at a tesla super charging station, let's call it juice. >> this doesn't look so exclusive anymore. >> it's not. >> reporter: but victor spent at least one hour after work here yesterday talking tesla with all the other tesla talkers. >> about their doors, how it opens, how they like the big screen, how fast theirs charges. >> it's a little cultish. >> reporter: they have a new about after reports of people
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who have taken back their deposits for new teslas because elon musk is working with president trump on at least two advisory councils for economics and manufacturing. it is guilt by association, the critics infer, and now they're voting with their wallets. >> it's like saying you don't like somebody that doesn't work for the oil company so you're not going to buy gasoline anymore. you have to separate that a little bit. >> reporter: for the record, elon musk did not support donald trump in the election and has no comment. earlier this week, hex, simply attacking him will achieve nothing. better that there are open channels of communication. no one disagreed with that in san mateo tonight. >> donald trump is the president of our country and he deserves the best advice and guidance on clean energy policy and on bringing, you know, manufacturing jobs back to america. >> reporter: in short, it appears possible to be both a crazy car guy and a political person, and here, at least, the
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twain get along. in san mateo, wayne freedman, abc7 news. 5:06 now and we have new details from that secret u.s. mission in yemen that left a navy s.e.a.l. did. a source familiar with the raid tells abc news al qaeda knew the americans were coming. s.e.a.l. william ryan owens died during the intense fire fight. officials are also assessing reports that an 8-year-old was killed during the raid as well. she was the daughter of radical american-born cleric who was killed in 2011. . a former uc santa cruz student who claims she was sexual assaulted by a professor is revealing her identity. she says the professor assaulted her in 2015, a day before she was supposed to graduate. two years later, the university of california regents and she have reached a million dollar settlement. she hopes her decision to come forward is going to empower other victims.
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>> if this helps at least one person f this encourages one person to come forward, then putting my name out there is well worth it. >> her attorney says the university knew the professor was a predator and did nothing about it. the school relesioned a statement saying, in part, the allegations were investigated in confidence because our campus process respects the right of privacy of all parties, but we investigated the victim's claims as soon as she came forward. imagine being arrested on a warrant that doesn't exist. the alameda county public defender and district attorney offices are dealing with a big mess right now. the chronicle is reporting a new $4.5 million computer program has some serious glitches. in the last six months, people have been arrested on warrants that don't exist, ordered to show up at court when a whaerg was scheduled and misdemeanor convictions are showing up at felonies. the superior court judge has ordered lawyers to fix the
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problem. new details about the future of san francisco's hall of justice. the city administrator wants everybody out permanently by 2018. that comes after several unions including the police officers association signed a letter calling for immediate action to fix the place. the district attorney's office and sheriff's department also work out of the hall of justice. it has been declared seismically unsafe since 1992. and it's also plagued with plumbing problems. now sf gate reports administrator naomi kelly wants everyone, including 350 inmates to, move out in two years. no word yet on where those inmates could be transferred to. the first order of the day is to talk about the spare the air. poor air quality possible, especially in the north bay. some readings out of livermore that yours is already in the unhealthy category. no burning all day. up to 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. no frost inland, low to mid 40s
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throughout the east bay, let's check out your neighborhood if you're in the south bay, san carlos, 46, look at san francisco, 51 and 39 in santa rosa, 46 in napa and pacifica, comfortable 49. 101 and 880, one of the last spots to get wet during the evening hours. so we'll caution for the evening showers, caution also if you're out and about. it will be dry during the day but once we get to darkness, watch out for the wet weather and breezy tomorrow on the water so enjoy that comfortable ride today. here's a look from the exploratorium. looks very clean outside, at least as far as looking to the west. no rain falling now. in fact, it's going to be gray. same thing tomorrow, a bit cooler as we head into friday when we get into the deeper part of the storm. look at this. friday looking a lot -- february looking a lot like january. a chance of rain each and every day. you want to know when it gets to your neighborhood? i've got the answer coming up next. here's alexis. good morning, mike.
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i want to take you down to the gilroy area. we have a flipped semi on pacheco pass. if this sounds particular, we had a flipped semi in the same location yesterday at ferguson road. this has turned into a sig alert so westbound 152 is fully play clocked. this semi was hauling 42,000 pounds of meat so they are going to have to fully offload that in order to upright the semi. so really slow there approaching for about 20 miles. definitely expect delays for at least the next hour. i will keep you updated on that. some good news. westbound 580, that earlier crash has cleared. so not looking too bad there. we do have fog today. some of that reduced visibility once again. you can see that lingering around here across the san mateo bridge. wooelg see how the bay bridge commute looks coming up. a man accused of peeping on stanford's campus is speaking out to abc7 news. he explains why he has army
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binoculars, stun guns, and handcuffs inside of his van. it's tax season and that means tax scams. the warnings coming from the irs about cons online and even on your phone. it's 5:12 in the morning and this is abc7 news now. this is abc7 news now. it's our w ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance lowers blood sugar and a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart- proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
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say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. stanford university police issued a community alert after they say they arrested that man on campus for possession of
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weapons and peeping with binoculars. he was arrested in the parking lot at the searsville dam. replica guns, stun guns, knives, ammunition, handcuffs and binoculars were all among the items found during the search of his van on saturday. police say that he told them that he had the binoculars so he could read parking restriction signs. he told abc7 news he is not guilty and he was not peeping on any of the students. happening today, cal state students are holding rallies to protest against potential tuition increases. the rallies are planned at c surks east bay and sonoma state. the vote to raise tuition $270 across the cal state universities is set for march. students say it's also to demonstrate against other issues like deportations, racism and sexism. defense attorneys are launching their counterattack in the trial of a man accused of murdering morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. she vanished after leaving her home in 2012.
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prosecutors say dna evidence links garcia-trrs to lamar's death. prosecutors reveal how they believe investigators failed to use proper dna protocols. fremont police and federal poster inspectors are investigating a recent increase in theft from they're offering tips to keep your packages safe. have the post office hold your mail, use your workplace and track your shipments. fremont police says package thefts typically happen at night. it is super bowl week already and houston going through a process the bay area is very familiar with, massive preparations. crews are making sure the scoreboard works, the cameras are in position and that the field is super bowl quality. of course last year's super bowl was in santa clara and we saw a whole lot of security preparations as well. as abc news anchor candice
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gibson shows us, police are taking the big game very seriously. >> reporter: super security with an anticipated 73,000 fans making their way to energy stadium, this morning, agents are working around the clock. >> we have almost three miles of security pimter around your venue. >> reporter: the game is being called a top tier security event. officials have actually been working on security for this game alone for the last several years. more than 5,000 officers will be patrolling the area. authorities are also teaming up with verizon using smart cameras to monitor any abnormal behaviors. >> we had an object left behind or a vehicle in a place where it shouldn't be, the cameras can pick that up and flag that as an abnormal event and trigger an alert for us to look at that. >> reporter: jesse palmer will be live from the site of super bowl li in houston. i wonder what the weather in
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houston is going to be like. having lived there before, i'm going to guess hot and really humid. >> do you know, mike? >> it never ceases down there, does it? >> it's true. hottest place i've ever lived. so glad to be here. >> it is brutal there and louisiana. i've lived in louisiana too, and i tell you what, man. it will kill you. it really will. good thing it's indoors. good morning, esk. the fog not quite as thick in the central valley nor what's bleeding into the neighborhoods but we see a drop in livermore. you can see some of the haze hanging around the eastern side of the san mateo bridge as we look towards the west. february begins dry. umbrella needed soon because waves of wet weather today through tuesday, heaviest tonight, lightest sunday. so tonight some light showers turning breezy and damp areas for the evening drive. overnight through this time tomorrow, that's when we we have the heavy downpours t gusty winds and the slight chance of thunder. here we are at 5:00 in the evening. few showers developing by 7:00.
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look at this. yellows, oranges, reds moving into the north bay at 1:00. for the rest of us while we're sleeping, we'll wake up to puddles on the roadway. by accou9:00, no more yellows a definitely lighter showers tomorrow. this evening, few damp spots around but for the most part it's going to be dry. here's my accuweather 7 day forecast. so tomorrow's morning commute, a bear. with some thunder possible. rain to showers friday. just a few showers saturday into sunday. not a washout. and then monday and tuesday, our next storm rolls in. but everything's going to be light after tomorrow morning. that sounds good, mike. and i'll tell you back down to a couple issues we have right now. one of those is northbound 101, not cuesing any big delays but the off ramp to shoreline is blocked by a disabled dump truck. sounds like another vehicle has arrived on the scene to assist that driver. hopefully we will get that cleared soon but no backup on the main line. just got reports of a two-car crash westbound highway 4 at
5:20 am
byron highway at least one lane is blocked and they have called for an ambulance and tow truck through be if you're coming from discovery bay, slight stop and go traffic. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. we expect that to happen around 5:30 this morning and we are seeing some fog out there today too. so that tule fog especially if you're leaving the central valley, you're going to want to slow down and use caution. we do have a sig alert if you're traveling pacheco pass approaching gilroy. alexis, please look at your screen. i think this is so ridiculous. scooter maker ves pa is getting into the robot business, its first creation is a robot designed to carry your kbroeshs or other items and this is the part that gets crazy. it can also follow a cyclist or jogger. do you see that? we don't know when you can get your own robot or why you'd want one or how much it will cost. the plan is to test it with businesses later this year. i don't need a robotic stalker. >> but if it can carry provisions for you when you're
5:21 am
out on a jog, reach and get some trail mix. >> if you can't carry that on your back. >> i want a robot. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> steph curry is on fire right now and he doesn't need any robot. under armor is slumping and a lot of fingers are being pointed at the warriors star. >> plus -- >> i told my doctor, if i make it until valentine's day, you got to give me a valentine. >> i love her shirt. this woman has an inspiring attitude as she fights to survive every day. survive every day.
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( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ ♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ pain from a headache can when make this...old, feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® it's 5:23. here are the seven things you need to know this morning. number one, there may not be a mavericks big wave surf contest this year. organizers of the half moon bay event filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. popular competition draws the biggest surfers from around the world. number two, from the live
5:24 am
desk, a group of former cheerleaders is suing the nfl. it's a class action lault claiming the league didn't pay them fairly and conspired to keep their wages low. the lead plaintiff is a former 49ers gold rush girl. the suit was just filed here in san francisco. number three, it may be a new month but it's deja vu all over again. a wet pattern, maybe seven days' worth of showers and it starts today. you can see that on live doppler 7. storm watch, get ready. number four, we have a sig alert in the south bay. going to take you down around gilroy, westbound 152, pacheco pass is fully closed at ferguson road. flipped semi, so crews are offloading that. we obviously have some heavy delays approaching. number five, neil gorsuch, president trump's pick for the supreme court is going to begin meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill today. republicans are standing behind the conservative judge. democrats are signaling they're challenging the choice. number six, co
5:25 am
breitbart news editor milo yiannopoulos is expected to speak at berkeley today. he's being criticized as being a racist and misogynist. protesters plan to rally against his appearance. number seven, millionaire? billionaire? how about trillion aire. now you're talking billgates' language. he's already the richest man in the world and if he keeps making money at the rate he's been doing, by the time he turns 86, he will be worth $1 trillion. a colorado woman is fighting to survive every day with a bad heart and failing kidneys after doctors told her she wasn't even going to see christmas. >> but she did. and now she is fighting to make it until valentine's day, she says. i want to introduce you to shirley o'keefe. she's getting a lot of encouragement from people she doesn't even know. she said if she made it to valentine's day, her doctor had to buy her a card. her niece posted about her struggle on facebook and complete strangers began sending
5:26 am
her cards to make shirley's fight a little bit brighter. >> now i'm getting valentines from all over the united states. >> happy valentine's day. you are an inspiration. you are in our thoughts and prayers. >> and her cards just keep on coming. every single day, she looks forward to checking her day and finds more cards being sent from all over the u.s. including right here in california. >> that's very sweet. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including an adoption agency closing its doors without warning. now dozens of new moms and dads are left in limbo, wondering what's next. . and this morning, wea've ben talking about those former cheerleaders filing a class action lawsuit against the nfl. we have the documents. i've been reading through them during the newscast. i'll have much more coming up next. the oakland raiders may need the oakland raiders may need a hail mar
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download the xfinity tv app today.
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coming up on 5:30 now. guilty or not guilty good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui sitting next to jessica castro, meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. and mike, it is a dry start to february this morning. >> yes. this morning. happy groundhog eve. >> that's right. >> everything has an eve now, doesn't it? ay, we'll see what happens tomorrow. for us, for sure, the next seven days are going to be wet and it all starts with today's storm. we're starting off gray an live doppler 7 and in that green you see offshore that's going to evaporate as it moves through our neighborhoods but what it does in your 12-hour day planner keeps us a little bit cooler than yesterday. we start off milder, 39 to 51, fog not as thick but alexis and i are keeping an eye on it. mid to upper 50s in the afternoon hours and then the sunsets and then let showers come in. it will be mild, low to mid 50s, an hour by hour look at when it gets to your neighborhood next.
5:30 am
good morning, mike. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, everything moving fine once you get on to the bridge and into san francisco by we are definitely filling in here and as of just a moment ago i checked we didn't officially get word those metering lights were on yet but i'd say any second now. westbound 580, tracy to castro valley, not terrible today. 52 minutes for you. northbound 101 between highway 85 and the san jose airport, just 12 minutes, we do have some trouble around gilroy and a new crash on the peninsula. i'll talk about those coming up. we are tracking right now a homicide investigation going on in san jose. >> one person is dead. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live on tully road. >> reporter: good morning, narts. since the last time i saw you, they've opened up the road in boast directions and took down all the crime scene tape and all the police officers have left for the morning. you can see where this all took place. it's in front of this
5:31 am
optometrist office. that was where the victim was pthat there are several cars in the parking lot here so i asked% police why would so many people be here so late last night. they told me there's a vietnamese restaurant just a couple of doors down. police wouldn't say if that is part of their investigation but obviously, that's where the people were when this homicide took place last night around 10:00. officers found the man with at least one gunshot you don't need. he died here at the scene. no arrests have been made and it does not appear they have a suspect at this time. this is interesting. just a few buildings down is another vietnamese cafe. that one was part of a huge bust in 2015 by san jose police and the fbi, illy gambling machines were taken from there. no word on a motive in this shooting last night. reporting live here in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. and this came as a surprise. so many of us love watching the big stunts, the big waves. this year's contest may be in jeopardy. abc7 news has learned the competition's organizers, cartel
5:32 am
manager, inc., and titans of mavericks filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. the popular competition draws some of the biggest surfers from all around the world every year and it was just about to introduce a women's heat. our media partner, the mercury news, spoke with an official with cartal management. they said they will release more information this morning. they have held surf contests since 1999 at pillar point. republicans will try again today to confirm alabama senator jeff sessions for u.s. attorney general. democrats used a procedural move to delay the committee vote until today. they invoked what's known as the two-hour rule that bars senate meetings from running past 2:00 in the afternoon. senator dianne feinstein is among the democrats questioning whether jeff sessions sections can act independently of president trump. this is ronald vitiello, joining the department more than 30 years ago and serving as deputy chief during former
5:33 am
president obama's administration. he will lead the department as president trump tries to build a wall along the mexican border. closer to home, the legal battle against president trump's immigration order is heating up. san francisco became the first city to file a federal lawsuit against the order yesterday. now santa clara county plans to do the same thing as early as tomorrow. the president's order strips skr of federal funding. both san francisco and santa clara county believe the order is unconstitutional and they each stand to lose $1 billion in funding. homeland security says 872 refugees will get waivers to enter the u.s. this week. the agency says they were already cleared to enter before the president signed his immigration order on friday night. and none of these people were defeigned in the airport protests that we saw at sfo and all across the nation. the executive order bans all refugees worldwide for 120 days and nationals from seven majority kmoous countries for 90 days. more now on that new class
5:34 am
action lawsuit filed against the nfl just days ahead of the super bowl. >> the suit was just filed here in san francisco by a former 49ers cheerleader. here's jessica castro at the live desk. >> hi, good morning. yes, abc7 news got our hands on this court document, and i have been reading through the suit throughout our newscast and it's against the nfl as a whole, but also expressly names the 49ers and the oakland raiders as defendants. now, the cheerleaders filing the suit say in some cases they were getting paid less than minimum wage. for some, that was less than $5,000 a year. the suit claims the nfl and teams conspired by agreeing to pay female athletes below their market value. >> a lot of the stuff, you know, that goes on in the teams, we really are treated like second class citizens. and it's time for us to be treated fairly and, you know, treated according to really our fair market value and the value that we bring to these teams.
5:35 am
>> yates was with the oakland raiders for five years. she is just one of the cheerleaders abc news has been speaking to. she is not the lead plaintiff but says she was only paid $125 a game in one lump sum for each of those games at the end of the year. and nfl spokesperson did not comment to abc news, saying they were not aware of the lawsuit. we have much more on this throughout our newscast. i'll keep looking for more details. back to you. alameda county sheriff's deputies hope you're going to recognize a prisoner who is on the run after escaping. this is 27-year-old shawn new. he escaped from a car yesterday while being driven to sfo by deputies from kentucky. sky7 flew over hayward during the search for new along interstate 880 near a street. new was being returned to kentucky to face fraud charges. today, lawyers for the wife of orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen will ask a federal
5:36 am
judge to release her on bail. fbi agents arrested noor salman in contra costa county last month. the government says salman helped her husband plan the attack. her family says she didn't know about any of this until after it happened. bay area families have a lot of questions this morning following the sudden closure of an adoption agency. the independent adoption agency filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors for good after 34 years. it had a branch in concord. one couple was in the middle of their adoption process and now wonders if it will still be legal or if they have to start all over again. another couple is concerned about important documents. >> part of the adoption process is they have very personal information on us and there were no directions about how to get that back. >> many of the affected families are reaching out to each other on facebook. the independent adoption agency says it is closing permanently. the raiders proposed move to las vegas may be coming apart at
5:37 am
the seams which means renewed hope for raider nation that they'll stay in the bay. goldman sachs withdrew from the project yesterday, just one day after billionaire casino mogul sheldon adelson announced that he was out. he complained that he was shut out of critical stadium talks. chris dobbins says the frustration is understandable. >> if i was going to put $650 million in someone's pocket and knowing what i'm hur he probably did to get the deal together to work with the local elected officials and to make a deal happen, then to not get a piece of the action for lack of a better way to say it, i would be upset too. >> ronnie lott's group says it is ready to get something done in oakland. bottom line, if the raiders want to stay, we are more than ready to be a partner in making that happen. save oakland sports has launched a petition drive on urging nfl owners to
5:38 am
rejen reject the proposed relocation. we have a link on our website, did it feel like it rained every day last month? well, it was close. we started off that way. look at all the blue, but notice the last seven days have been dry. so, yeah, we had about two-thirds of the month wet at one point in time. let's switch gears for just one second before i get back to the rain, talk about the air quality. livermore reporting station saying unhealthy amounts of fine particulate matter, what we used to call soot, hanging in the air for those most sensitive so be careful if you're going to be out and about. by the afternoon hours, the forecast calls for the north bay to have some poor air quality. wood burning banned all day. temperatures running in the low to mid 40s in our inland east bay neighborhoods, that's about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. right now we're 45 in mountain view, san carlos, san j oakland 47, we've got napa 46 and novato about 48. still very mild today, even with
5:39 am
lack of sunshine, nice breeze will keep us from 57 in petaluma to san jose at about 62. tomorrow even with the wet weather, still pretty close to average. 56 in santa rosa, one of the cool spots, concord topping out at about 64 and slightly cooler for friday thanks though that cold front. 57 in santa rosa too antioch, concord, hayward and santa rosa at 61. now for the commutes today, i have caution on the morning one because of the fog. dangerously low visibility. and for the evening, because of the scattered showers. we'll talk about more of what you can expect from the storm coming up next. here's alexis. i want to take you to our issue just east of igilroy. all of 152 on the westbound side is close and had diverted at ferguson due to the flipped semi so this happened about 3:30 this morning, that truck was hauling about 42,000 pounds of meat. so, this is likely going to be a
5:40 am
long-term situation they have to offload that entire load and get the semi uprighted. that is a sig alert right now and you are crawling along at 17 miles per hour for your average. quick check of the peninsula. really scary situation here. northbound 101, the driver is saying that a blanket on the roadway flew up and covered her windshield so she could not see. she hit the center divide. fire and ambulance on the way to the scene right now, the left shoulder is blocked so hopefully that won't be a long-term situation. golden gate bridge, no issues so far if you are coming from the north bay. drive times coming up. construction for a third lane on the richmond-san rafael bridge could be delayed for weeks. what a little birdie is telling us about it. a woman says this is what happened to her iphone. apple is responding to accusations that one of its devices just burst into flames. devices just burst into flames. and as you get your day into
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
this morning, republicans are applauding president trump's nomination of judge neil gorsuch for the open seat on the supreme court. this is already talk of a filibuster among democrats. we were there as the dean of the university of san francisco school of law watched yesterday's announcement. john tresvina says it's less about gorsuch and more about capitol hill infighting. >> will senate democrats because of their great frustration with
5:44 am
the president, block this nomination? will they do it right from the beginning or allow the process to go forward? >> that supreme court seat has been vacant since the death of antonin scalia last february. if gorsuch fills the spot, the supreme court's balance won't change. he promises impartiality and strength. house minority leader nancy pelosi is challenging democrats to scrutinize gorsuch's record. she calls the nomination a bad decision. >> it's a very hostile appointment if you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine or in any other way interact with the courts. this is a very bad decision. >> she made that comment during cnn town hall last night. pelosi did not say whether democrats will or should filibuster the nomination. many people calling president trump's executive order on immigration a ban. while most of his administration
5:45 am
has stressed it is not, and he actually just took to twitter saying, call it what you want. i have it pulled up here for you. take a look at your screens. the president just tweeted this. saying, everybody is arguing whether or not it is a ban. call it what you want, it is about keeping bad people out of the country. the president also called it a ban on -- in a tweet yesterday, and in defending the decision not to give advance notice to the public, so he has used that word. much of his team, like homeland security secretary john kelly, said it's not a ban. but instead, kelly used the phrase, temporary pause. so the argument there, but trump this morning saying, call it what you want. reggie aqui, back to you. protesters will be out in force at uc berkeley against this man. he has a planned speech that is controversial, breitbart news editor milo yiannopoulos. i say this wrong every single time. yiannopoulos. the self-proclaimed internet
5:46 am
troll, i can say that, has been criticized as being a racist and misogynist. his appearance at uc davis last month was canceled at the last minute because of rowdy protests. some students and professors oppose this visits, which is sponsored by the berkeley college republicans. >> i challenge his critics to sort of keep an open mind, hear what he has to say, just for the two hours that he's here. and you know, challenge and offer a rebuttal to some of the talking points he's going to make. >> yiannopoulos spoke at cal poly last night where he plugged an education grant that he's making available exclusively to white men. happening today, the city of richmond is going to court to defend a rent control law. opponents want a judge to grant a preliminary injunction to suspend the measure. they say the law is too vague. the measure rolled back rents to july 2015 levels and limits annual rent increases. it covers an estimated 10,000
5:47 am
rental units in the city. in san jose, the city council is scaling back a new rent control law before it even takes effect. just yesterday, the council voted to eliminate an option that would have allowed landlords to bank unused increases and impose up to an 8% hike at a later time. opponents say banking the increases would have haurt struggling renlters. listen to this carefully. a hummingbird egg is getting in the way of upgrades to the richmond-san rafael bridge. caltrans is spending $70 million to open a third lane on the lower deck and that is to ease congestion. but about a week ago, workers found a nest and an egg in a tree that was about to be removed for the project. the species of bird is federally protected, which means it can't be touched. as a result, some work on the bridge could be delayed until that egg hatches. and that could still be a few weeks. b.a.r.t. is touting higher ridership numbers for january
5:48 am
that it says are thanks in part to protests against president trump. b.a.r.t. says more than 347,000 people road the trains on january # 1, that is, of course, the day of the women's march. that is the second highest number of riders for a saturday in b.a.r.t.'s history, eclipsed only by last your's super bowl weekend. on saturday, 6300 people rode to sfo to protest president trump's executive order. steph curry is tops in the nba when it comes to juersey sales. according to "usa today," slowing sales for the curry sc 30 collection appear to have contributed to poor results for under armor. stocks dropped 23% yesterday to fall plo $20 a share. oakland is sending out a warning to residents as more rain is set to roll in today. the city says it is unfortunately running very low on sandbags. oakland gave out 15,000 of them in january. abc7 news was at the public works yard yesterday as
5:49 am
neighbors stopped in for sandbags and tarps ahead of today's storm. not far away, westover drive is sfil closed because of a mudslide. it has not rained in days but water is still running off that hillside. just down the street on shelterwood drive, there's still only one lane open. part of the street caved into the culvert after the last storm. talking about the rain that we're getting, let's check in with our expert, meteorologist mike nicco. >> i have a moderate concern with some flooding from this next system that's going to last, well, systems all the way through next tuesday. and i'll show you those concerns coming up. let's set the table right now. what to expect when you step outside. you can see not much fog as we look if the east bay hills camera compared to yesterday but it is still a spare the air day. gray and dry until sunset. that's when the showers will start to roll in. lighter showers during the weekend so heaviest will be tonight and tomorrow and into friday and some heavier showers next week. let's talk about what's happening right now with live doppler 7. you can see the whirling dervish
5:50 am
right there. a few radar returns but most of that will evaporate from the sky before it reaches the ground keeping us a little bit cooler today. this is a slow mover so when it comes in, it's going to bring three days of showers. the first one comes in during the hours, light, 1 on our storm impact scale but overnight through this time tomorrow, 2, moderate because it's going to have heavy downpours, gusty conditions and a slight chance of a thunderstorm. 5:00 starting off the commute pretty quiet ending with scattered lighter showers by 1:00. you can see yellow, oranges, even reds moving into the north bay across all the neighborhoods by 4:00 and then as we head deeper into the morning commute, light showers and that's the way it's going to be for the better part of tomorrow afternoon, all the way through friday, a slight chance of showers and a lot less rain saturday and sunday so not a washout and then monday and tuesday will be a little bit heavier but still a 1 on the storm impact scale. alexis? good morning, mike. and yeah, rain coming later today but this morning we have fog once again. it's not as dense or widespread
5:51 am
as what we saw yesterday morning but as we look at the san mateo bridge, you can see a little haziness. certainly reduced visibility. i want to zoom in on the traffic map to a problem that we have in the discovery bay area. so westbound highway 4 at byron highway we've got a two-car crash. it looks like that is starting to back-up westbound 4 now approaching that is not terrible yet is it does sound like they are getting close to clearing that. quick check of drive times. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, not bad there, down through emeryville this morning, 23 minutes for you. westbound 80 across the bay bridge, another 14, and westbound 101, san francisco to sfo is in the green. we do have a sig alert around gilroy. i'll talk about that next. a florida woman says her iphone 6 caught fire on her night stand while she was asleep. she is fortunately she was a light sleeper, woke up after it burst into flames. her husband put out the fire with a flame retardant work shirt before it spread.
5:52 am
she says her phone was plugged in at the time and that she was using an apple charger. she's asking apple for a new device. apple says it wants to investigate her damaged phone before they replace it. and the irs is warning about a major tax scam that's hitting every state with cases spiking, of course, before tax season gets here. thousands of victims are receiving threatening phone calls to pay taxes they do not owe. victims are being told a warrant has been issued for their arrest and they need to have their attorney call them back. scammers so far have collected millions of dlarsz. the irs is warning about a 400% spike in another scam as well. phishing e-mails looking to steal your personal information like passwords and social security numbers. they say just do not give out any of your information over the phone. >> ever. new at 6:00, a warning about that cup of coffee you might be sipping right now. how it could be sabotaging your diet. and first a new report flagging several electric cars for low crash test ratings. and the fbi what i love most about tempur-pedic mattresses...
5:53 am
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welcome back. the fbi is hoping a $20,000 reward will help capture a bank robber who struck at least nine times in northern california. so take a look at these surveillance video images. this man has been dubbed the khaki bandit by the fbi even though he doesn't appear to be wearing khakis in these photos. investigators say he robbed one bank in napa two times. fbi agents say he is armed and dangerous in either his 20s or 30s and stands about 5 poot 8 inches. new this morning, surprising low marks for lurks vehicles, neither the 2017 tesla model s nor the 2017 bmw i3 earned the insurance institute for highway
5:56 am
safety's top safety pick. the model s earned good readings in four of the five tests but received a lower rating when the car's seat belt allowed the crash dummy to move too far forward and hit its head on the steering wheel. as for the bmw i3, it fell short in a head restraint test. more potential problems you may run into. the area shaded in yellow is above 1,000 feet where the winds could gust. ponding on the roads, that's my highest concern out of this storm tomorrow. trees down, small creek flooding, no river flooding. if you're heading to the sierra, get up there today. by 10:00 tonight, a winter storm warning begins. 1 to 3 feet above 7,000 feet. we'll take a look at today's day plann planner coming up next. here's alexis. this is in gilroy. pacheco pass, the westbound
5:57 am
side. all lanes are blocked due to a flipped semi. that was hauling a lot of meat, about 42,000 pounds. so they're working on offloading that. about a three-mile meantime and talking about some alternates, 126 is a decent option, just a little bit of a delay there as you cut over on to 156. so keeping an eye on this plus we'll check drive timesoming up. new at 6:00, people hoping to buy recreational marijuana in marin next year may have to go somewhere else. the new rules the county just approved. the mavericks surf competition could be done. this morning, the organizers have filed for bankruptcy and now everyone is leften wonderin now everyone is leften wonderin what's nex
5:58 am
anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline.
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. new at 6:00, court chaos, a computer problem causing wrong arrests, changed convictions and
6:00 am
bad appointments in alameda county. what's being done to fix the problem. also trouble for the titans of mavericks in half moon bay. why the future of the famous surf competition is now in question. and ignore what you're seeing when you go out the door, you still need that umbrella today. live doppler 7 shows it's dry now but mike says rain is just hours away. >> yes. let's start off with some good news. it is dry this morning for your morning commute and check out the fog layer i've overlaid on live doppler 7. it's showing a lot less in the way of fog and visibility only as low as 2 1/2 miles in livermore but we have some poor air quality in livermore right now on this seventh winter spare the air day. we'll hang out in the mid to upper 50s with a lack of sunshine but once that sunsets at about 5:14, that's when the chance of rain begins and the storm door stays open for seven days so a lot to talk about. good morning, mike. we've got pretty typical commute going through the bay bridge toll


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